Queen of the South (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Reina de Oros

1 TERESA: Previously on Queen of the South (GRUNTS) (TIRES SQUEALING) Get in the car.
Now! Last time we met, you offered me a partnership.
And you tried to kill me.
If I really wanted to kill you, you'd be dead, you know that.
CAMILA: Teresa was a stray mutt when I met her.
Let her die in the cold with the other dogs.
What does a girl like you have to offer me? The book your husband's been after.
You deal in cryptocurrencies? When it comes to making money disappear, I'm as close to perfection as our world allowed us.
CORTEZ: Valletta, Malta.
The authorities took notice of a Somali crew landing at a port in Valletta last month.
King George uses Somalis.
You can be my Pocahontas.
GEORGE: Or maybe I'll be your Pocahontas.
POTE: How did you get away? - James.
- Where is he now? - In the trunk.
POTE: Attagirl.
I'm leaving now.
(TENSE MUSIC) (SPEAKING SPANISH) (GRUNTING) (SPEAKING SPANISH) And there was only ever one way for this to end for you.
How long have I been out? (GRUNTS) Hey.
How long? Two days.
(GRUNTS) The doctor said to keep the bandage on.
He said you might need surgery.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) I wanna find those pendejos and make them pay.
JAMES: Might be hard.
They're both dead.
(GROANS) He's with us now.
I need you to trust me, okay? You need to rest and get your strength back.
You're no use to me broken.
You listen to me, pendejo, you betray us again and I will carve you like a freaking cochinito.
Do you understand? (OMINOUS MUSIC) Lay down.
(GRUNTS) Listen to me.
We have an important meeting.
Rocco's gonna show us his banking system.
You sure you can trust him? He saved our lives.
But I'm not gonna trust him until he proves his system works.
And you wanna get a proof of concept? Yeah.
How much are you planning to give the pinche loco magician? If his system checks out, I'll put $20 million with his bank.
The rest I'll keep liquid.
Won't be tied down in Malta.
That way we can operate anywhere in the world.
POTE: Teresita.
"We"? (TENSE MUSIC) Let's get some rest, okay? I'll be back soon.
Let's go.
That pompous bastard.
He thinks he can keep Teresa from me.
I want you to go to Malta, General.
Tear her from his fingers.
Rocco de la Peña is a powerful and dangerous man.
It would be folly to pick a fight with him in his own backyard.
You're scared of a foreign hooligan more than me? (CHUCKLES) You don't need more enemies at this moment.
Let de la Peña grow bored with her.
Right now you must stay focused on the real enemy.
Boaz Jimenez must be your first concern.
I decide who my real enemy is, not you.
Boaz is just a stupid bull.
But he's a bull with a spear in his side, and he's in the ring with you.
Do not turn your back to him.
If you don't help me, I'll find someone who will.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) (SPEAKING SPANISH) Revenge is like any drug.
It can please you, or it can rule you.
Obsession will kill logic when you need it most.
CAMILA: Teresa is just a stray dog, General.
It's time we put her down.
(ELECTRONIC MUSIC) TERESA: Most money launderers use businesses to clean their clients' cash.
Hotels, restaurants, retail.
Rocco de la Peña uses the internet.
He claims it's safe.
JAMES: We'll see.
Your offline servers are here? Downstairs in my vault.
JAMES: If the servers overheat, we could lose everything.
What if the cooling system fails? I have a contingency.
All rooms are individually vacuum sealed, pulling all oxygen out within seconds, instantly extinguishing any threat.
(VAULT DINGS) Let's start with your current methods, which, frankly, are fraught with risk.
For example, the payments to your Bolivian supplier.
MAN: Let's go.
ROCCO: Though you get major style points for your use of Somali pirates, there are some glaring vulnerabilities in your system - (MAN SHOUTS) - (GUNSHOTS) - (MEN GRUNTING) - (GUNSHOTS) That can result in the loss of your assets.
Let's say you wanna deposit $3 million.
Into my account, and I purchase $3 million in which coin do you prefer? Ethereum and Bitcoin have too much movement.
I'm thinking Pteria.
Fair enough.
Fair enough.
So I deposit your coins into your bank account.
Right now, your $3 million in Pteria is broken up into tiny pieces of digital code, and spread through thousands of accounts, rendering it untraceable.
What if I'd like to make a withdrawal? You can withdraw cash, but I prefer carrying my millions in one hand.
So all my money will be in the hard drive? Yes, and only you will be able to access it with a 54 character signature.
Please, type it now.
Hit send, and watch my magic work.
GIRL: Teresa Mendoza Gracias.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) (CELL PHONE BEEPS) My supplier just got his payment.
It's safer, faster, quicker, better.
Don't you wish cocaine could be delivered (CLICKS TONGUE) digitally? We have a deal.
Welcome to the new world, Teresa.
WOMAN: What is happening? Hey, the $20 million have been deposited.
We made something here, Teresita.
You should be proud.
Thank you.
(DISTANT LAUGHTER) Would you like a drink? I'm not thirsty.
He'll come around.
I know.
Congratulations, Teresa.
I see bright things in your future.
You are gonna be huge in Europe.
This is just the beginning.
Just don't ever screw me.
Hmm? I do the screwing in my world, okay? - (GLASS SHATTERS) - WOMAN: (GASPS) (BREATHING SHAKILY) - Is she okay? - Yeah.
ROCCO: Yvette is a rare Russian who can't handle her booze.
(SNAPS FINGERS) Bring me another girl.
Let's go.
WOMAN: What is happening? GUARD: Come on, pull yourself together.
MAN: Sorry about that, sir.
(GLASSES CLINK) Ladies' room.
Excuse me.
WOMAN: Out of here (DISTANCE ELECTRONIC MUSIC CONTINUES) (OMINOUS MUSIC) YVETTE: I don't know what happened out there.
- GUARD: Get up! - YVETTE: Please.
I don't know.
I don't - (SLAP LANDS) - Ah! Ugh.
Help me, please.
We're dying.
Did he hurt your back? YVETTE: He cuts all of us.
He gets off on it.
He keeps us like slaves.
(ECHOING SLAM) Come here.
Hey, we don't have much time.
We have to go.
How many of you are here? YVETTE: Ten.
He does bad things to us.
Then he give us drugs to make it better.
If they find you here please.
Never mind.
I don't know what I say.
Just just go.
Listen, I need you to trust me, okay? - Are they all kept here? - For now.
- Tomorrow they send us away.
- Tomorrow how? We go on ship.
Promise me you'll help us.
JAMES: Teresa.
What's wrong? (DRAMATIC MUSIC INTENSIFIES) LOYA: Malta authorities won't go near Teresa with de la Peña protecting her.
You're holding out on me.
I'm doing everything in my power.
The DEA's operating from the embassy in Malta.
All I'm asking you is to give them Teresa so she can be extradited back to Mexico.
Teresa saved your life at that club.
That don't mean nothing to you? (SOFT LAUGH) Don't fool yourself.
I was the only thing keeping her alive.
She was saving herself.
I won't help you kill anyone.
All I'm asking you is to have her sent back to the country where her crime was committed.
You're a good man.
You want her in jail.
So do I.
I want her to rot, slowly.
(MENACING MUSIC) And I don't have to bring her in myself.
That can be you.
That should be you.
All I want is to visit her and smile, just to hear how lonely and sad and pathetic her life is as often as I want.
That means Teresa has to come back to Mexico.
I'm listening.
This book brought Teresa into my life.
And now it's gonna help me get rid of her.
Teresa's operation has a weakness.
No! (SEAGULL CAWING) You have something to say? Teresita, things happen.
This business is ugly for girls.
You have to Girls have always been currency with the cartel.
We can save them, but it won't change that.
Don't you ever interrupt me again, cabrón.
Even if we save the girls that Rocco has now, there's more where that come from.
It will never end.
JAMES: Not to mention, you just gave him most of the money.
We can back away from the deal.
But slowly, with caution.
It's nice to see you two agree on something.
Just think about it.
You once told me I was better than Camila because I had a heart.
This is what that looks like.
It took us six months to build what we have her in Malta.
You burn Rocco and you burn it all.
If you burn Europe, you're running out of continents.
We agreed to do business in a different way.
But I don't think this is about business.
That girl was me when you met me.
I know what it's like to be a slave, to people who don't give a shit whether you live or die.
(TENSE MUSIC) (CAR DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) GEORGE: Yo, principessa! The King has arrived.
Can I get an "amen"? Where my dogs at? Oh, there he is.
Baby Chapo.
Welcome back from being a dipstick.
POTE: (GROANS) What the shit happened to you? You try and hump a real Wookie? TERESA: George.
- Right.
Plan time.
So Yvette's information was correct.
There's a cargo ship owned by one of Rocco's subsidiaries leaving Port Senglea today.
Now, it'll have less guards than at the club.
It'd be safer to get the girls out there.
JAMES: Why would he ship them? Why not just fly 'em? He makes twice the money on them this way.
He gets paid once for the trip, when the crew uses them, and again when they get to their destination.
It's despicable.
Bastards like Rocco ruin the good name of smugglers.
Now, my men and I will take out the guards right here once the girls are on the move.
Then we need to get out of Malta.
As we speak, my boys are parking our escape vessel on the other side of the port.
Now, we'll load her up.
The second this shit goes belly up, ooh, we gotta skedaddle with a fury.
JAMES: If Rocco knows you're involved, you'll lose the $20 million you just gave him.
That's why we need to get the money out of the bank first.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) You're putting yourself in a whole lot of danger just to keep your conscience clean.
Is that any worse than doing it for the money? So we're robbing a bank? We're not robbing a bank.
We're bringing guns? Yeah.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go not eat a sandwich.
(SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) I ain't going nowhere without the snake.
We're facing off against a Maltese billionaire.
Lord know what that freak's packing.
Don't forget the egg case.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) How're you holding up, darling? On the real.
I'm fine.
Wonder Twins giving you grief? Bilal.
Hit that.
(CHUCKLES) Pote and James will do what needs to be done.
No doubt.
But for a man who ain't seen below that mustache since he was nine, he can get pretty lippy.
Oh, they're just scared for you is all.
Psychopaths can be unpredictable.
Kind of like courageous women.
I'm not being brave.
If there was another way to do this, I would.
Your men seem loyal.
They know where their bread's buttered.
So it's just for the money? Nah.
Them boys are special.
We've been through a lot together.
But I'm always straight with them.
Like I gotta be with you right now.
What are you talking about? I did a run for Rocco years back.
And I didn't wanna say anything in the house, but I think it's important you know who - you're clashing horns with.
- Why didn't you tell me? It don't affect the why you're doing what you're doing.
But it it might just affect the "if.
" - You hear me? - Yeah, I'm listening.
Rocco came up as an enforcer in the Galician Mafia.
Dark reputation even back then.
I smuggled a payload of Kalashnikovs to this Afghani rebel-rousers they're trying to get to strike against one of their competitors.
Rocco had their families crucified.
Women, kids.
Dude's got a thing for blood.
Now he passing himself off as some kind of techno wizard.
But the dude ain't changed.
You understand why I can't leave them behind? I do.
I get it.
And we're all here for you.
You just need to understand what you're up against.
The man's a goddamn spider.
You walking right out onto his web.
Let's go.
- I didn't know that.
- (SOFT LAUGH) How about it, General? Will you help my mother show us how it's done? (SOFT CHUCKLE) You're very light on your feet, General.
I'm impressed.
You're the one with the gifts, mi jefa.
We're in position now.
Rocco's still inside the bank.
As soon as he leaves, we're going in.
GEORGE (OVER PHONE): Got our guy at the port on lookout.
He's gonna call me when Rocco's guys bring the ladies for transport.
The second y'all get your hands on the monies, me and my boys are gonna snatch up some honeys.
Did you get everything from the safe house? GEORGE: Like y'all were never there.
Got the getaway boat all loaded up.
Got your money from the safe house in there.
And all of Chewy's pots and pans.
Thank you, George.
As soon as we're out, I'll let you know.
Emptying your account is gonna raise some flags.
I'm gonna leave $1 million in the account.
A million for ten girls? They're worth it.
(TENSE MUSIC) Okay, let's go.
Miss Mendoza.
How may I help you? I would like to make a withdrawal, please.
Of course.
How much are you looking to withdraw today? $19 million.
Is there a reason that you wish to withdraw such a large Just some business.
Yes, of course.
Um Unfortunately, your cash is no longer at this location.
- You'll need to wait 24 - I'll take the hard drive.
If you'll give me a moment.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
What now? This is when we find out if we have to rob a bank or not.
We're not robbing a bank.
POTE: Hmm.
(CELL PHONE BUZZES) What is it? Sir, Teresa Mendoza is looking to withdraw almost the entire sum of her account onto a hard drive.
How much is she leaving in her account? $1 million.
ROCCO (OVER PHONE): Ah, she's testing us.
Such brazen theatrics.
I'll have to remember to cure her of that.
Give her the hard drive.
Miss Mendoza, if you'll please accompany me to the vault.
- Sure.
- Alone.
I need to get this.
Just one minute.
Yeah? GEORGE: Bad news, principessa.
They're moving the girls early.
As in right now.
I don't have what we came for yet.
Shit, man.
Maybe we need to hit the ejector button on this one, T.
There ain't no shortage of girls in other places that need saving.
Don't do it.
GEORGE (OVER PHONE): It's not or never.
But I gotta seriously advise against being stuck inside a sealable building when this shit goes down.
Get the girls.
Gracias, maestra.
Why would you do that, push me towards a man you don't trust? You said we need him.
If keeping Cortez close helps our family, the closer the better.
Dangerous men, Isabela, are not to be toyed with.
You need to learn discretion.
So teach me.
The heroin is selling like a Christmas miracle.
I'd like to keep our arrangement.
And Camila? And the Colombians? Ah, what do they say? "Ignorance is bliss.
" I won't tell if you don't.
(CHUCKLES) CAMILA: You two look like old pals.
No one would think that one tried to burn the other one alive.
(CHUCKLES) Bygones, señora.
Men don't hold grudges.
Some men have thicker skin than others.
To what do we owe the pleasure? BOAZ: I'm here to take Kique with me on a business meeting.
Our favorite Colombians are in town, but I guess you already knew that.
Excuse me, governor.
BOAZ: Kique - Te amo.
- Love you.
Bye, Kique.
BOAZ: (SPEAKING SPANISH) They're meeting with the Colombians.
When did that get arranged? I was just asking myself the same question.
I'm sorry, Miss Mendoza, we don't allow weapons inside the vault.
If you don't mind.
Follow me.
Please enter your signature here.
(KEYBOARD CLACKING) You have the whole thing memorized.
WOMAN: I'm quite impressed.
It's only amateurs that need to write it down.
The funds are uploading to the hard drive.
You should know my intentions with Teresa are good.
(SCOFFS) You proposing? I'm not her father.
I get it.
If things were reversed - They wouldn't be.
- All right, cut the bullshit.
I never betrayed you or Teresa.
I was loyal to Camila.
Doesn't even matter if you think I should be here or not.
Teresa trusts me, and that should be enough for you.
My brother kept a weasel as a pet when we were niños.
He found it as a baby.
Gave it the bottle.
Slept with it like it was a stuffed animal.
My parents trusted the weasel with my brother like it was a dog.
One night, while my brother was sleeping, the weasel clawed out one of his eyes and ate it.
Sad ending.
Especially for the weasel.
Good talk.
(SPEAKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) (TENSE MUSIC) (WHISPERING CHATTER) All right, on the count of three, we're gonna give 'em the ol' Royal Texas bum rush.
You ready, boys? - Yes, my King.
- Yeah.
GEORGE: All right, now remember, a pirate's only as good as his shanghai.
(CHUCKLES) One, two, three, go, bitches.
(SHUSHING) (WINCES) (CELL PHONE BUZZES) (WHIMPERS) What? Attacked by who at the docks? Why would African guerrilla fighters (SIGHS) We need to get back to the bank now.
Come on, girls.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) - (PHONES RINGING, DINGING) - MAN: I'll call you right back.
WOMAN: One moment, sir.
(TENSE MUSIC) - WOMAN: I'm sorry, ma'am - MAN: We'll call you right back.
(DOORS BUZZ SHUT) I knew we were gonna rob a bank.
- Thank you.
- (GUNSHOTS) - (ALARM BLARING) What was that? I'm not sure.
(DOOR WHIRS SHUT) - What're you doing? - Give me the hard drive.
I have no idea what's going on out there.
Then why do you look so nervous? Why would I steal my own money? WOMAN: I'll let Mr.
De la Peña ask you that question when he returns.
Now give me the hard drive.
Ah! (BOTH GRUNT) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (GROANS) (PISTOL FIRES) Teresa's in the vault! Ah! (GUNSHOTS) We need to get her out! (GROANING) Ah.
Ah, chinga tu madre, cabrón! What the hell are you doing? (YELPS) (BOTH GRUNTING) - (GRUNTS) - (HEAD THUDS) TERESA: (PANTING) (GUNSHOTS) JAMES: There's too many of them.
We need to turn on the vacuum seal.
POTE: Not yet.
We gotta get her out of the vault first.
JAMES: If she walks out into these guards, she's dead.
(COOLING SYSTEM HISSES) (ALARM BEEPING) How is she supposed to breathe? JAMES: Rocco said the rooms are individually sealed.
(GROANS) Cabrón.
(GRUNTS) (BEEPING INTENSIFIES) They're starting to drop.
(MUFFLED GROAN) (GROANING) (STABBING FLESH) No one puts Bilal in the corner.
Thank you, my King.
I had him.
I know you did.
I just got a little greedy is all.
Didn't want you to outshine me in front of the girls.
You know what I'm saying? Ladies.
I know what you're thinking.
Out of the frying pan and into the fire, right? Well, this is what a Teresa Mendoza rescue looks like.
- (DISTANT SIRENS WAILING) - No time to get picky.
Teresa sent you? Where is she? She's a little preoccupied at the moment.
(PANTING) The seal's broken.
(GUNSHOTS) (GRUNTS) JAMES: Shit, there's one more guard.
Teresa, no! (GROANS) Go.
(DOOR THUDS) (GRUNTS) - Go! - (ENGINE REVS) (TIRES SQUEAL) We're on our way.
(SIRENS WAILING) Don't come here.
I got the girls but our getaway ship just got seized.
What now, principessa? The police got our ship.
We need to find another way out of Malta.
POTE: Rocco controls the local police.
There's an airfield about 9 kilometers away.
I scouted it as a backup.
George, I'm gonna send you the address to an airfield, okay? TERESA (OVER PHONE): Bring the girls there.
You got a bird in the nest? Not yet.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) (CELL PHONE BUZZING) Yes? LOYA (OVER PHONE): King George's ship has been seized at a port in Malta.
The DEA tracked his ship using the hull ID number from the page you gave me.
And Teresa? Malta police confiscated $7 million in cash, but no Teresa.
How did she escape? LOYA: There was a shootout.
Malta authorities found some of Rocco de la Peña's guards dead.
And some Somalis.
I'll give you $200,000 to get us in the air in less than five minutes.
Or there's always another way.
I'd take the money.
(TIRES SQUEALING) Whoo-hoo! I call window seat, bitches! (TIRES SCREECH) (CHUCKLES) I wasn't sure you would make it.
I always make it, principessa.
Allow me to escort you all to getaway vessel number two.
Let's go.
You're bleeding.
Are you okay? Rocco put tracking devices inside us.
We all broke them on the way here.
I just hope we got them out in time.
I know what you gave up for us.
Most would not make this choice.
It wasn't a choice, Yvette.
Come on, let's go.
Thank you.
Come on.
(TIRES SQUEALING) We got company.
- Get the plane ready.
- Start it up.
Baby Chapo, give me some cover fire.
Bilal, give me the snipe.
(GUNFIRE) Cross one off the bucket list.
Whoo! (CHUCKLES) (DRAMATIC ELECTRONIC MUSIC) You know you're crazy, right? You're the one who tried to hump a real Wookie.
You could have been amazing.
ROCCO (OVER PHONE): And now you're all alone, fleeing for your life while Europe burns down behind you.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) (SPEAKING SPANISH) (OMINOUS MUSIC) ROCCO (OVER PHONE): How does it feel, Teresa, to know that you were so close to greatness and you just let it slip through your fingers? Mm? Why, Teresa? Some things aren't for sale.
Oh, my God.
I didn't know I was dealing with a child.
ROCCO: All of those girls will be replaced tomorrow.
The shipment is already on its way.
As for you, if I ever see you again, you're gonna be screaming.
But anyway, good luck.
I really think you're gonna need it.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) THE QUEEN: You saved your soul today.
Was it worth it?