Psycho-Pass (2012) s01e06 Episode Script

Return of the Psychotic Prince

1 Shepherd 2, you're going too fast.
Where are you right now? I can't find Hound 4 Sasayama.
What's going on? Where did he go? Calm down, Kougami! Things are getting out of control.
Come back for now! I'll bring Sasayama back! Sasayama? My head is full of things that I can never tell anybody of In this perfect world I roam, a lost being This world is impossibly hard on me It's an illusion that plays out before my eyes Can I find its faults? Plastic, all is plastic Nobody is allowed to be insane You're made of plastic too, like this beautiful world In this beautiful world there is something that obscures all light for me My heart tries to break out and finds no answer Secret kills for you Secret kills for you The secret remains for you Don't show me a dark future nor a world of pretense Keep our motion secret #06: Return of the Psychotic Prince Looks like she's working hard, huh? She's still inexperienced, so she acts unprofessionally rather often.
But it's true that she's an excellent employee.
I think she has a promising future.
I hope so.
There's still at least a chance she'll end up in an unfortunate state similar to that of your partner, who started the same year as you.
Yes, Chief.
You Inspectors have very demanding jobs.
But you must keep a firm and unyielding spirit to pursue your duties, even up against the distorted minds of criminals and Enforcers.
You should be on your guard too, Ginoza.
Science has yet to prove a causal relationship between genetics and Crime Coefficients.
However, science has also yet to prove that there is no relationship.
I hope that you won't make the same mistake as your father.
I hope it from the bottom of my heart.
I'll keep that in mind.
"In faith, they are as true of heart as we.
We men may say more, swear more, but indeed Our shows are more than will, for still we prove Much in our vows, but little in our love.
" Stop there.
Yes, ma'am.
The first performance of "Twelfth Night" took place in 1601.
In the sentences Kagami just read, you can get a glimpse of the astonishing universality of Shakespeare.
Are you in literature class right now? Are you in literature class right now? Yes.
We're studying "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare.
We're studying "Twelfth Night" by Shak espeare.
Shakespeare's comedies are boring.
Shakespeare's comedies are boring.
\h\h\h You don't like his work? You don't like his work? I do like his tragedies, especially "Macbeth" and "Titus Andronicus".
I do like his tragedies, especially "Macbeth" and "Titus Andronicus.
" So those two are the interesting ones, huh? So those two are the interesting ones, huh? You don't like his work? I do like his tragedies, especially "Macbeth" and "Titus Andronicus".
Shakespeare's comedies are boring.
So those two are the interesting ones, huh? Not only are they interesting, but they're especially cruel.
Not only are they interesting, but they're especially cruel.
cruel But why aren't you looking it up in the database? You're an Inspector.
You have authorization, right? If I access those files, Kougami will know.
You don't want him to know? Or are you that concerned about Ko? Could this be love? Have you even been in love, Kagari? Listen, Akane.
I'm more experienced in life than you are.
Not only love.
I've done all sorts of bad things.
I've glimpsed into a world that a wholesome girl like you can't even imagine.
Really? For example, this one.
Juice? No! It's alcohol.
Real alcohol.
Ol' Masaoka shared it with me.
These days, people are afraid of getting addicted to it, so they stick to safe therapeutic tripping or go virtual, right? That's for drinking, right? Not for blowing fire? Say what? No, nothing.
Well, now's when we get to enjoy vices like this one.
I see.
Whoa! This is good! This is real cooking.
Hey, hey! I told you, those snacks are for drinkers only! Spoilsport.
Or would you like to try? What? If I get drunk, I might start talking about all sorts of things.
The thing is When I started here, Ko had already been stripped of his position as Inspector.
So I don't know the details.
Though I heard that an Enforcer who was under him at the time got killed.
Killed? Right.
He was going after a culprit, but ended up as a victim.
If I remember correctly, his name was Sasayama.
He was killed in the same manner as the other victims.
I heard it was terrible.
So it messed Ko up and his Crime Coefficient went way too high.
That case was never solved, but Ko's still investigating it.
I see Anyway How can you drink so much and still be okay? You just get drunk too easily.
Enforcer Sasayama? Ah, there's no way I could forget the Specimen Case.
Specimen Case? That's how we, and the detectives, referred to the case.
Do you know what plastination is, Akane? It's a process used to create biological specimens, right? Right.
It's a technique for preserving tissue by impregnating it with resin.
So, in the Specimen Case, this process was used to commit grotesque murders.
They first dismembered and cut open the body, and then they used plastination to turn it into a human specimen.
Then they brought it right into the middle of town and displayed it underneath a Holographic illumination used in the entertainment district.
How terrible Thousands of passersby thought they were just looking at environment Holo.
But in truth, there was a dismembered body right underneath it.
When that got out, the area stress jumped up four levels.
It was so bad that they even imposed a news ban.
I'm sorry I asked about it while you were eating.
Huh? What're you talking about? Yayoi wouldn't get worked up over something like this.
She's into more violent and passionate stuff.
Um You guys were talking about the Specimen Case, right? Go on.
Well, since it was obviously done by an expert, the investigation focused on experts in pharmacology and chemistry.
But then, Sasayama was killed while working on the case.
In the end, while investigating a totally unrelated report regarding a missing high school teacher, they came across plastination resin in his apartment.
See, this guy.
Touma Kouzaburo.
Right after he went missing, the crimes stopped, so there's no doubt he was the culprit.
But all we had was circumstantial evidence.
So in the end, it remains an unsolved case.
In addition, Touma didn't know anything about chemistry, so even the question of who created the resin remains a mystery.
Does that mean that there was an accomplice? I don't know if we can really call them an "accomplice" when we don't even know if they understood what their resin would be used for.
It remains a mystery as to how it was acquired too.
At this point, God only knows.
Looks like you're having a rough time as usual.
You can tell? Considering how gloomy you look, it'd be hard not to.
Being on the fast track is tough, huh? You have to keep lots of things confidential.
It's hard.
Is this still about that erratic colleague of yours? I still don't know what to make of him.
What's more, it seems like he was once in the same position as me.
Don't tell me this troublemaker used to be an honor student whose test scores were over 700 or something? Right! That kind of thing! This is just a thought, but Yeah? Could it be that you and your subordinate are quite similar? What?! It's urgent! I gotta go! Hey, we just got here! I'll make it up to you next time! It seems that Kuzuhara Satsuki is still missing.
I've heard the teachers have been ordered to keep silent about it so as not to worry the students.
Why? That worries us even more.
The selling point of this school is that they keep girls of susceptible age isolated from society in a conservatory environment in order to prevent their Psycho-Passes from getting cloudy.
So they sweep problems under the rug.
They also need to keep up appearances in front of our parents.
Oh no, I'm scared! There are some other rumors that are pretty scary too.
One of the teachers who used to teach in this school was actually Miss Ouryou! It's Miss Rikako! I wonder why Ouryou Rikako is so popular.
She's pretty, she's smart It's pretty obvious.
I'm a little afraid of her.
Why? Sometimes her eyes just look so empty.
It's as if they're staring into a different dimension.
Sorry to interrupt your lunch.
What brings you here? Neither of you belong to any clubs, right? Educational organizations that have club activities like our school, Ousou Academy, are very rare these days.
I thought it'd be a shame to miss out.
Are you recruiting us? Oh, you figured it out! I'm the president of the art club.
If you like, please come and see us in our club room.
Also, Shimotsuki I sometimes get absorbed in thought, but it's not like I'm looking into a different dimension.
I'm not an alien, you know.
You dummy, Mika! She heard you! Sorry.
Pardon me.
Thank you for coming.
I heard about your father.
Your mother's new husband.
So you took notice of it? Yes, since I've been watching you all this time, Yoshika.
Miss Ouryou! Will you tell me what happened? That man he clearly looks at me with o obscene eyes.
Every time I go home, there's signs that someone was in my room.
I can't stand it anymore but You can't talk to your mother, right? The debt my biological father left us is so big that my mother couldn't hope to repay it by herself.
So we have to depend on that man.
But at last week's regular check up, my Psycho-Pass was very cloudy.
If I don't do something Yoshika.
It seems you can't choose the life you wish.
I understand how hard that is.
In this era, the System determines everyone's aptitudes and we all have no choice but to live by it and be satisfied with whatever "happiness" is forced upon us as we are unable to make our real dreams come true.
Don't you want to discover the person you desire to be? Don't you want to realize your true worth? What? I can show you the true beauty that's hiding inside you, Yoshika.
Shall I tell you more about Shakespeare's works? Yes.
"Titus Andronicus" The character I like in it is Titus's daughter, Lavinia.
She got dragged into trouble because of her father.
The enemy raped her, cut out her tongue and cut off her arms as well.
"It was my deer" Poor Lavinia.
She was killed by her own father.
There are tons of things that humans can do but animals can't.
One of them is safety control.
No matter what it is, humans have always put a safety device on it.
Enforcers are also equipped with a safety device called Inspectors.
More to the point, the drones you controlled were equipped with rigorous safety controls.
Those drones were supposed to be completely safe, and yet, this memory card made them kill people.
Where did you obtain it? So we have the safety canceller that Kanehara used in the Hachiouji Drone incident and Mido's Holograph cracking.
In both cases, I could only recover a bit of the source code, but there are clear similarities.
I think the same programmer wrote the code for both.
I'd bet the bra I'm wearing today on it.
You can keep it! It's true that Mido was obsessed with social networks, but he wasn't skilled enough to mess with public Holo.
There's no doubt that both Kanehara and Mido were being backed by a professional cyber-criminal.
But this testimony of Kanehara's isn't going to help.
I'm telling the truth! I just got it one day in the mail! The letter had no name or return address.
It just said that it was from someone with a grudge against that factory who wanted to mess up that place together with me! That's pretty vicious for someone who'd commit crimes just for kicks, isn't it? How could the sender predict that Kanehara would kill in the first place? Pops figured out Kanehara just by checking the records of the staff's periodic checkups.
There was someone else who could do the same thing.
That periodic checkup record wasn't confidential, either.
Then what was this guy's motive for helping Mido? It was Kanehara and Mido who had the motive.
That must've been enough reason for him.
Kougami? The intent and means to kill To create a crime by bringing those two otherwise separate things together.
That's his goal.
Hey! Kougami, what are you doing? Gino, this is the same as that case.
There's someone who seeks out those who have not yet found a way to manifest their desire to kill, and grants them the means to become real killers.
Calm down and think about it.
Back then, it was a special resin.
This time, it was a tool for cracking software.
They're totally different! Public Safety Bureau Special Case 102\h\h\h\h The engineer and the middleman are two different people! There's someone who brings together those who want to kill and those who can create the tools they need to do it.
That's the real mastermind.
Enough already! You're chasing a ghost that we don't even know exists! Sasayama was on the brink of figuring it out.
I'll settle this for his sake.
That's what I've spent the past three years working toward! This is Takahashi from the Public Cleaning Bureau.
I'm at the Central Fountain Tower right now.
Noise has been appearing in the Hologram for a while now.
Yes, that's right.
Please turn off the fountain Holo so that we can check it out.
What's that? Whoa! That's creepy! Is that a doll? Is it some sort of artwork? A sculpture? Yeah but isn't this in kinda bad taste? Who the hell did it? But When you look closely, it looks pretty real, doesn't it? It's quite elaborate.
Though I wouldn't want to display it at my home.
Do you think Lavinia was happy having been freed from her violated body? "Because the girl should not survive her shame, and by her presence still renew her sorrows," was it, Mr.
Makishima? Even beautiful flowers must eventually wither and fall.
That's the fate of all living beings.
If that's how it is, it's only natural that one would wish to freeze them in time while they're still blossoming in full glory.
But if you really loved her as if she was your own daughter, would you too say "Kill'd her, for whom my tears have made me blind," as Titus did? Oh, that'd be a problem because I still have many more drawings to complete in the future.
It seems all fairy tales are dead It seems all fairy tales are dead In a hospital ward of brick stones my voice is too coarse to sing Outside in the foggy haze a red moon glows Look at me Do not avert your gaze Behind black bars I was born I wish there were a punishment for evil Always I need you Now, grant us justice before chaos takes us all Pay the price of fate and let us go together, nameless beasts This is a world where the mental state and personal tendencies of humans can be quantified.
While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people's souls are commonly called "Psycho-Pass".
This story is a work of fiction.
The names of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental.