Queer Eye (2018) s05e06 Episode Script

DJ's on Repeat

All I want is sunshine [VOCALIZING.]
Hey, guys.
This week, we're gonna have our own GTL.
Gym, tan, laundry.
- [YELLS.]
We're going to the Jersey Shore! - [SHOUTING.]
- Better - All things just keep getting better Hey, do you guys want to know who we're helping this week? - Yeah.
- I do.
"His name is Ryan Dyer, aka DJ High Def.
I work as an MC DJ at three of the biggest venues in New Jersey.
That's who I am.
"Ryan is 37 years old, and his hometown is Point Pleasant, New Jersey.
He is a property manager by day and DJ High Def by night.
" Why don't you come take a look at where I do my adulting? This is our lovely assistant Nicole.
She's the first person you see.
This is Joseph.
This is my little brother.
My father started a property management company ten years ago, and I handle a lot of maintenance at a bunch of different properties.
"He's the middle child of a tight-knit Italian-American family.
" The "troubled" one.
"His brothers are married with kids, but Ryan hasn't settled down yet.
" My older brother has three boys, and I am very much the cool uncle.
- Ry-Ry! Say hello to Uncle Ry-Ry, kids.
- Give me kisses.
"He wants to marry and start a family like his brothers, but right now, he's not meeting the right women.
" Here's an idea.
Maybe he's not looking for women.
Maybe he's looking for the right man.
Excuse me, everyone.
Maybe he's looking for the right - person.
- Person.
So, everyone, take your seat.
Let's go.
"He was nominated by his parents Jeff and Susan.
" That's sweet.
Ryan has a really good heart.
But I believe this DJ business is holding him back, and I feel that something is missing in his own life that would give him that happiness and joy.
Come here, princess.
Atta baby girl.
He craves for the love and attention.
He has a little puppy that he loves, but that's not the same as a person.
"A few years back, Ryan purchased a house with the intention of making it his family home.
" So he bought a house before having a family? If you build it, they will come.
Oh, it's kind of like girls buying a wedding dress - before they meet the person.
- Yes.
- What's up, man? - What's going on, bro? [ANTONI.]
"Instead of a wife and kids, he currently has two roommates who also work in the nightlife industry.
So they're like placeholders.
"It feels more like a frat house than a family home.
" Maybe he likes to be, like, a partier.
I believe it hasn't become his family home because he doesn't have time to meet the right person.
I just wish my family was more supportive of my DJ industry career.
Maybe there's things, maybe it's the way he's dressing.
"He's been sporting the same look since he first started DJ-ing at age 21, but he's now 37.
" - Wow.
- He's committed.
I don't think girls are looking for that kind of thing right now.
I could be wrong, but [MAN.]
A piece of sausage? [ANTONI.]
"The Dyer family has pasta dinners once a week at his parents' house, but Ryan never brings anything to the table.
" [RYAN.]
They have everything there.
Anything I bring ain't no one gonna eat anyway.
- Opportunity for change.
- Mm-hmm.
I think even though he, on the side, does, you know, DJ-ing, I think Ryan is not happy because he's really missing that significant other in his life.
I think if he's happy with himself, then he could be happy with someone else.
All right, guys, so our mission this week, - it's time to remix this DJ's life! - Yeah! [BEAT-BOXING.]
We're pulling up.
- Wow! - Oh, my God.
A smoke shop, a pizzeria and a tanning salon.
- [BOBBY.]
We are in Jersey! - [ANTONI.]
Wow! - Come on, guys.
Come on.
Okay, here we go.
Excuse me, Mr.
Yeah? What [FAB 5.]
Oh, my gosh! I'm so glad you're wearing shorts! I'm distracted by his abs.
How many minutes are you in? [RYAN.]
I've got 15 minutes.
- Okay, that's long.
- Get out of there.
That's too long.
- I smell burning flesh.
- Topless wonder.
Tan, you wanna help him? [BOBBY.]
You're putting shorts over shorts? [RYAN.]
Just when I go tanning.
I put them on, and then it's easy to just take off.
I am a married man.
I am a happily married man.
I don't want to get all sweaty.
- You are a little flirt, Tanny.
- No.
Look, has he got a body that doesn't quit? Absolutely.
- We get the T portion of the GTL.
- Right, right, right.
We want to see where you do your laundry, aka your home.
Can you take us there? - Let's go.
Let's go.
Thanks, guys.
"Dyer!" We're here.
- [RYAN.]
We're here.
Honey, we're home.
This is a beautiful house.
Come on in.
- Oh, my God, it's so tidy in here! - Welcome to my home.
This place is awesome! Ryan's house is super impressive.
Wow! - This is fantastic! It is clean.
It is livable.
There's legit no dust on your table.
Well done, kid.
This is, like, a cute house.
Take us to your bedroom, Ryan.
If you feel the need to take your top off again, we understand, it's fine.
I got - [TAN.]
Come on.
I'm gonna go look at your closet.
Oh, bingo.
Here we go.
The issue.
- This is disgusting.
Eww! - [LAUGHS.]
I can literally smell - The cigarettes.
- sex on these sheets.
Oh, this is where the dust is.
It's not downstairs, it's up here.
Yeah, we have somebody come and clean, but I don't have them come here - because - [BOBBY.]
Why? - 'Cause you like crusty sheets? - No, I [LAUGHS.]
The bedroom is like a little shop of horrors.
Oh, no, they're not clean! No, you know how I am about this kind of stuff! Ew.
Hi! [BOBBY.]
Why is there a queen-size bed [KARAMO.]
What is going on here? This is very interesting, - this tiger-print piece.
- [RYAN.]
Well, I have - I have tigers and - [BOBBY.]
- You know.
- Not tasteful.
Why is there a queen-size mattress on a king-size bed? - It's a little small.
- And you know what? You shouldn't have a queen in your bedroom.
Somebody's ready for action.
Good for you.
Protection always.
I love that you're planning ahead.
Pee-pee pads.
Okay, what do we got? "I hate being sexy, but I am a bearded, inked-up man, so I can't help it.
" "I like my butt rubbed and my pork " Ew! Ooh.
Ryan, what's this? You have a full-on pantry up here.
Why? It's easier.
If I get hungry at night, I don't gotta go all the way downstairs.
You don't need teriyaki sauce up here.
It's a very bachelor-like mentality, I think.
- We want to keep it sexy for the girls.
- Right.
- They're not gonna think this is sexy.
- No.
Okay, let's figure this out.
I know a lot of this is work wear.
- Right.
- Like, club wear.
With work onstage - Yeah.
- it's just, to me it's "funny.
" So when they're looking at it and they're laughing - Yeah.
- not at me.
What are you afraid they're gonna see? [SIGHS.]
My face.
- You know, everything.
- What's wrong with your face? You know, the wrinkles, you know, my beard, all that, you know, just I'm not confident with it.
- Can I take your cap off? - Yes.
You're a handsome man.
I feel like you're hiding away with all of this stuff, but my concern is, if you continue to try and look so much younger, there's nothing cool about that.
Like, a DJ should be cool.
Like, Calvin Harris is everything.
- Right.
- Diplo is everything.
They're very much current, but they're your age.
- They're not far off your age.
- Right.
- Right.
- But they definitely do - They don't - Not dress like this.
They don't need this.
You don't need this.
Honestly, I want to know who you want to be.
Like a Brad Pitt-type look, - but looking cool.
- Love.
Know what I mean? Like Justin Timberlake.
- Effortless cool.
- Looking cool.
You know those metal bins that you have - I have a bin.
- No, those metal ones that you can, like, put clothes in and then burn them.
Do you have one of those? - Where do you keep those? - I don't have a metal one.
Okay, great, then I'll find I brought my own.
Let me go get it.
Oh, my gosh.
Hi, little girl.
Does your daddy need to grow up a little? Yeah? Your daddy need to stop putting your wee-wee pads in the bathroom? [KARAMO.]
This is, like, anti-aging.
I'm not really an anti-aging person.
I'm like a pro-aging, in a way that it makes you feel good.
- [BOBBY.]
Gracefully aging.
- Yes.
Where'd everybody go? [TAN.]
He loves a crazy sock.
Ryan, what happened here? This is what I would like to be been my office.
I do work on that table in my room because I would like to start a DJ company.
I legit thought this was a kid's playroom.
You have all the best toys.
- [TAN.]
Oh, I love a penis whistle.
Oh, cute.
Bachelorette party games.
I've found a lot of things in people's "home offices" before, but penis whistles? I get so busy in the summertime, it's hard for me to make progress with it.
You got two full-time jobs, practically.
That's a lot.
I need a wife.
- No! That is not no! - No! - No, you don't! - [TAN.]
Apologize to your mother.
- Forgive me, Mom, please forgive me.
- Yes, he's very sorry.
You're so much better than that.
Come on in.
So tell me, you wake up in the morning and what happens? This is where I would be, brush my teeth.
I have, you know, my beard brush, my beard oil.
- Can I actually see your hair? - Yeah.
- Do you color your hair, too? - No.
No, I don't color my hair, just the beard.
- Do you do it yourself? - Yeah.
- Yes.
- 'Cause it is aggressively dark.
- Like, this is opaque.
- Right.
So when it comes to looks, the tanning and the hair color, what we've started to do to make us "look and feel youthful" actually can start to age us.
It's just good to look at, kind of, like, the why's.
"Why do I feel this pressure to color my beard? Why do I feel pressure to be so rigid around this, you know habit of tanning?" - Right.
- So, I'm gonna brainstorm more things for a beard, 'cause I really like you with a beard.
And what we'll do is jump in your shower, we're gonna take our clothes off.
I'm gonna scrub your back, you're gonna scrub my back.
And then we'll go get our spray tan.
- That's right.
- So fun.
It really is.
Orange chicken, more chicken patties.
Whoa! So much frozen food.
Okay, so, what do you want in ten years, with your life? Ugh.
I want the family.
I want the kids.
I wanna be playing little league [LAUGHS.]
you know, with my kids, obviously, or coaching them.
In ten years, I don't see myself being in a club or anything like that, but I still see myself DJ-ing.
What's the life that you gravitate towards more? I gravitate more towards the music and the club life and the industry because it's what I love to do.
I guess the problem with that is it's not a family atmosphere, and I've always wanted that family.
Do you see a little bit of a contradiction there? Yeah, it's hard to think about.
It's a fear of losing your dreams, of Upsetting my family, you know You know, - it's tough for me to talk about.
- Yeah.
You know, I don't want to disappoint my family.
Which I understand.
Have you ever asked yourself if you're letting yourself down? [SIGHS.]
I mean, that's hard.
That's a hard question.
There's only two answers.
Yes or no.
Where is the secret stuff kept? Do you know? Do you wanna show me? Come on.
Show me where all the gross stuff is at.
I counted seven different varieties of frozen chicken.
I love chicken.
Well, look.
You're a jacked guy, so you're all about, like, lean, clean proteins.
- So, like, I totally get it.
- Who's that? - I have no idea.
- Oh, here hey! - [SUSAN.]
Come on in.
How are you? - [JEFFREY.]
Thank you so much for coming.
Of course you brought food! - [SUSAN.]
Of course! - [ANTONI.]
It's good to see you.
- Good to see you.
- Brought his favorite cake.
May I take this for you? - You may, thank you.
- Wait.
Does he always get, like, colorful birthday sprinkles on every cake? - Yes, he does.
That's his confetti.
- Yes, he does.
- Only confetti cake.
Wow! [RYAN.]
And she's got chicken parm and meatballs.
I love it.
What do you love about it so much? - It's the sauce that makes it - And she makes it.
How do you contribute - to this ritualistic dinner? - [RYAN.]
I don't.
You don't? - [RYAN.]
I show up.
We're changing it up this week.
Your son is hosting dinner here for everybody.
- What?! - [LAUGHS.]
His arms are crossed, and he's shaky a little, but he's gonna do just fine.
- [SUSAN.]
Hi! - [BOBBY.]
Hello! - [JONATHAN.]
Hey! - [SUSAN.]
Hi, how are you? It's nice to meet you.
So nice to meet you.
Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Sir, come upstairs with me.
Mom, do you have a favorite? [SUSAN.]
A favorite child? Listen, I can't say that.
He's been a scoonch since he was a little kid.
- [BOBBY.]
A what? - [TAN.]
What does that mean? That means, like - [JONATHAN.]
Like a little baby kitten? - Yeah, kind of gets into your heart and - [TAN.]
Aww! - [LAUGHING.]
I was talking to your son right before you got here.
- Yes.
- What do you think is going on with him? I think sometimes he feels, in a way, an outsider to the rest of the family - because of what he does as an MC.
- Mm-hmm.
So you think he feels judged by the family? Yes.
I think he's too overly caring what even his brothers or we think.
And I think that is really what, you know, hurts him internally.
I don't think he realizes that we just want him to be happy.
I might need your help later on this week.
- Are you available? - I'm available.
- All right.
Thank you so much.
- My friend, thank you.
Tell us about the kind of girls he dates.
So I thought they were nice girls, but He feels some pressure because his sister-in-laws are apparently formidable.
- Wonderful girls.
- [SUSAN.]
They are.
And so I would love that for him, too, 'cause he wants it.
- We're back! Did you miss us? - Hi! - Yes.
- Yeah, always.
As long as you're baking, - we're good.
- [BOBBY.]
None of us have eaten today, - and then you put a cake in front of us.
- [SUSAN.]
- Thank you! - That cake is delicious.
- [TAN.]
Thank you so much.
- Thanks for nominating him.
- [BOBBY.]
I had such willpower until one So let me get this straight.
Your mom comes here, gives you a cake and two entrees, - and we're here to stop that? - [LAUGHS.]
- Yeah, right! - Are we at the wrong house, guys? Ryan's knowledge of Italian food is basically limited to whatever his mother has prepared for him during his life.
I just want Ryan to try new things and figure out his own point of view.
Ryan has been stuck in this look for a long time, but there's actually several ways we could approach his beard maintenance, his skin routine, his addiction to tanning, so that he can still be handsome and totally approachable.
He is a wonderful man.
I don't think he's ever taken the time to reconsider what his look could be.
I want Ryan to be able to walk into a room with confidence.
I really want to show Ryan that he can make his entire home inviting and style it to reflect who he really is and not the persona he's putting out there.
Ryan needs to understand he doesn't have to conform to the life his brothers have.
He can still embrace his passion for music, still have a family life and still go after his dreams.
Come on in.
- Have you ever been here before? - [RYAN.]
I have not.
Oh, it's like what Italian food basically is, but, like, contemporary.
- Chef Adam.
- How's it going? This is Ryan.
Hello, hello, how are you? - Adam.
Nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
Thanks so much for letting us take over here.
- Thank you so much.
- We'll try not to make a mess.
Okay, so we're making pesto chicken salad.
- I saw frozen chicken in your freezer.
- Yeah.
I just want you to learn how to cook it properly, and we're gonna do it in a pan.
You're gonna make this beautiful, comprehensive meal that you're gonna offer your family at the end of the week.
- Your mom does the red sauce.
- Yes.
- We're not messing with the red sauce.
- No.
What are the other colors in the Italian flag? Green.
We're making a green sauce.
- Okay.
- Pesto.
Never tried.
It's this beautiful, herbaceous green sauce that's a lot lighter, in my opinion, than a tomato sauce.
So we're gonna get right into it.
We have garlic cloves.
You can start by just crushing them down.
We want to get it to a nice paste.
These are pine nuts, and you're just gonna plop all of those in.
- [RYAN.]
They're in there.
- And now we're gonna incorporate.
You're gonna make this for a girl one night.
They'll be like, "Wow, you can cook?" [LAUGHS.]
How sexy is that? - I don't think it gets any sexier.
- A man should be able to cook.
Right? The amount of effort that Ryan puts into going to the gym, you know, GTL-ing, there's no reason why he can't apply that type of care into food.
This is one of my favorite things in the world.
- Basil.
- Mm-hmm.
Rip it in, like, large-ish chunks and then you just put it right in.
It's gonna break down again while we're working on it.
Awesome, yours is looking great.
So what we're gonna do with these we're gonna plop them into red wine vinegar.
I call it, like, a fake, quick pickle.
It's gonna add a little bite, and, like, a nice, bright red color to it as well.
And now, Parmigiano-Reggiano.
Very gently, move the cheese along the blade.
There you go.
Oh, you're a perfectionist.
As much as I'm a disorganized mess sometimes, there's certain things I just can't stand.
Your house is super neat, but your room wasn't.
Like, when I come home, I'm tired.
I go right into bed.
Like, I take my clothes off, they drop.
So you keep it clean for other people, - not for yourself.
- Yes.
Ooh, chicken.
All we're gonna do to is season it.
Just with salt.
A little bit of olive oil.
You can go ahead and put those on the pan.
In, like, all the years that you've had your house, have you ever had your parents over, even for a dinner where they brought the food or No.
I've had two family gatherings at my house in five years, and they were for the Super Bowl.
Other than that, I haven't ever had them to my house.
You were saying you want your family to know you're okay, that you can take care of yourself? Like, what an ultimate way of doing that.
For you to even do that every once in a while sends such a strong message of the man that you're becoming and what you're growing.
Know what I mean? It would be nice to be able to invite them over to my home - Yeah.
- and say "Hey, listen, just come over at six.
Don't bring anything.
- You're fine.
" - Except funfetti cake.
Except [LAUGHING.]
Let's calm down.
So you can flip 'em.
Look how beautiful that is.
This isn't hard.
- Not at all.
- Just takes a bit more time.
So this is fresh orecchiette.
Go ahead and grab your chicken.
I'm gonna add some pickled grapes.
Mix that around a little bit.
And then we're gonna lighten it up with baby arugula.
Toss that around a little.
So make a nice little bowl in there.
- [RYAN.]
Looks great.
- Doesn't it? I'm gonna grate a bit of parm.
And I'm a savage, so I'm gonna add a little bit of oil.
Savage it up, my man.
I'm gonna add a bit of pine nuts on top for a little added crunch.
Let's see your creation.
Get the perfect bite.
Get a grape, get chicken.
Let me know how you like it.
Mmm! This is excellent.
It's nice, right? You made a meal from scratch, and you're gonna remember this when you make it - for your family.
- A happy food.
You know what's not happy food? A fried chicken cutlet that's already breaded that you put on your mini oven.
- But this is.
- [TAN.]
After you, my dear.
- Thank you so much.
Do you come shopping often? [RYAN.]
If it's once a month, that's a lot.
'Cause you don't have enough tank tops, so I'm glad you're getting more.
I'm glad you're focusing on the things that you really know - are important.
- Right.
It may seem shallow, but you putting the correct clothes on your body could actually make you more approachable to the people - you wanna be approached by.
- Right.
I don't think about people looking at you that way in terms of clothes.
Like, that they're gonna be thinking, "Oh, that is a guy I wanna talk to.
" - Yeah.
- Or, "No, he looks like a college student, but he is completely not.
" - [LAUGHS.]
- Right? Let me tell you.
They want to [BLEEPS.]
you, they don't want to marry you.
And that's wonderful in your 20's.
Come to this mirror.
I hear that you are not comfortable with your torso.
- You think you're too skinny.
- Yes.
Are you out of your mind? I've been starving myself for years to try and get that.
Why work so hard at the gym if you're not gonna - see it? - Show it.
You said that your reference points are the likes of Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake.
I want to get you in slim-fitted jeans.
You will see that they don't have rips.
I'm fine with a rip or two, no problem.
- Just not crazy amounts of rips.
- Not 15? - Not 15.
Doesn't need 15.
Instead of a sweatshirt, I want you to consider a sweater.
When I work out, afterwards, I want to wear something fine-knit because it really hugs your muscles in a nice way.
So it's very clear - that you're working hard.
- Working out.
- Not hiding everything? - Yeah.
- It's such a simple, simple switch.
- I'm excited.
I hope you're gonna love what I've chosen for you.
All right, Ryan, you ready? - Yes, sir.
- Can you come join me, please, love? Give me it all.
Give me it all.
Everybody, put your hands in the air.
Get up, get up! I love it.
- [TAN.]
You do? - I love it.
- [TAN.]
Legit? - I love it.
Come through body.
Ryan looks how he should look.
Very much like himself, just a really sleek version.
Two things first before we really get going.
Can we take the cap off? - Please, dear? Thank you.
- Okay.
I would suggest getting rid of the bling on the ears as well.
Oh, there's a little more sophistication.
I wanna know what you think.
I feel very comfortable in it, surprisingly.
- Yeah.
- And I feel like I look good, you know? You look real good.
You look like a man now.
I don't feel like I'm trying to fit in as much as I have.
What do you think your mom and dad and your family would think if you dressed more like this? Probably say, "About time.
" - Good.
- Kind of want to just walk out right now.
No, we can't go out yet because I've got one more look.
- Ryan.
- Yes, sir.
Can you get this party started again? - I can't wait.
- I feel like it's fading.
Hurry up and put your hands back up in the air.
- Sorry, yes.
- You gotta jump up.
There we go.
- I don't know if they jump like that.
- Oh, my gosh! I love it on you.
I do, too.
- This is wow.
- Good.
We've made it more casual with a more printed shirt.
We've made it more casual with a sneaker.
- That's right.
- So we've made it a lot more you.
I would never try something like this on, either, the color or anything.
- I'm just more of a safe person - Yeah, I know.
wear black and gray, but I got to step out a little bit more.
This suit is everything.
His self-esteem is going through the roof right now.
I don't think he's ever gonna go back to the clothes that he was wearing now that he's seen himself looking so well turned out.
All right, go get changed.
- I don't want to.
All right.
Go get changed.
- So sexy! - [LAUGHS.]
So sexy.
turn it up Just turn it up, let the beat go on [BOBBY.]
Whoo, girl, got some stuff up in here.
This place is huge.
All right, before you get overwhelmed, I have a plan.
- I'm glad someone does.
Ryan has a beautiful adult home, but he just lives in his bedroom as if it were still at a studio that a bachelor would live in.
So I want to transform his bedroom and office to make it into a space that works for a grownup.
What do you think of this? [RYAN.]
It's really neat.
- So you've got this big, beautiful house.
- Right.
And I feel that almost, you've You're like, "If I don't have a family, I'm not gonna use this house.
" The thing is, like, you have a family.
- Right.
- You have nieces and nephews and brothers and sisters and sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws.
My real friends growing up and all that, they, you know, they got their families and kids, and I always looked at that, I guess, thinking that's what I wanted.
Comparison can kill you.
We think that other people are judging us and being harder on us when they're not.
You don't need to do it exactly like everyone else has done it - to be fulfilled.
- Right.
- This is a good start, right here.
All right.
Let's keep looking for some stuff.
I want to get this big, beautiful house of yours prepared for your family dinners, - your nieces and nephews.
- Okay.
I need some other beings in my life at my house.
Other than Riley.
- Other than Riley.
- Who's a little Riley? All right.
Something like this is cute for hors d'oeuvres that you can put out, little snacks, little nuts, - little pistachios - Okay.
before you actually got dinner ready.
You needed to tell me that, because I would not have known.
I would've put grapes or something in there.
Grapes, you could put grapes in there.
You could put whatever you want in there.
Three grapes? Three grapes? - [LAUGHS.]
- Whatever you want.
- Right, right.
- It's your house.
Your dishes situation, I noticed.
A lot of hand-me-downs.
That's embarrassing, having the family over and just putting out different dishes and not having the same silverware.
See, I love, though, that you have at least enough of a design mind that you're like, "I'm embarrassed by the fact that these are all mismatching.
" - Right.
- I love that.
For dishes, I love an nice, white plate.
It looks crisp.
It looks clean.
It makes the food look even better on the plate.
Makes sense.
You can also mix and match it.
So if you wanted to mix it with a green - [RYAN.]
Right, right.
- And floral's not really for me.
Doesn't really seem to be your deal, either.
- [RYAN.]
- All right.
Let's grab these big pasta bowls over here, and then I think we're good.
I've been known to hide Behind these tired eyes [RYAN.]
This is my home away from home.
Yeah, this is where you're at.
This is where the action happens.
Yeah, in the summertime.
Kind of nice right now.
- Still nice.
So we're going into your old spot because it was the pinnacle - of the career you wanted - Yeah.
- that you created - Right.
- and you achieved, let's be clear.
- Right.
You're still doing it.
But I'm gonna be really real with you.
You have two jobs, a house I don't know what type of fairy tale world you're living in where you think you wouldn't be able to get a girl, but you obviously know that's just not the truth.
You're in a space now where you're playing this broken narrative over and over.
"This is the life you have to have.
Your brothers have it.
You're supposed to have it.
" Right.
Why is it so easy for you to recognize, but not make any changes? I don't know what to choose, and I don't know how to change it, you know, with trying to juggle everything.
That's what's stopping you from taking a moment to figure out what do you want.
- This is Jenkinson's.
- This is the infamous spot.
The infamous spot, packed Saturday night, it's packed all throughout the whole club.
Like this, "Yeah!" - Well, maybe not the fist bump.
- "DJ High Def!" Do guys ever take off their panties and throw them up there? - Not guys, no.
- Got it.
- If I was here, I might do it.
- I believe you on that.
- I believe you on that.
- I might do it.
But, you know, when I was 21, I even remember standing over here looking up at that stage and seeing the DJ and the MC and being like, "Yeah, I could do that.
" And then, you know, my dream came true.
When I'm on this stage, the confidence is there because - I have a microphone in my hand.
- Yeah.
And I feel like if I put that microphone down, like, I'm nervous.
I'm just a different person.
Standing up there, man, looking down at everybody else and smiling every Friday and Saturday night, - no matter what, you know? - Yeah.
On the weekends, I'm telling you, man, there's no other place to come to.
For Ryan, working at Jenks represents him feeling great and fulfilling all of his dreams.
I've invited your dad here.
You're feeling this sort of judgment of what they're doing and what they're saying, and it's kind of screwing with who you are.
You're making me nervous.
Don't be nervous! Ryan is always focused on the expectations he thinks his family has for him.
He's never taken a moment to figure out what he wants to do with his life next.
All I want for you to do is get to a place where you can start to be honest about what you want, so that you can start making decisions that are gonna work for you.
I don't say stuff.
We don't talk about stuff like this.
We talk about family stuff and all good, fun stuff.
It's keeping you in turmoil.
My concern is that you're trying to measure up to someone, whether it be me or someone else, when you don't have to.
It's not just you.
You got the older brother with the wife and three amazing nephews.
You know, you got my two younger brothers who go and do missions trips and go help people across the world.
When you're shooting for that and your whole family is great, you know, and you're trying to be just as good.
It is hard.
You have to find what makes you happy and your purpose.
Every weekend, I make people forget their their troubles.
I make, you know, people create memories and feel like I have a purpose.
And this is what makes me feel happy.
And feeling like if I choose this it's gonna be the upsetting part.
I feel like I'm letting my family down.
You have to be you, and we're proud of Ryan.
You're not going to disappoint us.
All Mom and I want is for you to be happy.
Thank you.
- I love you so much.
- I love you, Ryan.
I want more funfetti cake.
Did you finish it that night? - [RYAN.]
- I thought about it several times.
- Oh.
After you.
- Here we go.
Thank you.
Oh, look at this.
Isn't it gorge? - [RYAN.]
- Hi, Ken.
- Hey, what's up? - [JONATHAN.]
How are you? - Good.
Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you, too.
- Ken, Ryan.
Ryan, Ken.
- Very nice to meet you.
- You, too.
- [RYAN.]
Pleasure, thank you.
- All right.
- Get comfortable.
Oh, my gosh, yas.
Ken is a very excellent, gorgeous barber.
I wish that it lived, like, really short on top and, like, forward.
Ryan is definitely stuck in his skincare and beard care and tanning obsession.
I like it short on the sides.
Yeah, I love a skin tight look.
I love that.
I want to show him that aging is beautiful, and that he's beautiful with or without a tan.
He's beautiful with gray hair.
He's beautiful with black hair.
It's our insides that count.
It's not the outside.
My biggest concern is, like, the tanning.
Like, why are we going into the tanning bed a lot? Because when I look at myself sometimes, I'm too pale.
I feel like I look sick.
Your natural skin is, like, beautiful, you know, and actually, you're exposing yourself to, like, cancer-causing radiation.
You're also saying to yourself through action that, like, the way you are inhabiting this world is not good enough.
Think about when you say that, that your natural skin, the way that it is, looks sick.
Yeah, it's weird to think about it like that, but, yeah, you're right.
And actually, it's not the color of your skin that's making you look "healthy" or whatever.
You know what I'm saying? Actually, it's your lifestyle that is, like, making us feel tired.
Drained, tired.
- It's aging us a little baby bit.
- Right.
But, like, I think that aging is a privilege.
I'm not ashamed of aging.
I think it's something that we could really embrace.
And actually, I think that a DJ or MC with a striking white beard would be very, - "Honey, yes.
" - [LAUGHS.]
Let's put a cape on him and get to cutting.
Here we go.
That was a sexy shave right there.
Oh, my God.
Slow down Step into the light Relax your mind [JONATHAN.]
Ever done a face mask before? [RYAN.]
Oh, my God.
Hot towel me, queen.
- Does that temperature feel okay? - [RYAN.]
This is a cucumber-based mask.
It's gonna be very cooling and hydrating.
- Feels like it.
Right? Yes, king, this skin is looking luscious.
It is looking hydrated.
You are looking gorgeous.
Okay, are you ready to see the new you? [RYAN.]
I am, very much.
- He's very handsome.
- I'm a little nervous.
I think you're gonna love him.
Okay, you ready? Holy [BLEEPS.]
I like it a lot.
Do you want to get all up in it and look? Yeah.
So different.
I feel like a new person.
Like, I could go up to somebody right now and say And have confidence and be like, "Hey, What's going on?" You know, whatever.
I mean I love it.
Thank you so much.
- I look younger.
- Right? When you do a resurfacing mask like that, it takes some of your tan off.
Now you don't look related to Donald Trump.
- I'm so excited.
I gotta be free, I gotta do me It's my life, that's how it's gonna be So say what you want to I'm gonna keep doing my thing I gotta do me Gotta do me - [KARAMO.]
Ready to see a little change? - [RYAN.]
- [TAN.]
They're here! Wow.
Hi! Good to see you.
- Same.
- You look so handsome.
- Oh, my God.
- Yep.
Look at how gorgeous your house is.
- [RYAN.]
This looks so different.
Take it in, take it in.
- [RYAN.]
- [BOBBY.]
Right? - Nice family dining table.
It doesn't look like hand-me-downs.
No, it does not.
I love it.
This is for you, 'cause you and I are short.
So when we sit at the table [RYAN.]
I thought it was for my nephews, but all right.
Isn't this nice? This is more than nice.
And a nice little toy area for your nephews, so while the adults are having adult dinner, - they can be playing right here.
- I love this.
I don't even have ovaries, and mine are ticking.
Holy [BLEEPS.]
New flooring.
Oh, my God.
Whoa! Holy [BLEEPS.]
- Oh, wow.
- [BOBBY.]
No more penis whistles.
- [TAN.]
No more.
- I mean, unless you want them.
- No more penis whistles hanging around.
I love this.
I mean, I can get work done and focus.
Whether it's starting a DJ company later on, whether it's even my work right now with my father, you know, get stuff done.
- I love this.
- [BOBBY.]
Aww, yeah.
- Um you guys suck.
- You're right, we do.
That's a first.
But I love it.
Ready? [RYAN SIGHS.]
Oh, my God, you did Oh, my God.
- I have a king-sized mattress.
- No more queens in your bedroom.
Oh, my God.
The color.
You said that you liked beach, and we're at the shore.
So I wanted to do a nautical theme.
Always wanted a picture behind my bed.
Plus, I can get in the bed so easily.
Like, I could [LAUGHING.]
Get off that bedding! Well, but look at how easily you can get on now.
All of this looks amazing.
A big thing of lavender bath salts since that's your favorite scent.
I do like lavender.
And it'll keep the bathroom smelling fresh, even if there is a wee-wee pad [MUMBLES.]
That's right.
And then [RYAN.]
This is such a good closet.
Oh, my God! - Holy [BLEEPS.]
It's good, right? I know.
I know.
No more kitchen closet.
Don't look for the teriyaki.
It's not in here? It's not there.
Your new office.
How about you take a seat at your desk? I'd love to.
- I love this desk.
So how was this week for you? This week was phenomenal.
What are the things that are gonna make you happy? DJ-ing and MC-ing.
You know, even being more successful with that.
I'm at awesome places right now, but there's still more.
There's more that I do want.
- So that's next? - Yeah.
To find the next step in your music career? - Yeah.
- I like that.
I want you to tell your family what you want.
I'm going to, and letting them know the direction that Ryan's gonna go.
That's it.
The direction Ryan's gonna go.
Okay, you'll see there are no slogan - tank tops here.
- No slogan [LAUGHS.]
- I don't miss them.
You might.
- No.
We haven't thrown them away.
They're tucked away.
If you feel like you wanna wear it for a night out every now and then, so be it.
I don't want you to yell at me, though.
I might also yell at you.
- That's fine.
- I am the yeller of the group.
I am.
If you don't wear everything in this closet, doesn't matter.
As long as it inspires you to change things up and to be the guy that you want to be.
I guarantee you, I'm going to.
Boys, are you ready? - Yeah! - Give me green.
- [TAN.]
Ryan, come with me, my love.
Yes! Yes! - [KARAMO.]
Damn, baby! - Oh! - Oh, my God, you look so good! - [TAN.]
Let them see.
Did you ever think that you would ever wear, - like, a slightly cropped pant? - [RYAN.]
You look so good.
- [BOBBY.]
- [RYAN.]
I love it, though.
This is good for a date, too.
A really good date look.
- Nice and simple.
- That's what I said.
And it just shows you don't have to go for a wild color.
You've got so much personality.
Your T-shirt doesn't have to be that for you.
This isn't extreme.
- [TAN.]
- It's simple.
Okay, so now I want to get you in something more formal.
- Honky-ha! - [TAN.]
Ready? [RYAN.]
I'm ready.
- I'm ready.
- [BOBBY.]
Fancy boy.
- [TAN.]
Come on, dear.
- Honky ha! [LAUGHS.]
- Come on out, my love.
Yes! - [KARAMO.]
Damn, Daddy! - I love this suit.
- I want this suit.
- That suit is so damn good on you.
I love that shoe with that suit.
Isn't it gorg? - [KARAMO.]
It's gorgeous.
- [RYAN.]
Do I look good? - [JONATHAN.]
Yes! - [ANTONI.]
You're feeling it.
What I love most about both of these outfits is the colors that you selected.
He's got a certain kind of brown in his hair, and his eyes are this beautiful browny-green color.
- This feels a lot more appropriately you.
- [RYAN.]
Get on in there.
This experience to me was more than I expected.
You've changed my life in such a short period of time.
I feel like it's gonna make me grow as a person and with my family.
Tonight, you're having your family come over.
We're gonna be having a nice dinner, and we're gonna be talking about what I need in the future and what I'm gonna do moving forward.
You're gonna have days when you're gonna compare yourself to your siblings.
You're gonna think, like, "How come I don't have the family that they have?" But just remind yourself, like, you have that.
At least now if I am thinking that, I'll be like, "You know, these guys are gonna be mad as hell at me right now if I keep thinking like this.
" - Thank you so, so, so very much.
- [TAN.]
Of course.
We're gonna miss you.
- I'm gonna miss you guys.
- [TAN.]
Bye, my love.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- [TAN.]
Have the best night.
I will.
Whether you're 17 or 77, you have to find the courage to live your life for you.
- Not growing up, not slowing down [GRUNTS.]
It is okay for you to make your own narrative of what success and happiness looks like to you.
If you ever go to a tanning bed again, think about your [BLEEPS.]
falling off.
Live your own life.
Create your own path.
Get home safe.
Ooh-la-la-la-la D-d-d-do it Ooh-la-la-la-la D-d-d-do it [TAN.]
Ant, what are you making? [ANTONI.]
- I love pesto.
- Are you feeling snacky? - Hi.
Hi, Walter.
I'm sensing, like, it's time for us to check in with Ryan.
Let's go watch Ryan! Come on, Walter.
Bobby, will you hit play for us, please, - my love? - Yeah.
All right.
That color's gorgeous on him.
It is.
He's making a chicken pesto salad with pickled grapes and arugula.
Oh, my goodness.
- Oh! - [LAUGHS.]
Ryan, you look awesome! Oh, wow! - I adore his mom and dad.
Aww! - Look at what you have on.
Whoo-hoo! - Look at the rug.
It fits.
- It fits.
- It fits.
They didn't bring food for once, 'cause he's making food for them.
Great, Ryan.
- [RYAN.]
We can have dinner over here now.
- Hello.
- [RYAN.]
Come on in.
- Holy beard.
- They love a beard in this family.
I'm cooking.
I'm cooking.
That's what's happening.
This is beautiful.
Dude! You look amazing.
Give me kisses.
Mwah! Oh, the kids are adorable.
What's up, buddy? - [BOY.]
What's up? - [RYAN.]
Give me a kiss.
Mwah! [CARA.]
Oh, my goodness.
I love when brothers are close to their sister-in-laws.
I think it's so sweet.
Come on up.
- This is my new home.
- Oh! [MICHAEL.]
Whoa! [RYAN.]
No more futon in the bedroom.
This is so perfect.
That's for the dog to jump up on the bed.
Ryan, I thought that was for you to get in the bed, but I guess - [LAUGHING.]
- [CARA.]
Looks like I'm gonna have to borrow some stuff from Uncle Ry-Ry now.
- Listen, it's tailored to me.
It won't even fit you, okay? - I don't know.
I don't know.
- This is amazing! Now it has to stay like this, right? Yeah.
If not, Tan will beat me up, so [LAUGHS.]
I think he's gonna appreciate the organization - and having everything in its space.
- Yeah.
All right, let's enjoy the food, guys.
- [CARA.]
Thank you, Ryan.
Thank you so much.
Mangia, mangia! [JEFFREY.]
I want more of this really good food that you made.
- [SUSAN.]
The pesto sauce is very good.
You're gonna have to give us the recipe.
No, I'll just make it.
- Okay.
- Oh, man.
Oh, wow.
So, this week was very, very interesting for me.
I got to get to some core of things that I needed to make myself happy, you know, and that was really, really nice to to go through, you know? I mean, you guys both got your perfect mate.
And, you know, eventually, I'll find that.
I am happy.
I do need to take a step back from the family business.
Music is my passion.
- [FAB 5.]
Aww! - [KARAMO.]
He's letting so much go.
You know, I know I could talk to any one of you, and I feel like that's been a pretty hard thing for me to do.
You know, we're always here to support and help in any way we possibly can.
It's incredible how family meals can facilitate these sorts of conversations.
So powerful.
We're looking forward to seeing Ryan be a happy Ryan.
Cheers, right? [ALL.]
The most important lesson that I learned this week was that there's nothing wrong with being a 37-year-old MC DJ.
I can still be me and continue living my life outside of the box, and that's okay.
That's good.
This is my kid.
- [ALL.]
To Ryan.
- Whoo! I'm DJ Crybaby.
- [HUMS.]
- DJ Crybaby plays a lot of ballads.
- Slow vibes.
- A lot of emo music, a lot of Elliott Smith.
Some of the sadder songs by The Beatles.
Not my vibe.
Get me out of here.
- My DJ name is DJ Mosh-Mosh.
- Huh! 'Cause I get the ladies and fellas emotional.
No one wants to feel at a club.
They just want to dance.
I'm DJ Flow.
- I'll keep 'em dancing.
- It's a party.
My DJ name is DJ Tuck.
On the ones and two.
And I spin, obvs, '90s hip-hop.
You expected that from me completely, I know.
All the people in the crowd, put your hands up! Whoo! Yes, queen! That's kind of cute, right? - [BOBBY.]
- Yeah.

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