Psycho-Pass (2012) s01e19 Episode Script

Transparent Shadow

1 I'm gonna go ahead and borrow it, pops.
I would like to show Cut open my skull Look into my head I don't know why I'm so harsh I can't be so brash I'm going to crash 'Cause I feel I can always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside, one link to join it all Again 'Cause I feel I can always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside, one link to join it all So it goes Again Your Hue is in a critical state.
Your Crime Coefficient is still fluctuating, but it's possible it could worsen rapidly.
#19: Transparent Shadow If you don't address your clouded Hue, if worst comes to worst, you could be declared a latent criminal.
Well I just remembered how my partner ended up in the same situation long ago.
What happened after that? He's not my partner anymore.
Just one of my subordinates.
It's ironic.
I've been trying my best not to end up like him, and yet, this is how it all turns out.
What a joke.
I'll set up an intensive therapy program for you immediately.
I'll also notify your office— Please wait.
I can't do it yet.
Ginoza I'll manage to get by, Doc.
If that's what you want, but I won't be responsible for what happens.
My current colleague is a young woman who was hired this year.
Watching her gives me hope.
It makes me feel that everything depends on how you look at the world.
Professor Saiga Just get inside.
Hm? Hey, hey You're even carrying a gun? You can tell? An old revolver Am I right? It's like you're psychic.
I've told you this many times.
It's a simple matter of observation and logical thinking, Kougami.
I think you all know this by now, but Kougami has escaped.
There's no doubt about it.
You're right.
He'll probably go after Makishima.
We will too.
If you encounter the fugitive Enforcer, take care of him immediately.
So we're to capture Makishima alive, but shoot Kougami on sight That's right.
Why don't we put Kougami aside for now? We're bound to run into him if we drive Makishima into a corner.
I wonder where Makishima is.
We have an ID on his face, but parts of the monitoring system are still undergoing repairs in the wake of the riots.
It'll be five days before it's completely operational again.
Until then, we won't be able to rely on facial recognition to help us investigate.
Don't you think Makishima will use that time to try and escape? No.
He's bound to make a move.
That man isn't the type to give up just because he's been cornered.
He's compelled to test this world until his dying breath.
He'll confront this society, protected as it is by the System, with blunt human nature.
That's why Makishima Shougo made that provocative call to Kougami.
A lot's happened.
Are you okay? Well This isn't the time to feel depressed, you know? I may not be a saint, but I'm all yours if you need to talk.
Come to think of it, I haven't vented at all.
Kougami I don't want him to cross the line from latent criminal to murderer.
No matter what else happens.
You shouldn't shoulder everything all by yourself.
I'm okay.
If you're worried, would you like to check my Hue? I was surprised when I checked it myself this morning.
Even after everything that's happened, it's a pale turquoise color.
Just how cold-hearted must I be? Your heart and your Psycho-Pass are two separate things.
Then what does that make a Psycho-Pass? What is a person's heart? Hm? You didn't sleep? I'm having too much trouble predicting what Makishima's next move could be.
So you think that man is going to do something more? The security network in the metropolitan area will be fully restored in five days.
That's what the CID's analyst told me.
To Makishima, that's how long he has to launch his last fireworks display.
I made some coffee.
It's made from real coffee beans, so it's pretty damn strong.
Thank you.
I looked through the information you brought with you.
I can see why you're having trouble.
What's your assessment of him? If there's such a thing as political offenders in this society managed by the Sibyl System, this man would be one of them.
Terrorists, anarchists, agitators, suicidal revolutionaries with no interest in the people There's not a decent man among them.
By the way, what would you say is the definition of anarchism? It's a denial of government and authority, but different from flat-out chaos and disorder.
That's right.
It's about denying an inhuman control system and building a more human system.
Makishima is close to being an anarchist, but since he delights so much in destruction, he's somewhat different to the original meaning of the word.
An inhuman control system Sibyl, then? If I were to borrow Max Weber's words, ideal bureaucrats are those who intently perform their duty without anger or fondness, without hate or zeal, and without love or personal predilection.
In that sense, the Sibyl System may be close to the ideal bureaucratic administration.
But that's assuming that all the details we know about Sibyl are true.
Makishima told me on the phone that he came to know the true form of Sibyl.
He said it wasn't something worth putting my life on the line to protect.
Let me quote a little more from Max Weber.
Bureaucratic administration dominates the people through knowledge.
Technical knowledge and practical knowledge.
Keeping that knowledge increases their superiority.
Makishima is trying to strip that superiority away.
And he almost succeeded.
Those riots pushed society right up to a very dangerous line.
And the Ministry of Welfare made some sort of proposal to Makishima.
However, he refused that proposal.
I'd like to talk to this Makishima guy sometime in a session recorded on video or audio.
For your research? He doesn't interest me in that way yet.
It'd be purely to help your investigation.
If Makishima was here right now, how do you think he'd join our conversation? He would probably respond by quoting Foucault or Jeremy Bentham the moment you quoted Max Weber.
Is it really a "system"? Or more like a huge prison? The Panopticon A facility that allows you to observe everyone at once.
Sibyl is its worst possible form.
You can control the maximum number of prisoners with the minimum number of guards.
He might even quote Gulliver's Travels.
He's a cynical man with a distorted sense of humor.
I see So he lampoons science and politics that have become too advanced.
He's that kind of man.
Let me ask you a personal question.
Do you consider yourself and Makishima to be alike? There are some aspects of him that I can understand.
I don't know anything about his past.
But one thing I'm certain of is that there was a critical turning point in his life.
The moment he realized that he was idiosyncratic.
He can control his Psycho-Pass at will.
Some people would probably consider that a privilege.
But Makishima didn't.
What he felt was probably a sense of alienation.
In this society, if the Sibyl System doesn't acknowledge you, isn't that essentially the same as not being recognized as a human being? A child who wasn't accepted into the group I see.
Maybe that's where it all began.
That being said, this is all just speculation.
We won't know the truth unless we ask Makishima himself.
But you're not going to ask him, are you? That's right.
When you're done here, come to my study.
I'll show you something interesting.
Hence, the ones who know Kougami Shinya's personality and way of thinking and are most suited to predict his pattern of actions are us at CID Division 1.
Oh? I see.
So how did it go? Our orders remain unchanged.
We, Division 1, will continue to work toward tracking down Kougami and Makishima Shougo.
That's reckless.
You and the young lady should both stop concerning yourselves with those two.
It has to be Division 1! If we do it, maybe we can convince Kougami to surrender before we have to shoot him.
Say, Nobuchika When did you become so soft? Even if Ko surrenders, he'll probably be thrown into a facility and executed.
As long as we go after Kougami Shinya, we have no choice but to put our lives on the line.
That being the case, why don't we leave it to Division 3 and— And make it someone else's problem?! I bet you also realized what Kougami was thinking and just let him be, right?! I bet you didn't even try to stop him! You just waved goodbye as he walked out the door, didn't you?! So that he'd kill Makishima! That's clearly a breach of trust! A criminal act, even! No matter what excuses you make, you can't deceive the Dominators! Do you want me to check your Crime Coefficient right here and now?! Dammit! Dammit! Everybody leaves me behind and just heads on over to the other side! Do you and Kougami want to be heroes that badly?! It's not about justice.
It's an obsession.
Even though you know there are other, wiser ways to live, you feel that if you turn your back on everything you've worked toward, it's like admitting you lived a lie.
I've had moments like that.
So this is all because of your pride as Enforcers? It's not because we're Enforcers.
This is because of our pride as men.
In that case, I have my own pride as well.
I'll capture that idiot Kougami with my own hands at any cost, no matter what anyone says.
He's done for.
But under the current circumstances, there's no one immediately available to use as our pawn.
Huh? What? Is that the final, collective decision by everyone? Yeah But Well, I can't fully understand with my current capacity.
I'd like to go back there once and check the consensus.
What is this? It's an old type anonymous message board.
It's operated via several overseas servers.
Overseas servers? If you look in the right places, you can find them.
Anyway, they've managed to stay out of the Sibyl System's attention.
The users of this board are former college professors, journalists, critics, literary scholars They're the people who the Sibyl System determined were useless.
They still comment even now as their frustration builds up, saying things like, "there's nothing good about Sibyl," or "this part is so problematic.
" It might ultimately be fruitless, but it's better to at least have somewhere to act as an outlet.
I started a thread before breakfast.
Ways to cause a complete collapse of the Sibyl System in five days? Ways to cause a complete collapse of the Sibyl System in five days? Ways to cause a complete collapse of the Sibyl System in five days? Ways to cause a complete collapse of the Sibyl System in five days? Ways to cause a complete collapse of the Sibyl System in five days? This is They responded to my thread as though it were an interesting game.
They all look like stupid jokes to me.
Then pick whichever joke you think is funniest.
You and Makishima are alike.
Trust your inspiration.
Leak classified information to foreign countries What's the matter? If it's not possible to break into the system, I think a good approach is to start by breaking things that surround it.
To cause a collapse of the Sibyl System, wouldn't the best way to be to destroy the food autonomy system? Something caught my eye.
What if the Sibyl System collapsed due to a food shortage? Hyper-oats 99% of the food currently consumed in this country is processed food made from hyper-oats.
They're oats that have been genetically modified for maximum harvest efficiency.
Currently, we depend solely on this single item.
An enormous amount of a "monospecific genus" that eliminates diversity, huh? I see If a single fatal defect was found, it's possible that they could be completely wiped out.
That might be Makishima's next target.
Food self-sufficiency, huh? Yes.
This might be it.
Crops, production systems, genetic modification Do we have information on any of that? Leave it to me.
Due to the sharp decline in population and the completion of the Sibyl System, it became impossible to restrain the excess density of settlement in urban areas.
But while people can be relocated, land cannot.
The primary industry of agriculture was forced to shift to complete automation.
Through mechanized farming by Drones, genetically enhanced hyper-oats, and disease countermeasures using benign viruses, we were able to achieve fully automated farming, eliminating agricultural workers from this country.
Now the Hokuriku area is a vast granary with zero population.
If there are any problems with crop health management, hyper-oats, being a monospecific genus, will be devastated by disease.
And if the food autonomy system collapses, Japan will have to once again import food.
The government will once again be forced to open communications with other countries.
As food shortages sweep the nation, the entire Japanese population's Crime Coefficients will rise.
But once they lift the ban on food importation, they'll have no choice but to relax border security.
Refugees will probably start to flow into the country.
Once that happens, the very measurement of Crime Coefficients might become meaningless.
So what else does he require? Right now, Makishima needs an expert's help.
I knowingly took part in your plan to kill Makishima Shougo.
And since my actions were deliberate, the next time I get a surprise check, that'll be it for me.
I'm really sorry to have put you through this.
Don't worry about it.
This is simply my punishment for shutting myself up at home and not participating in society.
Professor By assisting you, I feel that I've fulfilled my own role.
But even so, Kougami I'm dumping all the dirty work on you, after all.
Well, you definitely shouldn't worry about that.
For some reason, I can't even imagine someone else besides me killing him.
Kougami Inspector Tsunemori Akane.
I will now tell you the truth behind everything.
There's no way I could love anyone, but I wish to be loved by someone in turn The world may not have ended yesterday after all, but we will not budge from where we are God, in favor of which parts have you left us? I receive no reply I never do Are you still here? You'll never walk alone I walk with you I will share all your sins Together with you I walk a trackless path This is a world where the mental state and personal tendencies of humans can be quantified.
While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people's souls are commonly called "Psycho-Pass".
This story is a work of fiction.
The names of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental.