Pushing Daisies s02e03 Episode Script

Bad Habits

Previously on Pushing Daisies: I'm just moving next door.
- Are those my books? - Welcome home.
When you moved out, I panicked, thought everything was changing.
Everything is changing.
You came and gave me another chance.
- You only got a minute.
- I know.
What if you didn't have to be dead? - You can't touch me.
- So a kiss is out of the question? - Are you a parent, Emerson Cod? - I used to be.
You have a daughter? Where is she? You think it's curious Olive left in the night? I'm curious.
I wish I knew where she went.
Chuck's mother isn't some woman who died in childbirth.
In fact, she's alive and pretending to be her Aunt Lily.
Lily doesn't want her sister, Vivian, to find this out.
Because Vivian was engaged to Chuck's father when she got pregnant.
At this very moment, young Olive Snook was 9 years, 20 weeks, Two hours had passed since her first riding lesson when she asked her parents for an Arabian stallion.
Endowed with a tenacious spirit and the inability to accept negative statements young Olive set her intention: To get the horse herself.
Digging to Arabia would be easy.
Head to the center of the Earth, then turn right.
Two weeks into her quest, she found a creature of a different kind: A 65-million-year-old triceratops.
The discovery got the attention of a Saudi royal who brought one of his prize stallions to trade, per Olive's request.
That day, Olive Snook learned a valuable lesson.
Though digging was messy work, it could also unearth untold treasures.
Subterranean treasures continued to exist in the life of Olive Snook namely, the underground mushroom, the Black PĂ©rigord truffle.
Pigby, pull.
Truffle-harvesting season had come to the convent of the Sisters of the Divine Magnatum causing Olive to reflect on the reasons she had come to this place.
Her unrequited love for the Pie-Maker and her vow to keep the secret that Lily Charles was not Chuck's aunt, but her mother.
Pigby, pull.
While sequestered in this place, Olive found a new friend.
What a divine specimen.
Sister Larue was the beloved head of the convent's truffle operation.
Observing Olive's penchant for burrowing she took the new arrival under her wing.
What do you smell? - Honey.
- Pepper.
- You missed the most important thing.
A truffle's scent mimics the hormones of the male pigs ready to breed.
That's why sows are the best hunters.
Trying to get your groove on, girl? I know how that feels.
Duty tolls.
Time to polish the bells.
Save me a seat at midday prayers.
Oh, and be sure to give Pigby a little What do you call it? Somethin'- somethin'.
Excuse me.
Rise and shine.
We got eats.
Fresh and French, on your doorstep.
Which is odd, because your doorstep used to be my doorstep.
And though I'm sad you moved out and into Olive's vacated apartment I'm trying.
All right.
Thank you.
I'll talk to you then.
- Who was that? - Mr.
I hired him, but that's the end of the story.
Digby, are they for me? Thank you.
Come in, come in, come in.
Sorry, where was I? Last night, I was polishing the furniture you brought from my childhood bedroom.
I found this in the desk.
From third grade.
Your family tree? You didn't finish it.
No, because I had no resources.
Mom died in childbirth, and Dad, well, you know what happened there.
The Pie-Maker did.
Even though Chuck had forgiven him for his hand in her father's demise, the mention of it still stung.
- Your aunts couldn't help? - Not when they're step-aunts.
See, Dad was in his 20s when his dad married Lily and Vivian's mom.
They barely knew each other.
- But they must've known something.
- Nothing.
They felt so terrible about it, Vivian cried nonstop and Lily went on a six-day bender.
So I handed my assignment in as-was and never questioned or pondered my lineage again.
Not until last night.
I've decided, I gotta make the most of this second chance at life.
So I donned a disguise Oh, yeah, sorry.
- And I went about digging up my own answers with the help of Cyrus Pennebaker, Catch-As-Kin-Can, Inc.
"Your genealogy unearthed in 24 hours.
" - You're making a scowly face.
- No scowl.
My not-scowl is an expression of not understanding why anyone would go rooting around in their past.
After all that shoveling, you wake up in the same bed do the same job, live the same life, but now you're grimy with a kink in your back.
While Charlotte Charles pondered her past Olive Snook considered her future.
Father, I wish to stay here forever and serve.
If this is not thy will, then drop me a line.
It is with heavy heart that I report Sister Larue died at her own hand.
She was alone in the belfry.
We have no evidence of struggle, no sign of accident.
But I just saw her.
She was very happy.
To take one's life is a mortal sin.
Only prayer can help mitigate her soul's anguish in the everlasting fires of hell.
Hell? Sister Larue? For Olive Snook, negative statements were still unacceptable and praying wouldn 't be enough.
Private detective Emerson Cod rarely stayed late at the office.
Tonight, it was a blessing he did.
- Uh, what can I do for you, Sister? - Emerson, it's me, Olive.
Olive Snook.
As Olive Snook explained why she needed Emerson Cod's services her words went unheard.
The veteran P.
Was having trouble wrapping his head around the face before him.
- You're killing me.
- Have you had your fun? Huh? Oh.
As I was saying, this is a matter of heaven and hell.
I need you to prove that Sister Larue didn't commit suicide.
Yeah, okay, wait a second.
Why you pretending to be a nun? Oh, I'm not pretending.
I'm a postulant.
That's a nun in training.
What got thee to a nunnery? - Oh, Emerson.
You really wanna know? - Not especially.
That was just my attempt at polite wee-talk.
Moment's passed.
Let's talk compensation.
Well, I have none.
Vows of poverty and all.
- I could pay you in prayer.
Olive braced herself knowing that Emerson Cod prayed to a god all his own the almighty dollar.
To her astonishment, he simply said: - Deal.
- Oh, Emerson What she didn 't know was a world-weary detective with a missing daughter needed all the prayers he could get.
Oh, praise be.
All right.
Here's the sitch.
My sisters and I, straight-up sequestered.
Strangers and drop-bys are a no-go.
I need you to find an airtight way in one that doesn't involve me, i.
, we've never met.
Last but certainly not least, and I can't put too fine a point on this no Ned or Chuck! Why'd you bring him? You said you wouldn't.
I need Pie-Boy's special skill set, and Pie-Girl comes with Pie-Boy.
Why isn't Pie-Girl minding the Pie Hole? Because she'd rather mind his.
Besides, he hired a new waitress.
Brandi, Candi, I don't know.
Somebody named after booze or food.
I'm sorry, Olive.
I couldn't wait any longer.
Olive trusted her arms to encircle Chuck.
Sadly, she did not trust her mouth with the same proximity for it increased the probability of truths being spilled.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't know you.
- Come on, we're all alone up here.
One is never alone in the house of the Lord.
- That's bat crap.
- It's a fricking convent.
Show respect.
I'm showing you bat crap.
For somebody who's to keep this place spick and span Sister Larue was Sister Half Ass.
- She just polished the bells.
Sister Olive why didn't you alert us to our guests' arrival? Our apologies.
I'm Mother Mary Mary.
This is Father Edwardo Dedonde.
Father Dowling, Vatican police.
And, um, these are my associates, Father Mulcahy and Sister Christian.
We had assumed you'd be Italian.
- We are Italian.
- Part-time.
Meaning our work is here but our hearts will always be in Piazza San Pietro.
Can you think of any reason why Sister Larue may have been upset? The truffle harvest hasn't been as good as in years past.
It's caused strain on the convent's finances.
- But the Lord will provide.
- He always does.
Well, I'm going to need to, ahem, see the body of Sister Larue inspect her room, maybe some of her paperwork I can assist Father Dowling.
I did know Sister Larue best.
You have a penance list to complete for skipping yesterday's vespers.
Now, then.
The mortal remains.
I'm not sure how I feel about doing this.
With her.
And him.
It ain't like he ain't never done it before.
Remember Lazarus? Let's do this.
They got the joint locked down.
Chuck hired a genealogy service to put branches on her family stump.
Not because she could expose herself.
She dodged that with a hooker wig.
She's throwing her heart into it willy-nilly.
What's so great about the past? It's past.
What's so great about your past? From what you tell me, nothing.
That's why you don't wanna delve.
But something's pushing dead girl to clear up hers.
So why don't you just step out the way and let her? Good.
Take that as your cue to get to crackity-cracking.
- Am I dead? - Sorry, Sister.
- Are you * * * * * * * kidding me? - Shh.
You "shh.
" I've been putting up with silence for 10 - Could we ask you a couple questions? - I got a question for you.
Where's my white light? I knew this afterlife stuff was - Where's my * * * * * * * diamonds? - Wh Diamonds? What diamonds? Whoever shoved me off that tower and stole my stash is gonna pay.
Whoa! Back to "shoved.
" As in murdered? Of course, murdered.
What else would it be? Nun on the run.
Nun on the run.
Nun on the run! Let go We're so going to hell.
So before Sister Larue was Sister Larue she was Dr.
Linda Frank, mycologist.
Fancy word for fungi specialist.
Talked more like a sailor than a scientist.
You're not far off.
Says she's from a long line of longshoremen.
Isn't it fascinating? You can put a lady through a Ph.
Program cloister them for a decade still the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
How is your tree? Family, not apple.
Pennebaker should be putting the final touches to each limb.
I don't mean to sound negative.
You're so good I did something bad.
As you were pulling through Sister Larue's paperwork, I was digging through Olive's file.
I know it was wrong, but I needed to know if it was my fault she joined a convent.
- And? That part of the application was blank.
- You're off the hook.
- You saw how she treated me.
There was a hook, and I was on it.
Now, if I've upset her, I gotta fix that.
She's the closest thing to a sister I have.
How is there a breeze in here? These walls should be 3 feet thick.
This isn't a wall.
It's a door.
Oh, God.
To be able to clutch your arm right now.
Come on.
Somebody's coming.
Let's hide.
Sister Larue was murdered? I hired you to disprove a suicide.
This can't happen.
Not here.
There are commandments.
We follow all 10, and I am commanding you to stop.
Oh, Sister.
Emerson, this is my refuge, my home.
Wanna share it with a homicidal maniac? Well, not particularly.
Dang it.
Educate me about Larue.
- She ever mention diamonds? - No.
- Enemies? - Everyone admired her.
When she wasn't in the orchard, she was in her room with her science books trying to improve our meager harvest and turn our fortunes around.
Hey, this wall is hollow.
CDs? Magazines? Top-shelf fem-care? This stuff is all forbidden.
Someone's there.
Please let me go.
Not until you face the papal fuzz.
What's been coming to pass up in here? I try so hard to be good but I cannot deny there are times when I would kill for candy corn.
In exchange for doing her chores Sister Larue would get some for me, from the outside.
Will I ever be forgiven? Yeah, penance list.
This should do it.
We saw Mother Superior coming out of a secret door.
I'm gonna check it out.
All of you in? I'm I'm busy.
Here's what I got.
Sister Larue was running goods for her sisters, from lip gloss to romance novels.
I bet blessed boss lady found out and dropped the hallowed hammer.
Killing over that seems a tad extreme.
But people kill for diamonds all the time.
What if Larue's guilty pleasure wasn't Harlequin tingles? What if it was bling? And she smuggled ice into the penguin house for herself.
If Mother Superior found Larue's shiny stash Then all it would take was one push, and the convent would be back in black.
By proxy, high-five.
Before I, by proxy, vomit.
Good evening, Mother Superior.
Father Dowling requested I peruse your visitors log.
While Chuck distracted Mother Superior the remaining Vatican police paid a visit to her secret rooms.
Truffle storage.
Guess Mother Superior was just checking in on the crop.
And capping off a do-it-yourself project.
Odd, the bricks don't match.
The mortar's wet too.
Jericho time.
Looks like we found Larue's way in and out of here.
We're hoping to interview people who knew Sister Larue.
From the looks of this, she didn't have any visitors in 10 years.
Some families disagree with their daughter's decision to be cloistered.
Often, they cut off contact, not the novitiate.
How did your family react when you decided to take the veil? Take the The what? Become a nun.
Oh, um They weren't around.
I lost my dad when I was 8, and my mom died having me.
- Oh.
God bless you.
God bless her.
- I don't really dwell on it.
But unexpectedly, I'll think of her, and then, more specifically this hole in my heart where a mother should be.
- Didn't know her and I never will.
- Of course you will, my dear.
- In heaven.
- I don't even know if I'm going to heaven.
Future uncertain, Chuck could only cling to the past.
A past being pieced together by a genealogy expert whom she needed to call at that very moment.
Do you mind if I use your phone? Please? Twenty feet underground and one-quarter mile to the east the Pie-Maker and Emerson Cod found Larue's secret door led to a surprise destination.
What in the hell is this? Shh.
We're in the back of a restaurant kitchen.
He must be the chef.
- Or Leatherface.
- My God.
Leatherface has a 4-quart food processor with a two-horsepower motor.
I've wanted one forever.
Juliennes like a dream.
- Where is my Larue? - Tell him.
Rule number one: Don't buy fish on Monday.
Rule number two: Don't poke an angry German.
Swiss German.
Sounds like the chef who taught my Tortes of Europe pastry class.
- He don't look too Swiss to me.
- Sorry, sir? Sister Larue is dead.
We had nothing to do with it.
So please consider your neutral homeland and put the cutlery down.
The facts were these.
Hansel Von Getz, Switzerland's acclaimed chef decided to conquer America.
He opened a restaurant neighboring the Sisters of the Divine Magnatum where, unbeknownst to him, Sister Larue discovered a doorknob that hadn 't been used since Prohibition deliveries of Communion wine.
Just as a truffle grows among tree roots so did the nun and the chef form a symbiotic relationship.
He would supply her and her sisters with earthly delights from the outside world.
She would supply him with his favorite ingredient.
Often, they dined together at lavish meals.
One night, his guest surprised him with dessert.
This is delicious.
- Like, really amazing.
The rotten meal you saw it was to celebrate our anniversary.
I didn't have the heart to throw it away.
- So Larue never made it to the wingding? - When hours became days I went into the catacombs to look for her, but a wall blocked my path.
The last time you saw Larue, did she seem scared? Upset? Her mood was joyous.
We made love here.
And then she gave me this.
An Italian white truffle.
The most sought-after culinary delicacy in the world.
Its aroma has driven men mad.
But Emerson Cod's gaze was not on the priceless morsel known scientifically as Tuber magnatum.
It was on a piece of stationery which bore the same word.
- Say, could you throw puppy a bone? - Certainly.
At $4000 a pound no wonder they call it the diamond of the table.
Diamond? - Yep.
Gotta go.
Listen, we find anything else out, we'll just pop up and fill you in.
Larue was the love of my life.
I will not rest until you find out who killed her.
"You are a vile man who will stew in the juices of your sin for all eternity.
Do not try to see me again.
Sister Larue.
" Boyfriend's name was Hansel Von Getz.
They were together, in the Biblical sense? Sure were.
- Let me get this straight.
She took an underground tunnel to a restaurant owned by a Swiss chef who traded black-market swag for truffles.
Nun dumps chef, chef gets scary, nun walls up the basement tunnel to keep him out.
He finds a way out follows her up to the bell tower, and it's raining nuns.
As for the mystery diamonds, they're Italian white truffles.
The diamond of the table.
Except she couldn't have had white truffles.
They only grow in Italy.
Everything else seems about right, though.
Great job.
Peace be with you, and also with you.
That was way too easy.
Oh, yeah.
Itty-bitty's about to blow.
I know you're upset.
Let's talk.
- Why would I wanna do that? - Because I'm your friend.
Really? Have you thought about me since I left? Go on.
I'll be your punching bag.
Jab all your misplaced anger away but you should know Chuck feels awful.
For what? I ain't mad at Chuck.
I'm mad at you.
- I didn't do anything.
- I had feelings for you.
When I made those feelings known, you made it known that you didn't feel the same way.
An awkward patch, absolutely, but we talked, and it's behind us.
No, it's behind you.
You don't like messy, you don't like feeling bad so as soon as you could, you just moved on and abandoned me.
If I'm gonna have to get over you all by myself, I'd like to do it in a place where I don't have to see your face every day.
But this place isn't you.
You belong at home.
This is my home.
And if I were to ever go back to home, which I won't be, I can't.
What if I slip and tell the secret to Chuck? What secret? No secret.
Did I say "secret"? Weird.
I must be speaking in tongues.
Stop it.
That's not even good gibberish.
This is why I can't be around any of you.
I get lured into a sense of familiarity and my lips, they just loosen up, and I blurt.
This is your last warning.
Please stop digging.
I won't.
And you know who really won't when I tell her what you said? And believe you me, I'm telling.
- Chuck.
- No! Oh, please.
Ned, Ned, I'm sworn to secrecy, Ned.
What if I guess? - I don't get what I'm looking at.
- Look harder and faster.
Okay, nuns from 29 years ago.
Is it how many nuns, like a number puzzle? Something to do with the sacred feminine? Um - Uh, are Freemasons involved? - Oh, Lord, help me.
A nun.
Um Hmm.
- What, she's fat? - Mm-mm.
It's like She's not fat, but she looks fat.
She's pregnant.
Did she, uh, have her baby? Did she have to give it up? No idea what that means.
Moving on.
Uh, do you know this fallen nun personally? - You do.
Do I? - Uh-huh.
I do? She doesn't look familiar.
- Lily Charles.
- Oh! So Aunt Lily had a baby right around the time that Chuck was born.
So Chuck has a cousin her same age but not her cousin, because Lily and Vivian aren't her aunts.
You are killing me! Not really her cousin because not really her aunts because really her mother.
Lily is Chuck's mother.
Oh, the weight has been lifted.
Let's go.
That's why Chuck couldn't complete her family tree.
Everyone lied to her.
My head is about to explode.
- Why did I make you tell me? - I told you to stop digging.
Jiminy crispies.
Are you paying final respects? You were right about digging around in my past.
Digging did me nothing but get me sore all over.
Turns out Mr.
Pennebaker is no better than a third-grader.
No further information on my dad and no record of my mom.
I'm a person with no past and no future, because of what I am.
Chuck, I have something to tell you.
Something about your What do you mean, "because of what I am"? You know.
- How I am.
- I don't know.
How and what are you, and why do I suddenly feel contrite? The sisters are saying that Larue's haunting the bell tower.
She rings the chimes to let people know that she's not dead but she's not alive either.
She's just somewhere in between.
I don't believe in ghosts, and Larue is right here.
What if we've interrupted the transition between life and the afterlife? I didn't move on to where Mom and Dad are, and I didn't return to where I was either.
I'm just stuck.
I'm stuck, and I'm absolutely alone and I don't know if I can go on like this, or even if I want to.
Are you saying you want me to touch you again? Father Mulcahy, I need your help.
Penance lists.
One for every day since I arrived.
By burning your bossier-than-thou handwriting into my brain these lists have dug you a hole to hell.
Know why? Because I also know you wrote this.
You just stumbled onto Larue's contraband side business and her affair with Chef Boyardee and then you killed her in some God-fearing rage and left this fake note, hoping her boyfriend wouldn't suspect foul play.
But, oh, it was foul play.
It was the foulest of the foul.
Exodus 20: 16.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor or push them out of bell towers.
Ring a bell? You never could grasp the meaning of that verse.
But there is truth in your words.
I did compose that letter.
Take her down, Father Dowling.
Yes, Father Dowling, just like you did in your TV show.
Perhaps your associate, M* A * S *H's Father Mulcahy, would like to help.
I decided to do some investigating after chatting with your female colleague.
Her ignorance of the term "taking the veil" might have been explained as a simple slip of the brain but when she doubted her place in heaven I began to wonder if she had any faith at all.
A call to the Vatican explained everything.
"Sister Christian" is nothing but a heavy-petting power ballad.
We're motoring.
- Aah.
- Oh.
As Father Confessor, I'm usually the one in that seat but tonight I yearn to unburden my soul.
Should we jump in, get it over with? Ready when you are.
I can't do this.
Not after a day like today.
Really? You wanna? Yeah.
So all this time, I thought my colleagues and I were getting along great talking out our issues, and as it turns out I'm a giant disappointment.
- Because? Because I don't like messy, and I bring them back from the place they were.
Look, the specifics aren't important but I wasn't trying to screw up everyone's life.
We aren't born with bad habits.
Where'd you learn them, Father? His entire life, the Pie-Maker had never felt safe poking at paternal scars but in the cool quiet of the confessional and with nothing to lose, he allowed himself.
My father deserted me in boarding school when I was 9.
Months passed with nothing but a postcard so I went to the school chapel every day and prayed.
Prayed that he would just walk through the door and give me a hug and tell me I was forgiven for whatever it was that made him leave.
Then he was the one who taught you to run.
If I act like my father, it's strictly by coincidence.
I wouldn't know him from Adam.
You never tried to reach out, track him down? I see no reason to sift through history when I know everything there is rotten.
That's where you're wrong.
The boy abandoned in the chapel is the same man abandoning people now.
If you ever wanna change, you've got to rectify your past.
Otherwise, you won't have a future.
Thank you.
I guess.
Now, why don't you tell me who you really are? Shame on you.
Sister Olive's locked in the laundry room.
Go calm her down.
Where's Sister Christian? Oh.
Oh, Father Ed.
You've gotta help me.
Mother Superior is a killer.
The Vatican police are really three detectives that I hired.
- Now, one of them is a pie-maker - Sister Olive, no more of this.
Mother Superior is a holy woman.
Now, calm down and try to channel inner peace through hard work.
You come down here, dump off your laundry and expect me to pretend that that menopausal maniac's a saint? How does one person get so much bat poo on themselves? Looks like you had a brawl in the bell tower.
Jeez, Louise.
You pushed Larue.
Sister, let me explain - Did you find the keys? - I assure you if I locate anything key-ish, you are the first person I will tell.
Help! That's Olive.
All right, we're busting out of here.
At that moment, Sister Christian had a crazy thought.
- lf ghosts did exist Sister Larue? - Sister Larue might be the one entity with whom she could commiserate.
I'm sorry to barge in on you like this.
I just thought if you're up here you may be feeling godforsaken.
So maybe I could, um Maybe I could do some polishing, and we can We can feel that way together.
Charlotte Charles knew a great deal about removing tarnish for she had spent countless hours polishing her aunts ' stockpile of copper, brass and bronze cheese knives.
The metal before her, however, was Stainless steel.
Meaning the nun whose chore was to polish the bells never needed to do so.
It was a revelation which made the footprint on the bucket even more strange.
If she wasn 't polishing, what did Sister Larue need to reach? Chuck expected to hear the dulcet chime of a tiny bell not the thud of Sister Larue's secret truffle laboratory.
Help! Olive? Olive? At that moment, Charlotte Charles discovered who had killed Sister Larue.
It was a secret she would be taking to her grave.
When being chased, Olive Snook hearkened back to an educational film on alligators and what to do when pursued by one: Run zigzag until you can climb a tree.
Olive, up here! Chuck! Sister, I wanted to help Larue, not hurt her! Whatever.
Step away, or you gonna have communion with your shovel.
Help me! - Help me! - We're coming! Oh, God.
Help! Help, help, help! Sisters, help him.
Go help him, help him.
- The rest of us, pray.
Come on, come on.
Chuck! I got you.
Oh, Chuck, I'm so sorry I was cold.
I didn't wanna hurt you.
Now you're still gonna be hurt, and I'm gonna lose the closest thing to a sister I have.
- Oh, thank you.
That means a lot to me.
If this ends up going downhill, I know who killed Larue.
I know.
Father Ed.
No, look.
- Pigby? - I was holding the truffles.
It was unintentional, but it's encoded in her genes to go after them.
I'm slipping, I'm slipping.
I'm pulling.
Pigby, pull! Pull! Pigby, pull! Thank you.
Oh, glory be to Go Olive! Olive! As she fell, Olive was overcome by a sense of peace.
She said a prayer that the Pie-Maker and Chuck would be happy that Emerson would be rich, and that a slice of Georgia peach served hot with cinnamon ice cream would be forever known on the Pie Hole menu as an Olive Snook.
Stupid ass.
It is finished, Lord.
Take me home.
Home, in this instance, was the cart hauled strategically into place by - Hi.
- Good catch.
The facts were these: Dr.
Linda Frank, mycologist was hired by agricultural giant I Thought You Were Hungry Foods for one mission: The test-tube cultivation of the elusive Italian white truffle.
It would be a landmark achievement, until All funding was pulled.
Hearing of the Sisters of the Divine Magnatum 's truffle farm Dr.
Frank became Sister Larue who would use the nunnery for her own gain.
She began work on her own experiments.
But labs need equipment.
And so Sister Larue found her way to Hansel Von Getz the next victim she would exploit to keep her research going.
Years passed, and Larue finally achieved her goal.
The discovery would make her filthy rich, and so she planned her exit.
On the eve of her departure, she brought her chef a gift.
He never realized it was the equivalent of a culinary kiss-off.
And she never realized Mother Superior had followed her.
Desperate to bring a stray lamb back into the fold, a plan was hatched.
Mother Superior would end the relationship.
Father Ed would save Larue's soul.
The gentle priest expected contrition, not a million-dollar scientific breakthrough and a false nun possessed by greed.
Staring into the face of what he considered true evil the priest ordered Larue to take her discovery and leave.
As she took one last look at the place she had despised for so many years Larue never realized it would be the last look she would ever have.
The priest mistakenly assumed that his condemnation led Larue to take her own life.
With the truth uncovered, life returned to normal at the nunnery.
- Where's Dowling and Christian? Just bringing the car around.
So how did your sisters take the truth about Larue? It was rough.
She betrayed every sweet soul here.
Luckily, this particular sinner had a silver lining.
For all her wickedness, Larue was a fungal genius.
Mother Superior wants to build the lab and continue her work.
Wouldn't have happened if you didn't insist on digging.
Go on, it was a team effort.
Hey, they, uh, tapped me to be the new head of truffle operations.
Ah, you'll be great.
Because you are great.
And you're right about a lot of things.
Like what you said about how when things got messy I left you in the dirt.
Not literally, but I'm sure it felt that way.
- That's not great.
- No.
That wasn't great.
It was awful.
I was awful.
I'm ashamed of myself.
I know what it's like to be abandoned.
You think you're worthless, unlovable.
And your heart hardens to the person who did it to you.
Forgiving them is inconceivable.
So I know I have no right to ask for your forgiveness, but I still wanna tell you I'm sorry.
I just came out here to see if I could catch a ride home.
But, um, that was nice too.
- Oh, you wanna come home? - Oh.
My work here is done.
I still have to figure out a way to avoid blabbing Lily's secret to Chuck.
Well, once I talk to her tonight, it won't be a secret.
I know.
But trust me.
I do.
Hey, let me go hand in my habit and we'll hit the bricks.
- Are you gonna miss this place? - Yeah.
Of course, they gave me a little souvenir.
- Yeah.
- Come on, Pigby.
A secret that was nine months plus 29 years, 11 months 2 weeks, 5 days, 15 hours and 45 minutes in the making was undone in three seconds with three words.
"Lily's your mother.
" Now the Pie-Maker could only wait for a response.
Are you okay? Your expression is hard to read.
Maybe you could, you know Iook at me? - Tears.
- Happy ones.
See how you took that news and chose to make it good? It's inspiring.
Makes me realize I've got some digging of my own to do.
For you.
I thought you might wanna fill it in.