Queer Eye (2018) s06e01 Episode Script

Showdown at the Broken Spoke

- Style, class, turnaround, yes! You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around When you are around All things just keep getting better The nights just keep getting better All things just keep getting better, yeah! [VOCALIZING.]
All things just keep getting better Oh! My word.
We're in Texas, everybody! Howdy, y'all.
Did you just fling your hair? I did.
Inside my cowboy hat.
Ooh! Ooh! I got just two weeks To have me some fun Deep in the heart of Texas! [JONATHAN.]
Here we are in the gorgeous city of Austin, which is absolutely in bloom and beautiful, if I do say so myself.
Austin's real cute.
Jonathan, where are we going? What are we doing? This week, our heroine's name is Terri White.
Terri is a two-step dance instructor at her family-owned honky-tonk, the Broken Spoke, in Austin, Texas.
I've heard of that.
- Really? - It's famous.
You've heard of this place? - Yeah.
If you wanna know the secret to a woman's heart, this is it.
Men that dance always get lucky.
My name is Terri White.
I am 58 years old.
My parents own the Broken Spoke.
James and Annetta White.
They've owned it 55 years.
It has not changed one splinter.
Hell yeah! [TERRI.]
I love dancing because it makes you forget all your trouble.
Yeah! I think people need to quit bitching at each other, and have a good time.
- There you go.
Yes! - [CHEERING.]
She was nominated by her daughter Ashley.
She said, "Terri is stubborn and has a hard time listening to everybody.
My mom marches to her own drum.
Boogie! She always tells me I need to loosen up, and I think she needs to rein it in.
She tells me, "Mother, stop!" [LAUGHS.]
She doesn't wanna scream "old lady in polyester pants.
" Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots are working for her.
- She's wearing Daisy Dukes? - Wow.
- Spot-on for a honky-tonk.
Yes, honey.
My daughter and son have both gone to a Catholic school, and she's gonna be who she is inside that church as well.
And it's just, like, so embarrassing.
I am an older woman, but do I show cleavage? You bet.
I wear my hair long [LAUGHS.]
and bangs, 'cause it's called bangtox and not Botox, you know? [ASHLEY.]
She hides behind the long, blonde hair, but I think that it is a cover-up, masking something.
Even if she were completely bald, she would be beautiful, and I don't think she feels that.
Terri's eldest grandson recently graduated high school, and Terri wants him to move in with her so he can be closer to his internship.
- Love.
- But big "but" here.
Her daughter, not quite sure this is the best living arrangement.
You need something to eat, don't you? Here, boy.
I live on a 250-acre family ranch.
All right, Patriarch.
That's a good boy.
Come on.
I currently live in this home alone.
To fill the void of loneliness, she's constantly moving.
All right, here we go.
It's normally her animals.
Touché, what he say? [ASHLEY.]
Collecting things, fiddling around with projects in her home and work at the Spoke.
She doesn't stop long enough to, like, stay in the kitchen and cook.
At the end of this week, Terri wants to throw her grandson a graduation party to really show her family that she's ready to, like, debut a new lease on life.
Oh, that's nice.
I loved my grandmother, boy.
She helped me overcome a lot of things just by loving me so strong, and I wanted the same for my grandkids.
I think the Fab Five can help her feel like, "My life and my house and Terri has got it under control," but I don't even know that she will be open to this.
I don't like change.
It is about me feeling happy and comfortable.
This one is a Texas doozy.
All right, here we go.
Our mission this week is to show the dancing queen that age is a badge of honor and prove to her daughter that she can be their matriarch.
- [ALL.]
Yeah! - Yee-haw! Okay now, most importantly, everyone.
What is a honky-tonk? [COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING.]
Hey! - How are you? James, nice to meet you! - How you doing? Good to see ya.
- Look at this bling! You came to play! - Thank you.
Got a lot of bling bling.
Hey, come on back.
We're gonna teach y'all how to dance.
Come on back with me.
- Where's Terri? - Terri's back here.
She doesn't know we're coming, right? Always push off from the middle off your right.
Push hard.
Right, are you patting my ass, or are you making me move? - [LAUGHING.]
- You see? [CROWD CHEERING.]
What? - [SCREAMS.]
Oh, my gosh, I just - There you are! - Look at you, you are hot.
Wow! - [KARAMO.]
Mama! I live this! - Wow! [KARAMO.]
Yeah! Honey, I am obsessed.
Yes! Terri is serving me curves and swerves in all the right places.
Her hips are like water, and I wanna move and be her river.
Wow! Y'all freaking me out.
- Wait, look at you! - Insane! [KARAMO.]
She's in the middle of this floor, controlling it and looking fierce.
But if that was my grandma, I would be like, "Granny, what are you doing?" - Oh, my! - You look amazing.
Wait, okay, what are we teaching them? The Western Swing, kinda.
You know, it's a two-step.
- We're gonna go like this.
- Oh, my! - That happened when I was five.
- [TERRI.]
There you go.
- Quick, quick, slow.
- Whoo! - Whoa! - [TERRI.]
- She's leading, Tan.
- Quick, quick, slow.
There you go.
Now just repeat.
Now, you're not a baby.
Don't look at your feet.
I got you, mama.
Guys, listen, the secret to this is to slide your feet.
- Don't break your foot.
You're too slow.
- Slow.
- Too quick.
- Huh.
- [TERRI.]
Again too slow.
Daddy long legs! Shoot! I'm like, "Whoa!" [LAUGHING.]
Look at his great shirt, man.
He's got a horse on him.
Take the horse and ride.
I love you! Do I have a crush on Terri? - Okay.
- Y'all are beautiful, man.
You're making me blush.
Oh, my.
Before we leave, we're gonna do the "Cotton-Eyed Joe.
" What you sayin'? Bullshit.
- [ALL.]
Bullshit! - Thank you, Kyle.
- One, two, tap, travel, and One, two, three, four, five Where did you come from? Where did you go? Six! [SHOUTS.]
- Round again.
- [ALL.]
One, two! One, two! [ALL.]
Bullshit! [TERRI.]
Circle to the left.
Bullshit! Bullshit! [CHEERING.]
Good luck.
Wish me luck.
- Bye, everybody.
- Bye! [TERRI.]
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
Lean into it.
Lean into it.
Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe? [TAN.]
Ooh, is this the ranch? - [ANTONI.]
Wow! - You think it's pretty? Yeah, it's beautiful.
- That's my house.
Yes, it is.
- [BOBBY.]
I would need y'all to understand.
I don't live like this.
- Well, let us see.
- It's a mess.
Hey! Welcome! [TERRI.]
Welcome, girls.
Oh! - I see the decor of horses.
- Horsies.
Reminds me of home.
More horses? These boots are killing me.
- Can I please take off these boots? It's - Please do it.
- Oh, Jesus! - [TAN.]
Is there toys? I wanna play with.
- That's all my stuff.
Thank you.
- Oh! Oh! - [LAUGHING.]
There you go.
- Oh, my gosh.
Thank you.
Oh! Oh, those boots.
I don't know how Texans do it.
- [BOBBY.]
Does she have a story? - Ride that puppy.
Oh, my! - No, trust me, we're not scared.
- Oh! Oh! - Oh, my! - That horse is hungry! [JONATHAN.]
Nice little tape-ins.
That's my favorite piece.
My grandmother made that.
Her grandmother made that.
Grapes here.
I do love a theme.
Oh, that's rough.
The closet is a shit show.
It's so disorganized, and it's got a thousand personalities going on.
God, that's so short.
One of the main personalities that is shining very bright is hoochie.
Wow, this fridge! [TERRI.]
The Mini Me refrigerator.
One day, he'll grow up into a big boy.
- Who put a shoe on the countertop? - [ANTONI.]
Yeah, there's a belt as well.
- Brand-new clean, that's okay.
That is not brand-new clean! Mnh-mnh.
Not Not on there.
- [TERRI.]
Look, I am severely ADD.
- [BOBBY.]
ADD? - It's what they call me.
- Me too.
I clean my house.
I do a little here, here.
I'll go out there, go here.
So, you're like a pinball machine.
You're just all over the place.
When I'm painting a wall, I'll paint something over here.
- I wonder what it looks like over here.
- [TERRI.]
Hello! Look at my ceiling.
- I screwed it up.
- [BOBBY.]
Oh, yeah.
You get it.
- [TERRI.]
I'm like - [LAUGHS.]
Horse number 932, 33, 34, 35 936.
Talk to me about the short-shorts.
I see a lot of really short short-shorts.
I don't wear full skirts, because you can't dance in 'em.
- Okay.
- So, I wear short skirts.
I'm not afraid to show it.
Don't be afraid to show anything.
At my age, you show your assets.
- Okay.
- [TERRI.]
But you don't be dirty about it.
Tell me how you feel about your age.
- Well, I'm 58.
In two years, I'll be 60.
- Yeah.
- But I am gonna dress my way.
- Okay.
Because inside you feel like your soul is young.
- [TAN.]
- You feel young.
You have the same taste as you always did.
- Yeah.
- And I gotta dress like granny? I'm not a ho.
I just wanna, like, be what I want.
Terri is trying to play a part of a younger sexy person.
I I get what it feels like to age, but not feel like that internally.
However, it ain't going away anytime soon.
It's not getting easier any time soon.
You are a grandma.
Like, that is just a fact.
You are a grandma.
And the most great thing in my life.
Let's celebrate that.
You already have your work wardrobe done.
I want a classier version of me.
That's all I needed.
"Hi, Tina.
" "Hey, girlfriend.
" "What you doing later on?" "You know, hanging with the Fab Five.
" [BOBBY.]
What's going on here? - [TERRI.]
Oh, that's a project.
- [BOBBY.]
When did you start this? Last year.
My bathroom is my best memories.
This is me.
It's a Terri room.
Terri's initials.
Terri, Terri, Terri, Terri.
Teeny, tiny Terri tornado came through here.
- What is going on in this bathroom? - I haven't figured it out yet.
What's not going on in this bathroom is the better question, I guess.
We have collections, honey.
- [TERRI.]
That's my life.
- There's some beautiful pieces up there.
- That vase in the back, beautiful.
- That's everything.
- [BOBBY.]
- Goodwill.
I can't see it 'cause there's too many of 'em.
Terri's house, it looks exactly the way I imagine Terri's brain looking inside.
There is a million things going on.
They're not all a million bad things.
They're just all different, and they're all going on at once.
It's all chaotic.
Ooh, I'm working hard.
This doesn't work! Oh, my gosh.
Just a second I'm working on your underwear.
Oh! - Okay, right, you wanna try this on? - [ANTONI.]
Let's fill you out.
- Hoo-hoo! Look at that! - Oh, that's cold! - Okay! Go with it.
I have a question to you about hair.
You had short hair before.
- [TERRI.]
- Then we changed it.
I started growing it, and and that's when I noticed bad textures.
Then hair was coming out.
And your hairline starts changing.
Different things, you're like, "Okay, I'm gonna, like, dye it.
What is happening?" So, I just I I know how to camouflage.
Camouflage? So, what's going on with your hair nowadays? - Is this like do we have a little - It's a really private thing for me.
Yeah, because your hair visually looks, I mean, amazing.
So, is [WHISPERS.]
Is it a wig? - No.
- No.
- You know I do hair, right? - I know that.
I don't tell anybody anything about myself.
I never have.
Terri is not being entirely truthful with me about her hair, but I wanna honor her and give her space to be as truthful as she wants to be.
And I'm also willing to be patient until she trusts me enough to talk to me about what's really going on.
You look amazing.
What you're doing with your hair and your face and your clothes, literally looks look at me amazing.
This is about range, honey.
It's variety.
Well, I don't know.
I just am, like [GROANS.]
you know, afraid.
Come on.
Show y'all how us real country boys do it.
Uh! - Ha! I can't even look at that.
- I'm a cowboy on a ranch.
So, this is the kitchen.
- That's nice.
- This is my grandma's recipe.
I feel she's close to me when I have it here.
Which one? - [TERRI.]
Banana cake.
The best.
- Something your grandma used to make? - Yes, a lot.
Do you make it often? All the time.
It makes me feel closer to her.
- Yeah.
That's really sweet.
- Yeah.
She's the one that said, "You can be whatever you want, Terri.
It's okay.
" And you needed to hear that as a little kid.
Oh, yeah.
Who doesn't? Yeah, absolutely.
Taking in your grandson, is there anything that you wanna teach him? Independence.
He needs to grow and and spread his wings.
So you're trying to teach him what your grandmother taught you? Yes, I want him to have the freedom to become the man he wants to be.
I don't want him to become what he thinks his mom wants him to be.
- Big news in Texas.
- [TERRI.]
You look good.
I've got someone to introduce to you.
- It's Tanya Tucker! - [SHOUTING.]
Oh, wow! - That is my dress.
- [BOBBY.]
Beautiful! First and foremost, I'm the same size as you, which is funny.
- Check it out, baby.
- Wow! I think everyone would agree that the world could use more Tan France shoulders and clavicle.
Am I wrong? - Dipper! Dipper! - Oh-ho-ho! Oh! [LAUGHING.]
How was your relationship with you and your daughter growing up? Ashley was a little hard to raise.
She was very independent.
She would throw herself down.
- You know, throwing a fit.
And I was, "Uh, what do I do?" Hmm.
- Ashley had a hard time.
- In what way? From me, because I didn't know what I was doing.
How old is Ashley now? - Thirty-seven.
- Thirty-seven? How do you compare yourself to where she was at 37 to where you are? She has always been way more mature, more structured, and I think Ashley's trying to change me.
So it makes you feel judged? Oh, yeah, I'm I'm judged, and then I end up being crazy, you know, 'cause I'm comfortable with me being Terri.
Terri has a problem with vulnerability because she feels like she's getting judged, and that's stopping her from opening up and receiving advice and accepting change.
So, I heard that you're hosting a potluck at the end of the week, queen.
It's a graduation party for my grandson.
- Okay.
- And y'all are gonna give me structure.
We can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em what? - Drink.
- [BOBBY.]
We got our work cut out for us.
Yeah! There's only one way to get out of here.
What do you say? [ALL.]
Bullshit! The hell you say.
We're always going in circles Clearly, the house has gotten out of control.
It's a little chaotic.
When she comes home, she needs to be able to relax and become zen so Terri can focus on spending good quality time with her grandson and her daughter.
Terri may be scared that she doesn't wanna look like a traditional grandma.
But by the end of this week, she'll be able to present herself to the world, knowing that she is still wild.
She's still sexy, but appropriate in any situation she's in.
I definitely think that she is very scared about the aging process.
I really am of the opinion that it is so exciting that we get to age.
And I want to help Terri get to that place of, like, really celebrating her experience and not be in a place of resisting it.
Terri doesn't understand why Ashley feels conflicted with her son moving in.
But at the end of the day, they need to come together and start to understand each other.
So that way they can grow and can start to create a nurturing environment for Alex.
I really wanna focus on the things that are great and so special about Terri, and her face lights up when she talks about this banana cake.
Terri loved it when her grandma made that cake for her.
It's time for her to pass that on to her grandson.
Gonna be okay [WOMAN VOCALIZING.]
Whoo! Hold on.
Yeah, baby! That's pretty good.
Hadn't had a boyfriend in a long time.
- I'm actually gonna put you to work.
- Sure.
I want you to help me do some of the tiling, because I want you to help me finish some projects.
I'm not a person that doesn't finish things.
It's just that, uh I don't believe it.
No need to people-please me and say you do.
'Cause I have eyes.
Listen, I come home at night going, "Who the hell came in my house?" - But it was you.
- And it was me! [LAUGHS.]
You know - If I don't have a tidy home, chaos.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well [BOBBY.]
I wanna take Terri tile shopping today.
I wanna make her bathroom this beautiful, serene, spa-like place where she can come in and just get away from it all.
I noticed there's little bits of this color in, like, pots and vases and stuff in your house.
So I wanted to tie that in because, like, the vases in your bathroom I think are really pretty.
That's nice to know.
This is gonna be pretty.
Do you like this? [TERRI.]
No, I love that.
That's my favorite color.
- Reminds me of the creek that I swim in.
- Yes.
I think you did a great job figuring me out.
I can tell underneath this big Texas façade is someone looking for some new direction.
- And voilà! - Oh, wow.
Tile B is here.
- All right.
- Oh, wow.
So, the thing about tile is it's actually not really that scary.
That's gonna be really pretty.
- [BOBBY.]
Do you wanna lay one? - Sure.
Taking care of your home, it's like medicine for your soul, and minimizing the chaos and clutter in your home allows you to minimize the chaos and clutter in your mind.
So, finish that project.
I did it! - [BOBBY.]
See? - Yeah.
It's scary, then you're like, "Oh, I can knock this out in an afternoon.
" - Well, it's gonna look beautiful now.
- Yeah.
Tell me about Austin.
Why do we love it? [TERRI.]
Personally, I love Austin because you can be anything you want, any way you want it, and it's damn okay.
I'm nervous about taking Terri shopping.
My concern is that Terri is not willing to try on anything that I might suggest for her.
This is the first time I've ever felt this way.
To start this off right, I thought we might play a little game.
I would like you to just have a really casual browse and tell me what stone would be your stone.
That is me? [TAN.]
Yeah, that you'd keep in your home, that feels like you or that you would gravitate towards.
- Okay.
- Take your time.
- It would be this.
- Ooh, you've already decided.
This one's called amazonite.
Ooh! "Assists with communicating one's true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism in order to effect peace.
" - That's me.
- Yeah? 'Cause I don't let anybody in.
- Not really.
- Yeah, I I can tell that.
You're a tough lady, Terri.
I'm just protective of me, 'cause if I don't shine my buttons, nobody else does.
- Okay, follow me, my love.
- Sure.
You said yesterday that you, uh, would like to have a "classy version" of you.
- Yes.
- Love that.
- So now we are showing your great boobs.
- I know.
We're showing your amazing legs.
Have you considered maybe focusing on one area at once? I I don't know how to get there.
No, I don't.
Then I would like to help you with that.
I pulled a bunch of stuff already, but I've got one question.
- Is this too wild? - I knew you were gonna pull that.
- There's something about it.
- That's too grandma-y.
Grand You think this is grandma? What grandmas are you hanging around? My mother wears that.
That short? - No, that's just not even it.
- All right, all right, all right.
I don't know how she's gonna respond to this.
My concern is that Terri is gonna come out and be like, "Mnh-mnh.
This is so not okay.
You've covered up way too much of my body.
" - Can I open the curtain? - Certainly.
- Okay.
- You like it? You don't even know.
We are focusing on your wonderful bosom.
We've covered up some of the rest, but it doesn't mean I've taken your sexy away.
Your legs look amazing.
Your ass looks amazing.
You tell me that that's not a hot grandma.
No, this is a look I would go with.
You could be 25.
You could be 55.
You could be whatever age.
You still look hot.
You still look classy.
But I get respect.
Everyone would be looking at you for all the right reasons.
This is what I wanted.
I wanted dressy but casual.
- I want more upscale classy.
Like, yeah.
- Yeah, did you feel it? Yes, I feel it.
By all accounts, nobody gets to choose anything for Terri.
So, it feels like we've really made a breakthrough.
It doesn't have to always be skin, skin, skin, skin, skin.
Instead of showing it all, show a little.
Keep them guessing.
I wanna see you.
If you hate it, you hate it.
I want you to be open, and we're gonna play.
- Can I open this? - Yes.
And how are we feeling about it now that we've got it on? Like to get me out, you're gonna have to have a potato peeler.
Tell me about grandma.
When was the last time your grandma wore this? You got a hot grandma if she's in this.
I like it way better than I thought I would.
- Good.
- Because it fits right through here.
- Yeah.
- Right? - It gives you room for your big butt.
- Yeah, it does.
But yet, it shows my legs.
Do you feel like you're frumpy dumpy? - No, not in any way.
- Okay, great.
- I'm stunned that it even appeals to me.
- That makes me happy.
- [TERRI.]
- It's still so damn sexy.
You're just not showing it all at once.
- You're choosing one focus.
- All at once, it's ho-ey.
- I gotcha.
- Yes.
You have no idea what an accomplishment you've done.
- Thanks.
- I don't like anybody's taste.
- Good.
- I'm like, "Nope.
Ain't happening.
I'm high-key confident Ooh, and there ain't no stoppin' it Glowed up like I'm rollin' first class Ooh, ooh, and I like it like that Glowed up Have you ever been to Swedish Hill Bakery? [TERRI.]
For about however long they've been open, yeah.
So that's a yes.
- That is a major yes.
I like it like that - [WOMAN.]
- Hi, Chef Jen, how are you? I'm great.
How are you? Really good.
Mind if we just get in your kitchen and have some fun? - Yeah, come on back.
Thank you so much.
- You're gonna wait here for a second.
- [TERRI.]
And I'm gonna be right back.
Terri, close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Okay, you can open 'em.
- Oh, my God, Alex! Aww! - [ANTONI LAUGHS.]
- How are you, baby? - I'm good.
I brought Alex! - [LAUGHS.]
We were sitting in your kitchen when we saw this lovely recipe of your grandma's.
Me and my grandmother made together, and I loved anything she made.
- Have you made this with your grandma? - No.
- You've eaten it with me though.
- You guys are gonna be roommates.
So I figure why not get in the kitchen and have something you guys can make? Okay, so First, you put your buttermilk into your baking soda, and then you wanna stir it so that it's good and mixed, not lumpy.
I am here.
I got my mise en place, all the ingredients.
Ready to make this banana cake.
- [ALEX.]
This thing? - [TERRI.]
Sugar first.
- [ALEX.]
Sugar first? - [ANTONI.]
Grandma said Sugar first.
Mostly because butter will stick to the bottom.
Terri just swoops right in.
She takes control 'cause that's the woman that she is.
There, you have that and then half your shortener.
You know what you're talking about.
I'm but a peon in her world.
- Make sure the shortening's - I'm here for it, frankly.
- Do it like a blender.
- Oh, okay.
So it's all nice and foamy.
I am loving this.
Oh, you have a way better technique though.
My grandma showed love through baking food.
She had me cooking with her and stuff, but we were buddies.
Well, you guys are buddies.
- Now I know why you're so drawn to him.
- He's my boy.
I'm gonna go put this in the oven.
You're doing good.
I've reached out to a few family members.
Nobody seems to have the recipe for the rum glaze.
- I have it.
What is it? - Here.
- Okay.
You start with one stick of butter, but you're gonna put your rum in there and warm it up with your butter.
So then you wanna just put your sugar in there.
Is grandma's house very different than the house that you were raised in? Yeah, I would say so.
It's just my mom and my grandma are just two different people.
My mom is very organized So you like your structure.
You like things to be put away.
That's just a comfort thing 'cause I've been around it.
What are you looking forward to? - [ALEX.]
Uh - [TERRI.]
Getting away from his mother.
- You can't help yourself.
I'm just joking.
Probably just getting to be around my grandma more.
- Aww, that's sweet, Alex.
Just hanging out.
She's not like anybody else that you'll ever meet.
- She's her own person.
She's Terri.
- Fun.
I just want her to not need other people's approval or anything like that.
- Just be okay with her.
- [TERRI.]
- He really loves you.
- I know that.
I know that.
Terri's gone through her life feeling like she's being judged by everyone around her for the way that she presents herself.
But the validation that she needs is already there.
It's literally right in front of her.
- There you go.
That's how you do it.
It's in her family.
I really think you guys are gonna get along well.
- We always have.
- He's gonna teach you a little bit of structure.
- He will too.
- You're gonna teach him a bit of freedom.
Mmm! This is legit freakin' delicious.
- That's good.
- [TERRI.]
Aw, you're so sweet.
Right where we belong, whoo! With all of the magic, yeah, yeah! Together we're stranded, yeah, yeah! Left my fears at home Away from the madness, yeah, yeah! Tonight we forget it, yeah, yeah! I'm finally vibing, already decided [ALARM CHIRPS.]
We're gonna do archery with your mom.
- Okay.
- So she's gonna be coming here in a bit.
We're here at Central Texas Archery because Terri and Ashley have to grow and get to a healthy place, not just for themselves, but for Alex too, and when people are afraid to talk about their emotions, it's good to sometimes give them an activity.
So that way they can do both.
What was your childhood like? - Eventful.
That is a really good word after spending some time with your mom.
She isn't always the most structured human being.
I was a little young adult.
Yeah, yeah.
Meaning that you had to kind of raise yourself? I just grew up quick, I guess.
- And it's hard to have a conversation and [GASPS, SNIFFLES.]
get her to listen, you know? That's a fear of yours, your son coming into your mom's house and your mom not listening to your son.
Her coping mechanism is she goes 90 miles an hour.
Because if she has to stop and really listen, then she has to hear and acknowledge something.
That's when she starts to feel judged.
Yes, and and that's hard for her.
You know, if you feel like the people that you love the most are judging you, that's a horrible way to feel.
I love every part of her, and I really want what's best for both of them.
Have you ever been able to say that to her? [SIGHS.]
You know have you been around my mom? [LAUGHING.]
Hi! - Hello, my love.
- How are you? Hi! [KARAMO.]
Hi! - How are you, beautiful? - [TAN.]
Darling, how are you? [KARAMO.]
You look good! [TAN.]
Why have you brought me to the middle of nowhere? I'm actually sending you away, but we're gonna do some archery.
That's cute.
Okay, have fun.
Hi! - How are ya? - Really good.
I'm glad you're here.
Talking to Ashley is so eye-opening.
Because she feels like her mother doesn't listen to her.
And so I wanna get Terri to a place where she knows that she can communicate with the people in her life and not feel judged.
So we're gonna start shooting at those so we can create a sign for the graduation party.
Oh, is there - [KARAMO.]
There's paint in there.
- Paint? Yeah, with all of your grandson's high school colors in it.
- Wonderful! - Oh, cool! [KARAMO.]
Put the three fingers underneath the arrow on the string.
- And let go when you're ready.
Let go when you're ready.
- Perfect.
Come on.
- [TERRI.]
I'm aiming.
- Got there.
It went up.
It moves on me.
- [TERRI.]
I'm gonna close my eyes.
- Whoo! Money! - [KARAMO.]
Good job! [SHOUTS.]
- Talk about euphoric, finally.
- High-five! - Yeah.
We got a little bit more.
Come on.
We'll bring this over here so we can paint.
- [TERRI.]
All right.
- Let's do the "congratulations" up here.
- [TERRI.]
What I love about this is Alex is moving from one nest to the other, you're both working together for him.
- [TERRI.]
I will.
What she has to understand is that I'm gonna be trying my very best to do what she really wants, in my way.
But sometimes I think in heart of hearts, when it comes to Alex, she doesn't think that I handle responsibility right.
Is that true? - [ASHLEY.]
I want him to be held accountable and to transition into adulthood.
Like, he needs to get up and go to work, and he needs to be productive.
I know, Ash.
It's just that she has structure.
It's something I don't even have any.
How you gonna change that shit? - We're not here to change you.
- [TERRI.]
Oh, yes.
This is not about me judging you at all.
It is about that.
She's a much better mom than me.
No, listen.
- It's not about me being better.
- [TERRI.]
She is.
All I want is for you to know I would love for you to hear me.
- And listen.
- Do you understand what that means? Yes, it means, "Mother, look at me when I'm talking to you and really hear the words I'm saying instead of looking away and not listening.
" Look, I act that way 'cause it's a defense mechanism, Ashley.
I have a hard time [HESITATES.]
This is hard for you.
- No, it's not.
I don't like it.
I don't think emotion is really great to me like this.
What can we do to support you? - Like, give me a moment.
Yeah, that's okay.
See, that's part of the communication that is happening here.
So, we can give you a moment.
That's totally okay.
She misreads me.
I hear everything this child says.
I leave out her door thinking, "Oh, my God," and then I process and I process and I process.
- That's good to hear.
- That's good for me to hear.
She thinks that I just blow it off.
I do not.
It wears me out.
It's 'cause my brain cannot absorb any more.
I appreciate that.
Hear you.
- I love her so much.
I hear every syllable she says.
- But now she knows that you're listening.
- Yeah, yeah.
I never have in my entire life doubted how much you love me.
- I'm a good grown-up.
I'm a good parent.
- That's right.
And I am that because I learned how to be a good parent from your love.
You've done a good job.
Do you understand? Yeah.
Thanks, Ashley.
One of the ways that you all can start hearing each other even more is I think we need some type of word or something where you all can say to each other, "Hey, right now, I might be feeling judged.
" Or "Hey, right now, I need time to process.
" Mine will be, "Slap my butt.
No way.
I'm out.
- Mine's "Karamo.
" - [KARAMO.]
- Karamo! That All right, agreed.
- Karamo! - Agreed? Okay.
That will be your signal.
If she says my name, that means to you, "She needs me to listen a bit longer.
" And if she says it, that means she needs time to process, she can't go any deeper with her emotions.
And I think that's a healthy way for you all to start moving forward.
- Karamo! - [LAUGHING.]
That's where they got me going Like a rocket so hot I like to cool down Feeling like a p-p-pot The heat's addictive, I need some liquid A gin and tonic Okay, come on in and take a seat.
- Can I touch your hair? Okay.
- Yeah.
So, your look is so pretty.
- You already know what it is.
- I do.
I don't want any unveiling, you know.
I have so much love and compassion for anyone who's struggling with accepting their hair.
Because I know how much suffering people go through as a result of having issues with their hair.
If we went into another room, if you're nervous, I do have another room.
- I'm not nervous.
I'm petrified.
- Okay.
My hunch is that Terri has hair going on under her wig, but whatever Terri is willing and ready to do, to talk about, I'm here for her.
I want you to be happy.
I love hair on you, but I think 'Cause your body's beautiful, but I feel like this is just covering up to a point where you can't see the hourglass of your body.
What do you think I do that for? - To cover up.
- Sure.
But don't you agree that, like, a gorgeous, hourglass body is, like, what everybody wants? - [TERRI.]
- You have that.
I really think you could live in your natural hair and rock the shit out of it.
I don't want to.
I don't have the hair anymore.
I used to.
But I feel like I just would be very curious to see, because I have literally made miracles happen.
But you can't style this one.
- What? - You can't style this.
It's ugly.
You are not ugly.
You're so Like, your energy is different People expect me to look a certain way.
Can't put hair where there's none.
Well, if we styled it forward No.
There's It's not enough.
I'm dead serious.
- Give me a great version of this.
- Huh? - What do you mean? - You can give me a great version of this.
You can actually give it a long, really long shag if you wanted to.
Okay, I'm into that.
So, kind of open up the face? - You know, really shag it, play it.
- Yeah.
- Yay! Let's go wash it.
- Yeah.
I've never not gotten someone to, like, let me see their natural hair.
She looked at me, and she said, "Not today, Jesus look-alike.
Not today.
" - I'm really excited we're doing a shag.
- You can make it look so good.
- I'm gonna like it.
- I think you are too.
We're gonna take some of that length up and kind of reshape it and just soften it up.
I'm gonna be, like, struttin' it.
- Okay.
- Great shit.
Yikes! I'm sorry.
I just love Terri, and I want her to feel as beautiful as she is.
If you end up taking this off one night and you're like, "You know what? I think I am down to do it.
" - [TERRI.]
- Call and I will highlight your hair.
- [TERRI.]
Ain't you sweet.
- And let it grow out.
- This is it It's wide open I know it, live it - Okay, ready to see the new you? - [TERRI.]
All right.
Three, two, one.
Looks pretty good, huh? [JONATHAN.]
Get up in it and take a look.
- Really good.
- We did it! We did come up with a solution, huh? Yeah, we did, didn't we? I don't know if I made progress with Terri coming into a place of acceptance with where her hair is.
Oh, yeah, that's really cute.
But I am happy that she's feeling bold, confident, beautiful and ready for maybe a potential bigger change in the future.
Who knows? [TERRI.]
At some point, I'm gonna think about what you said.
I think you're really very beautiful.
- [TERRI.]
Ain't you sweet.
- Right.
Let it sing A choir of sinners Broken wings Broken wings Ain't no angels Just a bunch of thieves [TERRI.]
You should ride more often.
You ride good.
I should.
I really like it.
- You know what it does for me? - Hmm? I quit thinking about anything else 'cause I'm riding.
You're like me.
- [TERRI.]
- You need meditation like I do.
Oh! - Wow! - Well, hello there, cowgirl.
- Terri, you look so comfortable on that.
Look so pretty.
This is my new life.
I'm moving in with Terri.
I hope you designed a bedroom for me, Bobby.
Yep, sure did.
- That's exactly what happened.
Let's do this.
How excited are you? - I'm nervous and excited.
- [BOBBY.]
All right, are you ready? - [TERRI.]
I'm ready.
- [BOBBY.]
- [GASPS.]
Yes? - Oh, my God! Slap my butt.
That is really beautiful! - [BOBBY.]
Right? - [LAUGHING.]
This is incredible! - [TERRI.]
Holy shit! [LAUGHING.]
That's wonderful.
- It doesn't look like my house.
- It does not.
And this is great.
I kept the light, airy feel that you had, but I added some layers of textures.
- You've got seating here.
- My favorite is that.
Isn't it amazing? - [TERRI.]
That is bitchin'.
It's Morocco-ish.
- [TERRI.]
I like that.
- [PURRS.]
Shut up! Oh, my God! [BOBBY.]
What did you say you wanted? - [ANTONI.]
Greatest fridge in the world! - What did Daddy give you? You got a big Smeg! - [TERRI.]
That is the best thing.
You love a good fridge.
He got an old fridge young.
Your grandma's light is there.
I love this nice little pop of color.
- [TERRI.]
- [BOBBY.]
It actually stands out way more now that the cabinets are light than it did before.
I I am just overwhelmed.
Show us more! Show us more! Oh! That's my bed? [BOBBY.]
That is your bed.
I raised it up because it was so pretty.
- [TERRI.]
Oh, my God! - [BOBBY.]
It was being hidden.
Oh, my God! Shit! [BOBBY.]
Terri and I tiled this whole area together.
Did you? - [JONATHAN.]
Oh! Yeah, we did all this.
- That is amazing.
- This is stunning! [KARAMO.]
Oh, good job! You think that this is gonna help with some of the chaos? Uh, yeah, I was up four to five times a night.
Don't even know why.
Because it was chaotic and the chaos around you puts chaos in your mind.
- [BOBBY.]
And now? - Exactly.
I think that I'm gonna feel more, you know, when I get home, like [SIGHS.]
I went like this, this morning.
Turn him on.
- Yeah, and I was like - Ooh-ooh-ooh! Okay.
Hello! - You did such a great job! - [JONATHAN.]
Thank you.
- And it won't ever grow.
Oh, yeah, well, speaking of that, actually, I did get you one more thing.
This is the cap from the HairClub.
And so what you can do, when you feel like you're ready for a change, you can just wear that to stimulate growth.
It's one of those things that you have to wear three times a week for 20 minutes.
- But when you're ready.
- Change.
Yes, this is waiting for you right underneath your sink.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- I had fun getting to play with you.
- Aw, you're sweet.
If you remember, we're showing one thing instead of everything.
- How do you feel about that? - Wonderful.
I never knew it.
Great, and it felt like something you would like to continue to do? That's easy to do.
- Are you ready to see Terri? - [ALL.]
Yeah! Good.
Me too.
Come on, Terri.
That looks good! - [JONATHAN.]
I love that pant.
- It does? - Yeah.
Nice front zip on the pants.
I like that.
It gives the shoe a peekaboo.
- [TAN.]
Yeah, it does.
- You feel good? Feels like you? - [TERRI.]
- Yes.
- Do you still feel sexy? - Of course.
This is still very much you.
It's like a zhuzh-ed up you.
- I think it's beautiful.
- Made it easier.
Really pretty.
Listen, you boys have done miracles.
Nobody in my entire life has ever known what y'all know.
Oh, wow.
He tapped in that I need a little discipline.
Oh! You know, this one taught me how to cry.
And this one taught me how to like, just - He allowed me to be me.
By doing that cake, that you actually were looking at me thinking, "Wow, she really is great at that.
" That meant a lot to me, it really did.
You are so good at it.
No, you're good at cooking and all this kind of stuff, and then for you to, like, admire me, it was a lot.
You know? Made me feel better.
And I'm very excited about Alex.
He didn't come in here, and it's Granny's house.
- [TAN.]
- He comes in, and it's our house.
Oh, that's nice.
- You got a party to get together, honey! - Yeah! - [KARAMO.]
Yeah! - [TAN.]
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss y'all.
Y'all are really sweet.
Y'all are the best! - [JOHNATHAN.]
Love you, Terri.
Have fun! - I love you.
Bye, buddies! - [BOBBY.]
Had your time And now it's been and gone Move along, move along Hear me saying that this race has run So move along Haven't seen you here in a while - [KARAMO.]
We're almost there.
- Feel kind of nervous.
- But, like, excitedly nervous.
- You do? Yeah.
So much has changed.
It's like a whole year.
Wonder if she's living with her grandson.
- I do wonder.
Here we go.
Oh! - [KARAMO.]
Oh, my gosh.
I just got chills in my body.
Me too.
- Okay, let's do this.
- All right, shall we? - Okay, yeah.
I'm nervous to see Terri because so much has happened over the last year that I worried that she slipped right back into her old ways.
After you.
Hi, guys! - Terri! - Hi! - [LAUGHS.]
Oh, my God! Terri! - [BOBBY.]
God! Look at how gorgeous you look! - You look amazing.
Oh, my God! [KARAMO.]
You're so pretty! How you doing? - Good.
- Oh, my God! - [TERRI.]
Hi! - Your hair looks so pretty! See, I was thinking of you when I did it.
Oh, my God! Hello.
Oh, my gosh! I barely recognized you! - I know! - I barely recognized you.
I had to do what Jonathan said.
I just did it.
- That's what you didn't want me to see? - You look incredible.
- [TERRI.]
- This is your real hair? [KARAMO.]
Yeah, that's her hair! - [TAN.]
Why did you hide it away? - [KARAMO.]
I know.
I can't I'm really like - I don't think I've ever been so aghast.
I have never been this shocked in my life! - [TAN.]
Wow! - How have y'all been? - [TAN.]
Forget about us! - [KARAMO.]
How have you been? I've been wonderful.
Okay, first things first.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.
- The most lovely man.
- Terrible.
He was, uh [EXHALES.]
- What? The reason everybody came here.
- [TAN.]
You know? He had an uncanny ability to make you feel so special .
- And that's what I loved about him.
- [TAN.]
Yeah, no, the moment we walked in, I felt a warmth and a welcome from him.
- Did your grandson move in? - Yes, he did.
And he lived with me for about eight months.
- And then his stepdad died.
- Oh! [TERRI.]
Ashley's husband.
- He died of a massive heart attack.
Oh, my God! She's been through a lot.
- Oh.
Oh, my gosh.
Hey! - [TAN.]
Oh, hi! - [KARAMO.]
Hi, Ashley! How are you doing? - Look how big Alex got.
- [TAN.]
I know! - [JONATHAN.]
He's like a grown-up now! - I know! - It's so good to see you! - [SHOUTS.]
Hi! [TAN.]
You! You look beautiful.
How's it going? - [ASHLEY.]
It's going.
- How are you doing? [TERRI.]
She's doing good.
- I'm already crying.
- [TERRI.]
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just let it out.
- It's been a really hard year.
- [TERRI.]
- These are clean.
- Thank you.
No prob.
I keep 'em on me.
- Listen, I'm always in need.
- [TERRI.]
I wanna tell you a funny story.
To get her mind on something else.
- We had an issue right after y'all left.
- And I went, "Karamo!" - [LAUGHS.]
Listen, I thought about you all year, and I wanted to reach out so bad, because the day that we spent with you, it was a game changer for our relationship.
- She really has used the Karamo on me.
When my husband was in the hospital, she was in the hospital parking lot.
She couldn't come in, but just knowing she was there, you know? She would be mowing my grass at 9 p.
You know, just 'cause that's what my husband loved.
And, uh, so I wanna tell you truly from the bottom of my heart, I'm so thankful.
You know, my mom has a home she's so proud of.
We have communication.
And I wanna tell you how thankful I am for meeting my mom exactly where she was and understanding her vulnerability with her hair.
That was something so anxiety-ridden for her.
- So I'm thankful.
- [TERRI.]
I love him.
- I thought, "I would turn gay for him.
We would have to, like We would have to do several other things [LAUGHING.]
Your energy feels more comfortable in your skin.
It's a true transformation.
It really is.
- Alex, how are you doing? - [TERRI.]
- I'm hanging in.
I'm fine.
- How do you get through it all? - I just make sure they're all right.
As long as they're all right, I'm all right.
- You are such a sweetheart.
- He is.
- [TERRI.]
Isn't he? He's more like me than he wants to admit.
Terri, before we go, we have one more little gift we wanted to give you.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, my God, Ashley! Look! - [ASHLEY.]
Aww! I love it! - [TERRI.]
And Dad's in there.
Who was this lady? - She has left the building.
- Wild bitch! [ALL LAUGHING.]
2020 was a hard year for all of us.
It's been a year of a pandemic, loss, so much change.
However, it's a moment to really remind ourselves of what really matters to us, which is each other.
Terri took so much tragedy that the universe gave her and turned it into being there for her daughter, turned it into being there for her grandson.
It is just beautiful to see how much she has grown.
And that's a reminder to all of us.
Even though you've been through something hard, never stop growing.
You just gotta keep on keeping on.
- Bye! - [TERRI.]
Bye, guys.
- Bye, everyone.
- Bye.
Keep it country! [ANTONI.]
Keep it country! [TERRI.]
What do you say? [FAB FIVE.]
Bullshit! What do you say? - [FAB FIVE.]
Bullshit! - [LAUGHING.]
Bye! [ANTONI.]
Neon, come here.
If you're like me, you left 2020 with one more dog than you entered it with.
She's our little Texas shelter pup.
So today's hip tip is about canine couture.
Yes, they already come with a gorgeous coat, but we are gonna accessorize it and make it pop.
And it's all about leaning into your pet's comfort zone.
For Neon, that's almost exclusively wigs and tutus.
- Nah.
- Better.
But we can do better.
Right, Ant? [LAUGHING.]
Neon, you're so beautiful.
All jokes aside, adopting dogs is a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility, but it can be life changing.
Please consider it.
- Yeah! - Yeah! Good girl! - ["COTTON-EYED JOE" PLAYING.]
- [MAN.]
Whoo-hoo! If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe I'd been married a long time ago Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe? If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe I'd been married a long time ago Where did you come from? And where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe? [VOCALIZING.]
If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe I'd been married a long time ago Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe? Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Whoo! Yee-ha! Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe? [SHOUTING.]

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