Queens Of Mystery (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Death By Vinyl - Final Chapter

1 Previously on "Queens of Mystery" Volcanic Youth are recording a reunion record.
Well, hello, you lovely people.
- Bloody cow! - Get off me! - Girls! Stop! - Kurt, is that you? Electra Bliss is dead.
She was being watched.
There was a reel on there yesterday.
The tape's been taken.
You can't suppress the truth! Truth? It's over, man.
How can you claim to run a record company if you don't answer your damn phone? To lose one lead singer may be regarded as a misfortune.
To lose bothand your manager looks like carelessness.
To Inspector Thorne, that meant tough decisions needed to be made.
There's a murderer out here.
Nobody leaves until they're in custody.
But what if someone else is killed, sir? We'd better get it solved before that can happen, Sergeant.
Or we'll both have blood on our hands.
To twist the knife isn't just an expression in this case.
What, you think the killer wanted it to hurt, - like a punishment? - Maybe.
Then, again, perhaps they knew it would do more damage quickly.
The body also looks like it's been moved.
Because of an interruption? Well, it'd stop it being found as fast.
Either could be true.
In that perfect moment, Matilda couldn't help thinking what a great team she and Dr.
Daniel Lynch made.
Uh, he Uh, it's a kitchen knife.
- Mm.
- Seems to be a good-quality one.
Probably German.
And his knowledge of well-engineered cutlery did nothing to dampen her ardor.
I also got the lab results back - from Electra Bliss' autopsy.
- Mm.
There was cocaine in her system.
That explains why the table was wiped down.
Someone cleaned up the room.
To protect her reputation or themselves? She was a rock star.
They were covering their own tracks.
- Matilda? - Terry.
There's only two shops in London that stock Gray River Vodka.
Here's their client delivery list.
They have Collins.
Good work.
She was in the vicinity of both crimes and had motive to kill Electra Bliss.
Plus, we've identified the drill bit used.
It's a standard high-speed with a 1/4-inch shank.
They're very common.
I've been thinking about that peephole.
It's almost too small.
As the newly widowed Tallulah signaled her grief with tears, those around her were left to wonder if they were, in fact, of the crocodilian variety.
Enough with the filming already! I'm protecting us.
No one's gonna try and murder anyone on camera.
Get that thing out of my face! Ow! Oh! Hey, man.
That was unnecessary.
Switch it off, please, Mr.
Viv, I need a word with you.
In private.
Follow me, please.
So are you a cocaine user, Ms.
Collins? No.
Stuff makes me climb up the walls.
Gray River Vodka more your thing? I found a bottle by the road where Ringo the dog was killed.
Ringo? Is that his name? That's a bummer.
It wasn't me.
I told you I'm I'm off the booze now.
A local stocker said you're a very loyal customer.
Ah, well, see, sometimes, I buy gifts for people.
Why deny knowing Electra Bliss wanted you out of the band? We have the note that she wrote to you.
Well the thing is, you see, I'm, um I'm paranoid.
My psychiatrist thinks that it's because of all the hard living in my past, and, um And so really what happened was, you know, I-I just panicked.
- How come? - Well, she wanted me out, and then she was killed, and so it And it's gonna look like that I'm guilty, which, you know, I'm not.
You were seen coming out of the studio at 2:20 on the night Electra Bliss was killed.
She slipped the note under my door, and I don't sleep much at night, so I read it, and then I watched her, you know, go outside.
- And you followed her out there? - Yes.
Because I wanted to tell her she can't fire me.
Being in this band, it's my life.
Volcanic Youth wouldn't exist without me.
Now, you, on the other hand "I won't let your inability to deal with the past ruin our future.
" What in your past is she referring to? Uh, well, I had a rough childhood, you see, and that's why I drink.
Well, I don'tdrink.
I used to drink.
I don't drink.
We found you last night standing over Len's body.
I told you.
I was stir-crazy.
I just needed a walk, and then there he was.
A walk in the cold and the dark? Look, I've got a lot going on at the moment in my mind, you know? I mean, Susan's death, and then Len trying to rush-release her last song.
I mean, this is really heavy stuff, you know? Her last song? When did she record it? Well, on the night she died.
And Len had the tape? Yes.
He said that he slipped back into the studio first thing the following morning and before they sealed the place off.
Look, are you gonna charge me? Because my psychiatrist says that I don't deal very well with stress, and, you know, I think I've answered enough of Of all your questions now and all that.
Ooh! We came in that way.
You're right.
I remember.
What were you doing in a bin anyway? So, the bassist, Gina, was threatening Len, wanting money for something? We should tell Matilda.
You think that's motive for murder? I don't know.
The body looked staged to me, like, uh like he'd been stabbed and then positioned under the statue of Apollo.
God of music, song, and poetry.
The three things that Len didn't give a fig about.
Oh, he loved the music-biz parties and the girls, but the one thing that he really cared about was cash.
Maybe the killer knew that and was making a statement.
Like some kind of poetic justice? Mm.
- How big's this tape? - It's about that big.
It'll be in a box.
"Retrodisc Records.
" Volcanic Youth's new contract.
Steven W.
Let's get in contact with Mr.
What's in the other one, Terry? He tried not to smile at her use of his first name, but it was hard.
It's a legal letter, banning Jonas Wimmer from ever using an interview he did with Len.
Now, that's some TV I want to see.
Ready? Oh, the reason For my floods of tears Is 'cause you're saying we're Surely dying Remember me 'Cause that's all you've got 'Cause I'm a road That don't go home Kurt? Kurt, stop messing about.
- Kurt, is that you? - It's not me.
I'm I'm not in there.
Kurt, this isn't funny anymore.
What did she say right at the end? I couldn't make it out.
I think it was Sorry.
" It says here Apollo was also the god of protection of the young.
Who Len Savage literally spent most of his life exploiting.
And the sun, light, prophecy.
Not to mention archery, the plague, medicine, and knowledge.
Busy chap.
So, um maybe we're barking up the wrong tree or statue or whatever with this whole poetic-justice thing.
- What about water? - What about it? Well, Len's body was dumped in water.
Was Apollo the god of that, too? No.
That was Poseidon.
Put that down, please.
Force of habit.
I forget I'm holding it sometimes.
The interview you did that Len didn't want you using I need to see it.
- Are you sure about this? - Mm-hmm.
Len's gone.
Let's do this.
Who's gonna be the third member of the band? We have a short statement to make.
The death of Electra Bliss and now the band's long-term manager, Len Savage is a huge tragedy.
But after careful consideration, we've decided that Volcanic Youth must continue and that the two of us will soon be recording her last song and then going out on tour.
Thank you for your support during this difficult time.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I heard that Volcanic Youth nearly split up after the '85 tour.
Yeah, well, you know, when your lead singer dies, it's The surviving members of the band are bound to consider their futures, you know? Yeah, but you know there are all other sorts of rumors flying around that Nikki was murdered or that she didn't want to be famous and faked her own death.
You know what? I've changed my mind.
I don't want to be in your crappy film.
Oh, wait.
Look Enough! You seem to have hit a nerve.
You're not wrong.
He made it a condition for me being allowed to film the band during the making of this album that I sign a letter to never sell or even use this clip.
Your documentary just keeps getting more interesting, doesn't it? First Electra Bliss, then Len Savage.
I know.
It's practically making itself.
But obviously, I wish none of this had happened.
It's all very tragic.
What is it, Cat? I thought you should know.
I overhead Gina arguing with Len about money that she was owed.
I have to go.
I'll call you back.
Where were you yesterday between 6:00 and 7:00, Mr.
Wimmer? In here, editing the rushes.
Mattie's interviewing a suspect, - and she's forgotten to hang up.
- Put it on speaker, then.
Couldn't have written a better plot, could you? The band going to the house of a world-famous reclusive rock star, and then the lead singer and their manager get murdered.
She makes a good point.
Got everything a decent detective novel needs.
Interesting characters, quirky world, plenty of mystery.
- Even some tunes.
- I'd imagine you'd have film companies lining up to buy it.
A great documentary maker is a lucky documentary maker.
And that's you, is it, Mr.
Wimmer? You were just lucky? Jonas was, in fact, the latest in a long line of highly unfortunate Wimmers.
His great-grandfather had been killed in a freak yodeling accident.
His grandfather lost to a donkey in local elections and never fully recovered.
And his father Well, the less said about his encounter with a Samoan arm-wrestling champion, the better.
So these murders were either a sign that the Wimmer luck was finally changing or that Jonas had decided to change that luck for himself.
- May I? - What are you Had you worked with Len before? No.
This is my first film.
So, why did he hire you? Len didn't.
Fairsight Films hired me after I answered their ad for a documentary maker in Wall of Rockmagazine.
Check it out.
No website for Fairsight Films.
Where can we get back copies of Wall of Rockmagazine? Well, Pat Cardosa has an Aladdin's cave of music-related stuff Mags, albums, films, the works.
There is a link to this site, though.
- I've got to go.
- Cat? How big is the business end of that microphone? About 1/4 inch? Your guess is as good as mine.
- What, you don't know? - It's not my mic.
I borrowed it off Kurt after Sir Ray broke mine this morning.
Oops! Oh.
I love the sound of her.
That's all.
She was so full of life.
Were you listening the night she was killed? Yes.
Remember me 'Cause that's all you've got 'Cause I'm a road It is good stuff.
The best.
So go easy, all right? Is that Gina Galvin with her? Don't be funny.
I can handle it.
What's that chopping sound? They're preparing drugs, Terry.
Oh, right.
Yeah, I thought so.
That's going on your tab, which, by the way, is well over its limit.
My tab? I just got you a spot in the band.
That's got to cover it.
You haven't settled up for months.
We owe a lot of money.
You mean you owe a lot of money.
Had a small technical glitch.
That's it, I'm afraid.
A stage-dive fail of truly epic proportions had left Viv with back problems and a deep mistrust of all East Lithuanian audiences.
So, do we arrest him or caution him? Just need to have a few words with her first.
Any other instrument's not a problem.
I'm the backbone of this band! Stay away from me! You don't want to do this.
Viv, put that thing down, please.
I'm sorry.
Viv, I shouldn't have gone along with it.
We shouldn't have gone along with any of it, but we can't change the past.
I still have nightmares about the lake.
It was an accident, Tallulah.
The brakes.
I know.
Nikki was our friend.
Why did we listen to them? We were young.
We were scared.
Well, there's the Wall of Rockbox.
What was it you were after? A small ad for a documentary filmmaker circa 2016.
Uh - Shall we have a look? Mm-hmm.
As the troubled drummer faced the prospect of a lengthy incarceration, Matilda wondered what it was in their past that they should not have gone along with and how it related to Nikki Holler.
Cat? It's me Nikki.
I'm about to get a ferry home.
I wanted to say that I missed you and I'm sorry.
Come on, Nikki.
Hurry up, or we'll miss the boat.
I really want to see you and the baby, maybe give things another shot except, this time, there'll be three of us.
Come on, Nikki! The tour's not been the same without you, Cat.
I spent my 27th alone in some crappy hotel room in Dusseldorf.
Look, I'll call you tomorrow when I get back.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I spent my 27th alone in some crappy hotel room in I spent my 27th alone Coordinates for Len Savage's house.
The lake that gives Viv nightmares.
"Carry your sin through a moonlit wood.
" Moonlit wood.
Moon phases? What Hang on.
Why 31st of July, 1985? That's the night Nikki Holler drowned in Len Savage's pool.
Yesterday, when I asked you about an accident, you panicked.
Why? Len's house.
The lake.
The woods.
"Carry your sin through a moonlit wood.
" Nikki was your friend.
It's time the truth came out.
We were nearly at Len's house.
- You got a beer? - No, no.
Yo, Viv! Len.
Beer! - Here.
- Thanks.
I only took my eyes off the road for a minute.
Viv! Viv, wait! Aah! Aah! Aah! The van was sinking.
Nikki didn't make it out.
Len reckoned that we'd all end up in prison because of all the drugs in the van.
No, no! I'm not doing that! Me and Tallulah didn't want to, but Len and Susan made us.
- Come on.
- It's what we have to do.
Len said that we owed it to the memory of Nikki to protect the band.
We moved the body.
Protect the band? What for? Because nothing was gonna stand in the way of making Susan a star.
So the four of you made it look like, after taking too many drugs, Nikki drowned in the pool.
A classic rock-n-roll death.
And then, 33 years later, Electra Bliss has the nerve to kick you out of the band after you'd lived with the guilt and the pain all that time.
So you killed her.
Look, I'm a pill-popping alcoholic, my head's all messed up, and I've made some terrible mistakes, but I swear to God I did not kill Susan or Len.
Can I have a word? This interview is suspended.
What is it, Terry? Uniform just called from the house.
They've searched Gina Galvin's room.
Did they find her stash of cocaine? No, but Susan Foyle's missing jacket was hidden in her suitcase.
It must be worth a lot of money, so the question is, did Gina kill her for the Joplin jacket, or did she steal it when she'd learned their singer was dead? And I still can't get through to the record label.
Also, your Aunt Cat's waiting in reception.
Says it's important.
Have you heard of the 27 Club? Uh yeah.
The list of rock stars who all died at that age.
Janis Joplin was a founding member.
The jacket.
Nikki drowned three weeks after her 27th birthday.
Making her a member of the club.
It's why Volcanic Youth named their next album "Twenty Seven.
" I think it's all connected.
There's something I need to tell you.
It's about Nikki.
- Got it.
- Oh.
Oh, hang on a minute.
Fairsight Films.
Rings a bell.
They contacted me a couple of years ago to ask if I'd got any archive footage of Volcanic Youth.
- And do you have any? - Yes.
A lot.
Let's give them a ring.
You have reached the office of Steven W.
Tyne at Retrodisc Records.
Please leave a message.
- It's now a record company.
- Oh.
Didn't Cat say that's who Volcanic Youth have recently signed with? Yes.
I can't believe they did that to her.
I think Viv and Tallulah were pressured into it.
Yeah, well, Len always was a bully.
I watched Electra Bliss become one.
Still What is all that? Oh, it's a transcript of the audio that was recording in the studio just before Electra Bliss was murdered.
- What, Susan said all this? - Yeah.
Though the last word was hard to hear.
The tape was slowing to a halt as it was said.
Well, I'll tell you right now, - it's not "sorry.
" - How do you know? Because Susie never said "sorry" in her life.
Not to anyone.
Not once.
Can you work a studio console? Yeah.
I know my way around one.
Beth? Yeah, I'm with the kid now.
We've think it's got something to do with the 27 Club.
The 27 Club? I'll put you on speaker.
Hang on.
Mattie, we did some digging into Fairsight Films and found they're now called Retrodisc Records.
Volcanic Youth's record label.
Turns out Retrodisc has never released any music.
Well, maybe they're just a new company.
Well, that's what we thought, but Patrick Cardosa rang 'round a few people, and none of them have heard of Retrodisc or Fairsight Films or Steven Tyne.
We haven't been able to contact him.
Steven W.
Tyne is not a man.
He is an anagram.
Oh, Mattie.
I wanted to say it.
- Keep everyone in the house.
- Yes.
Well, this is the archive footage that I have of them Concert clips and interviews.
Well, where should we start? Well, there's a very rare copy of an interview that Nikki Holler did five weeks before she died.
It was never broadcast.
Out of a mark of respect for her family.
In fact, Fairsight Films wanted a copy of it.
Ready? Volcanic Youth have been threatening to break into the mainstream.
Are you an ambitious band? I just play songs and hope that some people like them.
I don't really care how many people.
As long as I make a connection, the numbers don't matter.
So, what do you think? It does sound like "sorry.
" I just can't picture her saying it.
You want to know about my mother.
Well, she was a pretty tough lady.
I mean, she had to be.
She brought me up on her own.
What about your father? I don't know who he was.
My mum, she only told me one thing about him.
Aunt Beth? Nikki Holler's dad was in a band? Hang on.
Play it again, Cat.
I know what Electra Bliss is saying.
It's not "sorry.
" It's "Sir Ray.
" Wait for me in the car.
Okay, kid, but be careful.
Quiet, or I'll kill you.
Where's Sir Ray? He's just gone to the bathroom.
No one else leaves for any reason.
Tallulah? Tallulah! She's been poisoned! - Hold her head.
Hold it.
- Just keep her steady.
- Keep her steady.
- We're here.
Yeah, we're here.
We need an ambulance fast.
Right here.
Foster, come in.
Go ahead.
We have a situation at the gate.
Stone is en route.
- Aah! We're here.
Get back.
Tell the officer to let us leave.
This won't bring Nikki back.
They had to be held accountable.
That's what the courts are for.
It was too long ago! Unless one of them confessed, the evidence is all long gone.
This was the only way.
Sir Ray.
It's Len.
I won't let you take my aunt.
I have no grievance with her.
Why should I believe you? She didn't exploit my daughter's death like the others.
They moved her body to save their asses and then used her death to get headlines, to get famous.
Huh! They even made a bloody album about it! - "Twenty Seven.
" - Yeah! But you're the mastermind, aren't you? Hiring Jonas to interview the band so you could decide who was guilty, creating Retrodisc Records to get them here, killing two of them, maybe even three, judging by the state Tallulah's in.
She's a clever girl, your niece.
You should be thanking me.
It was all for Nikki.
If you really cared about Nikki, you would have made contact with her.
I mean, you knew about her.
Didn't you? "57 years ago, you chose not to be a parent to the most amazing person.
She called herself Nikki Holler, and she burned twice as bright and half as long as most.
Nikki's death has never made sense to me, and I've spent many years trying to find out what really happened to our daughter.
But now I'm out of time, so it's your turn, Ray.
" "Do not fail us again.
" I gave Nikki my talent.
You think that's enough? It's not.
It's nowhere near.
What do you know about it? I know how it feels to have an absent father, to wonder who he is and why he's never been in contact.
I know all about it.
Now get out of my way! Move it! Open the gates, or this gets ugly! Do as he says, kid.
- Move aside! - Get back! How did you find out what really happened? The backmasking.
Carry your sin through a moonlit wood It felt like a confession.
Now tell me about Nikki.
I saw it in their eyes when they talked about Nikki.
- Their guilt.
- When she died, I took the band in a different direction, and that's when we actually started having some success.
And there was Viv Collins' autobiography that was dedicated to her therapist.
You'd be surprised how 50 grand will persuade a Harley Street shrink to spill their client's deepest, darkest secrets.
You know, all these years, I've blamed myself for not being there.
I thought Nikki died because she'd taken something or there was something I could have done to prevent it, but I may not have known Nikki in life.
But we'll meet each other soon.
Well, I'll tell you one thing about her.
Nikki was nothing like you.
And she would have hated what you've done.
Hey! Aunt Cat? Oh, I'm getting too old for this.
He said he wanted to be with Nikki.
I think I know which way he was going.
Come on.
We're too late.
- What are you doing? - We can't let him win.
See you at the station.
I spoke to the hospital.
Tallulah's gonna be okay.
Luckily, she didn't drink it all.
She'd be dead if she'd finished the glass.
You know, you did the right thing, kid.
- Are you coming? - Uh I'm gonna stay here awhile.
- Mattie.
- Hmm? What you said about your dad Oh, forget it.
I was just trying to get him to connect.
I had you three.
It's It's been more than enough.
It had been 22 years, 17 days, and 12 hours since Matilda decided never to ask about her father, and she suddenly wondered if she needed to re-evaluate her thinking.
Meanwhile, Cat's mind turned to the other great sadness she still carried The relationship with her only child, Annie, or lack thereof.
This is Annie Stone.
I'm sorry I can't take your call at the minute, but leave a message, and I'll get back to you.
Quite the sweep from Sergeant Stone.
Good work.
Both of you.
Thank you, sir.
It's a pretty dramatic end to your film.
Should you need an interview, one could be easily arranged.
That would have been great, but now I know the truth, I'm not sure I want any more part of it.
I really think she'll like him.
How did you manage to convince her this time? She's under the impression that this is just a family outing.
- Mm.
- The words "blind" and "date" were not mentioned.
Concerned to see they were one short for their skittles team, Matilda was excited to spot a potential recruit.
- Hey.
- Oh.
Hi, Melinda.
Come on.
Looks like we're teammates.
Matilda immediately suspected this coincidence to be one of her aunts' making.
- I want that hamper.
- Yeah.
Not one to let a setback dampen her spirits, Matilda determined that the best way to enjoy the evening was to win and win big.
For any victory, however trivial, would bring with it a respite from her unresolved feelings for Daniel and the recently resurfaced questions of who her father was and whether he was still out there somewhere, waiting to be found.
Keep things a mystery You know they have history And, no, it never ends well It's called death by vinyl