Queer Eye (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Dega Don't

1 I've got a destination And I'm on my way Gentlemen, we're exiting for Winder.
Winder! [BOBBY] Anything with "wine" in it has gotta be fun.
So, we are going to see Cory Waldrop.
He's 36 years old, 6-foot tall, 290 pounds.
- Ooh, that's a big guy.
- Nominated by his friend Henry.
- They were in the Marines together.
- Awesome.
Thank you for serving.
Cory owns his own home and loves entertaining in his basement.
- [GROANS] That's a little creepy.
- That's Boy Interrupted.
Cory is a NASCAR fanatic and throws parties at Talladega, two times a year with the Dega Do Club.
- Dega Do.
- Dega Do.
- He's got his hobbies.
- Wait.
There's a little video that we were given.
Henry thinks I need a makeover 'cause he makes fun of my outfits.
He felt I was the biggest redneck he'd ever seen.
[CHUCKLES] If you wanna talk about my fashion, we could talk about my costumes.
I like to throw parties and entertain people.
It's entertaining for people to see some goofball dressed up like a goofball.
- Oh.
- Oh.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] He and Mariah Carey do love the same fit.
Just squeeze it, honey.
[ANTONI] Is that a pineapple? That is a grown man dressed as a pineapple.
- [CORY] Decals look okay? - They look good.
Jennifer and I have been married 14 years.
We have two daughters, Olivia and Allie.
I'd love to do something for her 'cause she puts up with a lot.
From the parties, the NASCAR races, cooking-wise, I've caught things on fire.
Having to put up with the way I dress when we go out.
If we're going somewhere, my wife will put a nice outfit on, and I put a pair of gym shorts on, T-shirt and flip-flops.
I just like to be comfortable.
I'd like the Fab 5 to help me with getting out of my comfort zone, to be able to put on a nice suit and take my wife somewhere special.
That would be awesome.
[BOBBY] Our mission is to change this party animal into Prince Charming.
- Mm.
- Easy.
- Jonathan is gonna kiss him, poof.
- [SIRENS WAILING] - Oh, shit.
Shit, shit.
- Oh, my God, no.
We're getting pulled over.
- Uh-oh.
- Oy vey.
- It's not you guys.
- This is why I should drive.
They saw me in the back, they're concerned.
- "What's going on here?" - "There's colored folk in here.
" [BOBBY] Oy vey.
- Better - All things just keep getting better Why does he look so suspicious? - Hi.
- I'm Officer Ford.
Can I see your license? - [KARAMO] I don't have it with me.
- [FORD] You don't? [ALL] No.
- [FORD] Okay.
Why not? - We're filming a show.
It's state law to have your license - when you're operating a vehicle.
- Got it.
- All right, hang tight, one second.
- I'm aware of this type of cop.
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
Me, too.
Oh, don't.
Question is, is what we were pulled over for.
- [TAN] Uh-huh.
- [FORD] You mind stepping out for me? - No.
- Why? - Why? - [FORD] Because I asked you to.
I don't want him to.
- You're shooting a show? - Yeah.
It's Queer Eye.
- What kind of show is this? - We, uh, make over straight guys.
- Make over straight guys? Okay.
- Yeah.
Is his name Cory? I'm his nominator.
- No! - Holy shit! [ALL SHOUTING AND LAUGHING] - You can't do that to me! - You can't do that to brown people.
- I thought I was going back to Canada.
- That went down good.
- I had y'all going? - Yes! I was like, no! How you doing, man? - So, tell us about your friend.
[CHUCKLES] - Cory's awesome.
You're gonna love him.
- Do y'all work together? He's a cop, too? - Yeah.
- [JONATHAN] Okay.
- [BOBBY] We did not know that.
You have such a cute face, now you've took those glasses off.
Look at that face.
[ALL LAUGHING] - Look at him.
We love him.
- You'll have fun with Cory.
- Okay.
- Is there anything you want us to know? Why'd you nominate him? What is it that you're concerned about? I was trying to being funny, I related him to a kidney stone.
Got a strong core.
On the outside, he's got jagged ridges.
- [JONATHAN] Yes, analogy.
- [KARAMO] Exactly.
I'm loving it.
- [HENRY] So, polish those rough edges.
- Okay, we can handle that.
- [HENRY] Y'all can? - That's easy for us.
- Yeah.
- Y'all are gonna have fun with him.
- [TAN] Thank you so much.
- Yeah.
Welcome to our town.
- Y'all follow me.
I'll give you an escort.
- Yeah! - Awesome.
- [BOBBY] It's the least you could do.
If he takes his shirt off, that'd be great.
[ALL LAUGHING] [KARAMO] We are here, gentlemen! - [BOBBY] Cory's house.
- [ANTONI] Cool.
- [KARAMO] This is nice.
- [TAN] Secure.
[KARAMO] It's the Fab 5.
Let us in.
Hi! Can we come in? We're looking for your daddy.
- What's your name? - Olivia.
- Hi, Olivia.
- Where's your dad? Is he down in his party basement? - Cory.
- [KARAMO] Cory! [CORY] Hey.
- I'm Bobby.
- [CORY] Bobby.
- What's going on? Good to meet you.
- Hey.
[ANTONI] Nice to meet you.
There is way too much down here.
What is going on? - Met your coworker.
- Did you? - We did.
- How'd that go? - After getting pulled over, it was amazing.
- [CORY CHUCKLES] [TAN] Do we all wanna unleash the party? Yes, let's unleash the party.
Thank you for the T-shirts.
We really appreciate it.
I like your Are those shorts, or is that a flag? Uh, whatever you want them to be.
So, you have all of your Dega Do stuff down here? Yeah, we just got back, and all of it just gets plopped down.
You got it backwards.
- Look, look.
- [CHUCKLES] Then you put your plate there.
And you eat hands-free.
[LAUGHING] Allie, nice to meet you.
Your hair is so pretty.
Cheers, brother! - This is like college.
- Cheers.
You look like Tina Turner after a three-night bender.
- [SINGING] Rollin' - [LAUGHING] - So, when's the last event you had here? - It was the pre-Dega Do party.
- The event of the season.
- We had a party, 40, 50 people.
- How many, 40 to 50? - How is that possible? Forty to 50 people.
[CORY] We have sported it up a bit.
We put the black tablecloths on to cover up the insulation.
[ANTONI] Oh, what is that? What's that smell? Ew.
- What is this? Smell my hand.
- Ugh.
I'm not smelling it.
I touched something.
- I wanna see the rest of your house.
- It's nice here.
- [ANTONI] It's the dining area.
It's like the most immaculate area of the entire house.
I'm Antoni.
We have the same taste and same size in clothing.
You're my new BFF.
So nice to meet you.
How are ? Lovely to meet you.
Every picture is just a little to the right.
There's a disconnect from the lower level to the upper level.
The upper level is cute.
It's decorated well.
The lower level is gross, dirty, a.
- [KARAMO] So, what drew you to him? - Um, we just met at a club, and he just came over and slapped my ass.
- I guess that was it.
- [LAUGHS] It was love at first sight.
[JONATHAN] Are you gonna show me your bathroom? I wanna see where you zhuzh.
- What do you use in here? - Whatever Jennifer buys me.
She bought this for me.
It's "teakwood.
" Yes.
No, no.
No, no.
Not teakwood.
It's "teakwood.
" - Teakwood.
Of course.
Cool Whip.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Teakwood.
Of course.
Got it.
How do you feel about that downstairs area? [JENNIFER] Uh, embarrassed.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Ha, ha.
The green is like the Midori liqueur, uh, that your father has in his basement.
Is that where it was inspired from? Do you have issues about your skin, hair or butt crack? - My hands and arms stay dry constantly.
- They stay dry.
One thing I want us to do is to get you something to moisturize.
- DIY.
Know what that stands for? - Do it yourself.
- Work, honey.
You're on the blogs.
- Gym shorts, gym shorts, gym shorts.
Then you come here, and then what happens? - I brush my teeth.
Put deodorant on.
- What about a floss? I floss in my police car.
[BOBBY] Gym shorts, gym shorts.
My God.
I don't see a lot of gym action here, though.
- Just gym shorts.
- See my hat? We'll all make America great again.
I don't think any black person has worn this.
- [JONATHAN] Ben Carson.
- Ben Carson has.
And Omarosa.
[TAN] Cory, I'm dying to see inside your closet.
I see that you share it with Jennifer.
All of this is yours.
Half of it was what I got out of my dad's closet - when he passed away.
- Okay, where is your dad's stuff? - Mingled with yours? - Yeah.
Like these shirts.
- You've got suits.
Are they your dad's? - Yes.
Why is it you keep your dad's clothing in here? Uh I guess that's the way that I still, uh, connect with him.
- He loved my mom.
He loved us.
- Mm-hm.
And, uh just didn't get much better than him.
He was just an all-around great guy.
Can I give you a hug? [CHUCKLES] Oh, I'm sorry, mate.
We could create a space downstairs that would be your dad's clothes.
Let's keep them somewhere where you can still have them, and you can still have that connection.
Let's have this be your space, 'cause we need to take care of you.
- Let's pull this out.
Oh, shit.
- It's an avalanche.
It's gonna hit you.
[TAN SHOUTING] It's all right.
Well, that's why we don't store it up there.
Do you ever get more dressed up than this? I have a nice pair of pants in there that I love to wear.
- Okay.
- Can you find them? What color are they? Are they the beige-y ones? - I know it's a joke.
Tell me it's a joke.
- I love wearing these.
Feel them.
Look, they're like a wind suit.
That is gross.
I'm sorry, but that's There's no way that that's acceptable anywhere other than - God, I don't know where you'd wear that.
- [LAUGHING] [ANTONI] So many interesting things here.
Balsamic vinegar.
Tamari, good if you're gluten-free.
I have no clue what that is.
[ANTONI] I'll teach you.
If you're cooking, if your hands get stinky, like when you use garlic, coconut oil gets rid of the smell.
What else? We got chips that are open.
There's pickle juice that aren't in the fridge - and the lid is not open.
- You know why? I hate cold pickle juice.
- What do you do with pickle juice? - Drink it.
- What? - You don't drink pickle juice? [CORY LAUGHING] - About your kitchen, who does the cooking? - Uh, Jennifer.
- We try to eat healthy.
- What are you doing to attain that goal? Um Clif Bars, bananas, fruits.
Stuff like that when I can.
- Yeah.
- Police officers don't get lunch breaks.
We grab something and eat it on the way to the next call.
It's usually a cheeseburger and fries.
So, it's always It's hard to plan it.
That's something I can help with.
I'd love to take you to a market and teach you how to shop for food properly in a really simple way with just quick easy tips.
- I'm excited.
- Me, too.
- Shot of pickle juice? - [CORY] Let's do it.
[ANTONI] I love this green.
Not unlike your T-shirt and your daughter's bedroom.
- The whole thing? - Let's do it.
- What do you do when you get a date night? We'll go to a nice restaurant, and when we leave, we walk around Walmart or Academy Sports Hold on, hold on.
For a date, you're walking around Walmart? - Yeah.
- Okay.
[LAUGHS] Ding, there's a big red flag that's going up right now.
Why do you think that taking your beautiful wife to Walmart is a fun date? Instead of being out in the hot sun, we go inside a store at night.
If that's the logic, why not a museum? Some theater? - Why not an art gallery? - I've never been to those.
It's out of my comfort zone, and I wouldn't even If somebody asked me how to get to a museum around here, I wouldn't know.
I think you're at a place where, if you have guidance That's all I need.
Point me in the right direction.
Well, you got five gay guys that are gonna point you in the right direction.
- If you can't, I don't know who can.
- [LAUGHS] [TAN] We wanna see the garage.
- All right.
- [TAN] Yeah.
Come through.
- [CORY] Here's the garage.
- It's not as disheveled as I thought.
Politically, it's not great.
- [CORY] To each their own.
- It's on both sides.
You touched it.
I wanna see what else is going on down here.
Are we gonna play? - [SHOUTING] - [JONATHAN] Don't die.
How do I turn on the siren? [CORY] See that little switch-y thing? - [JONATHAN] This? - Yeah.
Push it to the right.
[SIREN WAILING] I've had enough trauma with cop cars.
- Oh, no.
- [JONATHAN] Breaker, one-nine.
This is Jonathan Van Ness coming in, pull that ass over.
Pull over! Hey! - That was fun.
Love that.
- [LAUGHING] [BOBBY] I found stuff I want you to tell me about.
[CORY] All right.
- So, these things.
- Yes.
- [BOBBY] Who's this handsome fella? - [CORY] That is my grandfather.
[BOBBY] Nice.
And obviously Marines, Marines, Marines.
Long family tradition.
So, going through down here and upstairs, - I'm not seeing a lot of you upstairs.
- No.
All Jennifer.
- I'm seeing all you down here.
- Yes.
So, one of the things that kind of got my mind going was maybe a reason you're here a lot is 'cause there is no you up there.
What I wanna do is I wanna redo your upstairs.
- Okay.
- Upstairs is where I wanna take you and get you excited about having a space you can feel like it's not just Jennifer did it, but you guys did it.
I'll make it to where she'll be okay with you having parties up there.
She makes you come here for parties, right? - Pretty much.
Ha, ha.
- Exactly.
- All right.
You trust me? - I do.
[LAUGHS] - [ANTONI] How'd you do downstairs? - We're not redoing his basement.
- Okay.
- [BOBBY] I'll redo the space here, make it cohesive, put stools, so the girls can get Daddy to cook.
Wouldn't that be cute? I'm receptive to anything that'll make me better.
- [TAN] Okay.
- [BOBBY] I don't think you are, but let's do it.
You're a symphony of color and sound It feels good Like I knew it would Since you felt like such a stranger in your kitchen, I thought I'd take you to a market where you'd feel more of a stranger.
There's an appetizer we'll be making that is simple.
It's a traditional salad, served in Italian restaurants.
And it uses two uncommon ingredients, avocado and grapefruit.
And that's it.
I want him to feel like this is a fresh start.
His curiosity is there.
That seed is there, I can work with that.
It's about new beginnings with this guy.
You want them to be firm.
We'll be cutting these.
It's about technique and presentation.
We don't want them mushy.
We're not making guacamole.
I wanna see the ingredient on the dish.
This one's perfect.
- That seems a little hard.
But is it fine? - This one's fine.
As long as you can press a bit into it, it's good to go.
One more.
Although these are grapefruits, the skin is so thin, they look on the dry side.
These do not.
This is what I wanna use.
I'm gonna grab some of these.
- Avocado and grapefruit together.
- Together.
That's it.
We're at the beginning of produce season, so these vegetables and fruit are gonna be coming out.
You can buy frozen, it's good as well.
I stick away from canned.
And whenever you can buy fresh, why the hell not? [DRILL WHIRRING] Floor looks good.
I love the white with the wood, so keep this white, keep the risers white.
Stain that top railing to match this railing.
- Will do.
- Thanks.
- [CORY] Incredible.
- [TAN] Ever been to a big and tall store? No.
It's usually a grocery store that has a big and tall section.
- Okay.
- And it's about this big and I have two jeans to pick from, and two shirts to choose from, that's it.
So, you've got size here.
Your legs are great.
Your arms are great.
We need to find ways to dress better for the body that makes you look elevated.
And not just 'cause it's available in a store.
- Okay.
I'm good with that.
- Good.
Focus on a slimmer leg.
A lot of people think they can't wear slim because they're not "slim.
" That's not it.
- That's what I thought.
- Most people do.
Skinny jeans are designed to give you a slim look for the size that you are and give you a more narrow version.
They give you the room up here, they give you the narrow leg down here.
- Learn something new every day.
- Sure do.
Cory's a grown man.
I want him to feel sexy.
Wives look cute for their husband.
What happened to men looking cute for their wives? Your pants are a lot more fitted.
If you lounge around, show your wife why she should be with you, why she should stay.
Already that looks slimmer.
Why she'd wanna have sex with you.
Pop that third kid out.
Appreciate it.
See you soon.
You're gonna love what we've got planned.
Come on through, mate.
Uh You remember Karamo.
Hey! Hi, Karamo.
Todd, this is Cory.
- Todd Davidson.
- Nice to meet you.
- So, you have a big event coming up.
- I do.
- Your ? - Anniversary.
And so - You remembered.
- You remembered! No, you're not getting a divorce.
That's the event.
Um We need to get you to a place where you look like you wanna be on an anniversary date.
[TAN] We've got your sizes, and we've given them to Todd.
And he's created a suit for you.
Come to the fitting room and try on a shirt.
We'll pop this on for now.
I'm sorry.
I forgot that you do three.
You'll teach me swag eventually.
- All right.
- [TAN] How we looking? - I have to walk out there with boxers on? - [TAN] You may as well show them off.
There is a lot of extra.
It's making you look bigger.
- We're gonna take these in.
- [CORY] Okay.
When you come to a store like this, work with the tailor.
They're there for you.
Don't try it on and say, "Okay, it'll do.
" Get them to make sure it's perfect.
- Do you feel good in the shirt? - I feel like it actually somewhat fits.
Do you feel expensive? - Not yet.
- You will.
You will.
George, can we borrow you? We wanna use you as an example.
Oh, yes, please bring George in.
Yo, we didn't get to meet.
I'm Karamo.
- Don't be shy.
Come on in.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm Tan.
Come stand with me.
I want you to take a look at George in a suit.
He's wearing a classic suit.
He's doing things to show his personality.
His youth, his fun side.
Dega Do.
- Do this.
- Sounds good.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Stay.
We might need you again.
- [TAN] You can hang out.
We're gonna get you out of this shirt.
Thank you, George.
So, slip your T-shirt back on, and then try on these pants.
And I'm gonna take this out.
We're looking at this and how beautiful that combination is.
So, let's take a look at this.
The jacket.
You don't need to do the bottom button.
Keep the top closed.
When you sit, undo it, then you can sit comfortably.
- Okay.
- So, this is your suit.
Tell me how you feel in the suit.
Take a look at yourself.
Feels different, like it fits.
It doesn't feel like it's just hanging on me.
- [TAN] When you look in the mirror? - I think I look good.
I feel good.
And there is a pattern that runs through it.
It's got depth to it.
It elevates it.
It's not a basic suit you'd find in any store.
- Got it.
- [KARAMO] One last thing.
This tie is the one you like.
- Appropriate? - That's lovely.
[KARAMO] What I want now is for you to find a pocket square - that works for you with this tie.
- [CORY] Mm - Test time.
- [KARAMO] Yes.
- This is test time.
- So, let me see.
The only one I can see is the one on the third row, yellowish orange.
I love that.
You're going for something that shows a bit more flair, style.
- This is a beautiful color on you.
Yellow in a dark suit.
- Yeah.
- It brings the color out of the flower.
- You can't see that from a distance, and now that you've popped it, it's visible.
- It's extraordinary.
Great taste.
- So, did I pass? - Yes, you passed.
Go get out the suit.
- Okay.
[MOOING] So, guys, we are going to have a spa day today, but we're gonna have a really fun guest.
- Guess who it is.
- You? Even more fun than me.
We'll get Daddy on the glam game.
We'll get scrubbed for summer.
Everyone needs a good scrub.
- Am I right? - [EDIE] Exactly.
- Are you excited? It's gonna be cool.
- In this Georgia heat.
[IN SOUTHERN ACCENT] This Georgia heat, my word.
We don't play around here.
- [NORMAL VOICE] How aren't you sweating? - Don't know.
I gotta tell you, NASCAR, to me, is probably the most uninteresting sport I've ever seen in my life.
Because you don't know the ins and outs.
To be able to change tires, fill up your car with gas, rip off the cover of the windshield, and do all that in about 13 seconds, that's pretty spectacular.
- But that's not the sport itself - It is, because if you can't do that, you won't be able to run around that track.
It's like basketball.
If you're not in tune to what actual basketball is, it looks like guys running back and forth, throwing a ball into a hole.
You know what? I get it now.
So, you played sports when you ? I played sports growing up, but I didn't watch.
If there was time to watch TV, there was time to go out in the yard, - cut the grass - The same way I was raised.
I signed up for the Marines, and they're putting me Never.
I'd never flown on an airplane.
I snuck out one morning and went to sign up.
I was like I don't think I'm this brave, and literally ran out.
Look, I grew up with my Wu-Tang Clan and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and - No.
You were jamming Bone Thugs.
- Yeah.
I think we'd have hung out in high school.
I'm serious.
You and I would've hung out.
You know, I gotta tell you, yesterday, when we went to your house, when they started playing in your car, I was totally shut off.
The perception right now especially between black people and cops, it's tension.
- When, uh, Henry pulled us over, - Yeah.
I immediately I started freaking out.
I really thought this is gonna be that incident where I was gonna get dragged out.
My kid did not wanna get his license.
He was scared he was gonna get pulled over and get shot by a cop.
My thing is, we don't want all black people to get lumped into one category as criminals, which sometimes we feel that way.
And all police officers don't wanna be lumped in to being the bad guy.
I get stereotyped - because of that 10 percent - Bad apples.
that gets shown on the media of, you know, being excessive or killing, you know, a black guy that didn't need to have deadly force used upon him.
We just had an incident in Gwinnett County.
The other officer that kicked this guy in the face after he was handcuffed.
There's nothing that makes it all right.
Just even hearing you acknowledge that, the officer that used force should never have, - just heals me and gives me relief.
- Good.
All I ever hear usually is cops sticking together, saying, "Well, what about us?" And it is true.
What about you all? But it's like, well, what about us? We both deal with the same pain on different ends.
- Yeah.
- But none of us are acknowledging it.
It does go both ways.
And I'm glad you feel that way.
Black lives mattered.
They weren't able to be heard.
And the police weren't heard.
If we could have a conversation like me and you just did, things would be a lot better, you know, in society.
- Mm-hm.
- Everybody wants to talk, nobody wants to listen.
That's it.
So Yeah, you're right about that.
The beauty of what is happening is that I'm open, and I'm going to stay open, because I need him to learn from me, I need to learn from him.
Because right now, our country, it just seems like it's getting worse and worse and worse.
And it has to start somewhere.
I'm not saying a conversation with one police officer and one gay guy will solve the problems, but maybe it can open up eyes to something more.
[JONATHAN] The name of the game is glam.
Have you seen stuff that's scrubby, and you use it on your skin? - It's exfoliant.
You can make it at home.
- Never heard of it.
With your skin inflammation and redness, it'll be the best invention ever.
I didn't invent it, but it's a good trick.
You ready for this, Cory? - I'm ready.
- You're like super dad.
Gorgeous exfoliants are expensive, and you can make them using coconut oil.
And sugar.
Mix, mix, mix.
So, now, let's add the purple.
Isn't that a gorgeous smell? [ALLIE] Ooh! [JONATHAN] Worried their skin will turn purple, but it'll be smooth and smell like lavender.
They're spending time together.
That's the point.
I did bring these clippers.
I am doing your little baby makeover now.
You're not that attached to your mustache, right? - I don't like it.
- Get rid of it.
- Okay.
- Yes.
I love that Mom doesn't like it.
Moms don't like anything that makes us look unlike what we did when we were born.
- [CORY] Mm-hm.
- [LAUGHS] Cory, you're looking like a whole new man.
[OLIVIA AND ALLIE LAUGHING] [JAMES BROWN'S "CANDLES ON THE CAKE" PLAYING] We're gonna celebrate You got another year And we're all here Put the candles on the cake - [JONATHAN] My gosh, are you so excited? - [CORY] I am excited.
Light the candles on the cake We're gonna celebrate You got another year And we're all here Bobby! - Bobbers.
- I'm coming.
She's here.
Look how gorgeous you look.
My God.
- [BOBBY] You ready? - [CORY] Smells like paint.
Smells fresh.
- On the count of three.
One two - Oh, my gosh.
- three.
- Oh, my God.
Doesn't look like the same house.
Look at the fireplace.
[BOBBY] Fireplace looks like an architectural feature.
- Wow.
- [BOBBY] And the TV's over here now.
My heart's probably like 200 beats a minute right now.
[LAUGHS] [ANTONI] God, it's so warm.
And so inviting.
- [CORY] This is amazing.
- [BOBBY] We put in the beams.
We put in all-new flooring.
We put in a wood wall with your buddy's number on it.
- [CORY] Wow.
- [BOBBY] New light fixtures.
This is gorgeous.
Look at the box that was hiding in the basement.
I'll show you more.
Dad with the girls.
Dad with you.
[KARAMO] Bobby wanted to bring the family up to the forefront, so when you come home, you remember the people who made you the man who you are and inspired your life.
- Ready to see the kitchen? - Yeah.
New countertop to match all the other wood in the house.
I wanted to take Jennifer's grandmother's piece and turn it into a bar for you.
Your love of having your buddies over, her love of this, married them together.
You've got your breakfast station with your toaster, coffee mugs, coffee maker.
[CORY] Love it.
[BOBBY] In here, can't tell it's the same furniture even.
[KARAMO] There's no more trunk clutter.
- It just kind of pops.
- Yeah.
- [BOBBY] Bathroom.
New shelves.
- [CORY] Smells so good.
[BOBBY] New shower curtain.
- Blinds.
- [CORY] Jennifer's gonna freak out.
- Can't wait.
I think she is.
- [BOBBY] I can't wait.
It's incredible.
It literally does not look like the same house at all.
- So, can you hang out in here more? - Hell, yeah.
[ANTONI] Also gonna show you how to create an appetizer for your wife that'll make her happy.
And introduce some clean, fresh cooking into every day.
- [CORY] The fruit smells amazing.
- [ANTONI] It does.
I'm gonna show you how to supreme.
You have the little nipple and that end.
We're gonna cut both off till you get the white off.
Same thing on the other side.
Then take your knife and away from you, you basically slice down, like that.
We wanna get perfect sections out.
So, you slice down on one end and you can go down like this.
You get a beautiful wedge that comes out.
You don't have to go fast when you're doing it.
First time, I won't go that fast.
You'll butcher a few grapefruits before you do.
If you squeeze this, we have some juice in it, this is the base for our vinaigrette.
We have our acid.
A nice kick from Dijon mustard, and some olive oil.
Tends to be two parts to one part of acid.
Kosher salt.
It's something we'll coat the salad with.
- Have you ever cut an avocado before? - I have.
Nice, sharp knife.
A twist.
Drizzle this over, like that.
It really doesn't need a lot.
- Those do go together.
- It's time to get down to booze.
- Do you know sangria? - No.
It's a summer cocktail developed in Spain.
We add it to fresh fruit that are macerated, macerated means mixed with sugar, to turn them into like a jam.
So, it's a sweet, really powerful drink in the summer.
I'm putting sugar in here.
Some cognac.
Red wine.
We just dump it right in.
That looks like a sangria to me.
It's over-the-top ridiculous, but how cute is this? That is nice.
I just learn how to drink it.
- Cheers.
- Thank you.
- That's freaking delicious.
- Yeah.
It's boozy.
Watch out.
- Okay, so, basically, you know, grooming.
- Yeah.
I do like the shape of your haircut, but when you get it cut next time, have more texture on the top of your head.
- What does that mean? - I'm gonna show you.
I want your haircut to move a little bit more.
You're just gonna kind of come through, and just remove I want the top of your hair to, like, stand up a smidge.
- So, it's not just Give it something.
- That's what it does.
I want you to have a pomade, which will finish dry.
It'll have a natural soft finish.
The rule when you put on grooming cream is always start in the back and work forward.
Rub it so it's evenly dispersed.
- Start in the back and work your way up.
- Okay.
- Oh, my God.
- [LAUGHING] Look at you.
Right, mate, I wanna show you your closet.
Big changes.
Big changes.
- [CORY] Big, big changes.
- Yeah.
- [CORY] I like what I see.
- You like it? We've kept short-sleeve shirts here.
If you're gonna go out on a date, put on a short-sleeved shirt.
It'll look like you've made an effort, you put on something with buttons.
- Freshen it up a bit.
- It looks more formal.
Get into your look.
Let's get you changed.
You're gonna look fantastic.
Slip this on for me.
You're not afraid of color, a pink shirt.
We're gonna put these on for you.
I want you to make it a bit more formal, so I'm gonna put on a blazer.
- I feel sexy.
- You look fantastic.
- Ready to show the boys? - Let's do it.
Hello? [ALL SHOUTING] [BOBBY] I love this.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
[KARAMO] You look good.
[JONATHAN] Oh, my God, look at this natural pose he's hitting.
- Is that linen? - Shirt and jacket's linen.
- Amazing.
- Nice and cool.
So, if I can take this off.
If he were to roll up the sleeves, he's good to go.
- [KARAMO] Are you a size 12? - [CORY] Thirteen.
- Good.
I'll borrow those shoes.
- Comfortable.
- I might be able to moonwalk in them.
- Go on.
- [TAN] There you go.
- It's time to say goodbye.
- So soon? I know.
So soon.
Time is up with you.
We've taught you all we can.
It's all up to you.
When you're getting dressed, make sure that you're keeping your accessories tight, balance your colors, remember we're in our 30s, we're sophisticated.
Bear in mind that you're making an effort for Jen.
Make sure that she feels that she's desired and that's in how you dress.
[CORY] Definitely will.
I wanted to make a space for you that you felt comfortable in, that represented you as well as Jennifer, - and I want you to keep it clean.
- I will.
My wish for you is every single time you get into your kitchen, at the end of a long day or after spending a weekend, you're a bit less afraid.
My piece for you is, I want you to start your day with time for you.
Remember your pomade.
Never grow your 'stache back [ALL LAUGHING] - and have fun with the girls.
- Got it.
I gotta tell you, Cory.
Um I was the most apprehensive to meet you.
When your buddy pulled us over, I immediately was turned off.
It just put me in a state of like, here goes another asshole white cop.
- [CORY] Yeah.
- I'm gonna have to make over his buddy.
And I didn't want to.
And, um, I respect you, as a father, as a husband.
I respect you so much as a police officer now.
And, um, I really feel like I made a lifelong friend.
[CORY] Riding back from Atlanta, with you, was probably one of the best parts of all of this.
And I really embrace it.
- [JONATHAN] Bro-stars! [ALL LAUGHING] Um [CLEARS THROAT] Y'all are great guys.
- You, too.
- Thank you.
[CORY] And I truly love each one of you.
I appreciate everything you've done for me and my family.
We couldn't be happier with this week.
You've been fantastic.
But we have to go, but you also have to go.
Because I want you to have an amazing experience you'll remember forever.
So, I actually have gotten you four tickets [CORY] Get out of here.
for you, Jennifer, and the kids, to go see a Broadway play tonight.
It's Finding Neverland.
Also, you need to go get suited up.
And you all have an amazing time out on the town tonight.
We gotta go.
- [TAN] Sorry to say goodbye.
- Let me chug this really quick.
[CORY] For the record, you don't have to go.
- [KARAMO] I know.
- I do have a camper we can put you all in.
[ALL LAUGHING] - Well, this is great.
- [BOBBY] All right, man.
All right, put on that suit.
Don't come out until that suit is ready.
- [TAN] See you, Cory.
- [KARAMO] Have a good one.
He's gonna love this.
[KARAMO LAUGHING] - Yo, fellas.
I have a surprise.
- [ANTONI] What's up? [TAN] I don't know if your surprises are good.
[KARAMO] You love my surprises.
Don't play yourself.
- What? - [KARAMO] You wanna know? Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Somebody's coming.
- Hold on.
It's the Dega Dos! - [TAN] What the heck? - What's up, man? - Hey.
- What's up? - Gotta have the cooler.
You guys ready to see Cory? Let's do it.
Cory gave us his outfit.
Y'all can share.
Have these been cleaned? - Will you clip it in? - [HENRY] I will.
It smells just like Cory, too.
- Stop smelling everything.
- I love every bit.
Shall we watch this? Henry, you're between Jonathan and I.
This was the best week we had with Cory.
- Told you you'd like him.
- You did.
- [HENRY] I tend to be the asshole.
- [ALL LAUGHING] - [KARAMO] Here we go.
- [JONATHAN] Cory.
Let's see.
How did Antoni say to cut these? - Have you ever seen Cory cutting fruit? - No.
Unless it was to throw it in an alcoholic drink.
Maybe cut it down the middle, I don't know.
I'm gonna go this way.
[ANTONI] Oh, my God, he's doing the supreme.
He's cutting out just the flesh, without having any of the fibers and the skin.
Look at this boss way he's peeling an avocado.
He knows it, too.
He's smiling about it.
He's smug.
Hopefully, oranges and grapefruits go together.
The liquor now.
No, he's putting the liquor back.
- He's doing it for his daughters.
- A virgin drink.
The fruit and the sugar are gonna macerate and the flavors - Masturbate? - You should do that in your own room.
[CORY] I think I'm doing a pretty swell job.
Look at our chef de cuisine.
He's being so careful.
That's better than what me and Antoni made.
[ALL LAUGHING] [JONATHAN] He's plating the shit out of this.
[KARAMO] Looks like restaurant quality.
Good job.
What's going down? Shave my face.
- There's your razor.
- He's got a razor.
- [JONATHAN] Look at that face.
- [TAN] That's fast.
Oh, my God, but he's busy, okay? He's a modern dad on the go.
He's got places to go, people to see, and he is rolling with it.
- [TAN] This is a custom suit.
- [KARAMO] Have you guys had a custom suit? - No? - This suit is a custom suit.
[TAN] Okay, the pants fit nice.
He tucked in those laces.
It finishes it off nicely.
- Don't have the bow tie? - Sometimes it's not nice.
Hide it away.
- [HENRY] Did you do the wardrobe? - Yeah.
What do you think? Thanks.
He looks good, right? - [IN BRITISH ACCENT] He looks fabulous.
- He looks fabulous.
I would not be mad at him for putting pomade in that hair.
I wouldn't.
Yeah! Rub it up in your hands.
Get it all nice and creamy, place it everywhere.
Get it all up underneath that Yes, Cory! Yes, Cory! Yes! There goes that pocket square.
[BOBBY] Aw, he looks so nice.
- [KARAMO] He looks sharp.
- [TAN] That custom suit fits beautifully.
Look how nice that is.
[JONATHAN] God, he looks so strong.
- This is dabbing.
- So graceful.
So gorgeous.
- Oh, the kids are here.
- The kids.
- Girls are sweet.
- Aren't they? [OLIVIA] We're home! Hello.
Are you sure you're at the house? - [SOBBING] - [CORY CHUCKLES] - My goodness.
- This does not look like our house.
[CORY] Come on in.
[TAN] Oh, Jen.
[CORY] How do you like it? [SOBS] I love it.
- You look so good, too.
- Thank you.
- [JENNIFER] My goodness.
- [CORY] You said the deer head - wasn't gonna look good.
- [JENNIFER] They did it, so it's okay.
[LAUGHING] [KARAMO] Hold on, are we getting tears in here? Aw Oh, my [CORY] So, I made everyone a sangria.
- Oh, yummy.
- Fancy.
[ALLIE] I just want the stick.
I also made this.
This is a grapefruit avocado salad.
Feed her.
[ALL] Aw.
Love is in the details.
Taking a moment for her.
[EDIE SOBBING] I'm so proud of you.
- See the blanket here? - Your dad would be so proud.
[CORY] It says, "Cory, the tradition starts here.
Passed down from your father, now yours to offer your daughters.
Remember, love is in the details.
" Does this look familiar? Yes.
They took all of his shirts that were in my closet.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
These were his Valentine sleeping pants.
- I remember those.
- That was his bathrobe.
- That was the John Deere shirt.
- Yeah.
- I need the towel.
- You got me.
You get one half, I get one half.
Since he passed, something good has happened for you.
I'm gonna cut out, let you enjoy the house.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
- [TAN] She's so cute.
- "I'm gonna cut out.
" [ALL LAUGHING] - Would y'all like to go somewhere tonight? - Sure.
Reach down in that pocket.
Pull them out.
These are four tickets to a Broadway play.
We're gonna go see Finding Neverland.
It's a Peter Pan play.
Mommy, I bought you a dress, and you also have dresses.
- [GASPS] Ooh.
- Oh, my goodness.
[KARAMO] Now is the time for a night out with the family.
I'm seriously gonna try to dress a little nicer when we do go out.
[ALL] Aw.
See my pocket square? They brought out ties.
My test was to pick out a square that'd go with it.
So, I focused on the little bit of yellow in there and matched it up.
You passed with flying colors, Cory.
He remembered all the lessons.
For some reason, I think Karamo and I hit it off really well.
I think that ride from Atlanta to Winder kind of did it.
That ride changed my life and my heart.
- I kind of hated you cops before.
- [LAUGHING] - He warned me.
- It's understandable.
[CORY] I feel amazing.
I feel sexy, confident.
The Fab 5 really opened me up to emotions that I didn't know I had.
And opened me up to things that I thought I would never do.
He looks so handsome.
Hope you have a wonderful time and carry these memories with you forever.
[CORY] We will.
Some opinions people have about Southerners, they can be true.
There are the typical Southern rednecks out there.
But, look, we can be transformed.
[CHUCKLES] [KARAMO] Look at him, proud, walking in.
You look great.
Here's to the new and improved Cory that y'all helped create, but the same awesome man all of us have grown to love.
- To Cory.
- [ALL] To Cory.
- Well said.
- Yeah.
When I met Cory, I was very closed off to him.
I was like, "Cory, me? Not happening.
" Luckily, we were in this environment where I gave him a shot.
I would've missed out on a really amazing guy because of these labels that we've put up on each other that, you know, we really should be breaking down.
- Wally does this.
- Put your mouth on it first.
Now crack it.
And tilt.
- Yeah.
There you go.
- [TAN] There you go.
Drink, drink.
- Get it, get it, get it.
- Chug, chug, chug! [ALL CHEERING] - Yes! - You're gonna feel real good in three, two, one Lips feeling dry and crusty? Try this DIY lip scrub.
Start off with half a cup of coconut oil, two tablespoons of brown sugar, a touch of honey, and any essential oil that tickles your fancy.
I chose grapefruit, because citrus has a touch more of exfoliating power.
Take a little bit.
Do a little scrub, scrub, scrub.
[GRUNTING] [LAUGHING] [WIDELIFE'S "ALL THINGS (JUS KEEP GETTING BETTER)" PLAYING] You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better