Quantum Leap (2022) s01e13 Episode Script

Family Style

Quantum Leap was an experimental
time travel program
years away from being tested.
- Why did you leap?
- I don't remember anything.
Your name is Dr. Ben Song.
You're a time traveler,
leaping from life to life
trying to put right
what once went wrong.
Do you remember meeting with this man?
I lost time.
Did you ever stop to think
about who was behind the wheel?
Are you kidding? I keep drawing them.
This is the person
you see in your dreams?
That's the person who was
behind the wheel when I lost time.
Where are the pakoras?
Finishing now.
- Dining room's ready.
- Almost 11:30.
We're opening. Let's go.
- Awesome.
- Kamini,
what are you doing looking
around happily aise-vaise?
I need the tomatoes.
Yes, Chef!
"Yes, Chef"? Hit your head or what?
How about, "Yes, Mummy."
Right. Yes, Mummy.
Chalo. Put these outside.
That smells great.
Don't drool on it.
I'll have to make it again.
That way.
Hai Ram, why did you give me
such useless daughters?
- Rice!
- Rice.
Don't forget the tongs.
Mmm. Mm-hmm.
I'm not gonna tell Mom,
but you've gotta stop
eating the merchandise.
Mm. My bad.
How many did you eat?
- A lot.
- Oh.
Finally realized
you have work today, Manisha?
I was recipe testing. Remember?
Today's the day.
New dinner menu,
courtesy of Manisha Prasad.
You said I could do it.
- Did I?
- No, no backing out now.
Okay, I've got a whole plan.
Dum biryani, masala prawns, Chana chaat.
Dum biryani?
Your father's favorite.
But do you really think people are
ready for that kind of food?
I mean, it's so unusual for them.
Americans don't like
things they can't pronounce.
I do. I know you're scared
about changing Dad's menu.
But I think this can really go well.
Didi thinks so too, right?
Oh, I'm Didi.
Yeah, absolutely.
You always take her side.
- Hello. Welcome.
- Hi there.
Try the pakoras. They're fresh.
And delicious.
Right over here. There's three of you?
She doesn't always take my side.
First of all, I'm I'm very flattered.
I didn't realize that you had
a slightly concerning artistic streak.
Ian, we, uh, tracked down
the name Janis gave us
of the person who told Ben to leap.
They're a barista at
a coffee shop in Silver Lake.
- So how do they know Ben?
- When we talked to them,
they had no recollection of him
because they were leapt into.
But they remembered the person's face
the way I remembered Sam's.
Did you do this?
- Did you leap?
- No. No, I
Well, at least At least not yet.
The, um the face
in these sketches looks
Looks older, right?
So this must be me,
but at some point in the future.
So I'm the one that just
set all this in motion.
I must have leapt from
the future and spoken to Ben,
told him to activate
the Quantum Leap accelerator.
And I intentionally sent my best friend
just hurtling across space-time,
separating him from you.
I put him and us and this
entire program at at risk.
It just doesn't I
It was me the whole time.
Not you you, just future you.
Well, Ziggy found Ben.
Okay. Then I need to get
to the Imaging Chamber.
How happy are you that you are a chef?
Oh, it's the best.
I've had so many pakoras.
And I have knife skills.
Yeah, well, as much
as you love basketball,
eating really is your favorite sport.
And now when I get back,
I'll know how to make you Indian food.
Oh, I'm gonna hold you to that.
- Okay.
- The nose piercing
really suits you.
So, uh, when are we,
like, uh, mid-2000s?
And that's my family in there?
And you have leapt into Kamini Prasad,
the oldest daughter
of an Indian immigrant family
here in Portland, Oregon.
Your mother is Sonali, and
your little sister is Manisha.
Looks like your family owns this
restaurant, The Masala Garden.
It's been struggling to stay
afloat for the last few years
because Vikas, your father,
passed away about a year ago.
Ah. He must be the man
in the photo I saw.
Ben, I know why you're here.
The restaurant burns down tonight.
Sonali dies of a heart attack
a few weeks later,
I guess the stress of
a collapsing family business.
Manisha leaves the food industry,
and her and Kamini never speak again.
Ah. The whole family falls apart,
and one fire does all that damage.
Well, Ziggy says it's your
job to save the restaurant.
Okay, on it.
Uh, what could cause a fire?
Well, it could be a cooking accident.
Yeah, that stove did look
like it was on its last legs.
There's a bunch of wires
jerry-rigged in the kitchen.
- Could it be an electrical issue?
- Ben!
Where's my money?
Um, there must be some kind of mistake.
No, the mistake was
renting out my building
to people who now owe me
$30,000 in unpaid rent.
And if you ask for an extension
one more time, I swear to God.
Kathy Tanner, the restaurant's landlord.
Consider my friend Frank here
your eviction notice.
I want you and your family gone today.
I'll explain more later,
but she is the reason
that the restaurant burns down.
You have to talk her down.
Look, I totally understand.
You want your money, right?
That's what I just said.
Well, how are we gonna pay you back
if you close the restaurant?
This is my family's only form of income.
We're working on it.
We actually have a ton
of customers coming tonight,
uh, because of a new
promotion we're running.
- We do?
- Yeah.
If you hold off on the eviction,
we'll give you all of tonight's profits.
That's at least $5,000.
And then we'll pay you the rest
by the end of the month.
Come by. Check it out for yourself.
If we have even one empty table tonight,
you can kick us out.
This is your last chance.
You don't bring in a damn
windfall tonight, you're gone.
And one way or another, Ms. "Prashad,"
I'm getting my money.
Let's go.
Let me guess, insurance fraud?
Yup. She goes to prison
in a few years for burning down
two apartments that she owns.
Hey, are you okay?
This leap just hits a little
close to home, that's all.
Sonali's a tough, single mom
trying to support her kids
in a new country, just like mine was.
In fact, it was my mom's dream
to run her own restaurant.
But she put that off
to pay for my school.
I didn't know that.
I may not have been able
to save my own family.
But I won't let this one fall apart.
- What's all this?
- Oh, hi.
Sorry, I didn't hear you come in.
I'm just going through a few
thousand probability scenarios
that I ran through Ziggy
to try and figure out
why I would leap from the future.
This is about the sketchbook.
- Mm.
- Have you been here all night?
Now, if I leapt back to here,
then I have to figure out
what got me to that point.
So there may be a choice
in the near future
that sets this whole thing in motion,
unless the me that was triggered to leap
was triggered by events
that we've never experienced
Ian, Ian, stop.
I can't, okay?
I can't.
I gave up everything for this job.
And with what we just learned
from that barista,
I could be a risk to the whole program.
No one here believes you're a risk.
But having you spun out like this
is not helping you or us.
I want you to take the day.
You need to find your footing again.
No, no, no, no, please, no.
What what I need is more time
with Ziggy, okay?
And Ben is still stuck in that leap.
You seem to think that was a suggestion.
That was an order.
Jenn and I will hold down the fort.
You take some time for yourself.
And go where?
I find when I need centering,
the answer isn't usually a place.
It's a person.
Kaise hoga? Get an extension.
That's what your father always did.
Mom, Didi said she's not
giving us any more extensions.
She wants to evict us,
and we need to make sure
the restaurant is packed
to the gills tonight
and give her all the profits.
And how do we bring these people in?
Manisha gonna call all the boyfriends
that she doesn't tell me about?
Clearly, I don't have to,
because Didi tells you everything.
Okay, tabling that for later.
I got a tip from a friend.
Have you heard
of a company called Groupon?
It's this new website where businesses
offer discounts to their customers.
People love a deal.
I don't know.
I don't trust this "web-sheb."
I think it's a good idea.
It's 2009. We need to modernize.
If we offer a two-for-one on dinner,
we can bring in a whole host
of new customers.
Okay. Thik hai.
Just sign us up, Kamini.
Okay, nice.
Uh, there's an office down here.
All right, signing up for Groupon.
Looks like the Prasads have
had a tough go of it recently.
Good old days.
Yeah. Not easy to keep going
after you've lost someone.
What happened?
Mom said I can't make my menu anymore.
With all the pressure on this dinner,
she thinks we can't take
a chance on unfamiliar food.
I'm sorry. I know how excited you were.
I want to be a chef, Didi,
a world-class chef.
And I wanna do it our way,
not with this mass appeal buffet stuff,
with authentic, regional Indian food.
People are ready for it. I know it.
And she won't change even one
thing about this restaurant.
She'll come around.
Maybe she just needs some time.
I don't know. Ever since Dad died,
she's this other version of herself.
Remember, she used
to be fun, adventurous.
She and Dad wanted to travel the world.
They were gonna go see
the pyramids this year.
And now she's holed up,
afraid of change, afraid of everything.
And she's taking
the restaurant down with her.
I'm gonna go get the groceries.
- I'll be back.
- All right.
We've got customers.
Well, I'm figuring it out,
but this leap's getting stressful.
So we can put you
on a rocket ship no problem,
But this mother-daughter thing,
that's your breaking point?
Well, science has yet to figure out
the immigrant parent.
- Ah!
- Ah!
- Oh, my God.
- I'm sorry, boss.
It's the baby.
She's doing that sleep regression thing.
It's killing me and my wife.
Oh. God, okay.
Well, get some rest, okay?
Not here, but at home.
Uh, where's he going?
Hey. Uh, did Sonali
Uh, did my mom ask you to go somewhere?
No. Uh, there's this, like,
sneaker drop, Grails.
Like, I've waited
my whole life for this
I'm sorry, but we need
all hands on deck right now.
Right. And I'm totally there,
except for, like, the next two hours.
Ah! Hai Ram!
Oh, God.
- Ugh.
- Mom!
- You all right?
- I'm fine.
I know I have to get that surgery.
I'll get it, beta. I can't take
two months off just like that.
Who'd run everything?
It's a nerve injury. Probably from the
repetitive stress from the kitchen work.
Can you get some ice?
Well, I can do you one better
Mom, have often are you
supposed to be wearing these?
Well, no wonder your hands are hurting.
Can you put them on for the day?
But they make it hard to cook.
Sonali Bhabhi?
Oh, it can't be.
Sonali Bhabhi, it's been too long.
Padmini and Gauri Kumar, Vikas' cousins.
I didn't realize
we had other family here.
Yes, and they're not
exactly close relations.
And Kamini, you look great.
Eating well, I see.
Thank you.
I thought you'd lost our address.
We haven't seen you since the kriya.
Well, we certainly tried to call.
Dimpy came by.
She said you were too busy
to chat with her.
Well, I'm running
the restaurant on my own now,
so hard to take breaks.
In any case, that is not
the reason why we stopped by.
We realized it's been
a year ago this week
since Vikas passed away.
Such a wonderful man, Bhabhi.
We all miss him.
- We do too.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, well, very nice of you to stop by.
Uh, oh. That's it?
We have a big dinner rush coming, so
- Do you need help?
- We can help.
- Uh, buh-bye.
- Bye.
Thank you for the mithai.
That was abrupt.
They didn't actually want to be here.
They were offering help.
Do you think they'd
chip in with the debt?
Isn't that what family's for?
No, beta.
They've always looked down on us.
I'm not gonna give them
any more ammunition.
Seemed like they were
offering an olive branch.
Even this was an opportunity
for them to assert their superiority.
This barfi is from the most expensive
mithai shop in Portland.
They're just showing off.
Your father knew how to deal with them,
just as he knew how to deal with Kathy.
But he's not here now.
He was the glue.
Hard to believe
he's been gone a whole year.
It feels like 50.
She's got a lot of pride, that woman.
Reminds me more and more of my mom.
I think I'm supposed
to get to her somehow.
Oh, good. We have seven hours left
till that dinner.
You went to the expensive market?
I told you to go to Apna Bazaar.
These aren't even our ingredients.
They're completely different.
They're for my menu, the one
I was supposed to do tonight.
Excuse me?
If we're trying to pull a crowd,
we need to evolve, Mummy.
I told you, no.
Ben, I just checked.
You have 200 people coming in tonight.
Uh, we have 200 people coming tonight.
You have 200 people coming?
And you want us to cook
an entirely new menu?
If we have to make up $30,000,
we need to pull people in with
something they've never seen before.
I recognize that face. Take cover.
You girls can't follow my instructions
even once, can you?
You would never behave like
this in front of your father.
That's because Dad would
actually listen to us.
You still treat us like we're 15!
I think we all need to take a breath.
Just give me a chance.
Let me try out these dishes.
No. Not today.
You don't think I can do it, do you?
You don't think I could be a real chef.
I think you have dreams.
But maybe that's all they are.
See? This is how you react
Like a child!
Manisha, don't do this. We need you.
She doesn't care if I'm here.
You want to go?
- Go!
- Great.
Then I quit.
- Ian?
- Hi.
Such a small world.
I didn't I didn't realize
that they moved your office over here.
So small. What are you doing here?
Oh, I, um I just
I had the day off of work,
so I've been exploring
new coffee places.
Have you ever had this one?
It's super cute.
My building's coffee shop?
- Mm, mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Would you maybe want to try it again?
With with me?
Is that is that weird?
That's weird, isn't it?
What, because you're my ex-partner,
and I haven't heard from you in years?
Yeah, yeah, something like that.
I did, however, happen to pick these up
on the way here from Frankie's,
if that's of interest to you.
Low blow.
- Okay.
- Mm?
I have a meeting in 45.
That's perfect. That's great.
We're out of chole masala.
I'll have a refill for you
in 30 seconds.
I have no idea what to do
with these godforsaken ingredients.
Ben, you are up to 300 reservations.
Mom, I think I should turn off the site.
We have 300 tickets sold.
We can't turn people away.
Didn't you say we have $30,000 to raise?
We have an hour left for lunch
and then five until the dinner rush.
We need help. Let me call Manisha.
You, Diego, and I have it covered.
You and I have it covered.
Didn't you just call me useless?
Don't focus on the past.
Grind the jeera, cut the aloo,
and marinate the chicken.
The what, the huh?
Not like that. Let me do it.
Too coarse, too coarse.
You're so slow. Let me do it.
I don't know if this is gonna work.
Okay. Look, clock's ticking.
What else can you do
to save a restaurant
besides bring in new customers?
Hm. Uh, what happens
to the property after it burns down?
Uh, looks like
an up-and-coming restaurant
investor named Kevin Rasmussen
buys it in a couple of weeks.
He's no big deal now,
but in a few years,
he will be at the forefront
of Portland's foodie scene.
Of course there is
a "New Yorker" article.
Kevin Rasmussen says,
"Food is the only art form
that uses all five senses."
A little pretentious, but
That's our solution.
Food-based pretension?
He invests in this property
after it burns down.
So clearly, he's interested
in the location.
If I can get him to invest today
instead of two weeks from now,
it'll solve everything.
It'll zero out the family's debt
and bring new life to the business.
Can you track him down?
I got a phone number.
Hi, is this Kevin?
- Yeah, who's this?
- My name is Kamini Prasad.
I heard you were looking
for a location on 20th Street.
- That's correct.
- So my family runs
a restaurant there, Masala Garden,
and we're hosting a dinner for
potential investors tonight.
We've already got a bunch
of names on the list,
but I wanted to give you
a chance to get in the mix.
I appreciate that,
but I have plans tonight.
I'm gonna go to a new Brazilian place.
Eh, the moqueca can wait.
I promise this dinner is
the opportunity of a lifetime.
At Masala Garden, our philosophy is,
food is the only art form
that uses all five senses.
You know, I never heard it put that way.
I couldn't agree more.
I'll swing by tonight.
- See you then.
- See you then.
That was amazing.
Okay, Ziggy says if he invests,
then there's only a 2% chance
that the restaurant fails.
I'm gonna go check back
with the team, but great job.
Great job, you us.
Hey, Mom, guess what?
You took the braces off.
I told you, it makes it hard to cook.
- Where's Diego?
- I sent him home.
He was awake 20% of the time anyway.
Did you hurt your hand?
It's a small cut. My hand slipped.
Mom, let me take a look at that.
- This is
- I have to cook the chicken,
fry the bhatura, make the raita
No, Mom, you need help. We need Manisha.
No, we don't.
Look, I get that you two are
in a rough patch right now.
But trust me, she's doing her best.
She's trying to figure out
who she is, what she wants.
Only in America do people
have to find themselves.
Look, you're here. I found you.
You need to try to meet her halfway.
What if this is the last
conversation you ever have?
What if you don't get
a chance to rectify it?
Don't be ridiculous.
I'm not going anywhere.
Mom, that's hot!
- I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
Just help me clean up.
Your hand.
It's deeper than I th
Mom. Mom Mom!
You pop by my office after
we haven't spoken in years.
You deflect every question
I ask about you
and have a look of devastation
on your face
I haven't seen since they
canceled "Pretty Little Liars."
What is going on?
Let me guess.
It's classified.
It is classified.
Look, Ian, I
I get that your work is
Is high-level,
top secret stuff, but,
you know, this is why we broke up.
You can't come to me
struggling with something
and then keep it all behind a wall.
I I want to be there for you,
but I I can't do that if
If you won't let me in.
I have to, uh
I have to head to my meeting.
Wake up, Mom.
I need you. I need I need you here.
What happened?
Wake up. Wake up!
This is just like
what happened to my mom.
Your mom had an aneurysm.
Okay, there's nothing
that you could've done.
It's a cut. She passed out.
We need a first aid kit, okay?
Okay, first aid kit.
- Got it.
- All right.
You need some gauze and bandages.
First you need to clean out that wound.
Hey, she's okay.
Kya hua?
You passed out.
Here, come on.
I'm gonna help you up.
We need to rinse that cut.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have stressed you out more.
It's okay, this things happen.
It's not your fault.
All I was saying was,
you expect a lot from your kids.
No more than I expect from myself.
I know, but it's a lot of pressure.
I know it comes from a place of love,
but I think it also comes
from a place of pride.
If your kid fails at something,
it reflects badly on you.
It's not just that.
I don't want Manisha to get hurt.
She doesn't understand the world is not
as friendly as she thinks.
I I know, but you can't just
push people away if they don't
behave how you want.
Our cousins, your daughter.
Who's next?
Point is, it's up to you
if you want to be
by Manisha's side while
she makes her mistakes or not.
Do you really want pride
to get in the way of family?
You really have grown up.
It surprises me too.
What are we going to do?
We have 300 people coming.
Kris is shoe shopping,
and Diego's asleep at home.
I think you know what we're going to do.
Let's go get your sister.
Come to eat crow?
No, only pizza.
- Can I?
- Go ahead.
Still terrible, right?
Yeah, but in, like, a great way.
Remember the first time we came here?
We'd only just left Bombay
a few weeks earlier.
After Vikas got his first paycheck,
he brought us for a celebratory dinner
to the coolest place he knew,
D-Zel's Pizza.
Then it became a monthly
tradition after that.
To him, this was the American dream.
Mm. I'm sure it was.
Your father was a wonderful man
Smart, passionate.
He also thought that D-Zel's Pizza
was the epitome of American cuisine.
He had very specific ideas about food.
Do you remember when he would
serve mild-level dishes
to all of our American customers,
no matter how spicy they wanted it
because he was worried
about getting sued?
Or how he broke
the very first fridge we bought
because he insisted
on transporting it himself.
He was always so cheap.
He was cheap?
You returned every gift
he ever bought you.
Gifts are a waste of money.
To Dad.
To Dad.
To Dad.
Mom, I know this restaurant
is all we have left of him,
so changing it feels wrong.
But what if this change is to honor him?
I'm still in charge.
But you can add one dish
Dum biryani.
I'll take it.
Then what are we waiting
around here for?
We've got a dinner to cook.
Ye sab kya ho raha hai?
Wait here.
You gotta stay back, please.
- That's our restaurant!
- What happened?
Looks like a gas leak.
You're lucky nobody was in the building.
Mom Mom.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I can't believe it.
I came as soon as I heard.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
We did everything right.
It's because your father isn't here.
I mean, Ziggy said
there was only a 2% chance
that the restaurant burned down.
2% is low, but it's not zero.
I failed.
I'm gonna be stuck here forever.
You? You're the only one
with an escape hatch.
This whole thing is a sign.
Put that accounting degree to use.
Take that job at Nike.
Joy's a driver at USPS.
I'm sure she could get me a job there.
I'm going back to India. Enough of this.
You know, you meet people
from another country,
and you think,
hey, I'll give 'em a shot.
- Hey!
- And then something
like this happens.
We had a deal.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
And by the way, any insurance
money that I get from this
has nothing to do
with your family's debt.
You still owe me $30,000,
and I will take you to court to get it.
You burned down my family's restaurant.
I didn't.
I would never.
And you can't prove otherwise.
And even if you tried, who do you think
the police are gonna side with?
This is her plan now.
She plans to collect
the insurance money
and the money from the Prasads.
I guess Ziggy can't predict
when somebody's gonna be a complete
We still have to pay Kathy's debt.
How? Everything we have
is in that burning building.
There's still some hope.
I got a restaurateur
named Kevin Rasmussen
coming to dinner tonight.
If he likes the food,
his investment could
square out the debt.
You still expect us to have a dinner?
We can't, beta.
We don't even have a restaurant.
Just because we don't have a restaurant
doesn't mean we don't have a restaurant.
She's lost it.
Finally succumbed to the pressure
of being the older sister.
No. No, I have a plan,
and no one is going to USPS
or Nike or to India.
Go home, collect all the food
in the kitchen
and the freezer,
whatever you can find
It won't be enough.
We're family. We're always enough.
Meet me in an hour. I'll tell you where.
Okay. What are you thinking?
Do you remember that dinner we had
in a parking lot
outside the 99-cent store?
You remember that?
Ugh, I'm still trying to forget it.
That was a pop-up restaurant.
They were a thing, right?
Especially in this era?
If we can find a place to cook
and some things
for us to cook with, we won't need
a brick-and-mortar location at all.
Okay, but where are we gonna
find an outdoor restaurant?
Well, don't you have a team of geniuses
working on the other side of this thing?
- I sure do.
- Make them do it.
So you're in full stalker mode now.
Okay, says social media's
premier detective.
Look, I'm
You're right, okay?
I'm really bad at letting people in.
But I'd like to try,
if you're willing to hear it.
This project I joined
I'm wondering if I made
the wrong choice.
Now, you know when I took the job,
I had to give it everything.
It became my entire life.
I mean, it's the reason
that you and I
But what if, by choosing it,
I become responsible
for making a decision
that hurts the people I love?
Is is that something
that you think that I'd be
capable of doing?
Why would you ask that?
Because I hurt you.
Didn't I?
As long as I've known you,
you've had one goal,
helping people.
If this job means you have
to make some huge choice,
I trust you'll make the right one.
Everything you do,
you do for a good reason.
Thank you.
- Just do me a favor.
- Hm?
Respond to a text
- Oh, my God.
- More than once
every five years.
- Okay?
- Yeah, okay.
She said it was here.
- Wow.
- Oh, my God.
You made it!
Well, I tracked down a few weddings
being held around town this afternoon.
This family was kind enough
to delay their wrap-up
in exchange for the meal of their life.
I thought you went home
to get ingredients.
Did you not find anything?
We're here.
You reached out to them.
Yes. After what you said
about pride getting
in the way of family,
it's something I should have
done a long time ago.
So Bhabhi, put us to work.
What do you want us to do?
I thought you said I couldn't.
I know. But I changed my mind.
I can do that, right?
I don't know. I've never seen it before.
Just lead us.
Okay, Chef?
Add garam masala.
How are we on the paneer tikka?
Looking good, beta.
- Murgh malai?
- About five minutes away.
I am so mad
that I'm a hologram right now.
This looks amazing.
And you have a crowd forming.
Ah, look at that.
See your investor yet?
But he'll be here.
I will check in with HQ.
Do you want to let them in, Didi?
It would be my pleasure.
All right.
Welcome, everyone.
Thanks for bearing
with our location change.
All right, seat yourselves.
We'll be serving family style.
Hey, there's still no sign
of the restaurateur.
Can we find out what the holdup is?
I'm doing what I can with Ziggy,
but it's past my capabilities.
I can help with that.
- Nice to have you back.
- You good?
I told you you could take the day.
No, I I know, but someone
talked some sense into me.
If future me leapt,
they did it for a reason,
something important enough
to turn all of the worlds
of the people that I love upside down.
Now we just have to figure out
what that reason is.
Well, in the meantime, let's see
what's going on with this investor.
Paneer tikka, masala prawns.
Always consuming the merchandise.
It's amazing there's
anything left to serve.
Everyone loves the food.
Where's your investor?
He's not coming.
No, I'm sorry.
Ironically, he has food poisoning.
Well, it was a long shot,
expecting him to show up.
Expecting who to show up, Bhabhi?
An investor.
We owe a lot of money to our landlord.
Why didn't you say something?
It can't be that much.
- Huh?
- $30,000.
Yes, th that's a lot of money.
Well, I can chip in.
I got a bonus this year.
You couldn't. It's too much.
For one of us, it is.
But look, there's a lot of us.
And you know we Indians like
a good investment.
Maybe we could even fund
a new restaurant.
Kamini, no.
Of course. You know, I can't remember
the last time I ate such good food
Uh, except, of course,
at your restaurant, Bhabhi.
I'd be happy to fund a new restaurant.
Me too. Whatever you need.
I have done very badly this year,
but maybe you need a taste tester?
I do have a lot of new recipes.
But where would we do them?
Indians just found water on Mars.
You think we can't
find you a restaurant?
Kama's a Realtor. I'm sure he can help.
Just throw us some free phuchka
every now and then, yes?
You're very generous.
Nonsense. I have a feeling
we're all going to be very, very rich.
I mean, I have so many ideas.
Um, so I was thinking
Well, she's right.
With the help of their family,
the Prasads are able
to put a down payment
on a new storefront.
The business thrives,
and Sonali doesn't have a heart attack.
What about Kathy?
Well, turns out, uh,
Avinash over there works
for the Portland PD.
So Kathy goes down next month
for insurance fraud.
You did that.
You brought all
of those people together.
I'm really proud of you.
It was a two-way street.
The things I said to Sonali,
those were things
I wanted to say to my mom.
I hadn't even realized it myself.
But now I'm not carrying
that anger around
in the same way anymore.
Well, guess you should
get ready to leap.
I don't think I'm done quite yet.
Everyone wants to invest
in the restaurant.
There's so much to do.
I need to call the bank.
We need to buy new equipment.
We need to order new menus
- Mom, Mom.
- Fire two prawn, two jalebi.
We've run out of naan. Come on, people.
I love you. Let's move.
I think she's got it.
You're right.
You two don't need me.
But I need you.
Without working with you
in the restaurant,
what's the point of me?
First of all, Mom,
we'll always need you.
But also, think of all the things
you've set aside to help your kids
Your friends, adventures,
the trip to the pyramids.
You have spent your entire life
taking care of the restaurant and us.
What does it look like
to start living for yourself?
Usually, it's the parent's job
to tell the kid to spread their wings.
You can go back to ordering me around
first thing tomorrow.
Tomorrow, you and Manisha
figure out your venture.
And I will go to Egypt
and maybe take Gauri and Paddy with me.
Their kids are grown up
and married off
Which, now that I think of it,
is the next thing I need
to figure out for you girls.
I love you, Mom.
Holy ship.
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