Queen Sugar (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

By Any Chance

1 Save my soul from yesterday I close my eyes, it'll be okay (vocalizes) If you ride the sky You'll be all right What's all this? Protection ceremony.
For Too Sweet.
Congratulations on making the front page.
I'm sure you made your family proud.
You got something to say, say it.
I did you a favor, Nova.
I thought getting you in to see Too Sweet was something personal.
It was.
The hell it was.
You could've at least given me a heads up that you were gonna write an article taking down the entire police department.
You're right.
I should have.
When you asked me to get you in there, did you know you were gonna write that? No.
(sniffling) But when I saw his bloodied and beaten face, I knew I had to.
Nova, the police didn't do that.
Well, they're the ones who put a kid in an adult prison.
Do you have any idea what you've done? If a white kid from Lakeview got picked up for a joint, he'd pay a small fine and have done, what, a few hours community service? Nova, do you have any idea what you've done? Internal Affairs is opening an investigation.
There should be an investigation.
Into what? He's 17.
By the state law he is considered to be an adult.
Nova, he broke the law.
Says the department that depends on trumped-up charges to keep the lights on.
I wish every cop was strong enough to be as good a man as you.
My dad was a cop.
His brother was a cop.
My brother-in-law's a cop.
I work with men and women who are honorable.
Cops with families who pray that they come home at the end of their days.
Yeah, well, it's the same prayer that black mothers and fathers say to the children every time they walk out of the house for over 300 years.
(door opens) (theme music playing) Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines, take flight Dreams never die Keep the colors in the lines Keep the colors in the lines, take flight.
Charley on phone: So, tomorrow, your interview.
Let's review.
Langford is the same as any other private school in L.
I'll be fine.
I need you to be better than fine, Micah.
Look at this as an opportunity.
- It's a fresh start.
- You ready to go shoot? Is that your dad? - Yeah, you wanna talk to him? - No.
No, I'm okay.
So, about that other thing I don't need a shrink, Mom.
You've been through a lot.
Baby, it won't hurt you to check in with Dr.
You're going, Micah.
Rocky's taking you and that's that.
Okay, fine.
I'll go, but you can't make me talk about my feelings; I don't have any.
Micah Okay, bye.
Have a great time in St.
(beeping) Woman on radio: listening to KHGJ, voted Houston's favorite radio station.
Good morning, Mr.
- Morning.
- Violet, thank you for joining us.
The least you can do is pretend you were rushing to get here on time.
Vance, I called you 20 minutes ago to let you know I'd be 10 minutes late.
I'm 10 minutes late.
What's your trouble, darling? No trouble.
This is the beginning of the new High Yellow Diner.
"Good morning, Mr.
It's a wonderful day and I'm here to serve you today in any" Vance, what is this mess? These are greet scripts, ways to say "welcome" to our customers.
And obviously, you wouldn't say "Mr.
" That's just a placeholder.
I don't need pointers on handling my customers.
I know them, they know me, and I'm not using no greet scripts.
All right, everybody.
Come on in here and get fed.
Morning, Vi.
(woman speaking Armenian on TV) (speaking Armenian) (speaking Armenian) What? What are you doing here? - I'm Charley Bordelon-West.
- You have no business coming into my home.
Don't worry.
I respect your privacy.
I am not here to expose you.
I just want five minutes of your time.
Does Davis know you're here? Look this could get ugly.
Why would you wanna take this to trial? Your personal life splashed all over the headlines? Trust me, it's not pleasant.
Our initial offer was just that.
We didn't mean to insult you.
The new figure sets you up with a nice nest egg, even after paying off your mortgage, and no one will ever know your name.
Because once you're out there as Davis's accuser, things get more intractable.
- You can't take that back.
- I know what "intractable" means.
But how do you "unrape" someone? Have you ever been raped, Mrs.
West? But you assume because I'm a sex worker that I'm lying.
Melina I don't know what those other players did to you, but my husband is no rapist.
You know nothing about your own husband.
I know a sex worker and a prostitute are the same thing.
You do what you do to get paid.
So, when you decide your price, call me.
Woman on phone: What you did was dangerous.
I thought it was worth a shot.
Confronting the woman accusing your husband of rape.
I had to know.
My job is to prepare you for what is next.
So, the bad news.
One reason Milena isn't taking the money? We've confirmed there's a rape kit.
Does it prove anything? - Did he do it? - I don't know.
My sources just tell me that there is one.
Either way, she's not taking the payoff because they're building a criminal case.
You think we're gonna go to trial? Davis is a rich black man accused of raping a white woman.
Milena's not white.
She's not black.
So she will be white by the time the press gets through with her.
This is gonna be tried in the press and in the courts, and nothing moves papers and clicks more than a superstar being led out in cuffs.
Davis is O.
without the knife.
What can we do? Whether she wins or not, the criminal case drives up the price of a civil suit, so you need to shore up your money, liquidate assets.
She's a prostitute, so I can probably keep Davis out of jail.
Everything else, up for grabs.
- Get ready.
- (beeping) Ralph Angel, you're alive.
Reception ain't always so good out here.
So, you're not avoiding me? Just been busy with the farm, getting ready for the auction.
There gonna be a lot of repo people there.
I think Pop's tractor gonna be for sale.
It'd be great to get it back.
Charley: Well, we can talk about that when I get over there.
So, when were you gonna tell me about the bad stalk? I'ma fix that, Charley.
$15,000, Ralph Angel? - Charley - Can I trust you to get the job done? Because I don't think I can.
You know, I think you need to just let me handle things now that I'm back, at least for a little while.
Hello? Can you hear me? No, I-I can't hear you.
You're breaking up.
Yo, you just gonna walk past me and not say something? We need to talk about your cousin's mother stalk.
What, it didn't work out for you? Shit was infected with fungus.
That's 15K down the drain.
Now I can't find him.
I need my money back.
You heard from him? Look, man, he more like my play cousin anyway, you know? We grew up on the same block, but you know how that is.
Look, man, look, I'm real sorry it didn't work out for you.
But, uh, listen, man.
I mean, buyer beware, right? 15K, bruh.
I mean, shit.
Yeah, well, don't do me no more favors.
I'm serious.
I'll see y'all in the morning.
Woman: All right, Vi.
- Marqueena! - Ah! - Pearl? - Oh! Oh! Oh! Pearl, why didn't you tell me Marqueena was coming to town? Surprise, surprise! Girl, it's good to see you.
How long has it been? Oh, too long, girl.
I've come back to spoil my new grandbaby.
Oh, well, congratulations.
Thank you.
But you, girl, you lookin' good.
You need to share your secrets.
Where you hiding that fountain of youth, honey? - Um, his name Hollywood.
- Ah! Y'all stop.
Well, I see the big city's agreeing with you.
You on vacation from Chevron? Yes, indeed.
I don't have to see or smell that garbage in New York City for two whole weeks.
Look at us! We made something of ourselves, didn't we? Oh, wasn't easy.
Door slams left, right, sideways.
But we're here.
What's that the young people say now? We are black girl magic! - Hey! - (laughing) A Chevron VP, a lawyer, - and a business owner.
- Oh, yeah.
So, Violet, how long you been ownin' the High Yellow? No, um, Marqueena, I-I It's okay, Pearl.
I just Violet, you're not off yet.
Hi, ladies.
Vance, I am off.
I finished my shift 15 minutes ago.
I need you to work another hour.
We're slow right now.
I need you to be flexible and work the new schedule.
So, can you please stop gabbing and get back to work? No.
I've worked my shift.
I'm off.
Come on, sit back down, Violet.
Um Y'all, I forgot I got something I gotta do.
But I want you to give that grandbaby a kiss for me.
And I love y'all.
All right? (phone ringing) Hey, chère.
How you doing? Better now that I'm taking to you.
How are the rigs? You all shipped off yet? Yeah, Shreveport gonna do what it do.
- Ship out in an hour.
- Well, be safe.
We'll talk at our regular time? Always, baby.
Hollywood loves ya.
I love you, too.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Hi, I'm Hollingsworth Desonier.
Hi, Mr.
Welcome to Baton Rouge.
I was about to call you.
So, look.
Leanne's bipolar condition is absolutely treatable, but the only way to control the episodes is if you make sure your wife takes her medication.
No, hold on, now.
Leanne ain't my wife.
I know what it says on there, but we're separated.
She just needs the insurance.
It's complicated.
Uh well, you're the only one listed on her emergency contact and because she's on suicide watch, we can't release her unless you sign.
You came for me.
- Whoo-hoo.
- (both laughing) (groans) - Welcome back.
- Mm-hmm.
You ready for the St.
Jo's auction? - (laughing) - (clicks tongue) Yeah.
I hear it's the event of the year.
Hope we can get everything we need without spending a fortune.
Hey, I read your article on "Colorlines.
" It's all over the Internet.
How does it feel to be viral? Uh, yeah, um I won't lie, it's feels good to be noticed.
I'm just trying to do the right thing.
- You know? - (car door opens, closes) It ain't easy.
Hey, y'all.
You okay, Aunt Vi? (sighs) Days like this, it's just best to go to bed and start over tomorrow.
I got a better idea.
(chuckles) Huh! Hey.
- (laughs) - (coughing) Nova: Good? Oh, shoot.
- (laughing) - She gonna I swear, I am going to whoop his ass that new child at work.
- And then I'm going to jail.
- Nova: Yup.
- But it'll be worth it.
- (giggling) - (Violet coughs) - Charley: Relax.
You just need Hollywood.
Oh boy, do I want me some of that.
Mmm! - He is so big - (gasps) - and so strong, and - No, no, no, no! and he knows exactly what to do! - La, la, la, la! - Charley: Please, stop! I ain't got no shame in my game.
And, you! Don't act like you not seeing someone! I know you! Sneakin' outta here, making calls all the time.
You're not slick.
(laughing) Uh-uh.
Uh-uh! I knew it.
I knew it! Who is it? Come on! Is it a boy or girl? Lord, I thought that was a college phase.
It's what's within.
Not the package.
I ain't gonna lie, I love Hollywood's package.
Charley: Okay.
All right.
We're talking about Nova! Charley: Come on, we're waiting! - Morning, Remy.
- Morning, Charley.
Just you today? No Ralph Angel? I'm back now.
(chuckles) Okay.
You up for all this? Let's do it, yeah? So, how much for a good tractor? $200,000.
What? For a tractor? That's the cost of a Tesla.
Yeah, that's brand new.
If you play your cards right at the auction, you should be able to get what you need for half that.
What about the seed cane? And the migrant workers, the farm managers? And we still gotta weed out what's already been planted.
Let's just take it one step at a time, okay? The good news? This here's good land.
Just needs tending.
Listen, you can tell because the dirt's still sweet.
Taste it.
Don't eat that! I just wanted to see if you'd do it.
You what? Hey, you remember Prosper Denton, from the meeting? Remy, now, you got me out here away from my fishing line.
- Let's get to it.
- Right.
So, Charley, um you need a farm manager and I think that Prosper's the man for the job.
- The problem is - I don't want the job.
I don't need the job.
Look, I'm retired, okay? Well, thank you for considering it.
Who said I'm considering it? He's here as a favor to me.
(sighs) Um So, how many acres you plannin' on the first rotation? That's too much land to handle for a small cane farmer, especially one late getting started out.
Make it 200 acres instead of 300.
Okay, 200 acres.
You talking to somebody else? What do they call that? - Texting.
- I'm not I'm not texting, Mr.
It's just I'm taking notes.
'Cause I was about to say, I can go fishing if you're busy.
The only one I'm talking to is you.
(sighs) (phone ringing) Bordelon, here you go.
Appreciate that.
Earl, this ain't right.
My check's short.
I worked 40, but this for 32.
No, that's about right.
About right? Check's short, bruh.
I said it ain't short.
You've been inside, so maybe you forgot.
Freedom ain't free, bro.
You know what I mean? Hey welcome to life after prison, man.
So, now that you see how it is around here, how you gonna roll? Got a little boy who need to eat, a parole officer who don't give a damn about nothing but a stub.
I'll make do till I can do better.
You can be doing better right now.
Let me make that bad stalk up to you, man.
Look, we did our time, right? How much longer we gotta do? Till we die? Man, they can all kiss my ass.
What you talking about? They take, we take back.
Look, shipment come in, right? You go into the order record, you change the number of the units ordered.
Right? Bam we keep the extra.
I got a hook up dude on the other end.
He change it on his side, make it look clean.
Dawg, and my baby still got shoes.
- Are you down? - No.
Thanks, but I'm cool.
- You have a good day, Effie Mae.
- Thank you.
(music playing) Is there a problem, Vance? You shorted that lady $5.
Are you stealing, Violet? Or you can't count? The lady's name is Effie Mae.
Effie Mae is on a fixed income.
She owed $3 from her last bill.
I kept $5 today to pay for the $3 that she owed.
Plus, she gave a dollar to the High Yellow as a thank you and one to me for being gracious.
Well, I'm still gonna have to talk to my Uncle Clive about this.
(laughing) Now, you see, graciousness is something you clearly know nothing about.
But, that's okay, 'cause I'm gonna show you some graciousness today by saving your life.
Because if I have to stay up in here, I will absolutely kill your little narrow-minded ass.
I quit.
- Do you want more? - I'll take whatever you got.
You must be running low on customers, huh? 'Cause you ain't never agreed to give me this much all at one time.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, Rid.
You know, Dee's taking up a collection for Too Sweet.
You should get in on that.
That's the least I could do.
I mean, you know, when he got popped, he had one of my spliffs on him.
And I felt bad, you know? You sold my stuff to Too Sweet? Yeah, Nova.
We all get our shit from you.
(car engine starts) Nova, your name is on the lips of every cop in this precinct.
You're not gonna shut me out.
We're gonna talk about this, damn it.
You want to take on this whole system with your article? The whole system all because of one boy who broke the law.
This whole system you're talking about, it's built and funded on the backs of black bodies.
Here we go again.
Oh, you have a problem with me speaking my truth now? I'm on your side and you know it.
Are you? Because I'm just getting started, Calvin.
This article is going to be the first of a series that exposes the corruption in New Orleans.
All because of one kid? One kid is one too many, Calvin.
Too Sweet is hurt and in jail because the system said he should be.
You ever met a white kid nicknamed "Too Sweet"? No.
Because it's so damn rare that a black boy makes it through with their soul in one piece that he get a nickname just for pulling it off.
I love you.
But you are such a hypocrite.
You pedal drugs to people you claim to want to save.
You need to calm down.
It's just weed.
And it's still illegal.
Get out.
You know, a part of me always wondered why you picked me, a white, married cop.
I got it.
You never wanted a relationship, you just wanted company.
And don't walk out that door without leaving your key.
(door opens, slams) - (chatter) - (music playing) Take it slow, baby It pulls to my heart Charley: Looks like the land that time forgot around here.
- (laughs) Brother.
- Hey, how you doin'? Nice to see you again, Mr.
No matter what, you just stick to your goals.
A good tractor, a five row cultivator, a harvester Get out of here for 200K and you done done something.
That's why it will lead you astray Yeah, see how it goes.
Samuel: Ms.
Charley? I heard you came back.
You sound surprised.
All that fuss in California, most ladies couldn't get out of bed.
- I'm not most ladies.
- I can see that by the very fact that you're here.
Excuse me? You don't see many women here trying to buy tractor equipment, do you? Come to think of it, there's not many of your kind of folk here neither.
Ain't that right, Prosper? Good luck on getting what you need.
Remy: Forget him.
He's trouble.
- Hey, sweet darling.
- Hi, Aunt Vi.
Remy: Hey.
Have you seen Ralph Angel? If he's so interested in getting Daddy's tractor back, where is he? He's coming from work.
He'll be here.
(gavel bangs) All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the farm sale.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of good tractors here today, and we've got the first one right up here, first item.
IH-9 will be your first lot.
And I mean (horn blares) I'm going down I'm going down, down, down, down, down Yes, I'm going down I'm going down, down, down, down, down Yes, I got my big feet in the window Got my head on the ground I have $95,000 here, 95, now to 100.
(continues) $100,000, thank you.
I have $100,000 Now, 10, 110 Okay, I've got 110 here to the man with the tan.
How about 115? 15 15 gonna do it? Hit 15.
How about 115? Don't bid on that.
You said the cultivator's a good buy at 125.
It's strategy.
Now 20, 20.
I gotcha at 120, $120.
How about 125? Hit 25, hit 25, 25 anywhere? How about 125? Thank you.
How about 125, now 130.
(continues) Now 30? Now 30? Now 30? Going once, now twice No.
I sold a tractor right there, $125,000, to the man with the tan.
I got here quick as I could.
Auctioneer: All right, ladies and gentlemen, right over here.
- IH-15 will be your next lot - That's Pop's tractor.
Auctioneer: Oh, boy, you talk about a bread and butter kind of a tractor right there.
There's a tiller coming up next, takes priority.
So we ain't even gonna try? Aunt Vi! Baby, maybe we should try to get your daddy's tractor back.
There are better tractors at better prices.
$2,500? How about $25,000, what do you think? Okay, $25,000 (continuing) I'll be back.
You hang in there.
I'll be right back, okay? I gotta call Hollywood.
Auctioneer: Right there, $35,000.
Thank you, sir.
All right, ladies and gentlemen Let me help you, let me help you.
There you go.
There you go.
Mm-mm, mm-mm.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! - No, no, Leanne.
You gotta stop.
- Oh, come on.
Hollywood, come on.
Come on.
- No.
- Like we used to.
I know you got love for me.
I wanna make another baby.
You just need your medication, that's all.
Okay? (laughs) You too good for me? Oh, come on, now.
You can you can come closer.
Oh, no, I can't.
Now, you know Leanne and Hollywood ain't no more.
You say it and (snaps fingers) that's it? Make it so? (phone ringing) Hey! Leanne, give me my phone back.
Who the hell is Vi? - Just give me the phone back, okay? - (laughing) (Leanne laughing) Oh, come on.
(beeps) Hey, baby, where are you? Auctioneer: All right, ladies and gentlemen, last tractor we have today.
I want you to pay attention and look real close.
It is a John Deere 7000 Series Harvester.
They're hard to find.
They cost something when you find them.
Here's a good tractor.
This is a little different story.
We've been selling a lot of tractors and I'll tell you what, that's a farming machine right there.
And how many dollars here? I have a $200,000 bid right here on it.
$200,000, I want 210.
210, how about 215? (continues) $215 (continues) 25, 25, 25! Ma'am, you gotta beat 250.
I've got Mr.
Landry at 225.
Auctioneer: I thought you would.
- Stop! You can't afford that.
- Charley, that's too much.
Auctioneer: 60, 60, 260? How about 250? Now 60.
Go big or go home.
What do you think? 250 anywhere? Once, 250 once, 250 twice I sold it right there, $250,000 to the lady in the red-bottom shoes.
Thank you, ma'am, we appreciate you.
(people murmuring) So, can you still buy a tractor without breaking your budget? No, you just busted your budget by paying twice what you should have.
Now the whole town thinks that you got money to burn.
And even worse, that you're just a fool that they can take for a ride.
Auctioneer: Thank you, everyone, for joining us here today.
Don't forget next week we'll be having another auction right here at the same place, same time.
Till then, drive safe and be careful, now.
What? (train horn blaring) Look, I can't work for you.
Now, you asked for my help, but you didn't listen to a word I had to say.
Now, either you don't understand or you don't trust.
Now, I'm too old to help you, all right? Good luck.
Are you here to tell me what more I did wrong? - Because I don't need - No.
I'm here to tell you all is not lost.
I had a buddy of mine win your daddy's tractor for you after I saw you take Landry's bait.
And he got it for a song, which is the best deal you got today.
Thank you, Remy.
You're welcome.
But you still need a farm manager, huh? At least you got all the equipment you needed.
I checked on delivery.
It should get dropped off in the next couple of days.
(groans, laughs) Here I was, thinking I was gonna leave tomorrow.
(laughs) I told you, farming is serious business.
You can't just dip in and dip out.
It don't work like that.
Hey, everything's What are you doing? Chef Alisa has a spread fit for a king downstairs, man.
I thought we were eating together tonight? I'm good.
I picked up something after hanging with Preston.
Micah, we made plans to have dinner together.
This isn't cool.
Fine, Dad.
- Let's go eat.
- No, no, wait, wait.
You're mad.
I get it.
You wanna talk? No.
Actually, I saw a shrink for that, so I'm good.
Hey, all right.
Listen, Micah.
I still wanna spend time with you, all right? I wanna know what's going on in your life.
What happened at the interview with Langford? They mostly asked about basketball, what position I wanted to play.
Oh, yeah.
What'd you say? Point guard? Yeah, I actually told them that I didn't want to play anymore.
What are you talking about? You love basketball.
Why'd you say that? I just don't want to.
I don't even want to be here, Dad.
(phone ringing) Yeah, I gotta I gotta get this.
Hollywood: Feeling better? Starting to.
Thank you, Hollywood.
I appreciate I appreciate everything you done for me.
I know you do.
You know I still care for you, but When I saw you come to see me at the hospital, it took me back to when we met.
Coming in my kitchen, pretending you looking for more of my hot water cornbread.
I knew then, like I know now, in my heart, we're soul mates.
Leanne, I started over.
And I got a new life.
You mean you got a new woman.
We both said it don't matter what that paper say.
We said that you would let me go and move on.
Leanne, I've moved on.
I had to.
Please, promise me you're gonna start taking better care of yourself.
I do take care of myself.
I don't need you anyway.
I don't need anyone.
I called your cousin, Cora.
She'll be over here in a little while.
Said she'll sit with you for a spell.
When she gets here, everything will be all right.
Good-bye, Leanne.
(ringing) Hey, how are you? It feels like I'm in prison.
We're surrounded by paparazzi.
Mom, I can't go back to school.
And I see Stella everywhere.
Maybe we can get a tutor or something, but No, baby.
A tutor isn't the answer.
What we need is a fresh start.
You know, I was thinking, we could temporarily move to St.
Just just for the rest of the year.
Sure, whatever.
Really? So, you're okay with that? Anywhere but here.
I'm on it.
Talk later? Talk later.
(phone rings) Micah? It's Melina Galoudian.
You asked me what I wanted.
I'm listening.
I want $3 million.
And I want a face-to-face sit-down with Davis.
I want him to admit what he did to me.
Well, I'll have to talk that over with our attorney.
It's not negotiable.
And if we do this, will this be the end of it? Yes.
Then we'll see you in Houston for one last time.