Puerta 7 (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[cheering continues.]
GO, FERROVIARIOS! - [firecrackers exploding.]
- [sirens wailing.]
[crowd chanting.]
GO, CHAMPIONS! ALWAYS WITH YOU Come on! [radio host.]
Today, Independencia and Ferroviarios will face each other in a decisive match.
If they win, they'll be one point - That's enough of that.
- What? - Where's Ernesto? - He's not coming.
What do you mean? Do you know where he is? He must be at the stadium.
- [woman.]
[radio host.]
We're facing the final fight for the championship, no doubt about it, with Ferroviarios having achieved three consecutive victories - [man.]
What happened? - The guy wanted oregano.
- So make one of those - [man sighs.]
and I'll also need one fugazzeta and six beef empanadas.
With oregano, dude.
Six beef empanadas, one fuga.
Hurry up, dude.
Pay attention, kid.
Sorry, I messed up.
Of course you did.
You need to pay attention to get it right.
People make mistakes sometimes.
No, dude.
Nobody makes mistakes here.
Ignore him.
[José through speaker.]
Buying old stuff, paying in cash.
I buy iron scraps, old computers buying now [indistinct chatter.]
Hey, Pops.
Stealing water heaters now? What, you guys just like to gang up on people? Can't you see I'm working? Show some respect, you scum.
Fuck you! - [Porra twin 1.]
Let's get out of here! - [Porra twin 2.]
This is our neighborhood.
- Fuck you! - [Porra twin 1.]
Enough! Let's go! Come on! [crowd cheering and chanting.]
Come on! Come on! Come on! Get up there, get up there.
Come on! [sirens wailing.]
Yeah! Come on! Let's do it! DOOR 7 FERROVIARIOS FC - HOME TEAM [policeman.]
Come on, guys, hands up, come on.
This way, guys, get inside [crowd cheering.]
Yeah, boys, we can do this all day! Come on! [man.]
Come on! Let's do it! [cheering and chanting continues.]
[crowd cheering.]
Come on, move aside! [imperceptible.]
On Ferroviarios' lineup, we have Julián Eschaspe.
On the back line: Brian Esquivel is number two, Ezequiel Saprabata is number three, Ernesto Linch is number four and Jeremías Santamaría is number six.
On the offensive end, the Chilean Diego Zambrano is number 16 and Lucas "Crazy" Roggio is number nine.
The star of the team.
Big chances of winning.
I spoke to Malaga yesterday.
They want him right away.
The offer is too low.
It's best for us to keep him here.
I don't want to break the team apart.
Let's wait.
A player is not a team, Guillermo.
And this could pay off our debts.
Besides, it won't be long until he retires, don't you think? You're a fan of this club, right? [Santiago.]
Of course I'm a fan.
Then try to show some respect for our icons.
[indistinct chatter.]
[crowd cheering.]
And the game begins.
Ferroviarios with the ball.
Rentería with the ball.
He passes it to the backline.
They move forward, trying not to disturb the other team.
He's blocked.
Linch and Esquivel have blocked his path.
Zambrano has the ball now! It's a through pass for Roggio.
He tries to score! [all.]
Goal! Goal! [cheering.]
Goal, God damn it! [commentator.]
Ferroviarios scores! Lucas "Crazy" Roggio.
went face to face with him and the rest was the work of Diego Zambrano with a great pass and an amazing goal from Roggio! He slipped through like the best forwards do.
He threw it over the goalkeeper Eric González.
[flesh squelches.]
A deadly ball from a fabulous center forward! He's like a sniper waiting for his shot.
We can see something is going on in the bleachers.
I think it's a big fight amidst all the celebration.
The hooligans and their internal struggles! We see fighting, punches.
It's the Ferroviarios' following.
Terrible havoc in the stands.
And just after the goal [Fabian.]
Go, go! [engine revving.]
Assholes! Did you see that goal? How he lobbed it? And these assholes have the bright idea to start a fight.
We could be second in the league.
Those stupid assholes! I can't believe this.
Don't worry.
Just let them fight.
[tires screech.]
[gunshots continue.]
[car honking.]
[kids screaming.]
Stay back! [Diana.]
Stay back! Come on, let's go.
[indistinct chatter.]
[reporter 1.]
Guillermo, channel 22, TV Sport.
What's your take on the recent events? How do these things keep happening? So close to taking the lead, but now Independencia could claim the points.
To be able to respond to that in a serious and responsible manner, we would need time to conduct a proper investigation.
[reporters clamoring.]
[reporter 2.]
Thank you.
I'm from Radio Gol.
It's been said that the security measures at the game were insufficient.
Do you think that's your club's responsibility, or is it a problem with our country at large? [Guillermo clears throat.]
We shouldn't be looking for someone to blame.
This was purely an act of violence.
An isolated incident.
In a country where violence is getting worse by the day.
This goes beyond whatever security measures the club may take.
It's bigger than that.
[reporters clamoring.]
[reporter 3.]
Mercedes Liceanueva.
We're live on channel 6, Telesports.
Are you aware of the power struggle amongst Ferroviarios' own fans? [chuckles.]
How could I know about their internal rivalries? [reporter 3.]
I'm sorry, Chairman.
We're all well aware of the link between the hooligans and the football teams' management.
Are you saying Ferroviarios FC is an exemption to that rule? You're disrespecting me by asking that question.
[reporter 3.]
I'm not.
We're much more concerned about all this than any of you.
The press conference is now over.
We must continue working towards the safety of our supporters.
Thank you very much.
Thank God they let the match continue.
Awesome match, right? [Toto.]
And Crazy was outstanding.
We might just be champions this year.
- Cheers! - Cheers.
Let's drink to the champions.
a large number of Ferroviarios FC supporters are not convinced of their playing style I thought we would share it equally.
What's this about? Make fewer mistakes, and you'll earn a bigger cut.
Our idea was to sit down with them and try to keep them happy.
The deal never included a fight to the death in our stands.
[Santiago clears throat.]
We don't know who did it yet.
Could be an outsider, or maybe not.
I don't care who did it or why.
I don't want it happening - inside our club.
- Mmm-hmm.
And not within ten blocks of here, either.
Keep it far away from here.
Lomito knows very well this wasn't part of the deal.
Times change.
These guys are millionaires.
We opened our home to them.
We can't just throw them out.
Let's change the locks, then, hmm? [Santiago.]
Don't worry, I'll talk to them.
I'll try to negotiate.
Relax, Guillermo.
It'll go away soon.
- [man.]
Santi! How's it going? - [Guillermo sighs.]
They transferred him to Evita Hospital.
Damn, he'll be pissed.
- [Rafa.]
I don't think it was that bad.
- [boy.]
Really? [Rafa.]
Crazy scored a great goal, huh? - He lobbed the ball, like this.
- [both laugh.]
The goalkeeper never saw it coming.
Good evening, ma'am.
Why are you looking at me like that? Was it you? What? Driving the car earlier today.
No way.
I was with him, at the stadium.
- We were together.
- [Diana.]
Really? [boy.]
We won.
We're gonna be the champions.
You were part of the fight, then? - No.
We were on the other side.
- Yeah.
Be careful what you do.
We're all good here.
Relax, we'll be good.
Ernesto? Don't play dumb with me.
You know where he is.
He was alone.
I think the cops picked him up.
He was sleeping on the streets.
You could come with us if you want.
To paint walls and all that? Yeah.
Do you have something better to do? Go, Ferroviarios.
He sustained several shallow cuts.
Now he'll need rest.
Thanks, Doctor.
[woman sighs.]
Make the son of a bitch talk.
We're working on it.
He's tough.
But he'll talk soon.
Are you having problems with the group? No, the guys are cool.
This is all so strange.
No players injured.
We're doing well in the league.
Everyone minds their own business.
We try to stay out of each other's way.
Everything was going so well.
If they mess with him, they mess with us all.
That's for sure.
What happened, Dad? Someone stole my truck.
I have nothing left.
How come they stole your truck? [José.]
Just some kids goofing off.
Seems like a fucking joke.
- Here.
Give me a hand.
- [Mario sighs.]
You need to go to the hospital.
It could be serious.
Help me with this.
- Let's go to the hospital.
- Come on! It's just a scratch.
You need to report this.
I'll do it tomorrow.
I'm worried.
Same here.
How is Lomito? [Fabian.]
He's bad.
But he'll survive.
He always does.
He's a survivor.
[Anselmo speaking indistinctly.]
What did the doctor say? [Anselmo.]
Those are yours.
Get out of here.
Get out! I don't want to see your face again! Who did it? You don't know? You're part of the club, not me.
That's your responsibility.
Start your own investigation.
Will you take care of everything? [Fabian.]
I'll take care of Lomito.
And I'll find out who that guy was.
Once he talks, we'll go after whoever sent him.
Keep me posted.
POLICE Have you eaten yet? I had some stew.
I didn't like it, but I ate it anyway.
Want to come home with me? No, I want to go to mine.
But you know you're always welcome at my house, right? [door unlocks.]
I won't ask you for anything in return.
You can watch TV, eat, get some rest.
You know that, right? [Ernesto.]
I want to go to my house, where I live.
Put your seatbelt on.
You should start playing football again.
You were happier then.
Why didn't you come paint with us? The guys were asking about you.
We missed you.
Are you gonna take me home or not? Yeah, sure.
[engine revving.]
[knocking on door.]
Where were you, little shit? Playing at the park until now, can you believe it? Get inside.
No dinner for you.
He needs to eat, Miriam.
He's driving me nuts.
This will make it worse.
All right.
Fine, you're right.
[baby crying.]
Thank you.
You have no phone, no ID.
Nobody knows you.
You're not from around here.
No one recognizes your face.
We don't know your family.
You're a ghost.
And a mute one, at that.
He's a good soldier, though.
- He's tough.
- [man coughing.]
[gangster 1.]
And he almost got away.
[gangster 2.]
He's tough as nails.
I'm sure you're getting a lot of dough for this.
I get a lot for my work as well.
They get paid very well, too.
- Right, guys? - [gangster 1.]
Damn right.
A shit-ton of money.
It's not about how much we earn.
It's about how we spend it.
If you remain silent, you won't be able to spend a dime.
[gangster 2.]
Won't get to spend it with your family.
[gangster 1.]
Your girlfriend.
Or boyfriend.
[gangster 3.]
Won't spend it on drugs.
That's the situation.
Money talks.
If I feel like it, I can stay here all night interrogating you.
That's what they pay me for.
Who sent you? [indistinct chatter.]
[Mario whistles.]
Everything all right? Tell Rafa I'm here.
Rafa, someone's asking for you.
What's up, Rafa? What's up, buddy? It's my dad.
Something wrong? - Someone stole his truck and beat him up.
- That sucks.
- Were they from around here? - Some twins, I think.
The Porra twins.
Let me change and we'll go after them, okay? No, man.
Not worth it.
Then why are you here? I came here to see if you had any work.
You're sending him to work after what happened to him? - No, I mean for me.
- [Rafa chuckles.]
I want to try and chip in, you know? Help him out.
We'll figure something out.
- I've got you covered.
- Thanks.
But we're still going after those dicks.
Just get me some work.
Sure thing.
- [woman.]
Well, I'll leave you two alone.
- [Guillermo.]
Yes, thank you.
Why did you call me? You're part of the club.
You know the neighborhood.
You're honest.
Your grandfather was a key part of this club.
It's in your blood, I know it.
You're still a fan, right? Always.
Well, then Yesterday, your club's hooligans caught some guy, no idea who, maybe a friend of theirs, and shot him right in front of the kids.
You want me to help cover that up? No.
On the contrary.
I want you to fix it.
Who will back me up? The police officers you have in your pocket? The club's security that lets them in every time? They aren't my people.
They don't have my support.
I'm alone, sure.
That's true.
It's just me.
You may be alone, too.
And that's also a fact.
And that's why my support means little to nothing.
We have elections this year.
Even when we're fighting for the championship, our fans aren't satisfied.
It'll all be forgotten once we win the league title.
[Guillermo sighs.]
It's true.
That's all they care about.
They don't care if the chairman is an honest man or a crook.
I'm all alone here.
Help me.
This club needs guidance.
A leader? Yes.
A chief of security.
Bermudez alone isn't enough.
You're a lawyer.
You know cops, district attorneys Yeah, but they're more concerned with the kids on the streets.
I'm not asking you to give up your job at the NGO.
No one will oppose your presence here.
I'm not sure.
I need to think about it.
[dog barking.]
[bike honks.]
How is Lomito doing? [Rafa.]
He's alive.
Why? What have you heard? [man 1.]
Everybody says he's at death's doors.
I don't like rumors.
All right? If I say he's fine, then he is.
We only speak the truth here.
Come on, bring the money here.
[man 2.]
If you have any problems, let me know, okay? - [man 1.]
Sure, man.
- [man 2.]
All right.
God must love that guy.
His time will come.
Stop that nonsense.
We could all lose our jobs.
Have you forgotten you used to eat from the garbage? Now, you count money.
It's not mine.
Stop complaining.
Buy yourself some booze.
[man 1.]
I'll spend it however I want.
It's mine, right? See? It's everyone's money.
Why don't you shut your piehole and thank those who help you? Two more? [gasping.]
[Fabian shushes.]
That was the last of it.
Was it good? That should cheer you up.
[breathing heavily.]
It's been over a day now.
You're still not talking.
I spoke to your people.
Your boss sold you out.
- He did.
- [gangster 1.]
What a dick move.
- [gangster 2.]
They're all the same.
- [gangster 3.]
It's over now.
I don't need you anymore.
I'll conduct my business with him now.
[gun cocks.]
It's useless doing business with people that don't value money.
You want this? Here.
[man groaning.]
You're here, suffering all day Your boss is an asshole.
Asshole! Yeah.
A real son of a bitch.
The Octopus.
- [toilet flushing.]
- The Octopus, you say? [Fabian.]
He works for Sosa.
He's a drug dealer.
They used to stick to their own territory.
But I guess they want ours now, too.
They've been trying to sell inside the stadium for a while now.
They make a lot of dough.
More than us.
More than us? Damn! That's the good thing about selling drugs.
It's tempting.
Someone must've given them the green light.
He got in alone and without issues.
What? Nobody saw him? The Gypsy was in charge.
He must've slipped past him.
Excuse me.
What's up, kid? Hey.
I can't.
This is from the sales.
Already paid the guys.
They send their regards.
Have some.
- Have you eaten yet? - No.
- [Lomito.]
It'll do you good.
- Thank you, Lomito.
A friend of mine is looking for work.
What kind of work? He's from the hood.
He's the son of that truck driver.
Really? I guess he's all grown up now.
He dropped out because his dad didn't have enough work.
He goes around collecting old scraps.
- What can he do? - He's a baker.
Makes pizza.
Dinner is ready! I've made a special meal today, so eat to your heart's content.
You're amazing.
- [woman.]
Want some? - [Mario.]
- Come on, José.
Eat up.
- [José.]
Yeah, give me a moment.
Listen, Dad.
Guess what? I asked Rafa for a job today.
I'll try to get us some extra money.
Those people won't save your ass.
Why would you do that? What are you talking about? He's my friend.
He isn't the same kid anymore.
You're better off without him.
I don't understand what the problem is.
Relax, José.
Mario won't do anything wrong.
All right? We've always been an honest bunch.
And you know why? We've never made deals with scum.
You gonna be the first? I'm too tired to eat.
I'm off to bed.
Thank you.
Can I help more kids get off the streets if I work for the club? Yes.
How many more? One? Ten? Would that make a difference? I don't know.
And if you make it worse? That's what you think? No! Don't be like that.
Get over here.
- [Daniela sighs.]
- Mmm-mmm.
So, what do you think? [woman chuckles.]
Huh? I think being the head of an NGO and being the chief of security wouldn't be good for anybody.
- Don't you agree? - Yeah, I know.
You do? I love you, honey.
Eh? I love you and I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to miss a thing.
Mmm? [Mario.]
I need to work.
My dad lost his job.
His truck got stolen.
It was the Porra twins.
Can you cook? This is not a pizza parlor.
Of course he can cook.
They serve other stuff at the restaurant.
We serve quick meals.
Mario is family, Fabi.
He's from the hood.
He seems like a good kid.
He's the best.
Anselmo! - [Anselmo.]
Yes, Fabian? - Is Marco back? [Anselmo.]
That lazy drunk? I have to do everything on my own! The kid will help you.
Mario, right? Yes.
All right.
Let's get to work, then.
- Come on up.
- Go on, kid.
Leave your stuff over there.
Chop some olives.
Let's see how good you really are.
We need them for the empanadas.
[indistinct chatter.]
Where is Anselmo? He already left.
You stole my job.
Excuse me? [Marco.]
Do you know how long I've been working here? And now, some stupid kid comes along and steals it from me.
Who the fuck are you? What's your problem? I didn't steal a thing.
I earn my money working, asshole.
Little shit! [indistinct chatter.]
[continues crying.]
It's an honor for me to be welcomed into your homes.
And this is only the beginning.
Within each and every one of you is the power to make a difference.
You did something for your neighborhood.
To improve it, to make life better.
This isn't just about painting a wall.
It's about creating hope through painting.
It's about our dreams.
Congratulations, it looks amazing, the whole place looks different.
The shirts for your kids.
With this, I can buy that land in Entre Ríos.
Lomito? Alive.
As usual.
He'll want revenge.
Slowly, though.
How did the Octopus start selling drugs? Last I heard, he was into money laundering.
The building sector is dead now.
Times change.
Think before making a mess of everything.
Last time, we had a lot of heat coming our way.
But they forgot, in time.
We won't just sit on our thumbs.
You must disrupt their operations.
Set up a trap.
Something we can all benefit from.
Let the Let the police know, the press.
Make some big ruckus so we can go back to square one.
Tell me what you know, Bermudez.
I have no time to waste.
There's something going on tonight.
Some Peruvians working for the Octopus.
Maybe you can get some justice out of it.
YOU'LL RUN There's always some idiot that wants a spot in the stands.
I've seen plenty.
I was so scared, Dad.
You were staring at your phone screen all day.
Well, yeah! I was talking to my friends, looking for some support because you Stop it! [groaning.]
Relax, Dad.
You need to calm down.
I've just been discharged and already you won't stop fighting.
I need some peace of mind.
And you'll get it.
I can always count on you.
And you.
Hector Baldini.
I'm his wife.
I'm here to sign off on his release.
I don't give a fuck about the Octopus.
I just want to know who sold us out.
I wonder who would have replaced me.
I'm sure they already had a guy lined up.
Who would want to take over after you? I doubt they had anyone lined up.
I know I'm a bit paranoid, but it's only logical to think that this was an inside job.
For a betrayal to succeed, it needs to be done from within.
They don't know who they're dealing with.
They tried to stab me.
And what did I do? I blew them up.
Patricio, could you give me a shave, please? [Patricio.]
Of course, sir.
Did you hear what your friends did? First of all, good morning.
Good morning.
They killed my people.
They screwed up my drug deal.
They left me a message.
"You'll run for your life.
" That's what bothers me most, really.
I heard about that.
Sosa is mad.
He wants revenge.
It's only logical, isn't it? Tell him to wait.
Sometimes, to win, we must first lose.
He's growing anxious.
The idea was to have him calm down, but instead you sent him some asshole with a kitchen knife.
- I'll have him shot, then.
- Not now.
He's stronger than he was before.
He's got everyone at his mercy.
We can only wait.
Why's that? [exhales.]
It'll pass.
[music-theme plays.]

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