Quantico (2015) s03e13 Episode Script

Who Are You?

1 [CANTOR SINGING IN GAELIC] [SINGING CONTINUES] We're entering the church now.
OWEN: Copy that.
- No sign of Conor Devlin.
- He may not show up.
He's got every cop in Dublin looking for him.
Conor's gonna have a hard time getting past all those cops outside.
Attendee names and I.
s, please.
[POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Forgive me, lad.
I was so overcome with grief that I left my wallet at home.
My name's Daniel Byrne.
You'll find it's on the list.
Now please let us through.
CONOR: Bad luck to be late for a funeral.
My condolences, Mr.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Cops aren't moving.
They're letting him go.
You just let Conor Devlin walk right past you, Deputy.
I didn't see him, Director Hall.
It's a funeral.
I can't just arrest every man in black on your say-so.
[SINGING CONTINUES] MAN: Yeah, it's Conor Devlin.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERING] [SINGING ENDS] The church is filled with Devlin friendlies.
Be careful.
My son was murdered by Americans.
[GUNSHOT] I never had a chance to look at his face one last time because those same Americans put me in chains.
[ALARM BLARING, HANDCUFFS CLICK] As I stand before you now, his body remains in a freezer across the ocean.
Is that peace, brothers? And now I gaze upon my brother, also murdered by Americans [GUNSHOT] but, this time, right here on our own soil.
His killers stand among us right now in this holy place.
- Conor knows we're here.
- Alex, get out of there.
And it's not just my brother laying before us now.
He's our brother.
If we let him walk away, we might never see him again.
We didn't start this war.
We have to grab him here.
Nor were we allowed to choose a battleground.
His men may not mind shooting us, but they'll think twice if we have Conor by our side.
I ask you one more time Is that peace, brothers? - No! - No! 170 years ago, the tricolor flag of Ireland was raised for the first time.
The green is for the south.
The orange is for the north.
But the white that lies in between is our humble isle's crown jewel.
It represents the peace that binds both sides together.
I hereby give up all vendettas and blood feuds against my fellow Irishmen.
We must stand as one.
From this day on, let us all be the white that lies in between.
That is peace, brothers.
[APPLAUSE] Let's go.
We'll take him at the exit.
It ends here, Conor.
Thank you for paying respect to my brother Parvati.
- Parvati! - My home is here, Andrea.
Parvati promised she'd read to me.
- No! - Stand down.
Montepulciano's just lovely this time of year, isn't it? I'll be in touch.
- Hey! - Don't you dare! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Devlin has Andrea and Isabella.
ALEX: [CRYING] [SNIFFLES] [SOBBING] Parrish, you all right in there? [BREATHES DEEPLY] I'm fine.
Irish police have units out looking for Andrea and Isabella.
- They won't find them.
- Not every cop is corrupt.
Alex, slow down.
You really think this is gonna be a simple search and rescue? Nothing about Conor Devlin is simple.
You, of all people, should know that.
We're gonna save them.
I don't need to be handled right now, McQuigg.
I'm not handling you.
The only thing that matters right now is to keep Andrea and Isabella alive.
Yeah, I know.
Which is why we're gonna save them.
But you don't have to push me away.
Everyone who comes close to me gets hurt.
I'm just giving you a chance to avoid being one of them.
ISABELLA: Parvati! Any word from Devlin? CONOR: I'll be in touch.
He gave you that phone for a reason.
He'll have an ask.
- Conor always does.
- But what's it gonna be? Montepulciano's just lovely this time of year, isn't it? I'll be in touch.
He knows I'll do anything to keep Andrea and Isabella safe.
He wants us occupied with that problem while he's planning other moves.
"Offer bait which the enemy must take, manipulating the enemy to move while you wait in ambush.
" Sun Tzu's "Art Of War.
" Never stopped being Devlin's playbook.
What other moves? Okay.
Jackie Murdock.
Head of the Murdock Clan.
Guns, drugs, smuggling, prostitution.
Runs all of Western Ireland with a steel fist.
Liam Killoran.
The Killoran Clan is based out of Belfast and runs all of Northern Ireland.
And as far as our crime clans go, Liam Killoran is the elder statesman.
The boss of all bosses.
Including Conor Devlin? Well, Liam was slitting Ulster Brigade throats while Conor Devlin was still wearing nappies.
So, what, these two big shots come together to pay respects to Eamon Devlin? Well, all three men have tried to kill each other a dozen times over the past years.
The clans hate each other.
So, what makes today different? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Ah.
I'm honored to see the Killoran Clan's elder statesman paying respects to my dear brother.
You may be an elder statesman yourself one day if you stop jumping out of airplanes.
- [CHUCKLES] - I'm surprised that wild rumor made it all the way to Belfast.
You've returned to Ireland as you left A legend in the making.
My one question to you is, what stories are they going to tell about you after you've gone? That I was a champion of unity.
That I was the man who brought the Three Clans together as one.
I meant what I said in Eamon's eulogy.
Eamon was a rabid lunatic, drowned to death on his own dirty business.
Show Mr.
Killoran respect.
No offense, Bobby.
I know you served Eamon well all those years.
And I appreciate loyalty.
- Shall we? - Ay.
The Three Clans united.
We'll have peace and profits.
Devlins have the best smuggling routes in the nation.
You have the gun runners.
Murdocks know how to traffic drugs.
If we combine our expertise Nice thought.
But delivering a rousing eulogy doesn't make you a free man, Conor.
I walk free in Dublin.
But only Dublin.
The rest of Ireland's police are after you.
I can't do business with a fugitive.
I mean unification of all resources.
Including our friends in the police.
Our links to judges and politicians across all of Ireland.
Peace and profits for the Clans and freedom for you.
Hey, guys.
Look at him.
Yeah, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Hold on.
That's Little Bobby.
He was one of Eamon Devlin's top lieutenants.
He's not just walking past Conor Devlin He's turning his whole body away from him.
Clearing a wide path.
After all those years by Eamon's side, he may not like where the Devlin Clan's headed now.
"Avoid what is strong.
Strike what is weak.
" Chapter 3.
And Chapter 8 "The enemy's dispositions can best be obtained from his own men.
" Little Bobby will lead us to Andrea and Isabella.
Well, there's no easy way to get to him, much less talk to him.
We're not gonna talk to him, Owen.
We're gonna take him.
I'll discuss your plan with Jackie Murdock, but I have conditions.
Name them.
No more human trafficking.
That racket died with Eamon.
End your vendetta with the FBI.
Your blood feud is bringing far too much attention to all of us.
You heard my speech.
No more vendettas or revenge.
I meant it.
Did you, lad? On my dear brother's soul, Liam.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] You'll be hearing from me soon.
I'll go about freeing the Italian man and his daughter immediately.
You'll do no such thing, Bobby.
[SIGHS] You've been gone in America a long time, so I'll remind you Men who break oaths with Liam Killoran die.
And men who disobey me die slowly.
[IRISH ACCENT] Watch where you're going, missus! Such a bleeding eejit I am.
[DEVICE BEEPS] It's all right.
[ENGINE STARTS] [ENGINE REVVING, TIRES SCREECHING] ALEX: He should be right in front of us.
There he is! We got him! SHELBY: Copy that, Alex.
[GUNSHOTS] - We okay? - Yeah, yeah, we're all right.
Hello, Alex.
You hurt her, and I'll kill you.
I'd never hurt a child provided the adults in her life act sensibly.
What do you want? The man who killed my son.
Ryan Booth.
Give him to me, and they go free.
You got 24 hours.
- Co - [LINE CLICKS] LITTLE BOBBY: I've been a soldier for the Devlin Clan since I've been a teenager.
You know how I survived? I wasn't the toughest or the smartest.
I'm the most loyal.
That's my gift.
God passed me on most everything else, but [CHUCKLES] that, he gave me in spades.
Knowing all that, let me ask you a question.
How the hell do you think you're gonna convince me to betray the Devlins? Yeah, let's keep talking about that loyalty.
The FBI didn't kill Eamon Devlin.
[SCOFFS] If you say so.
Look at the coroner's report.
Eamon was killed by a 22 round.
Low caliber, no exit wound.
The slug rattles around inside the skull, destroying the brain.
That's an assassin's bullet.
Now, you know anyone who carries that type of gun? You're a lyin' sack.
That report ain't real.
The only lying sack is Conor Devlin.
- I don't believe you.
- Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
How did we do it? How did we kill him? We got past all those men? We got past you? We shot Eamon and got out? You've kept him alive for all these years, and a bunch of Americans who don't even know your world managed to infiltrate it in a couple of days and kill the most powerful man in Dublin? Come on.
Down deep inside of you, under all that loyalty, there's a voice that's been telling you something ain't right, and we both know it.
Andrea and Isabella.
Where are they, Bobby? If we don't arrive in time, we're gonna miss the guard changeover.
Assuming we can trust Little Bobby.
Are you good to go? Of course I am.
It's not just another mission.
Shelby [SIGHS] I should have never left them.
I thought putting distance between us would keep Andrea and Isabella safe.
And the exact opposite happened.
Well, sometimes life has a funny way of giving us second chances.
Maybe you'll make another choice once we get them back.
Hey, guys.
We got to go.
[HORSE NEIGHS] Alex, you're clear to the stables.
Roger that.
Let's go.
Heads up, everyone.
We've got unknown hostiles approaching.
SHELBY: More hostiles incoming.
We gotta move fast.
- [SCREAM IN DISTANCE] - Isabella.
Alex, go.
We'll clear the perimeter.
Bella? Bella.
Parvati! Oh, Bella.
Come here.
[SPEAKING ITALIAN] You came for us.
Of course.
No one's ever hurting you again.
- I'm here.
- Why has this happened to us? How are you involved in all of this? Andrea, I'm an American FBI agent.
- What? - I'm sorry.
I'll explain later, but right now, we got to go.
Okay? Come on.
Just stay here, okay? [GUNFIRE] Isabella! Isabella! Aah! Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop.
Everyone stand down.
No, no, no.
You can't let this happen.
Andrea, we'll get her back.
I promise.
- Hey! Hey! Hey! - Let her go! He will kill her right in front of you.
He won't even hesitate.
SHELBY: I'm sorry, Andrea.
[SCREAMS] It's all right.
Please, just Just let her go.
You know who I want.
- Daddy! - [SCREAMS] Aah! Let go of me! - No! - [ENGINE STARTS] ISABELLA: Daddy! Bella.
It's my fault you and Isabella got put in this position.
I know that.
But I'll bring her home.
I promise.
You just need to trust me, okay? Trust you? I don't even know you! You know I love her, Andrea.
If that's true, if you truly loved her, and even loved me, you you would know that I can't stay here.
I-I need to be there for her! I know.
I know.
If you ever had a child of your own, you would understand.
Andrea You think I want coffee? Just, uh think of it as a peace offering.
You stopped me from going after my daughter.
What peace do I have now? He would have killed her right in front of you.
You don't know that! It's our job to know that, Andrea.
Okay? Your job is hunting demons.
And how long can you hunt demons before you turn into one yourself? [CELLPHONE RINGS] [SNIFFLES] It's him.
It's Devlin.
- [CELLPHONE BEEPS] - Hello? DEVLIN: My terms were clear, and the time to comply was generous.
The terms remain the same, but the time does not.
You have 20 minutes to deliver Ryan Booth to the Crumlin Council Houses, or the girl dies.
Conor, I Crumlin's a suburb on the Southside of Dublin.
We need to leave now if we're gonna make it in time.
- What's our plan? - We kill him.
Seven of us means seven guns.
Whoever has the shot takes it.
Every one of us has a reason to kill this man.
Good hunting.
What do you think you're doing? I'm coming with you.
It's a very bad idea.
- Hey.
- You can't stop me.
You're going to the Crumlin Council Houses.
Either I go with you, or I call the Irish police right now.
Shelby, talk to her.
What's the alternative? Tie him up? [VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES] Your call.
Come on.
Listen, you will stand beside me.
You will listen to every order I give.
No exceptions.
You got that? [ENGINE STARTS] Look, I'm the one who put a bullet in Conor's son.
Andrea and Isabella have nothing to do with this.
They're civilians.
My life isn't worth more than theirs.
But it's worth everything to me.
This is what we do.
We put ourselves in harm's way so we can protect the lives of innocent people.
Putting ourselves in harm's way is one thing.
Walking into an execution is another.
Hey! Conor knew his demand would put a strain on this team, okay? That's exactly what he wanted.
We can't let our emotions drive our decisions.
And, yes, I'm talking to both of you.
Well, if it was you he wanted, you would have turned yourself in already.
You don't know that.
I know you, Alex.
Time to get focused.
Everybody get into position.
High perch is set.
I'm in position.
When Devlin shows with Isabella, we'll take the shot.
Once he's down, I move in with Alex and McQuigg to recover the girl.
We're in position, Owen.
When does it start? I don't know.
It starts now.
We've got eyes on Conor.
SHELBY: I have a shot.
- Got him.
- Where's Isabella? No one takes the shot until Isabella is clear.
SHELBY: Roger that.
She's in the Rover on the right.
With a pair of guns point-blank at her center mass.
The girl stays in the vehicle until Ryan Booth presents himself to me, unarmed! If we take out one, the other kills Isabella.
Booth! We can try to take them both out simultaneously, but if we miss, she's directly in the line of fire.
- Yeah.
- You have 10 seconds to surrender, or things will become quite gruesome.
They are going to kill her.
- Conor wants Ryan.
- Shall we begin? If he kills Isabella, he loses his leverage.
He's bluffing.
10 He wasn't bluffing when he killed my sister.
9 - He won't do it.
- We don't know that.
8 7 I'm sorry.
- CONOR: 6 - Andrea, don't! - What the hell's he doing? - Please, sir.
Don't do this.
Take me instead.
Let my little girl go.
Don't do this.
Take me instead.
I'm begging Andrea! - Andrea! Andrea! - Everyone, hold steady.
- He still has Isabella.
- Andrea! No, no! No! No! No.
- Oh, my God.
- Help her.
Help her.
I-I promise.
A long time ago, you asked me who I was.
My name is Alex Parrish, and I swear to you that I'm gonna bring your daughter home.
I promise.
[SOBS] - [GRUNTS] - MCQUIGG: Alex, don't! He's still got Isabella.
Stand down, Alex.
Now, where were we? Alex, stand down! Ah, that's right.
5 4 3 2 Conor! Ryan, what the hell are you doing? The only thing left to do.
- Ryan, don't.
- SHELBY: Ryan! I can't just stand by and watch a 7-year-old die.
Let him go.
It's the only way.
I love you.
[GASPS] [ENGINE STARTS] Let the girl go! Bella.
Bella, come here, sweetheart.
Just come here.
I got you.
I got you, baby.
Where's Daddy? Just close your eyes, okay? Keep your eyes closed real tight.
I got you.
I got you.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] MAN: He's clean, sir.
No weapons, no trackers.
Leave us.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Keep going.
Finish it, Devlin.
[DOOR CLOSES] In my own good time.
You were kind enough to give my son a quick death.
I'm afraid I won't be returning the favor.
I'm going to start with non-vital organs first, lad.
The kidneys, for instance.
A man can survive with just one.
But that doesn't mean it's pleasant feeling them shut down on you.
Doc! How many punches does it take to rupture a man's kidney? Bare-knuckled? I'd say eight or nine, sir.
That's Dr.
He'll be keeping you fully conscious for everything I'm gonna unleash over the next 48 hours.
Hungry, Bella? She says she found a dollhouse upstairs big enough for a family of four.
You can go.
Go on.
Little Bobby's tapped out.
Listen, the Devlin Clan own over 100 properties across Dublin, and that's assuming Conor's even keeping Ryan in the city.
MCQUIGG: After we raided his stables, Conor had to figure his hiding spots were compromised.
So wherever he's keeping Ryan probably won't be in his real-estate portfolio.
Had any luck on Liam Killoran? Well, I spoke to my friends at MI5 and got them to put a call in to him, but it Well, tell them to call again.
We're running out of time, Harry.
We need everything we can get on Conor Devlin now.
We both know he couldn't live with himself if he didn't save her.
Either one of us would have done the same thing.
I wouldn't have done it without telling my husband first.
Shelby, if Ryan told you, would you have let him surrender to Conor Devlin? Ryan's not gonna survive this one, is he? Yes, he is.
He has to.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] CONOR: I pay you to keep him awake.
Now get him up.
- [CHIP BEEPS] - Ah.
[CELLPHONE CHIMES] What is it? An RFID signal.
Ryan's alive! All right, he's in Dublin, 10 minutes out.
Let's go.
[LIGHT CLICKS] Plenty of life left in him.
- RYAN: [COUGHS] - This one's a strong lad.
Your son wasn't so strong.
Lost control at the wrong time.
Had to put Phelan down like a rabid dog.
Don't you dare speak his name.
He He cried.
As he took his last breath, he cried.
- Don't! - Stop! Prep the IV and smelling salts.
He's gonna need it when I return.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
I'm here now.
SHELBY: [ECHOING] Ryan! [GUNSHOTS] No sign of Devlin here.
His pulse is barely there.
We'll get him to the hospital, okay? No.
I'll get him to the hospital.
You need to track down that son of a bitch and finish this.
I'm here.
Stay with me.
We have a common problem.
Conor Devlin.
[SIGHS] I think you're confusing me with someone else.
I'm just an elderly pensioner visiting from Belfast.
Killoran, your reputation precedes you as a man of honor.
And Conor Devlin lied to you.
He may have promised to end his vendetta against the FBI, but, instead, he kidnapped a 7-year-old girl and murdered her father right in front of her.
Their only crime That I cared about them.
Half an hour ago, I saw an agent from my team being admitted into the ICU.
Conor Devlin did that, too.
I could go on.
Even if what you say is true, it's none of my business.
Then let me tell you my business, because it's about to become yours.
I will have American FBI agents swarming every last inch of Ireland until I find Conor Devlin and anyone who ever helped him starting with you.
Why should I believe you? You're right.
You don't know me, Liam.
But you know him.
Ah, Little Bobby.
Not the honorable soldier now, I see.
Conor killed his own brother.
He broke the oath he swore to you.
Look, the Devlin Clan and my family have been enemies for years, but they're enemies I know.
If anything should happen to Conor, chaos will descend on Dublin.
And Lord knows who would take over.
You're looking at him, sir.
Don't move.
Hand over the gun, Conor.
What the hell is this? "Peace proposals unaccompanied by a sworn covenant indicate a plot.
" Even Sun Tzu knew better than to broker a truce with a lie.
"The Art of War" is over, Devlin.
And you lost.
You killed my sister.
Kidnapped Maisie.
Killed my daughter.
And Andrea.
Is this where the FBI murders me in cold blood, then? [CHUCKLES] Come on, now.
We're not murderers.
Then tell me how all this ends, Alex? It ends here.
[CHOKING] Is he gonna wake up? Fractured skull.
Beaten within an inch of his life.
But no brain trauma.
He should wake up.
[SIGHS] We earned it.
Any moment can also be hello.
[SIGHS] So, what happens next? Well, Ryan wakes up.
No, you've got to believe that.
And when he does, he'll be facing an FBI inquiry, like the rest of us.
But I'm guessing what you're really thinking about is what happens now between you and Alex.
I'm not thinking about that.
I've been thinking about when we all first met at Quantico.
[SIGHS] We were such kids.
None of us knew who we were yet.
We thought we did, but we didn't.
And nothing turned out the way we expected.
[SNIFFLES] Everything turned out the way it should have except for today.
Except for this.
Alex, can I give you some advice? Sure.
This loving someone, truly loving someone, is everything.
You've always run from it, but as your best friend, I am telling you stop running.
Worrying about you is the best part of my day.
Peaceful lives are for other people, Alex.
We're all burdened by history, Deep.
- Make things right.
- Best friends forever! You are the sum total of the decisions you make.
Your last bad decision doesn't have to define you.
But as your best friend, I am telling you stop running.
What's going to happen to me now? Have you ever been to America? No.
Would you like to see it? With you? Yeah, with me.