Quarterback (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Win or Go Home

[birds twittering]
[tense music playing]
[man] What playoff is this for you?
- [Cousins] What?
- [man] What number playoff is this?
[Cousins] My fifth playoff game.
I think.
Ready, set, hut!
[reporter] Kirk Cousins, he's 34.
He's won one playoff game.
It's time to start going.
I think at this stage in my career now,
my 11th season, um,
I want more than one just playoff victory.
I want a lot more
than just one division title.
The darkest part of practice now begins.
[reporter] The pressure on Kirk
right now is enormous.
[Cousins] Turbo, set, hut!
For me, at this point,
all that really matters is winning.
The reason I put myself
through this every year
is for the chance to win a Super Bowl
and to finish
holding up that Lombardi trophy.
[suspenseful music playing]
[woman] How are you feeling?
[Cousins] So this is still bugging me,
but less and less every day.
It was still painful,
but not enough to, like, have a problem.
Honestly, the biggest issue
is walking around the facility.
It just hurts.
[pensive music playing]
[woman] We're looking at anything that's
been an issue throughout the season.
It's loosening up, Kirk.
How does it feel?
[Cousins] I mean, that hurts. It's tender.
Minnesota faces a familiar opponent
in this weekend's NFC Wild Card game.
Kirk Cousins beat the Giants
on Christmas Eve.
Cousins said
the Giants left an impression.
The Giants'll throw the book at you.
[commentator 2] This team blitzes
more than any team in the NFL.
Where there's been
areas of stress in the past
is most likely
where he'd be injured again.
So we hit the high points.
We hit the areas
that are causing any kind of trouble.
Right there where you just pressed,
I got hit there or something,
'cause that's sore.
- I must've gotten hit there. Yeah.
- [Stark] There?
[Stark] When we first met him, Kirk said,
"If you can help me 3%,
improve, you know,
how I perform 3%, it's huge."
[commentator] Kirk, protected sweetly,
fires to JJ.
Touchdown, Vikings!
[Cousins] Hey, that's my best
football play of the season, I think, man.
- I was ready
- [Stark] Feeling less bruised?
[Cousins] It still feels bruised,
but it feels it feels better.
[Stark] Okay.
How are you feeling
about the game coming up?
Just got a text
from a former coach this morning
who was wishing me
good luck in the playoffs,
and he just made the point
that it's one month.
One month for the rest of your life.
So that's really the mindset.
You know,
give everything you got for one month.
[workers hammering]
- [Brittany] Hello. Hello.
- [Mahomes] Hello. Hello.
This is looking good. Really good.
- [Brittany] Wow, the goals are up. Look.
- [Mahomes] The goals are up. Let's go.
Yeah, that's sweet.
The black things are speakers, right?
- [man] Those are speakers.
- Yeah, it's gonna be sweet.
- [man] They are speakers, yes.
- Yeah. Dude, that's fricking awesome.
- Those are gonna be loud, huh?
- [Brittany laughs]
- Oh, they're so pretty!
- [Mahomes] Did you pick out all these?
[Brittany] The things I appreciate
versus the things you appreciate.
I'm like, "Wow, the light fixtures."
I actually decided to get the land,
to get ready to build that right when
I signed my contract here in Kansas City.
I signed a 10-year extension,
so really a 12-year contract,
'cause I knew I wanted
to be here in this organization.
So when I did that, I was like, "I'm gonna
be here. I'll build the house I want."
- [Brittany] Sterling, there'll be fishies.
- [Mahomes] Fishies are going in here.
- Are you ready to see the fishies?
- You'll love the fishies.
They're gonna be swimming in there.
This is gonna be
for all of the Super Bowl trophies.
- [Mahomes laughs] Yeah.
- [Brittany laughs]
- Big movie theater, yeah.
- [Mahomes] Theater.
Trying to get it
so I can watch Avatar at home.
Finally, we're gonna have
a home that we built
and has everything
that we could've ever dreamed of having.
Patrick's closet.
The real question is,
do you think this fits all my shoes?
That's crazy. I actually like this a lot.
- You ready to move in or what?
- [Brittany] Yes.
It's been a long project,
but I'm excited that it's almost done now.
I'll move in after the season,
hopefully after the Super Bowl.
So that's gonna be the field.
We had to build a big retaining wall.
If I wanna have people over and throw,
I'll have them
And then all my buddies
wanna go one-on-one.
They can have fun going one-on-one
against each other from back home.
We're gonna have, like,
the sport Olympics,
you and all your friends.
[Mahomes] It'll be sweet
when the pool's done and the firepit.
- The big one.
- [Brittany] That big one's the firepit.
And then we have the swim-up bar.
When you grow up, you wanna have
the big house, the basketball goal,
the football field,
and all that different stuff.
I got everything you need
and then the frigging golf hole.
It's gonna be a big hit.
All I know is, if you miss the ball right,
it's going in the water, 1000%.
There's no, like, maybe.
[Brittany] I mean, if you go left,
you're going in the woods. Sorry.
I put a fence there, so you're gonna
have to hop the fence to get it. [laughs]
We gotta have, like, a net
that just catches the golf balls
that start rolling into the water.
Like Topgolf. [chuckles]
Oh my God, this is the best view ever.
[Mahomes] I know.
I need to start drinking coffee. I can
sit out here and have my coffee with you.
[both chuckle]
I'm in Kansas City for the long-term.
And so I'm excited that I can say
I'm a part of Chiefs Kingdom forever now.
And that house kind of embodies that.
Now I get to go work all day.
Thank you.
[reporter] They earned their bye week,
but I miss watching Patrick Mahomes,
so I can't wait
to see him in the divisional
and see what he has dialed up.
Get it done, Paddy.
[man] Strongest, fastest we can be,
right here in the playoffs.
We're gonna do it.
[Mahomes] The intensity changes
the moment you get past week 18,
that last regular-season game.
You know the preparation
has to go to an even higher level.
Jump like this. Jump like this. Okay?
- Two reps each leg.
- [Mahomes] Yep.
Just for warm-up.
Then we're gonna take
he bar off the rack. It's 135.
Then we'll do that.
- [Mahomes] Yep.
- We're gonna go there and do power skips.
- What am I doing with 135?
- Same thing I just showed you.
- Box rockets?
- Yes.
- I can't jump with that
- 100% 100% you can.
- I'm not jumping. I'll do a small jump.
- You are jumping.
Come on. Come on.
I got your vertical jump on it and this.
You're gonna nail this.
We're going for ten inches. You got it.
How do I even get it
First Yeah. Get your feet on there,
take it off, and stand on the rack.
You don't have to do it that way.
- [Mahomes grunts]
- Okay.
Get your weight forward and on it.
Bring your back foot up a little further
so you can actually jump.
This is gonna be easy. You got this, 100%.
Great, eight. Eight. Now get me to ten.
You're gonna fill it out.
Great, eight and a half. Come on. Explode.
Nice jump, 9.8.
Great job.
And hey, most important thing,
2.2 meters a second.
Good, 12 inches. Get up.
What these scores do,
it makes the athlete hone in
on that game type of mentality
that he needs to move towards
as the week progresses.
Five-seven-two, good number.
One thirty-two.
Get personal records
in speed and power and strength.
Speed! Speed! Keep climbing!
And that's what we wanna do
as we make this playoff run.
If we get to the Super Bowl,
we wanna be our physically best
in that Super Bowl game.
[Mahomes] I stay sharp in bye week
not only working with Bobby,
but getting some drills
with my quarterback coach,
Jeff Christensen.
They prepare me to be in those positions
and to win football games.
[Jeff] Now! Pull! Back!
He's pumped.
You're gonna make that throw
at least 15 times at playoffs.
Getting him used to his friend.
His friend is the ground.
This is his enemy. This is his enemy.
Da. Da. Da. Da.
That's his friend.
[dramatic music playing]
Yes, sir. Yes, sir!
Yes, sir!
[Mahomes] I was ready to go.
I was super excited to get out there
and get to playoff football.
- [Jeff] This thing.
- I'm good, appreciate y'all, brothers.
[tense music playing]
[commentator] Yo, what's going on?
Happy Sunday,
and welcome to playoff football
at U.S. Bank Stadium.
Vikings and New York Giants
as Wild Card Weekend continues.
Hey, watch out.
Wait for me, 'cause it's tight.
[whistle blows]
The tightest parking spots.
[man] No pressure.
I don't even know what kind of car
this is, but it looks really
Good job. Cooper knows the drill.
Okay, I think that I got everything.
Here we go!
Here, hold my hand.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [crowd cheering]
[Cousins] At this stage in my career,
you do all you do,
OTAs, training camp,
regular season, for the playoffs.
I mean, that's what it's all about.
[machine beeps]
[Julie] I think there was
the pressure of, like,
"We have to we have to win.
We have to take advantage of the fact
that we've got this home game
against a team we've already beaten."
"Let's go."
- [O'Connell] Hey, you and me today.
- Let's go do this. Let's go.
[O'Connell] So proud of you.
[Cousins] You know as a quarterback,
as you make your way in the league
and you start to climb up the ranks,
that the playoffs
are kind of how you'll get remembered.
[commentator] In the postseason,
he is one and two.
Three touchdowns,
one interception, 14 sacks.
A sense of urgency is there,
and it's kind of the
There's a fun of the competition of it
that, you know,
it's win or go home.
[commentator] And Minnesota will start
on their own 25-yard line,
where we will see Kirk Cousins
and the offense for the first time.
[Cousins] Turbo, set!
[commentator 2] Back to pass,
throws right, caught,
and near the 35-yard line.
[Cousins] Turbo, set!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
[commentator 2] And Dalvin
with a head of steam for nine.
[commentator] First down, Kirk,
from under center,
play-action, whips it over the middle.
Caught, JJ.
It's another Minnesota Vikings first down.
It was a great way to start
a home playoff game.
I mean, we got out there and, you know,
just kind of did whatever we wanted.
[O'Connell] All right, so I'm gonna
go with the push sneak, okay?
- [Cousins] Yeah.
- [O'Connell] Just get this sucker in.
[Cousins] Yeah.
Here we go.
Set, hut!
[commentator] Twelfth play of this drive
on the opener.
[Cousins] White, set!
[commentator] Cousins is gonna
sneak forward in there
and touchdown Minnesota!
- [Cousins] Way to get in the end, bud.
- Good job, baby.
[commentator] For Kirk Cousins
and this offense,
that's about as big a statement
as you can make.
What an impressive opening drive.
That's how we wanna play.
Efficient in the run game,
play passes, quick game.
Only one third down there,
great execution the whole drive.
Now it's a battle of consistency
every time you go out there.
[Cousins] But gotta credit the Giants.
They came on the road and executed.
[commentator 2] The New York Giants
have had the ball twice,
and they've scored both times.
[Cousins] Here we go, baby. Let's go.
Let's get points. Okay.
All right, men.
Ready Ready, set!
[men grunting]
[dramatic music playing]
[whistle blows]
[commentator] This is third and nine
from their own 26,
and Kirk's out of the shotgun,
back to pass, swing left,
caught Hockenson
on the run to the 30, 35, 40.
Shakes a tackle at the 45. He's TJ!
[Cousins] Good job.
Hang in there.
- [commentator] Kirk, back to pass.
- [men grunting]
[commentator 2] Cousins has to hold
that ball till the very last second.
It's a really nice route there,
finding that little pocket.
[commentator 3]
TJ Hockenson is killing these Giants.
[commentator] 50 seconds to go
in the first half.
Kirk, out of the shotgun, takes the snap,
deep drop, passes it over the middle,
caught, KJ! Touchdown!
KJ caught it at the two
and he walked in untouched.
17-14 Giants,
45 seconds to go in the first half.
This is a big-time answer by Kirk Cousins.
[commentator 4]
Couldn't ask for a better start.
Both offenses moved well,
some exciting plays.
[indistinct chatter]
Way to sling it, baby.
Jones under center, play-action
Oh boy.
[commentator] boots out to the left,
throws left. Bellinger wide open.
Caught, touchdown, New York Giants.
[commentator 2]
And a 24-14 lead for the Giants.
So now it's up
to Kirk Cousins and company.
That changes nothing. One play at a time.
Let's go get points, all right?
One play at a time. No reason to press.
Make the plays when they're there.
[commentator 2]
As Kirk heads into the second half,
13 of 16, 132 yards and a touchdown.
[Cousins] Eighty, white, set, hut!
Turbo, set, hut!
[dramatic music continues]
[Cousins] Nice run, Dalvin.
Nice run. Keep doing it.
[commentator 2] All right. Now it's
third and seven from the Vikings' 47.
Caught, TJ Hockenson.
First down for the Minnesota Vikings.
See big Dexter Lawrence there on the nose.
He's been under duress
a decent amount today,
and he's hanging on to that ball
till the very last second.
[Julie] His body had been taking a beating
for 17 games before that, so,
you know you just have to battle.
We have to win this game.
You have to get up.
Second-and-goal from the three.
[Cousins] Set, hut!
[commentator] Real quick here.
Cousins, end zone, Smith!
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] He's in!
Nice job by Cousins, great job
of hurrying to the line of scrimmage.
Our offense is executing brilliantly.
[Thielen] Great play!
- Yeah.
- [O'Hara] That's a hell of a ball.
Good job.
They made halftime adjustments.
You're seeing the pivot guy.
You trust him to get inside.
I was I was thinking
to stop him with the ball.
Like, I put it on his back shoulder, but
[Cousins] We're going back and forth.
It's gonna come down to the, you know,
final quarter, final minutes.
[commentator] This'll be a fourth-and-one.
Playoff football,
the margin of error's so small.
The inches matter. Every play matters.
You never know which will determine
the outcome of the game.
All right, listen to me.
Wanna go on one again?
What do you wanna go on, cadence-wise?
We go to a fourth down.
There's a stoppage.
I asked the offensive line
about the snap count,
what we wanted to do,
and we went back and forth.
And I just felt like,
you know, going on one
might be harder to get the yard
than if we were to quick-count them,
so I wanted to go with the quick count.
Not one.
Are we going?
[commentator] Does Minnesota go
at their strength
and try to go a little more off-tackle?
Look how many bodies they have in there.
[commentator 2] Kirk They got it!
No! Flag. False start, us.
[commentator] Aw, come on!
How do we do that?
[Cousins] What happened?
What happened?
False start, offense, number 71.
Five-yard penalty, still fourth down.
[commentator] He's getting ready for
this quarterback sneak and just flinches.
[Cousins] In hindsight, it wasn't
the best decision because we flinched,
and it cost us a chance
of maybe getting a touchdown.
Instead, we kicked a field goal.
Every play matters, you know?
[commentator 2] Game tied at 24,
middle of the 4th quarter.
Hand-off Barkley up the middle.
He lunges and plows his way
into the end zone.
Touchdown, Saquon Barkley.
[commentator] Kirk Cousins had
eight game-winning drives
to lead the NFL this year.
We know about this team coming back
and winning one-score games.
They were 11-0 in one-score games.
- Right now, they're down seven.
- [Cousins] Here we go. Here we go, Adam.
Last possession of the game,
and I was fully expecting us
to score and a two-point conversion
and go for the win.
[commentator] Cousins has played
a tough game tonight.
White, set, hut!
[commentator] 3rd and 8 for the Vikings.
- [Cousins] Turbo, set!
- [men grunting]
Kirk, straight drop, pats it, fires, KJ.
Incomplete at the 38 of the Giants.
KJ had an opportunity to bring it in.
[commentator 2]
He had the first down and then some.
[commentator] Yup.
[dramatic music playing]
Here it is.
[commentator 2]
Biggest play of the season right here.
4th and 8 from the Vikings' 48.
If they don't get a first down,
the New York Giants win the game.
[Cousins] Hut! Ready! White, 80, set, hut!
Turbo, set, hut!
[commentator] Fourth and eight,
game on the line!
Cousins, Hockenson, he is
not gonna get there!
And the Giants will take over!
[commentator 2] On fourth down,
you wanna give us a chance to convert.
I mean, that was just super short.
[somber music playing]
When you throw it
short of the sticks and he's tackled,
you know,
you get a lot of grief for it, but
Justin was doubled,
and instinctively, it felt careless
to throw it to him
with the game on the line.
It came down to TJ.
He was matched,
and I didn't really want to work him,
but I felt,
with the rush closing in, it was,
I'm either getting sacked,
or this ball's going to TJ.
They're two bad options.
We should have won that game.
The Giants executed better than we did.
Just felt like the standard wasn't met.
[somber music playing]
[Cousins] It didn't feel like
it should end like that.
You understand only one team
at the end of the season
is able to walk off the field victorious.
It's kind of a cruel reality
of this business,
but it hurt to walk off our field,
in front of our fans,
after the season we had,
and not win that game.
[boy] It's all right, Kirk!
We love you, Kirk!
[man] Good job.
[Julie] I can't speak for Kirk, really,
because he always wants to be careful
about assuming that we're going to win,
but I definitely thought
we were gonna win.
That game took
a really long time to shake off.
[Cousins] Yeah, it hurts. It hurts. Um
I'm probably missing one,
but this is probably
the toughest loss I've had in my career.
So it hurts.
You know, we'll keep working,
and I will continue to have the goal
that someday I'm standing here
talking to you all
and it's a much, much bigger stage.
So thank you.
Hey, guys, do you want a sign?
- It's Kirk!
- Yeah, want me to sign that?
- You have a blue
- Silver would be better.
Sorry, you guys are probably freezing.
- [man] And you should be MVP.
- [Cousins laughs]
[man] Thank you for everything.
Don't mention it, guys. There you go.
There you go.
Let me give you your Sharpie back, okay?
Okay, guys, thanks for coming.
- Blessings to you. See you.
- [man] Thank you.
[Julie] I didn't see that coming.
[Cousins] I didn't either.
[Julie] Kind of in shock.
[Cousins] Yeah, me too.
It doesn't feel like it should be over.
Tough to host a playoff game and not win.
[Julie] So close.
[Cousins] The plays that you go back
and beat yourself up over, it's just, ugh,
There weren't a ton,
but there were probably three.
And you feel like if you just had
those three back, you might win the game.
- [Julie] Three mistakes or three
- [Cousins] Yeah.
Yeah, one of the early third downs,
I took
I took too quick a footwork,
so I was ahead of the read.
It was open for a first down,
and then we had to punt.
And then third down,
second-to-last play of the game,
we got the coverage we wanted,
I got the read I wanted,
I was dropping back,
thinking, "This is perfect."
And, uh, the ball was, like,
maybe a foot too far, you know,
behind him or on him.
It wasn't in front of him.
If the ball was in front of him, he
- Was that KJ? Yeah.
- [Cousins] Yeah.
The ball should've been
out in front of him.
He catches that, and we're going.
But when you only run 50-some plays,
you know,
the two or three that you want back
really loom large.
The hardest part is
that when you go to OTAs
You know,
13 wins this year has no bearing.
You're back to
It's hard. It's hard to build, build,
build, build, and then,
you know, there's nothing to really
build from there anymore. It's over.
- Frustrating. Really, really frustrating.
- [Julie] I forgot. It's trash night.
All righty.
It's usually about this time when
you feel all the pains from the game.
You're walking around the house like,
"Ooh, that hurts."
- [water running]
- Turner, that was awesome.
The fact that you let Cooper
go to the game in your place
Every time he wants to go,
I let him go when Mom wants him to go.
[Julie] That was so nice of you.
Turner, that was so nice of you.
[Turner] Tomorrow, I'll let him go again.
Wow, so you stayed home
and watched the game with Mimi?
- [Turner] Yeah.
- [Julie] Did you know if we won?
- [Turner] We won.
- [Cousins] No, we lost.
[Turner] Yeah. We lost 24-31.
[Julie] You want to go read with Dad?
- [Tuner] No
- Let's go read some books.
[Turner] We got 24,
and the other team got 31.
That's why we lost.
[Cousins] Can we do that, read some books?
Let's do The Book of Why
in Sports Illustrated.
Let's do that. That was a good one.
"Why do the Detroit Lions
and the Dallas Cowboys
always host a game on Thanksgiving?"
"Why are some tennis players
considered clay-court specialists?"
"Why does the NFL have so many rules
against hitting quarterbacks?"
"In the NFL, the quarterback is
by far the most important player,
and injury to the quarterback
can sink a team's entire season."
"Did you know the season-ending
knee injury Tom Brady suffered
in the first game of the 2008 season
led to a ban on hitting quarterbacks
below the knee?"
And Dad is forever grateful.
- [Turner] Just the blanket.
- [Cousins] Okay.
- You comfy?
- [Turner] Mm-hmm.
You should sleep well tonight, 'cause
you didn't get a great nap, and it's 9:00.
All righty.
Ready to sing and pray?
On Christ the solid rock I stand ♪
All other ground is sinking sand ♪
All other ground is sinking sand ♪
Jesus, thanks for, uh, today.
Thanks for protecting Dad
in his football game
and through this football season.
Um, thanks that Cooper was able
to be there tonight and watch.
And thanks for Mommy and for Turner,
for the great family we have.
And, God, we, uh, continue
to just give the days ahead to you
and trust you for, uh, what's up ahead.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
All right, buddy, you good?
- [Turner] Mm-hmm.
- Okay. Sleep well. Love you.
[mysterious music playing]
[commentator] And we welcome you
to Arrowhead Stadium
in Kansas City, Missouri,
the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.
[commentator 2] Today the Chiefs
start their playoff mission
after a two-week reboot.
[commentator 3] Kansas City
trying to make the AFC title game
for the fifth straight year.
My routine is the same every time.
I'm very superstitious.
If it's a home game,
I usually wear some casual clothes.
And if it's an away game,
I'll throw on the suit
and I'll show out a little bit.
I go to the locker room,
and I change into my hoodie.
Then I head out to the bench
for, like, 20 to 30 minutes
just to kind of see the stadium
and get myself in the right mindset.
And then I walk out to midfield.
Being a baseball player and superstitious,
I try not to step on any lines or logos.
Then from there,
I'll head to the opposing team's end zone
and I pray at the goalpost.
Next, I'll head to the other side
and stretch to get warmed up.
And I try to practice every throw
that I can make in a game,
with the distances I need to throw,
a little long toss,
and every arm angle that I need.
Then I'll join my coaches and Chad Henne.
I always end that session of throwing
by playing a little DB
and then catching a pass from Chad,
and then finally,
I do my trademark fadeaway shot
into the arms of one of my teammates.
[crowd cheers]
[tense music playing]
Once I get back in uniform,
I come out,
I'm gonna do our pre-game drills
- Love you. Love you. Love you.
- Good luck.
- [Mahomes]kiss Brittany and Sterling
- Play hard.
- Love you.
- [Brittany] Kisses!
before heading to the locker room.
["Star Spangled Banner" playing]
[Mahomes] During the anthem,
I stand at the 30-yard line.
[man singing] And the home ♪
[woman singing] Of the brave ♪
[action music playing]
[Mahomes] After the coin toss,
I jog to the end zone
that we are defending, and
Hey! Enjoy this moment!
Enjoy this shit!
Cut it loose, play together,
play fast, believe in each other!
And let's go win!
Chiefs on three! One, two, three!
[team] Chiefs!
Let's fucking go!
- [Mahomes] Love you.
- Love you.
- Kick some ass.
- [Mahomes] Yep. Yep. Love you.
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's have a fucking day!
Let's have a day. Let's have a day.
[commentator] Everybody's ready for
the divisional round. There's no tomorrow.
Guys, let's go get a dub.
[Mahomes yelling]
[Brittany] Whoo!
Whoo! My heart's racing.
[commentator] Today, the Chiefs have
to slow down a team and a quarterback
who are beginning
to feel like destiny's choice.
[commentator 2] You know, I don't put
anything past the Jacksonville Jaguars,
but this team is no joke now.
They have won seven
of their last eight games.
They have absolutely nothing to lose here,
and they are dangerous
for the Kansas City Chiefs.
To play against a team
like Jacksonville, who's very hot
coming into that playoff game,
we knew we had to set the tempo early.
Slot 80, five out on the right side!
We were prepared. We were ready
to go and play our best football.
Blue 80, set!
[Brittany] Come on, babe.
Here comes a blitz, Mahomes, jump pass.
Finds Kelce at midfield,
with a catch and a gain of 14 yards.
Go on, 80, set!
[commentator] To now throw it,
sidearm on a slant that's caught.
Mahomes looks to the right side,
now being rushed, fires it late.
Kelce with the catch!
We need a touchdown.
Three tight ends to the right of Mahomes.
They'll roll that way.
Off reverse action,
they find Kelce inside the five!
And runs it into the end zone!
Kelce, a touchdown!
Mahomes to Kelce
for the 12th time in the postseason
as the Chiefs score
on their first drive of the game.
[Mahomes] Hey! Hey!
That's how you make plays!
That's how you make plays!
- Yes!
- Whoo!
- [indistinct chatter]
- [cheering]
Great drive, all day!
[Mahomes] I felt confident
that we'd go out there
and put up points in that first drive,
especially against a team that
hadn't been in a lot of playoffs.
We knew if we scored that first drive,
it'd put pressure on them,
and we were able to do that.
Let's do it, baby. Let's do it.
[Brittany] Come on, boys.
[Mahomes] Hey, five out, 41. Let's go!
White 80, set, hut!
[commentator] Again, an outside rush,
and Mahomes throws it late.
[Mahomes] Oh shit.
[commentator] Pass is complete to the 45
to Blake Bell.
[Mahomes] Shit!
[commentator] Mahomes is hurt.
- [ref] You all right?
- [Mahomes] Yeah.
[commentator] He's holding his right knee.
[Mahomes] Oh shit.
[commentator] And Mahomes,
is he wanting to come out?
[Mahomes screams] Ah!
Call the play! Call the play!
[ref] You wanna go on, Pat?
Want me to shut this down?
[Mahomes] No, I'm staying up.
He got hit hard on this play.
[commentator 2]
As he let go of the football,
looks like the ankle got twisted up
under Arden Key
as he got sandwiched.
[commentator] Chad Henne warming up,
taking snaps just in case.
The Chiefs used a time-out
to give Mahomes some time.
[pensive music playing]
- [Mahomes] Fuck.
- [man] Come here!
- [Mahomes screams] Ah!
- Come on!
- [Mahomes screams] Ah!
- [ref] Their first 30-second time-out.
- Roll your ankle?
- [Mahomes] Yes.
Hey, can you spat it?
How much time we got?
How much time we got? Hurry up.
[commentator 2] They're gonna try to put
some sort of wrap on him.
[Mahomes] I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.
Hey, hurry up!
I don't have time. Let's go!
Hurry up!
I gotta go. I gotta go.
I gotta go. I'm good. I'm good.
I'm good. Let's go.
[Brittany] He can't even walk.
What are we doing?
He thinks he's about to play a damn game?
Has he lost his mind?
[Mahomes] You work all year
to play in these playoff games,
and then that ankle injury
comes out of nowhere.
And it's like, man, mentally you're like,
how's this happening right now?
It didn't happen in week one or week five.
It's happening in the playoffs
when you need to be there
for your teammates.
I think the mental toll
was even worse than the physical one,
'cause I was like,
"I'm letting my teammates down."
And so I was trying to do whatever I could
to stay on that football field.
[commentator 2] He has to hop his way
over there just to make the handoff.
You need to get out of the game.
Look at him. He can't even walk.
He came out and sat down for a minute.
- Ran back in.
- Oh my God.
He can't play. He can't do it.
[Mahomes] Let's get it.
Let's go! Let's go!
Let me get the ball, I gotta make plays.
[commentator] Third down and two now
for the Chiefs.
[Mahomes] Gold, white 80!
[commentator] A twist in the middle.
Mahomes now has the pass
out of his hands and on the field.
Will they rule this
a fumble or an incompletion?
- [whistle blows]
- I threw the ball. I threw the ball.
- [commentator] They say an incompletion.
- I threw the ball.
[commentator] And the Chiefs are gonna try
a 50-yard field goal attempt
from Harrison Butker.
Spinning kick that is good.
The Chiefs get three points
out of the drive,
and they will attend to Mahomes.
[crowd cheering]
[Mahomes] I got it.
[Nagy] I know,
but we can't be stupid, dude.
We know you wanna be in there,
but we can't make it
- [Mahomes] I got you.
- You know?
[Mahomes] I got you. We're good.
It's a high ankle sprain.
I'm good.
[Brittany] Is he going back in,
or is Chad going in?
His hard-headed ass ain't gonna sit out,
so he better figure it out.
[commentator] He is this team,
and he knows it.
If it's just a sprained ankle,
he's not coming out of this game.
[commentator 2] That's gotta be
tough for a head coach.
Let's see what Andy Reid does here.
- I'm gonna take you out here.
- No!
Fuck no! I'm good.
Hell no.
Hell no. I No. Fuck no! No!
Not a chance. Let me go get
I have one more drive, at least.
No. No way.
I'm No. No way.
No. I'll do it at halftime.
- I'm good. There's no fucking way. No way.
- [indistinct chatter]
No fucking way.
[Reid] Go get an x-ray.
No, I'll do it at halftime.
- I can do it at halftime.
- [Reid] Can't have it get broke.
[Mahomes] I'll do it at halftime.
[Bieniemy] Gonna take you in
and get you X-rayed, bro.
Why can't I do it at halftime?
[Reid] Go get it X-rayed real quick.
Let's see where we're at.
God damn it!
Damn it, man!
He's probably not mad at them.
He's just mad that he's hurt.
[woman] Yeah.
[suspenseful music playing]
[commentator] 37-year-old Chad Henne
will now quarterback
the Kansas City Chiefs.
[Mahomes] It's a high ankle sprain.
I already know what it is.
Any way I can leave my shoe on
so it doesn't swell up?
[fabric ripping]
Do we get off the field or no?
[commentator] Chad Henne will throw
from his own end zone.
Comes to Kelce at the near side,
who's sandwiched at the seven.
Whenever you're in that X-ray machine,
no matter what you think has happened,
you lose your breath,
you don't know what to even think.
[man] You good?
[Mahomes] I'm good. I'm good.
The moment the doctor came in
and she said "negative,"
I was excited to get back out there
on that football field.
[commentator] Mahomes
out of the locker room.
[commentator 2] Update on Mahomes,
they're calling it now, ankle, the right
ankle, and questionable for return.
[commentator] He did come out, however,
with a much stronger tape job.
Yeah, his X-ray was negative.
It's just a high ankle sprain, but
Shit don't feel good.
- I'm ready.
- Let's strap him up. X-rays are negative.
Mahomes watching Henne on third and three.
Henne in the pocket,
fires it right, he's got Kelce.
Good job. Good job.
[commentator 2] Chad Henne,
in his second playoff game
in his 15th year in the NFL,
hands it off. And Pacheco gets hit,
now he gets off the hit, 40, 35!
Pacheco sprinting down the near sideline,
all the way down to the Jacksonville
three-yard line!
[Mahomes] Nice!
- Three-yard line!
- Yeah.
[commentator 2] 2nd down
and goal-to-go at the one.
Four minutes to go in the second quarter.
Now they throw it near side,
Kelce's got it!
That's what I'm fucking talking about!
[commentator 2] And Chad Henne leads
a 98-yard touchdown drive!
[Mahomes] Dang!
Great fucking job, dawg! Great job!
Hey, great job! Great job!
Great job! Great job!
Yeah, boy!
Great call. Great call.
- [Reid] How are you doing?
- I'm good. I'm telling you, I'm good.
I'm good.
We good.
Am I good to go? Am I going or no?
Am I going back in or no?
[Nagy] Let me find out.
I'm gonna talk to Coach and find out
- [Mahomes] Yeah.
- [Nagy]what they say.
What, the high ankle, right?
[Mahomes] High ankle.
I played with it before though.
How's the pain?
I mean, I'm not gonna run,
but I can do everything else.
It's gonna hurt, but I can play.
Bro, there's 27 seconds.
Just take a break.
Get up on your toes.
Yeah, I can get up
I'm good. I'm telling you.
I'm not gonna fucking sprint,
but I can do everything else.
I can move in the pocket,
I can protect myself.
Doesn't feel good. The high ankle is wild.
It just feels like you can't move
your entire bottom half of your leg.
Um, so you feel like you have
a cinder block
you're carrying around as a foot.
Um, but I feel like mentally,
you can tell yourself enough
it doesn't hurt, that you can go out
and play the game at a high level.
[tense music playing]
[commentator 3] What about Mahomes?
[commentator 4] Well, he was
the Chiefs' first player
to come out of the locker room.
He came bouncing up the stairs,
and I said, "Are you good?"
He said, "Yup."
[Brittany] He's going back in.
Y'all better buckle up.
[pensive music playing]
[commentator] Here comes Mahomes.
[crowd chanting] MVP!
[commentator] And they're chanting,
Come on, babe!
[Brittany] He's trying to
tell everybody to be quiet.
Oh Lord. Come on, babe, finish the game.
[Mahomes] Go blue 80, set, hut!
[commentator] Mahomes wants to throw it,
looks at Toney, he's covered.
Mahomes on that bad leg is gonna run.
Bad foot and all,
he gets to the 38-yard line.
He bounces up,
and he's, uh, hopping around.
He's gonna get back to the huddle,
but he's limping back.
- He gains four yards.
- [commentator 2] Make no mistake.
The ankle injury
is affecting Patrick Mahomes' mobility.
We may not have play action,
RPOs, the bootlegs.
I had to change my game.
Set, hut!
I couldn't really step up in the pocket
like I wanted to.
[commentator] Chiefs' two drives here
with Mahomes at quarterback
in the third quarter
have both resulted in punts.
Hey, don't be scared
to call the deep shit.
They're gonna step up.
Don't be scared to call it.
Don't be scared to call a deep one.
If it's not there, I'll check it down.
- I'm gonna cut you loose a little.
- Yeah, let me go. Let me go.
- We just keep doing our thing.
- [Henne] Gonna call it.
We just keep that play-action going,
keep moving the ball, it's good.
I'm saying we gotta keep calling shots.
If they're not there, I'll check it down.
That's good.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. There ain't nothing
gonna take me out this bitch.
[pensive music playing]
[commentator] Nobody makes football
look easier than Patrick Mahomes.
But now he has to win this playoff game
when it's gonna be as hard as it can get.
Let's go. One play at a time.
Let's find a way to get seven.
Come on, babe!
Let's go. Right here. You need this.
[Mahomes] Go, blue 80, set, hut!
[commentator] Mahomes in the shotgun.
He'll come nearside. Kelce with the catch.
Darts to his left, he's got a first down.
Here comes a middle blitz.
Throws it late, finds Kelce
over the middle at the left hash,
a big-time catch for 15 yards.
[commentator 2]
He can't move. He can't scramble.
It just doesn't matter.
He's got one-on-one
on the outside left if he wants it.
[commentator] Snap comes back to him.
The pump and the throw to JuJu. Caught it!
[Mahomes] Blue 80, set, hut!
[commentator] Second and three,
pitched back to Toney on the edge.
Big hit at the ten. Toney keeps going!
It's gonna be out of bounds
before the goal line.
Oh, he stepped out. Shit.
First-and-goal for Kansas City.
[Mahomes] Hey, I need y'all right here.
Get seven.
Second down, goal-to-go for the Chiefs.
Let's go.
Come on!
[commentator] Mahomes, again,
that right ankle is bothering him.
That's in front of the left,
feet staggered.
McKinnon sprints in motion
to the near flat.
Mahomes now steps up in the pocket,
goes for the end zone,
[crowd cheering]
Oh my God, get up.
[ref] Are you okay?
[player] Get up, boy! You a dog!
That's what you is!
[commentator] He is limping off the field.
Got your ankle? You okay? You all right?
I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm good.
[Brittany] He can't even walk.
He can't even get up.
I know.
He needs to get out of the game.
He ain't getting out.
He ain't gonna do that.
It ain't in his DNA.
Not in his DNA, he ain't gonna do that.
I just jumped up,
and I landed on it when I came down.
- What happened?
- I jumped.
And I landed on it when I came down.
I'm good.
[commentator] So when you're a great one,
you throw jump passes
off your right foot in the first half,
then you get hurt,
and you come back and
you throw a jump pass off your left foot
in the second half.
Just make it up out there, Patrick.
Just make it up.
[Mahomes] Yes, sir.
- [man] Okay, let's go.
- [Mahomes] Great job!
O-line, great job!
Come on, D!
Right here, D. Right here! Right here!
Big stop right here! Let's go!
Come on, defense!
[Mahomes] Turnover, baby!
[commentator] Going quick from the nine,
gets it out. Agnew.
[Mahomes] Ball!
[commentator 2] The ball is out.
Kansas City's got the football!
They recover the ball!
[commentator] That just could not
have been a bigger play.
[Brittany] Ah!
[commentator] It's victory for
the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs.
This is what we do.
We battle and we finish games
and we win. That's all.
[commentator] For one more time,
it's Kansas City
playing for the AFC Championship.
[Mahomes] Hey.
Hell of a year, man.
Way to bring those boys back.
- [Lawrence] You good?
- Yes, sir, I'm good. I'll be good.
Appreciate you, man.
A lot of times, when injuries like that
happen to some of your top players,
everyone else kind of steps up.
That's what makes great teams great.
[Brittany] Now I'll have to hear about it
all week.
"I can't do nothing."
"I gotta sit on the couch and recover."
That's what it's gonna be.
[woman] He can't change diapers.
Yeah. Yeah. "I can't feed him.
I can't give him a bath."
- "I just can't move."
- [woman speaking indistinctly]
Yeah. "I gotta go get treatment.
I'm sorry."
"I'm not gonna be home until 7:00 p.m."
[woman speaking indistinctly]
When the kids are already asleep, yeah.
- Are you okay?
- [Mahomes] I'm good. I'll be good.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Way to fucking gut it out, bro.
Yes, sir. Oh! Yes, sir.
- [Nagy] Hey, warrior.
- Yes, sir.
- That's it. Warrior. Warrior.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
[man] Man alive.
- Great job.
- [Mahomes] Yes, sir.
- Chad Henne, great job.
- [team cheers] Yeah!
Nothing better. Let me tell you.
You guys know, nothing better
than two tough quarterbacks.
One is great.
And then two is even greater, man.
- [cheering]
- [Reid] It's a great thing.
Hey, great team win today, everybody!
Coach said everybody had a part in this.
Get off your feet the next few days.
Come ready to go next week.
- Chiefs on three. One, two, three!
- [team] Chiefs!
Good game.
- [Reid] How you doing?
- Good.
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
[Reid] Where's the prettiest girl
in the building?
[Brittany] There's your friend!
[Reid] Where's the prettiest girl
in the building?
[Brittany] There he is!
[Sterling] Daddy. Daddy.
- [Mahomes] What's up?
- [Brittany] She's been waiting on you.
- What's up?
- [Brittany] Okay.
Nothing. I'm just worried about you.
- Hell of a game.
- [Mahomes] How you doing?
I'm good. It's high ankle, but
- Tell the truth.
- I swear.
I just I just sprained
that one ligament on top.
But it's, like,
the best ligament you could sprain.
[Randi] I almost threw up.
I literally almost threw up.
- It looked terrible.
- [Randi] It looked really bad.
- It feels way
- You ain't gotta go to the doctor?
No, I already did all that.
There was five doctors there with me.
Got the MRI. They all looked at it.
I did X-rays again.
I'm good. I'm telling you.
He was mad.
That's 'cause I was mad
they made me get an X-ray.
You were so mad.
They said, "Bounce up on your toes."
I said
Knowing that shit hurt.
I was like, "I'm up here. Look." [laughs]
"I'm up here."
- I cussed Andy out, dude.
- [Brittany laughs]
I said something to Coach Reid.
That's how you know I was mad.
Who's gonna win?
- [Mahomes] Of what? Tomorrow?
- Yeah.
The Bengals are better,
but with all those injuries in the O-line,
the Bills have a chance.
[man] Who would you rather play?
[Mahomes] I think we'd match up better
versus the Bills,
- but I wanna play the Bengals.
- Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, just honestly. [laughs]
I just wanna play 'em. We haven't
beat them. I'm tired of them talking.
[Mahomes] Mentally I just told myself
every single day, "It doesn't hurt."
[commentator] He's scrambling
and is gonna get a first down
and gets hit late!
[Brittany] Let's go!
[announcer] It is Super Bowl weekend.
Tom's won seven times, went to ten ♪
[announcer 2] Super Bowl LVII
has finally arrived.
[commentator] Mahomes is hurt.
[commentator 2] This is going
the way the Eagles want it to go.
Come on, Patrick. We gotta score!
Let's go!
[tense music playing]
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