Queer Eye (2018) s05e03 Episode Script

Father of the Bride

Don't you worry, it's no hurry 'Cause you know That I'll treat you right [KARAMO.]
What is life without cupcakes? [ANTONI.]
Or just life in general? [KARAMO.]
Can I do that? [ANTONI.]
You wanna ice one? Here, turn this.
- And just keep on going, and it comes out.
Here we go.
I'm cooking, everyone! - [TAN.]
You cook really well.
Oh, my gosh.
I can't wait to introduce you to everyone.
- Hi! - This is Haley! - [KARAMO.]
Our hero's daughter? - [TAN.]
Hi, Haley, I'm Tan.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you! We call him Tanny Bananny for short.
Nice to meet you.
It takes a while, there are five of us.
Come sit down.
- Yeah, yeah.
You have a major day coming up at the end of this week.
I'm getting married on Sunday, and it's to my seventh grade sweetheart.
- Aww! - [ANTONI.]
That's romantic.
What a gorgeous little story.
- Yes! Do you feel centered? Do you feel calm? - Are you poised for your gorgeous wedding? - Oh, yeah.
I think that a lot of people think that a wedding is just for the bride, but, like, I really want it to be about my dad, too.
Aww! - [ANTONI.]
Well, let's learn about him.
- Let's do it.
Come on, my love.
Oh, my gosh, wait! - Oh, it's lovely.
- [HALEY.]
- He did a really good job.
- Yeah, it's beautiful.
- [HALEY.]
That's my dad.
Oh! - Love hotdogs with Dad! - Phillies game.
All of the games I go to, I go with my dad.
We go to Phillies, Eagles.
- [TAN.]
Always been close with your dad? - [HALEY.]
When my parents got divorced, I chose to live with my dad 'cause I didn't really wanna leave home, and we got really close.
Pretend you're smashing cake in his face for your wedding.
I just don't want you to shove it in my mouth.
Haley and I are very, very close.
She's daddy's little girl.
She's getting married at the end of the week, which means she's moving out.
I am looking forward to it and sort of not looking forward to it.
- I love you.
- [HALEY.]
You too.
- He's gonna struggle when you move out.
- Yeah.
My dad's world kinda revolves around me.
I'm nervous to leave him alone.
I think he'll be lonely.
He neglects his appearance.
He just kind of dresses in a funny way, because he kind of takes on that, like, funny big guy persona.
Got it.
- [HALEY.]
That's Mom.
She's cute.
When did your parents get divorced? Six years ago now.
And they were struggling a lot before that.
The weird part about it, though, is that my mom and dad, - they're best friends.
- That's cute.
Even after the divorce? - Yes.
- What's up, friend? - [KEVIN.]
What's up? - [MAN.]
Nice outfit! - [LAUGHS.]
My dad has no problem being a third wheel with my mom and her boyfriend.
I'm looking forward to seeing you somewhat dressed up.
- It's just a shirt and shorts.
- You won't notice.
- It looks really good.
I think the relationship with my mom and dad is borderline not healthy.
I love you.
Since my divorce, I just never had the gumption, I guess is a way of phrasing it, to get back out there.
He thinks that he's ugly, fat Not someone that anyone would wanna be with.
And that's not true.
Tell us exactly what we're here to do.
I want him to just be really, really confident.
He needs to understand that he's worthy of love.
- You want to know that your dad is safe.
- Yeah.
Can take care of himself.
- He needs to be showing up for himself.
- Yeah.
- Now it's his time.
On your wedding week! - [HALEY.]
- All eyes are gonna be on him as well, - Yeah.
and so I want him to walk in there like he owns the place.
- Gotta have that self-love, queen, yes.
- [HALEY.]
Let's go meet him! Awesome, yeah.
Don't worry, we'll take care of him.
- You'll see him at your wedding.
Bye, honey.
- Better - All things just keep getting better Look at this cute little Philadelphia neighborhood.
I love these homes! - Are we here? - [TAN.]
I think it's this one.
Let's go! - Hi, friend! [LAUGHS.]
- [KEVIN.]
- Oh, my God! - How are you? Hi! [KEVIN.]
Come on.
You must be Maureen.
I heard you met my daughter.
I have to be honest.
I was not expecting your ex-wife and her boyfriend to be here.
- [KEVIN.]
We're great friends.
We're working on wedding stuff? - [KEVIN.]
It's a big, surreal week.
Your little baby girl, she's getting married.
- I know.
Don't make him cry.
I don't want to cry yet.
If you look into my eyes, you'll see that they're getting ready to well up.
Instead of me focusing on his beautiful eyes and his nice spirit, I was just distracted by the shape of his little baby beardy beard.
It just fanned out like those little baby dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.
- Can we see the rest of the house? - Yes.
- [KEVIN.]
This is my lovely dining room.
- I appreciate black Jesus.
Just for you.
I gotta tell you.
Black Jesus on the wall.
Amen! - Just for you.
- Thank you, I appreciate it.
I love a good Nativity scene out year round.
Whoa! Time machine kitchen! [JONATHAN.]
Bobby, don't do this kitchen, it's so vintage and cool! - [BOBBY.]
It's spacious.
I've always loved that yellow.
This kitchen looks more like a set from Sesame Street than a real kitchen.
I don't like the yellow.
- He didn't have much say for it.
- Oh.
Blue was a choice.
I'm outta here.
- [TAN.]
We're gonna take great care of him.
- Bye! - [MAUREEN.]
Bye, guys.
Is that you? - [KEVIN.]
That is when I was my heaviest.
I was 353 pounds.
- I'm down to 268 now.
- Congratulations.
I don't like that Kevin.
Growing up, I've always been - the heavy kid, you know? And I grew, - Mm-hmm.
and I didn't like that person.
You can still honor the progress you've made, where you came from and who you were back then.
Show us your house.
- [TAN.]
Oh, yummers! - [ANTONI.]
They're ice cream things.
Why would the ice cream sandwiches be in the living room and not in the kitchen? Kevin, is the refrigerator in the kitchen too far, - you've gotta have one here? - Well I don't wanna move when I get home from work.
I feel like you're holding out on us.
There's more of the house to see.
Come on.
We would love to see upstairs.
Christmas ornaments.
Yes! Oh, my God.
Heaven help us with this bathroom and this kooky baby Eric Trump gel.
Do love a micellar water.
I've seen better.
I've seen worse.
- [KEVIN.]
This is where it all happens.
- [BOBBY.]
Oh, there's great lighting.
All the magic happens in here? My beauty sleep is what I get.
Who is this little guy? He looks very matted.
Is that your bed buddy? - [KEVIN.]
My hug pillow.
- That breaks my heart a little bit.
- Why? I have one, too, and I'm single.
And I have four cats! Kevin, I bet you this looks great on you.
- Sometimes it does.
- Why is there a lady's top in here? Because this is Maureen's stuff that she hasn't taken out of here yet.
I'm just waiting for her to come and take it one day.
- Five years you've been divorced, right? - Four years, yeah.
Why didn't she take it today? Because she has no place to put it and she's not sure if she's ever gonna wear any of it again.
Then get rid of it.
This is your house.
I know, I want get rid of it, but I have to make sure it's okay with her - if I get rid of her stuff.
- No.
It's your house.
There are so many things wrong with Maureen's clothes still being in this house years later.
I've been asking her for a while to come and get it.
Everything in these two closets are basically all of her stuff.
My stuff is hanging up in the basement.
Hold up.
I was wondering where your hanging stuff was.
You are choosing voluntarily to go down two flights of stairs to get your clothes from a basement when you could put them in your wardrobe, which is a couple of feet away from your bed.
Is there any fear of ruffling feathers or anything? Always have a fear of ruffling feathers.
I am not one for conflict.
Are you a people pleaser? - I try.
It's hard to let go.
It's easier not to have her get rid of her stuff.
Let's just do this.
Come take it out.
There you go.
Yeah, Kevin! - There you go.
- Okay.
That feels like 30 lbs.
We're making space for new things And we're making space for our future.
There you go.
This is good.
- There we go.
- Gorg.
That actually felt good.
Good! You must be relieved! Can I go weigh myself? I feel five pounds lighter.
Good! - Let's go look at your bathroom.
- Okie-dokie.
This is where you get ready.
- [KEVIN.]
- So, is this your gel? Yes.
Love to keep my hair slicked back.
So that's what I love to use all the time.
I noticed.
If a brick fell from the sky, I do believe that you would survive it because it would bounce off the gel in your hair, but I love that about you, 'cause safety first.
Why are there two recliners? - [BOBBY.]
I don't know.
Oh, my gosh.
Look at the state of that.
Oh, that's not good.
This is bad.
When it comes to looking in the mirror and liking what you see, where does that land for you? [KEVIN.]
When I look in the mirror, I just see a strange person because I have lost teeth.
I'm afraid of what they're thinking when they see me smile, and they see that teeth are missing, and they're like, "What's up with him?" You know? And I think that takes away from meeting other people.
But even you as you are right here, right now, are completely lovable and completely acceptable.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I wanna, like, kind of uncover what's going on beneath that beard.
I want a dry, soft touch, where you can run your fingers through your hair and maybe even someday Have a woman do that to me? - Yes.
- I would love that, too.
Somebody else will run their fingers through your hair.
- I wanna look at your closet, though.
Go! Frolic! I'll be in here.
This actually reminds me of a pair of underwear I have.
They're one of my favorites.
I bet it does, you nasty freak.
Be careful, it's kind of narrow.
Basements usually worry me a little bit, but okay.
- Oh, my.
- [KEVIN.]
That's my closet.
- [TAN.]
This is it? - This is it, yes.
Oh, my gosh.
It's not actually a closet.
It's not even a clothing rack.
It's a pipe! Oh, my.
- This is what I wear to work.
- What are you doing for work? I'm a mortgage closer.
And where I'm working, we can dress business casual or casual.
But this isn't business casual or casual.
This is activewear.
I know, but I can get away with it, though.
I don't want you to just get away with something.
I want you to feel good in what you wear.
I'm gonna shock you with what I'm wearing for the wedding.
- I wanna see it, please.
- Okay.
Me and two of my brothers are gonna be wearing that for the wedding.
Did you choose this, or did Haley choose this? I chose it, because whenever we do anything as a family - Yeah? - Break out the kilt for it.
I think the kilt's beautiful.
What are you wearing on top? Is it a jacket or something? I have this jacket that I'm gonna wear.
The only time I usually wear this is in the wintertime, - to funerals and stuff like that.
- Okay.
Kev! [LAUGHS.]
I know.
It's way too big.
I could fit in there with you.
You're drowning in it, and - Come on in! Bring it in.
- It's a bit warm for that.
There's this common misconception, when someone loses a bunch of weight, that if they wear super baggy clothes, that shows how much weight they've lost.
You did all the work of losing the weight and then this puts it all back on.
How do you want to feel on the wedding? - It's an important day for you, too.
- [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
Basically more confident, that I can hold my head up high, - and smiling.
- Yeah.
And try not to cry walking her down the aisle.
It's the kitchen.
It's the living room.
It's the recliner room.
That's what [LAUGHS.]
I have not decorated anything in this house, except for my recliners.
- Maureen basically did everything else.
- Okay.
What are you doing with your horsey? Can I ride with you? Yeah, you can.
Grow up! You're gonna break his Christmas stuff.
How would you like this home to function now for you? Because this is your home now.
It's not Maureen's.
It's not Haley's.
How is it gonna work for Kevin? I would like to brighten up this area, 'cause, like, it's just dreary and depressing.
On the weekends, do you wanna have Haley and her husband over to cook and, like, have dinner? If they're gonna cook for me, hey, no problem.
I would love that.
I'm cooking for myself all week.
What do you cook for yourself whenever you're here solo? My goto is something in the crockpot.
Chicken and broccoli.
- So, you enjoy cooking? - Yes, I do.
Now I have to learn how to just cook for one.
Doing that with myself is probably one of the hardest things.
'Cause cooking's how I connect with other people.
I wanna cook for whoever.
You wanna share it with somebody.
At the end of the week, you're gonna be hosting the rehearsal dinner - in your own backyard.
- Yes.
- How many people? - Forty people.
My brother's making homemade seven cheese macaroni and cheese.
- That's intense, yeah.
- I'm in charge of everything else.
I have no idea what I'm gonna make, but I will figure it out.
- I'm gonna help you with that challenge.
At the end of this week, your daughter's getting married.
Are you ready for the first dance? No.
- The father-daughter dance? - [KEVIN.]
- I don't know how to dance.
- Okay.
But Haley, when she was in fifth grade, she was in a ballroom competition, so instead of her leading me, I had to learn to lead her.
That's sweet.
That's really cute.
It is.
Think about that excitement, - with all the other feelings going on.
- [ALL.]
Yes! So, this is your daughter's wedding.
We are feeling good.
We are feeling happy.
Yeah! Oh - Yeah? - Yes.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Because we are kicking this wedding week off right.
Yeah! I'm not giving up, I'm not giving up Ever since Kevin's divorce, he's been stuck in limbo.
He has not moved on in any way.
He's still clearly dressing for the body that he used to have.
I need him to start to focus on his future life.
He really just struggles with self-confidence, so I wanted Kevin to realize there's a stronger look that could give him more confidence to reveal the beautiful man he is.
He's done nothing but people-please.
From his ex-wife to Haley, he's never done anything to make that home for him, so this week, I wanna make this home all about Kevin.
I'm not giving up [KARAMO.]
Kevin is afraid to let go because he's scared of losing his daughter, but what he needs to realize is that just because something changes doesn't mean it's gone.
Making something special for someone is such a beautiful act of love.
I want him to surprise Haley with the perfect meal for the rehearsal dinner.
Welcome to our loft.
Here you are, my dear.
- Cheers to you.
- Cheers.
And Haley.
And to Haley.
Speaking of Haley, she's wonderful.
I know she's wonderful.
It's just everything coming up is just a lot to process.
And I'm still processing.
- Well, we want to help you get there.
- Who can lift this up? [LAUGHING.]
- Sorry.
- No, here's the thing.
Your self-deprecating humor I don't love.
That isn't nice.
That's not a nice feeling for you.
I wanna laugh with you, but I don't laugh at your weight.
I do that just to, I guess, make light for myself.
I know you do.
I don't want you to feel that way anymore.
You're lovely.
You've got a lovely personality.
You are clearly a frickin' wonderful dad.
Your daughter's great.
You've raised her well.
She's getting married.
Now, sir, it's your turn.
Kevin wants to start afresh, but he's not gonna be able to do that unless he starts to show himself more respect, and that means no more self-deprecation and actually dress for the life that he wants to have.
So, J.
Hilburn has sent you a bunch of stuff.
Oh, wow.
Great shirting, some suiting, some more casual pieces and appropriate trousers and shoes.
So, your glasses, these dark frames are hiding your eyes.
I wanted to get you a lighter frame to show off your eyes, so just try them on, let's see.
These are a little more fresh.
I really do like them.
Once you've got the rest of your look on, you'll really feel it.
I'm positive.
- I'm ready.
- Okay, great.
Kev, come on out, I want you to see this.
Okay, stand here for me.
We have a mirror for you.
Oh, wow.
I clean up good.
You sure do.
This blazer is close to fitting you perfectly.
It actually highlights just how much weight you've lost.
Before, I would never have known it with how massive that blazer was that you had.
This blazer just needs a couple of tweaks, and it's done.
I don't think Kevin's felt this way in a very long time.
If I saw you out at a restaurant or a bar with your friends, I'd be thinking, "I wonder if he's single.
He looks wonderful.
" [KEVIN.]
And would you come over and ask me out? I know I'd be let down, but if I was an older lady, looking for a man, I'm sure I would.
- [WOMAN.]
- [TAN.]
Hi, Stephanie, how are you? Come on up for me, my love.
Stephanie's from J.
Hilburn, the company that has made this product for you.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
You guys have a very special surprise for him, which is a suit for the rehearsal dinner for your daughter's wedding.
Oh, my goodness.
That is beautiful.
There's a lot of pressure on Kevin this week.
This is his daughter's wedding.
I want him to feel on top of the world.
- Kevin, you ready? - Yes, I'm ready.
Do you wanna come out for us? Okay, my dear.
It's good, right? I feel like I'm gonna knock women dead with this.
- Good.
- You are.
Let's start with the shoulder.
So, your shoulder seam should actually be on your shoulder.
On the shoulder.
If it starts to pass your shoulder, it's too big.
We're gonna just clip it for now.
Your sleeve should hit the palm of your hand, and then this should be a third of an inch shorter than that.
I always thought that the sleeve had to cover over the shirt.
A little bit of cuff to show.
- [KEVIN.]
I never knew that.
It looks more refined, and it looks custom.
I feel confident with what I'm wearing, which is rare for me to have that.
Hi, K.
You look gorgeous.
What about our friend Kev? Oh, my gosh, Kevin! You can't get any more handsome.
- How do you feel? - Hot.
- Yeah.
- Go get changed, my love.
Thank you, thank you so much.
How was that? That suit, it looked really good on you.
That's a whole new Kevin that's coming out.
Yes! I think I think it's gonna be a great day.
This is a joyous moment.
- Your daughter is getting married.
- I know.
But it's gonna be very hard for me to give her away.
And now, I have to actually get used to now being alone.
Do you know why you're afraid to be alone? When the divorce became finalized, I thought I could move on, but I've had a hard time moving on.
And Haley and I have got very, very close, and she is actually my rock right now.
I wouldn't be who I am without her.
I want you to understand something.
You're not alone.
Think about when the divorce happened, your relationship evolved into something new.
That's the same thing with your daughter.
- Do you see the parallel? - Yeah, I do.
I want you to think about this.
Your relationships are evolving, but you have to grow with them.
You have to be open to all these new, amazing chapters in your life that you weren't even expecting.
- Hey! So I invited them here - Hi! because you're nervous about that first dance.
Oh, yeah, that thing! Yeah.
And there's somebody else here who you're gonna practice with.
Ta-da! Hey, Dad! Hey, what's up? [LAUGHS.]
Hi, baby.
The father-daughter dance is really important to him.
This is our dance instructor.
- Shana.
- I'm Kevin.
So, I want to give him some skills so that he feels confident in doing this dance with his daughter.
We're gonna put father-daughter together.
- You guys can do it too if you want.
- Thank you! [SHANA.]
You have to choose who's gonna lead and follow.
You can lead.
You can lead.
- [TAN.]
No, you lead.
Pay attention! [SHANA.]
Now we are gonna start with a box step.
You can use it in many dances, but it is the basic of your rumba.
Dad, you start with your left foot.
So step and side together.
Oh! Feet together for me.
- No, don't make that noise! Focus! - [LAUGHING.]
- Sorry.
- [SHANA.]
Now back on your right.
There you go.
And side and together.
Do you see how it's the foot on the outside of the box that's moving? - Very good.
- [HALEY.]
Good job, Dad.
Wow, wow, wow! - [SHANA.]
Now, let's take dance position.
So, our rhythm is slow, quick, quick.
Slow Like this, watch me.
Slow, quick, quick.
- Slow - Oh! Keep forgetting that last part.
I did it wrong.
You're fine.
Ready, step forward on the left foot.
And this goes slow, quick, quick.
Slow [BOBBY.]
Boop, beep.
Boop, beep.
No, Bobbers, that's a triangle that you're doing! How do I let her know which way I'm going? [SHANA.]
You can go whatever direction you want, as long as you use foot that's next.
And be clear about your direction.
- Put your hips into it, Bobby.
- Oh! [SHANA.]
We go slow, quick, quick and slow, shoulder-width sidesteps for me, so it's comfortable.
And back on your right oh! Start over.
And side together.
And back together.
You guys, very nice.
Pretty good, yeah? [ANTONI.]
Let's try some other moves.
Yes! And then I just fall and you drag.
Yes! - [LAUGHING.]
You're having fun with the box steps, which are really important.
On Sunday, even if you mess up, it doesn't matter because what is it about? - The connection between you two.
- Yeah, 'cause it's fun! [KARAMO.]
Oh! - Good job! - [LAUGHING.]
Good job! Are you ready? Ready to go? Are you ready? Ready to go? Are you ready? Are you ready? You can make it Are you ready? Let's go! Whoa! I'm gonna pop on that couch right there and go to sleep.
I wanted to bring you in here because I feel like this kind of fits for your lifestyle.
- Like, it's still stylish, but comfortable - Yes.
and livable.
I can tell you, I am not a stylish person.
I never really worried about what I like.
His opinions have always just been based on what made everybody else around him happy.
I wanna know what his opinions are, to make him happy.
- So, in your living room - Yes.
that big, massive sectional becomes that one big piece, just taking up everything.
Yeah, and you're not able to add a little bit more personality, so you're not able to add a nice armchair.
Take a seat.
I need something a little bit higher, - because I have long legs.
- Yeah.
Your knees are up by your chest right now! Come on, Goldilocks, let's go find a better one.
I was thinking something like this, which is also a recliner.
You probably like them.
Yes, because I get to keep my legs up off the ground.
- Ooh.
- Yeah? - Oh, yeah.
I think we found it.
In your kitchen right now, you've got that table all pressed up into the corner.
Yes, it's too big.
In a smaller space, you need a round one.
- A round one utilizes all sides.
- All sides.
I was thinking about doing something like this banquette.
It would pop.
Let's keep looking.
- What about this one? - [KEVIN.]
I like that print.
- We've got every shade of it right here.
- Yes, we do.
It's really cute to see Kevin absorbing all this information like a sponge.
Ooh, I like that.
- It's soft, and it's got texture.
- Yep.
I can tell he's really enjoying having an opinion and realizing he has good ones.
I like that color.
- [BOBBY.]
The gray? - That would look nice.
You said you had no design style.
I'm getting into that gray area.
It all starts right here Nothing to fear [ANTONI.]
Do you know this place? - Fiore.
- I've walked past it a few times.
It is awesome.
- But I've never actually been in.
Thank you.
Kevin needs to plan the perfect rehearsal dinner.
I want him to be able to show up for his daughter, entertain and really have a good time because this day is really important for him as well.
- I did a little intel.
- Uh-oh.
- So, you know who Tierra is? Yes, I know who Tierra is.
I called Tierra, Haley's best friend.
Apparently, Haley is low-key bougie.
And she's been trying out some new things differently.
You're gonna surprise her with one of her new favorite things.
- Okay.
- Are you familiar with beef short ribs? - [KEVIN.]
Not really, no.
- Really? So, this is new? - Yes.
- Okay.
This is sort of a slow-cooked dish that we can make ahead of time, and it's something that's just gonna stay warm with a crockpot.
And it is gonna go so well with your brother's mac 'n' cheese.
This is basically her day, and I want to make it for her.
Yes! Yes, he's doing this for Haley, but he's also really doing it for himself because food can really help him connect with other people.
And, like, it makes for a much less lonely life.
The base for our braised short rib is gonna have the holy trinity of onions, carrot and celery.
We wanna have nice, thin, little strips.
And you're gonna cut down like this, so we have little cubes.
- Exactly.
- And I'm not crying.
- Go figure.
- There you go.
You have very good instincts.
You're holding your fingers exactly where you should be.
- Do you ever cook with vegetables? - Sometimes.
You know, like, not too often.
I think it's a nice little moment with yourself, just to do something that's kind of for you.
You're gonna have a little more of that with Haley being out of the house.
Yes, I will.
How are you feeling about all that? It's like I'm leading her into her next chapter of her life.
She's gonna go one way in her chapter, and I'm gonna go another way in my chapter.
So, we're gonna let this heat up.
Now, we have to flavor our beef short rib.
Salt is gonna really helped tenderize it and bring out all of that flavor.
- [KEVIN.]
So, it will fall off the bone.
- Exactly.
Pan is plenty hot now, so be careful when you put it in.
It smells good.
Beef and salt and fat, there are worse things to smell, right? - See that nice crust? - That looks good.
That's how we want every one to look.
That's exactly how we want every side to be.
We have beautiful fat here.
- Now we're ready for our vegetables.
- Okay.
This is tomato paste.
This is gonna add a nice acidity and a nice base for it.
Now we have some liquids that we're gonna be adding.
Red wine.
- Cola.
- Really? So, that's gonna be our caramel portion.
- You wanna smell this? - [SNIFFS.]
- It smells like coffee.
- It's espresso.
- Oh.
- That's gonna add nice bitterness to it.
I'm actually just gonna add a little bit of canned chipotles and adobo.
These are very spicy.
Now our short ribs in here like so.
- [KEVIN.]
All of them? - All of them.
Let's use four.
Oh, put all six in.
- All six? - All six.
You know what? This is your dish.
- Go big or go home! - Go big or go home.
I'm gonna put this in the oven.
Set on 350 for about two, two and a half hours.
- That's why the crockpot comes in handy.
- Okay.
It's gonna sit there and all the flavors are gonna melt together into this beautiful braised short rib.
That's awesome.
My hope for Kevin is that he doesn't linger too much on missing his daughter, but instead, gets excited about what his life can evolve and turn into.
Now we get to enjoy our creation.
- Okay.
- That looks delicious.
- How's that? - Oh, my God.
These taste unbelievable.
I think Haley's gonna be really impressed.
I'm actually looking forward to being able to - make this for somebody someday.
- Aww.
I eventually will.
- That's my goal.
- Right.
Hey hey! Yeah I can tell that Kevin is a little worried about being in an empty nest, being a bachelor, his daughter being gone.
I really want to make sure that I design this home for Kevin's new chapter so that he realizes this is actually an exciting time in his life.
- Is she working? - [MAN.]
Well, let's try.
Let's see.
Wow! Isn't this cute? I love this part of town.
Come on in.
- Okay.
- She's very bustling.
I like your shoes.
- Thank you! Take a seat.
So, is this the typical shape that you wear your hair as, kind of out of your face and you do your little gel approach? Yes.
I usually keep it really short.
Don't have to worry about doing anything to it.
Kevin is in a monogamous relationship with hard, firmest hold gel.
That is a monogamous relationship that I can just not get behind.
I think that the slick back is a little severe.
It's definitely a trick you can pull out of your pocket, but we wanna have, like, more than one way of wearing our hair.
I want to do something that's a little bit more classic.
And then for your beard, I wonder what you'd look like with a short little stubble.
I don't know.
It'll still be white.
Yeah, but that's hot.
I love that story.
We're doing it.
- Go for it.
- "I want you to reveal my face.
" - [LAUGHS.]
I love the color of this hair.
I think it's so handsome.
But I look like I'm Are you into, like, ladies who are, like, 59? 'Cause my mom's single, and she's really cute.
She's got curves and swerves.
She's gorgeous.
Do you wanna be my stepdad? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, my God! I want Kevin to date my mom! I feel like you are my clay, and I am Michelangelo.
- [KEVIN.]
That's a lot.
- Whoo.
Come conmigo, amigo.
We're doing stimulating shampoo and conditioner on you, which is really good for people that use heavy gel, 'cause it'll help clarify any build-up.
- Okay.
- Don't look in the mirror.
If you could envisage yourself a year from now, what would your hope for yourself be? Hopefully be ten pounds lighter.
And hopefully being with somebody that I care about and love.
I think that could very well happen.
But, like, here's the thing.
You've been spending all this time with your ex.
You don't need to co-parent anymore because guess what.
- [KEVIN.]
She's an adult.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
You're gonna have to get out and meet people.
Make that a priority, because you will have the time now.
- [KEVIN.]
I'd like to.
- That would be kind of an amazing new life for Kevin.
Yeah, for sure.
For your hair, I love mousse 'cause mousse will give your hair a little bit of direction, just a little bit of texture.
- You look really handsome, honey! - [LAUGHS.]
I'm glad to see I haven't lost my touch.
Are you ready to see the new, gorgeous, little baby Kevin? - Sure.
- The new you.
Oh, my God.
I didn't even Where Oh, my gosh.
Who is that guy in the mirror? I love it.
- Right? - Yes.
I actually like the stubble beard.
It's It's a little bit edgy and sexy with the hair.
Santa Claus has gone away! [LAUGHS.]
Good morning, gorgeous Kevin! - [KEVIN.]
Good morning.
- Welcome to this stunning dental facility.
After you, monsieur.
Hi, guys.
- Look at this handsome man.
- [MAN.]
So handsome.
- Can you even handle? - It's a big week.
I can't handle.
Kevin has smile issues, and it really affects his confidence.
But now, we want Kevin to see himself as a proud-ass, gorgeous person.
All right! It's an exciting moment.
So, is this essentially like an adult flipper? [BEN.]
It's a partial denture.
A partial dench.
Not a Judy Dench, a partial dench.
Yes! There's the jokes.
- [KEVIN.]
Oh, my God, I can't wait to see.
Here we go.
Yes, Dr.
Ben, we are coming in.
Holy [BLEEPS.]
that looks amazing.
We are giving full smile realness here.
- [BEN.]
Now the bottoms.
Bite together.
- Kevin! - [KEVIN.]
They feel awesome.
- They really do.
- It's a whole new you.
So, come on in and say hello.
Oh, my gosh Oh, my gosh.
It's my smile.
It's back.
I love it.
I love it.
I love it.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- I'm so happy for you, Kevin.
- [KEVIN.]
Thank you.
- Absolutely.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I can actually smile when I'm happy.
Look at this gorgeous, glowing father of the bride.
- I can't wait till your daughter sees.
- Right? Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah, I finally found A reason to believe A reason to believe I found a reason to stand To know that I can A reason to believe [JONATHAN.]
Oh, my gosh, are you excited? - I am so nervous.
- Oh.
They're here! They're here! - [LAUGHING.]
Look at you, you handsome man! [BOBBY.]
Cover your eyes.
Don't know where I'm going.
Close them.
Look at this smile, how handsome he is.
You did good, Jonny! - [KEVIN.]
Just don't knock me over, please.
I wouldn't.
This house might knock you over.
- Probably will.
- 'Cause look! [GASPS.]
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- Is this my house? - [KARAMO.]
This is your house.
I'm sorry.
For once, I'm at a loss for words.
Oh, my God, your teeth! They look so good! Oh, my God.
Your smile! Okay, now we can see the house.
Look at this house.
- [BOBBY.]
Notice how bright and light? - Yes.
Feels way bigger.
Yeah, a lot bigger than it was.
And look how cute reclining chairs can be! This is the chair you picked out.
- I love it.
- Nice.
And since I used so many light colors in here, I was able to do a dark color in the dining room to define that area and make it feel more intimate.
Ooh, wow.
Oh, my gosh.
It's just amazing.
Oh, my gosh.
This is not my kitchen.
All new cabinets, all new countertops.
I can actually see what's in my cabinet without having to look for it.
A breakfast nook! Can you imagine? [BOBBY.]
You love a good nook.
Check this out.
You know how we were touching our hands with the beef and you have to wash your hands when you're touching raw meat? Well, now you can just press for the water to turn on.
You can even hit your elbow with it - if you're filling something up.
- Oh, awesome.
It's very good for cleanliness and making sure you don't get bacteria or germs where you don't want them.
Alexa, ask Delta faucet to dispense one cup of water.
- And then it turns on.
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh, I was so thirsty.
Thank you.
Oh, my gosh.
Show us more, Bobby! - I don't know if I can take much more! - Oh, you can.
New carpet all the way up.
Oh, my gosh.
I love it.
I would never expect my bed to be there.
- This is the perfect little nook for the bed.
- Yeah.
Now you have easy access to your closet.
Maureen, if you're in there, you better come out! If you're up in there, you better get out! - [LAUGHING.]
- We changed the locks.
We're gonna try on clothes.
- You go do your thing.
- All right.
I wanna talk about the wedding looks.
- This is what you should be wearing with a kilt.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, no, you didn't.
We did.
You'll wear a white shirt with that.
We've gotten you a bow tie as well.
- It's gonna look a lot more sophisticated.
- I love this.
Now I'd like you to try some things on so the boys can see how wonderful you look in your new wardrobe.
- Kevin Abernathy.
- Yes, sir.
Will you join me, please, my love? [KEVIN.]
I'd love to! - Oh, my gosh.
- Oh! You're a handsome devil! [KARAMO.]
These are different glasses.
- [TAN.]
They're different glasses, yeah.
That's the right pair of denim for you.
- [BOBBY.]
I like that color.
- [TAN.]
They're nice, right? How do you feel in it? - Comfortable.
- [TAN.]
And may I say, sexy.
- [ALL.]
Yes! - [TAN.]
You may.
Do you know what a DILF is? Well, I know what a MILF is.
I guess it's a dude I'd love to - [JONATHAN.]
- have fun with.
A dad.
Oh, a dad, okay.
You're looking real dilfy.
Coming from you guys, I take that as very much of a compliment.
Yeah! Take your jacket off for now and come sit with us.
Yes, confidence! - Come on in.
- [TAN.]
Yeah, come join us.
You all have made me feel like a brand-new Kevin.
I was really scared when the week started, and I was kind of fearful of, like fearful of change.
But I'm gonna start my next chapter.
of being better to myself, through myself.
- Mm-hmm.
- And this way, if I'm better for myself, I can be better for someone else.
Where you're evolving to is a beautiful place, and that's the place you always need to look towards.
- [KEVIN.]
I will take that with me.
- [TAN.]
And I thank you very much for that, I really do.
I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you.
I thank you so much.
We love you.
You have a gorgeous wedding to get excited for.
It's the rehearsal dinner tonight.
You better go get ready.
- [BOBBY.]
You ready for it? - [KEVIN.]
I gotta start cooking.
I won't stop Till the story's done I want Kevin to stop fearing change.
Oh, yeah.
And start having faith in himself.
Oh, my gosh.
And to realize that it's okay for his relationships to evolve.
- Damn good! [LAUGHS.]
- Bye, Kevin.
Don't make any scary faces during the dance.
- Bye, honey! Love you.
Ooh, you know I got it Yeah, you know I got it now No one to stop it Catch me on the dance floor I came to rock it Light, light, light it up Shoot like a rocket All in the name of fun - [KARAMO.]
Ready? - [JONATHAN.]
- [TAN.]
Ooh! - We're ready for the wedding.
- [TAN.]
Shall we go watch this? - [ANTONI.]
Yeah, let's watch.
I wanna see Kevin.
Come on, Walter, come lay down.
Good boy.
- What? Holy frick! - Hey, baby.
Oh, my gosh! That is genuine shock.
Holy mack what in the - Mm! - [LAUGHING.]
- I'm too young to have you now, aren't I? - You look so [KEVIN.]
And look.
Kevin! - Got my name in it.
This is mine! Wow, Dad.
This is amazing.
- [ALL.]
Aww! - Haley! Look how shocked she is.
What?! Dad, that's it! - [KEVIN LAUGHS.]
- Can I move back in? No, no, it's Kevin's home.
- [KEVIN.]
And this is what we're having tonight.
- [HALEY.]
It's braised short ribs that I made for you.
- [HALEY.]
Dude! - That looks delicious.
Dad, your hair looks so good.
And these glasses, they look really good.
Wait! Oh, my gosh.
- Wow.
- Oh! [HALEY.]
How do you feel? - Amazing.
- Yeah.
And I'm amazing because of you.
I'm ready to hand you off, and I am so looking forward to dancing with you tomorrow.
Me too.
- I'm really proud of you.
- I love you so much.
Thanks for doing this.
Aww! - He's such a loving dad.
- Oh, my God! - [DAN.]
There he is.
Oh, my - [DAN.]
The man of the hour.
Oh, my God, you look oh, my God.
Holy mackerel! - You look beautiful.
- [DAN.]
Wow! Your glasses! You got the teeth done, too! I know that it's a unique situation, but I love that she's super supportive of him.
Oh, my God.
- [KEVIN.]
It's all mine.
So, you got all my stuff in boxes? - [KEVIN.]
It's all packed away and ready for you to come get it.
Hopefully soon.
I care about you.
I just need to move on to the next chapter of my life.
- You'll be my best friend still, right? - Yes, I'm still gonna be your best friend.
Still gonna be your best friend.
You can still maintain some sort of relationship, but it needed to evolve.
This is actually the rehearsal dinner.
I love a cute outdoor party.
Are you ready to be my son-in-law? - I am, man.
More than anything.
- Ready to be a part of this family? [CROWD CHEERING.]
Wow! I just wanna say I just feel amazed by all of it and everything, and I thank you, Haley, for making this happen this week for me.
And it's Let's just have some fun today, guys, and have a good time for today and tomorrow.
- It's gonna be great.
I love to see how happy everyone is for him.
I'm very excited about every single thing.
- Oh, this stuff looks so good.
Yum, yum, yum, yum! Look at that meat falling off that bone.
- [MAN.]
Got good flavor, for sure.
- [KEVIN.]
And I made them.
That smells so good.
This meat is so good.
Hey, Dad, thank you so much.
Gonna be a great day tomorrow.
It's gonna be beautiful.
Aww! It's the wedding day! It's traditional.
His family's Scottish.
He's embracing it.
- He looks so handsome! - [ANTONI.]
That's a great bow tie.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hi.
He really looks fantastic, and it really isn't about how you look on the outside.
It's obviously about our energy - and how we feel, but - [TAN.]
It affects how we feel.
You can see how much it makes him carry himself differently, it's gorgeous.
- You look so good.
- I'm at a loss for words.
You are just so beautiful, - and you are amazing.
- Thanks, Dad.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Oh, my gosh.
Haley looks stunning.
She's so pretty.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony.
to be able to play that role of a confident, happy dad at the wedding.
Her mother and I.
Haley so badly just wanted her dad to be able to play that role of a confident, happy dad at the wedding.
He's stepping into it with grace and a positive outlook, and I'm very excited.
Today marks a new start for both of you.
Having Haley get married today, it's amazing.
I am so, so grateful that I could be there for her and make Haley proud of me, because she makes me proud every day.
I have not smiled in years, and now I haven't stopped smiling.
I now pronounce that they are husband and wife.
- You may kiss your bride.
She's starting her next chapter, and I'm starting mine.
I am going to start putting myself out there so I can meet the woman of my dreams.
I don't wanna go backwards.
I wanna go forward.
Let's give a round of applause for Mr.
and Mrs.
And now let's gather for the father-daughter dance.
It's time to try again Sometimes we can be terrified of change within our most important relationships, but change doesn't have to be bad.
What if that big, scary thing we were so afraid of actually brought some joy and some curiosity and adventure into our lives? I'm coming home Home, home 'Cause I'm coming home Home, home [TAN.]
- That was so sweet.
- I say "I do" to all of you.
We do! Hey, friend.
If you wanna start your day off right, turn on your favorite song and dance like nobody's watching.
- Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
Whoo! It all starts right here Nothing to fear, nothing in doubt It all starts right here You know that this Is what it's all about It all starts right here Nothing to fear, nothing in doubt It all starts right here, oh! You know that this Is what it's all about It all starts right here [MAN VOCALIZES.]

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