Psycho-Pass (2012) s01e17 Episode Script

Heart of Iron

1 Makishima has been arrested.
The helmet criminals have been wiped out.
The case is closed.
Is it all over now? Kagari is missing.
There was an Enforcer from Division 2 who managed to escape during all the confusion.
Inspector Do you think Kagari would run off? I would like to show Cut open my skull Look into my head I don't know why I'm so harsh I can't be so brash I'm going to crash 'Cause I feel I can always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside, one link to join it all Again 'Cause I feel I can always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside, one link to join it all So it goes Again #17: Iron Heart Can we really say that we won? Detective work is, by nature, about treating wounds.
Our investigations start after there are victims.
In that sense, we lost before we even started.
But at least we were able to end this lost game in a draw.
We'll just have to settle for that.
What was all that talk about the safety of the Sibyl System? Our safe and perfect society is really just an illusion.
Right now, we still live in a dangerous world.
Dangerous? In this society, people depend on things that are convenient but also dangerous.
Our government made us take risks.
But the risks were dispersed and distributed so cleverly that no one was able to notice.
Or rather, they did notice, but they pretended that they didn't.
Everyone might have been looking the other way.
I'd say that it's precisely because these things were so dangerous that they had to act as if nothing was wrong in order to keep their sanity.
Do you think all the citizens of this town, myself included, were that resourceful? I don't like to lump people together when I speak, since everyone is different, but I'll generalize broadly here.
I think humans in general are resourceful creatures.
We can involuntarily try to avoid our responsibilities.
I guess I'm rambling.
Maybe I'm nervous too.
The problem is what happens next.
How they're going to judge Makishima.
It's far more difficult and troublesome a task than just shooting a Dominator.
But we can't let him get away.
It's an undeniable fact that he committed crimes.
Not to mention that we still have that idiot Kagari to worry about.
He went down to the basement on his own.
Why did we lose communication with him there? It's one day after the nightmarish riots.
This is like dealing with the aftermath of a pandemic.
A Psycho-Hazard is a mental disease.
This is what happens when it's allowed to spread.
A large number of people needing mental care, housing facilities overflowing with people, and economic losses due to crippled city functions.
Makishima was a monstrous man.
It's too early to talk about him in the past tense.
There's still the matter of his sentencing.
The judiciary has been abolished for a while now, so I imagine it'll be quite difficult to prosecute someone based solely on evidence.
We're counting on you, Inspector.
You're acting too friendly, Enforcer.
Okay, okay.
I've been called in by the Chief.
The cases Makishima was involved in will be investigated by a special team formed by the Minister of Welfare.
The Public Safety Bureau has no further authority to investigate this matter.
Excuse me? This is quite a unique case.
Medical staff need to be present when he is questioned, and we need to keep all information strictly confidential.
Makishima Shougo was very likely to have been involved in various crimes in the past.
In order for the facts to come to light, the Bureau needs to be able to interrogate him! Are there any unsolved cases among those past crimes you mentioned? No But Makishima will be disposed of as a research sample.
Or rather, he has been disposed of.
And you have more to worry about at Division 1 than an arrested criminal, do you not? An Enforcer escaped, and he's still missing.
We still don't know if he really escaped.
The Sibyl System has already been restored.
Enforcer Kagari hasn't been caught by the surveillance network because he's taking care to steer clear of it as he moves about.
As it stands, you'll be held responsible.
That's Well Give me a break! I demand an acceptable explanation! What makes you think you can talk to me like that?! You're an Enforcer! This is not the time to discuss our positions! We're the ones who arrested him! It makes no damn sense that we can't even question him! It wasn't my decision.
If you want to complain "If you want to complain, talk to the Chief directly.
" Is that it? I'm an Enforcer.
There's no way in hell they'd let me see the Chief, is there?! If I dare set foot in her office, it's you who'll be in trouble, Inspector.
What's going to happen now? There probably isn't anything else we can do.
Let's put everything we have into the search for Kagari.
He could well bring about the end of the Bureau for entirely different reasons.
It's been a while, Shougo.
It's good to see you haven't changed a bit.
You're the Chief of the Public Safety Bureau, Ms.
Kasei was it? I don't think we've met before.
Well, my appearance has changed quite a bit over the past three years.
First, I need to offer you an apology regarding that book I borrowed from you a while back.
I ended up losing it due to unfortunate, though unavoidable, circumstances.
Hm? It was quite difficult to find another copy of that book.
I'm surprised.
Are you Touma Kouzaburou? This brings back memories.
It's been three years, hasn't it? When I heard that you were taken in by the Bureau, I felt that it was terribly unfortunate.
But that face Plastic surgery? No, that's not it.
Considering that body structure, you're a different person.
Your friend Senguji Toyohisa achieved full-body cyberization too, right? But near-flawless artificial body technology like this isn't available to the public.
You can't tell the difference between this body and a human body at all, can you? Nothing of the Touma Kouzaburou you know is left except for his brain.
What's going on? The culprit behind the grotesque serial killings that shook society to its core is now the head of the Public Safety Bureau? That's beyond a joke.
Technically, that's not quite true.
I'm not the only Kasei Joshu, and I'm not always Kasei Joshu either.
Our brains are unitized, so they can be swapped easily.
We generally take turns using this body.
It also serves as a bit of a break from our everyday work.
"We," you said? Yeah.
I'm simply a representative.
I was just tasked with talking to you here since you and I are old friends.
We've never shown ourselves to people, but I'd say we're pretty well-known by name.
I'm sure you've heard of us too.
People call us the Sibyl System! How in the hell could they say that Kagari just disappeared from here?! No matter how worked up he got, he wouldn't run off.
He can calculate how to survive in any situation.
There's no way he'd disappear of his own free will.
Then, he was abducted? Kidnapped? Or he was killed in a way that wouldn't leave any traces of his body behind.
For example, with the Decomposer mode of the Dominator or something.
Tsunemori speaking.
We've received a report from a citizen.
They've found an abandoned, broken Dominator.
There's at least twenty kilometers between the Nona Tower and this location.
Even among all the chaos caused by the riots, is it really possible that he wasn't caught even once by the cameras? There's no mistake that this is Kagari's Dominator.
It's damaged quite a bit.
The built-in GPS isn't functioning either.
Did he break it himself? To avoid being tracked? Or is this all a ploy by someone who wants us to think exactly that? This time, just like every other, you managed to aim straight for the right target.
In fact, your friend managed to discover the truth.
What the hell is this?! This is the true form of the Sibyl System! The Sibyl System is said to use a PDP model— an extensive network of supercomputers performing parallel distributed processing.
It's not really a lie, but it's far from the truth.
Its ability to draw inferences based on a vast knowledge base was not achieved solely by speed gains in conventional computing.
Parallelizing the system that was able to do those things and expanding it mechanically simply gave it massive processing ability compared to before.
In fact, a system that expands and speeds up its ability to think by incorporating human brain activity was already put into practical use more than fifty years ago.
It's precisely because we kept this technology secret and used it carefully that today our country is able to function as the only nation on Earth ruled by law.
We don't even have to destroy this.
If we make this public, it'll be the end of this country.
And this time— The system currently has 247 constituent members.
By having about 200 of the 247 connected in sessions at any given time, we can continuously monitor and judge the Psycho-Pass of every single person in this country.
Mechanical programs alone can determine, at most, stress measurements based on the Hue Check.
Determining Crime Coefficients, which indicate a more profound assessment of human nature, requires a higher degree of thinking ability and judgment.
And we are the ones who can make it happen.
What a joke.
They said we lived in a fair society managed by machines.
One that didn't depend on flawed human egos.
That's how they presented the Sibyl System, and that's why people accepted it.
And yet, all those judgments were made arbitrarily by you, an aggregate of human brains? No.
The system is boundlessly fair.
We judge and supervise people as those who transcend mankind.
The first qualification to be a constituent member of the Sibyl System is to have an irregular personality that doesn't fit in with mankind's conventional standards.
Instead of aimlessly empathizing with others, instead of losing yourself to emotion, you should be able to oversee human actions from an outsider's viewpoint.
That talent is what we require.
For example, yourself and I.
Oh? I'm also a unique human.
One whose Crime Coefficient can't be determined from their Psycho-Pass.
It's caused me a great deal of loneliness over the years.
A personality that cannot be measured, even by Sibyl's collective intellect, is called "criminally asymptomatic.
" Those with this personality are distinguished from all other citizens by their unique ideology and sense of values.
By finding such valuable people and taking them in, the system has continued to expand its range of thinking and gained new possibilities as an intellectual form.
I see.
So that's why you disappeared instead of being executed after the Bureau took you in.
I was welcomed as a member of the Sibyl System.
At first, I was confused, but it didn't take long before I was able to understand its true splendor.
Omnipotence, achieved through expanding both understanding and judgment by sharing one's cognition with other brains I feel like I'm a prophet straight out of legend.
I understand everything.
I feel that everything in the world is under my rule.
There are limits to the amount of pleasure a person can obtain in the flesh.
However, pleasure brought out by the intellect is infinite.
You can understand that, can't you, Shougo? Yeah.
It's not really hard to imagine.
Both you and I have been isolated and oppressed in this world full of contradictions.
But we don't need to grieve over it anymore.
We should be proud of the nobility of this mission that fate has charged us with.
The time has also come for you to take your proper place! In other words you're telling me to become a member of the Sibyl System? Your intellect and deep insight are qualities we eagerly seek out in order to further evolve the Sibyl System.
It's not to say that we can't simply make you a member by force.
However, "Value exists only in the acts based on one's free will.
" Those were your words, right? I hoped that you'd understand my explanation and then agree to it.
The idea of being reduced to a cog in a machine isn't very appealing to me.
Of course, this would not take away any of your independence as an individual.
In fact, as you can see, I'm still maintaining a sense of my self as Touma Kouzaburou.
All you have to do is say a single word: "Yes.
" The operation will be completed on our way to the Ministry of Welfare using the equipment we have here.
The Makishima Shougo known to the public will disappear with your body, but you'll become one of those who rule this world and none will be the wiser.
You sound like the doctor in Balnibarbi.
What? I'm talking about "Gulliver's Travels" by Swift.
Specifically, Part III.
Balnibarbi is the place Gulliver travels to after the flying island of Laputa.
A doctor in Balnibarbi comes up with a way to get politicians with conflicting opinions to reconcile with one another.
It was surgery in which they'd cut each of their brains in half then have the two hemispheres sewn together.
Once that was done, they could "produce the moderation as well as regularity of thinking.
" For the self-conceited lot who think that "they come into the world only to watch and govern its motion," Swift writes that it is the most desirable approach.
You're a genius at sarcasm, Shougo.
I'm not, but Swift certainly is.
You probably thought that I wouldn't resist until I knew where I was, but as usual, you weren't very careful.
You said "on our way to the Ministry of Welfare" earlier.
By saying that, you hinted that we're in transit.
We're not inside the Public Safety Bureau, so I judged that I could escape.
Why? I thought you'd be able to understand the joy of omnipotence and the pleasure of governing the world Like God, you mean? That might be pleasurable in its own way, but unfortunately I'm not into being an umpire or a referee.
I can't genuinely enjoy the game unless I'm part of it.
And I love this game that people call "life" from the bottom of my heart.
That's why I'd like to continue to participate in it as a player, forever and ever.
S-Stop it! What's that? Are you afraid of dying, even after attaining the omniscience of God? There's no way I could love anyone, but I wish to be loved by someone in turn The world may not have ended yesterday after all, but we will not budge from where we are God, in favor of which parts have you left us? I receive no reply I never do Are you still here? You'll never walk alone I walk with you I will share all your sins Together with you I walk a trackless path Sorry for calling so late.
Am I correct in assuming that this is Kougami Shinya's number? Today, I came to know the true form of the Sibyl System.
It's not something worth putting your life on the line to protect.
I just wanted to let you know that.
Well then, I'll see you around.
Hey, Gino! What the hell happened?! Where did you hear about it? So what happened?! It hasn't been confirmed, but the transport aircraft Makishima was on seems to have crashed.
This is a world where the mental state and personal tendencies of humans can be quantified.
While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people's souls are commonly called "Psycho-Pass".
This story is a work of fiction.
The names of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental.