Queen Sugar (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

Your Passages Have Been Paid

1 [NARRATOR] Previously, on Queen Sugar.
Why are you telling your daddy's dirty laundry? You're the one told me to speak my truth.
Your truth.
What do you want? Your shares in Landry Enterprises.
I want it all.
I just had a cop and two ladies from Child Services up in here.
I don't know anything about this.
Ralph Angel may not even be Blue's biological father.
[VIOLET] I don't give a rat's ass about no DNA.
He's a Bordelon.
Micah, do you know something? [SNIFFLES] This is where I end up This is where I end up This is where I end up This is where I end up Where I end up Face down in the cold air Where I end up Bloody nose This is where I end This is where I end up I throw it all down And I give it all up Are you getting a letter from your sponsor today? Okay, good.
I've got a meeting with your lawyer to go over the mediation procedures, and I know that letter is critical.
So, please, don't forget.
I won't.
When you get back we'll find something really nice for you to wear.
How's work going? It's fine.
When you see Jeff, please tell him I said hello.
Hey we'll get through this.
And I'll show you how hard I can throw Dreams never die Take flight As the world turns Dreams never die Take flight As the world turns Keep the colors In the lines Take flight Dreams never die Keep the colors In the lines Keep the colors In the lines, take flight I'm writing so you know I'm better [CELL PHONE CHIMES] Grieving far below The pressure They're sinking further Than our heart was weaving Drowning myself Almost every evening Wishing I had met her What? But there's no pressure [SIGHS] Vicky? In the flesh.
Sorry, they said that you were over here Why unfortunately? I didn't want to leave this on your phone.
What's going on? I just got word from one of my contacts in the sheriff's office.
Micah has become a person of interest for the Sweetbay fire.
What? No.
No, no, no.
No, Micah had nothing to do with that.
Are you sure? You know where he was that night? He's not a suspect, exactly, yet.
But I wanted you to know.
Rhonda, today is not the day for you to be running behind.
They're going to be here any minute.
- Call me.
- [NOREEN] Hello? Anyone home? - [BOTH LAUGH] - Hi.
You must be the famous Violet Bordelon.
- Well, I am.
- Thank you.
Noreen Bontemps.
Such a pleasure.
I I'm so excited to interview you.
This is quite the honor for me too.
Jarrett has been talking you up.
He said we must get you on the show ASAP.
And the whole crew well, girl, they're just excited to try your pies.
- Well, I got plenty of them.
- Okay, well, great.
How all this works is we're going to follow you around, see how the business runs, watch you do your thing.
And then later you and I will have a one-on-one where you get to share your sweet secrets.
Well, all right.
I'm ready.
My mama's been asking all kinds of questions.
There's no telling what they're doing to him in there.
They came to my house.
- What? - Damn.
Some detective, he tried asking about everything, I told him to leave, because my parents weren't home.
I know my rights.
Man, what if he says something? - No, he won't.
- We got to help him, y'all.
The cops probably don't got nothing.
They just looking for somebody to pin it on.
We just got to stay calm.
Act normal.
[BOY] Hey, yo, Micah, there's your moms.
[SCHOOL BELL RINGS] I need to know right now.
Did you have anything to do with that fire? It was an accident.
Okay? We were just trying to take a stand, and - For what? - For the people.
- What were you thinking? - It was an accident, Mom.
Accident or not, you understand arson's a felony? You were trespassing, you were vandalizing We were protesting.
You could go to jail, Micah.
Don't you get that? Yes! Yes, I get it.
The cops came to get Ant, and now they're looking for the rest of us.
I get it! I get it! Listen to me.
You don't talk to those kids, you don't see those kids, you don't - Those kids are my friends.
- Not anymore.
From now on, you don't know those kids.
That's some bullshit! You watch your mouth.
I trusted you with this new school.
Look where that got us.
What we did was right.
- It was stupid.
- Oh, so now I'm stupid? No, Micah, your actions were stupid, because you knew better.
I raised you better than that.
I want you to drive straight home.
I have a meeting with the farmers right now, but we're going to talk about this when I get Micah.
I'm going to Aunt Nova's.
So you think you're grown now? Calling the shots? I just need to talk to Aunt Nova.
You don't need to talk to Nova.
I do, because, you know, she she actually listens to me, which is more than I can say for you.
We are not even close to being done with this.
Baby, what's your name? Whoo I don't swing my hips When I walk I'm here with the Violet Bordelon of Vi's Prized Pies, working on her famous lemon chess pie.
Now, Vi, would you please, oh, please tell our Wake Up NOLA viewers the secret to your confectionary goodness? Noreen, I don't share my recipes.
But why don't you taste this and tell everybody what you think.
Okay, so I'm telling you to run, do not walk, to Rawlings's.
Oh, Vi, this this filling.
It's good.
I'll give you a pie to take home.
- The whole pie? - The whole pie.
[BOTH LAUGH] [SIGHS] [NOVA] I know, right? Her notes are harsh.
Well, she certainly had a lot to say for just a few thoughts.
I know.
I mean, did she like anything? My take? They want your story.
I see a lot of Ralph Angel, and Blue, and Charley.
Your dad.
But from these notes, she's not seeing how they affect you.
What are the choices you made in your life, hmm? The ones that haunt you, that changed you.
The ones that shaped you.
Oh, my God.
I remember this.
[NOVA] We wouldn't leave the steps of the president's house until they did something about those frat boys running around in blackface.
We went to school with some real assholes.
And I remember you wasn't having none of it.
I look tough, but man, I was shaking in my boots.
- Really? - When police rolled up on us, trying to haul us out of there? Well, you looked fearless.
These right here.
These are stories worth telling.
These are your stories.
No filter.
I don't mind writing about that stuff, I just I got some skeletons.
Girl, who doesn't? These are things only my family knows.
Things I'm ashamed of.
Lines that shouldn't have been crossed.
You talking about Calvin? Yes.
And no.
I mean, not just him.
Those mistakes stick with you.
Sometimes they feel like scars that will never heal, but that's what makes you human.
That's why your book, your voice, is worthy.
You showing us what real strength looks like, cracks and all.
[BOTH LAUGH] Anyone's judging you is carrying their own bones.
Sorry, I'm a little late.
Hey, Miss Charley.
- How's Prosper doing? He's getting the rest he needs.
Should be home as soon as they run a few more tests.
How are y'all doing? Ah, hanging in there, I guess.
Okay, what does that mean? Prosper said that you wanted to talk, but you didn't say what you wanted to talk about.
[PARTHENA] You ain't heard? Everybody's talking about that new prison they're building on Landry land.
What? No, no, no, I hadn't heard.
That's that's horrible.
[CARDALE] Well, town hall's coming up.
Going to get the farmers organized.
Show up for the parish vote.
Maybe you can help? Absolutely.
I'll look into it and see what I can find.
And if that Sheriff Guidry got anything to do with it, Lord, that man make all kind of money locking up black people in his jails.
Locked up my only son.
[CARDALE] We're hoping that you can talk to people like this.
What do you say? [DARLA] I can't believe you said all these things.
Thank you.
Well, it's all true.
I just hope it helps.
Me too.
You know, I watched my sister go through a custody battle.
It's the hardest thing she ever did.
It's like one minute, Ralph Angel and I are these amazing parents and then the next I don't know who we are.
But I know who you are.
You're a good mother to that little boy.
I'll fight to the ends of the earth.
But [SIGHS] I don't know if this is the right way to do it.
I don't want Ralph Angel to hate me.
And more importantly I don't want Blue to resent me.
It's not going to happen.
All I know is, when this all gets too hard, you call me.
Promise me that.
[MICAH] I don't know how I got here.
[NOVA] I do.
Everything y'all did.
You're angry.
"To be a Negro in this country "and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.
" James Baldwin said that.
But he was also a witness that anger is wasted if it's not followed by action.
I tried to take action.
I tried, but I'm not you.
I wish I was, but I'm not.
And I don't want you to be.
It's just that things didn't go as planned.
We can't control results.
But we can be clear about our intentions.
Look, I understand y'all wanting to say something.
I've been there.
But we have to weigh the cost.
I'm concerned that you destroyed a piece of history that's taught generations about a resilient people.
That fire was a total accident.
It was a mistake.
But what were your intentions? To stop the tourists from mocking our people.
Stop them from exploiting our history.
Look, it's not a crazy idea to keep the plantation from making money off the history of the enslaved.
I get it.
But those structures, they housed our ancestors.
You can go in those shacks, feel their presence.
I know.
I have.
I just Then also know that the tourists and their ignorance can't change that.
But once the cabins are gone, you have no reminder of who actually built that plantation.
And this country.
It's erasing history.
[SIGHS] I just want to make it right.
I know.
And we need you.
We need your young voices.
We need your fighting spirit.
But if you and your friends want to grow your activism, you need to learn to organize.
Come up with tactics that match your goals.
And none of us can claim to make change without understanding where we came from.
How we got where we are.
[SIGHS] You can change the world, Micah.
You are who I think you are.
I have to say, it'll be interesting, Sam seeing you in Colton's old seat.
I'm sure he'll be beside himself.
Sam's been calling me all week, trying to gauge what I know.
What'd you tell him? Does he suspect? Oh, Sam doesn't see me.
Never has.
But regardless, I assured him that you have a seat, but not a voice.
I reminded him family's family, and that the Landrys still have the deciding vote.
Until we vote it down.
Until we vote it down.
I have sat on this board quietly for years.
The good daughter.
I kept my mouth shut the day they read my daddy's will.
The day he gave my undeserving brother the majority share.
And even in death I'm still trying to make Daddy proud.
Desperately trying to maintain the integrity of his land.
And here I am, still searching for his approval.
[LAUGHS] The good daughter.
So, yes, we're going to take my brother down.
Side by side.
[VIOLET] I started making a little money here and there, but I never imagined a real business.
[NOREEN] Well, I for one am glad the secret's out, because your pies are addictive.
- [LAUGHS] - Thank you, baby.
So behind every great business is a story of perseverance.
What's yours? Oh.
Uh Baby, finding enough ovens.
So, what has been the most rewarding part of all of this? Oh, giving others opportunities.
Come on over here, Rhonda.
Can you get both of us in here? [LAUGHS] This is Rhonda, my rock.
We have had countless doors shut in our faces.
And, well, the mission of Vi's Prized Pies is to open those doors for others.
It's how we do.
[BOTH LAUGH] That's beautiful.
So, Rhonda, what is it like for you working for this amazing woman? Oh, Miss Violet gave me a chance when I needed it most.
And watching her fight for her dream, and working alongside her pushed me to be better.
Changed my life.
[NOREEN] That's beautiful.
[MICAH] So now we're out here and Ant's in there, and it just feels wrong.
You know, like we're living a lie.
You want to turn yourself in? Be one of the first young men to fill that new jail? You're always living your truth, right? Speaking it in your articles, your books.
I don't want to be the person who lives in fear of doing the right thing.
Micah, I'm not perfect.
I've had my fair share of mistakes.
Trust me.
But you're still a leader.
An advocate.
You educate, you inspire.
And I used to sell weed to the 9th.
That's nothing.
It's just weed.
It's still illegal.
And because of me, my friend's little brother went to prison.
The boy from the article? It was my weed that got Too Sweet caught.
[NOVA] Look, I understand your guilt.
I carry mine every day.
But you and your friends should absolutely help Ant.
But do it from out here.
Raise awareness.
Both parties will be later separated so I can hear individual arguments.
The goal is to settle in the best interest of the child.
My client's DCFS reports were found in good standing.
All claims of neglect were dropped.
He's made strides in this community, he has a strong work history, and was offered an opportunity at early release for his parole.
Who is Blue in the care of when you're working, Mr.
Bordelon? [RALPH ANGEL] My Aunt Violet Bordelon.
Been like a mother to me since my mama died.
He be with me mostly, though.
Bordelon has a very close-knit support system - in his family.
- That's right.
Bordelon had a generous 70/30 custody offer and declined.
Because we're seeking full custody.
What? [LAWRENCE] Now, all cells are controlled electronically with an intercom system.
This allows staff communication with the inmates.
And remote-controlled cameras not only increase staff visibility, but make escape next to impossible.
Sheriff? Y'all know I come from a long line of lawmen who know how to keep a community safe.
We're going to keep costs low, people employed.
We're going to boost this economy and we're going to keep inmates where they belong.
Now, I assure you this will run like a fine-oiled machine.
Once you're in, you don't get out till we let you out.
[SAM] So how long do you think it'll be before can we break ground after the Parish Council vote? Well, we should vote on it first.
[LAUGHS] [SAM] Didn't you get the memo? We voted three days ago.
These fine gentlemen are just showing us what we're getting.
[LAWRENCE] All right, we'll get out of your hair.
We'll talk timeline soon, Sam.
Thank you.
[GUIDRY] Thank you, gentlemen.
Have a good day.
You can't do this.
The bylaws say The bylaws say I send a memo.
You don't get that memo, you don't show up, well, hell, you don't vote.
That's what the bylaws say, Miss Bordelon.
[FRANCES] If there's nothing more to discuss, I need to get back to my office.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [THERESA] He won't eat nothing.
He's barely talking.
Thinks he let his daddy down.
I can't sleep thinking about what my baby's going through in there.
Both my boys now.
[ASHA] Miss Theresa, what'd the police say? They got his prints off his daddy's lighter.
Found it in his bag.
So he was in the system? He got into some trouble a couple of years ago lifting cigarillos.
He was just playing around and got caught.
He idolized his brother is what it is.
So, are y'all ready to tell me if y'all had anything to do with this? I know Anthony couldn't have been out there all by himself.
No, ma'am.
We weren't there.
Y'all was as thick as thieves marching on that game.
And now I'm supposed to believe this is different? - I'm so sorry.
- [MALIK] We're all sorry, Miss Theresa.
We're going to do all we can.
You know, raise money for a good lawyer.
That public defender could give a rat's ass about my son.
I've already been through that with Kenneth.
And look what it got him.
I spoke I spoke with my Aunt Nova, and she thinks that she can help us find a community lawyer.
I'm sorry to say the jail's a reality.
The Landrys signed off.
So now it lies with the Parish Council vote.
And Sam seems confident.
The way the Landrys leaned on us about Queen Sugar, feels like they can do whatever they want.
Well, not this time.
Parish Council's the next step in our fight.
I'm afraid Sam probably has a few of them in his pocket.
No matter who they got, Miss Charley, we gonna turn this thing out.
We gonna make some changes around here.
- And they got to listen.
- We got to get on the phones, call all the farmers down.
Far as North Carolina, if we have to.
[CARDALE] They're not going to put the jail on a land we sweat and toiled over.
Raised our families on.
[PARTHENA] If we can fight like we did in the '60s, - we got this.
- [MAN] Yes, ma'am.
[WOMAN] Yes, ma'am.
Yeah, I'll I'll make up a list of talking points.
Get some solid background on this company.
[CARDALE] Yeah, I'll start a dialogue with council member Barrera.
[MAN] She might be our best chance of stopping this prison.
All right, everyone, we'll start making some calls.
[CLEARS THROAT] - Oh, what you doing here? - [LAUGHS] I came to see you.
Oh, all this way? [NOVA] Look at you.
I'm so proud.
You got the copy of my grades? [NOVA] I was blinded by all them A's and B's.
[TOO SWEET] Hey, your boy hit that 3.
[BOTH LAUGH] You're doing so well.
On the real, I wouldn't have did it without you.
Thanks for investing in me.
I need to be honest with you about something.
You all right? You're not sick or nothing, huh? I can't take that.
I'm the one got you locked up.
I sold Rid the weed that was in that spliff you got caught with.
I'm so sorry.
I don't blame you, Nova.
I was the one that bought it.
- Yeah, but if I hadn't sold it - It was my choice.
I took that risk.
I'm just thankful you were there when I needed you most.
Being in school has changed my life.
I used to hear folks talk about jail like it was a badge of honor or something, when it ain't.
I promised myself I ain't never going back.
You believing in me helped me keep that promise.
I'll be here for you whenever you need.
I appreciate that.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'm working on a book.
About time! [LAUGHS] Thank you for coming so quickly.
I know you have other obligations.
Charley, I'm really sorry.
I didn't call you for that.
Let's focus on Micah.
He doesn't want to talk to me.
He won't return my calls, he hasn't responded to any of my text messages.
Well, he's not exactly listening to me either, so I need you to get through to him.
What makes you think he'll listen to me? You've made serious mistakes.
I need you to make him see that some decisions, they can't be undone.
What makes you think you could get full custody? We don't even know if you're his biological father.
That don't change nothing.
I'm on that birth certificate, right? So that mean y'all can't just take him.
I'm his mother, Ralph Angel.
I deserve some time with him too.
[DANIELS] My client is fully employed, has a room for her son in her apartment.
She has strong support from her mother and her father.
My client's sponsor has raved about her character and commitment to staying sober.
The child has openly expressed his desire to live with her.
Because they just be dangling new stuff in front of him.
I'm sorry, judge.
Bordelon, please.
It's because you're not economically stable.
You're not what's best for Blue.
- And she is? - Yeah.
In and out of his life, huh? What else you want from me? I been there even after she ripped my heart out.
All I want to do is be a daddy to that boy.
I mean, tell me, what else I got to prove? Take a paternity test.
I only want to hear from the parents and their attorneys.
I just want you to know, Your Honor, that he has strangers in and out of his house.
Men, women, bad influences, even though he's still on parole.
My daughter deserves full custody of her son.
- Mom! - [DARLENE] Take the test, so that we can be done with all of this.
Stop! I will now allow you to do this to the father of my son.
I took it.
I took the test.
He ain't mine.
But I raised him.
I'm on his birth certificate.
But that don't mean you can just take him away from me.
I did my research.
You can't you can't just take him away from me.
This isn't like you, Micah.
[SIGHS] I never heard your mother sound so scared.
What's going on with you? [SIGHS] Look, I know you don't want to talk to me, so Why would anyone want to talk to you? Okay.
That's fair.
But think about your mother.
She thinks you might get arrested.
That's her worst nightmare.
No, you're her worst nightmare.
I know.
I lied.
I embarrassed you, your mom.
And I'm sorry.
I was selfish.
I made decisions without thinking about the people around me.
But I don't want you to do the same thing.
I don't want you to be like me.
Why do you think I'm fighting for the community? I made up my mind to do whatever it takes to not be like you.
You're willing to get arrested to prove you're not me? No.
I just I'm tired of feeling like somebody's victim.
Okay? When when that happened with the cop, there was nothing I could do.
[SIGHS] I hate you went through that.
But that that cop lost his job.
He won't be hurting anybody else.
I don't know if you haven't heard because you're in L.
or whatever, but he's appealing it.
No, I didn't hear that.
When that happened, I just I felt powerless until I realized I didn't have to feel that way.
I could do something.
And I did.
Then it all went wrong.
Now now you're laughing at me, and No.
I'm proud of you, son.
Now, I'm not saying that what you did was okay, but I'm proud you want to make change.
And I'm here for you.
So, I want you to think about the things you do before you act.
That's all.
I just want to fix it.
Take it from me.
You can't.
So, please don't make a bad situation worse.
What happened? Davis? It's going to be okay.
Okay? [TOO SWEET, ON VIDEO] Behind them walls, man, I didn't think I was going to make it.
Every day I wondered, is this the day they gonna kill me? But the day my mama came and got me, I promised I was never going back.
You got me another chance with school, with my future.
You gave me that.
You brought me that light.
That's why got to write your own story.
[SIGHS] I didn't get to see him this time.
I can hear the pain in your voice.
All the stories you've told me about what's been going on.
Blue's behavior, the women.
I can't.
I can't listen to everything you've told me, and watch my daughter's heart break and do nothing.
It's my job to protect you, and to protect that child with every fiber in my being.
I know.
But fighting like this isn't the answer.
After all he's done to you? He's still Blue's dad, regardless of blood.
And I won't take that away.
I'm always going to love him.
But he and I we have to figure this out on our own.
I just want to protect my little girl.
You'll do anything to protect your child.
I know.
I messed up.
[CRIES] [SNIFFLES] Take me down to the river Wash me clean In the water Take me down to the river Wash me clean In the water Take me down to the river Take me down Wash me clean in the water Oh, take me down Take me down to the river Wash me clean In the water Take me down to the river Wash me clean In the water No, ain't no chain Gonna hold you down Ain't no grave Gonna hold you now Yesterday Done came and gone Ain't it time To bury them bones? Ain't no grave Gonna hold me down Take me down to the river Ain't no grave Gonna hold me down Wash me clean in the water Whoa, ain't it time To bury them bones? Ain't no chain Gonna hold you down Ain't no grave Gonna hold me down Yesterday Done came and gone Take me down to the river Ain't it time To bury them bones? Take me down to the river Wash me clean In the water Go, Ree Ree.