Queen of the South (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Quinientos Mil

1 JAMES: Previously on "Queen of the South I want out.
I can't be here anymore.
Is not about what you want, is it? I killed a man because of you.
I'm just afraid the police will see that way.
BRENDA: What is this? It doesn't make any sense.
TERESA: We need to figure out what it means.
You pay her, and you get that book.
They're dead Eric, the bodyguards they're all dead.
EPIFANIO: Have you completely lost your mind? Did I not tell you to let this Birdman thing go? You really think the Jimenez cartel is gonna start a war with the next governor of Sinaloa? (dramatic music) CAMILA: You reacted on my attack on Eric exactly the way I needed you to.
I used you.
I want to make amends.
You have a top lieutenant in prison.
I can take him out of there for you.
He checked the numbers.
It doesn't belong to any bank account not enough digits.
- We have nothing.
- We have the book.
TERESA: That's it.
It's coordinates.
It's a farm in Mexico.
BRENDA: This is probably where El Limpiador keeps Epifanio's clean money.
He's called the cleaner.
(birds chirping) (eerie music) BRENDA: We have to ask this guy for 500,000 for the information we have.
That's what it's gonna take to make a new life.
500,000 is way too much.
No, 250,000.
We have the power, Tere.
Otherwise, what the hell are we doing back in Mexico? That's true.
Guero told me these guys always have cash in hand for emergencies.
I know; I was married to one of those guys.
El Limpiador, he's a money launderer.
He probably has five times that amount lying around.
And 250,000 is not enough money for us to disappear.
This is their life that we have in our hands.
We could take this information to the DEA.
Guero gave me this book to save your life, and I have responsibilities, Tere, responsibilities you don't have.
And I owe it to Tony.
He's been through a lot.
And 250,000 is not enough.
You're right.
Are you scared? THE QUEEN: It's okay to be scared.
The way things have been going, you should be.
(somber acoustic guitar music) I'm terrified.
I'm scared too.
(dramatic music) (indistinct chatter) No, no, no! Wait! Wait! Ah, no, stop! (grunts) (all grunting) (engine turns over) (tires squealing, engine revving) (grunts) (coughing) You forgot to meet us, Don.
What happened? You forget? I called James.
He never called me back.
ZEFERINO: You're paid.
That's how it works, Don.
We pay you for this kind of information.
- ZEFERINO: Right? - I know.
I know, but I I can't do this one.
DON: (coughing) ZEFERINO: I thought you were in a trailer with a hot redhead.
And now I'm here with you guys.
Jesus, Don.
You're bleeding all over yourself.
ZEFERINO: He won't give us the address to the government safe house.
Why not? Why not? My wife she was assigned to the safe house you want to know about.
I could never give up where she is.
(sobbing) (phone buzzes) (phone beeps) Yes, hello? JAMES: There's a complication.
DEA Don's wife is in on this now.
She's been assigned to the safe house detail.
He won't give up the address.
Convince him.
Are you sure you want to break out a Jimenez cartel leader from a DEA safe house? We do that, we can start a war with the DEA.
CAMILA: Well, better them than the Jimenez cartel.
I promised Manuel we would get him out.
You know everything I'm doing hinges on this.
I need their support.
We need their support.
Just do it.
I got it.
Last chance, Don.
(crying) What's the address? Please don't make me do this.
(crying) (gunshot) You think he would've stayed quiet? JAMES: His wife isn't coming out of this.
ZEFERINO: Well, how are we gonna find out where she is? JAMES: We're gonna text her.
(phone clicks) (intense music) (tense music) WOMAN: (speaking Spanish) BRENDA: This is exactly where we saw the satellite map a field.
There's nothing here.
I thought there would be something that wasn't shown on the map.
Maybe the coordinates are general.
Coordinates are specific.
That's why they're in the book.
Do you think El Limpiador buried his money here? Escobar buried it all over Colombia.
Teresa, look.
BRENDA: Cigarette butts, a lot of them.
BRENDA: For an empty field, there's sure been a lot of people here.
Could that be it? Is that it, Teresa? Look.
- Get a tire iron out of the car.
- Okay.
- TERESA: And a flashlight.
- Okay.
(reporter speaking Spanish) EPIFANIO: What is happening, César? This is the third stash house of ours to be burned to the ground by the Jimenez cartel.
EPIFANIO: Why won't they stop? I've been told that it's because Camila killed the Birdman.
And, of course, they assumed you sanctioned it.
(reporter speaking Spanish) (speaking Spanish) (speaking Spanish) (reporter speaking Spanish) (foreboding music) (speaks Spanish) Call Jimenez.
Tell them to stop this attack on me now.
I want to talk with them personally.
I've left 15 messages already.
No one returns my call.
Something is going on, Epifanio.
The elections are tomorrow.
- We need to handle - Don't you think I know that? (reporter speaking Spanish) This is why she's doing this now.
EPIFANIO: She knows that my hands are tied.
Call them again, and find my wife.
(phone ringing) Camila Vargas.
I just was talking about you.
Why am I not surprised? CESAR: Is it true? Did you do it? You killed the Birdman? What do you think? (sighs) You're getting to the point of no return, Camila.
I know, César.
I reached that point long ago.
CESAR: Think about what you're doing very carefully.
I want to talk to you.
I'm coming to Dallas.
CAMILA: Mm-hmm, but you don't have to travel that far.
You see, I'm in Mexico.
CAMILA: I told you I was coming back.
I'll send a car to get you.
(phone beeps) ZEFERINO: We got her.
She's texting me.
I think this is for the light.
(man singing boisterously in Spanish through speakers) (music stops) (dramatic music) (whispers) Give that to me.
(metal clanging) (chains clink) (metal clanging) (murmurs indistinctly) (grunts lightly) TERESA: (whispers) Okay.
- BRENDA: Oh! - TERESA: Ugh! (door creaking) (both gasp) (both scream) - TERESA: Go! - BRENDA: Ahh! (both panting and gasping) What are we gonna do? (gasping) My God.
I can't think.
We saw the house.
We saw a house.
We have to go to that house.
We we can go over there and ask him Did you see what we just saw? Are you crazy? We have to go.
No, wait.
Where are we going? We're gonna go back to Dallas? Camila is looking for us! There's nothing here.
We need to go.
Yeah, no.
There is.
There is.
Those bodies have value.
- Are you crazy? - They have value, yes! Tere, Epifanio's running for governor.
If they find out that those things are tied to him, it'll ruin his chances.
It'll ruin it, and he'll pay us for it.
Do you remember Sinaloa? - (speaking indistinctly) - Do you remember? - Where are we going? - Listen to me.
There's nothing here, okay? TERESA: We have to go.
BRENDA: (gasping and murmuring) - BRENDA: Right now.
- TERESA: Hey, hey.
MAN: Hey.
(speaking Spanish) Hmm? (speaks Spanish) No, no.
(speaks Spanish) (both speaking Spanish) (speaking Spanish) (both speaking Spanish) MAN: (speaking Spanish) (suspenseful music) JAMES: Nothing yet? - Hit her again.
- I just texted her.
What do you want me to say? Anything.
It doesn't matter.
Say "I love you.
" We need the signal.
(dramatic music) (electronic chime and beep) Okay, I'm in.
(device beeping) (line ringing) - THE CHARGER: Hello? - Got her.
They're heading north on the 9.
(electronic beeping) César, sit.
I'm sure you know I'm very interested in what you have to say.
I come here with mutual interests in mind.
I see, so this is like a goodwill visit.
But you have nothing to offer.
But I do.
I keep things balanced in this cartel.
And, Camila, the instability you're causing is dangerous for everybody.
The election is tomorrow.
The Jimenez cartel is taking revenge on Epifanio for what you've done.
They can easily use this opportunity to take us all over while we fight amongst ourselves.
We could lose everything.
You're right.
But you shouln't worry about the Jimenez cartel or Manuel This is because of today, we are going to work in perfect harmony for many, many years to come.
So you have a deal with them? They know of your plans for Don Epifanio? Did or did I not sit with you in my club in Texas and tell you about my plan to take over what's mine? And you betrayed me.
I was honest with you, César, and you, my old friend, you made your choice.
(sighs) Your husband is a proud man.
I know you haven't forgotten that, but you should remember you are not alone in this.
What do you mean? He'll do whatever it takes to hurt you, including using Isabela.
(girls chatting indistinctly) CESAR: He'll take her And keep her away from you.
And if he does win tomorrow, as expected, heh, his political influence will only make that easier.
I know how important she is to you.
Come with me.
CAMILA: You're right.
GIRL: Isabela! CAMILA: She is very important to me.
And I wouldn't put that past my husband.
CESAR: For all you know, it could have happened already.
(phone buzzing) (phone beeps) Yes? We have Isabela.
BARBARO: Where do you want me to take her? Bring her home, to me.
(dramatic electronic music) It's a good thing that she's safe, right? (women gasping) MAN: Hey.
(speaks Spanish) I'm told by my friend you're lost.
Yeah, we took the wrong turn.
I'm sorry.
It's quite easy to get lost in these parts.
So few signs.
So few people.
Where were you going? Where were you going? We were going to a friend's house.
(footsteps tapping) (speaks Spanish) Really? Wow, this is interesting.
Told me you were lost, but now I believe you're not.
Then perhaps you came here for a reason.
Why? Don't make me ask twice.
TERESA: We have something you will want.
Information that brought us here.
We thought maybe there was a reward.
A reward? For this information? We know you work for Epifanio Vargas.
(chuckles) Okay.
But we don't want this to come off as Extortion? Give it to him.
Give it.
What's this? Coordinates, to here.
It came from a book with even more information.
(footsteps tapping) (cattle prod buzzing, women grunting) (speaking Spanish) (line ringing) CESAR: (speaking Spanish) (line beeps) César, I've left you half a dozen messages.
Call me.
(woman speaking Spanish) Have you heard from César? No one can get ahold of him.
He's gone missing.
WOMAN: (speaking Spanish) Turn it off.
WOMAN: (speaking Spanish) Every goddamn news outlet from here to Mexico City is reporting on this.
It's even on CNN.
We knew this could happen.
We talked about it.
Eventually, they would dig deep enough to know that you own these buildings.
You know what you have to do.
Yes, I know.
Kill my wife.
Phone one can find her.
Epifanio You need to get out ahead of the presidencyness You're right.
(ominous music) (gasping) Teresa.
Teresa! Teresa! Ah! TERESA: Ah! Where did you get this information? If something happens with us, what we have will go to the DEA, the Federales, the newspapers.
I asked you where you got the information, okay? Not where it's going.
Just please listen.
You pay us to be quiet, and we leave, okay? You know how when a fly gets caught in a spider's web, things stick to you? That's the situation you're in.
For instance, you think I don't know anything about you? But I do know a lot about you.
You've underestimated me.
That car outside? I know whose car that is.
The registration is to a Victor Ortega Gonzales.
Who's that? We stole the car.
We don't know.
If you were smart, you would have.
But I think this is your first time.
- Let's be honest.
- It's true.
We don't know him.
We don't know him.
Well he's going to die by 6:00 p.
tonight, because you're here in his car.
EL LIMPIADOR: Is there a wife and kids? Hmm? Well, we'll find out.
That's my cousin.
It's my cousin.
He doesn't have any anything to do with this.
EL LIMPIADOR: You think you're in control, but you're not.
Yeah, you have information that can harm me.
(quietly) But is what you use to do whith this information that is so crucial to my future.
You need to tell me who gave you this information.
And where you got it.
EL LIMPIADOR: Because how do I know it ends with you, eh? The person who gave me the information is dead.
All the more reason to tell me who it was.
Guero Davila.
EL LIMPIADOR: Say that again? Guero Davila.
Guero's girlfriend.
That's how I know you.
You're Chino's wife.
Your husband, I liked.
Why shouldn't I call Epifanio and tell him you're here? EL LIMPIADOR: Why not kill you And just sweep out all these bodies, eh? Just please.
I already told you, if you kill us, the information will get out, and that will be bad business for you and Epifanio.
All right, let's go.
JAMES: We're gonna bust this guy out of the safe house in five minutes.
In and out.
(guns clicking) (phone beeps) (indistinct chatter, phone ringing) - Mm-kay, sí.
- Gracias.
(phone ringing) (phone beeps) - Yes? JAMES: It's me.
We're outside the safe house.
You sure you want to do this? - Yes.
WOMAN: (speaks Spanish) CAMILA: We have to make amends for the Birdman, and I need the Jimenez cartel as my ally.
Hit them.
(women speaking Spanish) (dramatic music) Let's say I allow this extortion.
How can I be sure no one gets this information if I let you leave? So you fear me.
(chuckles) The problem with fear is that it is an unreliable master, its power only relative to proximity.
The further you get away from the thing you fear, the less it controls you.
Someday, you may find yourself in a place far, far, away, and you may think to yourself that I can't touch you.
Then you may decide to tell the world what you've seen here.
If you value keeping this secret a secret You have no choice but to deal with us.
If we're not out of here soon, a letter will be sent to the Federales.
You might think you can clean up what we saw, but you don't have enough time.
You're vulnerable.
If I don't stop the letter, you're done.
What do you want? 250,000, and you'll never see us again, I promise.
(knife tapping) Get her the money.
(dramatic music) (speaks Spanish) Please, sit.
It's your house.
Somos familia.
There's no need for these formalities.
I see you've all arrived in style, in your beautiful new cars.
Well, I imagine you're curious.
You probably want to know why I asked for a meeting with all of you in the first place.
Some of you may have guessed already.
But none of you would be here if you were happy with the way things are currently being run.
JAMES: Okay, let's go.
I came back here to restore things to the way they once were.
CAMILA: There was a time when I was running this cartel Where all of you share fairly in the profits.
Stop looking at me.
CAMILA: You owned a part of the building then.
As of now, you're nothing more than Epifanio's tenants.
I know each one of you personally.
And I know you're honorable men, men that can be relied upon to do what's best for the business and for your families.
Oh, shit.
(dramatic music) MAN: Let's move.
Come on.
(explosion booming) (man screams, rumbling) - Go! - MAN: Secure it! Secure the door! - MAN: Go, go, go! - MAN: All the way.
MAN: Let's move! So, you see, this is why I'm asking for your support, now that I came back to reclaim the business that was rightfully mine in the first place.
Section 7, this is House 9.
We're under assault.
Backup needed.
Believe me, I, too, want to see things restored, restored to what once was.
But you're scared.
Just meeting with you now could cost us.
I understand, but you don't have to worry about César anymore.
You see, I had a conversation with him, and I can assure you, he's all on board with my plan.
We need assistance.
We're under (radio crackles) We're un shit! CAMILA: And as far as my husband goes, yes, he will be governor, and, no, he won't like that I'm taking over.
(gunfire) CAMILA: But he'll have no other option Shit! But to stay silent if he wants to protect his political career.
Everyone knows what happened in Dallas, that you started a war with Jimenez, you killed the Birdman.
Epifanio may have been cheap, but he kept us safe.
(chuckles) I can do that as well.
- MAN: Let's go.
- MAN: Move, move, move.
Move! Now, now, now! (indistinct chatter) Over there.
CAMILA: I can make you wealthy and keep you safe.
(gunfire) (groaning) You don't have to be scared about Jimenez anymore.
As we speak, we're doing something for them that will make them our allies.
As a matter of fact, the two of us will be closer than we have ever been.
Open up! Let me in! Open up! MAN: Come on, open! Open the door! MAN: It's me! It's me.
Let me in! MAN: Let me in now! Get down, you piece of shit.
Come on! Help me with this table.
Let's go! Come on, move! You ain't going anywhere.
Not on my watch! Who's coming for you? (gasping) (suspenseful music) (gasping) (gagging) (dramatic music) (metallic clattering and scraping) MAN: Grenade! (explosion booms) (tinnitus ringing) (gunfire) (breathing heavily) Anything else? So, salud.
MAN: (speaks Spanish) ALL: Al futuro.
(glasses clinking) (men speaking Spanish) Vamonos! Go, go, go! (engine revving) (tense music) (phone buzzing) Yeah? We got him.
(sighs) (pensive music) Hello? Hello, brother.
It's me, Manuel.
How does freedom taste? Very, very nice.
(speaks Spanish) (speaks Spanish) (suspenseful music) (sighs) Isabela.
I'm so happy to see you, bonita.
Do you know what you just did to me? (eerie music) I was taken from my campus by Barbaro and Arturo, in front of all my friends! I thought that was behind us.
I needed to take action because (sighs) Well, I'm I'm back.
You know, I'm here in Mexico.
We can we can see more of each other now.
You didn't even care how I felt about that! It's not that, Isabela.
You have to understand I'm gonna run the family business, and your father is gonna go on to be a governor, or not.
I was just afraid he was gonna use you as a tool against me.
There was a time when I was young and I believed everything you said.
But we both know this is about you.
You just want to tell me your story first.
You just want to use me, against him.
This is not about me, Mami.
This is about you.
That's not true, Isabela.
Everything I've done, I've done for you.
You told me you wanted to come back here because you wanted to be a great woman.
You abandoned me for a year because you wanted me to see you as this strong woman.
And that's not the case, is it? It's about this moment right here.
It's about you reclaiming your power.
It's not.
You're you're wrong, Isabela.
He is trying to legitimize us.
Why didn't you just go with him? Up until yesterday, I thought I was gonna be the daughter of a governor.
And now I'm the daughter of a drug dealer, again.
You ruined my life, so don't tell me you did this for me.
The fact is, you hate him more than you love me.
And that breaks my heart, Mami.
(somber music) Wait.
It ends here.
I'll honor your deal as long as you continue to honor mine.
But if anyone should ever come to this farm and ask what you have asked or claim to have seen what you have seen or wants to talk about a book, won't be just you in that sewer, but everyone you both have ever known and loved.
(ominous music) Get out.
Get out! (both panting) Teresa, Tony is with Victor.
Tony is with Victor.
Wait, Brenda, no.
Brenda! BRENDA: No, please! I know that we lied to you about the car.
It's my cousin Victor's, and he has my son, Tony, and you're not gonna hurt them, right? You're gonna forget about that, right? (laughs) EL LIMPIADOR: You have a son? Then I don't have to pay you anything to guarantee your silence.
Brenda! (gunshots) (dramatic music) (engine turns over) (tires screeching) (engines revving) (speaks Spanish) (gunshots) MAN: Senor Vargas, what do you know about the cartel killings yesterday? WOMAN: The victims are people you were linked to at one time.
Do you have any comment? In my past, yes, it's true, I've had dealings with these people.
As a businessman in the private sector, I've had to stand up to these people.
I have to fight with politicians whose cartel interests were more more important than the interests of the Mexican people.
Have I failed at times? Yes.
But after yesterday's violence, I see only one more reason why I not only can but I must be the great leader the people of Sinaloa need and deserve.
Vargas is for the people, and under Vargas, you and your children will be safe.
Only I have the courage and the knowledge to end this violence, and I will.
Thank you.
(all speaking at once) Thank you all so much for coming.
(gunshots) (engines revving) TERESA: (grunting) Ah! (groaning and panting) (intense music) (sighs) (groans) (groans) (grunting) (ominous music) (sighs)