Pure (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 RINGING NOISE Everything's cool for the first few seconds.
Then I remember what I'm like and how I have to be that today, tomorrow and every day until I'm not.
Mm Why am I here? Don't you remember? RINGING CONTINUES Ugh You said everything was spinning.
Yeah, cos I'd just drank a bottle of vodka.
Why? I lost my job.
And I fell out with someone, it's what people do.
But I don't.
Well, not everyone's problems can be solved by cat videos.
And anal clenches.
Sorry, Shereen, I don't mean that.
You've done so much, letting me stay.
I'm taking the piss, you should evict me.
Well, you're a guest, not a tenant.
I wouldn't let a tenant sleep in my bed, it would be breach of the lease.
It shuts my head up.
Well, how can I help you? Don't let me go to odd bits.
Shiatsu's really good for anxiety.
And I need someone to practise on for my course.
RINGING NOISE I think I feel worse than that.
PHONE BUZZING MUSIC: All Of My Thoughts by Spiritualized BUZZING ECHOES Look.
This is as bad as you're going to feel.
This was a positive bonding experience.
Even if I am going to spend the rest of today worrying I tried to sleep-finger her.
Don't know what to do by myself Cos all of my thoughts are of you All my thoughts It's time to bring in the big guns, before I shoot myself in the head with one.
Before you ask, I had a really nice childhood.
I wasn't abused.
Unless, not being allowed a horse is abuse.
Good to know.
So why do I think about molesting strangers and going down on my mum? Yeah, intrusive thoughts can be ridiculous, but it is normal to have them But why would I think them if I didn't want to do them? Can you tell me another one of your intrusions, like, the last one you had, perhaps? Oh.
I know, I know, this is difficult but everything you say stays in here.
I was thinking about fingering you.
I was thinking about stabbing you in the face with my pen and how I'd have to pay my cleaner extra cos of the blood and the ink stains.
Erm - It was only a thought.
- MARNIE SIGHS It doesn't mean anything.
And what did you do in response to that thought? Told myself I didn't want to do it.
You tried to reassure yourself? Did that work? No, still thinking about it.
And you haven't touched me.
Which would suggest that you are NOT going to act on your intrusions.
But I have acted on them.
With various people and various genders in various ways.
Ah, so you keep checking? Yeah.
That's a compulsion.
Anything you do as a reaction to your intrusive thoughts is a compulsion.
Do any of these things stop the thoughts, or the anxiety they cause you? No.
So, could it be that your solutions are part of the problem? OCD is a recognised condition that people get help for.
Help! I'm cured! - Really? - No, I've got to come back.
Everything OK? Uh, it's an anxiety thing.
Snap! That's probably because we're both creative.
It's, like, nature's compliment.
PHONE BUZZING Uh, thanks SO much for this.
I'll pay you back.
Oh, it's my treat.
The last functional present I got was when my parents got me an office chair for my Christmas.
This is much better.
All right? It's me, the knob end from his mum and dad's house, again.
Have you blocked me? I'm starting to think that you have, I've sent a lot of texts! Anyway, will you just erm Will you ring me back? Cos, erm Yeah, I meant to be going to this thing later and I've got to convince these work people that I'm all right.
And uh, yeah, I'm not.
I feel, erm I feel shit, actually, cos of, you know, cos of how I was with you.
So, yeah, will you just Will you just talk to me? I know I don't really know you, but I feel like I know enough.
Too much, perhaps.
(HE LAUGHS) But, you know too much about me and all.
That's T that's why we should be mates.
So, erm Yeah, call me back.
MUSIC: Sugar Town by Nancy Sinatra I got some troubles but they won't last I'm gonna lay right down here in the grass All the fucked up stuff I've done is cos of my disorder, even the sex stuff.
From now on, I am off it.
This is a friend zone.
If you see me near anyone's genitals, just smack them out of my hands.
37, right? Yeah, thanks.
I didn't think you'd come.
Unless it's the ghost of you and you've come to haunt me.
Which I would deserve.
I'd haunt the fuck out of you! I'd chuck your furniture about, wake you up in the middle of the night, cos that was - I know - I don't even know what that was! Inexcusable? I would love an excuse! I'm trying to think of one.
I don't want you to make one up, I want you to talk to me.
- Cos I did you a favour.
- I know and I'm so grateful Libby thinks that I get junior staff off Tinder.
She started calling them "Tinterns".
I fully accept responsibility for how fucked up I was, both times.
But I know it's me, and I'm addressing it.
SHE SIGHS I'm really sorry.
Ugh It wasn't ALL you and My recruitment strategy is clearly flawed.
Can't seem to keep it in my pants.
Because I keep taking my pants off for all the shagging.
What can I say? I'm a people person.
Especially when the people want to come back to my place.
It's a nice place.
You should see my place.
Yeah? Not cos it's anything special.
Or even mine.
But I could cook you dinner to say sorry? Uh Dinner, yeah, sounds good.
I'm like, "Please be my friend!" You don't have to try so hard.
DOOR CREAKS AND CLOSES SHE SIGHS What? I didn't know he was coming.
Nah, it'll be grand.
I let him come cos he finally got rid of Shula.
He didn't murder her, they just split up.
And, I didn't want to leave him on his own.
Drinks? What are you drinking? Usual.
I'm not, this is fine.
INTERNALLY: It's just an intrusive thought.
I don't have feelings for him, I have a medical condition.
- PHONE BUZZING - Shit! This is work.
I've been trying to pin her down for ages.
Don't shag her.
Hi! Nancy, it's actually an honour to be talking to you You seem Warmer? I am, not just in my bra this time! I was going to say better.
Well, nobody's called me Moira since, so I have to run off to meet someone.
I'm not being a dick, it's for work.
Your woman sounds like high maintenance.
But I'll see you for the dinner, right? Sorry to leave you with him.
It's fine.
I always forget people are into this.
Not me! I'm not into this.
DOOR CLOSES And he's DEFINITELY not into this.
We're two people not being into this.
We should get that drink now.
Still not drinking, that's peer pressure.
Doesn't have to be alcohol.
Do you mean a friendly drink? Or, a sexy drink? Just so I know what I'm dealing with.
I was thinking like a sexy drink.
Why? Because I'm available, and you seemed up for it.
- You think I'm up for it? - No, not UP for it but willing.
- Cos I'm so up for it? - No, this is - I mean - It's just like, really? After everything you've seen? I like what I've seen.
I want to see more of it.
I'm quite messed up right now.
I don't care! I I I do care.
I just mean I don't mind.
I'm like, "Come at me, bro, I'm into it.
" I mean, not into it.
Well I was cos it was kind of hot.
- This is coming out wrong! - Are you actually being serious? Do you like vulnerable women or something? No, I prefer stable ones.
That's not what I meant.
No, fine, just going to go SHE SIGHS Bye.
Marnie! - Oi, you left your money! - BIKE BELL RINGS Aargh! Aargh! Aargh Oh, shit! HE GROANS Oh, my God, oh, my God MUSIC: 2 Become 1 by Spice Girls We can achieve it We can achieve it MUSIC ON RADIO: Come a little bit closer baby Get it on, get it on Cos tonight Is the night - When two becomes one - Can you play something else? BABY CRYING Being friends with someone means doing stuff for them that you don't want to do.
Like, listening to that dream they had, or doing their birthday drinks.
This is like that, with more disinfectant and screaming.
- Does it hurt ? - Yeah, a little bit.
I'm sorry about before, suggesting you're a predator.
You're not.
Well, I don't know what you're up to in your free time, maybe you are.
But until I hear otherwise, you're not.
Thanks? I've been having some technical issues lately.
So, apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
Yeah, it is a bit inconvenient.
How am I meant to prey on vulnerable women if I've got a limp? It's weird the driver didn't see you wearing your Hi Viz.
Like a shit lollipop man who got run over! Yeah, what did you come as - loft insulation? It's human bubble wrap! So, I don't hurt myself on London.
Did my nipples just quiver? Yeah, but cos of anxiety, not arousal.
He's a trigger, NOT a turn-on.
Oh, they're taking ages! Yeah, if you want to get off - Do you want me to? - No, I just won't be offended.
- Cos I can stay.
- Yeah.
I mean, whatever.
I'm staying, so you don't get run over by a trolley.
Joseph Mudaki? - Yep.
- Shouldn't you - Could you? Thanks.
- Yeah.
Fuck! Sorry, it's just really sore.
Your girlfriend can come too.
- Oh, hello! - She's not No, NOT his girlfriend.
Hi, sorry, have you got someone? OK.
This lady doesn't have anyone.
Anyone need a person? She's alone.
I'll have to take you.
CLEARS THROA Tonight, we're focusing on how to calm, tonify, and dispersing Chi.
Hi, Amber Doherty? Nancy Vegalo's plus one? I guess so, yeah.
We're so pleased you could make it.
- Thanks.
- She's not here yet, but you can go through.
- Great.
- Can I take your phone? Nope, that's fine, I'm going to keep that.
It's the rules.
Sorry, is this like some sort of really polite mugging? - I need it for work.
- No, you don't, she doesn't.
Nancy, hi.
Amber Doherty, Ethel.
I know, I googled you.
Stick it in the same one, please? Nancy Vegalo.
We're so glad you could make it, like actually glad, genuinely.
I really love your work.
And I love yours.
I love it too.
I think it is great, I love it.
Shall we? Yes.
It's just hard to believe that the woman who used to lovingly lay out my socks every morning is the same one who spray-painted a cock on my Audi.
Well, I've become a complete cynic in these matters.
I'd stay well away from women if I were you.
CHARLIE: I will! Ooh, shit, there's one.
Ooh, and another one! You should have a word with them.
With women? Well, of course.
And as spokesperson for all women, I'd like to apologise for your wife's audacity to claim reasonable compensation for the cost of access to her womb, and the best years of her life.
What a bitch! This looks lovely, I might go for the sea bass.
Could get used to this.
Obviously, subject to you letting me back.
Well, it's up to her.
I just do what she says.
- You ready to order? - Ladies first.
- Oof you go, then.
- Oh! We're out of the sea bass, so, apologies for that.
- Oh, no.
- Aw, he's going to have to have more time off! THEY LAUGH MAN SCREAMS Do you think he's getting an injection? SCREAMING CONTINUES Not unless it's a MASSIVE needle, like a knitting needle.
Or, a skewer, lance, a joust! OK, less pointy words.
Are you scared? I don't like being poked by things.
CURTAINS OPEN OK, so you're not pregnant or breast-feeding or about to operate any heavy machinery? Nope.
Then you can enjoy these.
Once they've kicked in, we'll get you down to X-ray.
First, I need to get some bloods in case you need surgery.
Christ, day one of celibacy and I'm already holding hands with someone.
What if this is a gateway gesture - hands today, genitals tomorrow? Great.
Now my labia is twitching, what does that mean? How do I know what's OCD and what's me being horny? Candlelight and soul forever A dream of you and me together That's not a side effect.
Say you believe it Free your mind of doubt and danger Be for real don't be a stranger We can achieve it We can achieve it It's in now, it's IN now! Little one in my vein.
And we're done.
Finger on there, please.
Get off! Taking advantage when I'm in a vulnerable position.
INTERNALLY: Shit! Am I sexually attracted to men being feeble? So I am just going to launch right in, if that is OK.
Oh, you've done questions.
Yeah, it is It is pretty out there in terms of a interview technique, but it seems to work for me, so Can I have it back? Let's not do this tonight.
Sorry, what? I don't really do interviews.
I know.
- Which is why I'm so grateful - GLASS CLINKING So, OK, thanks all for coming.
This girl has got something very unique and truthful to say about the millennial female experience This album is NOT about the millennial female experience.
It's a discourse on current human perception And it's SO real! It's SO authentic! I get it.
- And we're delighted she is saying it with us - So, sorry.
- Why am I here then if you don't want to talk to me - Cos you're fit.
And your Twitter's quite funny.
MAN CONTINUES SPEAKING Am I supposed to be flattered? Uh, so, without further ado, this is Quine with Tongue Centre! MUSIC STARTS - My editor is expecting an article - OK, sh, sh! Starting, starting.
We are Here Here We Are Hello Hello Hello This is really offensive.
WHISTLE BLOWS You are here Nancy? I am here Nancy? We are here Nancy? Here we are Fuck this.
We are here OK, fine, fine, I'll do it, I'll do it! Shit, I forgot my phone.
WHISPERING: Are you fucking kidding me? What's the number? I don't know.
Give me the ticket.
MUSIC CONTINUES Fucking full of yourself, aren't you?! What? That was you.
That was not me, that was you.
So, are we going to go to a real bar and do this, or what? Nah.
We're going to go to mine.
I'm doing an article on celibacy, so Oh, fuck it.
ALL SPEAK Sorry, cab, please.
Thank you.
Well - Great to see you.
- Yeah, lovely to - Yeah.
- You coming for one more, or have you got to get home and phone the Samaritans? If I don't, they'll worry, won't they? Yeah, they're a good bunch, I ran the London for them last year.
Cos of my little sister.
- Come on, Angus! - Need a lift, Charlie? Better do as your mum says! If you don't mind, yeah - Of course.
- that would be great, thank you.
- Safety first.
- Hmm.
I feel great Really optimistic.
Optimism is a side effect of codeine.
It's a side effect of you ! It's definitely the drugs.
Stop, stop it! I'm itchy.
Other side effects may include vomiting, constipation, confusion, rash.
Got your prescription, give it to you because he'll try and eat it.
And he's good to go.
He'll need some help though.
I'm like his carer.
His creepy carer who fancies him Sorry about teasing you.
Just so you don't think I'm a complete twat.
You're not a twat.
I am actually I'm actually part-twat.
Well, Angus is full-twat but it kind of rubs off.
Honestly, I don't think you're a twat, I think you're nice.
I think you're smart, like, - in your head smart.
- Mm-hmm.
And, you've got you know, nice blouses.
Whatever you call them, tops.
No, I like them, they're erm they're nice, they're professional but CLEARS THROA But, like, sexy as well N not sexy, erm Fun.
Like, you know, in a respectful way You are You are very sweet, Charlie.
Why do you want to come and work for a bunch of twats like us? I love twats.
I can't get enough of them.
Maybe you should come back, then.
I would I would love that.
So would I.
I can't - I I've got to get out here, actually.
- Yeah.
Erm, yeah, yeah, I've got to get out right here.
- Oh, yeah, OK.
- Erm There's a Tesco, I need to get some milk.
- Could you ? - Pull over, pull over.
MUSIC: In The Dark by Etta Jones - Thanks, thanks.
- No, thank you.
Thank you.
- I'll see you Monday? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Indeed you will.
Fuck, fuck, fuck Lord in the dark It's just you and I Shit! Not a sound There's not one sigh Just the beat MARNIE INTERNALLY: Why am I cock-blocking myself? If I want to shag him, I'll shag him and no-one can fucking stop me.
Obviously, not when he's vulnerable cos that's immoral.
Where do you want ? - I was going to, on the bed? - OK, the bed.
MUSIC STOPS Could have made it.
Yeah, I wasn't expecting company.
Can you give me a hand? Yeah, sorry, I was just watching Thanks.
Uh right, my work here is done.
Give me my gear.
Hm, yeah.
These should say, "May experience girl power," on the side.
Yeah, sorry you had to see that.
Aw! OK, yep, thanks.
How are you getting back? Uh Just going to go outside and hope for the best.
You're so in the moment.
Nope, just blase about personal safety.
This is what I mean.
I don't think you're vulnerable.
I think you're Teflon.
Like a nonstick pan, no need to soak.
Take last week.
You didn't think, you just did.
I want to be like that, I want to go out in my boxers in a cloud of muffins! You don't give a shit about what's going to happen, you just go with it.
It's cool.
Well reality, klaxon.
I ALWAYS think before I do.
So that was ALL me, which is disturbing.
I still like it.
That doesn't mean you have to like this No, I do! Objectively all very visually appealing.
ECHOING: Please Get OUT! Stop, STOP! Uh Erm I I just don't know if it's a good idea right now.
If this had been last week, I would have been on there like, aargh! But now, I'm like, "Do I?" "I don't know.
" I am getting mixed signals.
I know.
Me, too.
I'M getting mixed signals from myself.
This is so confusing! I don't want to do anything until I feel less confused.
About myself, and other people.
Like you.
Nah, it's me.
I am Hoo! Away, because of the drugs.
Don't know what I'm saying.
Yeah, you junkie.
You're a disgrace, being all nice to me.
- Call the police.
- Yeah.
I'm going to go.
But mate, we should do dinner soon.
Yeah, great.
MUSIC: Feelin' Alright by The Fifth Dimension We should set that up.
I got to leave before I start to scream Someone locked the door and took the key now You feelin' alright That wouldn't have just been a kiss.
It would have been another fucked up loop in my sexual spiral of despair.
I can't have sex in real life when there's this much sex in my head.
I don't feel that good myself now We'll, erm Oh, yeah, yeah Bye.
- Bye? - Yeah.
I've actually got - a Skype call early in the morning.
- Oh.
It's just going to be a bit awkward with some girl here.
Obviously, I wasn't going to stay.
I was actually about to say I was going to go, so - I'll text you, yeah? - I'll No, I'll text you, so Just grab these Hm Did you know touch is the only sense you can die from a lack of? Mm-hmm.
It's hard to fake this much holy bliss but I have to suck it up if I want to be friends with a tactile person.
It'll probably lead to human extinction cos we'll all be on our phones instead of touching.
You can't Instagram a hug! OK, thanks! Love, but I haven't found your palace of anxiety yet! Maybe next time? Well, how do you feel? Uh, dishevelled.
But a bit less anxious.
Thank you.
It's good we can talk about stuff.
I feel like I could tell you anything.
ON PHONE: Last one, I'll leave you alone, I promise.
I'm sorry.
Have I said that? I don't think I have, but I am.
- DOOR BELL RINGS - Oh, fuck this.
I've fucked it, haven't I? Fuck! Hi.
I got your message.
I did ring, I didn't just pop round.
Do people even pop in London? I just wanted to talk to you.
Cos you're the only person I can really talk to, and I only got that cos we weren't talking.
I know it's late.
Yeah, it's pretty late.
I'm realising that now.
Erm And this is quite weird of me, so I might just come back actually at a more convenient time.
OK, bye.
Marnie, Marnie, wait.
- I thought I fucked this up - You haven't.
What were we doing? We don't even fancy each other.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, don't get me wrong, you're a total catch.
YOU'RE a catch.
I'm just not in a place for No, no, I'm not in a place So, we should just be We should just be MUSIC: I Shall Love 2 by Julia Holter I shall love I shall love I shall love I shall love I shall love I shall love, I shall, I shall, I shall love I shall love, I shall love I shall, I shall, I shall love I shall, I shall, I shall love I shall love I shall, I shall, I shall, I shall I shall love I shall love I shall, I shall, I shall love I shall love I shall love I shall love