Quantico (2015) s02e18 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Quantico" Clay: This team was created to put an end to the rogue group of agents within the CIA working on behalf of eight power players in America.
Sooner or later, the Collaborators will stage another attack, and when they do, your mother will be done.
When she resigns, we all know who's next in succession.
Henry Roarke.
Caleb, it's Shelby.
I think your family needs you right now.
My instinct is gone.
Help me be who I was.
Ryan: I don't know if I can trust you.
Why does the FBI have you flagged as a Russian asset? Turn yourself in for a bombing they said I did? I'll be you in custody, and you'll be me, free in the world, helping fix it.
Harry: I don't want to die for this.
I'm sorry.
Alex: Goodbye, Harry.
[Goldfrapp's "Systemagic" plays"] Luna light You're the spell Tread water, 20 minutes.
Coven up, let's be it, do it, celebrate it You You don't think this is overkill? I think you're spending way to much energy asking questions, when you should be treading water.
Take a ride Light the sky Make it burn, let's be it I thought we were gonna hone my instincts.
I already know how to swim.
This exercise isn't about what you already know.
It's about pushing your physical limitations so far that you have no choice but to use your instincts instead of what you've learned.
So, this is your "student becomes the teacher" moment, huh? Owen, you're not a teacher anymore.
And I'm not a student, either.
The CIA values brains over body, but the FBI knows that a stronger body makes for a stronger mind.
- Tread.
- [Whistle blows] Take a ride Light the sky Make it burn, let's be it Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
If you were a Navy SEAL, I'd be shooting rubber bullets at you.
- What does that teach you? - How to duck.
Good! You're my kinda bling Again.
I think you're enjoying this a little too much.
Systematic magic Systematic magic All right, now swim across the water without coming up for air.
- Go.
- Alex Owen, your brain is saying you can't do it, but your body will adapt.
- Alex - Swim! Be the wild, the wild fire Mirror, mirror Build the fire high Mirror, mirror Be the wild, the wild fire You're still in your head Thinking about how tired you are, how much the zip ties hurt.
You're counting the minutes, thinking about breathing.
Yeah, well, breathing is important.
Owen, you're so convinced you can't do it that you've already given up.
I'm not 25 anymore.
Whatever I've learned, whatever I am, it's hard-wired now.
It can't be written over in one day.
Maybe that's why FBI training lasts 20 weeks.
[Chuckles] Look, it's okay to quit.
Or you can try again.
I pulled some major strings to get this Raina's first 24 hours in FBI custody.
She's being held in a detention facility in D.
, being treated like any terror suspect would in that situation, which is not good.
Preliminary interrogation went nonstop for seven hours.
She hasn't slept.
She won't break.
They won't stop until she does.
Well, the sooner we take out those who framed my sister, the sooner she'll be free.
We've received reports of hate crimes and protests over the veto of a registry in multiple cities.
Our latest poll says that in the wake of the bombing Nice shirt.
Than ever before and would even consider Good morning.
- How long you been up? - Long enough to know your job is about to get a little bit harder.
[Chuckles] - [Cellphone vibrates] - Ugh.
A matter of national security? All my texts are, even the ones from you.
Especially the ones from me.
[Laughs] Can I have my shirt back, please? A non-denial denial.
Excuse me? Journalism 101 I asked if the text you got was a matter of national security.
You say they all are, which didn't really answer the question.
Or did it? I mean, if it wasn't a matter of national security, then maybe you'd stay and watch the news with me.
[Chuckles] - Uh, here.
- [Laughs] [Groans] All right, I will give you a call.
I'm sure you will.
[Elevator bell dings] Hey, did we get a ping? Not a ping pings.
Yeah, the Collaborators have been busy.
We got five pings in the last five hours, all on procedures to be implemented by law enforcement in the case of civil unrest, in five different cities Cleveland, Albany, Detroit, El Paso, and Fargo.
Each of those cities are on high alert for riots due to active or imminent protests.
I got an FBI "all agents" call.
Well, what does that tell you? The Collaborators are planning for a riot in one of those cities.
Or planning to create it.
It could be a bold chess move, fostering further instability throughout the country.
An outbreak of violence in any of these cities Would prove that America's more divided than ever under your mom's watch.
Do you really think they would go so far as to create a riot? They don't have to create it.
These cities are primed.
They just chose one and tip it over.
We have to do something.
They can't be allowed to control the narrative like this.
There's nothing to do.
I've run every scenario, every move.
Now, there is a point in every chess match when the game is lost and the loser doesn't know it.
We're there.
We are going to lose this game.
This isn't a game.
Everything's a game to someone.
So what, you want to give up? I don't want to, no.
But when it comes to strategy and execution, the Collaborators are light-years ahead of us.
Roarke moved a pawn when he forced Claire to veto that registry, and look.
Look at the result of that one simple move.
The country's on edge, which is exactly what they wanted.
They are building to an end game that we still don't understand, and we have no way to stop them.
What, you're shutting us down? We have four faces on the board, and two are dead.
We are fighting the inevitable.
Enough saying we can't.
We have to.
The country needs us.
My sister needs us.
We can't retreat like cowards.
She's right.
We need to find something new.
I'm tired of playing chess.
I want to take these guys out and destroy whatever agenda they have.
Look, Clay, I know you can't see a way through, but that doesn't mean we can't find one.
So, what'd you have in mind? Figure out which cities they're targeting, then Shelby, Nimah, and I go in there as FBI and make sure they can't execute their plan.
Roarke has stepped out of the shadows big deal.
It's our turn now.
Who wants to take out a Collaborator? Alex: With Clay refusing to help, we're on our own.
Cleveland, Albany, Detroit, El Paso, Fargo We know that the Collaborators will incite violence in one of these five cities.
Our job figuring out which one of these powder kegs is most likely to go off, get there, and stop it from happening.
[Miike Snow's "The Heart of Me" plays] Hey, Nimah, anything? I've been reading about the tensions in El Paso.
No, I meant did you call anyone from when you were stationed there? Yes, of course.
I'll do that now.
Ryan: Nimah.
Remember that FSB thing with Sasha? Uh, yeah, of course.
Well, I planted a bug in her apartment this morning.
Listen to this.
[Sasha speaking Russian] That was an hour and a half ago.
[Sasha speaking Russian] Earth to Nimah.
Any thoughts? [Russian continues] You know what you need to do.
You'll cover for me? I'll be back.
A massive protest is being organized in Detroit tonight.
So, an off-duty cop shot an unarmed black youth outside a car show near 8 Mile.
Case looks like it might even go to trial.
It's Black Lives Matter versus the Thin Blue Line.
Mm, interesting.
Dig deeper.
Shelby: Alex, Native Americans have been protesting land rights for six weeks straight in North Dakota against the U.
Government's plan to put in an oil pipeline.
I found this in a sub-Reddit group A recruitment call for militia groups to aid the sheriff's department in pushing protestors off the land.
Mm, I think it'll take too long to mobilize.
I mean, if they were already there I'll switch to Albany.
Stop everything.
Close your computers.
Just turn it all off, trust me.
What's going on? We're going about this all wrong.
We're thinking it through, we're applying rational thought.
Terrorists don't think rationally.
If it was that easy, we would've won already.
And what do you propose we do, turn around three times and pin the tail on the map? Use our instincts.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
And how do we do that? Okay, just go with me, okay? What is the best story, the best narrative? And don't think about the data, just tell me the best story.
Where's Ryan? He had to deal with some personal matters.
Owen, don't think.
- Just tell me.
- Cleveland.
Why? Um, a murder case has been sitting on a hung jury for the last three days.
The judge won't allow for a mistrial.
He's threatening an Allen Charge, you know, to force the jury to decide one way or the other.
Everyone in the city's on edge.
- That's the home invasion, right? - Yep.
A homeless man broke into a house, sexually assaulted and killed the wife.
Her husband came home as it was happening, shot and killed the intruder.
So, why is that our story? 'Cause the gun the homeowner used was obtained illegally.
And because he used an unregistered gun he bought from an unlicensed gun dealer, he's facing criminal charges, and if he's convicted, his children go to foster care.
All of this because of an executive order President Todd signed, at the urging of then-Vice President Claire Haas.
He's right.
Nothing else touches directly on the President.
If the defendant's found guilty, it's gonna be a big public-opinion nightmare for her.
This is our case.
This is the story! Look at this.
The police have been on high alert since they learned the judge levied that Allen Charge.
Sorry, can I ask you what that is? It's when a judge orders a jury to deliberate until a set time, at which point, they have to present a verdict.
They can't be hung.
And they have to give a decision by 6:00 today.
Stands to reason that the Collaborators will probably use this time to push the guilty verdict by influencing the jurors.
Which means we need to get to Cleveland now.
And make sure a not-guilty charge is read? You We can't interfere with justice.
We're not.
We're gonna prove that they are.
If we can prove that the jurors were influenced, it's an automatic mistrial, which it would've been anyway if the judge hadn't intervened.
How do we get to Cleveland? The FBI "All Agents" call.
The three of us will go, and no one will be the wiser.
And I'll provide backup from here.
Okay, perfect.
Wheels up in 30? You're leaving? We just figured this out.
I have a meeting at the White House.
About? My personal business.
You're gonna try to get her to disband this team, aren't you? [Sighs] You've run a company, Shelby.
You should know when a deal isn't gonna make.
And I know it's easier to walk away than lose more than you bargained for.
- I'm late.
- I used to be like you.
I liked to run when someone disappointed me or things got too tough.
Ask your brother I did it to him.
I'm not running.
I just see what's coming.
[The Domestics' "It Came to Me" plays] It came to me You kept me waiting longer than I thought.
No one is meeting you here.
Oh, that's not true.
You are.
So, this is all just for me, huh, the Russian? So, you don't trust me.
I don't trust anyone.
- Well, I trust you.
- No, you don't.
You buy these in bulk? How many girls are you listening to right now? Look, I can go.
I'll make you a deal One time only.
Any details about me you need, any documents or photos you want, ask now.
I like you, Sasha.
You intrigue me.
But I wouldn't trust anything you give me.
Then get it for yourself.
This is a key to my apartment.
You know I've been here all morning.
You've been listening yourself.
I haven't touch a thing since you left, so go.
Rummage through the place, see for yourself who I am.
No, I don't need to do that.
Yes, you do.
I like you, too, okay? And I understand why you wouldn't trust me or anyone.
I just want to show you why you can so we can move on to the real part.
Okay? - Hi.
- Hello.
Ah, the embrace of the prodigal son.
Mi hermano! It's good to see you! ¿Que pasa? Caleb, what are you doing here? I'm just popping through on my way back from Tulum.
Oh, hey, I got something for you.
[Sniffs] Given the surprises inside, I wouldn't open it in front of the Secret Service.
What did you do? Well, hey, if you passed better drug laws, I wouldn't have to resort to paper mâché.
I see your sense of humor hasn't matured.
Well, your old enough for the both of us, don't you think? I'm here on business.
I don't see the Super Friends.
You told him? We're a family We don't have any secrets.
[Laughs] Then, why did I find out that Shelby's on your task force from Shelby? - You talked to her? - You care? Clay, what's going on? Really, mother? In front of him? You called this meeting.
I shouldn't have come.
Something you probably say every time, but you're here now.
So, ugh, loosen up! You know, say what's on your mind.
The task force can't stop the Collaborators.
I'm afraid if we continue trying, it will cost you everything that you have worked so hard for.
So I think the only option is to stop trying to prevent what's coming and prepare for it instead.
[Grumbling] What? You know, that just sounded practical.
Yeah, well, that's because it is.
Well, you know what isn't practical? A group of rich white men trying to topple democracy.
See, you can't fight fire with fire.
That's exactly what they expect.
I mean, you gotta fight it with kittens or mercury or the concept of time.
Claire: Caleb's right.
These people are unpredictable.
Your strategy was helpful for a while, but if it isn't helpful anymore, then we should change tack.
Look, I know what we're up against, which is why I put my presidency on the line.
And if you really believed me when I said that, you wouldn't be here trying to talk me out of it! Or maybe I was wrong to ask you to run this.
These are my friends.
I know them.
I can help.
I'm not letting you anywhere near my team.
Well, you just said that you were running away, so you're not gonna be near your team anyway, or do they not teach physics at Harvard? Are you actually considering this? Fine.
But when he fails, because he always does, and you pay the price Then you won't be here.
Got it.
No, I won't be able to fix it.
Well, you haven't been able to fix it thus far, have you? I want a meeting.
I want to call a truce.
Get here before 3:00.
I'll be there.
Anything? You will never guess who wants some face-time with you this afternoon.
[Indistinct conversations] What's the plan? Well, first we convince the special agent in charge that we're here to help.
I don't think that's gonna be possible.
Welcome to Cleveland.
If I were to debrief you, I would tell you that we are following multiple threats, none of which are credible enough to close off the public space surrounding the courthouse, which is where people are gonna come to protest.
If there is a guilty verdict, we are expecting violent reactions.
These are people who like guns in a state with concealed-carry laws.
Roll back for a second.
"If" you were gonna debrief us? You three didn't come here for a call.
We're here to work, Miranda.
For me, reporting to me? Sitting in a room doing exactly what I say? That's what I thought.
I thought you were in FBI custody, Raina.
- That's not - Raina's You sent Nimah to jail? I didn't want her to go, but we felt that it's safer for me like this.
Miranda: I don't care.
I want nothing to do with it.
I barely got this assignment, and I'm not about to lose it because you can't play by the rules.
Oh, you want to lecture us about playing by the rules? I didn't ask the FBI to cover up what happened at the G20, but they did.
And because they did, I have a last chance to save my career.
And the only pathway to do that is to follow the straight and narrow, and I can't possibly do that with you guys running off the reservation like you usually do.
You want to help? Don't leave the building.
Start manning the phones.
And report any incidents of unrest to me.
I was trying to protect my sister's wishes.
You could've trusted us.
We brought you along thinking you were an FBI agent.
Look, I went to Quantico.
I know what I'm doing.
I sure hope so, because we'll need to operate under Miranda's nose to get the proof that gets us a mistrial.
All right, juror names should be easy to find on the FBI server.
Setting up a secure site to send names to the bunker.
All right, Owen and Ryan can do a deep dive into the jurors, see if there's any evidence that they've been compromised, evidence we can use to question them.
As FBI agents, we just say we're investigating credible threats.
What do we tell Miranda? Nothing.
The less she knows, the better.
Kelly Hughes her mother just moved to the top of the heart and lung donor list two days ago.
Maybe this is the Collaborators giving her an incentive.
My mother had an infection, but as soon as it got better, they moved her up.
Why does the FBI need to know this? Is she okay? Is the hospital under investigation? No, that's all I need.
Ryan: Lowell Shaw A lot of phone calls from unknown numbers since deliberation began.
Could be blackmail.
Lowell: The blocked calls are from my daughter.
I promised my wife I wouldn't help her if she relapsed again, but she's my baby.
What can I do? So, she calls asking for money.
I know I should say no, but her calls are the only way I know she's even still alive.
I know I'm not supposed to talk about the trial, but how am I supposed to find this man guilty and take him away from his kids when I know how that feels? Owen: Mitch Connor, juror number four.
Just sold his house for twice market value through a shell corp.
Clever way to disguise a bribe.
Mitch: I told you It was a windfall.
The same buyer purchased half the block.
He wanted to build a hew housing development.
I already explained all of this in voir dire.
Why do I have to do it again? These questions are for your protection, sir, I assure you.
Right, just like Judge Kaplan assured us there was no pressure when he imposed that unofficial deadline for the verdict? Or the way he's been not-so-subtly steering us to a guilty verdict? Judge Kaplan is pressuring the jurors? I shouldn't be talking to you.
No, you shouldn't.
I thought Maxine was a lefty.
What did you do? Reverted back to high school.
[Groans] YMCA, Children's Hospital, Habitat for Humanity You work for a real saint.
I work for a politician who wants to do good in the world.
[Door opens] Give us the room.
That kid knows the Constitution backwards and forwards.
He can name every president, every capital, every Civil War battle.
He loves this country more than you and I do.
[Chuckles] How do you figure? Convert's fervor.
Good to see you, sir.
"Sir" denotes respect.
You can call me "Mr.
" The President doesn't know I'm here.
Well, this is Washington.
Everybody knows you're here.
They just don't know on whose behalf.
I'd like to say the American people, [chuckling] but I hear how that sounds.
Well, you don't represent the people any more than I do.
We're in the minority everywhere but in here.
Maybe you disagree, but I think we can get more done working together.
And what would we be working together for? Hmm? You and your mother look at this country the way politicians have looked at it for 250 years, as if there's this ideal America out there and it's just out of reach.
This country, although we've made strides, is arguably in the same place it was all those years ago.
We have the same issues, we just use different names now.
Once we called it slavery, now we call it mass incarceration.
We used to worry about robber barons, now we worry about the one percent.
When all is said and done, none of us have done much of anything except haggle over the check that John Adams left us with.
But you're a Republican.
This is the 21st Century, Mr.
None of us is only one thing.
So, you don't believe in a two-party system anymore? Well, both sides think they know what's best for this country, but we never agree.
And the citizens see us fighting each other, so why they should believe we know what we're doing? Our definition of democracy is a first draft written centuries ago.
But we can finally do better once we stop pretending that people act in their own best interests and get them to see that they should leave those decisions to us.
So then, you believe in an oligarchy.
I only believe that we should let our elected leaders lead.
Well, then, let my mother lead.
I would, if she'd been elected.
You want to bridge the gap between the sides? So do I, by eliminating them.
You take a step towards me, publicly.
Come for work for me, and we'll be that much closer.
No parties, no fights, just one voice The voice of the people.
[Cellphone rings] Yeah, I'm on my way back.
Owen: None of the Collaborators have a direct connection to what's going on in Cleveland.
Not Sherman or Roarke or Christian Kelly or Ryan: Owen, I have to call you right back.
[Cellphone beeps] Geez.
The Collaborators got to the judge.
I know it.
I just don't know why.
It's the jury that decides the case, not him.
Yeah, so when a judge forces a verdict with an Allen Charge, it almost always favors the prosecution.
By pressuring the jury, the judge is able to sway any fence-sitters towards voting guilty.
Exactly the verdict the Collaborators want.
So, you know what you need to do now.
Get to that judge, ASAP.
On it.
Miranda: What are you three doing up here? There's still phones ringing downstairs.
You need to follow up on a threat made to Judge Kaplan.
Just like you followed up on the threats to the jurors? I've got multiple complaints of harassment.
I'm not about to let you tamper with that judge.
I'm taking all three of you into holding.
You're done here.
[Both grunting] Ugh! Hey, Owen, you want to grab some din That money has a clean paper trail, and I'm not forcing anything other than an end to a long deliberation.
An Allen Charge is a standard procedure.
An Allen Charge is a way to force the jury to decide quickly.
You're being controlled, Judge.
I've seen that look.
You've taken the leap, and now you're just hoping that you get away with your decision.
We could keep digging.
[Sighs] They told me that if I didn't ensure that he was found guilty, they'd bring me up on charges.
For what, I don't even know.
We won't let that happen.
Call a mistrial.
I can't do that.
The defendant will get a new trial, a chance for real justice.
[Door opens] What is it? You're too late.
The jury's reached a verdict.
[Keyboard clacking] [Machine printing] - Sebastian: Who are you working for? - Ryan: Who are you working for? Okay, just call security.
Just tell 'em we found a former operative breaking into The Farm.
Call Matthew Keyes.
Ask him what to do with a current operative who knows about a secret task force being run out of The Farm.
That's a pretty bold accusation, Sebastian.
You're hunting for a cabal hell-bent on bringing the world to its knees, the same people who turned Carly against her country, turned me against her, who broke everything good in me? You don't know who you're up against.
Harry understood That's why he ran.
You saw Harry? Now go, as far away as you can.
For how long? As long as it takes.
Keep safe.
You keep yourself safe, too, Sebastian.
I was following Thomas Roth.
I was there, at Bethesda Fountain.
That's how I found out about you.
Owen: Did you kill Roth? Did you kill Rebecca Sherman? I didn't kill anyone.
But I think that you and I have been doing the same thing Trying to find out who Carly was working for before she died.
Ryan: All right, so that's why you broke in, to see if we're on the same side? I had to be sure before I approached you, so I started following you.
But I needed real proof.
After reading your e-mails, now I know.
Rebecca Sherman, Alice Winter, Thomas Roth, Peter Theo, Maxwell Fletcher, and Warren Shepherd.
Peter Theo.
I gave you something valuable.
[Grunts] Now give me something.
Let me go.
If I find anything helpful, I'll pass it along.
But you gotta share back.
Henry Roarke and Christian Kelly.
Thank you for getting on the phone with me, Mr.
I'm just fact-checking the Journal's piece on your latest endowments.
Peter: It's what I'm proudest of The ability to bring help to others.
Hmm, generous check to the CareNet at Henry Roarke's gala.
A million dollars to the Thinkers Institute Why that one? I met a young man on the board, an entrepreneur.
Reminded me of myself.
I think you'll hear ia lot about him soon.
And I've noticed that Rebecca Sherman and Thomas Roth were both at your daughter's wedding.
I thought you were asking about my charitable giving.
I don't respond to fishing expeditions from arts reporters.
If you have any real questions, you can find me anytime, unless I see you first.
[Phone disconnects] [Angry shouting] - Alex: Anything? - Shelby: What is it? Guilty, on all counts.
What do we do now? [Sighs] We gear up.
There's about to be a riot.
Well, it's not every day you get a bona fide American hero as a bodyguard.
[Chuckles] Just happy to serve, sir.
Well, let's go out there and stop this thing like the heroes we are.
- Madam President.
- Mr.
You don't mind if I introduce you? Um, I'd be honored.
[Angry shouting] [Camera shutters clicking] Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Presidents usually start these speeches with "My fellow Americans," because we like to remind you that we are all in this together, equals.
We also say, "My fellow Americans," so that you'll forget for a second everything in our country that divides us.
We tell you that we believe in a United States that will protect your family, and then we throw a man in jail for protecting his.
I am responsible for that.
I helped pass the executive order that made Benjamin Johnson's gun purchase illegal because I believed that it would save people's lives, and maybe it did.
But it also ruined a man's life.
We live in a country of more than two parties.
Beware of any leader who tells you it would be easier for you to just let them make your decisions for you because they know what is best, because we do not know what's best.
We learn what's best through trial and error.
I pushed for that law because I believed it was right at the time.
But I made a mistake.
It wasn't ready, and it wasn't properly vetted.
I will not make that mistake again.
[Cheers and applause] Owen: Roll call Christian Kelly, Henry Roarke, Rebecca Sherman, and Thomas Roth.
And now, thanks to a tip from an old friend, Alice Winter of Greypool, our defense collaborator, tech mogul Peter Theo, Maxwell Fletcher the ideologue, and finally, media baron Warren Shepherd.
So, if our analysis is right and we're looking for eight Collaborators, we have everyone.
It feels nice to have a win for a change.
Two, when you count your coup on the courthouse steps.
We cut Roarke off at the knees.
Claire: None of us knows how this will end, but when I can't sleep at night, I remember that you're here fighting back.
And that you stay here, despite the setbacks, threats on your lives, loss of friends.
You keep going, and I thank all of you for that.
I hope the next time we gather here, this war will be over.
I take no credit for that speech.
That's all her.
But the other one [Laughs] You're home! I mean, here.
You live somewhere else.
I do.
Yeah, I, um I saw the light on.
I just wasn't sure if it was Owen or you.
You cook? - So, I'm home - Right, um, I just came to say I'm glad you're here.
I was worried about you.
I thought maybe you would Run away? I thought you were going to see your mother to shut us down.
I was.
What happened? I let my fear of failure take me to a dark place A place I needed to go to remind me it's never where I ever want to be.
Clay, you have a gift.
You know how to inspire people, how to keep us moving forward even when we don't want to.
That speech tonight We know you wrote it.
But more than that, we know that you mean it.
Thank you for not leaving us.
We need you.
Nice monologue, Michelle Williams.
Are we eating this century? Are you staying for supper? No, actually, I think I should go.
Good idea.
I'll walk you out.
So, I can call you to check in on Clay, but you won't text me to say you got the message? I'm here, aren't I? Unfortunately, so are you.
Look, you were right.
Clay's struggling, but not with work.
Only you.
Whatever it is that's happening between you two, you have to stop it or, I swear, I will make your life a living hell.
Hey, get some rest.
You look about 10 years older than you should.
Owen: I ordered you a burger.
And I booked you some time at the shooting range.
You really don't take no for an answer, huh? I really don't.
It looks like my work's paid off.
I don't see any bruises.
Yeah, Ryan told me about our friend, Sebastian.
Oh, yeah, hey! I did all right.
I'd say some instincts came back when I needed them.
Good! You know what's odd? I trust you.
- [Laughing] - Wait! [Laughs] Why Why is that odd? Because I don't trust anyone.
It's the worst part about myself.
I just assume everyone's lying to me, and they usually are.
Ryan We all know how that started.
Harry, Nimah, even Shelby At some time or another, they've lied to me.
But you don't.
You never have.
Yeah, that's a lot to put on me.
[Chuckles] Some day, I may have to.
I know, but you haven't yet.
I'm gonna start tomorrow.
[Laughing] Shut up.
Alex Parrish, if we're being honest with each other, I never really liked you At all.
Next time, pick a better lie.
Everyone likes me.
[Laughs] I'll give you that.
Hi, it's good to see you.
I'm hungry.
I'll make the salad if you make the entrée.
You got it.
[Knocking at door] Heading out, unless you need something? You once asked me why I still use this Rolodex.
I like to see the sheer tonnage of people that owe me favors.
I don't remember the last time that I was Henry.
I'm Mr.
Speaker, and people come into this office to get something.
Doesn't matter if they're a rival or an ally or an old friend from boarding school.
I didn't know Clay would do that.
Well, if you didn't, you should have.
And if you want to keep your job, you'll find out what he's up to and you'll make it up to me.
And if you don't, I'll have your green card revoked and deport you.
I bet you didn't know I would do that, either.
Oh, you're smarter than you look.
- This has to stop.
- Can it wait half an hour? I have to run down a lead.
A lead? On me and my team? I know you think I'm an adversary, but I'm on your side.
I think I found something that could help you.
- I swear! - [Laughs] You want me to trust you now? Like I could trust you before? Are we past that? You tell me.
I'm past it, and that felt like you're past it, too.
But if not, we can make up when I get back as much as you want.
We can even fight somewhere first.
Or, I could go with you, and that way we can get to the make-out part faster.
Half an hour, back here.
Be ready to rumble.
Oh, and bring wine.