Raising Dion (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

ISSUE #101: How Do You Raise a Superhero?

It's coming, Dion.
It's out there and it's coming, and I don't know how to stop it.
Run! I always knew you were special.
Of course, everybody thinks their kid is special, but I'm right.
My sweet boy, why are you the one who has to save the world? I just want to remember us like this, when it was just you and me, before everything changed forever.
Dion? - Dion?! - [LAUGHS.]
You fell for it! That was not funny.
Yes, it was.
Rhythm of life, jam nation You realize all the time we wasting You realize all the pain we facing [REPORTER.]
Good morning, it's 7:15, and welcome to Good Day Atlanta.
And here's this morning's rush hour traffic update.
The big problem out there is [DION'S MOM.]
Dion, I've been late to work every day this week.
- That can't happen again.
- Abracadabra! Hey, have you seen my keys? - Okay - [BUZZING.]
your inhaler is on the coffee table, okay? We need to leave here in three minutes, okay? I cannot be late again today, do you hear me? [DION.]
I'm serious, buddy.
I gotta be there at 8:00 today or I'm toast, and you you haven't even touched your cereal.
Dion, did you leave the keys in the door again? [SIGHS.]
Hey, babe, it's time to go.
Just put your dishes in the sink, okay? I don't want any more ants.
Now, Dion.
- [THUDS.]
- You ready, bug? - [MUSIC STOPS.]
You scared me! Dion, you were supposed to Um, you know what? Just get your backpack Go, go.
Put your backpack on right now.
Come on, seriously.
- Do not forget your inhaler.
- I won't.
Put your shoes on.
Faster, faster.
Mom, I can do magic.
Amazing, baby.
That is something to fall back on if the second grade doesn't work out.
My cup! - One, two three - Green light Tic-tac-toe, yo, here we go Red means stop and green light means go Common sense dropped 'cause I truly love the hip hop I even like to beatbox - [MAN.]
It's 7:34 - [HORN HONKS.]
and you're listening to the people's station Come on.
Come on! Abracadabra! - Was that supposed to disappear? - [HORN HONKS.]
- It's supposed to float.
- How? I don't know, but it worked this morning.
We're almost at the top.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! I'm already up here, and I got the baby.
Who had that baby, though? Didn't we have that baby? [LAUGHS.]
I had that baby.
Abracadabra! [HORN HONKING.]
Put it back in your bag.
You can, uh, figure it out later tonight, okay? I wanna show the guys.
I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be doing magic at school.
Oh, finally.
Abracadabra! When am I ever going to make friends again? Oh, come on.
You made a friend.
What's her name? Esperanza.
She doesn't count.
- Why not? - She doesn't have any friends either.
Come on.
You - You made friends at your old school.
- These kids are different.
They ride skateboards, Chris has a YouTube channel, and everyone goes on and likes it, and they're all bigger than me.
Hey, that's because your birthday's at the cut-off, okay? And I could have held you back a year, but you're so smart.
I don't want to be smart.
I want to have friends.
Things are gonna be all right.
You just have to give it time, bug.
Trust me.
It's 7:47.
Pull on up and bring in - So, I will pick you up at 6:00, okay? - Yeah.
Don't make me be the last kid.
I will do my best.
I love you.
Come here.
Hey! Don't you even.
All right, go on.
You wanna see my, uh, magic tricks? - Look.
I can do magic with - [BOY.]
Oh, my gosh.
Let's go, Chris.
a sponge ball.
Wait! [SIGHS.]
Oh, no.
E-Excuse me.
I'm late, late, late, late, late.
Okay, so wait, he fired you over the phone? [DION'S MOM GROANS.]
He called me at 8:05 and told me not to bother coming in.
- What am I gonna do? Hey, you're gonna find another job.
You know, you can always come down and talk to Kwame about getting a job.
What, like sweeping the floors? No, thank you.
O-Okay, there's an office, a dance school - Oh, Liz is here.
- [LIZ.]
Hey! - Hello.
- Where's my coffee? Willa, I texted you.
Girl, I ain't looking at my phone.
I'm talking to our friend.
And I'm gonna talk to her, too.
I just wanted a latte while I was doing it.
- Hello.
How's my girl? - Unemployed.
You should do sales.
You could make a lot of money.
She can't travel.
She's got Dion.
Oh, how's little man? He like being the only little brother in that school you put him in? - Oh, my God.
He is not the only one.
Oh, so there's another one.
Two raisins in a glass of milk.
How about that? I'd like to see you the two of you try and find a good public school in the middle of the school year.
- Fair enough.
- I don't know what that's like.
You're good, sweetie.
You know what? Deal.
What's up, Chris? - Hey, man.
You need a seat? - [DION.]
You can have this one.
You have got to tell this boy to cool off.
Mmm! - Why? - Let me see this.
- Damn.
I'm just not interested.
- In that guy? - Any guy.
Uh, why didn't you hook me up? Girl, don't be greedy.
Nicole needs to get out of the house.
- Come on.
- I got out of the house.
Into a neighborhood I don't like.
I just want everything to stop.
- Hey, Nic.
- [MAN.]
Here you go, ladies.
Oh! Perfect timing.
Pie's here.
Cheer up.
For all of us.
- Okay? Like old times.
- Give me that fork.
- Here you go, girl.
- Thank you.
You were late.
You don't get any.
Dion! Hey, Dion! Hey! Over here.
Hey, Esperanza.
You know, if you want to get in with those kids, they're always at the skate park after school.
How do you know? One of the perks of being an invisible person, you hear things.
I have to wait for my mom to pick me up after school.
Isn't she always late? [INHALES.]
- Mmm.
Whoa! You guys are here? [CHRIS.]
What's up? Nothing.
- Just on my way home.
- Did you bring your board? Uh, no, I - No.
No, no, no, no! Ow! - Take it.
- Hey! Let's see what he can do.
Go if you're going.
Ah, my board! Aah, aah! Aah! [GROANS.]
That's the fifth time he fell.
Oh, my God.
- You're so lame.
- No, I'm not.
He's never gonna make it.
He's gonna die.
He's gonna kill himself.
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left [DISTORTED.]
Oh, my God.
I'm the kinda G that little homies wanna be like On my knees in the night Sayin' prayers in the street light Been spending most their lives Livin' in a gangsta's paradise Been spending most their lives [DISTORTED.]
Awesome! - What the? - Dude! Dion! Uh-oh.
You left school.
Don't be mad, Mom.
I thought someone kidnapped you until Esperanza told me where you were.
- Ooh, Dion's got a girlfriend! - Esperanza? Get that off your head, get off of there, get your stuff and get to the car.
Hurry up! I know you haven't seen me, but I'm here every week.
All I see is you loitering on my stoop.
My foot is off of the stoop.
I'm not loitering.
Pat! Hey! There you are! [PAT GRUNTS, LAUGHS.]
How's it going, buddy? He your boyfriend? What? No.
Can't have people hanging around out here, leaving their trash everywhere.
What'd you do to your hair? Excuse me, George.
Did I know you were coming? Dion invited me for dinner, but you don't have to, like, feed me.
I could take him out for pizza.
- No, Dion's not going anywhere.
- Mom! - You ran away from school.
- He what? Go upstairs, straight to your room.
No video games till I'm not mad anymore.
- But - Now.
Don't make noise in the hall.
There's a raccoon living in the dumpster.
Can we? - Yeah.
Just, uh [MUMBLES.]
Sorry for the I wasn't expecting company.
Oh, well I mean, I don't I don't need to be company.
I just wanted to check in and see - how you - [STOMPING.]
Um Hey, um, here's an idea.
- It's almost 6:00 - [NICOLE.]
and the boy does need to eat.
And I know he ran away from school, and as his godfather, I will talk to him very sternly about that uh, over a pizza.
Hey, Nicole.
I I found these amazing new comics at Comic-Con, and I really want to show them off.
I could go over them with you, but I don't think you'd Like, this one.
It's a pretty cool backstory I think you would particularly connect with, but I think Dion would like it more.
And I didn't run away, so please don't punish me.
Let me get him out of your hair for an hour.
No soda, no dessert.
That's a good Yeah, I think you're right.
Dion! I got you an hour.
Let's go before your mom changes her mind.
Thanks, Mom.
Everybody need a hero Better yet, better reload You begging like I'm sipping on De Niro Started from the village now we here, though Get a cape, a villain from a hundred to a zero Straighten up your posture an imposter, got a cape Now you activating you a leader, baby, please Let it marinate Anyone who speaking like they speaking for the people Baby gotta know is fake, break I heard you tried to come off the streets I heard they said you got an education and degrees Rapping in arenas now you selling out a stage Bet you though they spitting in your face Color never change Everybody hero [DION'S DAD.]
It's not funny.
Everybody hero [NICOLE.]
Why does it have to fold? Because it makes it easier to carry, and when I need it, it's like, uh Voilà.
- Oh! Ish.
Hey, just Hold Wait, this is It wasn't ready yet.
I'm gonna hold this one right here.
Thank you.
All right, babe.
Why are you making a giant birdcage? Uh, it's a Faraday cage, more or less.
When you arrange metal in a particular order You can reroute the electrical current.
I know.
One year of physics.
This is why I married you.
I'm sure your father is proud.
Yeah I think we both know that's not true.
Baby, I just always dreamed about being able to sit in the middle of a storm and play with lightning.
I mean, this new alloy is light, it's rust proof.
It's kind of like the perfect material.
Right, right, right, right, right, right, right.
Uh but the real question is, does it work? Does it work? Ish.
Uh, I'm not a thousand percent sure, but you know, we won't know until lightning hits it.
Uh No.
Can I have a little faith? Is this our version of a trust fall? This is our version of a trust fall.
- What? - What? No, nothing.
I know what I'm doing sometimes.
When time is up and the sun, it dies [LAUGHS.]
Do the rivers flood and the ocean dries Hand in hand under the falling sky I will love you When I'm oh so old and I lose my mind I'll still look at you like it's the first time So many say it and it's all a lie But I will love you You are the reason I make it through the day You give me the reason Oh To let on my ways [PAT.]
Look at the art on this one.
Insane, right? Hey, pizza hands.
Is it worth anything? Three bucks, but it's mine, and I don't want it smeared with cheese grease.
- Thank you for wiping your hands.
Now you can see it.
What is, mmm, this guy's superpower? Uh Well, he's an assassin who does card tricks.
- Can he move things with his mind? - No, but [CLEARS THROAT.]
I'll show you.
This guy can, and that is called telekinesis.
And that's superpowers 101.
All the greats have it.
Luke Skywalker, Neo Mary Poppins.
She scares me! [LAUGHS.]
Mary Poppins? Yep.
Actually, yeah.
She She kind of She is the stuff of nightmares.
You know what? I'm pretty sure she's evil.
I don't want to be evil.
Well, then, use your powers for good.
I don't even know how to use my powers.
- So you're a superhero now? - [DION.]
I can do magic.
That's good.
So you got a name now? Uh, Dion.
No, a superhero name.
Come on.
Like, uh, you know - Fart Boy.
- They're having a good time down there.
- I am your father! - Shh.
Don't mind us.
We're fighting crime over here.
I am your father! [FLATULENCE SOUND.]
Hey, you know what? Actually, we gotta, um We gotta be careful because if the government finds out your true identity, they're gonna lock you up and do experiments on you.
My mom wouldn't let them do that.
Well, it might not be her call.
Just remember Batman's parents, and Spider-Man's uncle, and Superman's whole planet.
Hey, buddy, I'm sorry.
I was just kidding around.
Nothing's gonna happen to your mom.
Something happened to my dad.
Did I ever tell you, uh, how we first met? Oh.
Eighth grade.
Uh Statewide robotics competition.
- Who won? - Who do you think won? My dad? Yes, of course he did, because he was better than me at everything.
And then, later, he talked me into joining BIONA with him.
He was already a a storm chaser, and, uh I became his stats guy.
Dynamic duo.
Were you with him when it happened? I didn't even know he was going, so [INHALES.]
It was too late.
My mom won't tell me what happened.
Just says it was a storm.
Well, you know, that's the problem with chasing storms, is sometimes you catch one.
They never found him.
I heard my auntie say that.
Nobody knows where he is.
You know, what I remember the most about your father, is that he loved to fish.
His dad taught him when he was a little kid, and, you know, his dad built the lake cabin himself.
So we would go up there, fish anytime we got the chance.
We had this rule where we only ate what we caught, so if the fish weren't biting, we didn't eat.
Did he catch a lot of fish? Your dad? Yeah, tons.
The dude was amazing.
There was this one time, your dad [KNOCKING.]
I'm sorry I ran away from school! - Mmm.
- What is this on your shirt? - Mint chocolate chip.
Go brush your teeth.
In my, uh, defense he wanted ice cream and I wanted him to like me, but Thank you.
Um He asked me how Mark died.
And what did you say? I I just I changed the subject.
But, um if I were him, I'd I'd want to know.
No, he doesn't need the nightmares.
Yeah, but, you know, maybe he could be proud of He's my kid, Pat.
Okay, got it.
- Uh, night.
- Good night.
Hey, you need to talk to me before you invite people over.
It's just Pat.
Yeah, well, Pat is a person.
And that was not the plan for tonight, okay? - You ran away from school.
- I invited him over before I did that.
- When? - Yesterday.
I messaged him on Reptile Repo.
You can do that? Why didn't I know that? Because you work all the time.
That's not fair.
Somebody has to pay the rent.
I liked our old house better.
Yeah, me too.
We should go back.
If Dad comes home, he won't know where to find us.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, Mom.
- Just pick up your toys, okay? Um Mom I said it's fine.
Just brush your teeth.
I picked them up.
How It's okay, Mom.
They're playing.
It's cool, right? What is this? It's magic.
For you, so you won't be sad.
Okay, you can stop.
Abracadabra! No, no, no, no, no.
- No, just Dion, come here.
- [DION.]
Abracadabra! [NICOLE.]
Just stop.
That's not helping.
I'm trying.
It's not listening! - [NICOLE.]
Stop! - Abracadabra! - [CRIES OUT.]
- Abracadabra! Just [SCREAMS.]
Abracadabra! - Abracadabra! - Make it stop! - I can't! - [NICOLE SCREAMS.]
- I can't! - [SCREAMS.]
I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm sorry! [EXHALES.]
You didn't You didn't do that, babe.
I've been doing magic.
Yeah, with the kit we got from Walgreens.
Are you okay? Yeah.
- I've never seen anything like that.
- I have.
There's a pen in my room that comes when I need it.
This is Kat.
Please leave a message.
Kat, pick up your phone.
It's it's about Dion, and and I, um [INHALES.]
I just need Can you just call me back? [PHONE CHIMES.]
- [DION.]
Mom - [NICOLE.]
I know you're sleepy.
Oh, Auntie Kat's here.
Hey, buddy.
- You're not feeling well? - [DION GROANS.]
You don't have a fever, so that's good.
Is something hurting? [DION GROANS.]
All right.
I'm gonna talk to your mommy, okay? My friend Anna is right over there if you need anything.
Okay? - I told you to take him to ER.
- No, I want you to look at him.
Niki, I was about to scrub in.
He doesn't even look sick.
He can move things with his mind.
Girl, what are you doing? I'm trying to tell you, okay? He made a-a cyclone, or or a hurricane out of out of Legos and things - Okay.
- And it was it was so scary.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
Okay, you need to come outside right now.
Did you take something? I gave you that Lorazepam in case of an emergency.
I'm telling you, okay? Something is happening with Dion.
I mean [STAMMERS.]
I was bleeding.
I mean, look at my shoulder.
- So you're saying Dion's violent? - I'm saying he has powers, okay? Weird, scary powers.
- You have a lot going on right now - Don't don't do that.
- Don't minimize.
- I'm not trying to minimize! I'm trying to figure out what's going on, because I can tell you right now, Dion does not have powers.
Just come back in there.
- I can show you - No! Stop it.
Okay? You're acting nuts.
You don't get to do this anymore, Nicole.
You're somebody's mother, for God's sake.
You don't think that I know that? You need to get it together.
- I lost my job today.
- Oh, God.
- Okay.
Neese, call OR.
- Dr.
Neese, call OR.
- I have to go into surgery.
All right? But I promise you everything you saw can be explained.
All right, I'm on call all week, but when I get off, I will be at your house.
Okay? But right now I hate to leave you, but I gotta.
Hey, sweetie.
I can't sleep.
Are you crying? It's fine.
It's It's fine.
Come here.
Get in here.
- Is that better? - Yes.
Pat said you were asking about your dad.
You never talk about him.
That's just because it made you so sad.
Made you sadder.
He saved a stranger [SHAKY INHALE.]
And he got caught in a hurricane in New Orleans and he saw a woman who got swept up by the river, so he jumped in to save her.
And did he? He did.
But the river took him instead.
He shouldn't have jumped in.
But that's what heroes do, right? A lady named Charlotte Tuck got to go home to her family because your dad was a hero.
I forget him.
What? Sometimes.
Hold on.
Hey, come here.
Dad! Hey, babe.
Tell me how your day was.
It was weird.
Stuff flew all over the living room, and, uh Uh, Pat took Dion out for pizza.
Yeah, that that sounds great.
Your dad was traveling so much that year that he made me this video.
How's Dion doing? I miss my little man.
Dion's great.
Best kid ever.
I'm telling you, Nicole, that kid is something special.
He's gonna rule the world one day.
I wish I could be there, but I know you got this.
When I get back, we all gonna go up to the cabin.
Just the three of us, okay? I promise.
I miss you.
And I love you.
And I'll see you soon.
I don't think you should go to school tomorrow.
Let's get it crunk up on that fun Up on up in this dancerie We got ya open, now ya floatin' - So you gots to dance for me - I don't see you dancing.
- Don't need no hateration - [DION SINGING ALONG.]
Holleration In this dancerie Let's get it percolatin' while you're waiting So just dance for me Come on, everybody, get on up 'Cause you know we gots to get it crunk You don't know what that means, but that's okay.
And I'mma make you feel all right Make you feel all right - Come on, baby, just party with me - [NICOLE LAUGHS.]
Let loose and set your body free Mommy, can I go down to the lake? - Yes.
- Yay! Thank you.
Mom, help! Quick! Help! Mom! Mom! Help! [YELLS.]
- Mom, help me! - Hey! Dion, that boat is so old, it probably doesn't even float.
Look! We can't go fishing, Dion.
- Why not? - Because we don't know how.
You put the pole in the water.
Come on, let's go.
It doesn't work like that.
You need bait and Hey, you are not going in there by yourself! [NICOLE GRUNTS.]
Can you not flick it around like that, please? Pat told me Dad loved to fish here, but I can't find the fish.
Well, maybe there aren't any, you know? Maybe you scared 'em away.
- This water doesn't have fish.
- Okay, you know what? Just leave it in the water, all right? Just let it sit for a second and see if it works.
Can I see your phone? I want to look up Chris's YouTube channel.
No, I didn't bring my phone out here.
I need to like Chris's YouTube account.
- This never ends, you know? - What? Wanting to fit in.
And trying to figure out what to do, say, wear, buy.
I mean What do you like? Comic books and Legos.
Chris doesn't like comic books.
But you do, right? If you show people the real you, you will not only make friends, but you will make the right friends.
All right, who's ready for macs and cheese? We only eat what we catch.
We gotta keep fishing.
That's not gonna happen.
Let go.
I'm not giving up.
Hey, Di.
Stop that.
- Hey, stop that, okay? That's cheating.
What? [NICOLE.]
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Dion, they can't breathe up there.
They need water.
That's not exactly what I meant.
Um Uh, j Just put just put them down.
Okay, good.
Good job, buddy.
Dion, are you doing something to the trees? [DION.]
Not on purpose.
No, no, no, no.
Honey, let go of the trees.
You're pulling the trees down.
Di? [DION.]
Abracadabra! [CRASHING.]
No, no, no, that's making it worse.
Just try to calm down, honey! [DION.]
I don't like this.
It's scary.
I know! I'm scared too, okay? [SCREAMS.]
- Try and focus! - [SCREAMING.]
Abracadabra! [BOTH SCREAM.]
- [DION.]
I can't! - I don't think you're trying! [DION.]
Abracadabra! [NICOLE SCREAMS.]
Dion? Dion! [GASPS.]
He saved a stranger swept up by the river.
- A lady named Charlotte Tuck.
- [DION.]
Honey, what are you doing out of bed? Looking at the rain people.
Looking at what? Baby, we really need to get back inside.
They don't know it, but we got to do it.
Nicole! You shouldn't be here.
- [MARK.]
You gotta take Dion and leave.
You don't understand.
We don't have a lot of time.
It's dangerous.
Dad? You gotta Was that my dad? Where'd he go? Dad! Dad, come back! Dad!