Queen Sugar (2016) s04e01 Episode Script

Pleasure Is Black

1 Last season on "Queen Sugar" I choose love.
I choose you.
NOVA: Everyone's telling me, "write your own story.
Speak your truth.
" - Does your family know? - No.
Thought you said you had a gift for me.
The only name on the deed to this building is yours.
- Know what prison is? - Where bad people live.
I regret the things I've done.
I ain't ever gonna do them again.
You made a deal with a woman who would stab her own brother in his back.
The devil I know, the devil I don't, I'll conquer them all.
I'm an American, and my family is an American family, and like all American families, we want the dream Homes, land, space, love.
Being an American means we are beautiful, but it also means we have a secret.
That ugliness is also within us.
I believe it is our secrets that are killing us, so in my book, "Blessing and Blood," I'm offering my truth as a sacrifice, an example of how we can all be free.
And I hope that all who believe our lives depend on being better truth-tellers will go on this journey with me.
How did that feel? Uh, fine, I guess.
Um did I do okay? I can see your nerves a little.
But that's why we do this.
Maybe we should grab some lunch, talk over a few things? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Dreams never die Take flight as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines Take flight as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines Take flight Dreams never die keep the colors in the lines Keep the colors in the lines Take flight DEBORAH: This will push your book over the top.
- That's amazing, Deborah.
- Are you excited? No! No, no, no, I'm very excited.
TV, it's I'm just thankful.
- As are we.
- We'll we'll talk soon.
- And I'll keep you posted.
- Okay.
- Stay tuned.
- Bye.
Huh! Another good news phone call? My editor just told me that I'm getting a New York Times book review.
It comes out in a few days.
That is not surprising at all.
Nova, I truly believe you've written the next great American novel.
Except it's a memoir.
Ah, didn't stop Dave eggers from becoming a superstar.
That's what we want, right? Yes.
It's important folk know that I didn't write this to gossip-rag my famous sister or kick my brother when he's just getting on his feet.
So let's address the elephant in the room.
You'll need to be prepared for those who will say that kicking your family is what you're doing.
Including maybe my own family.
They know about the book, don't they? They know it's coming.
But they don't know what's in it, exactly.
It's official.
You're spoiling me.
That means my plan is working.
Well your plans feel heavenly.
But I'm warning you, I could get used to this.
I can't believe I let you whisk me away like this.
The real world awaits.
- The real world? - Mm.
Harvest waits for no one.
Not even me.
And Micah's coming home soon, so And the real world doesn't wait.
But not yet.
WOMAN: You're all done, sir.
Enjoy your day.
Mind over body Body over mind Mind over body Mm.
A way for you, for us, for a lot of things.
Your Spanish is good.
A lot of things are getting good.
Oh, those look good.
Oh, I'm gonna get me a mess of these mirlitons.
What you gonna do with them ugly things? They look like a pear that couldn't make up its mind.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
They're gonna be delicious.
I'm gonna stuff them with shrimp and bake them and serve them as a special menu item in my diner.
- Oh, your diner? - Hmm.
I love the sound of that.
You know I'm all for your experiment, but these folks don't want nothing but some delicious pie and a burger.
Yeah, well, they're getting more than that.
They're coming to Vi's, they're gonna have to keep up with me as I am a world traveler with fancy taste now.
- Yes, you are.
- Mm-hmm.
And and an ever-expanding palate.
And the next trip, Australia.
I don't know about all that.
No, ma'am.
Know how long that damn flight is? We're better just going to the moon.
Nah, Thailand was good enough for me.
Oh, that food was on point, that's for sure.
Uh, maybe I should do a thai night.
Maybe we can do a thigh night.
All right.
Thank you for a dream honeymoon, baby.
Thank you.
But you know your dream is just now starting, right? Goodbye, high yellow.
Hello, Vi's prize pies - and diner.
- And diner, huh? Yeah.
Oh, it's gonna be good, too.
You know, everybody coming cardale, prosper.
Remy gonna make it back in time? Nah, man, Remy's still moving his folks down to Houston.
- Mm.
- But you know who is coming? Boogie's cousin, junior.
And he gonna sing.
I ain't never met nobody called cousin junior - that can sing.
- Nah, I didn't say sing.
I said sang.
You gonna see.
I don't never do nothing bootleg.
Know what the best part of all this is? That I get to do my dream at home.
MAN: That'll be $20.
Yeah, it's gonna be a good thing, brother.
So, Queen Sugar holding that afternoon grind spot for us.
You good, Benny? Know what we doing? Yeah.
I'm watching Mr.
Ignacio here, learning, taking notes.
That part.
Roll out, fellas.
Postman dropped this off while I was by the house.
It looked important.
Thank you for your time and everything, Mr.
Ah Yeah, you don't need me looking over you.
Harvest 800 acres, you're doing just fine.
Everything okay? State's been backed up a few months.
I think this might be it.
"Ralph Angel Bordelon" "on behalf of the state of Louisiana and the board of probation and parole, this letter serves you as your official notice.
The parole period for Ralph Angel Bordelon concluded on may 13th of this year.
No further obligations in connection with the below-listed conviction are due to the state of Louisiana.
" [SIGHS.]
Look at that.
The sun is shining on you today.
That's your Daddy.
Yeah, looking at you, pleased and proud.
I said, "baby, I'm on the edge" She said, "why you got to act so strange?" I said, "baby, I'm on the edge" She said, "why you got to act so strange?" No matter how far the hood seems I always wanted to get picked on the cool team But alone is exactly how I should be I really want to do right, and it doesn't matter We've got all the shine we need to find - [SCREAMING.]
- we need to find Oh, oh, oh We need to find [SCREAMS.]
Yeah! Band leader, take these.
Violet Bordelon, could you please come take your place? [LAUGHS.]
Thank you, baby.
Band leader! Let's go! One, two, one, two, three, four.
WOMAN: I see you over there.
I see you.
Five, five, eh? - What'd you say? - Five, five.
Five, five.
- WOMAN: All right.
- You got anything to add? Ahhh [CHUCKLES.]
I see you, aunt Vi.
Looking good, too.
Oh! That sounds nice.
WOMAN: Everybody come to Vi's pies.
How are you all? That was so much fun! Yes! Oh, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm forgetting something.
A crown For a queen.
MAN: Yeah.
- Milady.
Thank you, baby.
- Speech! - Speech! - Speech! - Speech! Alright, at the insistence of my husband, I am gonna say just a few words, but words don't capture this moment for me.
And I just want to say thank y'all for being here.
And I want to say thank you to my ancestors for being everywhere and - Got you.
- Mm - Congratulations.
Thank you, baby.
And I just want to say welcome to Vi's Prize Pies & Diner.
- We ready for round two? - Yeah.
And go! [LAUGHS.]
BLUE: I've got chocolate bars with nuts.
I've got chocolate bars without nuts.
I've got pies with gluten, pies without gluten.
You want it, I got it.
Hey, baby.
Let's get them some of our specially made mini pie.
What you all want? I got it.
- Mm-hmm.
- You're welcome.
Really, gentlemen? The only prize we have is more pie.
More pie? - Really? - It's Vi's Prize Pies and Diner.
MAN: Thought you were gonna give the money.
I got one banana cream deluxe and three fresh lemon strawberries right here.
Good to see you, councilwoman Barrera.
- Thanks for coming.
- Please, just Isabel.
No reelection campaigning today.
I just came by to celebrate Vi.
Violet looks amazing and so happy.
Oh, what you say, kid? - Ah! What you say? - What's going on, boy? - Good to see you, too, man.
- Thanks for coming by.
- Yeah, man, of course.
- Man.
Give me something.
Give me something now.
Ah, come on.
You know I always give you.
How you been? I'm good, man.
I'm good.
Thank you for coming.
Yeah, nice - Nice turnout, man.
- Yeah.
Two presents for Violet.
One's from me, and the other is from Frances Boudreaux.
She sends Violet her best.
You and Frances are friends? Landry Enterprises made a sizeable donation to my reelection.
I I thought you knew about that.
You are still a partner? I don't own enough shares to attend board meetings.
I get the minutes and an occasional check.
That's it.
Kevin asked me to talk to you about setting up a re-entry program.
I already got a worker.
I don't see how I could need much more help.
Look, you got a farm and it's harvest time.
It needs working.
May as well be someone you know need a second chance.
Frances has certainly been very generous as of late.
She even paid for my new consultant.
Really? But, you know, we do what we need to do in order to get the job done.
In the end, as long as it benefits St.
Jo's, that's all I care about.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go give Violet my love.
Maybe this is a way you pay your pops back for not giving up on you.
I'm telling you, it'll make you feel right inside.
CHILD: This is fun, mom! Mom! Hey! How's Blue's corner going? Done.
Sold out like [SNAPS FINGERS.]
It's always nice when things work out like that.
You got your overnight bag? It's in Nana Vi's office.
I'll be right back.
Don't run, Blue.
Slow down.
So, when's this cousin junior gonna get here? Soon.
Oh, here comes Darla.
Congratulations, Miss Vi.
Oh, thank you.
Well, there's plenty of food, if you want to make yourself a plate before you go.
I would like that.
Thank you.
Big downer.
Hey, baby.
Come on, aunt Vi.
You ain't have to do it like that.
What? I didn't do nothing to that child.
I said hi, took her gift, and offered her a plate.
What else you want? She trying.
We doing alright trying to raise Blue together.
Good, even.
Well, you all need to raise your standards.
'Cause passing Blue between you like a plate of day-old bread every weekend ain't gonna win you no parenting awards.
Day-old bread? Love you, though.
Gonna go over here, baby.
I, um I need a little favor.
Do you, uh Do you think that you could take Blue on one of my days next week? Everything alright? Oh, yeah.
It's just, um Just something I need to do.
Why you being all vague, Darla? It's personal.
Personal? What kind of personal something gonna keep you from Blue? I have a date, Ralph Angel.
Date? I mean I mean, you got a right and all.
Just ain't know it was happening like that, but [CHUCKLES.]
I could, uh Probably get him in the morning.
I'm ready, Mom.
Hey, give your dad a hug.
I'm gonna see you, boy.
- Love you.
- Be good.
- I will.
- Love you, too.
- Vi! Vi! - What? Who's here? Boogie's cousin junior.
Really? Now? What's he gonna sing.
I just told him to go for it, improvise.
Come on.
I'd like to dedicate this to Violet Bordelon.
I've heard this is one of your favorite songs.
Amazing Grace How sweet the sound That saved a wretch Like me I once was lost But now I'm found Was blind But now I see Hoo-hoo! Wow.
I guess he really can sang.
Congratulations, baby.
Go, junior.
Go, junior.
Go, junior.
- Hey.
Come on here, pretty boy.
Come on, pretty boy.
Yeah, come on, now.
- Here you go.
- God bless you, Nova.
My sister lives in New York.
Says she saw a big sign about Nova's book coming out in about two weeks.
How come you ain't tell nobody? Walking around here serving pies like you need a job.
It's the last time we'll see her serving anybody.
Now, St.
Jo's my home.
Always will be.
Y'all know that.
Yeah, but it's exciting, though, having all this happening for you.
I'm excited about my book tour.
It's small, just a few cities in the south, but Yeah, no, no buts.
Don't apologize for success.
Life is short.
Enjoy all of it.
- You hear me? - Sir.
So what's the book about? Can we get a little preview? Maybe a little taste? Just have to buy yourself a copy.
What up? [LAUGHS.]
What's up? I got moves you can't keep up with.
WOMAN: Oh, I love you all.
Hey, wood, Vi wants some more Dutch apples.
You know where I can find them? So, when do we get to read your book? Knowing you, you never been shy about nothing you ever did.
But you ain't even gonna tell me about a book coming out? I got to hear it from other folks.
Something ain't right about that book.
- Hollywood - What did you put in the book? How you think it's gonna make your auntie feel when she find out? It's been harder to talk about than I thought it would, but I will.
Thank you.
Oh, I took a vow.
And what I meant is more important than what I said.
And what I mean is to make that woman as happy as I possibly can come hell or high water.
- I respect that.
- Yeah? Well, if you even writing about 25% of the family secrets that I know, then we need to be prepared.
You owe us that, at least.
And the pie's right here.
You ain't gonna tag me, Charley.
Better get after little Ralph Angel.
Know what? Be for real.
He's too easy to catch.
Am not.
I can tag y'all, too.
Just play fair.
I always play fair.
Really, Nova? Nova, Charley, Ralph Angel, dinner's ready.
Yes, mama.
Playtime's over.
Come on.
I'll race you to the front porch.
Did you like it? Stop fishing for compliments.
You know I did.
- I'm not.
I'm just saying I could use less pimento next time.
- Oh, less pimento.
- Yeah.
- Makes all the difference? - [CHUCKLES.]
Look, I don't want to assume anything.
We had a great time over the summer, but, um, Micah's coming home tomorrow and And what? Our summer romance is over? Stop.
It's I just know it's, uh, a big deal to introduce me to him is all.
See, that's what I love about you.
Love? What I appreciate about you is how thoughtful you are.
But honestly, I'm not even thinking about next steps.
I am just Living for the moment.
Is this it for you? But that doesn't mean I want it to stop.
Neither do I.
I have harvest.
And then the, uh, dinner event.
What is it called again? The boss women of Nola.
What? Think it sounds kind of hot.
Women in charge? Yeah.
Well, get to work.
Come on.
Come on.
Ah, I like that little flair.
Make sure you keep it up like that.
You got to catch that thing.
- I can catch it - I know you can catch it.
You a big boy now? - Yeah.
- Alright, go far.
Go long, now.
Come on, Blue, go far.
That's a perfect throw.
I got it! Oh.
That was for me to catch.
You weren't gonna get it, butter fingers.
So finders keepers.
You better give me back my ball.
Take it.
Joie, give that nice boy back his ball.
It's all good.
It's all good.
Want to play fight? Uh, how about we just, uh, go use the bouncy house instead? Okay.
Hey, be good, Blue.
Be nice.
I mean it.
Joie can be without boundaries sometimes.
It's cool, honestly.
Blue's kind of easy.
Blue? Yeah.
That's a wonderful name.
Strong, creative, full of feeling.
I like it.
- It's kind of beautiful, huh? - Yeah.
Just like him.
'Course, um, half the girls joie plays with think she's too tough.
She's a one play date and out kind of girl.
Yeah, well, my boy play with dolls, so I get it.
It's cool you're good with that.
It's a toy.
Kids play with toys.
I'm Deesha Brown-Sonnier.
Grew up not too far from here.
- St.
Thomas? - Mm-hmm.
I'm Ralph Angel.
The Johnsons are three hours late for their mealtime? No, no.
Get them on the phone.
They can't back us up like that.
Yes, ma'am.
Everything okay? Yes.
I know you're busy with harvest, but I thought maybe we could grab a bite together later.
Uh, well, I would love to, but I'm going to a women in business panel tonight, Nova.
Well, I can go with you.
No, it's not that big of a deal.
I am barely gonna get there myself.
What's going on? Well, my my book will be out soon and Oh.
Uh, why didn't you say anything? I I thought it was coming out in a few months.
They moved the publication date up.
I'll be going on a small tour soon.
Maybe you could, uh Yes, yes, soon as harvest is over, I will help you with whatever you need.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
But before you come over, I want you to have this.
Please read it.
Yeah, of course.
I can't wait.
I'm just nervous about the book coming out, doing well, and being received well.
Miss Shaw, I have the Johnsons on the phone.
I got to take this.
We'll talk soon? Yes, absolutely! We'll we'll catch up.
Hi, Mr.
WOMAN: Keep the change, please, sir.
You want to paint and don't think you'll get no paint on you? Yeah.
Auntie Nova! Hey! Hey, big sis.
Hey! Hey, that paint's gonna be nice.
Got your message.
But you didn't say why you were coming.
I can't just come see my favorite baby brother? Your only baby brother, actually.
So, what brings you by? Oh, nothing much.
Just dropping this off for you.
For later.
No rush.
It's my book.
Say, now, you got it done.
It comes out soon, and I wanted you to have it.
But I could just leave it on your desk for later.
That's cool.
That's a big deal, Nova.
Thank you.
Close your eyes! - Close your eyes.
- Alright.
Okay, you can open them.
You like it? Nah.
I love it.
It's one of aunt Vi's pies.
I'm proud of it.
You should be proud of it.
- Know what? - What? Want to show you something I'm proud of, too.
Came in the mail for me the other day.
It's a letter from the government saying your Daddy ain't on parole no more.
What's parole mean? It's another one of them "P" words we be talking about Penal system, parole, prison, police.
When you had your big timeout? 'Cause of some things I did a long time ago, yeah.
Know how Mr.
Jarvis be checking on me sometimes, see if I'm doing good? - Yeah.
- That's parole.
Out of prison but go back real quick.
This letter says I'm done with all that.
You passed the test? That's right.
I did good.
Good job, Pop.
Thanks, buddy.
As the first black woman to own a sugar mill in Louisiana, she has had to blaze her own path.
It gives me great pleasure to present Miss Charley Bordelon with our 2019 groundbreaker of the year award.
Please, everyone, give a big Nola congratulations to Charley Bordelon.
Whoo! Thank you.
Um Thank you for this honor.
Uh To begin with, I would say we, as women, we have to stick together no matter what.
Even when it's not easy, we have to show each other Grace WOMAN: Excuse me.
And push each other Excuse me, Mrs.
Bordelon-West? Yes, and it's simply Bordelon now.
I'm a reporter with the New Orleans daily news, and I have some questions Well, perhaps we can do this at another time.
Would you say you're generally supportive of all women? Excuse me? Of course I am.
I've read an advance copy of your sister's memoir, "Blessing and Blood" by Nova Bordelon, and in it, she reveals some disturbing truths about your role both during and especially after your ex-husband Davis West's sex scandal.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, I'll be more specific.
The book details the threatening actions you took towards Melina Galoudian, the woman who accused Davis of orchestrating her assault by several members of the L.
The book alleges you made a payment of several million dollars to keep her quiet.
Anyone can allege anything.
So, now your only sister's just anyone? Nova Bordelon calls you, and I quote, "a tragic example of the American woman's unwitting but still complicit role in perpetuating gender inequality and rape culture as the price of full participation in patriarchal capitalism.
" Oh, my God! I have no comment about that.
Now, as I was saying Do you feel you mishandled the Melina Galoudian incident? [TELEPHONE RINGING.]
In this temporary world Charley.
We need to talk.
It's early.
Yeah, I've been up all night.
Did Nova give you her manuscript yet? Yeah, I got it.
Why? Do not read it.
Not yet.
Let me talk to you about it before you do, okay? Promise me, Ra.
Charley, I don't know.
Promise me, Ralph Angel.
Alright, I'm gonna wait for you.
I'm on my way.
I'll, uh, I'll be there soon.
Save me from myself WOMAN: Please leave a message after the tone.
It's Charley.
Call me back as soon as possible.
It's urgent.
I need you to draw up some papers regarding my sister's memoir, an immediate cease and desist.
Um Just call me back, please.
Daddy, could you bring me the new menus? They're right there on the desk.
Well, now, from moanin' and groanin' Cannot continue this fight But where can I go? But onward I know With no relief in sight NOVA: America's curse is its thin sense of freedom that demands we all pretend to be free.
We lie.
This is what we do.
In "Blessing and Blood," the lies I have lived are laid bare.
The lies and shame that have shackled my family are dragged into the light of truth because what is real can heal.
We see this clearly in the life of my aunt Violet, a strong black woman who lived much of her life as anything but that.
"Blessing and Blood" is a declaration of independence from the shame that binds us, cripples us, suffocates us.
I break my family's inbred silence around country's naughty questions of ownership by asking the questions we dare not speak.
Does the existence of my sister's bribes endorse traditional notions of women as property? Does the circumstance of my nephew's conception and birth make my brother, Ralph Angel, less of a father, less of a man? Is America's sense of virility really no more than that of my brother's? A twenty-something ego so fragile that we, as a family, have until now maintained the lie that his beloved child came from his loins.
Daddy I know you're having a great unending day up there.
I pray it's full of sunshine, peace, and joy beyond all understanding.
I'm afraid Daddy.
Everyone is not going to understand what I'm doing.
But I'm offering up my work, hoping it will help us to see better to be better.
Because I grew up with too many secrets.
You did, too.
And it's time we were all set as free as you wanted to be.
So please Give me the strength to see this through.