Rabbids Invasion (2013) s03e10 Episode Script

Radioactive Rabbid; Rabbid Handcuffs; Rabbidzzzzzz

1 - [man] Give me a "B.
" - [rabbid] Ba ba ba ba ba.
[man] Give me a lot of "ha.
" [woman singing operatically] [both scream] [title music] # Ho hee # Baa [tires screeching] # Ba, ba, baa # Ba ba Ba, baa Ba Ba - # Ba # - # Aaah # Baa Ho hee Zo zee [singing "Also Sprach Zarathustra" in gibberish] [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Da-daa # [crickets chirping] Oh, uh-huh, mm-hmm.
Oh! [laughing] Ba ba? Ba ba ba.
[clucking] Ba.
[buzzing and zapping] Ba ba ba [music] [laughing] [laughs] Oh? Ba ba.
[zapping and sputtering] [squawking] Bwa.
Hmph! [clucking] Oh oh.
Oh, bwa ba.
[gibberish] Mm.
Hmph! [gibberish] Bwa Ba? Oh.
[slurping] [gibberish] [gulps] [gibberish] Oh [hiccups] [deep voice] Bwa bwa bwa Oh, bwa.
[gibberish] [hiccups] [angry gibberish] Ba [gibberish] [panting and slurping] Huh? Bwa Huh? Bwa! [dinging, whirring, zapping] Ba! Oh? [whimpering] Ah, oh.
Oh? [hiccups] Bwa! Bwa, oh? [hiccups] Bwa.
Bwa ba? Ah Grr [gibberish] Bwa.
[music] Hmm Bwa ba.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Ba ba ah.
Hmm Ah, hmm [man humming] Ba oh? [continues humming] Ba! Ah Oh! [continues humming] Ba ba? Oh Ah [gibberish] [hiccups] [gasps] Doo-doo-doo [gasps] Hey, is anyone there? [whimpering] Ba? [whimpers] Huh? That's weird.
[whimpering] [hiccups] Bwa.
[groaning] Oh bwa ba ba ba.
[both] Bwa? Oh.
Ba ba ba? [squeaky voice] Ba ba.
[gasping] [music] [anxious gibberish] [whimpers] Oh oh.
Hmm Ba-ha Ba! Oh ba! Oh.
Ba ba bwa.
[muttering] Ba ba? Mm-hmm [chuckles] Bwa ba! Ba ooh! [groaning and muttering] [whispering gibberish] Bwa bwa ba? Bwa ba.
Bwa ba [frustrated groan] Oh.
Ba? Ba ooh! [hiccups] [machine beeping] [chuckling] Huh ba? Ba? Oh.
Oh oh.
[music] Bwa Ba? Mm-hmm Bwa-ha! Hmm Bwa? Bwa ba, bwa ba, oo ee, bwa ba, bwa ba, oo ee.
- Bwa ba - Ooh Bwa ba? Mm-hmm.
Bwa! Ah Bwa bwa! Ah ooh! [hiccup echoes] Hmm? Bwa ba ba! [groaning] Bwa ba Ba bwa ba ba ba.
[gibberish] Bwa ba boo ba ba.
[laughing] [grunting] Ba ba oh! [hiccups] [lisping gibberish] [man humming] Ba ba! [man humming] Aha! This time I've got ya! [hiccups, buzzes] Huh? Aah! An alien! Ba? [hiccups] [grunting] [clattering] Oh? Ba? - Ha ba ba.
- Mm-hmm! [clanging and grunting] Oh, ba bwa [chuckles] Mm-hmm.
Bwa ooh.
[both] Bwa ba.
[hiccups] Oh, bwa ba ba.
[fly buzzing] Bwa.
Mm aah ooh.
Ba ba ooh [music] [grunting] [hiccups, squeaks, screams] Bwa! [hiccups] [gasps and whimpers] Bwa ba.
Hmm Oo ee.
[cracks knuckles] [shouting] [laughing] [hiccups] Bwa! [hiccups] [alarm wailing] Ooh.
[screaming] Ba ba, oh Ba bwa ba, mmm Bwa ba ba ba.
Baaa [gulps] [grunting] Ba ooh Aah, bwa ba ba.
[hiccups] Hmm? Oh.
[siren wails] Hmm? - Come out with your hands up! - You are surrounded! Yah! [both] Oh? Ah-hmm! Bwa ba ba! [laughing] [both] Huh? [both screaming] [groaning] - Bwa? - Huh? [dog barking, rabbids screaming] [gibberish] [growling] [whimpering] Bwa ba ba hah! [snarling and barking] Mm, bwa ba.
[chuckles] Ba ba bwa.
[screaming] [thumping and yelling] [crickets chirping] Hmm.
[clucking] Mm-hmm ba.
[beeping and zapping] [squawking] [dramatic music] [loud squawking, rabbids screaming] [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Da-daa # [music] [camera clicking] Bwa-ha Bla Blaaa [gulps] - Hmm bwa ba ba.
- Bwa ba.
Bwa ba ba ba ba ba! Huh.
[all] Huh? Bwa ba ba! [laughing] Bwa ba ba ba! [both shouting] Bwa! Hmm [gibberish] [humming] [beeping and buzzing] [female automated voice] Malfunction.
Space-time travel deactivated.
Huh? Aah! [gasps] Hmm? Bwa ba ba, bwa ba ba Oh, ba ba ba.
[kissing] [gasps] [yells] Oh.
[irritated gibberish] [whimpering] Bwa ba ba ba! [thumping and grunting] Oh, bwa ba ba ba.
Bwa [shouting] [grunting and thumping] [engine revving] Oh.
Hmm? Bwa ba.
Oh? Hmm.
Ba ba ba.
Ba ba ba! [excited gibberish] Hmm? [excited gibberish] Mm-hmm.
[gibberish] [gibberish continues] Ooh? [gibberish] Ba ba! [laughing] [mocking gibberish] Bwa ba ba! [both grunt] Bwa Bwa ba ba.
[imitating siren] [slowing, gasping] [gibberish] Ba, ba bwa.
Hmm Oh Ba ba ba.
Oh, ba bwa Oh, ba ba [imitating siren] [dog barking] Oh, are you crazy? - You tried to mow down my teddy bear! - Ba? I'm calling the cops! [grunting] Oh? [rabbid imitating siren] Oh ba ba [imitating siren] - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm? - He went that way.
- Mm-hmm.
[imitating siren] [panting] [imitating siren] Bwa-ha.
[grunts] [groaning] Bwa! Ba ba ba.
[gasps] Bwa, uh, ba ba.
Mm Mm-hmm mm-hmm Bwa ba ba ba? Mm Mm-mm.
Bla bla Oh [gasps] [gasps] [music] [gasps] [excited gibberish] Hmm ba ba? [gibberish] Ba bwa! [imitating siren] [laughing] Ba ba! [chatting] Ba ba ba ba! [gasping and shouting] Ba, ba ba! [laughing] [imitating siren] [grunts] - Jeff? - Bwa ba ba? Uh-huh, bwa ba ba Uh ba ba bla? [laughing] Oh? Oh? Ba ba! [panting] Ba ba ba [tires squealing, horns honking] Ba Ba ba! [imitates tires squealing] Eee! Hmm? Ba [gibberish] - Ba ba ba.
- Hmm? Oh.
[gasping] [bell dings] Ah.
[music] Oh? Bwa! [imitating siren] [imitating siren] Ba? Ba ba ba! Ha! Mmm mmm [grunting and thumping] Mm, ba ba ba [shouts] Ba ba ba ooh! Huh? Ba ba.
Baa [gasps] [laughing] [groaning] Ba ba [gulps] [triumphant music] [muttering happily] Ba ba bwa! [muttering happily] Bwa-ha [gibberish] Mm-hmm hmm? [slurps, chews] [muttering] [grunting] [gibberish] Shh! Bwa? Bwa-ha [shouting gibberish] Buh-oh.
[muttering] Bwa-ha.
Oh Aah [muttering] Uh oh oh Ba [muttering and exclaiming] Bwo! [shouts] [gibberish] Bwa ba ba! Ah Ba ba bwa! [chuckling] [shouting] [grunting] [arguing] Ba ba bwa! Ba ba! Bwa ba! [grunting] Ba bwa Bwa! Ooh! [shouting] Ba ba! [laughing] [grunting] Ba ba? [muttering] Oh [explosion] [groaning] Oh? [grunting] [gasps] [gibberish] [grunting and groaning] Ba ba ba? Ah ba ba ba.
Hmm! - Hmm? - Oh, ba bwa ba! Oh [grunting] Ba, ba ba ba! Ba! [humming] Aah! [excited gibberish] [shouting] Ba bwa [laughing] [laughing] [singing Beethoven's "Symphony No.
5" in gibberish] [drum riff] # Da-daa # [music] [rabbids shouting happily] Ba ba! [grunting] Ba ooh! Ba ba ba ba ba! [both] Bwa! Ba ba! Ba ba ba! Aah.
bwa! [laughing] [blows whistle] [both] Ba ba ba! [both singing, making armpit noises] Oh bwa Bwa ba ba ba? [gibberish] Ba ba ba [humming] [whistle blowing] Hmm? Oh [yawning] Mm [yawning] Ah [gibberish] Mm-hmm.
Oh Mmm [slurping] Aah bwa ba ba ba ba [snoring] [humming, birds tweeting] [playing flute, cow mooing a song] [chickens singing along] [music] [thumping] [thumping, whistle blowing] Hmm ba? [rabbids laughing, whistle blowing] Oh grr mm [angry gibberish] Ba blo.
Hmm hmm! Ah, bla bla bli [slurping] Mm? [snoring] [cow singing] [flute playing, chicken singing along] Ba ba ba, ba ba ba! Hmm, yah, ooh! [gasps, grunts] [groaning] Yi brr Ba ba! Ba ba [laughs] Grr [gibberish] Huh? Oh? Ba ba ba? Baaa! [both laughing] Baa ooh! Bwa ba ba ba? [grunts] Grr hmm.
[both] Bwa Hmm hmm.
[snoring] Ba ba? Ba bwa? [snoring] [panting] Shh! [whispering] Ba ba ba ba ba ba.
[all panting and whispering] [clattering] [all] Oh? Oh.
Ba ba ba, ba ba ba.
Oh [sadly] Ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba! [snoring] Ba ba? Ba oh.
[laughing] Bwa ba ba ba ba.
[snoring] Mm-hmm Mm, ba ba ba.
Oh Ba ba Ba, ba ba ba.
[gulps] [snoring] [all] Bwa [all laughing] [all gulping] [all snoring] [all] Ah Oh, bwa ba.
Oh, bwa ba.
Oh, bwa ba ba! [excited gibberish] [all cheering] [flute playing, cow singing] Huh? [cow gulps] Bwa ba ba? [grunting] [whistle blowing, rabbids shouting] [all snoring] Ba? Oh bwa ba ba Ba ba? Ba? Mm-hmm! [grunting] [laughing] [thump, whistle blows] Mm ba ba! Ha! [mutters sleepily] [groans sleepily] [grunting sleepily] Aah, ooh ba ba! [laughing] Ba ba ba, ba, ba ba ba.
Ba, oh? Uh ah [crash] Ee! Oh? Oh [all laughing and shouting] [gibberish] [mooing angrily] [all] Bwa Ba ba ba Ba-ba! [all] Oh [grunting] Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba Ba ba ba! Ah, ooh! Bwa [cow singing] [chuckling] Ooh? [rabbids singing along] Oh, oh [chuckling] [singing continues] Ba ba! Huh? [laughing] [all laughing] [gibberish] [rabbids snoring] [sighs] [clock ticking] Huh? Ba? [alarm ringing] Oh, ba ba.
[grunts] [loud clang] [air horn blares] [snoring] [grunts] Huh? Uh [gasps] [laughing] [snoring] Oh Hmm Go, go, go, go! [cow mooing] Aah ooh [mooing] Ba ba ba.
Mm [laughs] [rabbids shouting] Hmm? Huh? [gibberish] [gibberish] [thumping and grunting] Aah! [grunting] Hmm, ba ba ba.
Ba ba ba.
[grunting] [all snoring] [shouting] [music] Ba ba ba, ba bwaaa! Aah [gulps] [shouting] Oh [grunts, screams] [groaning] [all groaning] Oh, bwa ba ba? [little rabbid snoring] Oh [snoring] [muttering gibberish, groaning] Ba! Ba ba ba! Ba ba ba, ba ba ba? Uh Mm ba ba bo.
[all] Oh [whistle blows] [all] Bwa? [rabbids shouting] Ba ba, ba ba ba! [all shouting happily] [snoring] [flute playing, cow and chickens singing]