Raising Dion (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

ISSUE #109: Storm Killer

Tell me you're not still talking to the farmer.
Are you eavesdropping on my conversation? [CHUCKLES.]
Uh, your girl just waved at me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
For once, that doesn't threaten me, married man.
Pat, get your lame ass up here, 'cause 'cause it's happening.
Hey, uh are you experiencing a fluctuation in temperature out there? Yeah, I can feel your girl getting cold because you're hiding out in a heated yurt.
No, Mark, there's there's something, uh [LOUD WHOOSHING.]
- [MAN 1.]
- [WOMAN.]
Whoa! [MAN 2.]
- Mark? - [MARK.]
Pat, can you see The radiation level's off the charts.
Are you okay? [STATIC OVER RADIO.]
- [MARK.]
Pat? - Mark.
Okay, okay.
- Ow! What the hell? - Mark, can you hear me? Ow! - [SIZZLING.]
Are you in the middle of this stuff? - Oh! - [SIZZLING.]
Mark! [BANGING.]
And all the roses seem to fade And somehow, I have lost my way [PAT.]
Okay, let's see here.
These are the choices.
Okay, there is an X-Men movie, uh, a Godzilla remake, and a Planet of the Apes sequel.
Uh, I can't do a movie.
Yeah, we can do something else.
Um, we could go for a hike.
Um There's a music festival in Piedmont Park.
I don't care.
I'm just so glad you're finally here.
Pat, we need to talk.
About? This isn't working.
I agree.
Which is why I think you should move here.
No, I I'm dealing with some personal stuff.
Since Iceland, I've been having some problems.
Hey, hey.
That That's just the distance talking.
You know, you'll feel differently when you're living here.
I know how I feel.
Yeah, but I'm I'm saying that will change.
- You're not listening.
- Well, you're not making sense.
Actually, I'm being very clear.
Well, you're not you're not being fair.
You know, I do everything for us.
- I travel to see you all the time.
I plan our time together, I pay for everything See, this is the problem.
You know, you come on so strong.
Flowers, and trips, and remembering my mother's birthday, for God's sake.
- How is that - But when things aren't exactly the way you want, you go nuts.
- You're trying to break up with me.
- I'm not trying.
I'm doing it.
Where are you going? I'm staying with Jill, at her cabin.
You you already planned that? Hey, hey, hey.
We need to talk about - Let go of me, please.
- No, no, this isn't just your decision.
- Let go of me! Oh! What the hell? Ah, why did you do that? [KERRY.]
I told you I was dealing with some stuff.
- Well, so am I.
- Pat? - [EXHALES.]
What's happening? I can't make it stop.
Oh, my God, Pat.
Pat, what's What's happening, Pat? Pat! Pat, stop! No.
Please, Pat! [KERRY SCREAMS.]
No, Pat! [GROANING.]
Hi, Esperanza.
It's me, Dion.
Well, actually, you already know that because you're looking at me, so I should probably edit that out.
- Dion! - [DION.]
So, hey.
- Hey, are you okay? - You're home! All right, we need to go.
We need to go right now.
- Why? And why is it so dark outside? - Hey, no.
We need to get in the car, and we need to get out of here right now.
- But - [NICOLE.]
No buts.
Not now, okay? Let's go.
- Can't we - Dion.
It's the Crooked Man.
Okay? [PANTING.]
Come on, come on.
Grab your stuff.
- We gotta go, Pinchy! - Hurry, okay? Hurry! [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
Dion? Nicole? Nicole? [DIALING.]
Who's that? You know what? It doesn't matter.
I'll call him back later.
Can I use your phone? I have to call Esperanza.
- Not now.
- I have to.
She's so mad at me.
We can just talk about it when we get there, okay? Get where? Where are we going? Where it's safe.
I should be ashamed How I pray for it When you're not around I just ache for it Sit around and wait for it [BANGING.]
It should never feel this good [BANGING.]
- Oh.
- What are - Hey.
- What are you doing here? Um, I tried calling the hospital, but they said you weren't there.
They didn't know when you would be, so Yeah, I'm I'm on an indefinite leave.
Unofficially fired, waiting to get officially fired.
Um, where's Nicole? - Uh - What is up with you right now? I'm, uh I'm just I'm just worried about your sister.
She's not returning my texts, and I [INHALES DEEPLY, EXHALES.]
I'm afraid she's gonna hurt Dion.
Hurt Dion? In what world? She's not in her right mind, Kat.
Like, I don't I don't know if she's having a breakdown or what, but she's she's off the rails, and I really need to find her.
Okay, she was fine the last time I talked to her.
- Well, when was that? Because - [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
Who is it? Is that Nicole? - Mind your business.
- Was that Nicole? - As a matter of fact, I need you to leave.
- Well No, I'm not having a good day.
I don't feel like doing this with you.
Can you just talk to me for one second? - No, I wanna go back to sleep.
- Kat, can I just Sorry, I don't I don't mean to scare you, but I'm I am really concerned.
I need to know that Dion is okay.
So if you could just put my mind at ease and get her on the phone, or tell me where she took him otherwise, I think I have to call the cops.
She took him to see our folks.
- In St.
Louis? - Yeah, just for a few days.
She said she needed a break.
But you don't have to worry.
Nicole would never let anything happen to Dion.
She would protect that kid with her life.
- Oh, Kat.
- [KAT.]
Where are you? [SIGHS.]
I was on my way to you, but you didn't answer your phone.
Pat was here acting like a freak looking for you.
- Are you okay? - [NICOLE.]
The storm that killed Mark, it's not just a storm.
Dion calls it the Crooked Man.
It - It came to our house again today.
- [KAT.]
Again? What are you talking about? Why didn't you call somebody? It's a supernatural storm, Kat.
But there must be something we can do.
Just come here, and we'll figure it out.
No, we have to get away.
We have to hide.
Whoa, Nic, what are you talking about? Hide where? [NICOLE.]
It's better if I don't tell you.
I don't want this thing coming after you, too.
- Niki.
I gotta go.
- [KAT.]
No, wait, Niki.
- I love you.
Mmm - [DIALING.]
You know what to do.
- [BEEP.]
Hi, Nicole.
Um, it's me.
So, I I I know I made a mistake.
I was a little out of line.
I, um I'm really sorry, okay? But, you know, you can't just [INHALES.]
blow up everything that we have because of one silly mistake.
It's not fair.
Uh, it's not fair to me or to Dion, and [DISCONNECTS CALL.]
Oh, man.
Boards on my window? It's like I'm in jail.
- [SIGHS.]
We have to go home.
I'm sorry, honey, but you can't.
Esperanza won't answer my texts.
She'll be there.
- I can say "I'm sorry" in person.
- No, honey.
And I wanna talk to Pat.
Pat and I had a disagreement.
About what? Um Do you know what boundaries are? Like in dodgeball? Sort of.
Um, but people have all kinds of boundaries, and when someone doesn't want something, you have to listen.
Okay? It's called respecting people's boundaries.
What did Pat do wrong? He wanted a different kind of relationship with me than I wanted.
Ugh, like a kissing kind of relationship? - Ugh! - [NICOLE CHUCKLES.]
The point is is that I said no.
And he didn't listen.
He thought he knew what was better for me than I did.
What's wrong? I think I didn't respect Esperanza's boundaries.
Okay, what happened? I lifted her up out of her chair with magic.
- Why? - I thought she'd like it, but she got really angry.
Well, did she ever talk about wanting to come out of her chair? No, but Jonathan is good at drawing, like she is, and they play Zelda, but she was my friend first.
Oh, Bug.
I'm going home.
No, we can't.
I'm going home! Dion! I didn't know you could still do that.
Me neither! Stop.
I'm not gonna let my friends down, or Jonathan.
Abracadabra! Do not teleport.
Ugh, not my room.
Di Bug, you're going the wrong way.
I think Pinchy's a little worried about you.
Charlotte lied.
About what? She said I'd be able to teleport if I really needed to.
You just did.
Not to where I want to go.
You will make things right with Esperanza as soon as you get back.
I promise.
I'll be right back.
Uh - Hey.
- [GASPS.]
Are you guys okay? What did What are you doing here? Uh, Dion, asked me to come.
See? But the storm.
Did you You didn't drive here.
I didn't see your car.
How did you get here? Did you board these windows yourself? Because that's a That was a good job.
- It must have taken you all night.
Dion! - Hey, stay right there.
Those are the same things that were on the fox.
- Are you sick? Is that why you're here? - No, no, no, no, no.
Um I'm here because you weren't answering my calls, or my texts.
You you cut me out.
Get out of my house.
No, I need to talk to Dion.
- Dion! - Hey, I said no.
Dion! No.
Yes! Buddy! Whoa, you must be tired.
Dion, where are you? [COUGHING.]
Dion! He did it.
That is amazing.
You think that Dion can heal you like he healed that fox? That's why he was in the hospital.
You made him try to heal you! [YELLS.]
Hey! I didn't do anything.
He wanted to help me because he loves me.
And I love him.
And I love you.
But you had to go and screw that whole thing up for everybody.
But you're not gonna hurt him, are you? Nicole.
Do you do you have any idea how much pain I am in? How close I've been to dying? The thing that gave everybody else powers is eating me alive.
And then Dion comes along and he can fix it all.
But it would kill him.
Which is why I never asked him to heal me.
Okay? I wanted us to be a family.
I-I-I would have gone on absorbing other powered people.
- Oh, no.
- Until I ran out of them.
You - killed Mark.
- Oh, my God.
He should have told me he was going to New Orleans! Suddenly, he was there, and I couldn't stop.
- Hey.
- I couldn't stop.
- Just Let's, um - Oh, God.
What do you want? I mean, how do we how do we fix this? - No.
- There's a way to do it.
- No, no, no.
- There No, no, no, no.
You made your choice.
And so now I'm gonna do what I need to do to survive.
- You can't have him! - [GROANS.]
You really don't get it, do you? [ELECTRICITY CRACKLES.]
I'm reporting you.
Do what you've gotta do, man.
I have early classes.
Then you'd best get to bed.
You've been drinking? - Come from a party? - [INHALES.]
Get out of my face, Brett.
It's none of your business what I did before I came to work, - what I do after work - [MAN SHUSHING.]
You have too many books out.
I'm sorry, what? The maximum is four.
And you have - Six.
- Six.
Yeah, but nobody's in here.
Rules are rules.
I enforce the rules.
How was the party? - Hmm? - That is why you're late, right? How do you know that I'm late? Because your shift starts at 1:00.
It's a little past 3:00.
I'm here a lot.
You're late a lot.
What, are you stalking me or ? - No, ma'am.
I'm stalking education and knowledge.
I need coffee.
I like mine with two sugars.
Thank you.
I'm not a waitress.
Except at my other job, where I'm a waitress.
That's a lot of jobs.
Why so many? Maybe my dad didn't want to pay for a dance major.
I see, I see.
Well, I mean, we can get him on the phone.
I'll talk to him.
And what would you say to him? Shh Stop shushing me.
Okay, well, come down here.
Come on.
Okay, smart-ass, what would you say to him? I mean, I'd tell him that art education is just as important as math or science.
Yeah? Yeah.
What's your name? Mark.
It improves critical thinking, encourages innovation, and strengthens your connection with community.
I'm Nicole.
I know.
So, let's call your dad.
- That'd be fun.
- That'd be fun - [NICOLE CHUCKLES.]
Jonathan, you have to present this stuff in a couple of minutes! You said I wouldn't have to talk.
That was before Dion bailed.
Why is that can of liquid nitrogen so small? It's the biggest one I could get online without a driver's license, okay? - I'm here, I'm here.
- I don't have to talk? I'm sorry for bailing on you and for being jealous of you and Jonathan.
Wait, what? And for trying to fix you when you aren't broken.
You're the best friend anybody could ask for.
So please, please, let me back into the group, and I won't let you down again, I promise.
You're making it weird.
I know.
You gonna remember your speech? Are you gonna remember yours? - Cheers.
- Cheers.
Okay, guys, let's get out there and do some great work.
Go, Storm Killer! [TIRES SQUEAL.]
BIONA Technologies, how can I help you? - I need to speak to Suzanne Wu, please.
- [WOMAN.]
One moment, please.
- It's Pat.
Pat Rollins.
- Nicole, is that you? - He He's the storm! Pat is the storm! - Wait.
What? What are you talking about? - [NICOLE.]
Pat Rollins.
He turned into a cyclone right in front of me, and he's trying to kill Dion! If he wanted to kill Dion, he would have done it by now.
No, listen.
He needs Dion to heal him, like he healed the fox.
And killing him won't do that.
He needs Dion to want to heal him.
And I need you to get to Dion's school and stop Pat from getting to him.
Uh, okay, but how do you All the stuff that you do at BIONA, I need you to throw it at him and save my son.
Do you hear me? Yeah, yeah, I will.
I will.
Is the science fair this way? Thank you.
Team Weather Control from Mr.
Fry's class, please report to the stage.
- [PAT.]
- Pat! Hey, buddy.
Uh, can I use your phone? I got into a fight with my mom.
Uh I know.
She, uh she told me.
Is she mad? No.
No, no, no.
She just, um she just wants to know you're okay.
She told me to take you home, and, uh, she'll meet us there, all right? I have to do my project first.
Well, she was pretty worried.
I think I think, actually, we should probably just go now, you know? This is gonna get us all into the gifted program.
Even Jonathan.
I can't let him down.
Um Well [GROANS.]
Your mom was, uh, pretty No! I made a promise.
I'm not leaving.
But, um [STAMMERS.]
I do have to talk to you about something.
It's really important.
Can you just [INHALES.]
come with me for one second? It'll take a minute and you'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, listen.
I need you to do something for me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I need you to heal me like you healed that fox.
But won't that make me sick? Uh, it It might.
It might, but but we know how to make you better now, right? [COUGHS.]
So, is it your head again, or ? [SIGHS.]
Here's the thing, buddy.
Um I I am sicker than I told you.
- I'm dying.
- No! Dion, no, but you can save me.
So, will you do that for me? Please.
Can I ask my mom? [EXHALES SHAKILY.]
No, um, she's [EXHALES.]
She's not here, and I don't have a lot of time, Di, so I need you to do it right now.
You're a superhero, right? Superheroes save people.
So now is your chance to be a real-life superhero.
Please, Dion.
You're my only hope.
Dion? Dion? Hey, Esperanza.
Do you know where Dion is? He went down there with his mentor.
Oh, my God.
We've gotta get down there.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- Dion! - Stop! - I'm helping Pat.
No! No, stop it! - Keep going, Dion.
- He's gonna die.
- No, he's killing you! - He's my friend! He is the Crooked Man! He killed your father.
He just tried to kill me.
You're just mad because he tried to kiss you! No.
Hey, it's you and me.
You and me, okay? You gotta trust me.
No! No! - Dion, run! - Hey! Dion, finish what you started.
What are you doing? Let go of her! You've gotta finish healing me or I'm gonna hurt your mom, okay? Dion, run! Finish healing me, or I'm gonna have to kill her.
- Dion! Do it now.
- He's sick, Mom.
I can help him.
Oh! - [DION.]
Stop! If I heal him, he won't be evil anymore.
- That's my buddy.
- Please, Dion.
- [PAT.]
Ah! Ah! - [NICOLE.]
Run! Run, run, run, run! Go! [GRUNTING.]
Where's the door? I don't see the door.
- It's right down there.
There they are.
- Esperanza! Go! Go, go! Go, go! Come on! Go! [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING.]
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Go! It's coming! - Hurry! - It's real.
- Come on, Dion.
- Come on, Esperanza.
- Try the other one.
- Go in there.
The storm! Take this, storm.
It worked.
It's gone.
- Go! - Come on.
Come on, come on.
- Let's go.
- In here! - Hey, stay in here.
- No, come with us! That was insane! Yeah, next time we better bring a storm surge or something.
- What are you doing? - Making armor.
Why? We're safe in here, right? - [DION.]
He wants me.
- Why? I'm going out there before he hurts my mom.
- Dion, are you nuts? - [ESPERANZA.]
No, Dion! - Stay in here until it goes away.
- It won't go away.
I have to face it.
But - Esperanza, he killed my dad.
- What's happening? - [THUNDER RUMBLES.]
Come on.
Let's go, let's go! - [SUZANNE.]
Get the compressor! - Hey! What's the plan? We're gonna boost liquid nitrogen up and over the center of the storm and cool it down, try to weaken it.
- That's Dion's science project.
- We thought of it first.
- I'll be right back.
You two stay safe.
No, wait! [SCREAMING.]
Dion, wait! No! - Are you okay? - [GROANS.]
- Come on! - [NICOLE.]
I gotta help Dion.
- What do you need? - [NICOLE.]
Something that could make a lightning rod.
I need to get as close as I can to that thing.
He can't see you.
He never reacted to you.
- He knocked me out.
- By accident.
I know what it looks like when people don't see you.
He sees Dion, but for whatever reason, you're invisible.
It's because I don't have powers.
He can only see powered people.
Will this work? Ah! [GRUNTS.]
No! [YELLS.]
Aim here! [GRUNTS.]
Dad? Dad! Did you see what I did? Yeah, I saw you, Bug.
I was all [GRUNTS.]
And he was all [SCREAMS SOFTLY.]
I saw it all, man.
You were great.
You were great.
Hey, hey, Dad.
- I have a hermit crab named Pinchy.
- And a friend named Esperanza.
- Esperanza? That's great that you're making friends.
Um Uh, listen to me, Bug.
Uh, I want you to remember something for me, and you can't forget it because it's very important.
Energy never dies.
Okay? It just It just takes a different form.
So, whatever that thing was, it's still out there.
So I need you to be careful, and I need you to be strong.
The world is gonna need you one day.
But if evil isn't gone, neither is good, right? You're still out there, too.
Such a smart kid.
I'm gonna find a way to bring you back.
I'm so sorry I didn't tell you everything.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
No, it is definitely not okay.
I love you.
I love you.
Dude, that was amazing.
Are you okay? That was scary.
Hey, Dion! - Over here, Dion! - Esperanza! [NICOLE.]
I always knew you were special.
But we're way past special now.
I wish I could keep you safe forever.
But that's not how this works.
I don't know what's coming.
But I can promise you one thing.
Whatever it is will have to go through me first.
On a hill Far away Stood an old rugged cross The emblem Of suffering [INTENSE MUSIC SWELLS.]
Walked a crooked road For a crooked mile Showed my crooked teeth And my crooked smile I read a cuckoo clock On a crooked wall Turns out it's all crooked, y'all And I don't know what I'm supposed to do Turns out that I'm crooked too I read a crooked headline On a crooked page There's a crooked leader On a crooked stage But he seems to think He's standin' tall Turns out it's all crooked, y'all And I don't know What I'm supposed to do Turns out that I'm crooked too Oh, it turns out It's all crooked, y'all