Queen Sugar (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Thy Will Be Done

1 Woman: "I, Ernest Charles Bordelon, of sound mind and body, declare that this is my last will and testament.
To my dear sister, Violet Bordelon, I bequeath 'True North.
'" Charley: What is that, Aunt Vi? It's Pop's boat.
Named after Mom.
True is up there smilin' somewhere.
"To my children, Nova, Charlotte and Ralph Angel Bordelon, I bequeath 800 acres and all other real property and equipment equally.
With each Bordelon generation, we work to do a little better than the last.
Nova, Charlotte, Ralph Angel, you are now in this line.
Out of every place in this whole big world, this land bears our name.
Farm it nurture it, love it.
Pass it on to your children and for every Bordelon that will come next.
Your forever-loving father, Ernest.
" (music playing) Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines take flight Dreams never die Keep the colors in the lines Keep the colors in the lines take flight.
He wants us to farm the land.
I'll leave y'all some time to talk amongst yourselves.
Thank you.
Miss Althea, um, when was that letter written? It's dated October 1989.
He wrote that right after Ralph Angel was born.
Pop was all misty-eyed from having a boy.
It was during the harvest time, too.
He just never got around to changin' it.
He'd never expect us to be tied up to the land now, now that we're grown.
"Tied up"? You make it sound like a burden.
You know what I mean.
We were just kids.
I don't think Daddy would expect us to do this now.
He did.
He told me that's what he wanted.
- Both: When? - Last week.
Last month.
All the time.
Oh, so y'all think I'm lying? No, but Rah, come on.
None of us knows a thing about runnin' a farm.
I do.
Me and Blue helped out Pop all the time.
Running a farm is a lot of hard work.
Come on! What's the harm in tryin'? It's too late in the season to try and find a buyer anyhow.
Actually, a buyer already approached me.
Sam Landry? - Ralph: Oh, hell, no.
- When did he contact you? He stopped by a few days before Daddy's funeral.
Said he was interested in buying and told me to call him.
- You coulda told us.
- Well, I'm telling you now.
All right.
Ernest wouldn't want y'all arguin' and fightin' over this.
Now, the land is a choice.
If it's not y'alls' choice, then there's no shame in feelin' that way.
- Well, I want it.
- (Nova sighs) For me and Blue to make a fresh start of things.
So y'all go on and get back to your lives and I'll manage the farm.
- By yourself? - If I have to.
And with what money? Look, I feel you, Rah.
Okay? I do.
But it's too much.
Oh, so that's that, then? Hm? Naw.
You said it.
That's not That's not what I'm sayin'.
Baby, wait.
Baby, wait.
Ralph Angel, wait up.
Why you ain't have my back in there, huh? - 'Cause I'm not takin' sides.
- You took sides.
Just not mine.
All right.
So, how you gonna take care of 800 acres when you can barely take care of yourself and Blue? Oh, that's how you feel.
Ralph Angel, you know how I feel about you.
I'll see you later, Aunt V.
Don't be like that.
Thank you Mr.
Land - Sam, right.
Now you're sure? - Nova: Rah.
Rah! We haven't decided anything yet.
We're just tryin' to figure things out.
No, you decided.
It ain't just me.
That's the point.
- The both of y'all.
- Okay.
You know, we can talk abut this later.
So, I just got off the phone with Landry.
He wants to make us an offer in person.
He said we can come by any time today.
- Y'all ain't waste no time.
- Nova: Rah If Landry is the only buyer this late in the season, we should at least hear what his offer is.
Should we go now? I gotta go pick Blue up from school.
I'm on a story this afternoon.
I can go later.
Well, what about later today? We need to settle this before I go back.
Fine, I guess I could come back.
It'll have to be late afternoon, though.
- Ralph Angel? - Why's it matter? Y'all ain't listenin' no way.
Life is but a game Do we simply play now? (truck engine starts) I can't wait for you to get back.
I miss my Micah.
- Hey, I miss you, too.
- (knocking) You hungry? - No.
- Who you talkin' to? Stella.
Hey, did you hear from Dad? He probably hasn't arrived in Houston yet.
(softly) Okay.
- (Micah sighs) - Stella: Who was that? "Hollywood"? "Ralph Angel"? "Blue"? Everybody in your family's got a weird name.
(laughing) I know.
Hey are you, uh have you been to my house? Stella: It's crazy.
You can't even get up your street, there's so many news vans.
Must be the suspension, huh? Yeah, I mean, I guess so.
Standing now Calling all the people here to see the show Calling for all my demons now to let me go I need something, give me something wonderful You can't take me down You can't break me down.
Nova: I'ma keep comin' as many times as it takes.
Don't you worry about me.
And why'd they stop you? Too Sweet: They wanted to know why I wasn't in school.
Next thing I knew, they got my arm jacked up and they checkin' my pockets.
- And what did you do? - Nothin'! I told you.
Why I gotta say I'm guilty for somethin' I didn't do? (sighs) Army be done and gone.
They ain't gonna take me with a record.
You're right.
They won't.
(sniffles) I swear they tryin' to break me.
Remember, you're not of this place, Too Sweet.
Put your mind elsewhere, hear? Fortify yourself.
- You pray? - Not no more.
I'll bring you something to read, okay? Think you can hang in there for a bit longer? Good.
'Cause breakin' you down that's how they get you to take a plea for somethin' you didn't do.
They scare you with a mountain of charges.
That's what they do to us.
They make us scared to fight.
You seem like a fighter to me, brother.
You can take this trial if you want.
You decide, not them.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Fight, then.
I'll fight with you.
All right.
You sure? Time.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- I got you.
Guard: Let's go.
(sighs) (faint laughter) (door closes, remote chirps) Mornin', Miss Violet.
I, uh I stopped by to see Charley and Micah.
They here? (men laughing) How you guys doin'? Blue's gonna be mad when he find out he missed you comin' by.
Well, I got a ball and some gear in the car for him.
I just wanna take care of the little man, you know? - I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
- You want some coffee? - We out.
Sweet tea in the refrigerator, though.
We outta that, too.
- Okay.
- I'm good, man, thanks.
(door opens) I didn't realize you were still here.
I needed to see you guys before I head out.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- Beautiful homegoin'.
- Sure was, it sure was.
It meant a lot to see you there, bruh.
Davis: Hey, baby.
What are you doing here? I need to talk to you.
We fly back tomorrow, Davis.
We'll talk then.
But uh I need to talk to you now, Charley, in private.
There ain't no need.
All y'all's business already out in the street anyhow.
The Houston Police wanna question me, Charley.
- What for? - Outside.
When do you go? This afternoon, but there's something else.
They're gonna announce that me, Felix and Eddie are suspended.
- League decision.
- What do they have on you? Nothing.
Not a damn thing.
Charley, listen, I didn't rape her, okay? Me and the boys went for drinks at Diamonds after the game that night.
We hired an escort service.
A prostitute? Did you have sex with her? Yes.
Baby, just one time.
I'm ashamed of it.
I'm ashamed and I'm sorry.
Baby, I'm I'm sorry, Charley, but that's the truth.
You're only telling me all this because you got caught.
- I can't even look at you.
- I made a mistake, okay? Look, I shouldn't be demonized for something I didn't do.
I need you, Charley.
No, Davis, what you need is a lawyer.
- When are we going to Houston? - We're not.
What do? We gotta be there with Dad.
We've got family business to settle here before we go anywhere.
This is family business, too.
- I'll go to Houston with him.
- No, you will not.
Oh, so, you're just gonna let him face this alone? Yeah, you can stay here.
He can come back with me.
This is ridiculous.
How dare you try to bring my baby into this? Micah? Micah? - Don't, I'm staying here.
- Micah, wait.
Micah! Don't look back Look ahead Don't look back Look ahead Don't look back Ever been out here before? To this museum of our enslaved ancestors? No.
It's like going back in time.
Just replace black with brown.
Charley: Can we just stay focused, please? If we get into a negotiation, can we agree I'll take the lead? - Why we even comin'? - Rah.
This is what I do every day negotiate.
If you say you got this, you got this.
Welcome, Bordelons.
Thanks for agreeing to meet us on such short notice.
Listen, the pleasure's all mine.
My wife, Mary, has laid out a little somethin' for us around back, so, let's go have some refreshments.
Hope you brought an appetite.
Ralph Angel: How many acres you farmin'? Landry: Oh, I reckon a little more than 3,000.
We're laying by on a little more than 750.
Charley: Laying by? It means they got the seed cane in the ground.
I didn't realize you had an interest in farmin', Ralph Angel.
Everything I learned, I learned from Pops.
Good farmer, better man.
The government did somethin' right by limiting Mexican sugar imports.
So, the price-per-pound has come up? Landry: Well, the American farmer finally has a chance to start to compete.
So, you got us all the way out here.
What's your offer? Talk about cuttin' to the chase.
I think it's safe to say we're all a little anxious.
It's been a difficult last few days.
I understand.
And again, you all have my sincerest condolences.
And now, out of respect for Ernest, and your family's history in this parish, I wanna do right.
I'm offerin' you 850 per acre.
I've run the comps.
It's worth twice as much as you're offering.
We know our daddy's land is one of the best parcels in the parish.
The land is well-drained.
It's got good soil pH.
Pops just ran out of money to plant these last few years, but his crop yields have always been high.
Well, clearly, you know somethin' about farming.
Then you must also know how far behind y'all are.
The seed cane shoulda been in the ground more than a month ago.
Yes, but the land is still the land.
We're not gonna just give it away.
Hear me now.
I'm the only farmer in this parish capable of bringin' in a crop on this land on time.
Can you give us a few days to think about it? - A week, maybe? - A week? Mercy.
Try two days.
After that, that land's not worth anything to me.
Y'all figure it out amongst yourselves.
You hear what he just said? It's basically two weeks on, two weeks off.
Must get lonely on that rig.
I know I wouldn't want to sleep with all that water underneath me.
You know, that's why I don't ever wanna go on no kind of cruise.
(laughing) I like this.
Lemme see.
Your break over yet, Roberta? 'Cause mine starts now, baby.
- Hey, you.
- Hey, baby.
Oh, hey, Vi.
Bye, Roberta.
(engine starts) Violet: I'll be back, baby.
Got me rockin' and reelin' Oh, what a feelin' Violet: Swole-up feet is the only thing I'm gonna have to show for today.
(chuckles) Them farmers ain't tippin' nothing much till after harvest.
- Now, you know that.
- Maybe.
Look at you, all buttoned up like Mother Teresa.
(laughing) I didn't even know that uniform had buttons.
You can't complain about Roberta getting all them tips.
Yeah, well, she sure 'nuff knows how to work it.
Shit, as fine as you is? You best enjoy this 'fore it's gone.
What is you talkin' 'bout? Come on, you realize I'm just a handful of years younger than Ernest was.
Woman, we got years ahead of us.
Good ones, too.
Everything just feels different all of a sudden.
Baby, you grievin'.
It's natural.
Hell, if you wasn't, that's when I'd be worried.
I just don't feel like myself.
You just be you.
Ain't nobody like you, you remember that.
That's good.
That's good.
So how'd your interview go at the crawfishery? I couldn't make it.
My pops died.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, thanks.
(sniffs) But if you're gonna cancel job interviews, you've gotta let me know first.
Yeah, I (sighs) - yeah.
- All right.
Um, look, my pop, he left me some land.
Look, it ain't all worked out yet, but I can grow sugar cane on it.
I can farm on it.
I can do everything I wanna do.
I've been waitin' for somethin' like this.
- Okay, all right, that's good.
- Yeah.
But it still don't get you what you need.
A pay stub is a requirement of your parole.
So, what about doing the farm, and say, a part-time job? 40 hours.
That's the requirement.
(sighs) That's a warehouse job.
The manager hires parolees.
Appreciate it.
You gotta get and keep a job, Ralph Angel.
- Or you go back.
- I know.
- All right? - I got it.
That's what it is.
Thank you for comin' out.
All right.
(sighs) (screen door creaks, closes) (sighs) Blue.
- What's up, man? - Good.
- How you doing? - Good.
Yeah? What you and Kenya doing? - Playin'.
- What y'all playin'? Can I play? Man: Vi, can you warm me up here? Violet: You guys been good? It's hot just like you.
- You watch yourself.
- (men chuckle) Violet: All right, ladies.
There you go.
What now? Davis is being questioned by the police.
It's all over everyone's buzz feed.
It was only a matter of time before the vultures got it.
So, did he do it? She was a hooker.
He paid to sleep with her.
(faint music playing) I don't know what I'm rushin' back for, to be honest.
I don't even wanna be in L.
right now.
He got himself in his mess.
Let him deal with it.
It's time to focus on you.
Stay focused, Charley.
Now, what can I do? Let's just get Daddy's affairs in order, so it's not hanging over me over us.
So, you invited us to lunch.
But you forgot you had to work.
I want y'all to stop bullyin' Ralph Angel.
You can't bully a grown man, Aunt Vi.
Just listen to him.
That's all.
Let him be a part of your decision.
You two are goin' back to your lives, but he's here.
He needs this.
He needs something.
Okay? That's all I got to say.
- How you doin'? - What is it? Uh, be right back.
(man chuckles) All right, now.
- Remy, hey.
- Hey.
Maggie, the High Yellow making lattes now? You know what? That ain't never gonna happen here.
Thank you.
Mind if I have a word? Sure.
Been meaning to drop this tractor clutch off for the longest.
Told Ralph Angel I would help him install it.
How's he doin'? He's okay.
It's hard, though.
He and Mr.
Ernest were thick as thieves.
How about you? Tryin' to figure it out.
The last time we talked, it seemed like you had something to say about Sam Landry.
Let's just say he has a bad habit of targeting black farmers when they're in distress.
- Buyin' up their land for much of nothing.
- Hmm.
He make you an offer yet? If you can call it that.
Is that what you wanna do? Sell? Still working through some family stuff.
Look here, there's a potluck tonight.
You're welcome to join, especially since y'all - are still trying to work things out.
- That's kind, Remy, but I've got a lot of work before I have to go back.
You know, you'd get to meet some local farmers, get a chance to see how it all works Thank you for the invitation.
Just, maybe another time.
I'll give you the address, in case you change your mind.
- Nova: Blue sleep? - Yeah, he knocked out.
What y'all doin'? Just sortin' through Daddy's stuff.
So, y'all just went on ahead without me? What? I wanted to look through those! Rah, stop.
Just leave it.
Don't go and mess it up.
There's stuff I want Blue to have.
Things I need to pick out and show him.
We already set aside Daddy's watch, baseball cap, all his fishing poles It ain't about that! I wanted to do it! Why are y'all so anxious to box up the man's life? We're just tryin' to get through this.
I need to get back.
So go on and go back then, Charley! Ain't nobody stoppin' you! You need to calm it down, Rah.
This ain't even your home.
You know that, right? This just the place you had to come every summer.
- Ralph Angel - What?! You ain't no better.
Couldn't wait to get up outta here, remember? Couldn't wait to be 18.
But I been here.
I'm still here.
(beeping) - (rumbling) - What the hell is that? (beeping continues) (brakes hissing) - Mr.
Ernest Bordelon? - Nova: What's this about? Ma'am, I've been contracted to take possession of a tractor owned by a Mr.
Ernest Bordelon.
He's our father.
He just passed.
Well, Mr.
Bordelon was 90 days past due on his loans.
Listen, I'm happy to write a check to bring the account current.
Okay, why don't I just do that? - I really can't.
- What you mean, you can't? - We put our father in the ground four days ago.
- You need to talk to the bank.
- Man: I'm just here to do a job.
My boss tells me - Our father has died.
- Would you do it? - a chance to actually review the record Would you do it for your father? What is the name of your company then? - I'm just here to pick up a tractor.
- Give me an answer.
- What is the name - Whoa! Hold on, now! Y'all need to get back in your trucks and go.
- Now.
- Rah, don't do this.
Would you please stop? Just put the gun down.
Now everybody tryin' to take everything.
(clicks) Don't do somethin' you're gonna regret, now.
Boy, you point a gun at my family, you best know how to use it.
I know how to use this right here, and I'll let it loose on your ass 'fore I let you take a damn thing my daddy worked for.
You best believe that.
So, what you gonna do, huh? We gonna do this? What you gonna do, huh? We gonna do this? We don't have to do anything.
- Ralph Angel - Nova: Please, Rah.
Don't do this.
- Listen - Rah, you don't wanna do this.
- Put the gun down.
- Charley: Put it down.
What you best do is get back in that truck and take your ass home.
You feel me? - Nova: Rah - Charley: Ralph Angel, think.
- Think about this.
- Nova: Rah! - Put the gun down.
Please just - Pop! Pop! Aw, shit.
(mutters) Go back inside, Blue! - Go on! - You coming, Pop? Go back inside, baby.
No, no, no.
Let's all go inside, okay? - Charley: Let's all go inside.
- Blue: You coming, Pop? Coming, Pop? Pop, come on.
Come on.
- Charley: Let's all go inside, okay? - Blue: Pop, come on! Pop! Come on.
Let's go.
- (tractor door closes) - (tow chain rattles) Come on, come on.
Let's all go inside.
(tow truck whirrs) It's okay.
(Ralph Angel sobbing) I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- (whispers) - Come here.
(sobbing) I started farming in this parish more than 50 years ago.
Wish I could say things have changed, but we all know they ain't.
Man: Not a damn thing changed.
Prosper: Mills still givin' us less than white farmers.
Banks still lendin' us less money when we fall on hard times.
Man: Not a damn thing.
Farm subsidies ain't the same for us as it is for them.
Man: Damn right.
Now, I've seen some good farmers, good men, forced off their land because they can't make a living no more.
I may be retired, but I've watched y'all bring in your crops year after year.
That gives me hope.
That makes me proud of y'all.
Remy, I thank you for bringing us all together.
- Of course.
- God bless y'all.
Remy: Hey, let's eat.
Remy: Thanks, Richard.
Good to see ya, man.
Thank you.
Remy: Good to see ya, brother We'll talk soon.
All right.
Hey, hey, hey.
You don't need to do all that.
- Glad I came.
- Yeah.
I met a lot of interesting characters tonight.
Your daddy started these potlucks, you know? (car doors close, engines starting) Yeah, he was like a preacher at these things.
Reminding us all why we were out here, and what it really means.
He never woulda given up on his farm, no matter how hard it got.
I'm no fool.
I know what you're trying to do, Remy.
Look, I know with everything that's goin' on in your life I understand how tough this decision is, but I just hope y'all don't sell to Landry.
You know of another buyer? No, that's not what I mean.
I mean, why sell at all? You sound like Ralph Angel.
I mean, you're sitting on a nice piece of land, Mrs.
Most black farmers have to lease their land.
Can only dream of ownin' somethin'.
You have means, so you have choices where most don't.
Hypothetically speaking Mm-hmm? what would it take to get it up and running? Money, hard work, prayers, more money, and a hell of a lot of luck.
Now you sound like you're talking me out of it.
I probably should.
This work is gonna test your soul.
But But? I think your soul can handle it.
(crickets chirping) I just want to Close my eyes and feel my sadness Just look forward Not behind Why are you still up? Couldn't sleep.
I packed the rest of your stuff.
We're staying the rest of the week.
I've gotta finish this negotiation for Grandpa.
We'll rebook the flights for the weekend First it was last night, now we're staying Now things have changed.
I need to figure out what to do with your grandpa's land.
Do you even care about Dad? Why would you ask me that? Tsk.
'Cause if you did, we'd be home by now.
I just think you believe some of the stuff people have been sayin' about him.
You're wrong, I don't.
Okay, then why aren't you supporting him? Because either he raped that lady or is that why you don't have his back? Your dad did some things he shouldn't have, and it's gonna come out.
But no.
No, he didn't rape her.
Okay, well, he needs us.
We're going back.
Just a few more days.
Like, you go back when you want, but I'm goin' back tomorrow.
You'll go back when I say it's time to go back.
I'm 15.
I can fly by myself.
Rocky will pick me up.
You don't know what's waiting back there for us.
There are paparazzi surrounding our house.
Yeah, and Dad.
Dad's back there alone.
I'm going, Mom.
You think you're old enough to handle it, you go right ahead.
(door creaks, closes) (clatters) (faint siren wails) Row, row, rowin' in a dream We drifted far On down the stream (music continues) Is Blue okay? (music continues) (faint whirring) Man: Jarvis sends me a lot of fellas like you.
I take it you're innocent like the rest? No, I did it.
I'm done with all that.
Just tryin' to move on.
Job's yours if you want it.
Truth is, I could use you today, if you're up for it.
I'm up for it.
All right, see y'all tomorrow.
This way.
- Never give up - Tomorrow.
I'm just livin' life - Day by day - (door creaks) - Ralph Angel: What's up, y'all? - Hey.
So we went through Daddy's papers.
And it turns out he's in more debt that we thought.
If we sell to Landry, we'll barely break even.
So the whole parish, all these farmers 'bout to find out 'bout Pop's business? That ain't happening.
Charley and I, we think you and Blue should move into Daddy's house.
Y'all I'm shocked.
What about the farm? Like I said, I'm not signin' up to be no farmer.
I ain't gonna do it.
Uh, but we got a plan.
It won't be easy, but we think we should go for it.
Just farm it for a year, and then we see about selling.
Just for a year? Nova: Let's see how it goes for a season.
- Okay? That's fair, Rah.
- I'll be back and forth between L.
and St.
, and I'll handle the finances.
Nova will take care of paperwork and administration, and Rah, you're gonna play a big, big role in getting it back in shape, you know? The planting, the harvesting.
Because after we bring in a crop, I bet we get what it's really worth.
If we all decide.
- Nova: We good? - All right, I'm good.
Yeah? (laughs) (phone rings) I wondered if I was gonna hear from you.
You're a smart little lady.
Your family's lucky to have your business savvy under the circumstances.
We're not selling.
We're bringing in the cane ourselves this year.
Well, I better let you get to it.
But be careful, ma'am.
We do business a little differently down here than where you come from.
You'd be surprised at how much I know about business, sir.
Keep the colors in the lines take flight.
(instrumental music playing)