Quicksand (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Funeral

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Were you able to get it inside? Yes.
I can't believe you've got it.
The whole Divide album is on here, except for "Supermarket Flowers.
" That's a song, right? - The staff deleted certain things.
- Because it's about death? - Should I object to the decision? - No, it's fine.
It sucks anyway.
I see.
Thanks, by the way.
Of course.
Have you seen the counselor after After my meltdown? That wasn't the word I was looking for.
You wanted something more diplomatic.
Well, have you? Interrogations aren't daily, but the pre-trial investigation isn't over.
Could you get my cell phone in here? This doesn't even have a clock.
Today's Tuesday, right? Yes.
When does it start? Three o'clock.
And what time is it now? 10:30 am.
Are you finished? Bye.
What are you dreaming about? The meaning of life.
Have you found it? What? No.
Do you know how far I had to drive to find a parking spot? For miles.
You live half a mile away.
Well, I know.
I might as well have walked.
This Nobel Prize winner I know she's famous and it's awesome she's here.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
But, please, you have to be able to get to school.
I'd never manage if I didn't have the weekend to look forward to.
It'll be so great.
- Have you met Labbe's parents? - I think so.
- His dad always wears clogs, right? - Yes, exactly.
I mean, they're really the best.
You're going to love Mags.
She called and asked me what I'm doing this summer.
There's some huge family reunion, and I absolutely have to come.
I've already started looking at dresses.
You have to help me choose.
- Hey? Are you paying attention? - So Claes is here? Yeah, why? I didn't think he cared much about Sebastian's schooling.
Didn't you hear? He's the one paying.
Fifty thousand dollars for an hour in the auditorium.
I never really got it before.
We're just teeny tiny.
I mean, in a good way.
And Nature is so super huge Labbe says that when I turn 18, I should get my hunting license.
- But you're a vegetarian.
- I know.
But that's different.
Oh, I love this song.
Turn it up.
My feed full of LA palms Laptops, drinks, hits in panic I'll take one more year on the subway Someone has to stop, I mean please Hi.
- Hey gorgeous.
- Hi.
- Hey, brother.
Everything good? - Yes.
My dad wants to give you the full tour.
- Great.
- No, it's not.
Don't ask any questions.
If you do, he'll never stop.
And laugh a little if you think he made a "joke.
" - Welcome! Hi! - Hello there! - Let's take the tour right away.
- Can't they get settled in first? Their bags aren't going anywhere.
Come on.
I didn't think Samir would be here.
That'll be fun.
The more the merrier.
- Leave your bags.
I'll take care of them.
- Thanks, Mags.
This is the oldest section, from the 17th century, but it's been renovated to look like it's from the 16th century.
You can look at the wood paneling here on the wall.
Here's a Japanese suit of armor from the late 16th century.
It belonged to a samurai.
It ended up here via our explorer NordenskiÃld, who received it as a gift from the Japanese emperor.
If you look carefully, you'll see the tuft on the helmet is made from human hair.
Yuck! That's gross.
He must have been scalped, poor guy.
Yikes This transformation from estate to castle occurred in 1889 when these four massive flanking towers were built, the ones you saw earlier.
Why did he do that? The 16th century castle was simply back in fashion.
Follow me and we'll greet the whole family.
Who do you think these two are? Charles XIV and Hedwig Eleonora.
- Who was she married to? - Charles X.
Charles X, good.
Good, Samir.
Now let's go into the heart of this place, the library.
This is quite interesting, because no one knows who this man is.
He's probably an English lord.
It was made around 1650.
But he's not a famous person, because no one has told his story for posterity.
But I think it's a beautiful portrait.
Is this a Liège? - What's that? - This percussion rifle.
Well, that's more than I know.
They were made for the Swedish Navy in the 17th century.
Well, Sebastian, that never caught my interest.
We've got time to go upstairs.
Come along.
Have a look at the ceiling.
These are original frescos from the 17th century.
It's really beautiful, and well-preserved, too.
Let's take the stairs.
There are only 25 rooms up here.
Sebastian Sebastian, they're right outside.
I want to have sex with you.
Stop it, they're right outside.
Stop it.
I want to have sex with you.
What were you up to in that room? Just having a quickie.
We're graduating next semester.
What? We are? Why hasn't anyone told me? But, Maja, I'm serious.
I'm moving to London, and you to the US.
- We might never see each other again.
- Of course we will.
Yes, but - What if I don't make it? - What do you mean? People who've been in London say they've had to work half the night.
Making copies, and making coffee.
That sort of thing.
But I'll manage.
I will.
Of course you will.
But what if I don't figure out what I want? Besides peace on earth and enough food for all the children.
I know I want that.
I can't promise peace on Earth, but soon there'll be food for all the children.
- Will you tell the guys, too? - Of course, Mags! She loves you.
- Maja, some soup? - Yes, please! - Sebastian, sparkling or still? - You got any wine? - We're having mineral water.
- But I'm over 18, Mags.
So am I, but mineral water works just fine.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
- Maja? - Sparkling, please.
There you go.
- Mags, you usually prefer sparkling.
- I'd like sparkling.
Samir, I heard about the scene you created in the auditorium.
So we've been rubbing elbows with a communist! No, I simply asked a question.
That's good.
You should question everything.
Yes, except for what drink is being served with dinner.
- Is that enough or would you like more? - No, I'm fine.
Thank you, Margareta.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
- How are your parents, Samir? - They're fine.
- What is your mom doing now? - She works at Huddinge Hospital.
Oh, she must have solved the licensing issue.
That's nice to hear.
Yes, give her our best.
She's working as a nurse's aide while she waits.
She likes the hospital setting.
I can't believe we can't make better use of our resources.
I agree.
Everyone should get to do what they want.
Don't worry, Samir.
Things will work out for your mom.
That's strange.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I could swear you said your mom worked as a lawyer.
Labbe? When Samir started at our school, didn't he tell everyone that his mom was a lawyer? But maybe she had a double major? That'd be amazing.
- My dad is a lawyer.
My mom is a doctor.
- Your dad's a lawyer? So he doesn't drive a taxi? Labbe, when we were at Stureplan a month ago, didn't you say Samir's dad drove us home? - Sebastian, stop it.
- What? It doesn't matter what Samir's parents do for a living.
Well, explain this to me.
How is it that everyone who drives a subway train, or cleans Or, sorry, Sammie, who drives a taxi, or is a nurse's aide, that all of them are actually doctors and lawyers and fucking nuclear physicists, is that right? Is there no one in all of Syria or Iraq who works at the grocery store? - That's enough, Sebastian.
- Aren't we supposed to question things? That's enough.
Sebastian, listen carefully.
Refugees who make it all the way to Sweden are most often the people who had financial stability and higher education.
And that's because it takes money.
Not a lot of money in your world, but you should still be able to understand.
The people who build tent cities in Humlegården, they really belong to the absolute elite.
I've known you your whole life.
I refuse to believe you are this simple-minded.
Simple-minded? You've only invited Samir because he'll help Labbe raise his grades.
- What are they paying you, Sammie? - Sebastian and I will take a walk.
- I have to leave? - Don't make this worse.
I have to leave while this son of a bitch sits here and lies? Come on now.
Sebastian! What a goddamn joke Are you coming, Maja? Go ahead and stay! - You fucking parasite! - That's enough! - You disgusting fucking ass-kisser! - Quiet! I need to visit the restroom.
Yes? - What time is it? - Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? Can't you just tell me what time it is? We've been through this.
You can't press the button whenever you feel like it.
Just tell me what time it is.
12:15 pm.
You're welcome.
That took a while.
Sebastian left.
He wasn't fit to spend time with anyone today.
His dad was in agreement.
- So you got hold of him? - Yes.
And what did our dear Claes have to say? - We can talk about that later, Mags.
- Excuse me, but I have to call Sebastian.
Sebastian, will you call me back as soon as possible? Please.
I don't need comforting.
It was the first day of school, and I was super stressed.
I understand if you guys weren't.
You've all known each other for 17 generations.
Damn fifteen-year-olds who're all like, "Oh, what do your parents do?" Wouldn't you say that's messed up? - Yeah, it's pretty messed up.
- So messed up.
I take it your mom is neither a doctor nor a lawyer.
I never said she was a lawyer.
Labbe got it wrong.
A doctor? She wanted to become one, but it never happened.
She's happy being a nurse's aide.
There's nothing wrong with that.
How about your dad? Sebastian was right.
Margareta and Georg should have kicked me out.
That's what you're thinking.
- Don't tell me what I'm thinking.
- What are you thinking? It's sad that you think you have to pretend and tell lies.
Don't you get that people would like you even more if they only knew? Your mom is a nurse's aide and your dad drives a taxi, and you've come this far.
People love that sort of thing.
Well, but they do.
Maja, you don't get it at all! Just watch Idols, The X Factor or goddamn Masterbaker or whatever it's called, and you'll learn that the backstory is half of it.
If we cared just a little bit more about immigrants, and they became a little more Swedish, and if they just studied a little more, then the American dream would be within reach.
You all love the American dream, and you love Zlatan.
Damn, you all love Zlatan, Maja.
It just gets better when Zlatan says, "I've never read a book," or, "Of course girls can't play soccer," because that's what immigrants are like.
They're misogynistic and uneducated.
But you all like them because you're tolerant.
Who do you mean by "you all"? You talk about how "you all think this," "you all think that.
" But who's "you all"? You know I like you.
Maja, you have to stop this.
I want to go to the gym.
It's occupied.
- I want to shower.
- It's occupied, too.
But you didn't even check.
Maja, you're not the only client here.
I want to see the priest.
Hey, I want to see the priest.
I have the right to do that.
I'll check if he's available.
Anything in particular you want to talk about? Not really.
DJURSHOLM IN TEARS How are you feeling about everything? It's not a coincidence you came to see me today.
- How do you feel? - Awesome.
How does it feel not being able to go to the funeral? They don't want me there anyway.
Don't mind them.
Would you want to go? But I'm stuck in here.
Have you talked to the staff about that? There are lots of activities - Maybe you don't want to.
- I'm not allowed to.
- I mustn't interact with other inmates.
- Right.
I'll talk to the staff, and try to find something that fits your restrictions.
Does that sound good? Great.
Have you ever held a funeral? Yes, I have.
- Is it tough? - Sometimes it is.
Sometimes it's beautiful as well.
We're humans, after all.
We need to grieve.
There's something beautiful, almost liberating about it.
So if you could attend the funeral what would you want to say? I don't know.
I think you do know, Maja.
I think you would want to ask for forgiveness.
You think you don't have the right to ask for forgiveness, but you do.
Everyone does.
To forgive is an act of mercy.
You don't ask for it when you're free of guilt.
Quite the opposite.
When things are at their worst, that's when it means something.
- I have a question.
- Sure.
What time is it? You know I'd never sleep with Samir.
I love you.
Say something.
What? - What do you want me to say? - That you and me are cool.
- What do you want me to do? - Why do we always have to do things? You're so achievement-oriented.
Try chilling out a little more.
Knock it off.
We're cool.
Would you like to do something? Like what? I don't know.
Take a walk, go to a movie.
We could go out.
Let's go out.
I'll make some calls, get some people together.
It'll be good.
We're over here.
I'll be back, I have to take care of something.
- Come on, it's fucking freezing.
- Go inside.
- What's up, brother? - Everything good? - Gonna get lit tonight.
- You're awesome.
You take care of everything.
Go for it.
Come on.
See you later.
What were you talking to Dennis about? You good? Hey.
The weather.
- Hi there! Welcome.
- Thanks.
Hi, Seb.
I'm going to the restroom.
Go to the VIP room.
I'll be there in a sec.
Hey, Amanda - How's it going? - Have you seen Sebastian? - How's it going? - How the fuck do you think it's going? This fucking place! This fucking city! Disgusting fucking people.
What the fuck are we even doing here? - I mean, what the - Should we go home? - No.
I want to go to Barcelona.
- What? I know a really sweet tapas place by a church.
No, that's Palma! No, let's go to New York, there's a It's really cozy.
Don't touch me, for fuck's sake.
I said, don't touch me! - What the hell did you give him? - Calm down.
It's impossible to understand what he's saying! He's wasted! - What did you give him?! - Calm down! - Tell me what you gave him! - Okay, I'll stop.
Stop selling shit to Sebastian, you understand? Fucking asshole! We'll spend a week in London What the fuck are you doing? - Damn - Sebastian, come here, stand up.
Come on.
We're going home.
- Sebastian, there's a bouncer coming.
- Give me our jackets.
- It's crazy - No! Come on.
Come here, Sebastian.
Come on now, come.
Taxi! Oh! Are you sitting here in the dark? I thought you were at Sebastian's.
Are you hungry? Come on.
I'll make us some breakfast.
Why don't you invite Sebastian for dinner? Not tonight, but how about this weekend? It'd be nice, and I think Lina would enjoy it.
Dad and I will behave.
You don't need to worry.
We won't embarrass you.
Why don't you ever ask anything important? Forget it.
- What do you want? - I have to get out.
- That's not possible.
- Open up! I have to get out of here! Knock it off.
- Where have you been? - I just started my shift.
And what time is it? 2:45 pm.
Okay, thanks.
Are you okay, Maja? - Do you need anything? - No.
I'm right outside if you need anything, okay? Okay.
Fifteen minutes 900 seconds One, two, three, four I don't know if I'm in love anymore.
Oh, sweetie You're not alone.
I don't know if I'll manage.
Yes, you will.
You're not alone.
If you're there for Seb, I'm there for you.
Okay? You're really strong.
You're my hero.
A lot of people would just bail.
But you won't.
We'll figure this out.
895, 896, 897, 898, 899, 900.
Pink skies over penthouse millions Pink skies again Pink skies and the black SUVs Have double-parked half the city My feed full of LA palms Laptops, drinks, hits in panic Kalle, open up! I have to get out! There are people in the yard.
You have to wait.
I have to get out! I have to get out of here.
Knock that off! At times, she was so superficial.
"Oppression is terrible.
" "Poverty is terrible.
" "And racism is really terrible.
" She always said stuff like that.
That everything is "really great" or "super cozy.
" Or "teeny tiny.
" And then if we watched some YouTube clip with the world's fattest man who was walking for the first time in 30 years, she would say, "Hush, I'm watching the news.
" She felt so sorry for everyone.
But she was just as sorry for herself.
There was no difference between someone who had cancer or if she had a zit.
So damn self-absorbed.
Everyone was supposed to serve her all the time.
But she was She was Amanda And we did everything together.
No clouds, only hot air balloons Seventeen of them, I swear - How are you feeling, Maja? - Better.
That's good.
I would like you to tell me about when you shot Amanda.
My client has described the course of events several times.
I want to hear it again.
I tried to shoot Sebastian.
And the gun went off by mistake.
The gun you were holding? - You have to answer aloud.
- Yes.
I didn't notice it happening.
I would never hurt Amanda.
The witness from the classroom has been interviewed.
And that witness statement completely contradicts your story.
- But, wait, what? - Hold on.
We'll stop here.
- I need to talk to my client.
- No.
- Maja, I need to talk to you.
- Go ahead! That witness says you aimed at Amanda before you fired two shots.
What? That you killed her intentionally.
Let's go over this one more time.
What actually happened in the classroom when you shot Amanda?