Rabbids Invasion (2013) s03e08 Episode Script

Rabbid Re-Freeze; Rabbid Nightmare; Being Rabbid (Part 3)

1 - [man] Give me a "B.
" - [rabbid] Ba ba ba ba ba.
[man] Give me a lot of "ha.
" [woman singing operatically] [both scream] [title music] # Ho hee # Baa [tires screeching] # Ba, ba, baa # Ba ba Ba, baa Ba Ba - # Ba # - # Aaah # Baa Ho hee Zo zee [singing "Also Sprach Zarathustra" in gibberish] [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Ba-baa # - [humming] - [screen squeaking] [sighs] Uh-huh.
Bwa bwa.
[slurping] Mmm.
[gibberish] Bwa bwa bwa.
[gulping] Bwa ba ba ba ba, bwa ba.
- Bwa ba.
- Oh ho.
[gibberish] Oh oh.
- Oh - [gibberish] Bwa ba ba ba.
[whimpers] Bwa ba! [whimpering] [sniffles] [wailing] Bwa? - [sobbing] - Bwa ba? [gibberish] Oh, bwa ba? [gibberish] Bwa Oh? Bwa? [gibberish] [gibberish continues] Bwa? [grunting] [hair dryer blowing] Bwa ba, bwa ba ba ba [music] Heh-heh.
[zapping] [gasps] Bwa Ooh eee ah.
- [beeping, zapping] - [humming] [shouting happily] [gibberish] Oh-ho-ho [rabbids] Bwa ba ba [shouting and laughing] - Ooh.
- Bwa ba ba.
- Aah! - Bwa ba ba! Oh [gibberish] Ooh! [grunting] [groaning] Oh aah! [groaning] [grunting] [gibberish] Ba? Ba ba.
Ah [gibberish] Ba bwa.
[frantic gibberish] [gibberish] [groans] [frantic gibberish] Ooh ah! Bwa ba ba ba! Ba ba, ba ba ba Ba ba! Bwa? Oh bwa Huh? Huh bwa ba ba.
Bwa! [laughs, gasps] [groans] Oh oh? Bwa-ha! Ah, mmm Bwa-ah - Hmm? Oh, bwa ba ba.
- Mm, bwa ba ba.
Aha, aha oh? Bwa ooh! B-b-b-bwa Hmm [grunting] Bwa ooh.
[gibberish] Bwa bwa bwa Mm-hmm.
[gibberish] [whirring] Bwa ba ba! [zapping] [laughing, muttering happily] Hmm aah Hmm, hmm? - Bwa ba! - Bwa ba ba.
Oh bwa! Mmm - Bwa - Bwa ba? Bwa ba ba ba! Ha-ha! [gibberish] [music] Bwa ba ba! Bwa ba ba oh! Bwa ba? Bwa baa! [gibberish] Bwa ba ba Huh? Oh.
[gasping] [frantic gibberish] Bwa ba ba? Bwa Ba ba ba, ba ba ba.
[gasping, frantic gibberish] Bwa - Oh - Oh [music] - Bwa - Bwa [together] # Bwa ba ba! # [excited gibberish] Bwa ba ba! [both growling] [karate yelling] Bwa ba Aha bwa ba [gulps] [gasps] Buh-oh.
Hmm-mm [gasps] [excited gibberish] [both snicker] Oh ho hmm-mm? [screaming] [shouting] Uh-oh.
[angry gibberish] [whistling] Hmm? Bwa ba.
Bwa ba! Bwa! Oh bwa ba ugh! [laughing] [grunting] Bwa ba ba ba! [both shouting] [grunting] - [buzzing] - Huh? [groaning] [dazed gibberish] [laughing gibberish] Ooh oh! Ah! [groaning] Oh ooh? Bwa ba [groaning] [laughing] Bwa ba ba wa ba.
[gasping] Bwa ba?! Bwa? Oh, bwa ba ba ba.
Bwa ba ba ba, ba.
[zapping] Huh? Oh oh? Oh.
Bwa? [gibberish] - [clank] - Oh? Bwa Oh [sobbing] [gibberish] Bwa oh! - [indistinct conversation] - Ah, bwa oh! [gasping] Bwa! Bwa! Bwa ba ba ba.
[beeping] [zapping] [music] [machines beeping] [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Ba-baa! # [laughing] [camera flashing] [humming] [female computer voice] Space-time functions activated.
Destination: minus three million years.
- Ah bwa ba.
- Ready for takeoff.
[humming] Bwa? - Bwa ba ba.
- Bwa! [laughs] Bwa ba ba ba.
[gibberish] Oh.
Bwa ba.
Ooh eee.
[brakes squeal] Ah fresh air at last.
It's gonna be awesome to camp out in the forest, just the two of us.
Right, Grandma? You said it, Zachy.
It'll make a nice change from your computer screens and all those wacky stories about alien beavers.
Alien rabbits, Grandma, and they're Oh, whatever.
[sighs] What? Where are the sleeping bags? And the tent? What for? We'll sleep on the ground.
And tomorrow we can chop down a few trees, just like I used to do back in my lumberjack days.
Uh, let me just order a sleeping bag on the Internet, uh - Certainly not! - Huh?! - No technology this weekend.
- Oh Aah all right, let's get some shuteye.
- Good night, Zachy-poo.
- Oh [grunting and yelling] [computer voice] Destination changed.
[beeping, zapping] [Grandma snoring] Man, no sleeping bag, no tent, lots of creepy-crawly Aah! - [whoosh, bang] - Huh? - [zapping] - Huh? What the? - Ooh! - Oh, no Oh.
bwa ba ba ba ba.
[laughs] [muttering] Hmm? Aah [gibberish] [gibberish continues] [birds squawking] Bwa [music] Huh? Aah! Huh? Bwa Oh? Oh? Bwa ba? Grandma, Grandma, you gotta wake up.
- Bwa ba?! - Aah! Bwa ba? Bwa ba ba? Aah, he must be calling for backup.
I've gotta make him shut up.
[gibberish] [humming] [click, buzz] Bwa ba? - [gibberish] - [buzzing] Hmm? Bwa! [excited gibberish] Okay, let's do this.
Bwa ba? Huh? [gasping] Come on, Zach, you can do it.
[excited gibberish] Bwa ba? Bwa ba? Bwa ba? Bwa ba? Bwa ba? - [twig snaps] - Huh? - Bwa ba! - Aah! Bwa ooh Bwa! [grunting] Hmm huh? Aah [chuckling] - Bwa ba.
- Aah! Another one.
[gibberish] [beeping] [male computer voice] Greetings, human.
Huh? You can talk? [laughs] I knew it! You're intelligent.
[gibberish] Indeed.
Highly intelligent.
Glad somebody finally noticed.
Uh please don't hurt me.
Could you please give me back that precious object? It belongs to me.
Never! Bwa Dismayed sigh.
[groaning and muttering] My, my glasses huh? [grunting] Huh? Ooh Bwa ba.
Human, I promise I mean you no harm - He, he's gonna get me.
- Human Gotta call the cops, call the army Huh? Oh [Grandma screams] Huh? Grandma! Hang on, Grandma, I'll save you! - [screams] - You think I'm gonna be afraid, huh? You don't know what it is you bargained for, psycho! Oh! Huh? - [chainsaw whirring] - Aah oh! Oh, dear.
Oh! Oh bwa ba? Oh Oh, bwa ba.
[Zach gasps] Grandma Bwa ba! [gasps] You monster! [grunts] Oh [laughing] [chainsaw whirring] Bwa, oh! [Zach screams] Oh, now you're running.
Come back here with my saw! Get back here! So sorry to interrupt you, but I really must insist.
Put that down! [chainsaw whirring] [grinding] [grunts] Bwa! [grinding] Aah! [shouting gibberish] [groaning] Huh? Aah! Aah, get off me! Hang on, Zach! I got this! Grandma? [grunts] Whoopsie.
- Bwa ba! - [Grandma screaming] Take that, you oh! Oh ugh.
[relieved gibberish] [chainsaw buzzing] Aah aah! - Aah - [click] [chainsaw stops] Oh [both sighing] Bwa booit? [female computer voice] Space-time functions activated.
Destination: minus three million years.
Bwa ba bwa ba ba.
Destination changed.
[shouting gibberish] Aah! [shouting gibberish] [groaning] What on earth was all that about? Aliens alien rabbits who wanna take over the world.
And they almost chopped us into pieces.
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
I always remove the chain.
Otherwise it's way too dangerous.
[sighs] [muttering] [happy gibberish] [camera flashing] [chattering] [roaring] [screams] [shouting gibberish] Bwa ba ba.
[slurping] [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Ba-baa! # [narrator] Previously on "Rabbids Invasion" I'll be the very first man to enter the brain of a rabbit! Eee! - Aah! - Bwa! [woman's voice] What have you done?! [Gina] I don't wanna be a rabbit! - Do something! - Uh, here's your glasses.
- This is your fault! - Oh, what have I done? - What have I done?! - John! Nothing to worry about! It's okay, Gina.
Bwa ba ba I just have to reverse the process.
- Cut that out! - Okay.
Okay, everything's gonna be all right, Gina.
- [buzzing] - Aah! [screaming] Oh, no! - [screaming] - Gina! [humming] [music] Mm-hmm.
[gibberish] Bwa ba ba oh.
- Bwa - Bwa ba oh! [others] Shh - Bwa - Bwa? Bwa.
[all exclaiming] Bwa ah [gibberish] [all exclaiming] Bwa ba ba ba ba.
[all exclaiming] [music playing on TV ] Bwa hmm.
[water dripping] Oh ugh Oh Uh oh! Huh? - [flies buzzing] - Oh, oh, that stinks.
Ugh Dear, I hope there aren't any rabbits around here.
Oh, oh, oh! What's that? Oh, oh whoa! Oh! [muttering] [machine beeping] Ah huh [female computer voice] Departure in ten seconds.
- Oh - Nine - Okay, I don't see any rabbits.
- Eight - I can, I can handle this.
- Seven - Six - [click, machine stops] Bwa huh? - [yelling] - [screaming] Get your paws off me! Oh, how rude! All these rabbits are so stupid! [gasps] [puzzled gibberish] I should be trying to find a way to fix John's idiotic blunder.
Hmm I think I got it.
Oh [romantic music playing] - Aah! - A condenser I need a neutron condenser to make it work.
Bwa? [muttering] [clears throat] [gibberish] [gasps] It's a condenser.
How did you know? Can you understand me? Uh-huh, uh-huh [muttering] - [feedback shrieks] - [screaming] Get out of here! Oh, you're just a stupid rabbit.
Oh! [sighing] Hmm? What now? - [gibberish] - [male computer voice] I'm not just a stupid rabbit.
I'm a scientist like you.
See? I can speak.
Oh, so now we've got talking rabbits.
I must be going crazy.
So maybe you can tell me.
Where did the other stupid rabbits go? If I see one, I'm gonna lose it.
[gibberish] Um, I'm not overly fond of them myself.
They're gone.
They all left for the annual rabbit migration.
Migration? - Uh, ha ha ha.
- Embarrassed laugh.
[music playing] - Hmm? - Bwa ba? [all screaming] So who's that then, the ones who missed the bus? - [gibberish] - It's just a recording for my rabbit anthropological thesis.
Just a second, I'll go check.
[rabbids screaming and crying] [screaming and crying stop] Hmm ah - [gibberish] - It's all right now.
Those rabbits won't disturb us again.
What? What rabbits? Uh [nervous gibberish] Uh, my recording.
- Oh.
- Bwa ba? [gasps] Bwa ba ba, bwa ba ba.
Aah! Shh [gibberish] - Bwa.
- Bwa ba ba? [gasping] - Aah! - [both screaming] - Bwa [gibberish] - Oh, my, a neural transmitter coupled to a particle condenser.
- That's brilliant.
- Uh-huh.
But what's the colander for? Oh, to use as a helmet.
Once I'm wearing it, you just plug it in and then press this button here and I'll be transformed back into my human form.
I don't want to spend my whole life in this ridiculous rabbit body.
- [gibberish] - This ridiculous rabbit body Oh, I, I didn't mean you, of course.
I, I find your little beard very, uh, very charming.
Aah Delighted blushing.
[romantic music] - Bwa ba! - Aah! Huh? Did I just hear a rabbit? - [gibberish] - It was nothing, my dear.
[laughing] - Uh - Just me.
Aah ee! Ha-ha.
That box is moving.
- [gibberish] - No, it's, uh, probably just a box migration, you know, ha-ha-ha.
[scoffs] Migration? Whatever - Huh? - Ah huh.
Huh? - Bwa ba ba.
- Bwa ba ba.
[excited gibberish] Bwa ba! [shouting fades] Whew Gina? Gina, don't worry.
I, I'm coming to get you.
I [screaming] Huh? Huh oh.
- [gibberish] - I suppose this is where we say goodbye.
Oh thank you.
Uh, why don't you transform yourself too? - [gibberish] - It's impossible.
I have to get back to where I came from.
Well, put the helmet on and we'll go together.
We can survive on quantic mathematics.
Press here.
Come on.
You can do it.
Uh, hmm - Gina! - Bwa? Is that you, Gina? I'm here to save you.
- En garde! - Ooh! [zapping] [all screaming] Aah! Rabbits! Wha? [rapid gibberish] Oh, no! [screaming] [all wailing] Uh, oof! Oh, I'm sorry, Gina.
John! Oh [laughing] Don't worry, Gina.
I've got everything under control.
[zapping, screaming] [groaning] Ah! Finally! Huh? [laughing] Oh! Bwa ba So, John, we're going to have a little talk about this.
- [thumping] - Ow! Gina! - I said I'm sorry.
- That's not enough!