Queer Britain (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Porn Idols

1 I really like porn.
A lot.
Really like it.
It fulfils a purpose and then you get on with your day, and I think as a red-blooded male, I am not the only one who feels this way.
Even you ladies too.
Don't deny it.
I know what you get up to.
I'm watching you.
Now, then.
According to PornHub, the most searched term for gay men is straight men.
I've got lesbian friends that really like watching gay male porn.
It's straight guys who are the biggest consumers of trans porn, and of course, transgender people enjoy watching cisgender porn as well.
And for any of you straight fellas watching, you know those lesbians you love so, so much? They're not real lesbians.
So basically it's a total clusterfuck.
In the online playground of porn, sexuality is even more fluid than it is in the real world.
For better or worse, porn is everywhere.
Porn on your phone, porn on your laptop, in the movies, in your workplace.
Porn, it's in your home.
Porn - it's right in front of you.
Don't you love it? So who are the people that are making LGBTQ porn? Why are they making it? And who's watching it? Is there more to it than just people getting themselves off? Do I watch pornography? - Erm - I do.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Erm Occasionally.
But I have a boyfriend, so please don't put that in.
I know a lot of people that have.
I know a lot of people that do.
Of course.
Doesn't everyone? It's so problematic.
It's fetishistic.
It's tokenistic.
It's racist.
It's sexist.
Oh, my God.
Yes, I do.
You know, I used to be, like, an addict of porn.
- Really? - Yeah, - like, totally.
- No! No, honestly.
Not my kind of thing.
I love pornography.
I personally don't use it, no.
No, I don't.
I've never been into it.
It's just not not my thing, really, no.
I've come to South London to meet George.
He's a gay porn star and producer and he specialises in chav porn.
So I'm going to go in there, meet him and actually take part in a phone casting.
I'm pretty nervous, but if I'm honest with you, really excited.
- Hi, George.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
- How are you? I'm very well, thank you.
Nice to meet you.
Come on in.
- Look at your lovely flat.
- This is it.
- Thanks for having me.
- That's OK.
So you've got an online character, an online persona, who is he? My online persona is Hung Young Brit.
And he is a A very poor, straight-acting chav.
"You all right, mate? What's up wi' you?" Spit in their face.
You know, it's this kind of real sort of straight fantasy that a lot of gay guys have.
You know, about very Nike, Adidas-wearing, chavvy, you know JD Sports kind of wearing chav.
Why is the straight lad, chav porn thing such a massive fetish? I mean, I grew up in a town that is very a very poor commuter town.
And it's close to London and there is It had a dockyard and the dockyard closed down and all the jobs went away and the boys on the street, as you're growing up, are very scally, they're very chavvy, and it's what I was fantasising about.
But what's interesting is you go on the gay scene, no-one dresses like that.
You know, so in their minds, they might have a sexualised image of, you know, a spitting, smoking chav.
But they're not going to dress like that or look like that just to get laid.
They're actually going to look very, very smart, like yourself, you know? Today we are working in the office.
I'm going to do the casting, so I'll take you through the process from start to finish.
Is there a set of things that we are going to be looking for, things that will completely rule them out, - and things that will put them into the top? - Yeah.
You know, you don't ever want to convince anyone to do anything.
People have to be 100% natural, so you need to know what their limits are, cos you want to work around them.
You don't ever want them to work with you.
- Hi.
How are you doing? It's George Mason calling from Hung Young Brit from XTube, and are you still interested in being in adult films? Yes.
You are? That's good news.
We like that.
Have you done any videos before? - No.
- No.
Very well.
By the way, I'm looking at your picture, and you are very handsome, by the way, I've got to say, you are very, very handsome.
- Thank you.
- Mm, no, we like that.
Are you happy for guys to spunk in your mouth? - Yeah.
- Yeah, OK.
And likewise, if you were going to bottom in a video, you are also happy to receive that? Both.
I can give too.
Cool, I think that's a yes, so we'll put yes on that one.
Cool, anything that you change your mind on, and if you don't want to You know, if you don't feel comfortable doing it on the day, then you don't feel comfortable on the day.
It's absolutely not a problem.
Why do you want to be in porn, and can I ask you, what attracts you about being in the movies? I just want to see what this kind of work can offer.
It's just, you know, it's try, if I like it or not.
I want to try everything, so why not? I like sex.
I like everything in sex, so Brilliant, baby.
I've got to tell you now, that's exactly the right attitude.
My name's Riyadh.
What kind of porn do you look at? HE LAUGHS Erm I like group, bareback, gang bang, something like that.
Very open-minded.
We like you better and better by the minute.
Cool, all right, baby, listen, thank you very much for your time today.
- Lovely talking to you.
- Thank you.
Save my number.
It's Hung Young Brit and I will speak to you soon.
- OK, bye-bye.
- - Oh.
- Ooh.
Oh, I like him.
He's cute.
BOTH LAUGH We're looking for the same thing! Chest hair: smooth, natural.
Sexual role: versatile bottom.
Cock size: seven inches.
Cut, uncut: he's cut.
Oh, there we are.
He likes He's a transsexual.
I don't unfortunately have a market for that.
- Aw! - Aw! He's lovely, isn't he? PHONE RINGS - Hello? - Oh, I like him.
Jesus! That weighs something, doesn't it? That's a big fucking It's almost disproportionate to his body, it's that big.
It's like Wet and messy.
I think that's shit and piss, isn't it? - Have you done porn before? - No.
And in your ass? Yeah.
And vice-versa, would you do it to someone else? Yeah.
How much would I get paid if I was to do porn? It's about £150 for a solo scene, and then anything from £200 to £300, which 300, I can promise you, is the top end for every other studio, to do full-on fucking.
I thought the actor would have got like five, maybe ten grand? You've always got to look at the reasons why someone's doing porn.
And if someone says, you know, "Pfft! I want the money, times are hard right now.
" You don't want to cast that guy, - cos that guy might regret it in the future.
- OK.
That was an eye-opener, to say the least.
I mean, George is like the Alan Sugar businessman of the porn world.
I can't believe how business-savvy he is.
And the funny thing is, when you look at the guys who have been applying, these hundreds of guys, almost all of them have never done porn before.
I'm really, really excited about the shoot day.
I don't know what to expect.
I know that George He's a horny fella.
So maybe he'll want to take part more than he says he does.
I don't think that girl-girl porn is for girls.
I think it's for guys.
- Trans porn's too much.
- Oh, no, I can't It's so fake! To try and find body positive or gender positive trans porn, it's just she-males or whatever.
The kind of people and bodies and things that you see in pornography are so often not what you experience in real life.
But it doesn't represent the LGBT community as a whole.
It just feels fake.
They've got long nails, for starters.
It's like you wouldn't have long nails.
They make noises when nothing's happening.
How many girls do you know have a pillow fight and end up having sex? I don't think it really works.
It's just not something that you would ever do with a girl.
Across the pond in California, award-winner film-maker Shine Louise Houston and porn star Jiz Lee are creating what they term queer porn.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Shine, Jiz, lovely to speak to you.
I'm Riyadh.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
Why did you decide that queer porn was the career for you? Visual media is so powerful.
We see all these different stories about other people all the time, but we don't really see a lot of stories about ourselves, especially about queer people being sexual.
So I think it's really important for us to create our own, like, narratives, where we are the objects of desire.
If we're not creating those narratives and we have other people who don't have our experiences doing it for us, or on our behalf, they often don't do it correctly.
The style that we shoot and also when we work with talent we really ask them what they want to do today.
I don't direct the talent at all.
I only direct the cameras, so, you know, whatever they want to do, it's because, like, they're really into it, so I think we get a more honest performance.
Is queer porn and what you're creating important for the community? In looking at pornography that often is very limited in who gets to be sexy, what kind of sex they have, to not see yourself represented kind of - It can make you feel that you're not normal.
- Right.
So it is really invalidating for a queer or for trans people, people of colour, people of size, people with different abilities, to be able to see something and see themselves reflected as someone who's capable of a happy, healthy sexuality, and I think that queer and trans people look to porn a little differently than heterosexual, cisgender people might.
Because for a long time we didn't have sex ed that included trans or queer sexuality or orientation and we didn't see ourselves in mainstream media in those stories and so porn was this one place where we were.
I think it's come to, like, a critical mass.
You know, there's a lot of us.
We're kind of a movement.
Queer revolution! Yeah, you know, there's just a lot of people out there making really well-informed work.
In what ways can porn help people in the LGBTQ community? If you're in rural Virginia, and you're feeling like the only queer, you know, we've had a lot of people like, "Oh, my God! There are more queers!" Do you know what I mean? "I'm not the only one.
" And it can give them a sense of, like, "OK, I am part of a larger community.
" - And that they can be sexy.
- Yeah.
It's important, isn't it? - Very.
- I think so.
What do you say to people who claim that porn is exploitative to people? I don't think because sex and money are involved that it is inherently Creates a power imbalance.
I think there are people who will take advantage of other people, but like I said, I don't think that's inherent in the industry.
I think that's on an individual basis.
What's your favourite type of porn to produce? You can be really detailed in your descriptions.
I don't mind.
Um I don't know.
I don't know if I have I mean, I like my own porn.
You know, they really hit the nail on the head.
LGBTQ people are underrepresented across the board, specifically in mainstream media.
And what they're creating is finally giving those underrepresented people a voice, a space, and a chance to feel sexy.
But what, if anything, is being done here in queer Britain? I've got to think about it, how to phrase it.
I'm Blath and I make artisanal pornography, by and for queer people.
I think queer porn is porn that does not cater to the straight male audience as much, cos they're already really over-catered to.
Queer porn caters to people who have got more fringe sexualities that are not represented as much.
I've never looked at porn and thought, "That was beautiful," at the end.
- Thank you, that is - It's a real work of art, isn't it? That is what I was going for.
- Like, I mean - That's very validating for me.
I mean, I am a gay man and, you know, I'm very sure of that, but even at points I was all, - "Mm, you know, it's kind of hot.
" It was hot.
- Thanks.
Who is it that watches this stuff? Like, who are your audience? Most of my customers are, like, lesbians, trans women, non-binary people, like pretty much everyone you can think of.
When you started making this stuff, did you realise just how important it was that they weren't being catered for, all of these people? A lot of people got, like, a lot more excited about it than I thought that they would, just because I think so little of it exists that whenever someone else starts making this kind of thing, people are really, really enthusiastic to, like, support them by spreading the word or financially or whatever.
What kind of reaction do you get from the people that watch your stuff? Do you ever get messages from them saying that it's helped them in any way? I had one person say that they kind of realised that they weren't entirely, like, a straight woman from watching, cos they'd never seen femininity presented in such an intimate way, and they were like "I'm kind of into this, actually.
" It's not just bam-bam-bam-bam-ugh! There's a bit more.
Yeah, there's a bit more.
It feels a bit more personal, I think, so it kind of taps into something a little bit - more than just your base urges? - Yeah.
Describe to me what feminist porn is? Cos I thought feminist porn I haven't seen any, was where the woman in the film is a bit more in control than she would normally be? Like a bit more dominant.
Yeah, not always as submissive.
And there's a bit more equality in the roles.
It can be part of it, but I think there's a big misunderstanding about the pornography being empowering, and it's, like, I don't think we have to worry so much about it being empowering as much as we need to worry about everyone just being treated fairly.
I think that's the main issue.
The whole side of the porn world where it's the user-generated content, where you are making yourself the star, is that becoming more of a thing? It's way more of a thing, yeah.
I think it's definitely the direction that porn is moving in.
It's much more, like, cam sites are pretty much the biggest kind of money generator in the industry now.
I think people are really more craving a kind of personal connection, especially because of, like, social media and stuff.
People feel that they want kind of more than just a 2D sexual act from a performer, which I mean, back in the '90s, maybe porn stars didn't have to worry about, you know, keeping a nice persona up on Twitter, for instance, whereas now you're much more connected with everyone, like, all the time, but consumers are very into that.
With advances in technology making content and performers more accessible than ever, there's been a revolution in porn.
Webcam shows have exploded in popularity, and that's because audiences nowadays want that live interaction with the performer.
I'm going to meet Cookie, who is a webcam performer.
I think the reason that I do porn would actually be kind of advocacy.
I will not market myself as trans.
I just market myself as a woman who happens to have a penis.
Words like she-male, tranny, all of this stuff, I avoid those completely.
I won't work with those terms.
A lot of questioning people, when they first come into contact with the concept of being trans, get it through porn.
A lot of what makes it popular with the mainstream is very male gazey.
It reduces trans women down to penis and boobs.
Trans people are often quite hard to find in real life, and so people can kind of get to know us a bit more through a camming show.
It's more interactive.
People can talk to you and ask you questions.
They get a bit more of your personality, rather than just 20 minutes of sex.
It's hugely empowering.
It's nice to see my body reflect who I am.
The moment when you look down and you're like, "Oh, my boobs have grown," it's sort of like a And can I ask, the boobs that you have now, - are they 100% natural? - Mm-hm.
- They are.
- Yeah, no, no surgery involved.
Cos they're quite big.
Do you think porn is a place where people can experiment with their gender identity, and explore who they are? For me, certainly.
It's led to an awful lot of realisations about what my sexuality is.
It's led me to coming out as a lesbian.
Certainly speaking as someone who, six months ago, couldn't look in a mirror at certain parts of my body, I feel an awful lot more confident now I've started doings things.
What gave you that confidence? Probably about the 50 people a day that send me nice messages and tell me that I look nice.
Well, it's validation you're getting from people.
Kind of, and they engage with my personality as well.
This is the thing.
If you're going to be successful as a performer, you can't just look nice.
It's hard to engage with someone's personality in a porn film, whereas if you've got two or three hours, on a live broadcast, a lot of that is going to be people asking you questions.
What's your motivation for doing it? First and foremost for me was confidence and advocacy.
It sounds kind of strange to talk about advocacy from a porn perspective because there is this Stigma? Yeah, there's a large stigma of trans women all being sex workers.
I try and do things as differently as I possibly can from mainstream trans porn.
People are always going to get introduced to this identity through porn.
If there's going to be an introduction through porn, which is unfortunate, I would like it to be a good impression.
- And that's what you're creating.
- Yeah.
Well, I'd certainly like to think so.
For example, I knew that I was a girl since I was very, very small.
But I didn't have the words to describe what I was feeling, and I didn't know it was possible to transition.
Obviously, I'd seen a bit of it through porn, but the stuff that I saw there was slurs, it was zoomed close-ups of genitalia, so myself, like an awful lot of people who are questioning whether they might be trans, are a bit sort of terrified when they see that.
So I want to do content that's fun, interesting, and respectful.
Some people would say if you really want to be an activist for the trans community, there are other ways to do it without getting your clothes off.
What would you say to them? There certainly are.
And great.
By all means go and get a job with Stonewall or other organisations like that.
They do great work, but makes sense for me to do it this way, because it is how a lot of people come into contact with it at first.
So this is where the magic happens.
Look at it.
It's a proper set-up, isn't it? So you're about to go live.
How many people do you think are going to be watching? - About this time of day, normally 200 to 300.
- 300? Sometimes 500.
It depends on who else is on, competing.
- These are the goals - Yeah.
of what you must do for each token donation.
Number one is strip down to underwear.
Goal two, bra off.
Goal three, underwear off.
With exclamation mark.
Things are getting hot at this stage! Goal four, plug.
Butt plug.
Goal five, fingering, and goal six? It'll be a small dildo.
- Goal seven? - A bigger dildo.
Ah, well, that makes sense.
Could you take a picture so that I could put that on Twitter? That's cute.
Yeah, the one looking up is good.
- Being naughty.
- That'll do nicely.
Have fun.
Break a leg.
If you need any tea or anything, just, like, shout.
I'll bring it in.
Ooh, I'm excited.
Let's do this.
Right, hello people.
We're online.
We're live.
Oh, she looks beautiful.
The comments are rolling in.
Thank you.
Is the sexy farm girl the look you were going for? Hello, goddess.
Are you alone? Wow, you're so beautiful.
OMG, you have a cock? If that's what you're interested in, it's there.
You just have to pay for it.
So they're asking her to stand up.
They want to see how tall she is.
But there was This is really nice to see.
Her fans sort of rally together and were unhappy with one person who was asking her to do things that they were unhappy with.
He's OK with that one.
It's not like he's asking me to do anything that's messed up.
Saying that they want to see certain things as well, I'm sure.
"I like your armpits.
" "Lovely bra, Cookie.
" "Hey, there.
Love the hair.
" Everyone's a fan of the hair.
You can see she's smiling as well.
She's really enjoying it.
Which, let's be honest, if we're being called beautiful and gorgeous, we'd all be smiling like that.
When did I come out? A year and a half ago.
"I want to transition, but don't have the guts to come out.
" This is the activism she's talking about.
It's happening right in front of my eyes.
I mean, it is scary.
It's really hard for a while, but your life gets so much better.
By the point that you're questioning, it's probably for you, and you should probably do something about it, but I'm not going to tell you how, cos I don't know your situation.
If you need a bit more help with it, though If you want me to talk you through it more in-depth, and tell you how I came out and stuff, then if you follow me on Twitter, you can message me there, and I'm always willing to help out trans people.
To have that one-to-one advocacy and help from someone who's done that journey before you is incredible, and for it to come from a porn site is the last place you'd expect, but she's using her platform for good.
- OK.
- Yeah! Thanks, Poop.
Cookie has reached her milestone to get her underwear off.
That is everything, isn't it? It's all there.
People are saying, "Great cock.
" It just hit me.
There are people watching this now, masturbating.
I never thought of it until now.
There are potentially 307 people touching themselves right now, watching her.
That's a lot of come.
Right, guys.
I'm going to have to go.
I will see you all after Christmas.
She's done.
Let's go and see her on set.
Come on in.
- Hi.
- Hello.
How are you feeling? Good, yeah.
It was a bit of a slower show than usual.
There was a real split down the middle of questions that were asking you to, you know, come and suck yourself off and then the other side you had these real, genuine questions that were asking you about how to come out as a trans person.
Which side do you prefer getting more or Definitely the trans related stuff.
That stuff is awesome.
I love the fact that that comes up in my chat.
I love the fact that I've been able to cultivate a fanbase that feels safe talking to me about these things.
Do you feel empowered after coming off a show like that? What is the feeling? It's kind of like a post euphoria.
- You feeling it now? - A little bit.
- Yeah, it's - Explain it to me.
I don't know.
I love my job, so it's like coming home from a really, really good day at the office for a lot of people, I guess, like, closed a deal or something.
Is porn going to be your career now forever? Is that going to be what you are all about? I would like it to be.
Certainly if not as a model, in producing.
It's a great force for change if you use it - Correctly.
- Yeah.
The porn landscape is far more diverse than I'd ever really considered different people, proclivities, producers and politics.
One iconic and controversial US performer, Buck Angel, has spent 20 years as a porn activist.
What makes you a man or what makes you a woman is here.
Totally here.
If you don't even want to say you're a man or a woman, who cares? We're so hooked on this male and female thing.
It doesn't really matter.
Just be who you are.
Be comfortable in front of the world.
So let's just get straight into it.
What got you into porn? There was no representation of a man like myself in porn, and so I was working in porn and then I noticed there was a huge, huge niche of transgender women porn.
And I was like, "Wow, how come there's no transman? That's so weird.
" And then I just did it.
I just invented myself and did it, but actually with no blessings from any of the communities, no blessings from the porn community, and no blessings from the trans community.
They hated it.
Why did they hate you so much? Cos you are a controversial figure.
The reason why they disliked me in the beginning was because they didn't understand.
Nobody understood to see a man with a vagina.
They were very upset about it.
And then in the trans male community they were upset about it because when I started in 2002, the men like myself wanted to have penises and they thought having a penis was being a man, and so they were very upset that I was sort of putting out this sort of different idea of what it means to be a man and so I think that I was going against the grain in a lot of ways.
I spoke to a couple of people in the process of making this film that still feel a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of a famous man with a vagina.
Do you think that will ever be a thing that people will accept? It feels very important for me to continue to push these ideas of this structure that we have about what it means to be male or female or what it means to be gay or straight.
And that's exactly what my work does, so when you tell me that people still say that, that says to me that, "Wow, we have a lot of work to do.
" Is there more of a taboo about watching trans porn versus mainstream heterosexual porn? For sure, because it is still very, very much considered taboo, and not talked about within the cisgender community, or it's very secretive if it is.
What can be done to make it a lot more, like you said, normal? You have to create visibility, because what visibility does is it enables people to make their own decisions and their own choices, where right now we're being told, we've been told forever, that pornography is a bad thing and a dirty thing and a horrible thing.
But if we create great images of pornography and we create, you know, positive people working in it, what that does is it changes people's idea of what pornography is about.
So for me, really, being visible and creating visibility - is the way to make change.
- What is pornography about to you? My pornography is activism.
It is nothing more than that.
It's a way for me to teach people to learn to love themselves, no matter what, and to understand that masturbation, sex, learning your body, is part of being a human and part of love and acceptance.
Sex is a good, positive thing.
So that's what my pornography is about.
It's about teaching people to love themselves and understanding that sex is very positive.
Do you think porn sort of made you into an accidental activist? That's a great title.
You can use it.
It's all yours.
Actually, 100%.
I never wanted to be an activist.
That was not what my work was about.
It was about just making porn and showing a representation.
I had no idea what it meant to be an activist.
I had no idea what it meant to be controversial.
I had none of that.
I just worked in porn, and I realised that porn was a great way for me to make money and to put myself out there.
Yeah, I really am an accidental activist, 100%.
Well, Buck, it was such a pleasure talking to you.
Right on, my friend.
I don't even know you that well and I'm proud of you.
No, I love you too, my friend.
- Have a lovely day.
- Bye, Buck.
Weird pornography? I'm sure there's stuff out there.
My search engine's pretty clean.
Erm, yeah, the fisting.
I mean Anyone putting any household objects in themselves or up themselves, not for me.
Not for me.
Just thinking about it Inserting your whole In.
Oh, yeah.
That, to me, is very interesting.
Strangest things to do with gay porn Do you know what? Nothing shocks me.
I can watch anything and nothing shocks me any more.
Today's the day.
I am in Central London, and I'm on my way to George's big porn shoot.
It's funny to think that all the people around me on their way to work have absolutely no idea what's about to go down just up here.
- George, there you are! - Hey! - How you doing? You all right? - What's up? - Good to see you.
- How are we today? Good, yeah.
I'm excited.
Wow, look at this.
I wasn't expecting something so profesh.
Porn dogs, my favourite kind.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, we've got sex going on here.
OK, the sex has already started.
OK, this was not the porn I was hoping for.
When you were, like in school, when you were younger, - is this what you envisaged your life being? - I've always loved sex.
Always loved sex.
And obviously when it happened, I was like, "Yeah! I can do what I love doing and get paid for it.
" Is this your full time job now? - Oh, so it's not? - No, I have a day job as well.
- What's that? - I'm the manager of a call centre.
I think we might leave this one off, because this one does not sound like it's made the transport.
Before today, what kind of checks and stuff had to be done? Everybody has to go to the sex clinic, and they have to bring the certificate.
We also have the HIV testing kits, but I don't need to do them today, because that was included in the test.
Talk me through the direction of what you want the boys to do, so either specific positions, or Right, so you've got bent over like this and we've got doggy style.
This is doggy.
We're thinking boy like this like this.
We're thinking guy behind him, and we're underneath, cock and balls.
You're right there.
- Right there.
Yeah, yeah.
- In the action.
Now, we've got to dress you.
We've got some nice chavvy clothes for you today.
- Are you serious? - I want to give you the camera, maybe give you a feel of directing and producing a video? Are you looking forward to filming? Well, I didn't know I was filming until this minute, to be honest with you.
Well, you don't want to just be a spare tyre or anything.
No, I'm excited now that I get to be part of this amazing thing.
I mean, you get this close to the bed.
Unfortunately, you can't go - This is the barrier.
- This is the BBC barrier.
This is the BBC barrier.
What have we gotten ourselves into? - This had got to be one hell of a day.
- Yeah, innit? I am excited for my eyes to be opened to this wonderful world of porn.
Can I confirm that everyone's signed the model release forms and your IDs, two forms, and done the picture next to your face? Mother, this is my job.
You have to accept it.
This is just this is part of what I do now.
What we want to do is we want to cancel out these nasty, harsh shadows.
- Hey! - Oh, my God! You look so fucking different.
All right! Do you like it, George? I was, like, taking the piss with this.
- But, yeah.
- Go like that And when you take pictures, it's always like a little You pull a little Ooh, he's like a little otter, isn't he? We're going to start off with Everyone clothed, and then we're just going to slowly remove the layer, do the onion effect.
In my personal life, I'm not that big into just sleeping around.
Can you show us your bum? And look at me, both of you, and then look at the bum.
How did it all start? How did you get into it for the first time? I left my job cos I hated it.
I was just like feeling a bit crap about myself, so I was like, "Oh, I'll just take some pictures.
" Not really intending for anything to come back, and then I got an email back from the site and then Yeah.
- Just went from there, really.
- Why do you enjoy doing it so much? I think because of where I come from.
Small, quiet city, no gay people, nobody I find attractive, I was never able to, like, be myself.
Even if I did go out, I was getting, like, aggro for it.
So I just never went out and that kind of like made me more insecure, and then I started doing this and it's helped my confidence come up and that.
They're so confident.
They're just any opportunity, just out.
It's amazing.
- Is the sex happening now? - Yeah.
The sex.
Clyde, what do you do when you're not on screen? I just This is the only thing that I do at the moment.
The reason why I went into porn is because it saved me from being homeless.
I literally had no money and no-one would help us.
The only thing I could think of is porn.
You do get looked down upon, most of the time.
People say, "Oh, it's a skank job.
" You know, "You're selling your body and that.
" Before porn, I didn't really feel like anything.
I felt insecure about myself.
I weren't cute or attractive.
No-one really goes up to me in the street and says it.
So when I had the Twitter account and I put all my porn on there, I was getting so many followers and I was just surprised at how many people actually liked me.
- Was it a buzz? - Yeah.
And so now I just want to do porn for my fans, the ones who want it and more fans have started following and it's just making me want to do more for them to keep them happy, cos it makes me happy, knowing other people like it.
So if we can all, like, hold hands.
This is the porn prayer.
Before each porn scene I do, we do a thing where we pray to the porn god called Pablo.
- OK.
- Close your eyes.
So we're praying to you, Pablo the porn god, please give us a good scene today, no hiccups, no fuck-ups, straight scene.
Let's fuck, let's come up someone's bum.
Let's all have a very good scene.
Please, Pablo, give us a good scene.
ALL: Amen.
- There we go.
- Wow, I feel cleansed.
I feel good, yeah.
How are we going to start? Can we just have a little, quick run-down? So we're going to do the The kissing, the oral I want this to start maybe in the action.
I don't think it's ever going to be, like And remember, lots of noises as well.
GROANING WHISPERING: They seem to be really enjoying it.
It's weird.
It's hot, but it's also not.
It's like I feel like I shouldn't be here.
It's so different to watching it on a screen.
It's like there.
Guys, I need you to show me a little bit more of what's going on.
Can we open it up here? This is the stage.
This is where the audience is looking at.
And well done so far.
You've done very good.
You want me to do it now? The guy's going to reapply some lube, and then he's going to go in there again, and yeah, if you want to take over now.
I mean, I've filmed hundreds of YouTube videos, but this is next level.
Do you like that? You keep doing that.
He's doing a good job.
He's doing a good job.
OK, so wait Well, you went in, didn't you? Do you like that? Faster.
OK, that's it, yeah.
- That does it.
- Guys, you were brilliant.
You guys really did a great job.
Drink, guys? I think we're getting close to going, yeah? OK, good luck.
I'll see you downstairs when you're done.
OK, bye.
I'm in shock.
I thought I'd be really turned on by it, but I'm not.
This is not what I expected at all.
I think for the boys it's like another day at the office.
It was an eye-opener to shoot some of it myself, but it was so uncomfortable, telling this guy what to do.
I don't know.
It just feels weird.
I feel a little bit - The BBC, they're there? Hey.
- Hi.
What happened? George, did you get naked? I did, yeah.
That was I was not meant to be naked.
That scene heated up.
- Don't take this personally.
The minute you left.
- Oh, well.
No, no, no, I didn't mean that personally.
- So it's a hit? - Yeah.
Oh, yeah, baby.
There's a shower upstairs.
Society's relationship with porn has always been complicated, but pornography often provides the first insight into sexuality for young queer people.
The plethora of porn available is as varied as those of us who watch it.
What happened after I left, guys? Because it all seemed to, like climax really quickly? Clyde got hard really quickly through George trying to get him hard.
Clyde started BLEEP George, and then I started BLEEP George at the same time, and then everybody just come.
Like, all at the same time, basically? I come first, while I was BLEEP him, but Clyde was BLEEP him at the same time as well, then Clyde come and then you come.
And then George come at the end.
Right, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Titillation, masturbation, validation and education.
It's a chance not only to explore our deepest fantasies, but to write our own queer narrative.
Do you think what you created here today is generally very positive for the LGBTQ community? Yeah, I mean, it's porn.
People want to watch porn.
It's good porn to watch.
I know you want to get dressed and have a bit of food, you're starving.
I'll let you do that and I'll chat to you in a bit, yeah? Sure, OK.
You just kind of forget that there's naked people around, just like, you know, it just becomes normal, doesn't it? PHONE RINGS