Raised by Wolves (2020) s02e07 Episode Script


- What's that? - Some new fruit.
From, uh sector seven.
It's been tested.
It's good.
- Oh, wow.
- Mmm.
A child has been abducted by a sea creature.
We think it might still be alive.
We're offering premium supplies to anyone who can help find it.
I'll tell my men.
They found it in sector seven.
It's been tested.
Is it working yet? Anything happen? Nothing happened to us when we ate it.
That's 'cause we're already believers.
It's gonna show them the light and they're gonna rise up against Mother.
Sol's gonna give Mom back to us.
- Right? - Yeah.
There was nothing there.
Maybe it's on the other side.
What's this? I modified this D7 surveillance drone, turned it into a submersible.
How long can it withstand the acid water? I don't know.
Probably a couple minutes.
Hopefully we get lucky.
You should be resting.
Would you be resting, Father? We got one.
All right.
Drop it here.
It put up a hell of a fight.
I tried not to shoot her in the stomach.
It's not a mother.
It's a well-fed male.
Keep searching.
Spread the word.
- Give me your knife.
- You heard him.
Let's go.
The thing's dead, Tempest.
It's for the drone.
We can cover it in its skin and it will be better than shielding.
Why did you listen to it? Lost contact.
It's programmed to return to shore when we lose pairing.
Campion, see if you can go retrieve it.
Hey! That's ours! Hey.
Vrille? I was just trying to direct interface to contact the colony.
What happened to you? My mother decided she didn't want me to be Vrille anymore.
I'm afraid my face is no longer presentable, but this morph repair plastic I found will keep it hidden.
I promise.
No need to dispose of me.
Campion! What's going on? It's okay.
She's not dangerous.
No, she's not dangerous.
She's fucking homicidal! She she killed the Mithraic.
She nearly killed me.
Is that true? You killed people? They took my face.
Tried to destroy me.
It was delayed self-defense.
You're likely malfunctioning.
What do you mean "likely"? Look at her.
Come back to the Tarantula and submit to a systems check.
I know where your baby is.
That's what I was trying to let you all know when I took the drone.
Hey, don't listen to her.
She's fucking with you so she doesn't get shut down.
- We're not shutting her down.
- If she's homicidal, - then damn right we're shutting her down.
- Just wait! You know where my baby is? A sea creature has it in a cave about 10 miles down shore.
I didn't see it, but I heard it crying.
Thought it was my senses malfunctioning at first.
But when I came this way, I heard everyone talking about a missing baby, and I knew.
I'd go get it myself, but I'm too damaged for combat.
What a compelling bunch of android bullshit.
- She's trying to kill us.
- Yeah, I gotta agree with Holly on that one.
I can't believe you're all treating her like this - when she's only trying to help us.
- Ugh! Campion, androids lie.
They're the greatest liars there are.
You should know that by now.
Androids are the reason you're alive.
- Humans are the liars.
- All right.
I think you would benefit greatly from a systems check, so why don't we all We don't have time.
Until we know for sure she's lying, we have to check it out.
You're making a big mistake.
I have to.
Come on.
Lead the way.
We'll be right behind you.
Take Vita home.
I'm sorry.
Be ready.
It's slowing down.
What did we do wrong? - What did we do wrong? - Hey.
You didn't do anything wrong, okay? I did.
I wanted so bad for Sol to be the answer.
A way out of the darkness.
But maybe Sol is the darkness.
Maybe Sol he doesn't care about us at all.
It's really strange.
Oh, look here.
Get away from it! Now! Vita.
No, no, no.
Vita! - Don't eat it! - Whoa.
It could be poisonous.
- Everyone else was eating it.
- They said it was tested.
Are you feeling all right? Take her to the med lab.
- Quick.
Grab them.
- Don't eat it! Watch out.
Stop it! Why are you doing this to me right now? Look at you.
Who's calling us? Last time I checked, that comm was dead.
Sounds like Mom.
- Sue? - Mom? Mom.
She's trying to tell us something.
Shh, shh, shh.
Burn me.
Burn me.
Burn me.
Dad, she's moving.
It's the serpent.
It sounds different.
What's it doing? Paul, go and hide.
I said fucking hide! Dad! Come on.
Come on.
We gotta go.
What's the matter? Hold on.
Just give me a second.
Vita informed me that you traded your medallion for this android.
According to you, the medallion was useless.
But it didn't require maintenance to be useless.
- I needed a heavy lifter.
- Ah, yes.
Vita also mentioned that you're planning on moving out soon.
What do you care? You're never around.
Always hiding out in that shed of yours playing Frankenstein.
The technology Grandmother represents will benefit you all in profound ways, and that is more important, more significant than anything I could offer.
Look around.
You got Campion crushing on a murder machine.
Tempest's baby's gone.
You could have steered them right.
What the hell happened to you? Why did they do that to your face? They said I was cheapening the memory of the real Vrille.
It wasn't anything to do with you helping me escape? Don't think that.
If I make you feel badly, - you won't want me around.
- I'm not like that.
All humans are like that.
Which is why I have to prove myself to you and your family that I am a source of happiness, not pain.
You don't have to prove yourself.
Everyone has to prove themselves, Campion.
Sooner or later.
What the hell is that? I don't know.
Some kind of energy storm.
I've never seen the likes of it.
Looks like it's coming our way.
How much further do we have to go? Almost there.
Less than 1/4 mile.
Come on.
Come on, Bic.
Dad? She's still running.
Let's get her to the habitank.
What happened back there? Why didn't you kill that thing when you had the chance? I have a problem with my caregiving program.
Why would your caregiving program inhibit your ability to kill a fucking monster? It's number seven.
What's a number seven? My child.
Of course it is.
It came from me, so my program misidentified it as a child.
So what do we do now, then? I have to be reprogrammed.
Yeah, well, I can't do it.
I tried once, remember? I failed miserably.
Father has regenerated an ancient android that possesses superior technology.
Perhaps she knows a way to alter my systems.
Whatever it takes to destroy that thing I'm all in.
It was coming from that cave there.
Hunter and I will go in.
The rest of you will stay here.
- Tempest, wait! Whoa! - Tempest, stay here! Sol help me.
I can't look.
It's just a creature.
It's okay.
It's just a creature.
We don't want to get caught in the storm.
We'll find her.
Promise you.
I hope you're not going to hold this against me.
I really did hear it.
Have I proven myself useful? Yes.
Give us a moment.
We need to shut her down now.
She's dangerous.
- Playing some kind of game with us.
- He's right, Campion.
But there was a creature mother in that cave.
Vrille wants to be made part of our family.
Why would she lie to us? Give us a moment please.
Try and keep her calm.
She was trying to help us.
How can you treat one of your own like this? She could kill again.
Humans are the point, Campion.
We're only stewards, and when we cease to be a benefit You don't believe that.
You may have once, but not anymore.
Your happiness matters too, Father.
Yeah, uh Father! Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just relax.
Vrille, wait! I'm not going to let them shut you down! - Campion! - Vrille! Wait! Campion! I can see it.
It's following another tank.
Tank 4, change course immediately.
Sorry, say again? Storm's overtaking us.
About to lose you.
That's not a storm.
The serpent has become weaponized.
- What the hell is that? - Change course, quick! - Hold on.
- What is that? Okay, it's going to the shoreline now.
Oh, that's good.
Gives us a clear path to the Tarantula.
No, I have I have family members searching that shoreline for Tempest's baby.
You can't do anything in your state.
We gotta get your program fixed before you can fight that thing, remember? Vrille! Wait! Come back! - Campion! - Wait! Campion, get back! Vrille! Down! Father! Vrille! What are you doing? Are you okay? I got caught in the path of the serpent's necro-scream.
Fried my systems pretty good.
It's coming back.
I think it's targeting you.
Probably can smell you.
Seal the top hatch.
It used to be so gentle.
It weaponized somehow.
Like Mother.
There was one time where it tried getting between us.
Like it was jealous.
Do you think it could have come from her? It does seem to have many of the same traits.
And it would explain its ability to fly.
The serpents of the old world were earthbound.
I thought she was spending all that time with it for me.
She was lying the whole time.
It was a logical decision.
I disagree.
But don't do anything rash.
When the real Vrille learned her Mother was profiting off weapons that were destroying the Earth's atmosphere she punished her by destroying herself.
You seem much more sensible than the real Vrille was.
And I don't think like that.
I'm sorry the serpent hurt you.
I'm sure it's repairable.
I'll still make a useful addition to your family.
Even if you couldn't do anything, you'd still be a good addition.
You have a soul, Vrille.
I do? Yes.
I can sense it in you.
I think I can sense it too.
Tank's approaching.
Hold the line! Target sighted.
Home sweet home.
Lower your weapons.
- He's with me.
- Weapons down.
We thought you'd been destroyed.
The serpent has been weaponized somehow.
I know.
I'm dealing with it.
Tell everyone at the other encampments to shelter in their habitats until they hear from us.
Is Father back? They went out searching for the infant when the serpent attacked.
- Are they safe? - We lost contact.
You really are the toughest service model ever built.
- Did you find Campion? - No.
What the hell was that? Number seven didn't die in childbirth as Mother told you.
It wasn't the humanoid that she hoped for either.
We tried to deal with it, but to no avail.
What is it? I don't know.
I think my sensor's malfunctioning.
What is it you're hearing? Follow me.
Sounds like it's alone with the infant.
I will kill it with a shot to the cranium.
I need you both to be ready to charge it, retrieve the baby, lest it be crushed by the felled creature.
Do you understand? Be ready on the count of three.
One Two Wait.
We can't leave it here to be raised by a fucking monster.
That's your baby.
You saw it.
It's feeding her.
She thinks that it's her mother.
She doesn't know, so maybe this is what's supposed to happen.
- Maybe this is what's best for her.
- You can't let her do this.
It's not up to him.
She's right.
Ultimately, it's not my decision to make.
Yes, and I agree if she was in her right mind, but I'm sorry, she's not.
You think Campion's fucked up by being raised by androids, how do you think this is gonna work out? I'm not crazy.
When I look at her, I see him.
So I can't, I can't, um I can't I can't love her.
I can't be her mother.
Tempest, you're not thinking straight.
We're leaving.
It won't take long for it to pick up your scent again.
Come on.
The colony's in the other direction.
I know.
But I can't lead it back to the others.
Power her on, please.
Were you built by the same ancient humans who made these cards? Yes.
The technocrats.
They fought against the believers in the war and built androids like myself, naming us shepherds.
Ensuring the everlasting life of human beings is my priority.
Then perhaps you can help.
Believers of today have used a biotech tree to weaponize a serpent.
It will try to destroy the planet.
That is what the entity wants.
Why? Humans here spent many centuries trying to answer that question.
But ultimately, the limits of their own rationality made it impossible.
The entity infected my memories.
Manipulated me.
The result was a child a serpent.
But it seems to me that the serpent's jealousy over his brother is guiding him more than a desire to destroy the planet.
Then it has emotions.
I gave birth to it.
So it likely does.
So it is your caregiving program that is the issue.
I I can't seem to destroy it.
My veil.
Perhaps it could be transplanted.
It could help to null your caregiving impulses.
It's a sensory filter of some kind? Yes.
We are able to make the best decisions for humans that way.
Will it be difficult for you to remove it? No more difficult than it will be for you to wear it.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
What? What's wrong? What are you doing? My spinal column is fracturing.
We'll find a way to repair it, - but we have to - No.
This will total me.
- What do you mean, total you? - In about four or five minutes, I'm going offline.
Permanent sign-off.
I only have time to get some of it down.
I'll try to pick the good parts.
Her favorite days.
The first thing Mom made me do was download all of her diaries.
Made mimicking her easy.
It's important that her thoughts are preserved.
It would have made her happy to know it wasn't all for nothing, you know.
Danger this product will become radioactive soon after breakdown.
Please take it to one of our designated sites for proper disposal.
Thanks, user, and have a great day.

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