Queens Of Mystery (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Smoke and Mirrors Part 2

NARRATOR: Previously on "Queens of Mystery" - [BULBS POPPING] - Aah! Must you overreact every time, you stupid girl? Look out! This wasn't an accident.
It was murder.
We found this backstage.
Forensics have found a set of prints.
Fiona Hutton.
JANE: Everything okay, Fiona? What are you doing?! Aaah! I want no stone unturned, Stone.
Help me! [CAWS] [BELL TOLLING] Quentin Glover's untimely death was a matter of grave concern, but Matilda would be lying if she didn't admit to at least some small hint of excitement at the thought of seeing Dr.
Daniel Lynch again.
Sorry I'm late.
Doctor? Daniel sends his apologies.
And until he makes an honest woman of me, it's Miss Young.
I'm a surgeon, not a doctor.
Right Two stab wounds.
First one's deep.
Most likely the fatal blow.
Second one is purely decorative, used to pin whatever this is to his chest.
It's an article he wrote about the play, and not a very nice one.
Megan, isn't it? Estimated time of death? Within the past two hours.
How long's Fiona Hutton been in custody? Long enough to be ruled out.
THORNE: We're assuming that whoever killed Glover raised the platform.
It wasn't a scheduled part of the play, and no one's come forward to say they did it by mistake.
This Amy Austen who's gone missing Is she the same Amy Austen that attacked Glover's car with a cricket bat? MATILDA: Sir.
I want her found and questioned.
And Fiona Hutton? Release her, pending further investigation.
Two ex-husbands murdered in as many days? Oh! It's more than a fragile heart can take.
You never mentioned you were married to Quentin Glover.
Oh, it was very early in my career.
I was a magician's assistant.
I was young, impulsive.
Thought it was true love.
Until you met Sir Lawrence.
Quentin was very understanding about it.
Well, even he could see the chemistry between me and Larry.
Still, he must have felt betrayed when you left him for Sir Lawrence.
If he did, he never showed it.
[DOOR OPENS] Terrible timing.
Still no sign of Amy, and we open tomorrow night.
Don't suppose you'd consider? [SIGHS] You want me to take Amy's role.
KENNETH: Would you? Look, surely I'm too old.
Cor, my darling, don't be so ridiculous.
You look a million dollars.
All right? [CHUCKLES] It'd be a privilege for everyone in the audience.
Imagine their little faces, seeing you play that part.
It'd be like all their Christmases had come at once.
We We We're finished otherwise.
Well, if you're sure.
Thank you.
Hmm! Thank you.
I'll let Ursula know.
Uh, before you go Quentin Glover? Yeah, such terrible news.
You were seen giving him an envelope yesterday lunchtime in the Farewell to Arms Arms.
That? Oh, i-it was tickets for him and his colleagues at the paper for opening night.
It's It's tradition.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
[DOOR OPENS] BETH: I still wish I knew the whereabouts of Quentin Glover's notebook.
I'm more interested in the whereabouts of Amy Austen.
Did you see the way she swung that bat? She could definitely have killed Quentin Glover.
I don't know why you're still talking about this.
We promised Matilda we'd keep out of it.
Huh! The way you kept out of Fiona thingy's lithium? - I came across that by accident.
- Pff! No one rummages in bins by accident, Jane.
CAT: Uh, where's my crisps? I wanted salt and vinegar.
Right, you look for the notebook, I'll concentrate on Amy Austen.
I think I'll pay a little visit to the Wildemarsh Watchman.
BETH: Good night.
MAN: Good night.
Although Beth Stone's undercover search of the Wildemarsh Watchman would ultimately prove unsuccessful, it did at least direct her where to look next.
Across town, her sister Cat Amy Austen, where are you? was making discoveries of her own.
There you are.
Amy Austen.
Real name, Joanna Lurch.
No wonder you changed it.
I am sorry.
I I got distracted.
I'm nervous about tonight.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - DANIEL: Hello? - Am I at the right place? - Daniel? I'm looking for Detective Sergeant Stone.
JANE: Yes, come in.
Sorry to bother you at home, uh, but Fiona Hutton's toxicology results are back.
I thought you'd want to see them.
- Coffee? - Uh, let me get that.
Uh, what am I looking at? [CLEARS THROAT] Uh, this figure here.
Fiona Hutton had high levels of a powerful sleeping draft in her system.
Far more than you'd take if you were having trouble sleeping.
So she was drugged? That would be my conclusion.
Could someone have spiked her drink? [COUGHS] Uh, um Um, it it would have to be something with a strong flavor to mask the taste of the sleeping draft.
Like herbal tea? [CELLPHONE RINGS] Oh, excuse me.
Terry? Is everything okay? I've a bit of a situation, Sarge.
Ursula's sister, Zoe, has locked herself in the prop store.
- Okay.
- Everything okay? Ursula Pittman's sister has barricaded herself in the theater prop store.
- Zoe? - You know her? Up until a couple of days ago, she was coming into the theater every morning.
Get your coat.
You're coming with me.
I'm gonna hand you over to my sergeant, Zoe.
Hello, Zoe? My name's Matilda.
Go away! I've brought my aunt with me, Zoe.
You know her.
Why don't you tell me what this is all about? I don't want to.
But I will.
ZOE: Ursula, don't! You've left me no choice, Zoe.
Zoe has ambitions to be a playwright.
Sir Lawrence agreed to mentor her.
That's why she's been visiting me at the theater.
A couple of nights ago they stayed late at the theater to work on her latest script, and Sir Lawrence propositioned her.
Said he'd done a lot for her and it was time she did something for him.
- Did he - No, uh, nothing physical.
I thought he liked me for my writing.
Because I had talent.
Zoe, it's Jane.
I've read your work.
You do have talent.
It takes courage to be a writer, Zoe, to put all that stuff that's whizzing about inside your head onto paper for the world to examine, to dissect, ridicule.
You have important things to say, Zoe, things the world needs to hear.
Don't let the thoughtless actions of one creepy old man drown out your voice.
I'll go sit with Zoe.
Thanks, Terry.
Your argument with Sir Lawrence It was about what he said to Zoe.
I'm sorry.
She made me promise not to say anything.
I'm so mad at myself.
I knew what he was like.
Should've seen it coming.
If things were so bad between you, why did you keep working for him? No one else would employ me.
I'm no better than Ian Winterfield.
Ian Winterfield? No one works as an understudy for eight years unless they have to.
If you're not happy here, dear boy, I wish you every success in finding gainful employment elsewhere.
Especially as, in all that time, Sir Lawrence never once let Ian stand in for him.
[DOOR OPENS] Sorry to bother you, Sarge.
I've just had a report that someone's hit your car.
Did anyone see who did it? - Sorry, Sarge.
- They've left a note.
"Anyone watching will think I'm leaving you my details, but I'm not.
" Don't worry.
I know a man who can help.
NARRATOR: As Jane Stone comforted Matilda over the minor damage to her mother's car, Beth Stone was tracking down a car whose damage had been anything but minor.
Wildemarsh Autos.
[SCOTTISH ACCENT] Is that Wildemarsh Auto Body Repairs? Speaking.
To whom am I addressing? - It's Ollie.
- Holly? - Ollie.
- Oh, Ollie.
- Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
I have a cousin named Ollie.
- Oh, you do, do you? - Do you know him? - I'm afraid not.
- Lovely man.
He can toss a caber further than anyone this side of the Tay.
OLLIE: Fascinating.
Uh, what's the point of your call? BETH: Point of my call? Well, I'm glad you asked me that.
[HORN HONKS] Listen, why don't you just pop it 'round and BETH: I-I have to go.
Uh, be seeing you, laddie.
[CHUCKLES] OLLIE: If you're looking for Cat, she's out.
Actually, it's you we're after, Ollie.
Someone's hit Matilda's car.
I thought I recognized it.
It was your mother's, wasn't it? MATILDA: Yeah.
My dad did some of the restoration work.
Why don't I see if I can get to it today.
- MATILDA: Thank you.
- [KEYS JINGLE] - Where to, then? - Back to the theater.
I need a word with Ian Winterfield about his career as an understudy.
[DISTORTED SPEECH] I knew I recognized you.
[GRUNTING] Inspector Lambert? [GRUNTS] No.
No, please.
Sold out? Everything that's happened in the last couple of days has created a kind of macabre interest.
IAN: Dr.
Tyrell is a patsy! They're calling it the cursed play.
IAN: You are t-the, um, uh, ah, um No, no, no, don't help me.
I know this bit.
Um I'm beginning to think it is.
"You, Nurse Gilda, are the true director of the Macbeth Institute.
You are the real Dr.
" Sorry! Sorry, right.
You, Nurse Gilda, are the true director You are the real Dr.
I need to speak to Ian Winterfield.
- With pleasure.
- IAN: Um URSULA: Okay, folks, we'll pause it there.
Uh, Ian, Detective Sergeant Stone needs a word.
Oh, uh, everything okay, Sergeant? I know it's hard to believe, looking at me now, but I was once considered a rising star.
But I let it all go to my head.
Drink, drugs.
I was out of control.
In the end, no one would work with me.
I was a liability.
Not even my agent would return my calls.
And then Sir Lawrence offered you a job as his understudy? At first I was grateful.
I thought if I kept my head down, paid my dues, all would be forgiven.
I'd burned too many bridges.
I ended up living my life in Sir Lawrence's shadow.
It wouldn't even have been so bad, but he never once let me stand in for him.
It got to the point where I stopped bothering to learn his lines.
And now Sir Lawrence is dead, and you have his lead role.
What? You can't possibly believe I killed him.
Well, don't you think I'd be better prepared if I had? I am dying out there, okay? NARRATOR: While Matilda considered the desperate pleas of "The Macbeth Duality's" new leading man, Cat Stone continued her increasingly desperate search for the production's missing leading lady.
Got a package for Amy Austen.
[TYPING] There's no one here of that name.
Oh, sorry, my mistake.
It's uh, Joanna Lurch.
Checked in yesterday.
Can you make sure she gets this? Um, where's the ladies'? Thanks.
If Cat Stone had the computer skills of her sister Jane, she would have hacked the motel's computer system and found Joanna Lurch, alias Amy Austen.
If Cat Stone had the patience of her sister Beth, she would have knocked on every door in the motel until she found, Joanna Lurch BETH: Oh! Sorry, wrong room.
alias Amy Austen.
Unfortunately, for the Donquix Hotel, Cat Stone possessed neither of these skills.
What she did possess, however, was [ALARM RINGING] a powerful right hook.
I'm not gonna have to chase you, am I? Sir Lawrence claimed I was only given the part 'cause Uncle Kenneth insisted.
And did he? I asked him yesterday.
He says he didn't.
But I know when he's lying.
So I I ran away.
So you didn't go into hiding because you killed Quentin Glover? Quentin Glover's dead? You didn't know.
Right, we've got to get you back.
I'm not coming back.
I can't face everyone knowing that I'm only there 'cause of my uncle.
Listen, kid.
You're not gonna solve anything by running away from your problems.
I learned that the hard way.
Now, look Pack your bags, meet me in reception.
10 minutes.
Where are you going? I've got to look into something.
MAN: Some dos and don'ts.
Firstly, smile.
Make sure you're presentable.
- WOMAN: Yes, always look happy.
- MAN: There you go.
Great smiling.
Well done.
Next, make sure you offer some drinks.
WOMAN: Mm, offer her a drink first.
It's polite.
Uh, I think we should, uh Would anyone like to be a volunteer? - Derek? Derek? Yeah? - Yep.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Ah [CLEARS THROAT] Um Have you seen the new parking restrictions on the high street? They're quite draconian.
- CAT: [SNORTS] - Sorry.
Sorry, that's Do you want a drink? Um So it wasn't due to me coming off my medication? Toxicology results show you were most likely drugged, possibly so the killer could have the backstage to themselves.
I can't tell you how much of a relief that is to hear.
How did that get there? I spoke to Dr.
Lynch when he took my blood sample.
He's gonna prescribe me some new mood stabilizers that won't affect my baby's development.
He's rather nice, isn't he? Yes, he is.
You, Nurse Gilda, are the true director of the Macbeth Institute.
You are the real Dr.
You're not 21.
Your "Your real age is 60.
" IAN: Your real age is 60.
You used your own scientific methods to reclaim your youth.
Matilda wondered whether Ian Winterfield's apparent failure to know his lines was poor acting, confirming his innocence, or great acting, confirming his guilt.
So, go ahead, call me a fool.
But what I can't work out is why you're not a hundred years old by now.
Blanche may be too old for the part, but there is no denying she can act.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Corporate didn't warn you? I can't age.
Oh, we all age, Inspector, It's mankind's folly.
Not if you're an android.
Hello, everyone.
I'm sorry for running out on you all, but I'm back now.
And I promise I'm here to stay.
Okay, everyone, take a loose five while we get Amy into costume.
Uh, Blanche, thank you for standing in.
Not a problem, darling.
Nice to have you back, Amy.
CCTV from the motel, proving Amy was in her room when Quentin Glover was killed.
But Cat Stone wasn't the only one of Matilda's aunts to come bearing gifts.
Aunt Beth.
Quentin Glover's notebook, proving that he was going to write a positive article.
And I've discovered the identity of the man they were with in the pub.
- Trevor McKee.
- The property developer.
Ridley, we need to talk.
My theater's been losing money for years, I only survive because of council grants.
Trevor McKee wanted to redevelop the place into luxury condos.
So why didn't you sell? Council refused, said we were part of Wildemarsh's cultural heritage.
Then Trevor came up with a plan persuade the council to invest in a big play, then sabotage it so they'd lose their money when the show canned.
Which explains why everything's been going so wrong.
I was to propose selling the theater and offer to use some of the proceeds to repay the council the money they'd lost.
In exchange for granting planning permission.
When Sir Lawrence approached me to put on his play, the council practically threw money at me.
So you bribed Quentin Glover to write a negative article slating the play? But then Quentin was murdered and ticket sales went through the roof.
25 years I've been trying and failing to put on a hit show.
Now that I'm trying to fail I can't.
Still no closer to figuring out who the murderer might be? Three people have an alibi for Quentin Glover's murder.
Fiona Hutton, who was in a police cell at the time, Amy Austen, who was in the hotel, and Dame Blanche, who we all saw onstage.
So it has to be one of the other three suspects who were in the vicinity.
So? So, I'm not convinced any of them did it.
Ready for opening night? Oh, don't.
I'm nervous enough as it is.
Stop worrying.
It'll be fine.
Mattie? Ah, I just need a few more minutes.
- I'll I'll meet you there? - Okay.
: Audience members are reminded to switch off their mobile phones and that the taking of photographs during the performance is strictly prohibited.
Hello, Ken.
Councilor Bradley, glad you could make it.
Oh! I got this.
"Helping the over-50s get back out there.
" I never imagined you lacking confidence when it comes to dating.
It's not for me.
Why would I want to attend something like this? Because you're not dead yet.
And the last time you went on a date, flares were still in.
Thanks, but I'm fine as I am.
I'm so nervous.
Oh, don't be, don't be, don't be.
It's gonna be absolutely brilliant.
As she caught her own reflection, Matilda suddenly understood how Quentin Glover had been murdered.
Of course.
And she knew that Amy Austen was in mortal danger.
I'm so nervous.
You'll be fine.
- 30 seconds.
- Good luck.
I thought it was meant to be bad luck to say good luck.
Don't you mean break a leg? In which case, break a leg.
iDetective Inspector Henry Lambert for Dr.
Can I ask what it's regarding? We've received reports of an escaped inmate.
At the Macbeth Institute, we prefer to call them patients.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And I prefer to call a spanner a-a-a wrench.
[LAUGHTER] You lose one or not, sister? You investigating on behalf of Cain Securities? On behalf of the police.
Since law enforcement was privatized, Cain Securities runs the police.
We're all part of the same family now, Inspector.
Cain Securities is ma and pa, and, sibling rivalries aside, I think you'll find there's one place where family loyalty's well rewarded.
Catch my drift brother? [GASPS, GRUNTS] AMY: Aah! - Ooh! - [AUDIENCE GASPS] - [GASPS] - Mattie! Stone! Matilda! Curtains! Close the curtains! Let's go.
Daniel! Mattie! Be careful! I know you didn't mean to kill Sir Lawrence.
Your real target was Amy, but Sir Lawrence misread his cue and ended up standing in Amy's place by mistake.
Aah! Well, how I was to know they'd mess up their cues? So unprofessional! [GRUNTING] - MATILDA: Oh! - [PEOPLE GASPING] [GRUNTING CONTINUES] CAT: Right hook, Mattie! [GROANS] It's time to give yourself up.
Be seeing you, Sergeant.
[PANTING] It's over, Dame Blanche.
[CHUCKLES] One final aria? Allow me my confession? Please? [SIGHS] All right.
DAME BLANCHE: When Sir Lawrence sent me the script, I assumed he wanted me to play the lead.
We always played opposite each other.
But on the first day of rehearsals, he told me I was to play Dr.
I was horrified.
Larry was five years older than me.
Producers still wanted him to play the leading man but stopped offering me leading roles when I reached 40.
How's that fair? Hmm? I'm still the same woman who sold out the West End, the same woman who won three Olivier Awards, received 27 standing ovations on the opening night of "Hedda Gabler.
" I'm still the same woman.
Just older.
And because I dare to be old, I've been swept aside, forced to make way for a more acceptable face.
I'm no longer an object of desire, of strength.
I'm to be pitied.
Or worse, ignored.
- I know what I did was wrong.
Forgive me.
I just wanted needed one more chance to be center stage, one more chance to show the world I'm still here.
One more chance to be the woman I was.
MAN: Brava! [CHEERING] Why are they clapping? She's practically admitted to murder.
We know that, but they don't.
They think this is part of the show.
- Yeah.
- Well done.
- Thanks.
Thanks a lot, yeah.
- Well done.
Thank you.
[CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Did she say how Quentin Glover was caught up in it all? [SIREN CHIRPS] She persuaded him to get rid of Amy so she could take her role.
Don't imagine it took much persuading.
MATILDA: While Dame Blanche distracted Fiona Hutton, Quentin spiked her drink so he could have backstage to himself.
Okay, lovely.
Thank you, darling.
Then he listened out for the line of dialogue that told him Amy would be directly under the sandbag.
SIR LAWRENCE: A fountain of youth for those with deep pockets and shallow morals.
The opportunity to live as a god.
Light without darkness.
Existence without fear.
Life without end.
BETH: Look out! Except Sir Lawrence got his cue wrong.
He stole Amy's lines and ended up standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Aah! I said at the start this wasn't an accident, it was murder, but I was wrong.
It was an accident, and it was murder.
Killing Sir Lawrence was never part of the plan.
Quentin panicked.
He wanted to hand himself in.
He was even prepared to take the rap without mentioning Dame Blanche's involvement, but the risk was too great for her to take.
No matter how loyal Quentin was, there was always the chance he could crack under questioning.
After hearing about Amy's attack on Quentin's car, Dame Blanche decided to kill two birds with one stone and set Amy up for killing Quentin.
Hello? Blanche? Sure this is where you want to meet? Sorry, darling.
[GASPS] Nothing personal.
[GASPS] When Amy went missing, it looked like Dame Blanche's plan had worked.
Kenneth Ridley virtually begged her to take Amy's role.
Until I brought Amy back.
Which is when she decided to go back to plan A and kill Amy.
What I don't understand is how she raised the platform when we all saw her onstage at the time.
We only thought we saw her.
What we actually saw was a ghost.
- A ghost? - Pepper's ghost.
I saw Fiona Hutton moving a sheet of Perspex backstage.
It had been there all along.
I just hadn't noticed.
Dame Blanche used to be a magician's assistant.
She was well versed with the trick.
The strange wave she gave us when we arrived wasn't a wave at all, it was her pulling the lever for a mechanical platform carrying the corpse of Quentin Glover.
She used the Perspex to bounce her reflection onto the stage to make it look as if she was there when she wasn't.
With the four of us as witnesses, she had the perfect alibi.
The whole thing was done with smoke and mirrors.
Sergeant, what you did back there, climbing after Dame Blanche, that showed real - Guts.
- Fortitude.
Well done.
Thank you, sir.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] You're an unlikely hit.
Despite my best efforts.
- You don't seem upset.
- I'm not.
Whether I like it or not, this theater's in my blood.
I was a fool to ever consider selling it.
"The chemistry between Amy Austen and Ian Winterfield is undeniable.
" There you go.
No, the next bit.
Read the next bit.
"They might just be the next Sir Lawrence and Dame Blanche.
" Except without all the murder and death and stuff.
Yeah, the [LAUGHS] So the theater's safe.
Council have agreed funding for the next five years, as well as giving us a restoration grant.
And what about you? I was a single mother.
It's not always easy, and, uh, me and Annie, well, we don't always see eye to eye, but, uh So have you told her? What? Um, we have arranged a date for this evening.
Uh, I don't need another blind date.
This one's different.
We realize the last two didn't work out as expected, but we are positive that this one will.
OLLIE: Good as new.
- How much do I owe you? - You're kidding.
My landlord would kill me if I took any money off you.
I heard that.
Thank you.
Thank you, Aunt Cat.
Told you before, it's just Cat.
[ENGINE STARTS] I found these in the car door! OLLIE: Cat? Yeah, Ollie, come up.
Oh, you scrub up well.
Big date tonight.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
Good luck.
I found this hidden in a door panel of Matilda's car when I took it off.
Looks old.
The door panel? That's odd.
Oh, yeah, leave it with me.
I'll, um I'll make sure she gets it.
- Have fun.
- I will.
[SIGHS] [DOORBELL RINGS] Inspector Thorne.
I-It's Derek.
My name's Derek.
Um I was wondering if you'd, uh - Um, whether whether you'd - Yes? w-whether you'd, uh, dropped these flowers.
I saw them by your door.
They're not mine.
NARRATOR: At the very same moment that Inspector Thorne was regretting not asking Jane Stone out on a date, Matilda was starting to regret going on a date at all.
Matilda! Are you okay? Please don't take this the wrong way, but would you mind if I didn't join you this evening? Uh, okay.
It's just, um You see, there's someone I like.
[CLEARS THROAT] But it's complicated.
You understand, don't you? I, uh, think so? Thank you.
So, tell me about yourself.
Natasha keeping you waiting? Actually, Natasha and I have decided to take a break.
You don't have the time, do you? It's nearly 7:30.
I think I may have been stood up.
We got your message.
[SIGHS] So, we all agreed? Yeah.
As Beth, Cat, and Jane Stone attempted to close the door on aspects of their missing sister's past, their beloved niece, Matilda, found herself inextricably drawn to a place she felt certain would open the next door in solving her mother's disappearance.
[TAPPING] But if Matilda's return to Wildemarsh had taught her anything, it was that life was fragile [CREAKING] and that knowledge was everything.
[CAWS] [THUD ECHOES] [TOOL WHIRRING] [CAWS] [TAPPING] "Maybe," thought Matilda, "some doors shouldn't be opened.
" At least, not until she was sure of what she would find on the other side.