Quantum Leap (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

A Kind of Magic

ALL: He loves me, he loves me not.
He loves me, he loves me not.
Well, does he love you or love you not?
- Who?
The magistrate's son.
As if you don't talk
about William incessantly.
- He loves you!
William and Elizabeth
sitting in a tree
Hi, girls.
Come on. Don't want to
be late for the funeral.
I heard William is gonna be there.
Are they angry with me?
- Uh
- I didn't do it, I swear.
Do what?
That's a bad omen.
Let's go.
- Shoo!


Shoo! Shoo!
Away with ye, damned mouser.
This town's had enough bad luck.


- Okay, that should do it.
- That's it?
No, that was the easy part.
The hard part was
creating the software patch
to override your quantum chip
without my boss noticing
anything changed.
So from now on, we'll
be able to locate Ben
without leaking any
private data to your boss.
- You sure?
- 100%.
Thank you. I I
feel like I can breathe
for the first time, and I just
I I don't know
what I would have done.
I'm just glad that
you finally came to me.
Okay, I have to get back to work
and pretend like none of this happened.
Go help Ben, wherever
whenever he is.
No, that can't be right.
What can't be right?
- Oh.
- What?
What's wrong?
Well, this says that Ben's in 1692.
That's the furthest
back he's ever leaped.
- Mm-hmm.
- Where is he?
A place called Middle
Towne, Massachusetts.
- I've never heard of it.
- Middle Towne?
Can you pull the town records?
Well, considering it's 17th century,
there aren't really substantial records.
Um, uh, excuse me?
You were the hologram last time.
- It's my turn.
Don't look at me. I'm not even allowed
in the imaging chamber.
Thank you.
And, uh, you probably won't
find anything on the internet,
so I would start with the
archives in the library.
Okay? Good luck.


I think they're all talking about you.
They're saying I had something to do
with Josiah's death.
You didn't, right?
I loved Josiah.
You don't seriously
think that I would
No, no, no, of course not.
Don't let them get to you.
It's just gossip, right?
It can't hurt you.
I'll be right back.
I'm gonna go pray.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God,
I have been dying to talk to you.
I mean, Hannah, the kiss
Yeah, look, I want
to, but talking to you
means talking to everyone
who's listening at HQ, right?
You mean Addison? You know,
you you can talk to her
Yeah, I just want to move
forward from this, okay?
- But
- That part of my life,
I left that part of my life behind me.
Okay. We'll focus on the leap.
So where am I?
It's 1692.
- What?
- I know.
There there's not exactly a lot of,
um, historical records to
help you out with this one,
but there is a lot of hot
goss flying around this church.
- So what are they saying?
- Well, your name is Elizabeth.
You are the servant
girl to Bridget Smith,
who I believe you
you two already met.
Everyone here calls her Goody.
- Goody?
- It's short for "Goodwife,"
which is, uh it's
ironic 'cause we are
we're at her husband's funeral service.
- Oh.
- But, uh wait, shh!
Here comes the reverend.
We gather in the wake of
the death of Josiah Smith,
survived by his young wife, Goody.
First a great drought
came to Middle Towne.
- Drought?
- People are, ah, complaining
about having to ration well water.
It's shh!
Then came the mysterious affliction.
Whatever killed Goody's husband
also apparently killed a
farmer and a blacksmith.
- So there's a disease.
- It could be.
I mean, we are in colonial America.
People died in a lot of strange ways.
But some people believe
that maybe it is a
punishment for the town.
- Like, by God?
- And I will punish the world
for their evil.
People are scared, so they're looking
for someone to blame
for all the bad things
that have been happening around town.
And they're blaming Goody?
Well, they're saying that she's a
- What?
- Ask yourselves
if he is hiding among us
in this church today.
That is to say, the Devil.
Elizabeth, right?
That is me.
How can I help you
- Magistrate Bloodborne.
- Magistrate?
How's your son doing?
Wait, how do you know he has a son?
William is not well.
He's running a fever like
Josiah before he died.
I brought him to
cleanse with God's word.
I fear the worst for my William.
There must be something you can do.
There is one thing you can help me with,
seeing as you're Goody's servant girl.
Was Goody behaving unnaturally
before Josiah's death?
Uh, l-like how?
Not like herself.
Maybe she was forgetting
things or sleeping in
or dancing naked in the woods?
I'm sorry, what?
Oh, crap. Ziggy is saying
that these people burn
Goody at the stake.
What? No.
No, sir.
What you're all blaming
Goody for is not true.
I hope you're right,
because if you're wrong
- William!
- William!
- He needs water!
- We are in a drought!
He's dying!
Somebody get him some water!
- There's no pulse.
- William is dead.
No, my son.
This is your fault.
- Me?
- You brought these plagues
- upon our town!
- We have to do something.
He is in God's hands now.
William died in the original history,
so there there isn't
much that you could do.
What is your servant girl doing?
[PANTING] Come on. Come on.

- He's alive!
- He's alive?
William lives!
[LAUGHS] I did it!
Wh-why is why is everyone
looking at me like that?
Well, um, fun fact, CPR
hasn't been invented yet.
So they all just saw you bring
someone back from the dead,
which makes you look a lot like
- Please.
Okay, so the good news is
that you did change history
and you saved that boy's
life, but the bad news is,
now it looks like both you
and Goody are going to die.
Citizens of Middle Towne,
what was a whisper and
a rumor is now a fact.
The reason for the drought
and death in this town
and the reason
why we are forced to
ration our well water:
Our town has always
stood at the crossroads
between Boston and Salem.
We must now put a stake in the ground
That's a really
unfortunate choice of words.
To decide what kind of
town Middle Towne will be.
Will we be a town that submits to evil?
ALL: Nay!
Or will Middle Towne be
a good, righteous town
- like Salem?
- ALL: Aye!
- No!
- Goody came to me in a dream
and told me she's a witch!
Her servant girl was there too!
Okay, h-hold on
Do you smell sulfur?
I smell sulfur!
- 'Tis the smell of the Devil!
We shall hold a trial then
to decide their fate.
- Please!
I've had just about
enough of your foolishness.
This drought's driven you all insane,
turning you against your friends.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Those girls are no
more witches than I am.
Yeah, she shouldn't have said that.
Witch! Witch! Witch!
- Witch!
- Witch!
- Witch! Witch!
- Witch!

Hey, Jenn? Yeah, I'm gonna need you
to hurry back with those books.
Ben's about to be in a
full-blown witch trial.
Uh, I'm not sure where to begin.
Tell us how your husband died.
Well, it was just like
how you saw with William.
Josiah, he he came down with fever.
It lasted a fortnight.
He he kept asking for water.
I gave him as much as
I could with the ration,
even gave him my portion.
But his fever only got worse.
I tried to give him tea
I purchased from the apothecary,
b-but that didn't help either.
[CHOKED UP] He he died
in my arms the next day.
Did you or did you not
make a deal with the Devil in exchange
for the soul of this good town?
If you tell us the truth
- But I I am!
- She is!
If you confess to witchcraft and repent,
prayer can save you, but if you lie,
you will burn at the stake,
and Heaven will decide your fate.
I thought that they
hanged witches in Salem.
Only fire can cleanse this kind of evil!
Magistrate Bloodborne,
you officiated our wedding.
I grew up on your farms.
I taught you to jump rope.
We're friends.
I speak the truth.
I'm no witch.

Did it work?
Goody still dies.
Come on, Ben.
Don't let them get away with this.
Absolutely not.
You deny it then?
Do I deny that I danced with the Devil?
- Are you joking?
- Oh, I'm gravely serious.
You don't cover your hair.
You don't attend church.
The flowers in front of your shop bloom
while the rest of town
suffers in drought.
Because I treat my water with carbon.
You should try it sometime.
In the testimony of Goody Smith,
we learned that you prescribed a brew
to her late husband not
a day before he passed.
It was chamomile to help him sleep.
Your final answer?
I am not a witch.
- Anything?
- No.
That definitely did not help.
The records now show Morgan McKenna
on the town's death list.

I've seen this movie.
Didn't like how it ended.
[SIGHS] You're back.
- Ah.
You look great.
- Well.
- Where have you been?
We're losing the crowd. Where's Jenn?
- Is Ben on the stand yet?
- Uh, he's about to be.
- Where have you been?
- He has to plead guilty.
What? Why?
My turn.
Heard you needed a lawyer.
You're pleading guilty.
The court calls Elizabeth
Bleeker to the stand.
I did some research on
the Salem witch trials
at the library. Over
two dozen people died,
all claiming to be innocent.
But the ones who pled guilty
and confessed to witchcraft were spared.
Think of it as a plea deal.
You tell them you're all
witches, say you're sorry,
everybody lives, you leap.
Ziggy says it's 80% chance it'll work.
[WHISPERS] That's not enough.
If your defense is no
good, then admit your guilt.
What would happen if I did that?
If you repent, you may be forgiven.
That's it?
No strings attached?
Well, you can't expect
there won't be
consequences for your crime.
They mean Goody's house, Morgan's
shop, it'll all be taken away.
Okay, this is completely unfair.
These women are damned if
they do, damned if they don't.
I agree, but Ziggy was very clear.
Ben is there to save Goody.
If they all plead guilty,
there's a good chance
Ben saves Goody's life.
And Morgan's and Elizabeth's,
so that's a nice little three-for-one.
But at what cost?
It's the only way.
- I can't do it.
- Ben.
I refuse to believe I'm here
to convince these women
to lie about who they are.
Then they're gonna die,
Ben, and so will you.
That's what happened
in the original history.
Which I already changed.
Your son!
I call
William as my witness.
What are you doing?
Can she do that?
Hold on.
Ziggy says there's a 93%
chance William will help us.
Friends at least I
hope you're my friends,
I once read a quote that said,
"Magic is just science
we don't understand yet."
Saving William's life wasn't magic.
It was just something
we don't understand yet.
There's nothing to be scared of.
Right? Tell them, William.
What say you, William?
Is she a witch or no?
She's, uh

well, she's, um
She's a witch.
- Wait, what?
- I knew it!
Everything went black, and
then there was Elizabeth,
her breath as hot as the Devil.
Okay, come on. What are
you wh-what's going on here?
It's just as the reverend said!
It is just as he said, and when I woke,
I smelled sulfur.
[ALL CHANTING] Witch! Witch! Witch!
Witch! Witch!
Elizabeth Bleeker,
Morgan McKenna, and Bridget Goody Smith,
you are hereby sentenced to death
for the crime of witchcraft!
- Thank you very much.
- I'm sorry.
I was 93% sure it would work.
That's so weird. I don't
know what happened with Ziggy.
We were doing fine on our own.
You were about to be
burned at the stake.
- You don't know that.
- No,
that one we're sure about.
I'll figure a way out of here.
Good luck.
We still have plenty of time, right?
They're building a
pyre in the town center.
We have until sundown.

It won't work.
Try the walls.
We're underground.
There's no way out.
- Why is the wall wet?
- We're near the well.
Must be a leak.
I wish this drought
had never come to us.
What if this town really is cursed?
Oh, please.
The only thing this town
is cursed with is stupidity.
Don't say that.
They're my friends.
They're just scared.
You're defending those people?
I shouldn't be surprised.
- You're one of 'em.
- What is that supposed to mean?
It means you've never
had to think for yourself.
I'm the only one here who
doesn't follow the herd.
Your so-called friends
told you what to believe in
and who to love and who to hate,
and you never questioned any of it.
Well, how's it feel now that
they decided to hate you?
All right.
I'll admit, I've heard
the girls talk about you,
but what have I ever done to you?
I didn't hear you defending
me to the magistrate
after he said my tea
killed your husband.
Hey, hey! This is just
a misunderstanding.
Oh, you're one to talk.
- What?
- I saw you whispering
with the magistrate in church.
For all I know, you're the
one who started this rumor!
I was defending you!
I don't know what to believe anymore.

Do you smell sulfur?
That's not funny, Elizabeth.
- It's a little bit funny.
- I'm serious.
I I smell sulfur.
Wait. I smell it too.
Stop it!
Why are you laughing?
'Cause I smell it as well.
There is a psychological phenomenon
called the power of suggestion.
We might be experiencing
a stress-induced
olfactory hallucination together.
Or we really are witches,
and we just don't know it yet.
Okay, we have till sundown.
What's happening right now?
A séance, apparently.
Ian has a great-great-great-grandmother
who was accused of being
a witch, so we're hoping
she can point us in the right direction.
Dorothy, can you hear us?
We can't hear you.
Sounds like a bad Zoom.
Okay, all right. This
dismissive attitude
is exactly what started the witch trials
in the first place. What
was it that Ben said?
That magic is just science
that we don't understand yet.
I-I mean, have we learned
nothing since 1692?
Everybody just needs
to stop judging people
for doing things that
they don't understand.
What's Grandma Dorothy saying?
Okay, I'm getting a name.
I-I don't know. I lost her.
You scared her away with your cynicism.
Someone's coming.

Please, we're innocent.
Don't waste your breath
on ol' Sam Welshire.
Terrified of us, he
is. He won't help us.
Welshire. How do I know that name?
This will be your last
meal, I reckon, so savor it.
Make your peace with God.
Sam! You don't want
our blood on your hands.
We could be your
sisters, your daughters.
'Tis a cruel thing to say
to a man with a barren wife.
That's how I know the name!
Welshire comes up in
Massachusetts records
for years, starting with his daughter,
- Sabrina Welshire.
- Are you sure?
I think I'd know if
my own wife was barren.
He's wrong. Sabrina was born
eight months from now.
That means his wife is already a month
into her pregnancy.
They don't even know yet.
Listen to me, Sam, you can still
choose to do the right thing.
Saving the lives of three innocent women
will be your legacy and in addition,
you're going to have a daughter.
Your wife is pregnant.
You know, your wife did stop
by the shop the other day
and bought some ginger root for nausea.
Yes, that's right.
You can name her Sabrina.
[CHOKED UP] Sabrina.
We've always wanted to
name a child Sabrina.

Do not tempt me, witch.
Magistrate Bloodborne warned
you would try something.
May you burn in Hell for
what you've done to this town.
For a moment, I thought it would work.
I told her he wouldn't help us.
I don't know, I think
Sam helped us out plenty.


The sun has set. We're done for.
They don't know we're missing
yet. We just have to move fast.
- Where can we go?
- How about anywhere
they're not planning on
burning you at the stake?
Boston. We can disappear there,
- start over.
- Boston?
With what money?
We can't risk stopping by my house.
The magistrate lives next door.
I have enough in my shop
and water for the journey.
Three women traveling alone?
It would take us all night and a day.
- We'd never make it.
- Not if we go by horse.
I have two strong mares.
You get Goody out of town, you leap.
It's a plan.
Let's go.

I have enough dried mulberries
and fenugreek seed to keep the hunger
at bay.
My shop.
They looted it.
How could they?
Don't you get it, Goody?
I don't have friends
here in Middle Towne,
and now neither do you.
The money's gone.
Of course.
Not to worry.
I have a small amount hidden
in a flowerpot in the back of the shop.
Collect what you can carry
and meet me back there.
I'll saddle the horses.

It's just a small setback.
We'll be on our way in no time.

How do I look?
No, no, no.
Oh, they took your sister.
Oh, but you can't carry three.

[SIGHS] Water.
Charcoal, to clean the water.
How did you know that?
how did she know Sam's wife is pregnant?
There's been something odd about you.
Even the way you speak
is suddenly different,
more cunning.
Are you a witch?
- You can tell me.
I I promise, I won't tell anyone.
I thought witches were
frightening old things,
but I'm not scared of you.
Ginger root! Sam's wife bought
ginger root from Morgan, remember?
It was the ginger root.
That's how I knew
Sam's wife was pregnant.
I heard it from the girls.
You know, people in
Middle Towne like to talk.
They certainly do.
I want to believe there's some
goodness left in this town,
but what if the fear
has consumed it all?
Like the fever that
consumed my poor Josiah.
I'm sorry.
To lose your person is

To Hell with it.
We are leaving it all behind.
Uh, Ben, I don't think
you're going anywhere.

She left us?
We're done for.
The witches have escaped!

[GASPS] We're trapped.
We'll find a way.
Ben, someone's coming.
Come on, hide over here.

- William?
- Shh!
Follow me.
I've found a way to get you out of town.

That is enough to get them to Boston.
You leave in five minutes.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
93% chance he was gonna help you.
I'll be damned. Ziggy was right.
Thank you.
We know what you're
risking by doing this.
You saved my life.
I saved yours.
We're even.
William, wait.
I know your life is none of my business.
Here we go.
But I've sort of made it my business.
You can't keep living like this,
scared of your dad.
Talk to him.
Tell them how you
really feel about things.
- Over here!
- Over here!
Get down.
Get down.

What are you doing here?
You should be home resting.
I, uh, fancied an apple.
Forgive me.

Forgot your apple.
Let's go.
Hey, Ben's safe. He
should be leaping soon.
- Good.
- Yeah.
And I did absolutely nothing to help.

I went from being the leaper
to being a hologram
to basically being
our worst intern ever.
Well, certainly not the worst.
Remember Jeffrey in R&D?
I know you didn't sign up for this.
And there's nothing I want more
than to see you back in
that imaging chamber
Yeah, well, Ben made his choice.
And I have to respect that.
[SIGHS] I've always found it hard
to accept that some people, some things,
we can't change.
You asked me where I went on my day off.
I met with my sponsor.
- Magic.
- Yeah.
That's great.
Well, we went to the park and talked.
It's remarkable how
community can lift you up,
or in the case of that
little town Ben visited,
tear you down.
Can I ask what you talked about?
- Alchemy?
- Mm.
Like magically turning metals into gold?
Like turning a bad
situation into a good one.
How do I do that?
You focus on the things you can change.
Look, you don't have any control
over what Ben decides to do,
but you always have a say
over who you're going to be,
how much grace you
choose to have for him,
how much patience, how much love.
When you realize the power
you have over yourself,
that's when you transmute
a bad situation into gold,
which, in a way, is a kind of magic.

So what are you gonna do in Boston?
I don't know.
My parents died before
they could take me.
I've only ever known this place,
its quiet roads, its little church,
its big fields where I lay out
with the girls in summertime,
singing lazy songs and
eating so many dewberries
our hands stain red.
You don't want to leave.
What choice do I have?
Everyone has turned their back on me,
even Morgan.
Ben, stop! Stop!
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop, stop, stop!
- What?
- Whoa, whoa.
Why? Why are we stopping?
Ziggy says you get Goody to
that crossroads and you leap.

That's coming from Middle Towne.
They caught Morgan.
- No.
- I'm sorry, Ben.
They cut her off in the woods.
Can you hear what they're saying?
They have Morgan.
Come on.
We have to stop them. Come on!
Hey, what what are you doing?
I'm going to Boston.
Look, this is your home,
and Morgan needs your help
Morgan didn't think twice
leaving us to our deaths!
I am abandoned by my
husband, my friends!
There's nothing left for me here!
I am taking my broken heart
as far away from this place
as my feet will carry it.
You're not here for Morgan, Ben.
You're here to save Goody's life.
But what about your soul?
You sound like the magistrate.
I can't watch you ride away
from here bitter and full of hate.
I've been down that road, Goody.
It's a dead end.
If you leave now,
they're gonna kill Morgan
and who knows how many others.
She hurt you. She
turned her back on you.
But that doesn't mean you
have to turn your back on her.
Look, you're at a literal crossroads!

So what's it gonna be?
I'm assuming you have a plan.
Not exactly, but I will
by the time we get there.
Burn her!
Burn them all!
[SIGHS] You do have a plan, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- [SIGHS] I don't see Morgan.
I'm getting a better look.
How did this happen? He was
moments away from leaping.
He was until he wasn't.
How you ever keep him
on mission is beyond me.
- Okay, what do we have?
- Well, it's right around dawn
on this day in 1692, right?
I'm sorry, is that an astrology book?
Yeah, looks like Mars
was retrograde in Gemini,
which means that Ben should
lean into communication.
Or maybe he should
avoid communication
We don't have time
for this nonsense, Ian.
I'm sorry, but there are a
lot of planets, okay, Jenn?
We have a full moon, and
Saturn is square Neptune,
which which explains the sudden rain.
But that doesn't
really help us with Ben.
Wait, did you just say rain?
Yeah, I I cross-referenced
these star charts
with this old "Farmer's Almanac,"
and it may have rained
at some point after dawn,
which is in a few minutes.
Where are you going with this?
Okay, uh, you need to
tell Ben that there's
a 50/50 chance it's about
to rain, and he needs to
No, I don't understand
any of this stuff!
- You tell him.
- He does not want to see me.
I think between talking to his ex
and burning at the stake,
he's gonna choose talking to his ex.
- Hi.
- I'm sorry.
- I know that you said
- No, it's totally
Good, 'cause I have a plan.
- Oh, thank God.
- Ian says it's about to rain
- any minute.
- There's been a drought, so
And the townspeople have
no idea it's about to end.
That's brilliant. You're brilliant.
- Do we know the exact time?
- We don't.
So you're kind of gonna
have to rely on God's grace.
- Help!
- Witch!
- Witch!
- Witch!
- I'm going in.
- Wait, you're just
- you're just going in?
- Wait, what are you
God's grace, right?
It wasn't me, I swear it!
- I didn't do it.
- ALL: Witch! Witch!
- I didn't do it.
- ALL: Witch!
Stop! Stop!
There she is!
You came back for me.
You have a friend in Middle Towne yet.
What are you waiting for? Seize them!
No! No!
William, what is the meaning of this?
Let her speak.
I would like to hear
what she has to say,
as I'm sure we all would,
had I not been a coward in the court.
Go on then.
Everyone is entitled
to their last words.
Thank you.
And I, uh, hope they won't be my last.
There's an affliction in this town.
And it's called fear.
And I get it.
You have no water.
Your friends are all sick.
You're scared.
But this, this is not who you are.
We have decided your fate, witch.
Well, then I say nay!
I say let Heaven decide our fate.
Speak plainly!
Well, if God wants us to
burn at the stake, so be it.
But if not,
let it rain!
Come on.
Let it rain!

Come on.
Come on.
Let it rain!
We're in a drought, you daft girl!
You will not harm my son
or any other good
person in Middle Towne.
You wanted Heaven to decide your fate,
well, you got it, witch.
I will throw you onto the fire myself.

"Then will I sprinkle
clean water upon you,
and ye shall be clean!"
Thank God!

- It worked.
Your nonsense worked.
What does this mean?
It means you were wrong.
The magistrate was wrong!
He has misled us!
He should be punished!
No, no, no!
Okay, no more burning people!
You need to figure something else out.
Magistrate Bloodborne
was right about one thing.
You need to decide what kind
of town you're going to be.
The kind of town where
you talk about others
or talk to others?
The kind of town where you burn witches
or build something beautiful together?
Okay, seriously, am I the only
one who still smells sulfur?
Is does anyone else smell that?
- I smell it.
- So I'm not imagining things?
Is this is it coming from
Your well has sulfur in it.
Dehydration, fever
the drought must have caused stagnation
in your water supply.
The well is contaminated!
That's why everyone's been getting sick.
It's not witchcraft.
There is hydrogen sulfide
in your water supply.
Will this clean it?
Charcoal, right?

The big ones!
Grab the big ones.
I should go help them.
Hey, so, um
fare thee well, Goody.
I'll be just across the square.
Come on, William.
Lend us a hand.
Well, it's, uh
it's nice to see that you've moved on.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Um, well,
their names are no
longer on the death list
because there is no more death list.
- [QUIETLY] Yes!
- No witches were burned
or hanged in Middle Towne.
And unfortunately, that is all
the information that I have.
I have a feeling they're gonna be okay.
Hey, so, uh, about us
Look, I already know.
You don't know everything
I'm about to say.
Okay, so you weren't about to say
that this is still complicated and messy
and that you need more time?
Yeah, okay, that's what I was gonna say.
I'm scared.
That's why I didn't want
to work with you anymore.
I'm scared of what it might do to me.
But now I'm more scared
of what shutting you out might do to me.
I don't want to be
that bitter, angry guy
who can't talk to his ex.
And I don't know what
navigating a friendship
with you is like, but I guess, um,
what I'm trying to say is,
if you feel like you want to try,
will you be my hologram?


What the
Toto, I have a feeling
we're not in Kansas anymore.

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