Queen Sugar (2016) s02e11 Episode Script

Fruit Of The Flower

1 NOVA: Previously on "Queen Sugar" Ernest giving you this farm was the best thing that could have happened to you.
I ain't gonna mess this up, Aunt Vi.
When you get to town, I want you to use these to let yourself in.
VIOLET: Won't have you upsetting Nova, who just lost her daddy for the second time after you stole him the first time.
What about Keke Raymond? Miss Raymond isn't Sugar Princess material.
Premarital counseling.
I ain't down with no counseling, Darla.
If you can't accept me for the person that I am right now, I can't marry you.
Thank you for doing this.
Between the mill and your planning the festival, I I didn't think you'd have time.
(MUSIC PLAYING) - No wonder you're overwhelmed.
- Yeah.
And the network has all these rules about what won't work on camera, so I figure you're the expert? Is is this neutral enough? Well, my motto when I go in front of a camera, "Don't step into the spotlight looking like you're trying to fade into the background.
" But if you show too much skin, no one is gonna hear what you're saying.
- Please, just find me something.
- Okay.
Let's see.
I don't need you to find me.
You need to go shopping.
I know you're not insulting my wardrobe.
Definitely not.
I'm saying that you're gonna be on air.
Your words are gonna be broadcast to millions of people.
It's important, so go out and treat yourself to something special.
- You're right.
- Usually am.
Mmm, and while you're spending some money, get somethin' that your doctor friend hasn't seen before.
I mean, it's special for him, too, right? What? Last time he was in town, he gave me a key to his place.
(CHUCKLES) And that's a bad thing? I don't know.
I do know I definitely hadn't been thinking about giving him a key to mine.
You feel like it's moving too fast? It's less about the speed than where it's going.
I've always been able to see the end at the beginning, you know? - This - I get it.
It's scary.
Especially since the two of you aren't just dating.
I mean, your careers are intertwined now.
I know from experience how tricky that is.
Trying to figure out where to go for vacation, and suddenly you're fighting about whether to take an endorsement deal with Nike or Under Armour, for instance.
And things only get harder if your relationship is public, and a hungry press wants to feed off of it.
So what do I do? You don't let that key move you in a direction that you're not comfortable going.
It's okay to be cautious.
- Mm-mmm.
- (LAUGHING) (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns Dreams never die, take flight, as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines, take flight Dreams never die Keep the colors in the lines Keep the colors in the lines, take flight.
Sometimes it's hard To bring a change about a system.
Malcolm's mom called, asked if Blue's play-date with Malcolm tomorrow could be a sleepover.
That's fine.
You know, auditing a class means you don't get a grade, right? I know.
But everybody else already been there for a month.
I don't want to slow nobody down.
I'm proud of you for taking that class.
And for taking ours.
Thank you.
You make it sound like I'm doing you a favor.
So does that mean you do or don't want to go to the session? It means I want to marry you.
(CHUCKLES) (ENGINE STARTS) Now, in your questionnaires, you both ranked communication as your biggest concern? We need to learn how to fight fair when we disagree.
- Yeah.
- It's a problem.
We we can help with that.
Now, did your parents fight a lot? I never never saw them fight.
Okay, so they were a team? My father was in charge.
And your (CLEARS THROAT) your mother never had a difference of opinion? DARLA: Um if she did, she'd never admit it.
And how about your parents? Did they argue? My mama died when I was 10.
(SCOFFS) I just remember being embarrassed 'cause they was kissing all the time.
So you have a romanticized idea of marriage.
FATHER JULIAN: This is good.
It's good to know that neither of you have seen up close in your own home the model for the partnership that you seek.
Here's what I propose.
You'll both need to do some homework before we can schedule your time.
DARLA: Okay.
I been workin' so hard I been feelin' like - Mornin'.
- Hey, baby.
I need you to, um, drop this in the mailbox for me on your way to work.
Okay? Please? Those the contracts for the Rawlings market? Uh-huh.
And you signed them? Well, sending it back without a signature would be wasting the postage.
No, I meant, are you sure about this? The doctor says you need to slow down.
The doctor said I might have fibromyalgia.
She's not sure.
I'm sure those doggone kids' fightin' had me stressed out.
Now that they all at peace, I'm not about to let some mights and maybes chase off this opportunity, especially when it it comes with a $50,000 advance.
Well, it look like you done spent the check before they even cut it.
Yeah, well I got to figure out how to adjust my recipes to bake bulk.
So you saying there's gonna be pie when I get home.
Maybe a bunch of failures.
Well, you can save those, too.
Let me get a taste.
I'll give you a second opinion.
So this stretch will be all food booths.
Sweet glazed ribs, cotton candy.
Anything with sugar.
And plenty of deep-fried stuff, too, right? I'm all for reviving this tradition, but you gotta revive all of it.
(LAUGHS) The band will play there until we crown the Brown Sugar Queen.
And we'll put carnival rides over there.
I mean, what's a festival without a Ferris wheel, right? Oh, this is gonna be the biggest party St.
Jo has ever seen.
And you're paying for it.
(LORNA LAUGHS) Well, my mill is an economic engine in this community.
Your mill is a risk with no potential growth, unless you can find farmers with more acres.
You have to prioritize repaying your loan, unless you also want to be the first female grower to declare bankruptcy.
Really, ask yourself if throwing a party that brings absolutely no return on investment is really the best use of your money.
Some things are more important than money, Mother.
The Landrys and the Boudreauxs can't dictate what has value and what doesn't in this community forever.
I mean, this is about black folks standing for themselves.
You can understand that, right? Yes, of course, I do.
But I just don't want to see you take on such a daunting project when you are already dealing with so much between Micah and the mill.
I'm just here to help.
I know.
I know that you are, but trying to talk me out of it isn't helping.
I love this little dream.
And I'm gonna make it a reality.
Okay? - Wow.
- Yeah.
It's so strange seeing Mr.
Ernest that young.
- Yeah.
- And your grandmother, she looks so worldly.
Yeah, well, you know she's been to every continent, right? Really? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, for her work.
What does she do? I don't something, like, with an energy company.
Something like that.
Vice President of Outreach and Engagement.
But I started as a secretary.
And that is where I met your grandpa, on the base in San Diego.
Well, thank you for coming.
Oh, yeah.
Grandma, I really want you to meet my girlfriend, - Keke.
- Hi.
It is so lovely to meet you.
Micah and Charley have told me so much about you, I feel like I already know you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Wow, you were enlisted.
No, I wasn't enlisted, but when you are from a town with a base people work where there's work.
And then after Ernest and I split, I made my way into the private sector, and then up the old ladder.
And I hit the glass ceiling.
And that is something that I hope that you never have to deal with.
But it all worked out 'cause I took that early retirement package, and I now travel for pleasure, and I get to enjoy my life just the way I want to.
(CHUCKLES) So this is Violet's restaurant? Oh, yeah.
Well, she's the manager, but this is her off day, so.
ROBERTA: All right, now.
What can I get y'all? Do you have Miss Violet's coconut lime pie today? Yep! And maple bacon and lemon supreme.
Ooh, I'll take the lemon supreme.
- All right.
- Thank you.
And you? Just coffee.
- Decaf? - Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) So I understand that you are quite the artist.
- Yeah, I paint.
- Oh.
And who are some of your influences? Faith Rinngold, Kara Walker, Kerry James Marshall, Glenn Ligon, Theaster Gates.
(LAUGHS) Um Nelson Makamo, and I also love Kenturah Davis and Noah Davis.
I can go on and on about this, okay? - (LAUGHING) - I'm all over the place.
Well, then I assume that - art school's in your future? - Here you go.
If I get a scholarship.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Or if I could just have a job that keeps me in supply with a little leftover money for my someday fund.
- Mmm.
- What's your someday fund? Money I'm saving up so I can see the "Guernica" in person, not in a book.
I feel like the scale is amazing, overwhelming probably.
It is.
Micah can attest to that, right? Um - You've seen it? - Once.
I took him to Spain when he was 13 for his birthday.
Well, all your friends were having Bar Mitzvahs.
I didn't want you to feel left out.
- Of course you didn't.
- (LAUGHS) Eat your pie.
(MUSIC PLAYING) That would look stunning on you.
Would you like to try it on? Thanks.
I don't know.
Are you looking for anything specific, or? Something that will look good on TV.
So no black, white, red, or patterns? - Yeah.
- It can feel limiting.
Why don't I go and pull some options for you? - Thank you.
- Okay.
(PHONE BUZZING) (BEEPS) - Hello? - Hey, you.
Hey, I was just talkin' with the producer.
She said they booked you into a hotel when you're in town? I thought you were staying with me.
Oh, well you know, she made the room sound so nice, and since they were paying for it, it didn't make sense to turn it down.
You know what, you're right.
We might as well enjoy some of Atlanta's finest hospitality on somebody else's dime.
What hotel did she book? Um Nova? Hey, what's goin' on? I'll just go put these in a fitting room for you.
Okay, thank you.
- I'll be right there.
- Nova? Hey, did you say something? - 'Cause I can barely hear you.
- Sorry.
I'm kind of in the middle of of something.
Let me call you back.
(BEEPS) (CHATTER) MAN: The way he's playing? Oh! I'm glad you could make it, and thank you for indulging me.
(CHUCKLES) Of course, Mom.
I'm glad you found something to enjoy while you're here.
I have enjoyed lots of things since I've been here, especially seeing you, my sweetheart.
- Watching you in your element.
- (CHUCKLES) Commanding that sugar mill, now, that took my breath away.
And hanging out with the smartest and most handsome grandson in the world.
- (CHUCKLES) - Ooh, and that cute girlfriend.
She's a keeper.
Okay, you're up.
You sure I'm allowed? This is not a restricted club.
Believe me, I checked.
They say that they've never had any black applicants.
Can you believe that horseshit? (SCOFFS) Hey, you want to be a trailblazer in the South? Becoming a member here, that makes a statement.
And showin' me up.
- (MAN WHISTLING) - And I love it.
Charley, this is Martin Bennington.
- He gave me the tour earlier.
- Hello.
When your mother told me all the reasons we should court you as a member, she failed to mention your golf game.
(CHUCKLES) Martin is also in the sugar business.
He has 20,000 acres in St.
James Parish.
MARTIN: That's right.
I'd love to tour your operation, talk numbers, see if I can find a way to do business with you.
Why don't you give me a call next week? We'll set something up.
(CHUCKLES) Don't you grind with Sam Landry? Well, he won't give me the family discount, and I don't like that.
- You're related? - Distantly.
My great-grandmother was his grandfather's sister.
We're the black sheep.
Like I said, no family discount.
I see.
- Pleasure, ladies.
- Mmm.
Nice to meet you.
20,000 acres.
Just reel him in, baby girl.
You just reel 'em all in.
REMY: These principles applied incorrectly can reduce your yield by up to 72% if the infestation is severe enough.
So here's my question.
When is the best time to get rid of weeds? Come on.
Somebody different.
(SOTTO VOCE) Before they come up.
REMY: Miss Rooney? Uh, before they come up? How do we do that, Miss Rooney? I don't know.
I just was repeating his answer.
REMY: Focus, Miss Rooney.
How do we prevent weeds, Mr.
Bordelon? Spray herbicide right after the seed cane goes in.
Why after planting the cane? 'Cause it works.
- (ALL LAUGHING) - Shh, shh, shh, shh.
So your cash crop is now in the ground, and right away, you want to spend money to spray it with plant-killing agent? Isn't that a financial risk? Always been that way.
You think generations of farmers just got lucky when their cane come up, the weed don't? Well, of course, they're not getting lucky.
And your answer is correct, Mr.
Bordelon, but our job here is to learn why.
Why? Here's why.
Years of research have developed both and get this down herbicides that specifically target weeds competing with sugarcane and cane that is resistant to these herbicides.
- Y'all enjoy your weekend.
- MAN: All right, man.
You, too, chief.
Everything okay, Will? I never seen nobody move so slow on a Friday.
Ah, Jeannie and the girls went to Little Rock to see her folks, - so I'm headed home to an empty house.
- Ah.
A young man's dream until they know better, huh? Yeah, you know that's right.
I ain't complaining, though.
I'm finally gonna get a chance to see an LSU game in peace.
There is somethin' sad about those tin-foil plates of food she leaves for me to eat while she's gone, though.
Well, the only thing sadder is that butt-whupping my Dogs about to put on your Tigers on Saturday.
Oh, ho, ho, shit! - A Georgia fan.
- Uh-huh.
Here I was thinkin' you was a great guy.
Here I was about to invite you to my house to watch the game.
Nice home-cooked meal? Really? You mean that? Hey, why not? Unless you gonna get funky when my Bulldogs beat them Tigers between them hedges.
All right.
All right, cool.
You're on.
You got it.
You want me to text you later? Yeah, text me.
Hey, thanks, man.
No problem.
- Go Tigers! - (CHUCKLES) (WHISPERING) Ahh! Baby, how was your day? It was fine.
Look, here, I invited one of the guys over from the site to watch the game tomorrow, if that's cool with you.
I'll be at Sheena's prayer circle, so y'all have fun.
Mm-hmm-hmm! Well, it seems like your experiment was a success.
Yes and no.
Making more pies at once means more cooking time.
I don't think that oven's gonna keep up.
Let me go take a look at it.
I might be able to use the High Yellow.
I just have to schedule it so that I don't get in their way.
(WINCES) Mm-hmm.
It ain't nothing.
Can't a man just be worried about his woman? (MUSIC PLAYING) Let's go.
What? The bedroom, so I can show you ain't nothin' to worry about.
REMY: It's gonna be easier for every class, but I want you to email me, okay? Ralph Angel? What'd you think? Everything that we cover here in class will make it that much easier for you to run the farm by yourself after harvest.
Oh, so we cool now? I'm supposed to act like you ain't just making me look dumb in front of everybody? - That's not what I was doing.
- Sure felt like it.
I was showing that a farm is a business, and decisions need to be based on solid reasoning for the business to succeed.
Maybe that's what you thought you was doing, but ain't nobody else asked nothin' after you put me in my place.
Ralph Angel, that was a critical thinking exercise.
It can be intimidating for students to realize how much they have to learn.
- Is that what it is? - Yeah.
Looked to me like you was being a know-it-all.
(SCOFFS) Now I know why you and Charley are together.
Makes sense.
Sorry to just drop by, but I need a second opinion on this stuff.
- Okay if I change in your room? - Uh, wait.
Charley, I can't find the Nova, hello.
Hello, Lorna.
Well, Nova, it's lovely to see you.
You are you are looking well.
Now, I wanted to You know, I don't know, it feels odd to say that I want to extend my condolences about Ernest, but I do.
Why is that odd to you? Because it's impersonal, and And Ernest's passing was very personal to me.
Lorna, I could stand here and try to wade through all the pain you caused my family with your personal affairs, but I choose not to.
Take care.
Well, I wish that you would stay.
And I wish that you would consider that the things that you heard about me when you were a child or a teenager might not have been the way it actually happened.
Calling my mother a liar? (SIGHS) No.
I always thought that Trudy was a heroine, 'cause she was special, and I looked up to her.
I only wish that she had known that.
What are you talking about? You took her man.
I'm I'll see you later, Charley.
Wait, Nova.
On our first date, he told me that the woman he loved did not love him enough to marry him.
See, Trudy and Ernest were already broken up when I met him.
And he came to California, and he was away from his home and his land for the first time.
And it was the love of his life that sent him away.
He told me that Trudy was a free spirit.
She wanted a more free-flowing relationship.
But he didn't want that.
He wanted tradition.
So he came to California just to put some distance between them.
He talked about her to you like that? Yes.
He talked about her a lot.
On our very first date, he told me that he loved her.
And that is how we started.
That's the man that I met.
He was very clear about what he wanted.
And I wanted the same things.
Marriage, home, and children.
But little did we know Trudy was already pregnant with you.
Not till after we were together.
And I will admit that I didn't want him to go and that I was afraid that he would leave, but he did come back to St.
Jo to confront Trudy when he heard about you.
And she said and I will never forget this She said, "I fell in love with someone hiding inside you, and I don't want to hide with you.
" And I thought she was so brave for letting him go.
Even though she was expecting you.
I thought, "I could never do that.
" But she gave me what I wanted.
(SIGHS) Nova, do you really think that I could have ever taken anything away from her that she didn't want to give? It's so far, so far away.
- Oh, man! - That is pass interference.
They don't call pass interference on The Tide.
Oh, the game's still going? I thought I heard the final score on the radio.
Hey, Vi, this is my friend Will.
Thank you for having me over.
This sound system is great.
Oh, that's that's all Hollywood.
Yeah, the game is over, but, uh, look, man, you're welcome to stay, but all I'll be doing is talking about how bad we smacked y'all down.
Nah, I gotta get.
Plus, I got a feeling you're probably gonna tell me about it Monday anyway.
Gonna find a way to spend the rest of my weekend.
Thank you so much.
It was a pleasure to meet you, Violet.
Nice to meet you, too, Will.
Uh, catch you on Monday, chief.
All right.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) (SIGHS) Did I do something wrong? Just some warning would have been nice is all.
Oh, come on now.
You're friendly with plenty of white folks.
I didn't say nothing about him being white.
You didn't say nothin', but you thought it.
I know that.
All I said was I was thrown off guard.
I'm just thinking you're feeling some kind of way.
I mean, I ain't used to having them coming up in my house, you know, hangin' out, but, hey, if that's what you wanna do.
Vi, honey, you sound like something else right now.
That don't even sound right.
Well, it sounds right to me.
See see, and it's things like this that reminds me that no matter how good our rhythm is, we from two different generations.
Age ain't got nothing to do with what you talking about right now, Vi.
You want to go to the grocery store right now or just go home? No, we can go.
Also, I was hoping that maybe we could find some time this weekend to do that exercise that Father Julian gave us.
Remind me what it was again.
Listening and communication exercise, where we set up obstacle courses and blindfold each other and guide the other person with words.
Sound like a game for Blue.
I don't mean it like that.
(SIGHS) You want me to pack this up, honey? Yeah.
How you doin', Darla? I'm okay.
You sure about that? I'm sorry.
Ralph Angel's in a mood, and it's affecting mine, I guess.
He still upset about last night's class? What happened last night? Thank you.
He didn't say anything? No.
I mean, I know he was worried about slowing everyone down.
- Did he? - (CHUCKLES) No.
No, he's fine.
Listen, it's an intro-level course.
They're all starting at the same place.
RALPH ANGEL: Don't worry about it.
I'm out.
I'll talk to you in a minute.
Got a second? - (EXHALES) - I thought we should - clear a couple things up - Hey, there's no need.
I ain't going back.
Oh, so you quit now? After one class? One class to show me what I already know.
School ain't for me.
Never has been.
That's an excuse, Ralph Angel.
Only teacher ever paid me attention was the gym coach, 'cause he wanted me to be on the track team.
Rest of 'em treat me like I can't read or something.
So you thought that's the way I treated you last night? Everybody do me like that.
You ain't do nothing new.
All right.
I want to apologize for making you feel small.
And I mean that sincerely, and I hope you hear that.
'Cause you're not small, Ralph Angel.
Man, you got a big heart, you got a big spirit, you got a big brain.
But you also got a big case of luggage that you're carrying around with you everywhere you go.
And that makes everything feel heavier than it needs to be.
Now, we all gotta carry it sometimes.
Hell, most of the time, actually.
But, brother, you should know when you with me, you can put that down, 'cause I just want what's best for you.
And I never mean you any harm.
Look here, if you can't put it down, let me know that, too, and I'll carry it with you.
'Cause I know you'd do the same thing for me.
He flew into the sun Let's see how long you run While you're hiding from your soul Love you, boy.
Love you, too, dawg.
- We're straight.
- All right.
I'll see y'all later.
We can't have your hands hurting.
So I brought you my go-tos.
Take a chance and find out - And of course, there's always this.
- Find out who you are And let your soul control Where you're going.
- Shall we? - No, it's for you.
It's good medicine.
Put yourself in a warm bath with those oils and relax your muscles and your mind.
This is the best prescription I've ever had.
Do you know Lorna's in town? Yes.
I hope Charley don't bring her around here.
I've had enough of that lately.
Enough of what? White folks up in my house.
Hollywood had one of his co-workers in here.
Just way too familiar.
I don't want that.
This is our house.
My place to feel comfortable.
So did you not like Lorna all these years because she was white? Or 'cause of things with her and Pops and Mom? Do I have to choose? I don't know, I I just don't care for her.
I don't like the way she conducts herself.
How's that? Like she owned Ernest.
I don't know, like she thought she was better than us.
Did Mom feel that way? I don't know, I guess.
Aunt Vi, I'm asking for real.
How did Mom feel about Lorna? Like, what happened? All these years, I've been hatin' on her because everybody else did.
But what did she do? Did she break them up? It's complicated.
No, she didn't break them up, but she did stand in the way of them getting back together.
How? She interrupted everything.
Ernest was Trudy's, and Trudy was Ernest's.
Everybody knew that.
And, okay, so your your mama wanted to explore and whatnot, but, still, they had something unique, something everybody wanted.
And they was meant to be together, period.
Then comes Lorna.
Did Mom break up with him before he left for California? Yeah, but she didn't think he was gonna go there and marry a white lady.
- Come on.
- Fair enough.
But did she deny him when he came back to ask about me? (SIGHS) When she was pregnant with me? Baby, she was young, and she wanted things her way, so, yeah, she turned him down.
But she did not think it was permanent.
I know that.
Then comes Lorna and Charley and it just got, like I said, complicated.
Where's all this comin' from? I just wanna know what's real.
I really had to think.
Like, deep in my memories, and I don't remember Mom ever saying anything bad about Lorna directly.
I think I got this feeling about her from you.
And what's wrong with that? Well, it's wrong because I don't know who she is for myself.
And I should.
Probably a good idea if I make up my own mind.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Thank you, baby.
I'm gonna go take my bath.
I am scared So I am human.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Hey, Charley.
Hey, Lorna.
I came by looking for Charley.
She will, uh, be back from the mill in about an hour.
We had dinner reservations before I leave.
Seeing you Seeing you makes me think about him more than I want to right now.
Everything makes me think about him.
And I really can't even believe that he's gone, because I've always pictured him here on the land and happy.
I know.
I really did love him.
- I know that.
- And I never meant to hurt anybody.
Sometimes we don't mean to, but it happens anyway.
(SINGERS VOCALIZING) That goes both ways.
My faith My faith don't mean a thing - Oh, my faith - (DOOR CLOSES) - My faith don't mean a thing.
- (SNIFFLES) - Ah! - It's a terrible call.
God! Never let me place another bet a day in my life, please.
Good gracious, I'm getting killed today.
WILL: That is a terrible call.
- Hollywood, Roseman.
- What's up, boss man? Big announcement tomorrow.
We're going on six-days.
- Why? We're not behind schedule.
- Royle wants to accelerate.
He's already got another project lined up after this one finishes.
So they're gonna to put this crew on contract for that, too? Mm-hmm.
The same rate or better? Paperwork will be on site tomorrow.
If it's overtime for six-days and a guaranteed contract, that's a lot of money.
Since when is Royle that generous? Since he took on Sam Landry as an investor, - he's got cash to spend.
- Oh.
Hey, next round's on me.
- Same? - BOTH: Yeah.
WILL: Some damn good news for a change.
Too bad I can't do it.
WILL: Can't do what? Work for Landry.
- Why not? - Doesn't matter why not.
I just can't do it.
So we finally got steady employment for the foreseeable future, and you're gonna quit? I got to.
I don't get it.
Blue's class has a a field trip to the children's museum Wednesday morning, and I was supposed to be room parent, but Charley wants to audition bands for the Brown Sugar Festival that day.
RALPH ANGEL: I can do it.
Thank you.
What are you doing? Shh.
Father Julian said you're not supposed to talk.
Just listen.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- (CHUCKLES) - Put your hands down.
All right, we're gonna take it slow.
- I can't believe we're doing this.
- Stop laughing.
All right, take two steps to your right.
- Two steps.
- Ow! - My bad.
I didn't say take - You said two steps.
Let's try it again.
Two small steps to your right.
Once more.
All right, keep walking straight.
Three diagonal steps to your right.
(CHUCKLES) Diagonal? You good.
Put your hands down.
All right, now take two small steps to your left.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Nova? I used my key.
Hope that's okay.
Of course it's okay.
Just a bit surprised.
Our last call was, uh Terrible.
That was my fault.
You go through your whole life knowing exactly why you're the way you are.
And then you get one new piece of the puzzle, and the whole picture changes.
Look, if you feel like I've been pressuring you or something NOVA: We're different.
Very different.
Kind of like two people I knew.
They were a special couple.
Everybody said so.
But they let their differences keep them apart for longer than they should've.
I'm tired of trying to figure out how this ends.
I'm tired of pushing you away.
I'm here.
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Well I will ring you up Say I want you back Chat, back stab, say I never wanted that It's just inevitable distance Twisted bitterness I give her two months, she'll be over that 'Cause I could walk you back to the station Talk about our own frustrations 'Cause I could walk you back to the station Twisted bitterness, I gave her two months She'll be.