Psycho-Pass (2012) s01e21 Episode Script

Blood-Stained Reward

1 Is it that easy to adjust the Uka-no-Mitama virus? The process itself should be pretty much automated, so as long as the equipment still works, yes.
They chose Uka-no-Mitama precisely because of how easy it is to update.
To think that a benign virus would end up becoming an actual disease We thought of it as an iron shield defending our food autonomy, but it ended up being a double-edged sword.
"Jesus told them another parable: 'The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.
But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.
" I would like to show Cut open my skull Look into my head I don't know why I'm so harsh I can't be so brash I'm going to crash 'Cause I feel I can always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside, one link to join it all Again 'Cause I feel I can always show my everything to you If this moment was for me I try to hear, lend my ear Voices inside, one link to join it all So it goes Again #21: Blood-Stained Reward The security is still active Where can I find another way in? Oh? Dammit! What a huge place Well, this factory centrally manages the defense virus in order to distribute it to the entire Hokuriku area.
It's amazing that such a large-scale facility can continue to operate in a fully automated manner.
The bigger the prey, the easier it is to target.
Especially when you're wielding a poisoned needle strong enough to kill a whale.
This sort of tactic is just like Makishima.
It's probably from Kougami.
He must have seen us land.
In which case, he's nearby.
Tsunemori speaking.
I didn't expect you to get here so soon.
Don't underestimate the Bureau's resources.
You're not the only one here capable of driving Makishima into a corner.
He's already inside the facility.
In fact, he's probably adjusting the Uka-no-Mitama virus right now using the equipment Kudama left in the lab.
Or he might even have finished already.
We're not going to let him have his way.
Then we don't have a moment to lose.
We have to shut down the entire facility before he's able to distribute the Uka-no-Mitama that he tampered with.
The Bureau has the authority to cut off the power to this facility, right? That would halt not only its operation but its security system as well.
That's what you want, isn't it? You're trying to use us to lift the security so that you can beat us to Makishima and kill him, aren't you? We can't let you do that.
Makishima is trying to destroy this country.
The Bureau has only one choice right now.
Cut the power.
Then this country will be saved.
I will save you too.
I will not let Kougami Shinya become a murderer.
Then let the fastest one win.
Can't we have control of the security system transferred to us from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry? The process will take time.
If Makishima finishes before us, it's checkmate.
We have no choice but to stop the facility itself, like Kougami said.
Kunizuka? I've already disabled the secondary power supply.
All we have to do now is cut off the primary power source.
There's something I'd like to ask of you.
When you encounter Kougami, if the Eliminator ends up activating because his Crime Coefficient is over 300, please don't shoot him.
Call me.
What's the point of that? I've got a trump card up my sleeve for Kougami.
Don't worry.
Just leave it to me.
Now we'll go after Makishima.
You'll help us, right? Of course.
Then I need you to lock this gun in Paralyzer mode with the safety off.
You can do that, right? The Dominator decides its enforcement mode based on the measured Crime Coefficients.
This is the foundation of the system that maintains public safety.
It cannot be changed.
If we are to fight Makishima, we need weapons that can do the job.
We have to protect ourselves too, after all.
If we can't use the Dominators, we'll have no choice but to depend on more primitive weapons.
If worst comes to worst, we may end up killing Makishima with those weapons.
Your lack of resourcefulness would be at fault in that scenario, not us.
Our abilities are limited and the probability that we will capture Makishima alive without problems is hardly 100%.
If you're able to grant an exception here, we may be able to improve that chance a little.
Think about which course of action offers the most benefit.
You're good at calculating risk and reward, right? From now until Makishima Shougo is captured, we will grant an exception on the applicable terminal device.
The safety will remain off.
Mode is Non-Lethal Paralyzer.
However, please pay close attention to how you use it to ensure the other detectives do not find out.
I know.
Say, young lady.
You've been acting strange ever since the Chief called you out.
I don't know what happened, but are you sure you can shoulder that burden alone? Are you worried about me? Yeah, you're acting the same as Kougami did.
I don't wanna see you push yourself too hard as an Inspector and burn out.
Then would you like to check my Crime Coefficient? Hey, hey It's okay.
Please point the Dominator at me.
I'll delete the record using my authority as an Inspector.
Crime Coefficient is 24.
An Inspector registered at the Criminal Investigation Department.
See? Right now, I'm someone the System wants.
Yeah Kunizuka, please go ahead.
I'll cut off the power to the entire facility.
Not bad, Bureau.
Here goes! Either way, Makishima's attempt at bio-terrorism ends here.
Wouldn't the rational thing be to escape immediately? I'm not so sure about that.
True, Makishima has carefully considered his actions up to this point, but that doesn't necessarily mean he acts purely on logic.
Are you saying that he'll stick to his plan even now? If there's any way he can succeed, yes.
What about the emergency power supply? Right now, we're just blocking his use of it from outside, aren't we? Yeah.
That means it can still be manually rebooted via the control board inside the facility.
That's his only chance for getting the power back.
Should we wait for him at the central control room, then? Wait.
We can't rule out the possibility that he'll simply try to escape.
There's no time for us to make a detour.
Let's split in two.
I'll go to the control room.
Inspector Ginoza, please check the university's lab.
I'll go with Inspector Tsunemori.
If we work with Shion at Headquarters via the main security console, we might be able to get access to the security cameras here.
Then we'll be in charge of chasing him down, huh? Come on, don't make that face.
It's our job as men to take on the dirty work.
Dammit! Did something happen at the Ministry of Welfare? Does it seem that way? You look like you could take on the world right now, but at the same time, you look like that whole world's weighing on your shoulders.
Giving up here wouldn't resolve anything.
I just have to press forward.
No matter how small it may be, there's still hope.
As long as I don't give up on it, I can continue to be a detective until the end.
When you joined us as a new Inspector, my first impression was that you were a naïve little girl who couldn't possibly be fit for the job.
Yeah, I guess I was.
But in fact, I've never been further from the truth.
I'm sure of that now.
I'd trust you with my life, Inspector Tsunemori.
You think too highly of me.
I guess we made it in time But do you think Makishima will really come this way? That's right Why isn't there anyone here? What? There's someone who can foresee Makishima's actions more accurately than me.
If we were right, I'd expect to see Kougami here already.
Why? There must be something we're overlooking.
There's something I need to ask you.
Here and now? What's on your mind? You helped Kougami escape, didn't you? I'm an old man, you know? Cut me some slack.
You think that it's okay for Kougami to take the law into his own hands, as long as evil is defeated as a result.
That's the savage, selfish idea of "justice" shared by old-fashioned hunting dogs like yourself.
Am I wrong? Kougami is the one you're relying on to get the job done.
You don't expect anything from me.
You think there's no chance in hell I can capture Makishima, don't you? Kogami is a latent criminal as well as an Enforcer.
He and I are cut from the same cloth.
But you're still on a different path than we are.
I truly do think that's for the best.
From the bottom of my heart.
What kind of justification is that? A culprit runs, and detectives go after him That's what we assumed would happen.
Inspector? But Makishima looks at things differently than we do.
He understands just how much of a bind we're in, better than we do ourselves.
Ginoza and Masaoka are in danger! Please wait! It's dangerous to go by yourself! You stay here.
If Makishima comes, whatever you do, don't let him touch the emergency power supply! Destroy the whole console if you need to! Ginoza! Inspector Ginoza?! Wait! Nobuchika! Dammit! Hold on! Behind you! You bastard! What? Are you trying to blow us both up? You think I'd do something stupid like that? Don't let that man go! You must stop him at any cost, Enforcer! You are a detective! Fulfill your duty! Pops! You You idiot! Why did you let the culprit get away?! Why?! You're a detective, aren't you?! I'm not fit to be called a detective.
You're my son, after all.
Your eyes look just the same as mine did when I was your age.
Dad Dad! Why?! Why? It's too late! So you finally ditched that fake justice and developed some real bloodlust, huh? You're everything I hoped you'd be after all.
That so? Sorry, but I never had any hopes for you to begin with.
Don't act so indifferent after coming this far for me.
Cut the arrogance.
There's nothing exceptional about you.
You're just a piece of garbage, forsaken by society.
I bet you feel bitter after being rejected by your peers and excluded from the community, don't you? You just can't stand to be on your own! You're no different from a kid whining about not wanting to be left out.
You sure do say some funny things.
Do you think I'm the only one who's left out? Who isn't alone in this society? The time when our connection to others was the basis of our selves is long gone.
There's no place for communities in this world where everyone is watched over by the system and lives within the system's standards.
Everyone stays in their own little cell, and the system tames them by giving them each their own personal serenity.
There's no way I could love anyone, but I wish to be loved by someone in turn The world may not have ended yesterday after all, but we will not budge from where we are God, in favor of which parts have you left us? I receive no reply I never do Are you still here? You'll never walk alone I walk with you I will share all your sins Together with you I walk a trackless path This is a world where the mental state and personal tendencies of humans can be quantified.
While all sorts of inclinations are recorded and policed, these measured numbers used to judge people's souls are commonly called "Psycho-Pass".
This story is a work of fiction.
The names of all individuals and organizations that appear in this show are fictitious and any similarity to those in existence in the real world is purely coincidental.