Ransom (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Anatomy of a Lost Cause

1 I wish Zara were here.
I hate making - these kind of drops without her.
- Hey.
I've been known to kick - a little ass, too, you know.
- (CHUCKLES) I mean because of her surveillance training, Rambo.
Rambo? Seriously, Max? - That's, like, from the '80s.
- (CHUCKLES) Come on, what else you got? Okay, Eric, approaching the drop site.
No sign of a welcome party.
- Is that bad? - Oh, it's normal, Mrs.
Kidnapper'll have eyes on it, but wouldn't want to be seen.
You see, Brooke? I told you.
Gerry's gonna be fine.
Let's make the play.
Let's get Brooke her husband back.
- What is it, Max? - That looks like the perfect place for a kidnapper to hide our client.
Want to check it out? ERIC: Let's just stick to protocol.
Come on back.
Are you sure that's a good idea, Mrs.
Reed? It's not for me.
I thought Michael might need one.
(SIGHS) Look, I would pay whatever it takes to get my brother back.
I just hope this is gonna be enough.
Why haven't they called yet? It's been over two hours.
OLIVER: The kidnapper needs to be certain that the pickup was clean, he hasn't been compromised.
Yeah, this isn't unusual, Mrs.
Please try not to worry.
I have every faith we'll get your husband back safely.
What if he's already dead? Why would they ask for his medication if they were gonna hurt him? (PHONE RINGING) This is Eric Beaumont.
(DISTORTED): The money was short.
I said $5 million.
ERIC: You agreed to $1 million.
It's all we could raise.
Well, I changed my mind.
It's not enough.
Something's different.
Latency? Within the spectrum.
Same guy we've been negotiating with.
- (RINGING) - Uh, we got a video call coming in.
(MUFFLED SHOUTING) (GASPS) Gerry! He needed a shower, so I used this.
All right, we kept our end of the bargain.
I know you tried to rip me off.
All right, let's talk about this.
No one needs to get hurt.
You want me to let him go? That's what we all want.
Okay, I will.
(PANTING) Constant.
No variation.
Read's sincere.
But you know what? Actions speak louder than words.
You said he'd be safe.
You promised.
(SIRENS WAILING) - Oh, my God.
- Oh.
We don't know for certain that's Gerry Reed's body.
- Not for certain.
- Yeah, maybe it's the kidnapper's.
That's much more likely.
I knew he was being held there.
As soon as I saw it, I knew it.
- Then we should've checked.
- Not according to protocol.
OLIVER: Okay, well, - what else could we have done? - Nothing.
- Just exactly what we did.
- MICHAEL: Brooke, don't! - BROOKE: Let me see him! - Eric.
- Brooke.
- Let me see him! Please.
Okay, Mrs.
Reed, Mrs.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't touch me! Don't you touch me! You killed him! All of you! This is your fault! (SOBBING) Oh, my God.
(PHONE RINGS) Eric Beaumont.
We'll be right there.
It's the FBI.
They want us to report to the sheriff's office.
What for? To decide whether we should be charged with Gerry's death.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Excuse me.
Been three hours.
I'm just saying.
And because we haven't actually been arrested, we're at full liberty to walk out of here right now.
But given the seriousness of the crime, we're happy to stay and help in any way we can.
I need a drink.
Let's just leave them our cell numbers, then go hit a bar.
- What do you say? - (SIGHS) Huh? (SCOFFS) Special Agent Todd Kendall with the FBI.
- You must be Eric Beaumont.
- These are my colleagues, Oliver Yates and Maxine Carlson.
Where is Zara Hall-am? Hallam.
Maternity leave.
Lucky her.
Carlson, will you come with me, please? Make sure Beaumont stays until I'm ready to interview him.
What the hell is going on? You know that guy? No.
So, five days ago, Gerry Reed gets carjacked on his way home from work? Yes.
And his family called Eric Beaumont? - Yes.
- You're aware kidnapping's a federal crime? One you're required by law to report to the police.
Our clients asked us not to, Agent Kendall.
You must be aware of that.
Those clients being Michael Reed and his sister-in-law Brooke.
Which one contacted your office? The brother, Michael.
His insurance company wouldn't cover Gerry, so they recommended he call us.
And how did his sister-in-law Brooke react to having the famous Eric Beaumont on board calling the shots? They said no police.
We're not the police, Mrs.
We're private negotiators.
We contact anyone outside the family, Gerry's dead.
That's what they said.
Yeah, well, he's dead if I can't raise the money.
And I don't have $5 million, okay? Not even close.
ERIC: It's the kidnapper's initial demand.
And in my experience, he will agree to far less if he has to.
He said he'll cut off Gerry's fingers.
Eric's never lost a hostage, Mrs.
Not once.
Not in 17 years.
(EXHALES) I'm gonna trust you.
For Gerry's sake and for our baby's.
TODD: You look at the clients? As suspects? Always.
First task we have is due diligence on whoever hires us.
You said your investigator, Zara Hall-am, is on maternity leave.
She's been prescribed bed rest, so I ran the checks.
Oliver helped.
And what did you find? Michael owns the vineyard.
High-end operation.
Boutique wines.
You know, he's got the money, classic car, model girlfriends on tap.
And his brother? OLIVER: Gerry had an unemployed wife and a failed restaurant in Seattle that left them bankrupt and homeless.
Had to cut deep.
Gerry going cap in hand to his younger brother for money.
There was tension between the brothers.
And having to take Michael's charity just rubbed salt in the wound, especially when Brooke took a job in the vineyard and Gerry went back to school.
, right? - Gresham University.
- OLIVER: Yeah.
Commuted in every day.
100% attendance record, top of his class, and then he got carjacked driving home five days ago.
Look, Agent Kendall, where are we going with all this? Gerry commuted every day, which means someone knew his routine.
We found his vehicle abandoned in a ditch.
I took some prints, got Zara to call in a favor, get a cop buddy to run them.
Nothing came up.
That's a real shame for Zara.
I thought she got lucky and stayed out of this, - but she's implicated, too.
- What are you talking about? Your team is a busted flush.
This isn't the first mistake Beaumont's made, but I'm going to make damn sure it's his last.
News just in.
Dental records confirming the burnt corpse as Gerry Reed, the man Michael and Brooke hired you to save.
Are you still gonna bill them? Or is this a “no pulse, no fee” type of deal? You screwed up, Beaumont.
- You think? - Big-time.
And now I have to clean up your mess.
Thanks for giving the killer a million bucks to escape with.
Would've been less, but our client insisted that we stop negotiating and pay.
Is that meant to absolve you? Winning the argument wasn't the issue.
What it did give me was confirmation.
Confirmation on what? That our judgment about them was correct.
Their concern for Gerry was genuine, however misguided.
Look, I'm sorry, Mr.
Beaumont, but I'm with Brooke on this one.
We can't risk Gerry's life any longer.
We need to pay.
Well, no.
It's our contention that you're not.
I mean, the kidnapper's already asked that we send Gerry his medicine.
That implies he's not intending to harm him.
He's gonna cut off Gerry's finger if we don't send him the money now.
OLIVER: We analyzed the vocal waveform in the last call.
All the data suggests it's an empty threat.
I don't care about your data.
If we pay him off now, he releases my husband yes or no? Well, I believe so, yes.
But it risks leaving your brother-in-law bankrupt.
I mean, you give me more time and pay less.
It it's still a gamble.
I want this to be over.
If Michael's willing to pay, why can't you hear that? ERIC: Oh, we do.
But sometimes you got to question what your instinct's telling you and take a different path.
Either way, you pay a price.
TODD: You thought you had it all figured out, didn't you, Beaumont? But you didn't.
They were screwing each other.
- Brooke and Michael.
- No.
We looked at that, and categorically they weren't.
I'm stating a fact.
She married a loser and decided to switch rides.
That baby she's carrying isn't Gerry's it's Michael's.
And she's being arrested right now.
You are so behind the curve, it's embarrassing.
These are transcripts of a deleted conversation retrieved from the hard drive on Brooke Reed's laptop.
Evidence of a contract she made on the dark web with an unknown professional to kidnap and kill her husband for a payment of no less than half a million dollars.
The kicker is her demanding Michael see it.
She wanted him to see his brother die as payback for ending their affair.
Turns out Michael wasn't as thrilled about having a kid as she'd hoped.
It's why she didn't want you and your team getting involved.
Why she was so insistent you settle before the ransom dropped too low.
She played you, Eric.
And someone else paid the price.
Just like Freddie Woods.
Freddie was a friend of yours? And my supervisor.
Until you got him killed.
You're confused, Agent Kendall.
Damien Delaine got Freddie Woods killed.
- Not me.
- It was your incompetence that triggered his trap.
You screwed up that negotiation, too.
Only this time, you don't get to go home.
I didn't do it! I didn't do it! Why would I kill my husband? I didn't do it! You have to tell them! I didn't do it! She's telling the truth.
Keep deluding yourself.
Leave your driver's licenses with the sergeant.
You'll be sequestered in a hotel downtown.
On what grounds? As material witnesses to an ongoing investigation, on completion of which I fully expect to be charging every one of you with criminal negligence, illegal interference in a federal case, and aiding and abetting a felon on a charge of first-degree murder.
OLIVER: He was up all night reviewing the data, combing through Gerry's social media accounts.
I don't think Eric slept at all.
And you have? Zara keeps texting, asking how it's going.
Her blood pressure's high enough as it is.
Just lie.
Keep lying.
She's gonna find out soon enough.
We need to lawyer up, and fast.
Well, I spoke to the legal team.
They'll be here this afternoon.
Oh, no, they won't.
MAXINE: Why aren't the lawyers coming? 'Cause we don't need them.
We just need to find out what happened.
And whether we're culpable.
- We're not.
- That's not what - the Feds think.
- I know.
So let's help them out and find the right answer.
Eric that FBI guy, Todd Kendall Freddie Woods was his mentor.
He was godfather to one of Todd's kids.
He blames you for Freddie's death.
He thinks this is his chance for some kind of payback.
Croissants, great.
Let's, uh, let's grab that table and order some coffee.
Can you work up a profile on him? On Agent Kendall? - Mm-hmm.
- Uh, what for? I need to find a way to persuade him to let us talk to Mrs.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
Reed is being charged with murder.
The FBI is not gonna let us talk to her.
If she goes to jail, that leaves whoever did this still out there.
Is that what you want? Eric, the evidence against her is Circumstantial and unproven.
- What are you talking about? - Okay, hang on.
Can we just take a breath? We're negotiators.
We're not detectives.
We save lives.
We're saving Mrs.
And who's gonna save us? I think our priority here is to review the case and analyze how we got it so wrong.
A man ended up dead.
Oh, that's good.
That's, uh, that's your role, being the bugger.
We need that.
Make us question all our decisions, all our actions.
- I intend to.
- J-Just don't assume that we were wrong.
If we're gonna solve this, we need to find out why we were right.
Let's start with our clients.
(SOFT PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) BROOKE: So you'll understand what a special talent Gerry is, I wanted you to try this.
Lasagna Bolognese.
It's Gerry's signature dish.
Tastes even better when it's not been frozen.
Oh, my God.
That's amazing.
MICHAEL: He used to cook all the time when they first moved into the winery.
He was working on a new menu for the baby.
Hey, it's okay.
It's all right.
We're gonna get him back.
Thank you.
(SNIFFLES) It wasn't just the intimacy between them.
It was the conflict.
Tension, then ease.
Warm, then cold.
That said affair, no question.
Which we flagged and chased.
We can't negotiate blind.
It only works with full disclosure.
No judgment, Mrs.
Reed, but we have to know the truth.
She's Gerry's wife.
We're not having an affair, Ms.
And all the metrics support their denial.
I was monitoring it throughout.
Even metrics can be wrong.
Maybe they were just really good liars.
We'd have known.
Eric, Agent Kendall has a transcript of Brooke admitting it.
So there's a transcript.
Prove, Maxine.
Don't assume.
There's a transcript of her talking to a killer, and Brooke knew one with mob ties.
We knew that.
Our due diligence confirmed it with the video we found on Gerry's laptop.
Roger Barlucci.
And Brooke told us that Gerry borrowed money from Barlucci for the restaurant.
MAXINE: Money he couldn't repay.
Puts him in the frame as a possible kidnapper.
But why would she tell us about Barlucci if she hired him to kill Gerry? Misdirection.
It wasn't Barlucci.
We don't know that for sure.
I do.
Our first contact with the kidnapper confirmed it.
Barlucci's a pro.
This guy wasn't.
Can you make this work? (DISTORTED): Give me his medication and the money and send it to me now.
ERIC: I understand your frustration, but No, shut up! You shut up! You talk when I say you can talk.
He's way too amateur to be mafioso.
But our analysis was correct.
Except it wasn't.
This was a No-End scenario.
He was always going to kill him.
Gerry was gonna die no matter what we said or did, and we failed to realize that.
(SIGHS) Eric you told them you'd get Gerry home safely.
You promised them that.
You made a gut call.
You trusted your instinct, and it was wrong.
And maybe what we should be analyzing here is why you can't accept that.
She's scared.
Because she's right.
I do trust my instinct.
I mean, there's a-a science and a protocol to support it, but in the end, I go with my gut.
And it's never been wrong.
If I can't trust myself, if I can't depend on my own instincts, I'm finished.
It's, uh Yeah, it's over.
Doubting yourself isn't failure; it's part of the process.
Not for me.
For everyone.
If Agent Kendall was 100% sure about this case, we'd have been indicted already.
Brooke Reed didn't hire that kidnapper.
Okay, so who did? If it wasn't her, if it wasn't the Mafia, the only suspect is Michael.
Now, we do know that Michael was attracted to her.
Maybe that's why he took them in after Gerry's restaurant went belly up.
But she doesn't want to play ball.
She really loves Gerry, so he thinks, “If I get rid of my brother” But if Brooke was the prize, why set her up for the murder? (SIGHS) I don't know.
I'm just winging this.
It's not like I've thought about it.
You do remember we're being sequestered? - I remember.
- Well, where are you going? Do you want me to come with you? You stay here.
Work on that profile of Agent Kendall.
(DOOR CLOSES) You got it.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Who have you come to save now? Hey.
Hi, uh I'm just working up a profile on Agent Kendall.
I'll help.
What I said to Eric you were thinking it, too.
And saying it helps how? Because no one ever does.
Everyone's too afraid to say anything about how they feel, what they want I don't want to live like that anymore, Oliver.
Yeah, neither do I.
We told them that Eric's never lost a hostage, but 17 years ago, he couldn't save my mother either, and that's why he can't face this.
He needs to help people, not feel like he's contributed to their death.
So do I.
You were right, Mr.
I should've listened to you.
You said that I would go broke.
I'm gonna have to sell it all, lay everyone off.
I think I got a buyer for the car, though, so It's too late for Gerry, though.
I'm not a liar, Mr.
I didn't sleep with my brother's wife.
But you wanted to.
Yeah, well, you know, so did she.
She came on to me pretty hard one night, but I said no, - because I loved my brother.
- (CORK POPS) FBI thinks she's pregnant with your child.
Yeah, I know.
They showed me her laptop.
(SCOFFS) You know, if you're hiring a hit man, why not just pay him? Why justify it with a whole pack of lies and say that I was the father? I thought Gerry was the crazy one.
(CHUCKLES) - What do you mean, Mr.
Reed? - Oh, come on.
You think Gerry's restaurant would've failed if I was the one backing him? He would've rather got money from some mobster, just to show that he was a better businessman.
He thought he was building an empire.
You know what the worst part of this whole thing is is that it's my fault.
I took 'em in.
I gave his wife a taste of the good life.
(CHUCKLES) You know, if she'd got away with it, I probably would've married her out of guilt, and that kid would've really been mine.
Gerry's paranoia would've come true.
What's happened? What's wrong? Nothing.
We're just working on a profile for Todd Kendall.
How'd it go with Michael? You think he's behind this? No, but you were right, Maxine.
- I-I was? - We all were.
Every call we made, every decision can still hold true if the No-End scenario was fake.
What are you talking about? Gerry's still alive.
Now all we got to do is prove it before he decides to kill someone for real.
Eric we saw Gerry Reed get shot and killed.
Did we? Yes.
Here's Brooke and Gerry toasting with Barlucci at the opening of their restaurant, found on Gerry's laptop.
And here is the exact same video on Gerry's social media page.
Gerry matted him out of the video.
So he didn't want a felon on his website.
What does that prove? If Gerry had the skills to edit someone out of a video, he also had the skills to edit someone in.
So, you're saying the kidnapper was Holy crap.
Gerry Reed.
Staging his own death on a video green screen to fool us.
OLIVER: Pre-set squibs under his shirt with fake blood, a gun firing blanks Gerry under that mask the whole time, disguising his voice.
But even if that's all true, what about the burnt body, Gerry's dental records? - Oh.
- ERIC: What? I'm just remembering something.
Uh I checked Gerry's social media log.
Two weeks ago, he removed Joe Hearst as a friend.
That's the only person he's ever done that to.
- Okay, that's intriguing.
- It gets better.
Joe Hearst is a security guard at Mount Hood Medical University one of the biggest repositories of donated bodies for medical research, - and a dental school.
- Cadaver central.
Chase it down.
Get the proof.
- Where are you going? - To see Brooke.
We're not out of this yet.
TODD: You got some nerve, Beaumont.
Have you got a confession out of Brooke? Michael won't budge either.
Your hit man, Barlucci I mean, he's got an ironclad alibi.
- Who told you that? - Well, if he didn't, you would've charged me by now.
But you don't have enough evidence yet, do you? No way on earth am I letting you talk to Brooke Reed.
You'd be listening to every word I say.
What do you have to lose? Go back to your hotel, Beaumont.
I'm busy, and you're wasting my time.
Use any means possible.
Just bring it home.
You quote Freddie Woods at me again, and you'll get very hurt resisting arrest.
I know how to trigger your hot spot, Agent Kendall, just like I know how to trigger Brooke's.
That rage you're feeling? It's the exact same rage that Brooke has at me for screwing things up.
Now, you put her in front of me while she is still raw and scared, and she'll talk.
If she confesses, you'll get what you really want: my head in a noose.
Hearst, you knew Gerry Reed? Yeah, Gerry and I were friends, until I wised up on him.
You “wised up”? Caught him trying to make a copy of these.
Those keys access the morgue here? He didn't get hold of them.
I mean, he might have wanted to, but, uh, I kept a real tight hold, believe me.
Hearst, just wondering have any cadavers gone missing recently? - Well, how do you know that? - (SCOFFS) You get my husband killed and me arrested.
Some negotiator you are.
I said I couldn't negotiate blind.
It only works with full disclosure.
I told you everything, you son of a bitch.
You said you didn't have an affair - with your husband's brother.
- I didn't! No matter what he thinks.
ERIC: But you wanted to.
MAXINE: Gerry befriends Joe, makes a copy of the keys, and steals a body.
And uses his I.
skills to change his dental records so they come up a match.
That's why the kidnapper asked for Gerry's medication.
Misdirection, to strengthen the illusion he was genuinely captive.
Having earlier doctored Brooke's laptop with fake intel because he genuinely thought his wife was having an affair with his brother.
How do we prove all this? Without any hard evidence, we'll all still be indicted, and Gerry will be free to do whatever he wants.
Unless Eric can get Brooke to talk.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not lying! One night, six months ago, we'd had too much wine.
Gerry was out.
Michael initiated, but I was the one who stopped it.
You expect me to believe that? I already told you.
- I loved my husband.
- ERIC: Gerry knew that.
He just didn't believe it, did he? He could be a little paranoid.
- I wonder why.
- Because he was insecure.
I couldn't ever convince him that his passion and his brilliance and his crazy recklessness meant that I didn't ever want anyone else.
When my baby's born, take a DNA test.
You'll see.
It's Gerry's.
What if Gerry didn't believe that? What if he thought that the baby was actually Michael's? I mean, on top of all his other failures, that kind of betrayal? He would've had to pay you both back for that, wouldn't he? What the hell are you talking about? Mrs.
Reed didn't kill her husband.
No one did, because Gerry isn't dead.
He staged his kidnapping to steal Michael's money, and then he set up Brooke by faking that hit man exchange on her laptop.
Gerry is the one - you should be chasing.
- You've lost your mind.
We have a body.
Dental records.
I know.
All faked.
This interview is terminated.
Get her out of here.
You have to listen to him, please.
If Gerry's alive, everything he's done It's not enough.
You ordering a DNA test on the body? Don't press your luck.
Look, if Freddie Woods was your mentor, you're too good an agent to look the other way.
So now you're gonna kiss my ass.
Is that it? All right, all right, let-let's just pretend for a minute that I'm right and Gerry did fake his own death.
If he wanted his wife in prison, you think all he'd take from his brother was his money? He would want a more terminal payback than that.
You think he's gonna try to kill Michael Reed.
Given Gerry's pathological paranoia, I'd say it's the only logical conclusion.
I mean, this was always a three-part plan.
- Three parts.
- One: fake his kidnapping to bankrupt his brother and pocket the money.
TWO: make Michael and Brooke witness his death and then pay for their betrayal BY THREE: sending Brooke to prison and Michael to the morgue.
And you want me to send a man to Michael's house.
- Is that it? - No.
Gerry will want his brother's death to look like a suicide so he can still walk away.
You go in guns blazing, and he'll kill Michael and himself.
It's all still conjecture.
You either bring me some proof, or you're finished.
If I can't save Michael I'm finished anyway.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) Gerry! Hello, Abel.
Meet Cain.
(MUSIC) (GRUNTS) (ENGINE STARTS) Not the big success now, are you? It's not me on my knees anymore, begging you for scraps while you're stealing my wife.
- Gerry, please, just put - Shut up.
Be quiet.
All right.
We-we kissed.
Okay, we kissed, but that's it.
That's all we did.
I-I didn't mean to hurt you.
Okay? Okay.
That's why you're gonna kill yourself, because of all the remorse you feel for betraying your brother, who only ever wanted to love you.
Still going to Michael's voice mail.
If Gerry's here already, we could be too late.
You were right.
He's still alive.
(CAMERA CLICKS) And he's gonna asphyxiate Michael in that car.
I'm gonna see if I can find something to break him out.
Michael's gonna die if we don't get him out of that car.
- No one's dying.
Get every available officer now! Move! (COUGHING CONTINUES) ERIC: Game's over, Gerry.
Let him go.
GERRY: No, not a chance.
He's not getting away with this.
The police are on their way.
Good, there's then there's still time.
Don't make it worse.
It's a fake kidnapping.
That's it, ju put the gun down.
I will.
I will, in about 60 seconds, when that son of a bitch is finally dead.
Just let him go, Gerry.
I know you're angry.
You think your wife doesn't love you anymore.
She does.
No, my wife is a liar and a whore.
She's carrying your child.
A DNA test will prove it.
Kill your brother now, and you'll go to jail for the rest of your life.
- I don't care, he has to pay.
- (GUNSHOT) - Oliver! - ERIC: Don't do this, Gerry.
I am telling you the truth.
Michael didn't sleep with Brooke.
I saw them.
Kissing in there.
She had her hands all over him.
One night, six months ago.
And then, five weeks later, she's pregnant? You think I'm an idiot? They stopped.
They knew they were wrong.
I watched them, for a long time.
ERIC: Not long enough.
OLIVER: 20 seconds, Eric.
MAXINE: Gerry, open the car.
Please, let him out.
I spent months figuring out how to ruin their lives without ruining mine.
Your life is not ruined.
You can start over.
No, I'm the big screwup.
He's the perfect one, always winning, always getting what he wants.
You call this winning? Never seeing your child, never holding him in your arms? - It's not my child.
- ERIC: You don't know that for certain.
You're killing your brother on a hunch.
GERRY: Well, he killed me first.
Brooke was my life.
She was my whole world; he took it.
ERIC: Now, you save Michael, you can get it all back.
Brooke, your child.
It is your baby, Gerry, I am telling you.
- You got to believe me.
- Back up! I said back up! OLIVER: We got to go now, guys! Hey! Hey! I said back up! We got to go now.
Please, let him out, Gerry.
Either you do it, or I will.
- You think I won't shoot? - No.
Because you're not a killer, Gerry, and you're gonna prove it by letting Michael go.
- (GUNSHOT) - MAXINE: Eric! You're not a killer.
Open the door.
Come on.
(COUGHING) I was wrong about you, Beaumont.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
About Freddie.
But he left a pretty good legacy behind him.
Freddie always said the best agents make adversity their accomplice.
Never knew what he meant by that.
Take care of yourself, Beaumont.
You, too.
You have something to say? Only that vindication tastes sweeter than honey.
I'm sorry for doubting you.
Hey, all part of the process.
How did you know he wouldn't shoot? If Gerry had really wanted Michael dead, he would have shot him as soon as we showed up.
Keeping on with the plan once he'd been exposed meant he wanted rescuing as much as his brother.
Uh, we should ring Zara, tell her everything's okay.
I'll do it.
And then, let's go home, take a few days off.
I think I think we've earned it.
So we have the night off.
What do you say we get that drink, see a movie? Are you asking me on a date, Oliver Yates? Eh, call it what you want.
(CLEARS THROAT) Well, what movie you want to see? I don't know, I was thinking maybe, uh Rambo.