Rap Sh!t (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Something for The City

Get down, yes! Uh-huh uh-huh ♪
Slip and slide records, uh ♪
Being taken to the house ♪
Just get on up and get down ♪
- Miami, bitches!
- Woo!
Turn up!
Take it to day house ♪
C'mon now, uh, uh ♪
- Let me see them titties!
- Baby!
What happens in Miami
Just kidding, Tom. One penis
for the rest of my life!
I can help who's next.
Oh! I'm next! It's my
fucking bachelorette weekend!
Hey. Aren't you the rapper
girl from that video?
Niggas that's gon' make you ♪
Get up out yo seat and get down ♪
Dang, what you doin' here?
'Cause I'm Black ♪
Just because you with us ♪
You can't hang with us ♪
I got a mask for COVID ♪
I ain't dangerous ♪
And hands up in the air ♪
They wanna aim at us ♪
Went from picking cotton ♪
To counting money ♪
I got paper cuts, I'm flexing ♪
Yeah, this is you.
You was that soundtrack at the protest.
Yeah, yeah, that's me.
That's, like, two years old.
Damn! That shit was cold.
Hey, we need more
female rappers like you.
Sisters with self-respect.
Man. So, why'd you stop?
You got to keep going.
No, I didn't stop! I didn't stop!
I'm just paying my bills.
Like, I still make music
under The Vision. I actually
just uploaded a video.
- Oh, for real?
- Yeah.
phenomenal creature ♪
Capture your soul with her eyes ♪
And be mesmerized by her features ♪
The goddess, promise, nurturer ♪
The guider, the teacher ♪
With the body ♪
The essence, the Garden of Eden ♪
She's the one true savior ♪
So is this for, like,
Women's History Month?
Shh, shh.
You on that queen shit.
That's what's up. Hey,
I only want my daughter
to listen to your shit.
That's so nice. How old is she?
Oh, I don't have one yet.
- Oh.
- Ready?
- Alright. Keep your head up now!
- Okay.
- Thank you! Thank you!
- We have room for you!
Oh! My username is
@shawna underscore
Got it!
They're gone. Okay.
Hey, Jill! Um, I know
you saw my texts, girl.
Your read receipts are on. Um
Did you get any updates?
Has Crystal heard the song yet?
Let me know.
Easy money, I just ♪
Pick it up and go, hey! ♪
Easy money, I just pick it up and go ♪
Got the money plays ♪
Blowing up my phone ♪
Got the money plays ♪
Blowing up my phone ♪
Hey! Easy money ♪
Okay. See you. Have fun.
Look at today's
blazer, y'all. This nigga muttin'.
- Just say you like to show me off.
- Oh my god.
Maurice, which one of y'all
little hoes dress you today?
Oh, so
- So you puttin' your bid in?
- Oh my God.
I'll teach you some things.
I been trying to tell you.
- No, no.
- Excuse me.
Uh, w-where is the beach?
It's everywhere. Bro,
you ain't even trying.
What's wrong with
you? What's with You were mean.
What you mean?
I didn't even clock in yet.
I didn't even clock in yet.
She's back, she's back,
she's back. She's back. Shh.
- The sham continues.
- The Duke of Miami!
The pussy-slanging plug. Ew!
Nah, but check it out.
Pull up tonight
This is basically
her office at this point.
Come on, she
gotta scout clients for her hoes.
Hold up, hold up, hold up!
You was in my boy
Renaldo's section last night.
Oh yeah?
- Yeah, I hooked that up! Yes!
- Oh word? How you know Renaldo?
Man, Renaldo? Li'l Ree-Ree?
We used to slap box
since we was like this age.
Oh. Slap box?
Come on, now. Slap, slap, slap!
- Okay.
- What y'all on tonight?
Whenever a VIP comes in,
she says she gonna connect
them with another VIP.
Meanwhile, this bitch don't
know nobody in this place.
- So green.
- Say less. Ha!
Hey, you know you just described
a genius to me, right?
Bro, the sweat never dies, cuz.
Can you tell me where the jet skis are?
You paying with
cash? I can help you out.
- Let me help you out right now.
- All that good stuff!
- Aight.
- Man! Yeah, you know me
Come on, now. Making plays.
Hey, you recording me?
- What? No!
- You don't own this lobby!
Look at her hatin' ass! Man, she
Little bitch that work up here!
Nah, man! Check this out!
We at the
Office! Eh, turn up! You already know
the Duke of Miami,
fresh tat on here. You see me?
Hey! We got money, we got
bitches, we got bottles, we got it all!
You know how my section do.
Pull up on them.
Talk that shit, ladies!
Talk to them, Guap!
What's happening, baby?
You know what I'm sayin'? 2000.
Where we at? We We at
the Office. Yeah, it's going crazy.
Hey, look! Our night's
just getting started!
We fittin' to turn up tonight!
I'm about to give them that
TittyBoi tour!
You already know how I do!
I'm typing "titties"
in the GPS right now.
- Where they at?
- You know Lil Uzi?
Hey, look, I gotta connect y'all!
- Shh, I'm on the phone. Shawna!
- Hey, Mia.
- Could
- D-did you mean to FaceTime me?
- Oh no, you go ahead. Go ahead. Okay.
- Yeah, I did. You
I feel so bad calling you
out the blue like this,
but you still work at the Plymouth?
- It's a day job, but yeah. Why?
- Thank you, Jesus.
I feel so burnt, but I need a favor.
My baby daddy was supposed to
pick up my daughter from school,
- and he didn't wait.
- Wait, she's in school already?
He never follow through
and I be needing help.
But anyway, I'm doing makeup
for these girls at the Plymouth,
and I don't wanna look all
unprofessional and bring her.
Y'all got some real Be quiet!
- Y'all got some rooms I can set her in?
- Oh. Um
Listen. I promise, I-I thought
of everybody else I could call.
My mama at work. Lamont grandma is sick.
It's just
I mean, it'll only be, like, for a few.
I just I just need somebody
to watch her real quick.
No, it-it's fine. It's fine.
I'll be there.
- Thank you so much, girl.
- Yeah.
Okay. I'll be there
in, like, 30. Goodbye.
Did I tell y'all about this
one nigga who I used to fuck with?
That proposed to me on my birthday?
I said, "But, where is my present?"
Like, show me my present.
'Cause nobody wasn't
trying to marry his debt.
Broke nigga.
How you always pulling up ♪
But you ain't got a will ♪
Look-it, y'all. Do it again, Lissa!
How you do that? How you do that?
How you do that? How you do that? ♪
Let me tell y'all something.
These niggas only know two things.
Pussy and money,
and they both go hand-in-hand,
and if you got one,
you could get the other.
Burn my city like a new jay ♪
Uh-uh, girl!
Who taught you that?
Don't need no silicone
because my ass too fat ♪
I gotta put her in
a white preschool, okay?
DM me some spots!
I ain't above seducing
and scheming these niggas.
Seduce and scheme!
Seduce and scheme ♪
Seduce and scheme! ♪
And it's dat!
Seduce and scheme ♪
Seduce and scheme! ♪
And it's dat!
Y'all got me actin' all crazy
out here on my lunch break.
Why do you have to record me?
Because it's a reaction video!
And when people search for the song,
they gonna find my shit, too.
Or they could just google
"hobosexual Haitian,"
- and you the first result.
- Bro,
I'm tryin' to put you on game.
Okay, you always complain
about being slept on,
- but you don't wanna put them to sleep.
- Please just play the video
before Angie comes back
and fires us again.
It's Reina Reign, bitches ♪
Okay, he right back ♪
In it like it's crack ♪
'Cause once you fuck with Reign ♪
You ain't never going back ♪
Why are you showing me this?
Pussy this, pussy that.
What's, what is it about?
You know that girl you
put me onto, like, two years ago
who was doing acoustic
covers of rap songs?
- Wait. No
- Mm. God
- This is a white?
- This a white.
- She looks so different.
- Yeah, she does.
She got a lot of work done.
- Yeah, she did.
- Oh my god, look at her nose.
- Look at her ass!
- It's good.
She used to be, like,
Kirsten Dunst white.
That's your boy's doing right there.
My boy?
Francois Boom. That's how I found her.
Okay, he right back in it ♪
Oh shit, you ain't know?
I mean, maybe if you were
to listen to that nigga,
you would have had
a million views, too. Ew
Y'all know where to fucking find 'em ♪
If you looking for 'em ♪
Riding through Bal Harbour ♪
Excuse me? Ma'am?
I requested an early check-in,
and they are telling me
that my room isn't ready.
Okay, just follow me to the front desk.
We gonna get you figured out.
Just call me when my room is ready.
I will be taking this to corporate!
Hm. Alright! Okay.
Now, you can make videos
just like Mommy does.
- You wanna make a tutorial?
- Yeah!
She gotta record every damn thing.
I gotta watch what I do around her.
Damn, I can't believe how big she is.
Yeah, she was like 2
last time you seen her.
- What was that at?
- Oh, that was at, um,
Karena's "Back That Ass Up" barbecue.
Um, I can K-Wang now.
I mean, I'm not good at it,
but I c I could do it.
I could hold my own.
The aunties will be proud.
Mommy, can you pass
me the purple lipstick?
Girl, you see I'm
trying to pack up and leave,
and you gonna ask me
for the purple lipstick?
Okay, let me help.
Thank you.
Oh! Girl, I seen you
had got signed, and
you had a viral video
or something like that?
Yeah. Um
Yeah, it didn't work out.
It didn't work out,
but I decided I'm better off
doing my own stuff anyway, so
I be watching your other raps sometime.
You be going off!
But girl
why you wear that mask?
Because I want people
to focus on my lyricism,
not what I look like. You know,
all these female rappers have
their ass and titties out
just to be taken seriously?
Come on, that's wack.
Mm. I mean, the game is the game.
Hey, look,
I really, really appreciate you though.
If you ever need a face done,
a favor, whatever, just just hit me.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Oh my god.
Girl, what you doing over
there with this makeup?
Listen, please don't use all the
battery on Ms. Shawna's phone.
And don't use the iPad while
it's plugged in the wall
- because what?
- Because it can explode in my face
Exactly, and then nobody wanna
watch your little videos, okay?
I love you. Give me air kiss.
- Alright, I gotta go. Good luck.
- See you.
How I look?
- I'm cute?
- Need a little more touch.
When I post, the news stop ♪
If I post my nudes, I ♪
Have the world like ooh aah ♪
This right here that new bop ♪
Type to make the mood stop ♪
I don't follow rules ♪
I just break them and call my ♪
Yo, call me on my celly phone ♪
Hate when you leave me alone ♪
I don't like to Instagram ♪
I don't like when you be out ♪
I just want yo fine ass home ♪
I know exes hate me ♪
Now can't date you ♪
So, they hate you now ♪
Yes, you, sir.
Thank you, Attorney Crump.
How do we bring change
to policing in this country
so there can be greater accountability?
You asked a very profound question.
You always do this. Can you
move your hand so I can read it?
Are you serious? Do you s
Do you see how stingy he is?
You're looking at my whole outline!
In this special live edition
of Crabs In A Barrel,
the King Nigga Crab strikes again.
The original Jack Ryan
- Harrison Ford!
- No, no! Alec Baldwin!
Fatima for the win!
Next stop, Block East,
2nd Avenue and 62nd Street.
- God
- This is a white?
- Look at her ass!
- So you ain't know?
Oh, my god. She got so much work done.
- It's Reina.
- It's Francois.
I do this shit every day ♪
Ain't nothing change but the play ♪
Ain't nothing change but the play ♪
Hustle the same, pretty and paid ♪
Bad but you broke and you ♪
Lame, we ain't the same ♪
Swerve out my lane, hoe ♪
Nobody knows you you Jane Doe ♪
Slim in the waist ♪
Yo dude wanna taste ♪
It's Reina, you know what I came for ♪
I produced this shit!
Boy, what you know
about that Boom Factor?
We livin', boy, we livin'! Look! Look!
Fuck all these broke boys!
But look, I got the ashtray.
When you a successful artist,
you know that money comin' right back.
I'll burn this shit.
I'll make this shit back today.
Follow Francois Boom,
send this to a broke boy!
Broke boy or girl! There's girls
out here that's broke! I know some.
I know y'all mad! Y'all mad, too, look!
Y'all mad?
You know what? Fuck this.
I'm tired of being slept on!
I'm tired of being underrated!
Y'all's favorites are out here
doing the bare minimum
with no originality, while I'm over here
living and breathing
this rap shit! What?
I'm done being patient.
No. I'm done caring.
Y'all say, "Ooh,
I want a different type
of female rapper."
No, you fucking don't! No, you don't!
'Cause you're not supporting me!
You're not supporting any of us!
So what's the point?
Y'all listen to the same shit
over and over again! It's tired!
It's with a heavy heart, I'm gonna just
tell y'all right now,
I'm retiring. Here.
Here's my pink slip.
That's it. I'm done.
'Cause I work too fuckin' hard
and y'all don't respect good music.
Y'all lost a real one.
It's just such a sell-out move.
Now, he's promoting
this Blackface-ass artist.
Y'all fell out years ago.
You're on different waves.
Nobody's even associating you
with him anymore.
Oh, wait. Are we gettin' started?
Wait, I-I made a playlist.
- Okay.
- Wait. What?
I really just took songs
from the Dream Radio.
Oh. Oh, yeah. Can we, um,
can we try for another night?
Tonight's already another time.
No, no, no. I just I'm not
in the mood. I feel stupid.
You think I don't?
I'm not I'm not proud
to be having virtual sex,
but we haven't seen
each other in four months.
Cliff, I'm gonna see
you in, like, two weeks.
You bought the ticket?
So, no?
No! I don't even
look good right now.
I don't even feel good.
No, you look sexy! Come on.
I don't know, Cliff.
I feel I just feel behind.
Behind what?
You wouldn't get it.
Your life has a track.
You can see your progress.
Your future is guaranteed.
No, it's not.
Nothing is guaranteed for me.
Okay. Like I said, you do not get it.
Is fighting gonna make you feel better?
Because I feel like you just
tryin' to pick a fight.
Maybe I wouldn't pick fights
if you weren't commenting
on other girls' Instagram photos.
What are you even talking about?
Y-you're deflecting hard
as hell right now.
I'm not deflecting. Fatima likes you,
and you are literally always with her.
I'm always around a bunch
of people. We study together.
Do you think I'm stupid?
I'ma go finish studying.
Just text me when
you're ready to stop playing
these silly-ass games.
- Ma'am, we are so sorry.
- You are not sorry.
If you were sorry, you would fix it!
We have all these rooms at capacity.
There are so many conferences
I know there are conferences!
I am speaking at one!
You know what? Let
me talk to your manager.
Okay, give me one sec.
This is absolutely
ridiculous. Look at her.
She's so satisfied with herself.
She is so happy
about being bad at her job.
- Give me my card!
- Here you go.
Just call me when my room is ready.
I will be taking this to corporate!
Hey, I got another card.
Um, how soon can you get me some cash?
Shawna, that smell good! Uh,
you make enough for me and bae?
- Just kidding.
- Girl,
in Miami, we don't play that, alright?
You gotta let these dudes
know what you ain't about.
Okay, if you not paying
my rent, I ain't 'bout it,
Alright? If you're not on
your hustle, I ain't 'bout it.
Mm-hmm. If you can't
satisfy me, I ain't 'bout it!
If you're too emotionally available,
and bald, I ain't 'bout it!
Yes! Specifics! Let 'em know!
Come on, Mia! Look at the camera.
- Wait, do a picture with us!
- Mia!
To all the bitches
who need to hear this.
Stop depending on these niggas.
'Cause all they're gonna
do is disappoint you.
Like, fuck a broke, useless male.
Real bitches gonna ride for you.
I ain't never been the type,
"Oh, I can't stand these females."
Uh-uh. Nah. Real bitches
gonna rock with realer bitches.
Good night.
Nobody nobody, we can get gangsta ♪
Or we can keep it cordial ♪
How you wanna go about it? ♪
How you wanna do? I don't ♪
Backtrack, man, fuck that ♪
I don't miss nobody ♪
I don't miss nothing ♪
Left it on seen, I ain't write back ♪
I don't trust nobody ♪
I just looked at my wrist ♪
I got tired today, fuck it ♪
I'm crossing the line today ♪
Yeah, I used to dance.
But, I don't like niggas
touching me though.
Nah, I gotta want you to touch me.
That shit that you just ♪
Put out, you coulda kept, yep ♪
She got a nigga ♪
He got a shirt, why? ♪
Yeah, I can dance for you.
She ate the D through my underwear ♪
Got up and got ourself outta there ♪
I see they put me ♪
On memes and things ♪
Don't speak on my life ♪
Without knowing the real ♪
Eight figures a year ♪
Woulda cost me the leader ♪
Don't hold it ♪
Just say what you feel ♪
But watch your mouth ♪
Before I flash your bitch ♪
To a place that ♪
She didn't know exist ♪
You gotta pay extra for that.
Keeping my piece on top of ♪
My sheet, six figure chip ♪
Tips are welcome.
Oh, you quick to spend.
Bitch on like nigga zone ♪
Like bitches on like nobody ♪
Nobody, nobody, we can get gangsta ♪
We can keep it cordial ♪
How you wanna go about it? ♪
How you wanna do it? I don't ♪
Backtrack, man, fuck that ♪
I don't miss nobody ♪
I don't miss nothing ♪
Left it on seen, I ain't write back ♪
I don't trust nobody ♪
I just looked at my wrist ♪
I got time today, fuck it ♪
I'm crossing the line today ♪
I'll see y'all again next Tuesday.
Thank y'all for subscribing!
What happened today?
- You say what?
- What happened today?
Hey, yo, I'm in the middle
of this studio session.
It is kinda loud, so you
gonna have to speak up
Okay, so turn the music down!
Step outside! I mean, it's
It's Fucking stupid?
Aight, or keep using your outside voice.
- I can hear you like that.
- She about to crack a whip
Okay, so stop acting like
you can't hear me then!
- Chill out, man, just chill.
- I already don't like your ass.
Hold up.
What's popping?
I need your half of
the money for the rent.
And for Melissa.
I told you I got you.
And you don't.
You couldn't even pick up
your daughter from preschool.
It's not that hard, Lamont! Damn!
I work three jobs.
Why are you over there
just doin' whatever the fuck
you want to do?
Pitching in whenever
the fuck you feel like it?
So first, I'm really praying
that my daughter's asleep,
so she ain't gotta
hear all this, you know,
foul language and negativity
and stuff like that.
And second, I really don't
appreciate, like, the assertion
that I'm just in here
doing me and shit like that
when I'm working
with the one and only prolific Ocho-8
who just complimented
my motherfucking work ethic
'cause I'm here doing this
shit, aight? For real, for real.
I just want to hear
about the money, like
Lemme finish. My bad if I paused
and that was too long for you,
but I wasn't finished.
Alright, you can indulge me until
the end of my statement, which is
I got you. Okay?
- You'll have some relief by next week.
- Next week too late, Lamont!
Rent due Friday! Damn!
Stop making me do this shit by myself!
I need a partner!
Catch more flies with honey, love.
Fuck the flies!
Yo! Y'all know what
might motherfucking hit?
- What's that?
- Nigga, accordions.
What, like, accordions?
Yeah, nigga! That shit just came to me.
Yes, accordions. Yeah, that
shit with the air in the middle!
Let's go! All me.
Did you see that? Genius shit.
But other than that,
you good though, li'l mama?
Stupid-ass G.
Jucee get back ♪
These niggas sidewalk ♪
They ain't street ♪
These niggas ride dick ♪
Way better than me ♪
These nigga pillowtalkin' ♪
'Cause the party going dumb,
dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.
Girl, what kind of parties you be at?
Oh, I was I was being sarcastic.
I buy that shit ♪
Hoe don't try me bitch ♪
This that body shit ♪
To a reunion.
Let's bust it!
Get her on the Henny ♪
She gonna turn into ♪
- You still talk to Tomás?
- Who is that?
Bitches want no smoke with me ♪
I beat 'em like they anime ♪
Y'all, we got tired of
paying for these drinks,
so we are brown-bagging it.
Y'all know Shawna ain't never
been in no strip club? Never.
Yes No Yes, I have!
I just have never been to The Office!
She about to get turnt up!
Say it again, Mia. Say it again.
I said we ain't waitin' in no line.
Bad bitches don't wait in line.
- Just walk in like that?
- Yeah! Let's go.
Yeah! Hey, Mia, baby!
- Yo, niggas!
- Oh, look at this nigga here.
What's up? Girl, you keep
popping up like a jackrabbit
in a box or something,
or a Jack in the Box.
Man, this my spot.
Girl, this our spot. You know
her? You know Shawna?
- I Yeah
- Girl, come on!
I didn't know
their whole coochies was
gonna be out like this.
I told her she ain't ever
been to no strip club.
Ass shaker, money maker ♪
Killing these hoes, undertaker ♪
I can pop my pussy in Jamaica ♪
But I'd rather just give ♪
Him that damn flavor ♪
Tell me where the dollars at ♪
Where the bottles at? I can show you ♪
What this kitty do,
where the honey at ♪
305! We live!
- And faded! Hey!
- Yeah!
Girl! Ooh! Whatever happened to, um,
what's his name? Fine nigga
back in Ms. Rodriguez's class?
- Who?
- Tishawn!
- Man
- Where he at? That boy was so fine.
Man, you know he was
in jail for armed robbery?
- Yes, girl, with, like, four kids.
- No!
- Man, what a waste of fine.
- Always be the cute ones.
Free him, y'all. We gotta do something.
Put it in the comments.
- Ugh!
- You know what though
What's up?
I ain't wanna come out with you tonight.
Because I felt like
I felt like after high school,
you just peaced all the way out
- No.
- and actin' brand new.
No, that's not how it happened.
Yes, you did.
Like you thought you was
better than everybody.
You thought I thought
I was better than you?
- Yeah.
- Mm-mmm.
- That don't make sense.
- I mean, you stopped hitting me up
after I had Melissa.
Like, I know we
we got different lives and shit,
but I didn't go to college.
My family ain't come from no money.
I ain't know what I wanted
to be when I grew up.
Shit just hit me.
I was mad at first.
Then I just chalked that shit up.
Mia, I'm I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to make you
feel like that,
and it wasn't like that at all.
If I'm being honest,
I never got my degree.
- Damn. What happened?
- I
dropped out to work with this
manipulative producer,
and I thought that he and I
were gonna make it together.
Younger me never thought I would
still be here, back in Florida,
working at the Plymouth,
not doing shit. Like
it's really, really embarrassing.
You good, girl.
At least you weren't stripping
at The Office like I was.
Shit, I'd rather have a piece of degree
than be where I'm at right now.
Shit, I thought I was gonna be big, too.
I was gonna be big!
Or married to somebody who was.
Oh shit! We still on live
with this fake deep shit.
- No Oh, turn it off.
- Nah, nah, nah!
- Girl, nah! No!
- Turn it off, please. Please
We gotta turn up.
I haven't heard this since
Street money ♪
Ooh! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on.
You gotta spit one
of your bars for them.
- Yeah.
- No.
- Man
- I have to be inspired, Mia.
- Inspired?
- It's a whole Yeah.
Girl, you need a mask?
- 'Cause I got a durag in the backseat.
- Okay.
What should I rap about?
Girl, you the rapper, your life.
I just told you
my life is trash. Like
Well, rap about me.
Shit. Gimme something.
We be back! Ha!
- We back y'all!
- Hello, hello.
Listen, my girlfriend is
spittin' some bars for y'all.
- You ready, Nana?
- Girl, yes. I'm ready. Let's go.
I'm I'm finna turn the instrumental on.
- Play something good. Need a beat.
- Yeah.
You remember! Okay, okay.
- Just step, so clean
- Ah! Ah!
- seduce, and scheme!
- Ah! Ah!
All these niggas in Little ♪
Haiti, they wanna date me ♪
Bougie bitches, me and Mia ♪
You gotta pay me ♪
- Seduce and scheme!
- Okay!
Seduce and scheme! Ah!
I take Visa and PPP ♪
I ain't taking email, nigga, CC me ♪
- Seduce and scheme!
- We don't take Discovery, nigga!
- Declined! Mm!
- Seduce and scheme!
That little bitch, five-foot-six ♪
Hood Houdini ♪
I turn a trapper to a trick ♪
- Seduce and scheme!
- Alakazam, nigga!
- Seduce and scheme!
- Abracadabra!
I'm at the bank with it ♪
My walk stank with it ♪
I need a charity ♪
The way I stay giving ♪
- Seduce and scheme!
- You know, wait!
Y'all niggas is acting
real needy right now.
Bitch, pass the Henny ♪
Her bag is Fendi ♪
Riding with niggas who ♪
Don't got gas to gimme ♪
I'ma check the deuce and leave ♪
You think I like your smile? ♪
Nigga, it's the jewels for me ♪
Straight off the dome ♪
Mia chose the beat ♪
And that's the motto we follow ♪
And it's seduce and scheme! ♪
You really came up with that off
the top of your head like that?
Yeah! I'm a rapper! That shit's easy!
Oh my god. You know what?
We should start a rap group.
Mia, come on.
Man, y'all, we fittin'
to start a rap group,
and, of course, I'm fittin'
to be the pretty hype bitch.
Look at me. How about you
be a bitch that tags a hoe?
- That shit slap.
- I wanna rap.
- You can rap. You can rap.
- Man! Uh,
Elon Musky! Y'all need to sign my girl!
We going to Mars with this shit!
- We back, y'all!
- Hello, hello.
Listen, my girlfriend is
spittin' some bars for y'all.
- You ready, Nana?
- Girl, yes, I'm ready.
Okay, I'm finna
turn the instrumental on.
Play something good. Need a beat.
You remember?
- Okay, okay. Just step, so clean
- Ah!
- seduce, and scheme!
- Ah! Ah!
All these niggas
What? And I get down with any bitch ♪
He talking like he went ♪
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