Pure (2017) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Amen.
There was a boy.
Find him.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Noah, I need a word.
- Bishop.
Another name has been added to the list of candidates for pastor.
Not me.
You can't ask me to do this.
I don't ask alone.
God will decide.
Mindful of the blood shed by our martyrs to preserve our faith, I charge you to preach the Gospel, to comfort the sick and the discouraged, to bring the sinners to repentance.
Do you submit to God's will? I submit.
Tina, come.
I promise we will set a good example, ja? For our people and for the Auslanders.
Aaah Money's in the wallet.
Oh, God.
20 bucks?! That's all you got? Yeah.
Hey, where are you going with that? Hey! HEY! Ah! Hmm.
Oh, my God.
Detective Novak.
It's alright.
Jesus Christ! Of course it was a hill.
Hey, partner.
I called home first; your boy said you were on a "stakeout.
" - Figure of speech.
- Yeah, well, next time, make roll call.
A farmer found this and called it in.
- Oh, God! - Here's my theory: some kids hotwired it, took it for a joyride, flipped it, panicked, burned it.
Good, clean, small-town fun.
- Sweet.
Let's get some pie.
- Oh, I'm good.
Yoshiko packed me a snack already.
Fermented soybeans.
Good source of protein, probiotics.
Want some? Ugh! Oh! Oy! I'm OK.
Don't know what you're missing, bud.
What is that? You guys see this? "Hortensia Janzen campo 61.
" Hey, pop quiz.
What religious group has sermons in German? - Lutherans.
- Ah.
And who paints all the shiny things on their car black? Batman.
That's funny.
Hey, what do you call an Amish dude elbow deep in a horse? A mechanic.
We're not Amish, you moron.
We're Mennonites.
It's different.
Oh yeah, so different.
- Good example.
- That was good, that was funny.
- She's not Amish.
- Alright.
Here you go.
Here you go.
You have a plan, right? I didn't know this would happen.
But the bishop and the elders didn't want Gerry as pastor.
No one does, but they have no right to put our family in danger.
- No, we won't be in danger.
- Everyone knows the Epps bring trouble to the colony.
Now the elders expect you to stand up to them.
Komme, Anna.
I will be pastor.
And I will do only what a good pastor does.
I will read the prayers, I will deliver the sermons, I will comfort the troubled, and I will help bring this community toward God.
And it will be God who drives the evil away.
You must feel like you just been kicked by the biggest cow in the barn.
Whatever you need, - you just ask.
- Abram.
Go chop some wood for the stove.
You and I will do some baking.
Danke schon.
If you stand up to them, you won't be alone.
I will do my duty as preacher, the rest is up to God.
The community needs you.
My family needs you.
You'll be the one that leads us out of this wilderness.
Stop! Stop! Hey! Hey! You promised if I let you back, you would put this behind you.
You promised! I'm trying, ja, to steal from the cheapest people in the world.
Nah, you can't stay here.
Not in this state.
Yeah, of course.
You're the preacher and it's your way or the highway.
Ne, Bruder.
Our way, not my way.
If you can't follow our rules-- So where do you want me to go? I need you to get well.
But you can't do that with Gerry Epp down the road.
- So where? - That place in town.
With the cure.
Detox? Ja.
Pack a bag.
Once everyone leaves, I'll take you to the bus.
Whoa! Excuse me.
I won't pose for a photograph, but I won't - stop you from taking one either.
- I was just wondering, uh Hey, I I know you.
right? Noah? Noah Funk.
Funkytown! Ha! What's up, man? It's Bronco Number 7, yeah? Remember me? Yes.
Branko Novak.
Detective Novak now.
- I have to go.
- Whoa, whoa.
Slow your buggy.
I was just wondering who is your mayor or your boss, - the leader, I don't know.
- The pastor.
Who's that? Hey, I liked your style on the bus today.
I acted out of anger.
I only shamed myself.
Wow! Did you do that? Seriously, that looked really good.
- I have to go.
- OK.
He's got a ring in his nose.
I guess that means he's full of bull.
Oh, my God, you're so funny.
Oh, don't say "Oh, my God.
" Makes you sound like one of them.
So, some kids steal a Menno car, hot-wire it and, uh, take it for a spin, end up wrecking it.
And because of too much TV, they worried about fibres and such things, so they set it on fire thus destroying any evidence that would connect them to the crime.
My kid got me this.
Yeah, he said he bought it for me "ironically.
" Sarcastic little shit.
You got any teenagers that brighten up your day? Two.
I have a son and a daughter.
Are they into that, uh, that rumspringa thing, running wild and stealing cars? Rumspringa is Amish.
- Oh, really? - We just call it being young and foolish.
See, I found this at the wreck.
And I don't know any delinquents that read the Bible, let alone in German, so I thought it might have belonged to one of your people.
"Hortensia Janzen Cuauhtémoc.
" It's a colony in Mexico.
Mexico? Wow.
But why would a Mennonite drive all the way up here just to burn a car? You're not going to be any help to me, are you, Pastor? I don't know about these things.
Is everything alright, Pastor? What brings you to the police station? They found a burnt-up car and they thought maybe it was one of ours.
Don't know anyone missing a car.
But a family I know over in Aylmer, one of their sons ran off so they're asking for help to find him.
Now that you're pastor, the police might come to you, saying they found a Mennonite boy.
If they do, you let me know, OK? Boy's name is Ezekiel Janzen.
Ne, ne, ne, ne, ne! God! - So sorry, I-- - You almost set my barn on fire.
I give you money to go to town.
I give you money to get better.
I tried, brother.
I don't belong with those people.
So what? You spend the rest of your life in here? Doing this?! Don't turn me away.
Bruder, please.
Don't turn me away.
Whoa! Stand.
Is this the boy Gerry's looking for? Ezekiel Janzen.
I found him in my chicken coop stealing eggs.
He says his mother, his father and sister were murdered by the Auslanders.
He's been hiding ever since.
Noah, I know this is not our way, but you have to take him to the police.
If the police take him, the Epps will know and the boy will die.
You're preacher.
Do the duty God gave you.
Hop! an from, not the Auslander, but the Mennonite that's the boss.
That's Gerry's uncle.
- That's Eli Voss.
- You know him? - How do you know him? - I don't "know" him.
But I know that if he's looking for that boy, then he will find him.
Then we have to protect him.
You can't.
Not with these people.
They may be Edentaler like us, but believe me, they have their own ways.
Take the boy to Gerry, and hope that he can convince his uncle to let him live.
That's the only way.
Eli Voss is not going to listen to you.
Maybe not.
But what if the Gemeinde spoke as one to say, "He's one of us, and you will not touch him"? You will say he's yours.
From your time in Mexico.
His Auslander mother ran off, and you are raising him yourself as an Edentaler.
- No one will believe that.
- We have no other choice.
You will introduce him at prayer service.
And you will say he is one of us.
He is family.
Tina, Isaac, this is Ezekiel.
He is My son.
Pretending to do police work, Novak? - Hey, Chief.
- El Paso? Yeah.
I'm just trying to figure out why a car from Mexico is all the way up here.
- D.
El Paso.
- Hi, yeah, this is Detective Novak with the Antioch P.
in Canada.
I ran a spec on an abandoned vehicle through CPIC and your shop popped up.
Is there a "Agent O'Reilly" available, please? - Agent O'Reilly.
- Hi.
Detective Novak, Antioch P.
, Ontario, Canada.
How are you? What can I do for you, Canada? What do you know about Mexican Mennonites? - Hard workers.
Stand-up people.
- I am more interested in the ones that would leave a flipped-over, abandoned car burnt-up in the woods.
From, uh, "Ca Camatucha - Cuauhtémoc.
- Cuauhtémoc.
- Find any bodies? - What? Corpses.
You found any? - Uh, no.
Why? - Sounds like the Menno mob.
They don't like to leave a mess.
You're kidding, right? A Mennonite mob? No joke.
Been around for the better part of 20 years.
Started out with weed.
Expanded into meth and coke.
Now they have a pipeline running all the way from Mexico to Canada.
- Mennonites? - They speak their own language, only work with their own kind, - see us coming a mile away.
- OK.
So how do we know this is the Mennonite Mob? When their boss, Eli Voss, wants to leave a message, he does it with a capital V.
Puts it on his product and his victims.
Two strokes of his skinning knife, and they are completely eviscerated.
- Jesus Christ! - Believe me.
Voss and his mob are for real.
So, uh, do me a favour: squeeze that wreck and see what pops out and call me back later, OK? Yeah.
Will do, Tex.
I offer a prayer of thanksgiving and ask forgiveness for all our sins.
Does anyone else feel the spirit? I offer thanksgiving for the arrival of our nephew, Ezekiel, the son of our brother Abel, returned from his Auslander mother in Mexico.
We are grateful to the Lord for this blessing, and we know that he will be welcomed by everyone in our community.
Na ja.
Now it is time for the Bible reading.
I have a prayer.
I want to thank the Lord for His eternal mercy and boundless love for the boy, Ezekiel Funk.
In the spirit of charity embodied by our Lord Jesus Christ, I welcome him as one of us.
This is not what we do.
We don't sell drugs, and we don't hire Auslanders - to kill women and children.
- You think very carefully before you repeat that boy's lies.
Abraham of Colchester.
Jan van Ackeren.
Hendrick Adams.
Our ancestors did not need to "think carefully.
" They declared their beliefs without hesitation.
Um, and then, they were burned alive.
Like the Janzen family? These sheep won't help you.
It's not their way.
Bring me that boy or worry about your own family.
Ja? If you want to kill all the rats, you need to find their nests first.
Then you let the poison do its work.
Abram was hiding this in his closet.
Now all you have to do is put it back in the same nests it came from.
Take it.
Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! - What's that? - Are those bullet holes? Now, why would someone shoot the roof of a car? They wouldn't unless-- They were shooting at the driver.
And why would anyone shoot an upside-down Mennonite driver? Yo, Jay.
Ugh, come on.
Well Agent O'Reilly.
Guess what I found.
One crispy kilo of cocaine, and I'm guessing there was more before they stripped the car.
Which would explain why Voss is in your neck of the woods.
Got a tip from Border Protection.
He crossed into Canada four days ago.
Yeah, and three days ago, we found the car.
That bible you found, the name on it, "Janzen," apparently, one of the compound families.
Mom, dad, two kids; no one's seen them for a week.
So Dad thinks boss is a jerk, steals some product and makes a run for it with the family? Possibly.
Sounds like you need to find yourself a source inside the colony.
Good luck with that.
Will do.
- Pastor, a cup of tea? - He's not staying.
He forgot something at home that he promised to bring.
So are the walls.
And my phone.
But you know us Epps -- always crowding the fence.
What kind of father are you that you would do this to your family? I am your pastor.
I've come to offer you the chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of God.
A compromise.
The boy appeared out of nowhere; he can return just as quickly to a colony far away.
But he cannot be harmed.
You and I don't make - the rules; Onkel does.
- Ne.
God makes the rules, Gerry Epp.
Only God.
Remember that.
Bring the boy.
Or I'll come to your house and I'll take him.
Where's the boy? Pastor thought he could make a deal, but I set him straight.
His family or the boy.
He'll bring him, tonight.
There'll be no more blood.
There's always more blood.
Make sure it isn't yours.
Did you already visit the others? All of them.
You're the last.
Are you sure you wanna do this? You probably heard how black knot killed my orchard.
- Ja.
I was sorry to hear that.
- Time was I would have gone to our own kind for help, but you know how hard it is these days.
Hard for everyone.
I didn't want to be a burden, so I I went to a bank.
Peter They own it now.
We just make payments.
That's why Irma went to work for Gerry.
She thought she had no choice, so I I looked the other way.
But now they've got Abram.
Irma can take care of herself, but he's our boy, the only one we have left.
I'd rather visit him in an Auslander jail than a graveyard.
Put the poison in his cup.
Do you like pie? So, I know about the cocaine.
I am, uh, gonna eat my pie, and you're gonna tell me everything you know.
Whatever you tell me, it stays between us.
This is not something we do: take our problems to Auslanders.
You're smuggling cocaine, not tipping cows.
So unless you want to help them, you don't got a choice.
- Alright? - It's the names and addresses of Voss' men.
You'll find a bag of that powder in each of their homes.
Wow, you really do want these people, your people, behind bars, huh? They're violent and degenerate.
They're your people now.
Ha! Because we're Auslanders, we're all "violent and degenerate," is that it? - Hm.
- You know, must be nice knowing that God's always on your side.
Must be hard knowing he's not.
Hey, Noah.
Tell Anna I said hello.
Ma'am, we have a warrant to search the premises.
- What's going on? - Sir, we have a warrant - to search the premises.
Your hands where I can see 'em.
- OK, OK.
Nice and easy.
And jackpot.
- That's not mine! - I'm sure it's not, pal.
Turn around.
Hands against the wall.
Thank you.
Phone Joey.
Is that Voss? On the ground! - OK! OK! - Jay, upstairs.
Step aside, ma'am.
I'm going outside.
Go with the officer.
This is the police.
Hold it right there! Voss? Novak! - Yo, Chief.
- Close the door.
You do not go to a judge for a warrant without running it past me first.
The duty sergeant said that you were at your cottage.
If I'm in a coma, you get my permission.
OK, well, you gotta admit, Chief, it was a great bust.
I mean, last week we didn't even know the Menno Mob existed, and then boom, all the bad apples in Buggytown in one basket.
They're Mennonites who live on farms, not "Mennos" in "Buggytown.
" Watch the tone.
That farmer you brought in here the other day, he your source? No.
No, uh, I know him from high school.
Just questioning him about the burned-up car.
I figured it out from there.
It'll - it'll be in my report.
- Yes, it will.
In minute detail or you will write it over and over again.
OK, thanks.
That was actual police work you did.
Improve upon your team skills and maybe we can talk about shortening your probation period.
High praise, Chief.
Hey, pal.
You OK, buddy? Benny boy! Yo! You wanna play some Xbox? OK.
You know, look, when you come out of your coma, you just, uh, you let me know.
From now on, any important decision, you always talk to me first.
I'm your wife, your helper.
Don't! No! No! Joey! Joey! Joey! Joey! Please! Onkel's orders.
You put Gerry in jail? Now you are the new boss.
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