Raven's Home (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Dancing Tween

1 Raven's Home was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Check it out! Sixth grade dance, Saturday night presented by Booker and Tess.
What are you talking about? My mom's doing all the work.
She's doing all the planning and stuff, but we're in charge of swag.
I thought you guys were in charge of plates and cups.
Yeah, we are.
And they gon' be lit! That's a Booker and Tess guarantee.
I'll be so glad when this dance is over.
It's all you guys have been talking about.
It's a big deal! It's our first dance.
I heard the best part is when everyone gets in a dance circle and shows off their moves.
I-Is that true? You have to dance by yourself in front of everyone? Yeah! And if you're really good, they put a spotlight on you! What happens if you're bad? They put a spotlight on you! I gotta figure out which one of my sweet, sweet moves to bust first.
Humming dance music Mr.
I would appreciate it if you would save your gyratin' for tomorrow night.
Will do, Principal Wentworth.
- I saw that.
- I wasn't gyrating.
You were thinking about it.
You're right.
I was thinking about it.
You ever think you've been doing this for too long? Every doggone day.
Yo Let me tell you somethin' Had my vision all worked out - But then life had other plans - Tell 'em, Rae.
It's crazy when things turn upside down But you gotta get up and take that chance - Maybe I'm just finding my way now - Learning how to fly - And we're gonna be okay - You know I got you, right We might be wild, but you know that we make it work We're just kids caught up in a crazy world - Come on! - It's Raven's Home - Yep! We get loud! - It's Raven's Home It's our crowd! Might be tough, but together we make it look good Down for each other like family should It's Raven's Home When it's tough - It's Raven's Home - We got love Cause no matter the weather, you know we gon' shine There for each other, you know it's our time RAVEN'S HOME Season 01 Episode (Raven laughing) Yep! That's us.
(laughing) Uh, Chels? Whatcha doing here? Picking up the kids! Chels, today is my day to pick up the kids.
I pick up the kids on Thursday.
Yeah, yeah.
- You do.
- Yeah.
It's Friday.
Oh, Chels, it is.
Oh my goodness, work has gotten me so turned around.
I spent all day Tuesday sewing a dress for a dog named Wednesday, which is why I thought it was Thursday.
I can't wait for Saturday.
Hey, Montell! Lookin' good in those pinstripes.
(chuckles) Oh, Chelsea, you're gonna make me blush.
Hello, Miss Baxter.
- Please call me Raven.
- I'd rather not.
I can't thank you enough for volunteering to plan our big dance tomorrow night.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Uh, Chels, you didn't tell me you were planning the dance.
Yeah, I did.
I told you yesterday when you were watching TV.
Girl, The Rock was on.
I don't listen to anything when The Rock is on.
Miss Baxter, will you be contributing to the dance, or is Chelsea volunteering for the both of you? As usual.
Uh, no.
No, actually, this is why I am here.
I am here to volunteer my services as chaperon, because keeping kids from doing what they wanna do is my specialty.
We have enough chaperons, but if I'm not mistaken, we are looking for volunteers to make cupcakes.
(gasps) Cupcakes! Those are easy! - How many? - 500.
What? Five hundred.
- Who's eating the cup - Rae.
You don't have to do this.
One of our more involved parents will take care of it.
No, no, no, no.
This involved parent is going to be making 500 cupcakes.
- Don't you worry about that.
- Excuse me one second.
Rae, that's a lot of cupcakes! Are you sure? I mean, you have a ton of work to do.
No, no, no, I got this, Chels.
Don't worry about it.
I got it all under control.
Sign me up.
That's very generous of you, Miss Baxter.
Bye, Chelsea! - Bye! - (Wentworth giggling) Mom, what are you doing here? Aunt Chelsea picks us up on Fridays.
Oh, I'm here to volunteer for the dance.
You thought it was Thursday, didn't you? You want a ride or not? I'm trying to pick an outfit for the dance.
- How 'bout this one? - Everybody's seen you in that! - What about this one? - Nobody should see you in that! You're right.
I'm just gonna wear my blue sweater.
But I was gonna wear my blue sweater! Everybody'll think we're twinsies! You are twinsies.
We're two unique individuals who just happened to double-book a womb.
Who cares about your dress? You should be worried about your shoes.
If you're gonna dance in a circle, you need maximum traction.
I heard last year Shayla Townsend slipped and took out the whole dessert table.
She was so embarrassed, her and her family had to move to Alaska.
I heard her dad got a new job.
Coincidence? I think not.
So what are you gonna do for your dance? Um, yeah! I was thinking, maybe, a little something like this.
(humming) Is that it? (stammers) No! No! I was kidding! I would never do a dance like that.
Nia, don't mess with me like that! I'm in charge of swag! That right there wasn't swag.
I know, I know.
I'm now gonna go in my room and practice my real dance which is nothing like what you guys just saw! Levi, check it out! You're gonna love this.
When Aunt Chelsea first put us in charge of cups and plates, I thought it was gonna be lame, but I feel like we really found a way to put our stamp on it.
And check it out.
I'm on the cups.
Man, I love these.
Every time someone gets their snack on, they're gonna be reminded who's responsible for this awesome dance.
(whooshing) This is why the dance is lame! Everybody's gonna blame us! (whooshing) Tess, I just saw the dance! You said it was lame! Everybody's gonna blame us! You said that, too.
We can't let the dance be lame.
We put our names all over that dance.
And your faces.
This is Aunt Chelsea's dance binder.
Everything she has planned for the dance is in here.
Balloons? Streamers? This thing's so generic, it's like a 3-pack of white t-shirts! We gotta do something! Hey, Aunt Chels! Anything we can do to help you with the dance? Oh! That is so sweet.
Tomorrow's gonna be crazy.
I gotta stop at the party store, the grocery store, and I still gotta help set up the gym.
Hey, well, since we're part of the swag committee, maybe we should go down to the gym early and help set it up for you.
Really? Oh! That would be a huge help! It should be pretty easy.
All the plans are right there in that binder.
- Plans.
- Binder.
Got it! Well, thanks, you guys! - No problem.
- This saves me a bunch! Time for a new and improved sixth grade dance! Still presented by Booker and Tess.
Hey, Rae! What are you doing here? I thought you had a ton of work to do.
I do.
Paisley's got me making graduation gowns for an entire dog obedience class.
Oh! Hey! This is adorable.
Who's the, uh, vale-bark-torian? Don't make it worse, Chels.
She said that as long as I finish all the gowns by tomorrow, then I can work from home.
Oh, cool! Then I can help you with those cupcakes! No! No, no, no! I don't need help.
Thank you though, but no, because I can do it all.
You know, I can work a full-time job, raise two kids, and make cupcakes.
All while looking cute.
Exhibit A.
Are you sure, Rae? You worked late all week.
You must be exhausted.
I am, but I'll be okay 'cause I got a system.
You ready? Station One: Sew.
Station Two: Prep.
Station Three: Bake.
Station Four: Cool.
Station One, sew again.
(chuckles) It's a piece of cupcake.
Seems like you got it all under control.
I do! I do! I got all my stations.
You know what? I have it so under control, I'm Super Mom! I might even stop by the hospital later and give some blood.
Hey, Mom.
What are you doing? I volunteered to make cupcakes for your dance.
Oh, no! Is something wrong with Aunt Chelsea? Is she sick?! No, she's not sick! I can volunteer! Of course you can! I think it's awesome.
Why are you in my kitchen? Do you remember your sixth-grade dance? Oh! Like it was yesterday.
Did you get in the dance circle? Actually, no, because we didn't have a dance circle.
We had a dance line.
Ooh, girl, and I vogued all up and down that line.
I was like, "Yes, yes, yes!" Yes! Sh-blam, baby! Sh-blam! I'm feeling a little nervous about dancing in front of everybody.
Oh, sweetheart.
You shouldn't feel nervous.
You're a great dancer.
You get it from your mom's side of the family.
You're welcome.
But what if they put a spotlight on me? (gasps) A spotlight? Well, then, you bite your bottom lip, and you kill it, girl! (grunting) Did that help you? Uh, I guess? You're welcome.
Now, if you'll stop distracting me, I'm trying to be more involved in your life.
I was thinking, if we're gonna save the dance, we need a cool theme.
And I've got the perfect idea, inspired by something my dad sent me from Texas.
Was he mad at you? What? This is awesome.
And it'll go perfect with our theme.
"Western Nights.
" Ma'am.
Cool, cool.
Except what if we did something completely different? I'm thinking old-school hip hop.
Um, yeah, I like where you're going.
There's just one problem.
He also gave me boots.
Dude, we gotta get on the same page, or this will never work! You're right.
One of us is just gonna have to give in.
I totally agree.
So, you're cool with that? Yeah, as long as you're cool with it.
- I'm cool if you're cool.
- I'm cool.
We make a legit awesome team.
Why don't we work together more often? 'Cause we're both kinda bossy and we don't like to compromise.
That's it.
- See ya tomorrow! - See ya! (moans) Tired.
I'm so tired.
- (oven dings) - Gotta make the cupcakes! Make the cupcake - Auntie Rae? - I don't wanna go to school, Mommy! Auntie Rae? -"Twinkle, Twinkle" and "ABC's" is the same song.
(snores) - Auntie Rae! - (screams) I'm okay.
I don't think you are.
You were sleepwalking.
Was I also sleep-sewing and sleep-baking? - Looked like it.
- Then why'd you wake me up? There were a lot of unsafe things happening.
Fair enough.
It's the middle of the night.
What are you doing up? I came out to grab a banana.
I had a nightmare that my potassium was low.
Oh, okay.
Well, here.
Pretend this is a banana.
I know I should go back to bed, but I think I'm gonna make you some coffee.
Oh, that's so sweet, Levi.
Thank you.
(sniffing) - Levi, you smell that? - (hissing) The oven's smoking! (gasps) My biscuits are burning! Upbeat music playing - Is that your dance? - Levi! Why is everyone so jumpy around me? I live here.
I'm gonna show up.
I was working on my move for tonight.
And nothing feels good enough for the dance circle.
I thought dances were supposed to be fun.
Me, too.
But this is making me crazy.
Well, if it was me, I'd just go out there and shake my groove thing.
Also known as my tush! - It's not that simple, Levi.
- Why not? Sixth grade's just different.
It's like every little thing that you do matters.
And everyone's watching, and judging every single move! Don't grow up, Levi.
Promise me you'll never grow up.
You're hurting my shoulders.
I really think you're putting too much pressure on this dance.
You're right! It's so simple! How did I not see it? I'll go to the dance and I just I won't dance! Thanks, Levi.
That's not what I said! Don't worry, buckaroos.
Any minute now, my cowgirl Tess will be hauling in the rest of our western decorations.
What up? I'm in here like headgear! They didn't have boomboxes in the old west.
Which is why it was whack! What's with all this cowboy stuff? I'm trying to save the dance.
No, I'm trying to save the dance.
That's why we agreed on hip hop.
We didn't say that.
We're doing "Western Nights.
" We agreed somebody was gonna have to give in.
Yeah, you! The whole sixth grade's gonna be here any minute.
We put our names all over this dance.
Our reps are on the line.
If you were really worried about your rep, you wouldn't be wearing that hat.
Kids: Ooh! Think I'm done being your partner, partner.
And I'm not letting you ruin the dance.
Mosey on outta here.
Go on! That's how you wanna play this? What is going on? You two were supposed to help me! This place is a mess! Well, I hate to say it, but we're gonna have to cancel the dance.
She's right.
This is why the dance is lame.
- Everybody's gonna - Blame us.
I know, I know.
Please, Aunt Chelsea, you can't cancel the dance! We have to! There's so much stuff in here, there's not even any room to dance! What were you two thinking? We wanted to make sure tonight was gonna be great.
But then Tess picked a dumb theme and ruined it! I didn't pick a dumb theme! - You picked a dumb theme! - Both of you stop it.
This was gonna be so nice.
I had the whole thing planned out.
I guess I'll go tell Principal Wentworth.
But this is our first middle school dance! Everybody was looking forward to it.
The there's got to be something we can do.
Will you help us? Please? Oh, you're lucky I love you two.
But listen, if we're gonna pull this off, you have to do exactly what I say.
I can't believe our whole job is to sit here on the bench.
Probably for the best.
(whistle blows) Alright, you! I want some balloons out here now, okay? You, that banner needs to be much higher! Alright, and could you please put that giant clock around that horse's neck, STAT? Alright, people! (blows whistle) Let's go! We're trying to make some memories here! I thought the theme was supposed to be "Western Nights.
" I thought it was old-school hip hop.
Actually, it's hip-hop cowboy.
Now, you won't find that at your local party store, but it's what we're doing.
Oh, hey, Rae! Cool hat! No, don't touch it! It's covering up some frosting.
- You did it.
- No, I didn't, Chels.
I failed.
I made all my gowns, but I only made, like, 300 cupcakes.
(both gasp) Make that 276.
- It's okay, Rae.
- No, Chels, it's not okay.
I tried to do everything, and I couldn't do it.
Well, why didn't you just let me help you? Because you're always volunteering.
And I never get to do stuff like this for my kids.
I'm always working.
I'm never there for them.
What? That is not true! I mean, yeah, you work a lot, but you are there for your kids.
I mean, you make them breakfast, you help them with their homework.
Tuck them in at night.
You don't have to make 500 cupcakes to prove you're an involved parent, Rae.
This single mother thing is really hard, Chels.
I know, Rae.
But you're not alone.
We're a team! We just have to help each other.
Now, let's go to the store and buy the rest of these cupcakes.
Wait a second, Chels! I can't buy them.
I'm supposed to make them.
Oh, no! You just take the price tag off, mess up the frosting a little bit.
No one knows the difference.
Well, in that case, can we buy some Some homemade cookies so I look extra good? Country music playing Say hey hey hey It's my time Say hey hey hey To get what I like Man, we're so lucky Aunt Chelsea saved the dance.
Everybody's having a great time.
I should've listened to you.
Your hip hop theme was pretty cool.
Thanks, and now that I'm seeing country, I still don't get it.
- Music changes to techno - (kids cheer) It's happening! It's the circle! Mom, these cupcakes are delicious.
Oh, well, thank you! They should be.
They almost killed me.
- You're not gonna dance? - I can't risk it.
Too many things could go wrong.
I could freeze up, or I could dance all weird.
What if I crash right into the dessert table? Uh, just keep your funny dancing away from my cupcakes.
Alright? Really, sweetheart, what's going on? I don't want to embarrass myself.
Oh, I get it.
Well, I mean, it's not the worst thing that can happen tonight.
- It's not? - No, no, no, no.
The worst thing that can happen tonight? Is you standing over here by me and missing out on one of the best nights of your life.
But what if everybody laughs at me? Oh, they won't be laughing at you.
How do you know? 'Cause they'll be busy laughing at me.
(laughs) Come on, come on! Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me! Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Are you ready for this Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Are you ready for this Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Yo, it's time to get the party started It don't take much for me to Mardi Gras it Kids: Go, Nia! Go, Nia! Go, Nia! Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Are you ready for this Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Are you ready for this Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Are you ready for this Are you ready for this, are you ready for this Aunt Chelsea, thanks for fixing everything.
Tonight was awesome.
You throw a pretty epic dance.
I do, don't I? Man, this place is trashed.
The custodian's got a long night ahead of him.
Oh, no, I sent him home a while ago.
- Who's gonna clean up? - You two.
Us? Why us? I know why us.
Man, if I'd known we were cleaning up, I wouldn't have thrown my trash on the floor all night.

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