Raising Dion (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

ISSUE #106: Super Friends

Dion, breakfast.
I wanna show you something.
Eat your breakfast.
We have to leave in a few minutes.
I saw something last night.
In the rain.
- Your dad? - No.
You saw Dad? Um For a second, I really thought I did.
It's probably just wishful thinking.
Are you sad? No.
You know what? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm a little sad.
You know, yesterday was a really big day, and I couldn't help but think of your father.
And sometimes people get sad, and that's okay.
Hey, but what did you see in in the rain? I don't know.
- You wanted to show me something? - Huh? You said you wanted to show me something.
Watch this.
Okay, that's a lot.
But that cheered me up.
- [GASPS.]
Thank you.
Okay, do you have everything? - [DION.]
Hey, do you have your inhaler? Yep.
Your backup inhaler? Okay, what what about your watch? - Okay.
- Everything's under control.
Are you worried about something? No.
You wanna kiss me on the head? Yeah.
- See you after school.
Bye, Mom.
Love you! - All right, have a great day.
Bye, see you after school! Esperanza! "Esperanza!" Is she, like, your girlfriend now? She's my friend.
Grow up, Jonathan.
Ooh, burn.
Don't make it weird.
I'm not gonna make it weird.
But that was awesome.
You just walked right up to them and said, "Esperanza's cooler than you, Jonathan.
" [SIGHS.]
I made it weird.
I saw something last night, in the storm.
I didn't see a storm.
Well, it was there, and inside it was a man made of lightning, and he had long arms, and he was crooked-looking, so I named him "The Crooked Man.
" Why not Electric Man? He was crooked.
He came right up to my window and looked right at me.
He had eyes? Not really, but it was like he wanted something from me, - but I don't know what.
- Did you tell your mom? She was looking at a video of my dad this morning.
We should handle this ourselves.
No need to bother her until we know what we're dealing with.
What do you think about friendship bracelets? Spoiler alert.
My dad might have already ordered some online for me.
Wait, what? Think about it.
- [WILLA.]
Hey, girl.
- Hey.
Good to see you.
How you doing? Well, you know, I made it on time, so small miracle, and you are slaying it out there.
- Girl, stop trying to hype me up.
- Come on.
Okay, wait.
You're right.
I am slaying it.
Um, want some of my water? 'Cause you looking real thirsty.
- What, for Rashad? - Um, yeah.
Are you gonna just try and tell me it's the dancing? I am too out of shape for either one.
Listen up.
We're gonna do the finale one more time here, then again this afternoon at the theater.
Take your positions.
- Oh, I gotta go.
Come on.
Oh, and if Kwame gives you a hard time, let me know and I will beat him down.
- Hear me? - Noted.
Okay, come on.
Everybody back in position.
- Morning, Angie.
The Lewis Company.
Yes, I was just going to get back to you.
Good morning.
Here's the key art on our next production.
Thoughts? Truth? - Okay.
- I think there's too much blank space.
I mean, we should be reminded of Alvin Ailey's work.
Revelations, The Lark Ascending, Flowers.
If it were me, I would overlay, like, a grid, you know, to show the bridge between Ailey's work and ours.
Who died and made you a graphic designer? I'm sorry, I've just I've seen so many of these posters, and and I know Ailey, so Yeah, I know Ailey, too.
Yes, you do.
I'll take another look.
- You know, I would be more than happy - I said I would take a look.
I need you to drop the playbill inserts to the theater.
Oh, they're doing our show.
Yeah, they're doing our show.
Oh, don't you miss it? I miss my 19-year-old body.
And feeling like anything was possible.
Girl, look what you got me doing.
Take this.
Let's go, go, go.
I have a big announcement.
Oh, while I finish setting up, please get into your groups and start brainstorming project ideas, okay? We need a picture of Lightning Man.
Crooked Man.
Tell me everything you remember about him.
He was jagged and tall.
When he moved, the storm moved with him.
That looks awesome.
Did the storm want to hurt you? I don't know, but my mom came in, and, poof, it was gone.
The storm is scared of your mom? [DION.]
It didn't act like a regular storm.
You said BIONA can track storms, right? Uh-huh.
Maybe they can also make storms.
You took their hermit crab.
Maybe they sent the storm to get it back.
But my dad worked for BIONA.
He He wouldn't work for bad people.
I bet good people worked at LexCorp, too.
Maybe even the Empire.
It all makes sense.
They're totally watching you.
BIONA is not watching me.
Hello, children.
Class, this is Ms.
Wu, the CEO of BIONA Tech.
Now, she has exciting news for us.
I am happy to announce that BIONA will be sponsoring this year's science fair.
We'll be providing apps for your computers, books, and access to our top scientists to help foster your young, scientific minds.
This is an incredible opportunity.
We'll be checking in on your class over the next few weeks, so be prepared to start seeing a lot more of BIONA, and me.
Here you go.
How good did that feel? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, it felt good.
You lost focus.
It was shaky.
Shaky? On that turn.
Hey, ain't nothing but a little rust.
Rust comes off.
Is the company here? Not for another hour.
I wanted to walk the space before they got here.
- Mmm.
- I love this stage.
I can't promise you this one, but the rehearsal studio's free every day at lunch if you want to train.
What do you usually do during your lunch break? Eat lunch.
Make it quick and come train with me.
- And you, what do you get out of it? - I get to see you dance again.
And maybe I'm trying to figure out some new choreography.
I could use another body and some fresh eyes.
Come on, let's have some fun.
Tell your parents the link to the BIONA app will be on your class website, and ask your parents to download it.
And don't forget to come in with your science fair topics tomorrow.
- All right? Hey! - [GRUNTS.]
- Get off me! - Hey! Hey, hey! Stop! Stop it! There's no fighting in my class.
This stops now.
Chris, join Leanne's group, and Jonathan Oh, no.
You can join, uh, Dion and Esperanza, all right? [GROANS.]
No bueno.
- Ah.
- [CHRIS.]
It's your fault.
It's your fault.
Look what your mom dug up.
Is BIONA evil? Where did that come from? The woman from BIONA, she was at my school today.
Esperanza thinks they sent the Crooked Man to get Pinchy back.
- Back up.
Who's the Crooked Man? - The man that was outside my window.
Someone was outside your window? This guy.
Baby, I-I don't know what this is.
Well, it's not quite finished yet.
He's more like - Di - [ENERGY CRACKLES.]
There's the Crooked Man.
Um Hey, Bug, I wanna I wanna show you something, okay? - Yeah.
Okay, this is really important.
Look at this, and tell me if this is what you saw outside your window.
Hi, Charlotte, um It's Nicole Warren.
Look, I need to see you right away.
It's very urgent.
Uh, 9821 Clairemont Avenue, Apartment 9, Decatur.
Um, call me back.
Just please call me back right away.
Thank you.
Follow me.
What's going on? I know you haven't told us everything you know about the Iceland event.
- What? - And why should you? You want ownership over your research as a scientist.
You were there.
We would be foolish not to avail ourselves of your perspective.
I'm sorry, what So, what is happening? We're approving your research proposal and granting you access to the L5 labs.
You're a-approving my Uh, that Well, this is great.
Thank you.
That'll be all, Lars.
Um So, all that talk about bandwidth and, uh not needing an engineer was, uh - Are you trying to talk me out of this? - No.
Thank you.
Welcome to your new workspace.
Here, you'll find flora and fauna from the aurora event.
So, y-you've been investigating Iceland specimens all these years? No.
- Oh.
- A few years ago, Mark proposed a new project to build on his initial findings.
He never told me.
He asked to keep it confidential.
We were awaiting his results when he suddenly passed away.
We searched his computer for the files, but Mark either buried his findings or - someone else wiped his files clean.
Well But if you can't find Mark's research, why keep his study alive? A few months ago, the University of Iceland was doing research in the area and reported sightings of mutated animals, peculiar phenomena possibly tied to the aurora event.
What What kind of phenomena? The best we can tell is that the animals there are being hit with some sort of radiation poisoning.
The infected animals manifest lesions on their bodies and die within a matter of months.
But this fox seems to have been cured in the past few days without any medical intervention whatsoever.
It's cured? We can find no evidence of the prior disease.
He was sick the day of the blackout.
Now he's not.
You asked why I changed my mind about having you join this project.
Here's why.
- What am I looking at? - Aerial footage of the forest where you and Mark witnessed the aurora event.
Whatever was inside this clearing protected the ground.
The rest looks like it was burned.
It's necrosis.
The area's decaying and collapsing.
Those fingers aren't burns.
They're deep scars in the earth, and they're spreading.
What? The fox was found here.
So whatever is happening to the land affected the fox.
But now the fox looks like it came from the healthy area.
Whatever reversed the necrosis in the fox could stop the damage to the ground.
We have to figure this out before it devours all of Iceland.
- You need to tell us what you know.
Charlotte? Charlotte, are you in here? [FLOORBOARD CREAKS.]
Dion's in trouble.
Does this look familiar? This This was the thing that was in the video.
It was the thing that took Mark, and and it was outside Dion's bedroom window last night, okay? You're the only one who's faced it and survived.
I don't know what to do, so if you could just, please, please, tell me what to what to do There's nothing you can do.
It's too powerful.
Dion just needs a teacher, okay? You lived.
You make it sound like I have a life.
I survived.
That's all.
Well, teach Dion how to survive.
You want your child to disappear? No contact with friends.
No contact with family.
Is that what you want for your child? No.
- But this thing is after him.
- Well, it's after me, too.
And I did not get this far by being reckless.
I'm sorry I can't help you.
Please, hey.
Just don't leave, okay? What if you just met my son? - [SCOFFS.]
- He's eight years old.
He He still plays with Legos, and he loves Cheez Doodles, and he's smart, and he loves science, just like his father, and this thing took his father.
I don't know how to help him, Charlotte.
He deserves a fighting chance.
Don't let this thing kill my son! [CHARLOTTE SIGHS.]
All right.
I'll try.
But if you talk to anybody about me, I am gone forever.
Thank you.
- [SIGHS.]
- Oh, God.
Thank you.
Hey, I want you to meet someone, but you have to promise to keep it a secret.
You can't tell anybody.
Not Esperanza.
Not Pat.
Do you understand me? Okay.
Charlotte Tuck.
The woman that my dad saved? And you're invisible? This is so cool! Do you have X-ray vision? Can you see my brain? Do you have a superhero name, like The Invisible Grandma? - [SIGHS.]
Child called me Grandma.
- Dion! What? Wait.
Was my dad invisible? Uh Sometimes.
I knew it! I knew my dad was a superhero! Hey.
I didn't come here to play around.
I came here about this.
Have you seen him? Up close.
This is what took your dad.
That's the storm.
Yes, and it wants to take you, so I am gonna teach you how to use your powers to hide.
- You mean fight? - I mean hide.
He's too powerful.
You hide.
You got a place where we can train? [NICOLE.]
Okay, the super doesn't let anyone down here.
Like, he will evict us.
I mean, it's not pretty.
It's private.
That's all that matters.
Why does your shirt say "mm-mm"? I'm the Mind Mover.
I can move things with my mind.
- Hm.
- This is Pinchy.
He's a super, too.
I-I'll take Pinchy.
Come here.
First thing I could do was create light.
I remember being so excited because no more stumbling around in the middle of the night in the dark going to the bathroom.
Anyway, then I realized I was plugged into the electricity in the atmosphere.
- Ions.
Ions, right.
I could move ions, make them refract light away from me so that I was invisible, and then I learned a few more tricks.
- Hey! Hey! Can you not zap the child? I didn't hurt him.
What can you do? Hey, don't look at her, look at me.
What can you do? It's all right.
When I want things, they come to me, and I can do this.
Okay, can we not set anything on fire? Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Do it again.
- That's okay.
Do it again.
Just focus.
- O okay.
- Ah, maybe that's enough.
- No.
Don't shush me.
Dion, concentrate.
Trust yourself.
- Okay.
No, no, stop.
His shirt is on fire.
- Hey, are you all right, honey? - [SIGHS.]
- [DION.]
I'm okay.
- He's okay.
I'll be right back.
- Where are you going? - Just I'm gonna talk to her for a second.
Hey, I don't care what kind of powers you have.
- Dion's my son.
He listens to me.
- Get out.
- Excuse me? - Leave.
You brought me here to do a thing.
Let me do a thing.
- His shirt just caught on fire.
- He's fine.
- What if that killer storm comes? Well, first of all, we're inside.
Second of all, I'm the one that knows how to survive.
He is safer here with me than he will ever be with you.
Hi-yah! Go say your goodbyes, and don't come back before dark.
Hi-yah, hi-yah, hi-yah! [DION MAKES FIGHTING SOUNDS.]
- Hey, Bug.
I'm gonna take off.
Yeah, you know, um You really gotta concentrate, and I got a lot of stuff that I gotta take care of.
You get to hang out with a real life superhero.
She's mean.
She can help you, so I want you to listen and learn as much as you can, okay? And you can tell me all about it tonight.
Mmm, okay.
Come on.
Thank you.
You know what? Um Just in case you guys get the munchies.
Only let him have one juice box.
The other one is for you.
And buddy.
All right? All right.
Mama Warren out.
So Let's get started.
Get out of here! Go! - Sorry! - [PAT.]
Guess where I'm calling from.
Inside of BIONA's top secret security lab.
I am in the room where it happens.
All of the research on the Iceland event that gave Mark his powers, I've got access to all of the data, so if there's a connection between what happened in Iceland and Mark's death, to the storms, I will find it.
This is awesome.
Do they have any information on Dion? If they do, they're keeping me in the dark.
But they did say that all of Mark's research disappeared before they got their hands on it.
Did you ever find any of his work files when you moved? [NICOLE SIGHS.]
I haven't been through most of the Mark boxes.
Okay, um Well, you need to do that, because that could really help us.
Oh, I wanted to tell you, last night, Dion saw something.
Uh, okay, remember the story because I gotta run, but I will head to your place after work and we can chat.
- Huh? Oh.
This is so cute.
Okay, let's hang up at the same time.
One, two, three.
Why do you yell so much? Why are you so sensitive? I'm not your mother.
You know, it's her job to make you feel safe, but you are not safe.
That storm is after you.
And it's after me, too, so why don't we stop worrying about being nice and try to figure out how to outsmart it? - Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, yeah.
Uh Uh Okay.
Have a seat.
Now What else can you do? Besides, you know, move things with your mind and make a ball of electricity? What else can you do? I used to be able to teleport, but - not anymore.
- What happened? [SIGHS.]
I almost got hit by a car.
And it scared you? It scared everyone.
Since then, it's stuck.
Well, try it.
- I can't.
- Yeah, you can.
Just go, just go, just try.
Don't don't go far.
Just Just try across the room.
When's my mom coming back? Where'd you go? - [ZAPS.]
- Ah! - Ah! - [CHARLOTTE.]
Save yourself.
- [ZAPS.]
- [ZAPS.]
Can't outrun me.
I can see you.
But if you teleport, I won't know where you are.
Stop it! Are you giving up? Why can't you just teach me how to disappear? [GROANS.]
'Cause what you can do is so much better.
When I'm invisible, I'm still here.
The Crooked Man finds me, I'm still in danger.
You can teleport yourself to safety.
Or in front of a car, and be smashed all over the road, with my guts hanging out in front of everybody.
Come here.
You're not afraid.
You're afraid of scaring your mom.
She already gets too sad.
And you think if you don't use your powers it'll make her happy? - Yeah.
- Oh, you are not responsible for her, kid.
She's an adult.
By the way, she's allowed to feel sad.
She lost her husband and her kid can move things with his mind.
Not that any of that should stop you.
You have abilities that your mom doesn't have, and that scares her, and I get it, but you making yourself small is not gonna help anybody right now.
You You can't shrink yourself to make other people comfortable.
You shrink yourself.
You hide from everybody.
And it isn't fun.
Your dad could teleport.
It didn't save him.
That's because he stayed to save me.
So I'm gonna save you.
Come on.
Do this.
Okay, now, don't look at your hand, look at the space around your hand, and imagine all those little ions.
Now imagine all those little ions are like little soldiers guarding your hand.
Uh, stormtroopers? Sure, stormtroopers.
Now, imagine the stormtroopers standing really close together to form a wall, and then, they turn around, and when they do that Whoa! [CHARLOTTE SIGHS.]
Don't wanna get ahead of myself Feeling things I've never felt It's kind of hard for me to explain Her personality and everything [GRUNTS.]
Brings me to my knees, oh She shines me up like gold on my arm Please be Christmas Day.
I love to see her face in daylight It's more than just our bodies At night But she's really tempting me, oh Do you think I'm being foolish If I don't rush in? I'm Scared to death that she might be it That the love is real That the shoe might fit She might just be my everything And beyond Beyond Space and time Mmm.
Stop it.
Will she be my wife? She might just be my everything And beyond - Did you get locked out of your apartment? - [NICOLE.]
Dion's working on a project.
I'm just trying to give him some space.
Can I go say hi? No, uh, he's actually with a tutor.
- Don't worry, he's fine.
- He's He's got his magic watch and everything is under control, you know? Um I'm trying really hard not to hover over him.
Like a helicopter parent? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Did you really No, you You're You're allowed.
Uh, your situation is bonkers.
- Right.
- [PAT.]
But good for you, letting him spread his wings a little bit.
Letting him fly solo.
He's not flying, is he? No.
- [PAT.]
Uh - Any luck finding Mark's data? - No.
- Hm.
I really hope I didn't toss it in the move.
I don't think he would leave it lying around the house.
Or at work, because I don't think he trusted BIONA.
So, we just We It's fine, but we need to find it before they do.
Why are you loitering outside of my building? - I need to call the cops or something? - No, I - Oh, Tessa, you remember Pat, right? - [PAT.]
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
You see Malik, tell him get his butt home.
I sent him to the store half an hour ago, and I can't make dinner without my baby Brussels sprouts.
Um, can we maybe just get out of here? - Yeah, let's take a walk.
- Just for a minute? Okay.
I just wanna talk to you about a couple of things.
Um Okay, so Here, hold on.
So, Suzanne showed me around L5 today, which has gone through a remodel since the last few days.
What kind of remodel? All evidence of them tracking people around the world, gone.
But the animals were still there.
Well, except for Pinchy.
- Yeah.
Well, no, she totally suspects us on that, but she she isn't saying anything.
I think she's angling for bigger fish.
Like what? [SIGHS.]
Like figuring out why Iceland is disintegrating.
Part of the forest is diseased now, and she seems to think I know something about it, but she pointed out a fox that came from the diseased area.
Dion and I saw it, and it was sick.
Like Like, on death's doorstep sick.
And, uh after we snuck into the lab, miraculously healed.
S And you You think Dion did it? I mean has he ever healed anything before? I mean, not that I know of, but his powers could be growing and - Okay.
- Oh.
Last night Dion saw a storm outside his bedroom window, with a man made of lightning in the center.
- No, no, no, no.
Oh, my God.
- I mean, it didn't try to hurt him.
But why why was it there? Like, I mean, does it does it know about him or his abilities? - I I don't know.
- Okay, we shouldn't leave him alone.
Hey, he's not alone.
- He's safe.
- Safe with who? - He's safe.
Are we, like, keeping secrets now or Calm down.
He's my responsibility, remember? - [LAUGHS.]
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
Hey, I can't be mad at you for loving my kid.
Aren't you a little bit of a pool shark? - Mark told you that, right? - Yeah.
It was the one thing that I could beat him at, so he called me a hustler.
Can you show me? Yeah.
- Ha, ha! - [NICOLE LAUGHS.]
- I'm excited.
- What are you so excited about? Are you about to kick my ass? [CHARLOTTE.]
Ready? Yes.
- Ow! If I see you, I'm gonna zap you.
- Your foot's not invisible.
You can't see me.
- Ow! I can hear you.
Ha, ha, I fooled you.
What's it like being a superhero? Uh I wouldn't have the first clue.
But you have powers.
People with powers are either heroes or villains.
Well, in that case, I don't know what I am.
You can be a hero if you want.
Well Thanks for giving me your permission.
- You're gonna have to be nicer though.
- I heard that.
Who's down there?! [DOOR CLOSES.]
You know my rules.
All right.
You're gonna make me come and find you.
Are you serious? [NICOLE LAUGHS.]
You're the hustler.
- Ugh.
- Well, when you, uh pay your way through school, you pick up a couple tricks, you know? [NICOLE LAUGHS.]
- Oh, come on.
Next round's on me.
- No.
No, I am not letting you destroy me at pool, and buy the drinks.
- [MAN.]
Thank you.
- Good luck, guys.
- Hey, could I get, uh, two more of these? - Sure.
Oh, ouch.
I don't remember you playing pool.
Well, I was always busy with school, and you didn't like me, remember? - Well, I - And then, I had Dion.
And so there wasn't really time for us to hang out in pool halls.
Okay, that makes sense.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Uh, you know, actually, I do remember Mark wanting to keep it a secret so that we could set you up.
- So [LAUGHS.]
- Oh, wow, so nice.
Well played, Mr.
- What? - No, you just you seem happier than I've seen you lately.
I feel happier in this moment.
Um, I, uh I started dancing today.
- Where? - Just messing around on the stage at work.
But - It felt so good.
I bet it did.
You know, I I wouldn't trade Dion for anything, but I had a whole plan, and a couple turns, and life would have been very different.
Sliding Doors Right? Yeah, totally.
Nobody's supposed to be down here.
Now, come out.
You starting fires down here? Okay.
Somebody getting evicted today.
I'm not gonna say it again.
Come out! I know you hear me! [GEORGE.]
- [DION.]
- Shh.
This is how you wanna do it? [DION.]
Mm! Mmm! - [PANTS.]
Mm! Mmm! Mmm.
- Mm! Mmm! - [GEORGE.]
No wonder we got ants.
- Who's there?! [DION PANTING.]
Hey, come out! Dreams are hopeless aspirations In hopes of coming true Believe in yourself The rest is up to me and you Don't go chasin' waterfalls - Please stick to the rivers - [LAUGHING.]
- What are you laughing at? - You are way out of line.
That is the official dance.
Well, then you have to show Please show me some of your famous dance moves.
- No.
- Come on.
I have this holiday party at BIONA coming up, and you have to save me from myself, otherwise I'm gonna be doing lots of, like - Lots of this.
- Just punching people? - Yeah.
That's how I save them from seeing what I am doing.
I do know this one.
- Is that supposed to be the moonwalk? - Yeah.
- That's so bad.
- What? How about "The Tinder," where you swipe left, swipe right.
- Ooh.
- And then - Go down and twerk, twerk, twerk - [LAUGHS.]
That is not a twerk.
That is a twerk.
- What is your body doing? - I'm shaking what my mama gave me.
Maybe you've never seen a real twerk before, but that was it.
- That was not it.
- This is me.
- Yes.
Uh, sorry for hustling you at pool.
- You're forgiven.
And thank you for being here tonight and every night, and And thank you for being there, even though I'm sometimes I'm not always nice to you, - and I just - [LAUGHS.]
- That's all right.
- You know, I don't know what I would do without you, so [EXHALES.]
Okay, um So, here's what happened.
Um In my head, I went from "Yes" to "Oh, God.
And immediately to "Run.
- So, um - [NICOLE.]
- So I'm gonna go, right? - Yeah.
- Or I could stay? - [NICOLE.]
You know what Yeah.
Okay, um, well, say hi to Dion for me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I think I I think I found something.
Um This was in Mark's watch.
What? Okay Okay.
Okay, um [CHARLOTTE.]
Oh! That is a gold mine.
Try another.
Ugh, come on.
This looks like a list of people who witnessed the aurora event.
I recognize some of these names from talking to Mark.
Jill Noonan.
I-I know that name.
This cop was asking about her up at the lake.
These people could have powers.
I-I need to call them and-and find out what they know.
- Well, I'll I'll do it.
What? Well, I'm one of them.
They'll talk to me.
But if the Crooked Man is after these people, he could come find you.
I will be careful.
Okay, we need you alive.
This isn't the time to be a superhero.
I can be a hero if I want.
Okay, um - Yeah, let's let's let's call them.
- Yeah.
Been an interesting day.
All right, uploading the video to you now.