Quantico (2015) s02e03 Episode Script


1 - Previously on "Quantico" - Male instructor: Welcome to The Farm.
Brace yourselves.
Well, we're getting a handler, aren't we? Handlers You will each have one.
"We are the Citizen's Liberation Front.
Any attempt to cross our perimeter will result in the release of a biological agent.
" - You know that woman? - I know some of the others, too.
We trained together at The Farm.
Raina: In order to identify a terrorist, when they return as a hostage, we need to mark them.
Miranda, I'm in an NYPD emergency bunker.
I'm gonna look around and see what I can find, okay? I'll call you back.
Why didn't they kill me? They knew what I was doing.
They need you to translate.
I'm worried they need me for something else.
If we could just find a way to see under one person's mask, we could figure out who they are and how they know each other, what they want.
Maybe if you ask nicely, one of them will take off their mask.
Actually, that's not far off from what I was thinking.
I just hope Alex is inside the perimeter.
All right, let's go over this one more time.
You need entrances, exits, number of terrorists, hostages, explosives, how they're rigged, armaments, hostage locations, and if bio weapons are a real threat or a bluff.
Anything I'm forgetting? Alex, please be careful.
I will.
[Telephone beeps] Okay, Alex, give me the lay of the land.
Well, it's only been a week, but all the recruits are still an enigma.
You must have gained some intel.
These people are training to be spies.
Think they don't know what they're doing? Okay, well, what have you learned about them in the past week? The lawyer, Dayana.
Last week, she was falling apart.
This week, she's insanely driven.
[Sighs] You know, there's better ways to cure insomnia.
I've slept.
I'm just doing some required reading.
You haven't done that yet? It's Monday already.
This is next week's.
Alex: If she was recruited by the AIC The AIC? It's CIA in reverse.
Ryan came up with the name.
I thought it was cute.
Cute? You gave a group of deadly insurgents a nickname.
It's better than "rogue faction.
" Okay, so if this AIC has tapped Dayana already, she would be a good fit because? I'm not sure.
All I know is she's the weakest link so far.
Ryan: A supposed power player who cries herself to sleep when no one's looking? Then again, damsel in emotional distress is that's a good cover.
What about León Valez? He doesn't say much, but he sees everything.
He's always watching.
He'd be my first choice if it weren't so obvious.
I have yet to see what his skills are outside of the pool table.
- What does he know about you? - More than he should.
Did you say there's a new recruit? [Scoffs] Leigh Davis.
She appeared out of nowhere two days ago.
Mother of two from Pacific Palisades.
Reminds me of you, actually.
Elegant, refined.
Totally out of place and high strung.
Runs her own business.
She's a wedding planner.
She prefers "event coordinator.
" She prefers a lot of things.
Art Basel submission? Oh, no, this is my schedule.
It's how I achieve peak productivity.
Every Post-it is a quarter hour.
Every quarter hour is accounted for.
Every dot is an idea.
Every check mark is an accomplishment.
If you want, I can do the same for you.
Uh, no, thanks.
I prefer to play things by ear.
But if you have any Adderall left over - And Harry Doyle? - The Kingsman? Well, I wouldn't play cards with the guy, if that's what you're asking.
There's something I really like about him.
I mean, if I didn't think he was a cold-blooded traitor, we could be friends.
- Nice.
- That's my shirt.
- And Sebastian Chen? - The priest? Really with the nicknames? Okay, this one's actually true, 'cause before he was recruited, he was in the seminary.
I keep trying, but Ryan: He's impenetrable.
A fortress.
Obviously, that makes me want to know more.
Okay, so what about recruitment? We still don't know if these people were already tapped, or if it's happening as we speak.
Do you think that Owen Hall's daughter might be recruiting people with him? [Woman speaking Arabic] Lydia's intense.
I have no idea what makes her tick, but if she's recruiting, they'd have a hard time saying no.
[Volume increases] Lucas.
Call me back.
Look [Sighs] I don't know how we're supposed to make any headway.
The line between operative and anarchist is razor thin.
How would you like to better be able to tell the difference? I'm listening.
Not yet, but you will be.
- It's a highly sensitive bug.
- But there's only one.
One bug between the two of you.
The Farm is too far out of range from here for us to put any more of these in proximity to each other.
Another bug close to this would create interference and give you away.
So, what are we supposed to do? Choose the best candidate to listen in on.
Ryan: That's gonna take some time.
The Farm is swept for counter surveillance every five days.
Our intel says that was yesterday.
This is your window.
You have to be careful if these people are as dangerous as we think they are.
Great, so if you find us dead in a double suicide, please assume that the last person that we spoke to was in the AIC.
No one's gonna die if you make a smart choice.
Don't just go by intuition.
Get people to open up, see who they really are.
Elicitation? Well, the CIA's already taught us the best tool to accomplish that.
Here's to that sweet government salary.
Ah! And a life of sanctioned crime.
- [Glasses clink] - Cheers.
So, if you think about it, if we all died right now, not even our family would know how or why or that we even worked here.
We'd just be some random star on the wall, and our stories will never be told.
If you're not gonna muddle the sugar, what's the point of making an Old Fashioned? What do you guys think Leigh's story is? Besides organizing four out of five Kardashian weddings? What? Really? Yeah, what? I looked her up.
Didn't you guys do that? When we're done here, I just hope wherever they send me, she's not there.
She sewed a patch on to my favorite jeans while I was in the shower without even asking.
[Laughs] Don't worry.
I read that most operatives never run into their classmates once they get out.
That's true.
They send you to the far-flung corners, wherever you fit in best, they said.
Afghanistan for you, I'm guessing? Mm.
I thought you'd say Alabama.
Well, until I get rid of my accent, it's South America for me.
You think they'll welcome you back with open arms? Owen: Let me ask you something personal.
Where did you last have sex? I think you might be asking the wrong person.
Okay, then you answer, Mr.
Well, I don't know where he last had sex, but I last had sex in a car.
What kind of car? A Fit, of all things.
Not a very apropos name, if you ask me.
[Laughter] And where was it parked? How many cars were around you? Was anyone in those cars? Any security cameras? Did anyone see you leave? All right, if this is gonna end with some surveillance video, I should warn you all now it gets as NSFW as it can be.
Lydia: The only surveillance that should've transpired is your own.
As an operative, you'll learn that God is in the details.
You need to be constantly aware of your surroundings.
It's called assessment.
An operative has to be able to walk into a space and see everything, every angle, possible threat, escape, or camera, no matter what you're involved in.
And you need to be able to do it in seconds.
I know it seems like an impossible task.
but by the time you're done here, it will be instinct.
Look at today's itinerary.
Be ready to leave in five minutes.
[Indistinct chatter] Man: Hey, man, hold up.
One day, one bug, one shot.
Let the assessment begin.
[Knock on door] They moved the hostages again.
Thermal readings are the same.
122, over 1,600 still locked in at Federal Plaza.
Miranda, I didn't want to say this in front of everyone because I know it's crazy, but what if The group Alex and Ryan were investigating is behind this? It's not crazy at all.
It's my working assumption.
But the operation to uncover the AIC was a failure.
No one would believe us, even if we told them.
What if we had something to convince them? Six months ago, after you shut down the op, I wrote a report.
- Shelby.
- A white paper.
I know, I know.
I shouldn't have done it, but I couldn't just sit on all the work we did.
Everything we risked couldn't be for nothing.
Eventually, someone was gonna need to know what Alex found out.
What exactly did you write? An in-depth analysis on everyone who could be in the AIC How they could operate, what their goals were.
You know you should've told me about this, don't you? I was planning to submit it for review to Counter Intel as well as the Senate Oversight Committee, but I was ordered to drop it before I could even press "send.
" But you kept a copy, didn't you? On my personal computer.
Bring it to me.
Having this kind of assessment of who these people are and what they want is exactly the kind of advantage we need right now.
[Elevator bell dings] [Sighs] I just hope it can help before anyone else gets hurt.
[Sirens wailing in distance] [Helicopter blades whirring] [Man speaks Swahili] All right, Alex.
You can do this.
Miranda: Do you know why you're here? Why this diner? Why why this time of day? You like their milkshakes? From this seat, I can see the front door.
I can see the kitchen.
I can see behind the bar.
And if I decide to finish my milkshake, which is very good, by the way, because there aren't a lot of customers, the servers aren't in a rush to turn over the table, which means privacy.
A perfect place for a handler to meet an undercover agent.
Is this some kind of lesson? Are we not doing our jobs well? Do you think I picked you to handle Alex and Ryan because you're the most qualified? No, I didn't, because you're not.
I picked you because you're their friends, and from the reports I see, you're all business, and that won't help any of us take this faction down.
You want us to make this personal? It is personal.
And if you don't know that and you're not willing to use that, then we're done before we get started.
A good handler pushes, gets in their heads, manipulates.
They do whatever it takes to get the job done.
You see, this group that we're up against, they don't have uniforms, they don't have a battlefield.
Make no mistake, they are planning a war.
Make it personal.
That's how you get them to do what you need them to do so we'll win.
Owen: Today we're gonna run you through a series of scenarios to give you a better understanding of what assessment means.
Many locations will be familiar, but just because you've seen them doesn't mean you know them.
So, how much can you see in 30 seconds? [Indistinct conversations] Exits to the north, south, and west.
Six cameras by the bar, three near the bathroom.
Two women pretending to be on their phones, but their screens weren't illuminated.
The bartender kept his hat on even though he was perspiring, and the girl in the second banquette, she can do a lot better than the guy she was with.
Where are you? You know how far you walked, how many turns you took.
You don't need anything else.
Where are you? Alex: Harry and Sebastian's room.
Where are you? Ryan and León's room.
Where are you? [Sniffs] Ryan: Alex and Dayana's room.
Bathroom? Where are you? Alex and Dayana's room.
Alex burned incense, but not for a few days.
Ryan, standing right behind me, he shifts his weight when he's bored.
Anyone who's navigated a West Side bride through a wedding for 1,000 can find her way in the dark and smell a flower that's clashing with a moisturizer.
You're gonna have to do better than that.
Space and surroundings aren't the only thing you're assessing.
There's also time.
4 minutes, 11 seconds.
Right? [Sighs] Yep.
How many coats in there with you? Shoes? Boxes? It's dark in there.
Give me one second.
I just wouldn't have pegged him for claustrophobia.
Six months of solitary can do that to you.
Solitary? How would you know that? León likes to talk.
No, he doesn't.
Maybe not to you.
[Timer beeps] [Cellphone beeps] [Cellphone rings] Lucas: Hey, babe.
Just heading to lunch.
Call you when I'm headed back to the office? Lydia: It's not your wife, Lucas.
You cloned Kathy's number? If you'd have answered my calls the first three times, I wouldn't have had to.
Is this about the other week? You think I'd go to all this trouble over a hook-up? - [Chuckles] - I have an asset in Mogadishu who tells me the bombing targeted two operatives.
Video of the suicide bomber contains the words "Ang Diyos ay magaling.
" You think this is retaliation for what happened in the Philippines? Not sure, but that's why I'm calling.
I need you to get me assigned.
There's a C-130 out of Andrews.
I can be on the ground in I don't want to take you out of The Farm right now.
Don't want to or can't? You're gonna have to pretend to be the wife of someone much more powerful for that answer.
I need to get back in the field.
Did I do something? Am I being punished? You're a good operative, Lydia.
Don't lose sight of the forest just because you think you're in the weeds.
[Dial tone beeps] So, Dayana knows about León's prison time.
They had that weird moment in the bar, too.
Maybe they already know each other.
I take her, you take him? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
So, you've learned about assessment from the safety of a controlled environment.
The real question is, can you apply it in the field? We'll be sending you to an office building 10 miles away.
You'll each be given a floor and a specific office number.
Get into the building, find that office, and retrieve a red envelope on the desk.
But don't get caught.
Like most things we do, this isn't legal, but at least we'll give you a partner in crime.
Pair up.
Alabama, you're with me.
Oh, unless you've got your sights set on someone else.
Oh, stop.
I'm all yours.
- That's right.
- All right, baby.
Seems like everyone else already has a dance partner except us.
[Scoffs] Are you sure you want to be saddled with someone who's at the bottom of the Murder Board? I think I can handle you.
Owen: No phones, no run throughs, no blueprints, no maps.
You'll be going in blind.
But if you've remembered anything from today, you should see everything.
[Indistinct conversations] [Tires screech] [Muffled shouting] [Indistinct talking] Here you go.
I should've told you about this sooner.
I'm sorry.
If your white paper can save lives, you won't have to apologize.
I'm proud of you, Shelby.
You stuck with this.
[Computer beeping] - No, no! - Wait, what is it? Director Shaw, step away from the terminal.
Shelby, what did you do? [Stammers] Raina: I have seen this look in your eye before.
You're going to do something crazy.
I'm just gonna create a little diversion, during which I'll get one of these bastards close enough to take their mask off.
Okay, crazy.
[Sighs] I'm in.
They're already suspicious of you.
I need someone else.
Someone who hates me enough to start a fight.
Too bad Alex isn't here.
I don't need Alex.
I have him.
The drive came from this office.
It went from my computer to Miranda's.
Well, the virus we found didn't spread to the network, but I wouldn't count on recovering anything.
We'll need to confiscate the computer.
Get your computer from home.
[Panting] Okay.
So, any plans for getting us back to The Farm? Yeah.
We're gonna do exactly what they've been training us to do.
Get the lay of the land, find the exit.
Dayana: What are you doing, Sebastian? Getting a better view.
We should be following the tire tracks of the van that dropped us off.
You think they're that stupid to just drive straight back? Where are you going? You have your plan.
I have mine.
We're supposed to be working together.
If you want to follow me, that's your choice.
You're looking for Alex.
I'm looking for anyone.
The more people we find, the better our chances are.
Yeah, but you're hoping one of those people is Alex.
I think you're hoping one of those people's Alex.
All right, yeah, no, you got me.
She intrigues me.
Her accent, her history, that whole "Fugitive" thing.
It was a bit more than that "Fugitive" thing, don't you think? Yeah, I do.
Which is why I don't exactly buy the narrative you constructed wherein you barely know each other.
I've seen photographs of you two together and all your "Super Friends.
" You still meet up, huh? Still talk? The occasional dinner party, group text, karaoke Thursdays? What about that southern she Shh! Shh! Quiet.
And that agent who helped build the bomb The cute one, the one who didn't die.
Where did he go? Will Olsen? I have no idea.
And those people gave their lives so that others could live, so show some respect.
All right, sorry.
You want to tell me why you're asking so many damn questions? Can't I just be interested? You? [British accent] Can't.
[Normal accent] There's Dayana.
I'm gonna go see what she knows.
Sounds like a plan.
You know what? You strike me as the kind of guy that works better on his own.
You're boring, you know that? Here.
[Groans] This is perfect.
For what? Your Bear Grylls impersonation? Okay, you know I could help you if you just tell me what we're doing? Well, we're making a compass.
Get a stick, pound it into the ground, and wait for the direction of the sun to change.
Based on the shadow, we'll know which way is east, which means we'll know which way to go.
The Farm is on the water.
You must have learned a lot of this stuff being a photojournalist, huh? Always in far-flung locations, having to improvise.
Where exactly did you use this last? Why are you so interested? Well, I figured we're gonna be together for the next six months, and I don't know for how long trying to get out of here.
[Sighs] My father taught me.
He took me camping every summer in Big Bend.
He loved the outdoors.
Mine did, too.
You sure you're not lost? You seem lost.
I'm not lost.
I'm following the tire tracks that were clearly covered on the way out.
He was right.
I learned a little land nav in basic.
I'm a bit rusty, but I think I can get us out of here.
I don't need help.
Well, don't take this the wrong way, but you don't really strike me as the, uh, outdoorsy type.
You know what? I'm not.
And, yes, on top of it all, I am lost.
We're lost.
You're not my partner, and I don't want your help.
I'm going to figure this out on my own, even if it means I must get over being afraid of heights and climb a tree like freakin' Tarzan.
Then fine.
So [Sighs] What are you doing? Following you.
I know how resourceful you are.
You found a way to get León to talk about his prison time.
Hell, I live with the guy, and the most I get out of him is a grunt.
You and Alex, you talk a lot, yeah? I saw her with León earlier.
Asked her if she got anywhere.
She said no.
But you What are you interested in? What he had to say, or that he said it to me? I'm a lawyer.
I know when I'm being led somewhere.
While you pretend to be lost and helpless when someone's around, you know enough to follow tire tracks.
You worked your way through that bar today with perfect recall.
And you know your way around a backstop.
Now, you may be a lawyer, but you never said at which firm.
And I'm gonna go out on a limb here and I'm gonna guess CIA? All lawyers, regardless of where they practice, have tools at their disposal.
LexisNexis, friends in high places, private investigators.
Must be a pretty powerful firm if it found stuff on us.
Yeah, I know some pretty powerful people.
[Sighs] Well, we can go around.
It'll take a while, but - I have a better idea.
- [Scoffs] I thought you said you were scared of heights! [Exhales sharply] So, what were you in for? [Sighs] Mexico, you don't necessarily go to prison because you did something.
So, you pissed someone off? Yeah, something like that.
Who? I know you talk about it.
You told Dayana.
I don't talk about it.
So, you're a journalist, and you don't want to share your story? Photojournalist is a witness, not a writer.
So you saw something you weren't supposed to see.
Took a picture of it, maybe.
Well, you're not dead, so it can't be that bad.
Come on, just stop interrogating me, okay, Fed? I'm just trying to get to know you better.
But you know what happens when you push someone and you push and you push and you push and they're tired and they're frustrated and they've done time in prison, and maybe you just push a little too much? Maybe they don't like it.
Maybe they snap.
You know, you're the first new face we've seen in a while.
It's a pretty strange school reunion.
Even the dropouts are here.
Hostages as terrorists, terrorists as hostages.
I have no reason to trust you or talk to you.
Wow, you used to enjoy talking to me.
Is there something you want, mate? To know why the hell you're here.
Well, I don't know your feelings on the matter, but I find beheading's a slight deterrent from leaving the building.
At the G20.
I agree with putting an end to global surveillance.
Why are you here, Ryan? Oh, well, I'm CIA.
We both know that you aren't.
We also know that anyone in this room could be the terrorist.
So, how about it? You one of them? What are you doing? Are you actively trying to get us all killed? No, just one of us.
- You're mad.
- I'm getting there.
No, I'm innocent.
I'm as innocent as you.
You've never been innocent.
Why don't you tell everyone what you're really doing here, huh? What are you I just got it.
How do I know you're not the terrorist, huh? [Grunting] Leigh: Stop it, both of you! Man: Watch it! Watch it! [Speaks Swahili] [Grunting] Ryan, don't! Alex: Ryan.
- [Computer beeping] - Owen: Hey.
Is everything okay out there? No one's dead yet.
You okay? I can't talk about work with you.
Yes, you can.
I feel terrible complaining about my career.
You would kill to have the problem I'm trying to solve.
I recruited Qasim bin Ahmed while at Oxford.
I located Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.
There is nobody as good as I am in that region, and somewhere in a room, people are making decisions about that region and they're not including me.
And they won't tell me why.
They just stuck me here.
And you're waiting for them to tell you why? [Chuckles] Have you ever walked into a room and not seen everything you needed to know before you'd even stepped foot inside? What are you doing waiting for them to tell you what's happening? Assess the situation.
Get the intel for yourself.
You are a great operative.
Better than I ever was.
You still miss it? [Sighs] You look thirsty.
Do I? People can look thirsty.
Thirst, hunger, and fear add to making mistakes.
You're better off hydrating, staying focused, and making concentric circles, widening out, marking your progress as you go.
You took them off?! Why?! I don't know.
I want to win.
By making sure that I fail? This was a team exercise.
Well, I'm not on your team.
Besides, Owen said day one there's no such thing as team in the CIA.
But how would you feel about second place? You're helping me? Why? Because I like you.
And unlike everyone else, you don't lie about who you are.
How are we gonna win? They told us to leave our phones there.
I did.
This is yours.
Do you feel like a winner, Mom? Okay.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything by that.
Now you're afraid of me.
I'm not afraid of you.
You think because I was in prison that I'm dangerous, that you're unsafe around me? I don't know what to think right now.
Did you know that in Mexico, the cartels run the prisons, use them as power bases, information centers, factories for training soldiers and sicarios? I wanted the world to see that, for them to understand what's going on in there.
Only one way to do that.
Did you get yourself arrested? Inside I was so stupid to think people would understand what I hadn't even understood.
I don't talk about it because I barely survived.
[Sighs] East.
We better get going.
It's gonna be dark soon.
[Gasps] Walk, Alex.
So, what are you waiting for? The hostages don't need to see you die.
I wish you hadn't been here.
[Both grunting] Well, made it back by the deadline.
How do you feel? - Pretty good.
- Yeah.
Probably expecting to hear how, uh how well you did.
Looking for some sort of, uh, congratulations? Well, a 20-person tie on the Murder Board would be great.
So, it took the first team - Yes! - [Applause] Took four hours from the drop point to The Farm.
Should've taken all of you no more than 20 minutes.
This morning, we taught you all the skills you needed to get back quickly, and none of you applied what you learned.
None of you counted how long you were in the van, the sound of the terrain as the wheels turned off the road, counted how many times the turn signal went on, 'cause if you had, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
Did you even notice you were being watched? I thought I saw some cameras in trees.
Owen: How many? Six? 23 cameras and two drones flew overhead, and none of you noticed.
All it takes is one camera for the enemy to make you.
You all got so distracted by the scenario that you just forgot everything we taught you today.
You panicked, overreacted, lost focus.
Even in a crisis, you are still an operative with a job to do.
Never forget your training.
Always be assessing.
Never lose the forest, even when you're in the weeds.
I would take León out of the equation for now.
I mean, he went to a cartel prison on a mission to do good.
Yeah, but what did he do to get in there? How did he get out? All right, with one bug, we have to choose someone that's gonna talk when we listen, right? León's a locked box.
I say Dayana.
I mean, start with all of those phone calls.
- It's not Dayana.
- How do you know that? Because she's scared out of her mind to be here.
I saw it myself, and this morning you were all about León, so what changed? I just I just got to know him better.
Well, I got to know her a little better, too, so what now? We just agree to disagree? No.
'Cause with one bug, one shot, how can we? [Sighs] Okay, so who Who's on both our lists? - [Cellphone vibrates] - [Sighs] It's time.
They're here.
Are you sure about Harry? That's the conclusion we came to.
You both came to equally? [Scoffs] I know you, and I know that if Alex wants something, you want to be the one giving it to her.
I also know that when you're around her, you don't follow your own instincts.
You follow hers.
This is a real mission.
You have way more experience with real operations than she does.
Who do you really want? So, Harry's a complete mystery.
Neither of us have been able to pin him down.
I mean, we know something about everyone.
We know nothing about him.
So, what? León tells you a sad story, and all of a sudden, he's off the table? Alex, maybe he's done research about you.
Maybe he knows you get taken in by sad stories.
Liam and his daughter.
Drew Perales and his radiation at the hospital.
Alex, you are a sucker for a good-looking guy who pulls out the tears.
Where is this coming from? Suddenly, you're doubting my judgment? Most of the big decisions that I've made, you've been standing right next to me.
So Harry's my pick.
And he's Ryan's.
You should support us.
Ryan says it's León.
I agree.
[Grunts] Why are you doing this? Who else is with you? [Both grunting] I'm sorry.
[Gagging] I'm sorry.
[Panting] Oh, good.
I was wondering where you were.
This is almost done.
Did you ask them to bring me here? What? Did you personally request to have me pulled off my station and sent to work here with you? Calm down.
You knew they'd listen.
After nearly 15 years of being landlocked, dedicating your life in service to them, the company would do anything to make you happy, especially when it involved what, hmm? Spending some quality time with your daughter.
The right turn of phrase can give an operative's connections away.
It didn't take many calls to figure out it was you.
All I said was that I wished I saw you more.
And I do.
You knew they owed you.
You knew what it would mean coming from you, and worst of all, you knew it wasn't what I wanted.
But you did it anyway.
All this time teaching has made you think you were the best operative that never was.
But you know what they say about you? Hmm? That it was a blessing you got benched.
That someone probably leaked your name on purpose to make sure you never screwed up again.
[Door opens, slams] I'm in.
Tell me what I do next.
So, you'll use your new bond with León to get him out of the room, and I'll put this bad boy in there.
I decided to go with my first instinct.
León is the right answer.
Which is fine, but what happened to when we're in here, we tell each other the truth? That That doesn't mean hat we always have to agree on everything.
I just want to make sure nothing's changed.
Nothing has changed.
We're still us.
I'll see you there.
All right.
[New Order's "Ultraviolence" plays] Who saw those dark eyes? Who saw those dark eyes? These years gone by Deep within Burn my skin All those years gone by Ryan's placed the bug.
You did the right thing pushing them.
I just hope we're not pushing them apart.
We're ready.
[Computer beeps] [Microphone feedback] Turn it off.
Turn it off! Why is there interference? There's already a bug in there.
Why would somebody else bug The Farm? Maybe the same reason we are.
Or Alex and Ryan's digging tipped the AIC off to what we're doing.
In the heat of the night All those years gone by You've been sat on your own for a long time.
I overheard the bartender saying you hadn't even ordered a drink, so I thought at the very least I'd make it look like you did.
At any given time, 16% of people at a bar are abstaining from drinking.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Will.
Can I? Please.
No problem.
Who felt those cold hands? The entire system's been compromised.
Boot sector virus, we think.
Can't be sure until we run a full diagnostic, but whoever did this wanted everything destroyed.
And thank you.
You're welcome.
It was an easy job.
So, now both our computers are just paperweights.
I remembered I still had a hard copy in my safe.
Ran back to get it and gave it to Burke to distribute now.
That's That's That's great, Shelby.
Where is Ryan Booth? [Banging] [Screaming] [Gunfire] [Speaks Swahili] Everybody makes mistakes Alex is alive.
Alex Parrish?