Quarterback (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Mind Games

I chuckle when I think back on my friends
in high school or college who said
well, I don't have to try in school
'cause I'm gonna be an athlete,
and an athlete doesn't have
to do well in school, and I'll be fine.
I laugh, 'cause every game,
getting ready for a game,
all it is, is me studying for a final exam
like I'm in school again.
Okay, a lot of words.
Sparta pack left, age short!
Dummy, pistol, trips left tight!
Two jet, Y-shallow cross, Z-swing!
Gun east right, slot stack,
run past three jet chip, X-cattle, Y-lock.
F-mode a trick, cluster right tuna scram,
X-steel, Y-cash.
- Can it to Jacks, left cash, H-bronze.
- Let's go!
"East right slot stack" is the formation.
We got pistol.
You gotta start with "pistol"
or "gun" under center.
All right, here we go. Punch right tight.
- Formations.
- "Trick" would normally be a 3x1 set.
Tells everybody where to line up.
But we're not just gonna line up,
we're gonna F-mo to it.
So F-mo to trick cluster right.
- Tell you what the play is.
- "Run past three jet" is the protection.
- I have to think about the reads.
- I change the protection.
Other tags that are telling
certain guys what they're doing.
We want him outside of Justin Jefferson.
Usually Kelce runs a fake, we lock it.
"Y-cash", the Y's on the pivot.
"Chip" is just a little extra protection.
- Z is over the ball.
- Faking a deep cross.
- Go ball.
- Whip it out.
Down to Adam over the ball.
Play calls get a little long.
Sounds simple enough.
That was just for the Packers game.
The mentally challenging part
to play the position,
every week you're going up against,
like, a different scheme.
Teams are gonna attack you differently.
- If you feel that guys start to fly hard
- Yeah, you're thinking
- Yeah, work that pocket.
- [Mariota] Yeah.
[Ragone] You know what I mean?
Kind of the bad and good thing about
being good for the last couple of years,
we watch
and try to prepare for everything.
So, my 54 black.
Let's go my 45 white. My 45 white.
You're gonna have to move over there.
You have to have a sharp mind.
You have to retain information quickly.
You have to be a good communicator.
Ultra eye Acer!
Science hokey!
Those are some skills that, in some ways,
you either have or you don't.
But even with those skills,
I've still got to grind.
I got so much to do. I have so much work.
Plays on plays on plays.
Just going over them.
People who think that you don't need
academics to make it in sports
At the quarterback position,
you kind of do.
[indistinct chatter]
Let's just go halfback gap screen.
- Bro
- Guaranteed wide open.
- [Kelce] Oh my God.
- [man] Hey!
- They wouldn't know what to do.
- [Kelce] They wouldn't.
So the lab is a classroom on the field,
or we call it the laboratory on the field.
[Mahomes] Set!
[Reid] It's where we let the players
have a little creativity.
[Mahomes] We do it on Wednesdays, mostly.
Come on. Run pack three jet,
slam, X-deep stop, rail U-lock.
That's where we make up our plays.
Like a circle post,
sit over the ball, hank funnel.
They have to be perfect, 'cause when
Coach Reid sees them, he has to like them.
[Reid] We try to keep open communication
between all of us.
We involve Patrick in that.
He can bring me anything.
The door is wide open.
The double snap.
I've got 51% of that vote. [laughs]
[reporter] Andy Reid not only
lets them do it, he wants them to do it.
[Mahomes] Here we go! We got an east right
slot stack two-nine tornado.
Hey, Pac-Man! Pac-Man!
Wide jet, Tom and Jerry right.
A lot of interesting names.
Weed wacker, Y-Z hash brown, eggs fried.
It usually has something to do with
the player or the city we're playing in.
No posy for Seattle.
Eggs Tampa, Z-bagel.
Vinnie Troy, washroom pivot.
Two discount Montana orange.
We had "phone home" at one time
for Sammy Watkins 'cause
he was big into, like, aliens and stuff.
What happens when the guys do this
is they're vested in it.
One of my favorites ones
that I worked on all off-season
was the first week where I reversed out,
and I acted like I'd throw it in the flat,
and then I kind of underhand-shoveled it
to Clyde for a touchdown.
And that was one of my babies
that I worked on all off-season.
I believe we called it "Road Runner"
'cause Clyde's a little guy that's
real fast feet,
so we called it "Road Runner."
"Ferrari" was I caught the snap going
one direction, I flipped back around.
And obviously,
the defense has to react to me
catching the snap and running,
and it got a guy free in the end zone.
I had to ask our rules guy,
"Is it allowed for the quarterback
to go in motion and catch the snap?"
He was like, "Yeah, I think so."
The famous one's "Catching Kelce."
Catching Kelce
on the right or the left hash. Get set.
Down right buzz, Catch Kelce.
Which he hates because
he hates the show that he was on.
Ooh, ooh ♪
My name is Travis. Travis Kelce.
I'm a professional football player
for the Kansas City Chiefs.
And I'm looking for love.
My bad, 8-7. My bad, 8-7.
We make up so many plays.
It starts off with the coaches.
Then we kind of make it our own.
I think that's what makes
our offense so special.
[commentator] Great games
on the slate this weekend, and somehow
the one I cannot wait to see,
the Titans traveling to Arrowhead
to take on the Chiefs
in the rivalry
we didn't know we loved, Jamie.
[Jamie] I can't blame you.
Last time the Titans and Chiefs met,
a Mike Vrabel-coached defense
held Kansas City to just three points.
The word "measly" comes to mind.
Mahomes 0-2 in regular season games
against the Tennessee Titans.
Will the Titans' success
against Mahomes continue this week?
Good catch!
[reporter] How do you look at
the Sunday night matchup with Tennessee?
Yeah, you gotta be ready to play. I mean,
last year we weren't ready,
and they beat our ass.
Tennessee Titans' defense are one of
the toughest opponents in the league.
And Coach Vrabel's a great coach.
They have a great game plan every week.
I know people joke about it,
but it's kind of like when you were facing
the Patriots in the early 2000s, I feel.
Boy, Vrabel has been a force.
[Mahomes] Vrabel has obviously learned
from Coach Belichick.
They have more wrinkles and stuff
like that that you don't really expect,
and you have to be physical and battle
to the very end every single time.
Tonight, they face the only team
that held them
without a touchdown a season ago.
So, the question was,
is it some kind of a fluke, or do they
have some answers about this offense?
[Mahomes] Piano!
[commentator 2] Just under way
in the second quarter,
Chiefs lead three to nothing.
The line of scrimmage
between the seven and the eight.
[Mahomes] Duo less nug.
Two jet hit X-comas Y-piano.
Fifteen, let's go! Let's go!
Get set!
Black, black!
Ripley's, Ripley's, Ripley's! Let's go!
White 80, set, hut!
Quick snap, they throw it right flat,
Hardman in the backfield!
Jitterbug move! Stretches out!
Touchdown, Kansas City!
- Yeah. Great call.
- [Mahomes] Yes, sir!
Piano just got made up,
and we've kind of ran with it since.
[commentator] Mecole Hardman
lined up in the backfield.
Gives him more real estate to work.
Man-to-man coverage.
Excellent job, well-drawn-up play.
Outstanding execution.
I knew it was gonna be double or cover two
so I was like, just piano. Yeah.
In every football game,
you never know what to expect.
I know when we play the Titans,
it'll always be a hard-fought battle.
Blue 80, set, hut!
[whistle blows]
[Mahomes] Good rush, big dog.
They have a great defensive line,
a lot of guys that are underrated.
They just play hard and to the whistle.
They're gonna lay everything
on the line for that coach and that team.
[Tart] Slow down! Slow down!
That was a good-ass run.
I was like, "You wasn't that fast."
They're just so well coached
to add with the talent that they have
that it's always a great challenge for us.
[ref] You all right?
- [Nagy] I know you're in a great place.
- Yeah.
[Nagy] This is one of those games
we knew would be like this.
Your decision-making's good.
Just keep rolling.
[Mahomes] Yeah. Yeah.
It was fourth quarter, third and 17.
We were trailing by eight points,
so you kind of had to get something going.
We got it. We're where we want it to be.
We need one touchdown, and we're back.
One play at a time, dominate.
Let's go. Let's go.
[commentator] This Tennessee defense,
maybe the most underrated D in the NFL.
[Mahomes] White 80, set, hut!
[commentator] This is third and 17.
Mahomes is chased.
Looking for somebody deep downfield.
He's gonna take off himself.
Can he get there?
Oh, he did!
Mahomes to midfield for the first down!
Nothing was open,
and he made it happen for 20!
I'm not a guy that scrambles a ton.
Running the football
is, like, my last resort.
I just fully committed and said,
"I'm gonna get that first down."
[commentator] You can't let this guy
get outside your edge.
[commentator 2]
Vrabel has to have a headache
from Patrick Mahomes
and his scrambling ability downfield.
[Mahomes] I was able to get
that first down in that moment,
which was a huge first down, and I think
that just got the energy back on our side.
Go, blue 80, set, hut!
[commentator] To the goal line!
In for the touchdown!
[Mahomes] I found a good medium
of when I can run
and when I can maybe not slide.
But I felt like there's certain moments
where I had to put that on the line
in order to win football games.
Chiefs will go for two for the tie!
Mahomes on the run. Will he run for it?
And he tied the game at 17!
- [man] You see that crowd, boy?
- [McKinnon] Boy, let's go!
[commentator] What a play of improv.
Whatever it takes to get the job done.
[commentator 2]
He's one of a kind, he really is.
We've seen him beat
so many teams with his arm,
and on this drive,
he did it all with his legs.
Just a masterpiece.
[Nagy] Hey, way to go. Way to go.
Way to put us on your shoulders, dude.
Way to put us on your shoulders.
[Reid] Nice job,
I couldn't have done it better myself.
[commentator] Harrison Butker on
for a 28-yard attempt.
Ready to snap it.
Placement down by Townsend.
And the kick is good.
Ballgame is over!
The Kansas City Chiefs
have won 20 to 17 in overtime.
[commentator 2] Coming from behind
in the fourth quarter,
resting on your star Patrick Mahomes.
Hey, hell of a game plan, dog.
Hey. Way to flip it out. Always. Always.
Way to stay in there, baby.
Way to keep fighting, 1-5.
- Yes, sir.
- Great win, bro. Great win.
Hey. No, we always believe.
We always believe.
[indistinct chatter]
- Heck of a job, way to stick with them.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- O-lines, O-line too, right on.
- Yeah!
Hey! All around, way to battle.
Way to fucking battle.
Defense keeping us in the game.
Offense, when it counts, we did it.
Now let's get better. We got a big one
next week. Let's keep it rolling.
- Chiefs on three. One, two, three.
- Chiefs!
[Mariota] Playing quarterback is
more about the mental side.
You're game planning,
you're watching tape.
Defenses obviously
are going to adjust, change.
But at the same time,
if you feel like you've prepared,
you're not just kind of grasping
for things while you're out there.
I am very lucky, my wife,
she sits there and reads the plays to me,
and I recite them back.
"Gun, train right gamma."
"Three-gone Stohaus."
Gun, train right gamma.
Three-gone Stohaus.
You picked a hard one
right off the bat. Holy cow!
- Was it?
- Yeah! My goodness.
They're all pretty wordy. I mean,
I don't know what you want me to do.
- [Mariota] Sheesh!
- "Twenty-two X."
Twenty-two X.
Oh my gosh, the play calls
Having to spit out a sentence
basically in five seconds
that's repeated to you in a headphone,
then you gotta Like playing telephone.
"Speed right pack,
F-counter, lucky X-dagger."
Speed right pack,
F-counter, lucky X-dagger.
[Kiyomi] Every week we do his play calls.
Tuesday, when they get the game plan,
we start off with the run game,
and then Wednesday is kind of
like the third downs, pass game,
and then Thursdays
are a little bit shorter,
red zones and special plays.
Kind of whatever he needs
to get ready for the next week.
"Pistol, bunch right,
Z-counter fly, 19 wash."
Pistol, bunch right,
Z-counter fly, 19 wash.
Marcus, I know it's only 6 games in,
but with what you went through,
how fulfilling is this?
You got to feel like,
"I'm getting my career back on track."
You know, three years ago,
I was benched in this week.
And, you know, you go through a process
of kind of looking within and reflecting.
Throughout that journey for me,
I kind of knew I had to find my confidence
to be able to play at a high level.
- [Flacco] Good game, Marcus.
- [Mariota] Appreciate it.
I would say it hardened him a little bit.
That was kind of our first experience,
um, with the business side of the NFL.
[Mariota] When your confidence is
taken away, it is tough as an athlete,
'cause I think that's truly
your only mental weapon you have.
[tense music playing]
You look across the league, a lot of guys
in my situation don't get a second chance.
I've been all on the bottom ♪
- Understand the whole game ♪
- [Mariota] I didn't play well enough.
So, to be able to build myself back up
has been very important.
- I love you, bro. Go make a play. Go play.
- Yup. Appreciate it.
I been here, I been there
Movin', movin', y'all talk that game ♪
Do it, do it
I been waitin' for this moment ♪
See me, I'mma come back
I am on it ♪
Every knee hit the ground
Time to bow ♪
Eyes red, all full of fire ♪
Time to shine, time to shine, yeah! ♪
Watch me now ♪
[Mariota] Hut!
Watch me now ♪
[commentator] Mariota floats towards
the end zone, touchdown!
[Mariota] Let's go, crew!
Let's go, crew!
[man] Let's go, baby!
Got to keep going, huh?
[commentator] Marcus Mariota,
I love the redemption story, right?
High round draft choice,
benched, now he gets his opportunity.
[commentator 2] Kyle Pitts, touchdown!
Too easy for Mariota who is en fuego.
[commentator] What a game for Mariota,
ten for ten.
[Mariota] I had no idea what I was at
statistically until the game was done.
In the moment,
you're just focused on winning the game.
White two!
Mariota stays perfect through the air.
Marcus Mariota said when he was young,
he was so busy trying to make the big play
to justify being the second overall pick.
And now he's just like,
"I'm gonna take what they give me."
"I'm not worried about flash.
I'm just worried about substance."
He was humbled and he has learned from it.
[Mariota] Two!
[commentator] Mariota shows off
the wheels, and he's got the first down.
[Mariota] Let's go! We out of here!
[commentator] Eighth year in the NFL
for Marcus Mariota,
and he's really starting
to figure a lot of it out.
[commentator 2] Marcus
will keep it right side, turn the corner,
touchdown Atlanta!
[commentator] You talked about this
being his redemption story.
He's having a good time on the sideline.
A dominant effort for the Atlanta Falcons.
They get their third victory
of the season.
Watch me now ♪
[Mariota] Getting to three and three
was big.
It got us back on track.
To have one of my better games
of the year, in that moment,
was pretty cool.
- I'm good.
- What happened?
Uh, my wrist, a little bit.
- Yummy.
- I'll be good.
The Falcons have won
three out of four games.
[reporter] Pay attention
to who is getting hot now.
Marcus Mariota threw 14 passes yesterday.
He completed 13 of them.
[commentator] Here's
the NFC offensive player of the week.
He didn't throw an incompletion
until the fourth quarter.
The Falcons? Oh, that's interesting.
Like, oh, they're three and three?
- [reporter] Love the Falcons.
- Didn't see that coming.
Falcons three and three. Marcus Mariota,
are you having a bit of a renaissance?
Calling this play is tough. Twist pack
right tuna, eight short, and Z-out.
So, twist pack right tuna,
eight short, Z-out.
Three scram lick marsh
Y-Marshall, X-diagonal.
And then we're canning this to
- Jacks.
- Jacks.
Jacks left.
I need to record
these third-down plays on my phone.
Nick Mullens gave me the idea
to just record the plays on my phone,
and then to listen to them back.
That best simulates what the game's like
where you hear them in your helmet.
Here we go, "Fleet pack, left sock."
Thirty-four, Wanda balloon, X-Omaha.
[Cousins] Gun fleet pack, left sock,
34 Wanda balloon, X-Omaha.
On the turbo, ready?
[Cousins on recording]
Speed right, Joe hokey, Z-rub low, X-back.
Speed right, Joe hokey, Z-rub low, X-back.
[on recording] Can 36, Wanda bubble.
Can 36, Wanda bubble.
I am testing myself to feel
that I know the read, know the play,
and as I say it, I can see it.
[on recording]
Stack right clamp, two jet rib.
Stack right clamp, two jet rib.
I just wanna get to a place
where every Sunday,
I feel as comfortable
with the plan as I possibly can,
so I can just go play and not think.
But it takes a lot of work
during the week to get there.
Rib H-fun, cheddar can, brawl and cheddar,
H-bronze on the turbo, ready?
X-short tweet, pack right tuna.
Can frog deuce on turbo, ready?
Y-short to cousin,
right clamp, two jet rib,
scrabble X-Mexico
On the turbo, ready?
Y-short to cousin right,
Y-fun Zigel bow, and Jacks left
On the turbo, ready?
[O'Connell] People that think that
a guy like Kirk Cousins
just shows up on Sunday and, you know,
gives it his all and tries to win a game,
they really have no idea.
[Cousins] The pass game
I didn't move over yet.
It's on the back right.
I like almost all your, uh
all the ones you put on your sheet.
It's good stuff,
but just take me through these.
[Cousins] Yup, so, "Cousin right off edge,
pass 13 dime, rib Z-shake safe."
So, um, coming out of the fake,
I'm starting with my shake.
If they're off at all,
then you can work that shake.
And then, um, if, um if they clamp it,
now you're trying
to work that field post over the top.
And then, um
You can't afford to know it "pretty well."
It has to be locked in.
You've got to get to a place
where it's just instinctual.
And that takes a whole another level
of commitment and work to get there.
I've been doing neurofeedback
for over a decade.
It's a great way for my brain to,
you know, be trained
to be at its absolute best.
The beautiful thing about the training
is you just, kind of, let it happen.
As long as you can set it up
and devote the time to it,
the training itself does the work for you.
You just watch the video.
I said, "Hi, Coach Knight."
And he just kept walking.
[Cousins] Whenever the sound cuts out,
or the screen were to shrink
or the screen were to dim, in this case
most of the time the screen dims,
it's correcting your brain.
It's instructing your brain that
the electrical activity of your brain
is not where it should be to be focused.
It's, kind of, giving it that reminder
to go back to that place of focus,
and so it helps keep my brain
where I want it to be.
[man] but quit after two days.
[Cousins] It's a bit abstract,
but in my position as a quarterback, which
is so cerebral and requires so much focus,
I think it has a lot of merit.
[Julie] I still remember looking at
the map of our brain on a computer
together when we were dating. [laughs]
I think everyone should do it.
Especially athletes,
especially quarterbacks.
To train your brain
to stay calm and steady
in fight-or-flight moments
like football games,
especially the intense endings,
I think it gives you a level up.
[Cousins] Right now, in our new system,
there have been some moments where
my instincts have not been trained yet
quite where I want them.
- I see.
- Always.
[Cousins] And so I've had to learn
from a couple of mistakes,
and then started to correct that.
Um, there was a moment in the Miami game
where, uh, Kevin and I
had a dispute about the coverage
and what I saw and what he saw.
And so he's able to talk calmly to me
from his microphone into my helmet,
but I can't talk to him.
I don't have a microphone, only he does.
To communicate with him,
I have to yell across the field.
What did you get to right there?
[Cousins] Man covered, single high!
Single high safety!
He gets back to me,
he goes, "You need to calm down." [laughs]
[O'Connell] Here. Come here. First of all,
just relax a little bit for me.
These are those moments where you and I
got to be on the same page. When they go
It hit me when he said that. Maybe I need
to calm down. Maybe I'm running too hot.
I never want to lose
that intensity and that focus.
It's just I want to keep a governor on it.
I think it's been a great benefit to me.
I've noticed when I've been
diligent with the training,
it's always correlated
with me playing better.
The Vikings' Week 10 win at Buffalo
is when the world started realizing
this Vikings team could be special.
But go back even further to find
when Kirk Cousins and his new coach,
Kevin O'Connell, really started to mesh.
That was Week Eight against Arizona.
[commentator] They're so close to playing
at a championship level.
What's the difference?
When he and the head coach,
Kevin O'Connell, sync up,
that's when they're gonna be
ready to roll.
[Cousins] Right hash!
All right, here you go, Kirk.
Let's go Dixie left off.
All right, Dixie left off.
With three jet lick, F-funky, Z-bench.
Going Dixie left off, three jet lick.
F-funky, Z-bench.
Okay, halfback break on the turbo, ready?
Turbo, set, hut!
[commentator] Kirk Cousins,
more aggressive,
a little more involved in the play-calling
coming into the game
each week with Kevin O'Connell.
Kirk! That's a great job, buddy.
Turbo, set!
[commentator] Third down,
Arizona rushes four.
Kirk steps up, sprints out to the right.
Put the ball away! Oh wow.
[commentator] Cardinals all over it.
But Kirk to the 15, 10, five, touchdown!
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music playing]
[Julie] Whoo!
I love when he does
that kind of thing because it's so rare.
You get doubly excited watching him run.
Everyone, like, "What? What's he doing?"
So, like, what a baller.
I I I don't totally know
what I said in the moment,
but I remember much of U.S. Bank Stadium
probably felt the same way.
What the fuck was that?
What in the world just happened?
[commentator 2] Kirk Cousins
with a 17-yard rushing touchdown!
You know, I did nothing to help him
on that play call.
Hey! That's one of the most big-time plays
I've ever seen, brother.
I did feel that the game
against Arizona was awfully sharp,
and that I was able to better understand
what Kevin was looking for
on a play-in and play-out basis.
[O'Connell] Let's go wire knoll.
Right, wire knoll.
To stack, left clamp,
two timely, Y-swim stucco.
One-on-one, be ready for an ocho call.
Y-modus, stack right clamp, three timely,
Y-whatever, stucco, one-on-one
underneath, white, white.
- [commentator] Third-and-goal from the 1.
- [Cousins] We gotta go!
White, white. Set, hut! White 80, set!
[commentator] Cousins under center.
He's going to fake a flip,
throw to the right, caught!
[Cousins] Yeah!
[commentator] Touchdown, Vikings!
That's Johnny Mundt's
first National Football League touchdown.
[Cousins] Right!
Great play call!
I got into the play calling it,
and I forgot the term we had for Johnny's
route, which was the route on the play.
Johnny was number one
and supposed to get the ball.
I completely blanked
because it was new that week.
Fourteen, F-sift, Z-ghost, Y-whatever.
I had called everything else, so everybody
in the huddle knew it's that play.
Kirk doesn't even have to say the term.
So I just blacked out and I said,
[dramatic music playing]
[commentator 2] 28-26, Vikings.
[commentator] We've got to slow down
this blitz or find a way to defeat it.
This call is brutal for protection.
- What?
- Brutal for protection. Nothing's set.
- I don't know who's coming from where.
- You'll beat it.
[Cousins] All right. All right.
Again! Again, 58.58.
Turbo, set, hut!
[commentator] Cousins shotgun.
Short drop, throws right, and touchdown!
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] They figured out
how we can beat that blitz.
[commentator 3] And that was
a great throw by Kirk Cousins.
[commentator] A 34-26 victory!
- [man] Great job, man!
- [Cousins] Thanks.
Unbelievable job.
That's how you battle, brother.
- Six and one.
- Keep doing it every week.
[Cousins] It just started to click.
I remember walking off the field
thinking, you know,
being encouraged by
where our offense was going.
[indistinct chatter]
- [man] What a game.
- [Cousins] Tense.
Oh, the good lady.
I didn't know where she was.
Didn't know where you were.
I was here waiting my turn.
- All right.
- Great job.
- Six and one.
- Thanks.
Six and one, we'll take it.
[Brittany] You want to come
watch the game? Come sit with Mommy.
I like it.
[Mahomes] I'm gonna have to feed her, huh?
- [Brittany] Oh my God. Here we go again.
- [Mahomes] I'm telling you.
I feel like
she doesn't like it on the plate.
Like, she wants me
to actually feed it to her.
- Or hand it to her at least.
- You don't like plates?
I saw that from here.
Brittany, she's gonna eat
a whole other chicken strip.
[Brittany] This is her signature,
chilling and letting her dad
feed her chicken fingers.
[Mahomes] Yeah, but as long as she eats,
I don't care.
[Brittany] A little much.
[Mahomes] You gonna bend that one
or try to cut it?
[Brittany] Bend it, exactly like she did.
I'll try and get down through
and cut in low, line drive.
[Brittany] There was a line of people
in front of you.
What are you going to do,
knock somebody out?
[Mahomes] Brittany is an owner
of the Kansas City Current.
Probably the most progressive, empowering
franchise in women's soccer to this day.
- I like it.
- [Brittany] Right idea.
- That was the right idea.
- I like it though.
[Mahomes] For me to be able
to go to games,
not only to support Kansas City teams
and women's sports,
but to support her and her passions,
it's a big, big thing for me.
- Mm!
- [crowd cheering]
[Mahomes] That's my favorite player now.
She's just in everything.
I played my whole life, since I was four.
Um, I went on to play college
at University of Texas at Tyler.
[crowd cheers]
We get knocked around a lot
and we learn to deal with it.
It's soccer. It's a competitive sport,
and it's a contact sport.
When you get knocked,
you gotta get up and keep going.
That's what I'm best at, honestly.
Then I went on and played a summer
of professional soccer in Iceland.
Bro, that was a rocket.
That was. We heard it from up here.
So, yeah, I'm incredibly honored
to be a part of that ownership group.
[Mahomes] That is a great save.
That's why I can't be a goalie.
[Brittany] She's all right. She just got
her breath knocked out of her.
There's no way I'd be a goalie, dude.
[Brittany] You can't be scared
of anything. Girls are savage.
We don't "Hey, you all right?"
We don't do that.
We don't help each other up. [laughs]
That's what makes me love her so much.
She's a competitor at heart like I am.
I feel like a lot of our games,
the coaches get us well-prepared.
We watch
and try to prepare for everything.
I'll write down my notes
from the games that I watch,
and then I'll rewrite them on my iPad.
And I'll clean it up and rewrite it all.
When I rewrite it, it helps me study.
A lot of people are like that.
- [man] You write it twice.
- So I write everything twice.
Then I get down to the little things,
like what do I actually expect
a team to play against us?
And that's where
I think I've grown the most is,
I have a good understanding now of
what teams are trying to do to take away
what we do best.
A lot of time
we might get one game plan one game
and then a completely different
game plan the next.
And I think I learned that
when I played New England,
'cause they'll come out
with a different game plan every time.
Bill Belichick,
that's what makes him so great.
So I try to be prepared for everything.
I'll watch whoever we're playing
the next week, two, three games of them.
I try to get five to six games a week, um,
of the next opponent.
If you play a division opponent, I watched
every game the Chargers played this year.
They got some freaking studs too.
Going against the Chargers is different,
they're such a dynamic team.
They have a dynamic offense.
They have dynamic players on defense.
So, little stuff like here, like
The guy is blitzing.
How can I get a tell from that guy?
When he's blitzing,
how's he lined up differently?
What's his body language say?
I might look at,
well, if they're blitzing,
maybe the D tackle's tighter
because he has to get to his position.
Maybe the defensive end
has to tighten down his position
or get a little wider to give a window
for the guy to blitz through.
What I look at is, all right, they motion.
No one moves with the motion,
which tells you
it's some type of zone-ish coverage.
You notice this nickel,
even though all this is going on,
he's at the line of scrimmage.
He's not moving.
The motion comes, he doesn't move.
That's an indicator of he's blitzing.
Another thing, while he blitzes,
the defensive end on the other side drops.
They don't want to drop Bosa,
97, they want him pressuring.
So, if you see eight, Van Noy,
even though he's a good pass rusher,
you know that he has
the ability to drop in coverage.
You combine that
with how the nickel is aligned,
you can change your protection
to get those guys picked up and blocked.
Look at the matchups,
one-on-ones on the outsides.
So, how can I get it protected that,
instead of just throw to the flat,
I can make that throw downfield?
[suspenseful music plays]
Teams don't like to blitz us, 'cause they
don't like us getting those opportunities.
I heard that you have
a collector's item at home.
Okay, Super Bowl-winning
quarterback, Patrick Mahomes,
yes, signed a jersey for you.
He did, and so, then I said, you know,
if he ever comes to my house,
he would get, like,
a chicken stuffed with ricotta
and spinach with a reduction sauce.
And then I was invited
to a game here at SoFi Stadium.
I walk down on the field.
He comes running up to me.
This is a very big person.
- [Kelly] Yup.
- [Henry] This is 6 or 7 people in one.
[Mahomes] Bringing it in here.
I appreciate you coming.
- [Henry] So happy to meet you.
- [Mahomes] Yes, sir.
[Henry] He said, "I've got a surprise
for you." And he gave me his jersey.
[Kelly] That's so cool.
- [Henry] Okay.
- [Kelly] I love that.
- It's great.
- [Mahomes] For sure. I appreciate you.
- Have a great time.
- I am.
[Mahomes] Yes. Hopefully my fans
There wasn't a lot of history.
I think it was more on social media.
He wanted to come to a Chiefs game.
I was like, "Come on. That's The Fonz!"
"You got to give him what he wants, man."
Now he's going to play a big game,
hitting, and running, and throwing,
and hurting, and, you know
All the things.
[Henry] All the things. And just before
As he runs off, he turns around, he goes
- [Mahomes] I'll take you up on dinner.
- [Henry] Absolutely!
[Mahomes] Off-season, I'll make it happen.
- [Henry] Absolutely.
- [Mahomes] All right.
"I'm going to take you up on that dinner."
- And he's gone.
- [applause]
So I'm excited to get
the meal at the Winkler household.
All right.
There's always a seat at my table for you.
[Mahomes] I appreciate you. Yes, sir.
[commentator] Chiefs lead
the all-time series 66-58-1.
White 80, what hut
[commentator] These tend to be
one-score affairs, Chargers-Chiefs.
Second and final
regular season installment.
[players grunting]
[crowd cheering]
Mahomes stepping into the pocket,
scrambling, holding on to the ball,
pulled down.
- Kyle Van Noy for the Charger defense.
- [whistle blows]
[commentator 2] They've done a nice job
hitting Mahomes already.
[Mahomes] Set!
[commentator] Mahomes drops back to pass.
The pressure's coming. Throws to his left.
He tried to get it to Kelce.
It's incomplete.
So the pressure is there for the Chargers.
And it's a three-and-out for
the second straight drive for the Chiefs.
[Mahomes] Our division opponents play us
the toughest out of anybody in the league.
Because you've played each other
so much now and, uh,
you have to make sure
that you have, almost,
the tricks on the tricks,
because they know all your tricks.
[suspenseful music playing]
Mahomes facing a challenge.
Looking at a five-man front
for the Chargers.
Buy down nine.
Go blue 80, hut!
[commentator] In motion out of
the three-tight-end set is Fortson.
Mahomes going towards Fortson on
a wheel route! Catches it inside the five!
Jody Fortson on the wheel.
[crowd cheering]
We're rolling, baby.
[commentator] A terrific throw by Mahomes,
who laid it in for 40 yards right between
the double eights of Fortson.
[Mahomes] Set!
[commentator] Snap to Mahomes,
quick throw. Near side, goes to Kelce.
Bounces off the hit, comes on the angle,
and trots into the end zone.
Touchdown! Kansas City!
Great job! Great job! Great job!
Great job! Great job!
Great job!
Hey, great job, big dog. Great job.
Great job! Great job!
The guy's going. Get ready for it.
If three blitzes, the back picks him up,
Kelce will be one-on-one
with a linebacker.
Those division games against
the Chargers and those teams,
that prepares us for the playoffs, 'cause
those are some of the best in the league.
Fourth quarter begins with third and four
for Mahomes and the Chiefs
trailing by four.
[dramatic music playing]
Hey, let's go light 49 black!
[commentator] Mahomes, third and four,
lets the line know what the call is.
[Mahomes] Set!
[commentator] Takes the snap.
Stays in the pocket, crossing pattern.
Caught at the 25-yard line,
Kelce, at the 20, 15, sheds a tackle.
Up the right sideline, touchdown!
[Mahomes] That is my dog! That's my dog!
Hey, that's my dog!
Luckily, I got a lot of playmakers,
and it starts with the big 8-7, man.
I mean, it seems like whenever the game's
on the line, he makes the plays happen.
You got Y-shallow cross, Z-swing is
a man-beater with Kelce on a shallow.
[Mahomes] Mm-hmm.
[indistinct chatter]
Our defense played great to keep us in
that game whenever the offense struggled,
um, but you're
going up against a great team.
You trust in your teammates,
but you prepare yourself
for if you go on that
two-minute drive and score,
that you're prepared and ready to go.
[commentator] Herbert, able to stand tall.
Takes a shot down the right sideline.
Making the adjustment, Keenan!
Oh, the Captain!
Hey, be ready to score!
Be ready to score!
Second down and goal-to-go at the seven.
Here comes the blitz, Chiefs.
They fire. Touchdown, Joshua Palmer!
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] So the Chiefs need
a touchdown. They trail by four, 27-23.
1:46 to go.
Let's see if Mahomes has got
a Sunday-night miracle in him.
[commentator 2] This is right down
Patrick Mahomes's alley to get this done.
- [indistinct chatter]
- Yeah.
There's so much excitement, man.
You build up all year for those moments
and you get very few of them
in your NFL career,
game-winning touchdowns
or walk-off touchdowns or whatever it is.
Let's go do it, baby.
Let's go do it, baby.
One play at a time!
We got two time-outs!
The two-minute drive is everything
that you've worked on all week
coming to fruition.
[suspenseful music playing]
[commentator] The Chiefs will have to go
75 yards in 1:46 to try to win this game.
[Mahomes] Set!
[commentator] Snap to Mahomes,
retreating on the far hash.
Comes near sideline.
Comeback pattern,
caught by Valdes-Scantling.
The Chiefs get 20 on first down.
[Mahomes] Ocho juke left!
Here we go! Here we go!
Mahomes scrambling to the left side.
He will scramble up the field
and go out of bounds
- into Charger territory.
- [whistle blows]
Y-three wide!
Charger 46, 1:05 to go in the game.
27-23. Mahomes comes to the near side.
Caught at the 35-yard line.
Ocho juke left!
Juke left!
We're good! We're good!
[commentator] At the 34 of the Chargers
at 53 seconds and counting to go.
Mahomes takes the snap on first and ten.
Now steps up, he will scramble,
30-yard line, 25-yard line, 20,
slides to a stop at the 17.
[Mahomes] Time-out!
[commentator] Clock moving,
and a time-out called by the Chiefs,
37 seconds to go in the game.
Once I got my breath, I wanted to try
to get us into the best play possible
to go out there and score.
- How do you like shallow cross flank?
- What?
- How do you like shallow cross flank?
- Love it.
[Mahomes] Coach Reid called a play
that I wasn't even thinking.
But when he called it,
I was like, "Man, that's perfect."
I liked the play so much
in that moment because
if it's man-to-man, you get your guy
with a route he should be able to win on.
We call them good-vs.- all plays.
That was a good-vs.- all play.
It had answers versus all coverages.
[commentator] 37 seconds to go.
Zebra motion, you're going tray right,
two jet, Y-shallow cross Z-swing.
We prepare for a lot of different things
and I think that's what makes us
so special here in Kansas City.
[upbeat music playing]
[commentator] Chiefs have the ball
at the 17 of the Chargers.
Chiefs load up three to the left side.
Mahomes, crossing pattern, caught Kelce,
ten-yard line, five-yard line! Touchdown!
And the Kansas City Chiefs
do it again to the Chargers!
[Mahomes] This is my shit!
This is my shit!
[commentator] What a comeback!
[Mahomes] Hey! Hey!
It's all good!
[commentator] And the Kansas City Chiefs,
they always look like
they may be out of it,
and they just do what they do,
which is find a way.
To be able to do that, you lose it, man.
I still don't know what I actually said,
but I'm sure it wasn't too too PG-13.
I probably said things
that were a little little wild,
and, uh, we might be able to keep
some of those in the, uh, episode.
This is what I fucking do!
This is what I fucking do!
This is what I do!
This is what I do!
This is what I do!
[action music playing]
[woman] Patrick's having an off game
because he's having a baby right now.
What are you doing?
[Jamie] Kirk Cousins trying to erase
the stench of I'm-not-prime-time Kirk.
I've got to be on it,
because if I'm not, he'll expose me.
The Falcons will fall to four and six.
It sucks to lose.
I really go in a dark place.
Oh no.
[commentator] A lot of talk about Ridder,
the rookie who's the backup.
[reporter] Arthur, are you planning
on making a change at quarterback?
[dramatic music playing]
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