Pushing Daisies s01e05 Episode Script


Previously on Pushing Daisies: - A minute.
- I know.
I know.
Oh! What if you didn't have to be dead? You touch murder victims, ask who killed them.
Touch them again, back to being dead.
- You collect the reward? - That's it in a nutshell.
We haven't seen each other.
Don't you wanna know about me? I wanna know you.
Look, we've all done things we're not proud of.
We all have secrets.
- Who's the funny girl stuck to Ned? - Childhood sweetheart.
He digs her in a way he doesn't dig you.
I don't like that girl.
Not one bit.
- We recently lost our niece.
- Your niece, Charlotte Charles, is dead? Olive? What are you doing here? Pie delivery.
Tart apple.
The season was autumn, his first year away.
Young Ned is at boarding school, the times are not gay.
Tucked away in her lair, dark, dank and cool stood the postmistress of the Longborough School.
Every week, young Ned would hope for a letter.
Some contact from home to make it all better.
But from his father there was never a word.
"He's grieving your mother," they said.
Young Ned had concurred.
Then one day before All Hallows ' Eve she gave him the nod, it was hard to believe.
He was stunned to be summoned, guess what he'd been given.
Candy corn treats or masks of dead risen? But the thing was more frightening than a demon winged or hoofed.
A pre-printed card from his father, "We've moved.
" Ned ran away.
No one from school saw him go.
He needed to see what the postcard would show.
His father's new address was the place that he sought.
A home to come home to.
In his throat, his heart caught.
But what came out of the door scared him for life.
His father with two brand-new sons and a brand-new wife.
A hug was what he wanted, a wink and a quick "The joke's on you.
" But what he got instead was a honeycomb chew.
Happy Halloween.
Now 20 years later, nearly to the hour someone else was feeling melancholy and so very dour.
This is where the ghosts rise up, allowed to walk the ground.
And if you're haunted by your past, you best not stick around.
Hello? Ned hates Halloween, you know? Makes him moodier than a pumpkin full of PMS.
What? Ned doesn't hate Halloween.
I think tomorrow's his least favorite day.
In fact, when he sees all this, you're gonna be one sorry zombie.
Seriously, you are so dead.
So I guess you delivered some pies to my aunts.
Yeah, they're sweet.
Probably be a lot sweeter if they didn't think you were murdered.
Did you tell them I was alive? Hmm.
That might make their little heads explode.
What was that rhyme? I scream, you scream, we all scream 'Cause you faked your death You think I faked my death? That's what I just sang.
Unless you have a better explanation.
The fact that the truth was too unimaginable even to be considered, relieved Chuck.
But there were other problems.
Oh, Olive, Chuck.
If one thing scared the Pie-Maker, it was that the secret of Charlotte Charles would get out.
- Spooky.
We don't usually decorate for Halloween this much.
Or at all.
Yeah, I'll have them down in a jiffy.
Chuck had her head up her No, it's okay.
Leave them up.
Probably good for business.
I mean Thanks, Chuck.
Ned used to love Halloween.
I guess I know Ned better than you do.
And now I know you better than Ned does.
- So does Ned know what you know? - Not yet.
- Who does? - Who knows? Olive Snook loved to win.
She celebrated the fact that the unflappable brunette who had swept in from nowhere to steal the Pie-Maker's heart might be flappable after all.
But as often happens when one celebrates, the universe is quick to even the score.
A sad ending for local blacksmith, Lucas Shoemaker - Jiminy krispies.
who was trampled to death while working at Manchester Downs.
Police have agreed the death was unusual considering the victim's experience with horses but they say they do not suspect any foul play at this time.
In other news: Kittens on parade I know the decorations were a lot of work.
This has always been my favorite holiday.
Remember when we used to go trick-or-treating? Gorge ourselves on candy? You used to love that.
Why don't you like Halloween anymore? Remember razor blades in apples? Never actually happened.
Not once.
Just vicious rumor.
- Are you changing the subject? - No.
- Have you seen Olive? - Olive? I wonder where she went.
Chuck imagined where Olive might be.
I love your tea and your house is so cute.
Oh, by the way, Chuck's alive.
What's wrong? - Nothing.
I said Olive and your whole face just went whoosh.
Why don't you like Halloween anymore? Things change.
I grew up.
You grew up? Are you changing the subject? Why the whoosh? That's how I look when I feel nothing.
My face looks nervous.
- Didn't used to.
- Things change.
I grew up.
As the Pie-Maker walked out one door, Olive opened another.
As she looked in, a secret flooded over her as sharp and horrible as the day she had sealed it in.
Check, please.
Or cash.
Cash is good.
I wanna hire you.
I already have since you were so grabby with the cash.
Think of it as an escrow between my thighs.
What's the case? Yesterday, a farrier named Lucas Shoemaker was found dead.
Why should I care about a dude that sells fur? Not a "furrier," a "farrier.
" "Air.
" - Farrier? - It's a blacksmith.
Puts shoes on horses.
Don't try to act like that's a word everybody knows.
Police are saying his death was a accident.
- You got reason to think otherwise? - I might.
- A friend? - We used to work together.
- He ever put shoes on you? - Wasn't like that.
We were competitors.
- What did you compete about? - Promise you won't laugh? - No.
I used to be a professional horse jockey.
Shut up.
The facts were these: For eight years, 11 weeks and four days, Olive Snook had been a jockey.
At the peak of her career, she was among the best and brightest of her sport.
Lucas Shoemaker had also been a frequent visitor to the winner's circle.
Then upon reaching the age of 45 years three weeks, four days and four hours old he retired for a second time.
Is this a bad idea? Olive as a client? It's a little too close for comfort.
Oh, hang on a second, let me ask the money.
Hey, money.
It's me, Emerson.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Yeah, thanks for asking.
Say, can I pay my bills and buy stuff even though you was Olive's money? - Uh-huh.
- Wait.
Okay, heh, then.
The money don't care.
Touch him.
- Hmm! - Hi.
Uh - Oh.
- This may seem like asking the obvious but were you trampled by a horse? Yeah.
- They put a bomb in your day bed? - No - John Joseph Jacobs killed you? - Yeah.
How can you understand him? Hi.
I was in full orthodontic headgear for three years.
- When? - Puberty.
- You always had nice teeth.
- It was a form of birth control.
- Oh, that sucks.
- Yeah, it did suck.
Can we get on with this? You're sure John Joseph Jacobs killed you? - Uh-huh.
- I assure you, justice will be served.
Wait, except - There it is.
Except what? - He's dead.
Who's dead? John Joseph Jacobs he died seven years ago, I saw it.
John Joseph Jacobs died seven years ago, he saw it.
His goat killed me.
His goat killed you? Gop.
It Woo-ooo.
And he's going to kill again.
- That sounded like - A ghost.
A ghost killed him.
And he's going to kill again.
Most people hear ghost they think of a disembodied dead sea captain or something but there's an entire spectrum of ghosts.
I'm fine with dead sea captain.
You don't really believe a ghost killed Lucas Shoemaker, do you? I bet she does.
How do you know there's not a ghost telling his ghost friend: "You don't think a guy can touch people back to life.
" Not fair.
Because there's magic in one doesn't mean there's magic every place.
I don't believe in ghosts, witches, haunted houses, or spirits.
That sounds crazy coming from a guy who can shoot sparks out of his finger.
- But that's what I believe.
- You used to believe in ghosts.
He used to think my house was haunted.
We had a séance there one night he peed his pants.
I did not.
I knocked the hors d'oeuvre plate into my lap and the brie was runny.
I'd stick with the pissing my pants story.
Oh, there's Olive.
You were right.
Lucas was murdered.
I knew it.
Word is there could be more.
- Know who might be in danger? - Might be jockeys.
- You got names? - Got places.
Bar I know.
Bunch of them hang out.
Name John Joseph Jacobs mean anything to you? Well, why? - Someone said they saw his ghost.
- Huh-uh.
It was plain that the name John Joseph Jacobs meant everything to Olive Snook.
That name means everything to her.
I'm gonna check out who else knows about this supposed ghost.
Olive said there was a bar.
I'll check the stables to see if the perp left clues.
You mean like protoplasm or melted crucifixes? Or, you know, real clues.
You say "perp"? He did.
Isn't he cute? I'll come with you if you like.
Actually, I'd rather go alone.
Besides, I think Emerson needs you.
What? Ow! Don't kick me.
Did you just kick him under the table? No.
There's something else I gotta do.
- Case related? - Yes.
In fact, I probably won't even make it to the stables.
Fine, I'll go to the stables.
You go to the bar.
You go and do whatever alone thing you need to go and do by yourself.
She's upset.
This really is something I have to do alone.
Telling me helps.
Where's Olive? Oh, shoot.
The reason 60 percent of Olive Snook's blood had left her head was this: For three years, four months, and 26 days John Joseph Jacobs had been the golden boy of horse racing.
Win after win on the world circuit earned him grander trophies and greater purses.
Until he was a sure bet to become the greatest jockey of all time.
His chance to prove this came in the race of the century pitting the top jockeys of the day against each other.
But as he was about to win the Jock-Off 2000 John Joseph Jacobs suddenly found himself unseated.
His patented early lead, ideal for winning but not for falling led to his being unwittingly trampled by the four other riders in the race including the Jock-Off 2000's eventual winner, Olive Snook.
I quit racing the next day put the trophy and my winnings in a safe deposit box.
I thought if I locked it all away, I could forget.
Whoever killed Shoemaker was looking to get revenge for John Joseph Jacobs' death? - I know it sounds crazy.
It ain't crazy.
Guy's supposed to win a race, he doesn't.
A lot of angry gamblers looking for someone to blame.
But why now? Seven years is a long time to nurse a grudge.
- What if it is Joseph's ghost? - That's crazy.
What if he's going after everybody who finished the race where he died? Gordon was fourth, Shoe showed third, Pinky placed second.
Never should have won.
You need another drink.
- Barkeep.
- Hey, listen, King Kong.
I told you.
You can finish your beer and go.
- We don't want your kind in here.
- Hey.
- Take a breath, big fella.
Hey, hey.
I'm merely referring to the sign behind the bar.
Damn it, Pinky McCoy.
I'm trying to save your life.
Calm down.
PI's here about Shoey.
Wants to ask some questions.
Why they call you Pinky? If you're looking to make a joke at my expense - It's just a question.
- Knock it off and put that gun away.
Listen, little lady.
Bird gun like that ain't gonna do you no good if the ghost of John Joseph Jacobs comes a-calling for you.
Shut your trap, Gordon.
You seen this ghost, friend? Oh, I seen him, all right.
He rises from his grave and walks the stables by night.
Oh, brother.
Looking for revenge on the riders who mangled him.
Oh, no.
Then it's true.
The ghost of John Joseph murdered that jockey.
And he'll get the rest of us too.
One by bloody one.
That's it, I'm cutting you off.
The only thing that ghost's a-murdering is my business.
You don't believe me? You go look at his tomb for yourself.
The lid's been broken on account of him climbing out all the time.
Who eats in a tomb? There's crackers everywhere.
Whoever it was, couldn't have been here very long ago.
Gordon was right.
The lid's been broken just like he said.
- John is coming back from the dead.
- Someone wants to give that impression.
Gordon knows more than he's letting on.
We gotta look inside.
John Joseph faked his death.
People do that all the time.
- No, they don't.
- Yeah, they do.
Sometimes they just don't even try to cover it up.
They ruin your life like no one's gonna figure it out.
You do figure it out because you're not an idiot.
Are you an idiot? No, an idiot might misunderstand and hit you with a shovel.
I think you know.
I think you're wrong.
- Can we do this? - Mm.
Oh, you wanna do it.
It's all yours.
- One.
- Uhn! Two.
Will you shut up? - Three.
- Uhn.
Sweet secretariat.
Oh, that don't look like John Joseph.
A horse with no name.
Or legs.
Hello? Hello, is anybody here? Neigh yourself.
Come on, Digby, let's go look for evidence.
If you think about it, we've already been murdered once.
How many people or dogs can say that, huh? You know what we are? We're the walking dead on Halloween.
If anyone should be scared it should be them.
Oh, look.
Someone dropped an oyster Emerson! What are you doing here? There's a legless skeleton of a horse in Jacobs' tomb.
- And Olive knows you're dead.
- First of all, huh? And secondly, Olive thinks that I faked my death.
Which is different to knowing I'm dead.
Different like purple and mauve.
I was sending pies to my aunts, I didn't know Olive was gonna deliver them.
This is exactly what Ned was afraid of.
Now she can ruin everything.
I hope he's okay, wherever he is.
At that moment the Pie-Maker found himself across town and across time.
Happy Halloween.
Dad's heart had done what it needed the most.
It moved on and never looked back till Ned was nothing but a ghost.
So the ghost ran away, one thought in his head: To go back to his old house and lie down in his bed.
But you can't go back in time, any ghost can see.
So he lay down where his bed used to be.
Twenty years went by.
Paint chipped, grass grew.
Young Ned never forgot and young Ned grew too.
So he came back to haunt the house where good times were had till the times, they'd marched on, and with them, Dad.
Hey, kid.
Throw another egg and you have my word it'll be the last egg you throw.
Come on, come on, come on.
- That's right, run, you little bastards.
Whoever killed Shoemaker wants to give the impression he's John Joseph's ghost.
Stealing his body must be part of the plan.
Got it.
The mother may not know about her son's body being missing so tread lightly.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
Sorry I'm late.
Hansel and Gretel would've lived longer if they'd had to find this dump.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Olive's coming.
She knows the woman.
- Great.
Hansel and Gretel lived.
Once they tricked the witch into the oven they stole her jewels, went home only to discover that their stepmother had died of evilness.
You can't die of evilness.
You do something mean or hurtful to someone like tell a secret.
Bang, you're dead.
Or bang, you're not really dead, just pretending to be dead while other people are heartbroken.
Or bang, you talk too much and you wait in the car.
Excuse me.
Oh, hello.
I never thought I'd see you again.
Well, you're a modest dresser, as always.
I do hope you'll forgive all the mess but the Hall of Fame is remodeling their exhibit on Johnny and they asked me to go over all of his trophies.
- Congratulations, Mrs.
- Thank you.
It's probably just as well that you trampled him when you did.
Or else I would've had to buy another house just to put all the trophies in.
- I know that must sound a little - Bitchy.
What did you say your name was? Brandon? - Butch? - Chuck.
Oh, I knew it was something unladylike.
My point was that I have made peace with Johnny's death.
It wasn't easy at first but knowing that it was an accident that you stayed single and that all the rest of them are drunks it made it a little easier.
How do you know I'm still single? Well, you wouldn't need all that bait if your belly were full of fish, dear.
- Ahem.
That's a big trophy.
- Yes.
That one belongs to me.
This is Johnny's final resting place.
- His ashes.
- His ashes? - Then what did you bury at his funeral? All the Gold.
- His horse.
- You see Johnny always wanted to give the horse that made his career a hero's burial but the health department wasn't too keen on that so I did it in secret.
I want you to know, Mrs.
Jacobs, I never spent the winnings from that race until now to hire Mr.
Cod to help solve this awful murder.
I do forgive you, Olive Snook.
The fall was an accident.
I can't blame you for not slowing down.
Johnny never did.
I guess that explains the horse skeleton.
- But not the murder.
- Or the ghost.
I think John Joseph's come back.
And he's coming after who was in that race.
- And I think she knows it.
- But you didn't do anything.
And she forgave you.
As the little voice in Olive's head told her something bad was about to happen.
We need to check on Pinky.
We're closed.
The not-so-little voice in Pinky McCoy's head agreed.
Unaware that his friends were closing in on the trail of what appeared to be a murderous ghost the Pie-Maker continued to haunt his own past.
Halloween's a busy time for us.
Some of the neighborhood children started a rumor we were witches.
They said we turn little boys into birds.
That's terrible.
Rawk! Help me.
Help me.
They turned me into a bird.
Scares the willies out of them.
Lily, Vivian? Do you remember very much about my father? Uh No.
A neighbor's a neighbor.
Hard to remember so long ago.
He was a handsome man.
And he liked to edge his lawn on Saturdays.
Your father was a jackass.
Everybody said how terrible it was when he moved away like that.
You ask me, he did us all a favor.
You included.
The Pie-Maker stared at the ripe strawberry that had turned rotten at the touch of his tongue.
It could only mean one thing.
He had touched it before.
Where'd you get this pie? We thought you were having them delivered.
Comes every week.
I don't how we survived without it.
It's like a sex addiction.
I would imagine.
The Pie-Maker realized Lily and Vivian had their own ghost.
Oh, if this is that Armenian baker pulling some kind of switcheroo No.
It's me.
I'm sending them.
I just figured you could use a little sweetness in these hard times.
I, uh I really gotta go.
Ned, wait.
- Your father - I know.
He was stunted, afraid of getting close, definitely not the best at goodbyes.
Jackass is a good a word as any.
Then why do I still miss him? We see what we want to see.
Sometimes I put pillows under the covers of Charlotte's bed and pretend she's sleeping.
I miss her too.
Nobody remembers your father, Ned.
What they do talk about is how you turned out to be such a nice wonderful boy.
Man, even.
I'll keep the pies coming.
As the Pie-Maker started off he realized that for the first time in his life he missed something more than his past.
He missed his present.
- Where've you been? - Not important.
It's important to me.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
Can we get on with this? Olive? Come on, let's go outside.
We'll let Emerson and Ned look for evidence.
Come on.
Oh, crap.
I need a drink.
All right, who did this? Wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
Same silks.
Same goggles and same as the day he died.
The ghost did it.
Finally got his revenge.
Not that I don't deserve it as I'm the one who gave him the snip.
What snip? Let's just say I played the ponies better than I rode them.
You bet on your own races.
Only the ones I fixed.
You see Olive, you tell her I'm sorry.
She don't deserve what's coming to her.
- What has she got coming to her? - It's clear John Joseph come back.
- He knows how we all kept the secret.
- What secret? Make yourself comfortable, it's quite a story.
Son of a bitch.
As Olive was confronted with the lie that Pinky had briefly revived to point the finger she broke down.
The facts were these: In the pandemonium that followed the tragedy-marred Jock-Off 2000 the four surviving jockeys, Pinky, Lucas, Gordon, and Olive gathered in secret.
One of them had deliberately cut the fallen jockey's girth.
John Joseph Jacobs had been sabotaged.
Accusations flew, but to protect their own honor and that of their storied profession the heinous crime would never be revealed to anyone.
- Olive tried to protest.
- No.
But she was overwhelmed.
The oath to keep the terrible secret was taken.
And the evidence destroyed.
- You're in a lot of danger.
- Sorry I didn't tell you.
Why would you spend years lying for each other? We took an oath.
I was scared for what would happen.
Sometimes you have to keep a secret.
Even if it means hurting someone.
Damn it.
Someone wants to get payback because they found out about the secret or they knew about it and want it to go away forever.
That only leaves Gordon and you.
I didn't do it and it wasn't Gordon.
We gotta find Gordon before somebody else does.
But if it is a ghost I'm getting the car.
All I'm saying if this is some spirit trying to correct a wrong you need to confront it, tell it to move on.
If I were a ghost it'd be hard for me to move on too.
I'm sure it would be.
Keep the curtains closed and the windows locked.
Yes, sir.
- Be careful.
- I will.
You too.
Lock the door and don't let anyone in.
I love "In charge" Ned.
You really don't have to stay, I can take care of myself.
What, are you not scared? No.
Why, are you? No.
I'll make some tea.
- I'll get the booze to take the edge off.
- Bourbon and a splash of chamomile.
- Aunt Lily's favorite.
- Heh-heh.
Olive? Thanks for respecting my secret.
I'd never do this to my aunts if I didn't have to.
I won't tell Ned.
I'll leave that up to you.
I keep the booze by my bed.
John Joseph.
If you're scared of a ghost, confront it.
Hey, Olive, I love your horsey mugs.
Olive? Olive? Olive? It is you.
John Joseph Jacobs it's really you? Oh, nice shot.
- You okay? - I found this outside the window.
I gave this to John Joseph Jacobs right before the Jock-Off 2000 for luck.
Olive? John Joseph, I thought you were dead.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
And about two feet shorter.
Let me explain.
The facts were these: John Joseph Jacobs had indeed died on the track that fateful day.
But the shock of 1200 volts brought his heart back to life.
Unfortunately, his legs would not be so lucky.
Consulting with the family the doctors turned to another racer who had fallen that day.
After a 14-hour surgery All the Gold would live on below the belt of John Joseph Jacobs.
We thought you were a ghost.
I've basically been living in Mama's basement for the past seven years.
When I heard you talking about Shoemaker through the heating vent, I thought I was dreaming.
Did you kill him, John Joseph Jacobs? Of course not.
Why would I wanna kill anybody if it was an accident? - Then who would be trying to frame you? - I don't know.
Truth is, I've done my best to forget that whole chapter of my life.
Guess I kind of tried that too.
Wait, can we go back a little? You have horse legs? Oh, it's called xenograft bone transplantation.
Those doctors were artists.
It only took two years until I could walk up the basement stairs on my own and only another three until my mama let me.
Your mom keeps you in the basement.
No, it's my choice now.
I feel safe down there.
Besides, since the operation, Mama thought I might scare people.
Is that why you've been hiding? John Joseph, you look gruh-eat.
And you beat death.
You're alive.
Don't you owe it to your horse to stand up on his two legs and get out there and live.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe it's time to tell my mother I'm ready to get out there on my own.
I mean, jeez, I'm almost 40.
John Joseph, do you want us to help you talk to her? That'd be great.
Oh, and I kind of need a ride home.
My mama's still at her aqua therapy, make yourself at home.
Oh, thanks.
Hey, hey.
What? If John Joseph didn't do it, then the killer's still there.
- Mm-hm.
Swizzle sticks we're out of crackers.
- Crackers? - Oyster crackers.
I have low blood sugar.
Kind of get crazy grumpy if I don't watch it.
I have more bags downstairs.
- This trophy bugs me.
- Olive, there There were oyster crackers at every murder scene.
If he's alive then what do you think she keeps in here? I don't know.
Open it before he comes back.
What if he changes when his sugar drops? Like a hypoglycemic werewolf.
Hurry up.
There are ashes in here.
What if he's gonna get his horse? - Olive.
- Look.
It's John Joseph Jacobs' saddle.
- He does know the secret.
- Yes.
Scoop it.
As Olive prepared to be the ghost rider's third victim Gordon considered the sober prospect of being the fourth.
Can you not sing? If I don't sing, I throw up.
Oh, gee, I miss Pinky.
I even miss Shoey.
Oh, they were good people.
Even after Shoey got on the wagon and became an epic bore I loved him.
He stopped drinking? That poor sucker.
He even made amends to John Joseph's mother before he died.
What do you? What do you mean "made amends"? He told the old bag of nails everything.
Even brought her the ashes from the saddle to prove it.
Mama Jacobs? You killed Lucas and Pinky? As far as anyone knows it was the ghost of John Joseph and it's gonna stay that way.
Crackers were a nice touch.
Hypoglycemia is hereditary, sweetie.
I trampled them just the way they did my boy.
But John Joseph is alive.
They murdered his career.
He could've won the Triple Crown.
He could've been the best there ever was.
Olive is innocent.
She didn't cut the girth.
- But I kept the secret.
- Shh.
Now that we've established why I need to kill you it's time for you to run.
I have found that trampling works better at a full gallop.
Come on.
This way.
This way.
Come on.
Come on.
They're not there.
The woods.
Come on.
Follow me.
- Watch out.
- Aah.
Aah! Aah! - Oh, my ankle.
- Here.
Here, put your arm around me.
Got it.
Got it.
That's it, come on, go.
Lean on me.
Hurry, hurry, don't look.
Oh, God.
Are you okay? Hurry.
Oh, you okay? - Run, save yourself.
- No, no.
She's after me, not you.
Tell Ned I love his pies.
What? Olive.
- Olive.
- Hey, over here.
- Olive.
- Aah! Olive! - Ned? I love you, shovel.
Are you okay? You saved me.
Hey Mm, mm! Mm! - Olive, Olive.
Ned? Chuck? Heh.
Though Olive Snook had won the race for her life in the race for the Pie-Maker's heart she had, once again, placed second.
As for Mama Jacobs, this race would be her last.
She had always seen her son as a winner and could not see him as anything else.
Her murderous grip on the past landed her a trip to a private museum for one.
Olive offered John Joseph the trophy from the Jock-Off 2000 she felt was rightfully his.
Oh, I couldn't possibly.
He took it.
As well as the unspent purse which he happily accepted.
I'm so glad you brought me back here.
I haven't been back in a long time.
I had to confront a ghost today.
Whose ghost? My own.
I know about the pies, Chuck.
Hmm? - Did Emerson tell you? - No.
- Olive? - Olive? I mean, you're not mad? No.
I understand.
Come on.
There's something you gotta do.
Is that clock right? It's 2:00 in the a.
I'll get my gun.
And I'll get the candy bowl.
Trick or treat.