Queen America (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Juvenile Diabetes

1 -Previously on -I really like you.
-Hey, you go to OSU? -I go to Tulsa.
-Hey, Aunt Vicki, I was wondering if I could spend some weekends at your place? - Sure.
-Find this girl a new talent.
-I have terrible stage fright, OK? Something about singing makes me panic.
-Robert's back in town.
His wife is staying in Oklahoma City.
-I'm sorry, I'm just suddenly not feeling very well.
I think I gotta get out of here.
-You comin' or not? Morning.
-What are you doing? -I need to brush my teeth.
You got an extra toothbrush? -Wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
-You taking care of yourself? -Of course I am.
Now, could you please give me some privacy? -Oh, come on.
Let's not pretend I haven't seen everything.
-It's different.
-Don't be crazy, Vicki.
Most women your age would kill for that body.
- I'm gonna go make us some coffee.
- And each and every one of you have been such an inspiration to me.
Bullies like to target a person's weakness and exploit it.
Some bullies might try to tell you that you're weak, but you guys are some of the strongest people I've ever met, because you've already had to overcome so much.
-She's actually doing well.
- And if I get crowned Miss America Starred and Striped United States, I want to be a voice for kids like you.
-It is so good for the kids to hear about this.
I mean, it really is an issue that affects a lot of them.
-Well, it's such an important platform for us both.
- I don't know much about the pageant world, but Miss Oklahoma U.
, she is pretty impressive.
-Why, thank you.
I'm her coach.
Vicki Ellis.
Nice to meet you.
- How formal.
You have a first name? -Ben.
Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Ben.
-And you, Vicki.
-You listen to me, you were great.
-You really were.
-And so convincing.
I mean, I really believed that you actually cared about bullying.
-I do care about bullying.
-We all do.
-Let's see Texas follow that! -I was in a room similar to this one when they told me I might lose a toe.
-It was the day before my tenth birthday when the doctor diagnosed me with juvenile diabetes.
-Oh, shit.
-Damn it.
- Judges will love this shit.
- I know what it's like to be in your shoes.
-Oh, please.
Like you haven't heard this story before.
-Seventeen times, but it just gets me every single time.
- You can be whatever you wanna be.
-She's overcome so much, you know? - It was this toe right here.
- Get your picture with Miss Oklahoma.
- Smile! -Excuse me, Miss Oklahoma? -Yeah.
-I just wanted to say that you're really pretty and I hate bullies too, a lot, but I really like you.
-Oh, my gosh! Aren't you the sweetest.
Thank you so much for saying that.
-Before I forget, the receptionist told me to give this to you.
-What's this for? -It's your check for today's event.
-I get paid for speaking to sick kids? -Miss Oklahoma gets paid for all public speaking engagements.
Unless you choose to donate your time.
But that would never happen.
Miss Oklahoma's time is far too valuable.
-Juvenile diabetes is a (bleep) goldmine.
-I know, it's just the right amount of sick.
What are we gonna do with a perfectly healthy white girl who can't even sing in public? -Well, we don't know for sure if Samantha is perfectly healthy.
I mean, God only knows the kind of things a Claremore Water Treatment Facility could miss.
-That's a good point.
-I feel so bad for Brittany.
I had no idea she went through all that.
-Neither did we.
I told you to do a deep Google on that girl.
-I did.
She didn't speak publicly about it until-- -It's still our job to know.
Samantha, honey, speaking about being sick, how is your health? Hmm? Did you ever have any minor to terrible illnesses as a child? Well I had a really bad case of the chicken pox when I was nine.
I know everybody gets it, but mine was intense.
-But, um, what about now? Any more recent health problems? -Uh I got really bad dry sockets after I had my wisdom teeth taken out.
My doctor said it was because I used a straw too soon after surgery.
-And no illness that runs in the family? -Maybe something with the liver? -No.
But my mom was worried she had lupus at one point.
Her mom had it.
-That can be genetic, right? -I'm not really sure.
-Don't worry, hon.
While we're here, why don't we get you a quick blood test? Just wanna make sure that you're in good shape to compete.
-I'll go find that friendly doctor.
-Lord help us if she doesn't have lupus.
-On the bright side, I don't think things can get much worse than they already are.
-I don't really like needles.
-Nobody likes needles.
-I'll put a rush on this.
We'll get the results to you within 24 hours.
I can tell you're worried.
-I can't believe that pageant girl drove a car through here.
-Her boyfriend was the one driving.
I'm just glad they finally reopened this place.
One time, our algebra teacher said he was gonna give Noodle Express gift cards to the highest test scores, and it's literally the hardest I've ever studied for anything.
-Your algebra teacher? -I mean, back in high school.
It was a few years ago.
-You ever go to that Chinese place in Utica Square? -Utica Square is too fancy.
They wouldn't even let someone like me near the entrance.
-Don't do that.
Don't talk about yourself like that.
You are so beautiful.
You know what the sexiest thing a woman can have is? -No.
I do not know what that is.
-What kind of blood tests were they? -I don't know but it freaked me out.
-I didn't know your mom had lupus.
-No, her mom had it, my mom just thought she had it.
I think.
I can't remember.
It was whenever she was still living here.
-Hey, girls.
-Dad, you're not fixing those brakes yourself, are you? -I know what I'm doing, Sam, don't worry.
-Uh, Mr.
-Samantha actually has a question about something.
-A question about what? -Nothing.
-Deb's just being real dumb.
-What is it? -Oh It was just about Mom.
Remember whenever she thought she had lupus? -She didn't have lupus, she had a swollen toe.
-OK, sorry.
Yeah, I was just wondering because my coach thought-- -Your mom's problem was boredom, OK? She invented problems 'cause she was bored.
Had a canker sore once and thought it was a mouth tumor.
-I'm sorry.
-Hey, so, I was reading this review of that new steak house, Brickstone.
Yeah, we should go next week.
I could sneak away Wednesday.
-Is that in midtown? -It is in Oklahoma City.
You think I wanna drive two hours away to get dinner? -I thought we could have a night out.
-Look it's sweet, but I know what you're doing.
I am not taking multiple highways so we could eat somewhere where no one knows us.
I just thought it would be a nice thing to do for you.
-No, don't suggest things and act like I asked for them.
-Bruce, look where we are right now.
I have to drop you off four blocks away from your house after you pretend you went to the gym.
I'll see ya later.
-Dad? -Chris, hey.
-What are you doing? -Uh, this is my buddy Nigel.
He gave me a lift home from the gym.
I thought I could run there and back, and it turns out I am too old.
I was just finishing up a jog.
Hi! -Nice to meet you.
-Thanks for the ride.
-I'm starving.
You guys eaten yet? -No, we haven't.
-Oh, let's eat.
-It's Val.
Leave a message.
-So, we did the full blood panel on Samantha and all her levels look good.
Kidney, liver function, totally normal.
-You sure? Yeah, she's slightly anemic, but nothing to worry about.
Overall, she is a, uh very healthy young girl.
God damn it! -Oh, my God, am I dying? -There's absolutely nothing wrong with you.
At least not medically.
-Oh, thank God.
-I really think we need to rethink the talent situation.
Maybe we should just let her tap dance.
-Her tap skills aren't good enough, trust me.
-And her singing skills are? -I'm telling you, I heard her in church.
That girl has a real voice on her.
-Excuse me.
Uh Ms.
Can I speak to you alone for a second? -Vicki.
And yes, of course.
This is, uh, a little awkward.
Really don't wanna cross the line.
-Don't be silly, I feel we're both on the same page.
-Are we? -I believe we are, yes.
Well I was just wondering if Samantha was single.
I would love to take her out sometime.
Obviously wanted to ask you first, as her coach and everything.
I wasn't even sure if Miss Oklahoma was even allowed to date.
-Of course Miss Oklahoma is not allowed to date.
That would be ridiculous.
-What an incredibly inappropriate idea.
-I am so sorry, I didn't realize.
-Do you know how old she is? -Is she not at least 18? -Honestly! I should have you disbarred.
-That's only for lawyers.
-Shame on you! Come on, let's get the hell out of this place.
Pick up the pace! -What happened? -That doctor just asked me out.
So unprofessional.
-I didn't even know there were places like this in Tulsa.
-Sadly, they are few and far between.
-I have as much right to be here as you do! -They're not mad that you're here, they're mad at that blouse.
-(bleep) off! -It was really nice of you guys to ask me to hang out tonight.
-Oh, honey, this is a work night.
- Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
And all my gender nonconforming babies.
-I'm your host for the evening, Alotta Issues.
And tonight we're bringing some karaoke realness.
Sign up's in five minutes.
- Wow! He's so beautiful.
Or am I supposed to say "she"? She's so beautiful? -Stop talking, for your own good.
-We shouldn't have brought her here.
-No, this is gonna work.
Know that I believe in you and I absolutely think you can do this, with a lot of alcohol.
-Do what? -Get up on that stage and sing.
-I'm not singing in front of all these people.
Nigel! -Samantha, do you trust me? -Partially? -I can work with that.
Can I get a shot of Cuervo? Drink up, baby girl.
But I should warn you, I'm such a lightweight.
-Oh, we know.
-You think we didn't hear about your little struggle cuddle with Rick Bishop? -Exactly, you know.
What if something like that happens again? -Shh! Shh! Shh! Honey.
Look around.
You're safe.
-Hey, stranger.
Are you OK? -Of course, why wouldn't I be? -Well, last time I saw you, you were so sick, you had to leave the restaurant.
-Oh, right.
-Then I didn't hear from you for a few days.
Oh, hon, you would not have wanted to be near me.
But I'm better now.
I was thinking about you coming over later.
-I got Grace.
It's Wednesdays.
Doesn't change, remember? -Of course, yep.
-You can come to mine.
-I'm just so cozy here already.
Can't you find a sitter? -It's eight o'clock, Vicki.
-Hey Just come over.
She's already asleep.
We just have to keep the noise down.
-I don't know.
I'm just not in the mood to, you know, travel.
Another night this week, maybe? -Sure.
Sounds good.
-Sleep well.
-Not tonight.
- Ehh! I don't think I can do this.
-You have to believe in yourself.
You need to have the confidence of a frat boy on trial.
-What? -Just keep drinking, honey.
- Should I call the police? -I'm sorry? -You're clearly trying to get that poor girl wasted past the point of consent.
-That is completely true.
-And yet something tells me that she's not really your type.
-You're right.
I guess I prefer someone with a bit more -Penis.
So can I buy you a drink some time? Like right now? -Sure.
-Oh, Jesus! -You scared me.
-You scared me.
-Well, I'm sorry, honey, but I do live here.
-I figured you'd be out.
-Where have you been? -Just with some friends.
From the community service thing.
We got Chinese food.
-The last part I believe.
I know make-out hair when I see it.
You've been with a boy.
-Don't be insane, Aunt Vicki.
-Are you wearing lip gloss? -Are you wearing tap shoes? -Answer the question.
-It's just Chapstick.
-Tinted Chapstick? -I don't know, it's cherry flavored.
OK, I can't handle you looking at me like that.
Yeah, I was with a guy.
But not just any guy, he's really nice.
Actually, I think he's my boyfriend.
-I wasn't aware that you were at an age where boys were a thing.
-I'm 16, but I've never really liked a guy before this.
At least no one that's liked me back.
-So where did you go with him? Somewhere public, I'm hoping.
We went to Noodle Express.
-Oh, God! -He's really nice to me.
-So, where did you meet him? -Both of our schools went on this field trip to Philbrook Natural History Museum.
-You mean Philbrook Art Museum.
Right, yeah.
-And where did you say he goes to school? -You know, that public school that starts with a "B".
-Oh, I hope you mean Booker T.
Washington, not Bixby.
-Yeah, Booker T.
-Well he goes to a good school, at least.
-He's really smart, and we both hate Jennifer Lawrence so that's really cool.
I don't know, he actually likes me for some reason.
-Of course he likes you.
Be a little moron not to.
-Hey, would you, um, mind not telling my mom? Not because he's bad or anything.
But because it's private? Can we please just keep this between you and I? -Your mom does get nosy.
-She really does.
It'll be our secret.
-You know, he said this thing to me today.
I don't know why, made me feel really weird.
He said, "Confidence is the sexiest thing a girl can have.
" -Men love to say that.
-But what if I'm just not confident? -Nobody's confident.
They're all faking it.
Just some people are better at it than others.
-Is that what you had to do? -Oh, I had to do a lot of things.
-So, do you need a ride home soon? -I hope you're not offering to drive.
But I am offering to take you home.
-I'm sorry, I'm seeing someone.
That's too bad.
-This is fun.
I feel like we're becoming really good friends.
-She's ready.
Is that mic hot? - All right, please, welcome to the stage Samantha Cole! -Now tell me something, baby, why are you dedicating your whole damn life to all these stray white ladies? -Because sometimes that happens.
Michael, what are you doing here? -You go to Booker T.
High school.
-I mean I did.
-I assumed that we were both seeing other people.
-I am still seeing the chef.
-So what are we? -Tomorrow is my first review with the pageant board.
They pretty much control my funding.
-You're allowed to have an opinion but you can't attack a group of people -to defend it.
-The board is considering punting this whole season.
-Practice the national anthem so that you don't embarrass yourself at the baseball game tomorrow.
-I know this is scary.
That's why people watch this stuff.
They think, "Wow, I could never do that.