Raven's Home (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Weirder Things

1 Where are we? We came through the portal, so we must be in the Topsy Turvy World where the Nerdidorken lurks.
How do we know that monster is even real? He's real! He's real! Shh.
Dude, we've seen this 12 times.
Is that your tooth-wiggling finger? Yes.
- Eww! - It's all yours.
- Now it's all yours.
- Oh! I'm sorry! I think this cold is getting worse.
I'm worried about getting on that plane to visit my aunt on Tuesday.
Ah-achoo! Ooh! It's buttered! It is now.
I can't believe the Nerdidorken has got Lil' Pete.
Forget Lil' Pete! We need to find the portal back home! We can't just leave Lil' Pete behind! Get out of my living room so I can get my hair done.
Yo, Ma! Lil' Pete just got taken by the Nerdidorken! The Nerdi-what-ken? The Nerdidorken, from our favorite show, Weirder Things.
The truth lies below.
Remember, we won tickets to the sneak peek of the season three premiere.
We get to meet the cast and find out what happened to Lil' Pete before any of our friends.
But we need to rewatch all of season two first.
Ooh! That's a lot of information for me to just tell y'all to get out of my living room.
- But, Mom! - It is my weave day.
Come on, y'all.
We talked about this yesterday, remember? - Hey, kids.
- Hey, Ma.
Now listen, tomorrow I'm gonna need you to stay wabba wah, wabba wah, wah, wah.
Wabba wah.
Wah, wah, wah, Wabba sa wah, wabba sa wah.
- Are you listening to me? - Yeah, okay.
- I don't remember that.
- Doesn't ring a bell.
You kids need to learn to listen.
Your faces are either glued to your phone, your tablets, your computer or this show! Now please vacate my weave zone, because the truth that lies below this scarf ain't pretty! Ohhhh - Hey - Yo Let me tell you somethin' Had my vision all worked out - But then life had other plans - Tell 'em, Rae It's crazy when things turn upside down But ya gotta get up and take that chance Maybe I'm just finding my way Learning how to fly Yeah, we're gonna be ok It might be wild, but ya know that we make it work We're just kids caught up in a crazy world - C'mon! - It's Raven's Home - We get loud! - It's Raven's Home It's our crowd! Might be tough, but together we make it look good Down for each other like family should It's Raven's Home When it's tough It's Raven's Home - We got love - 'Cause no matter the weather, Ya know we gon' shine There for each other, ya know it's our time Ah, ha, hah! Yep! That's us.
What kind of mood am I in? Do I want a little Little Whoopi? Nah, ain't gonna do Whoopi today.
How about how about a Rihanna? No, no.
Just a little Nicki.
Just be like Nicki.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
It's Kema the Dreamweaver! It's her! It's not a dream.
It's a nightmare.
Nice to see you too.
What do you want, Mitch? As your landlord, my dad wants me to check for leaks in your apartment.
It's not even raining.
It will eventually.
I'll start with Booker's room.
All right, do whatever you want.
Just get out of my weave zone! Fine! And if you're selling hair in here, I better get a cut.
No cut for you, Mitch! Get out! Get out! Don't worry, ladies, I would never sell you.
I would never sell you.
I'm sorry.
All right, back to Weirder Things.
Yes! Hello, losers! Come on! Whoa.
Is that Weirder Things? What do you want, Mitch? This is my favorite show! My dad even let me wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah! My baby tooth came out! You still have baby teeth? Ha! Uh, not anymore.
This is my last one.
It's a man's mouth now, brah.
- Oh man! - What? My mom can't drive us to the premiere because her driving foot fell asleep.
Well, wake it up.
No way! Last time I tried that, my hands smelled like corn chips for a week! Eww! Your dad's a lucky man.
And what premiere? We won four tickets to the season three premiere of Weirder Things.
But there are five of us.
Guess you're out.
Bye, Mitch! Fine! Good luck finding a ride, losers! Ha! How are we gonna get to the premiere by four o'clock? Yeah, today's Mom's weave day.
She probably won't be done by then.
Are you forgetting you guys have a spare Mom? Oh yeah, the sneeze queen can drive us! - I'll go ask her.
- I'll come with you.
Hopefully, I'll get sick.
I got a geography test on Monday.
Whoa! She's burning up.
- You should probably take a step back.
- I'm good.
I'm really bad at geography.
Come on, germs.
I'm counting on ya.
Oh! There you are! Oh! I've been pressing the flight attendant button for like 20 minutes.
What is she even talking about? Whenever she gets a high fever, it just makes whatever she's worried about even worse.
Oh! That's right, she was worried about flying.
Flight attendant! Flight attendant.
I'll take a hot tea with lemon, please.
We're not flight attendants.
- There are no flight attendants.
- What? No flight attendants? What kind of airline is this? Huh? Well, it's a good thing I used to waitress.
I'll just get the drink cart.
What am I thinking? This isn't a drink cart! - Yeah! She must be coming out of it.
This this is the drink cart.
- Nope.
- Coffee? Huh? Tea? Ah! Kema the Dreamweaver.
Remove it.
Listen, now prepare yourself.
I haven't been able to do my hair all week.
Come on, boo-boo.
I've seen it all.
- You ready? - I'm ready.
- I don't think you're ready.
- Oh, I'm ready.
- You right.
I wasn't ready.
- Ah! Girl! Did you lose your comb in the divorce? - Yes! - Oh.
But I gained two kids and a car note, so here we are.
Ooh! It's okay, boo-boo.
- I got you.
- Okay.
And I also got a babysitting job later today.
- When? - Now.
Get in here, baby girl! This is my niece, Power! My name's Power, because of my powerful moves! Yes, honey! Get 'em.
Get 'em.
- Break it down.
Unh! Get it! Oh! Oh yeah, take it! Oh yeah, take it! Ooh! Ooh, ooh! Oh, oh, oh! Yes! I want one! I want another one! - Mom! - Never mind.
You gotta help us.
Tess's mom has sleepy foot.
My cousin's got sleepy eye.
And Aunt Chelsea can't drive us, either.
She's too sick, so we need you to drive us to the Weirder Things premiere today.
Well, what you need is to get out of my weave zone.
Mom, please.
All right, okay, okay, listen.
If you stay out of my hair, literally, for the next five hours I'll drive you to the premiere.
Thank you, Mom.
That's only if Kema finishes my weave first.
Oh, I'll be finished, long as I can stay focused.
Why is your roomie about to eat a slipper? Oh, sometimes she gets a little loopy when she runs a high fever.
Ladies and gentlemen, the captain just turned on the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign.
Please take your seats.
Bing! Or a lot loopy.
Ooh! I'm sorry, I can't work right now.
The crazy show is on.
I got to watch this! - Uh, show's over! - Yeah! Come on, Aunt Crazy Aunt Chelsea.
We'll take care of her.
I thought your cousin had drippy eye.
Is sleepy eye another cousin? Same cousin, different eye.
Is it just me or does Mom's hair look exactly the same? And why is she dancing? She's supposed to be weaving.
Ha! - I can dance with this cutie all day, honey! This kid's cuteness is killing us.
We'll never make it to that premiere Guys, I got this.
Come on.
Power, you are just so adorable.
Isn't she so yummy? Yes, but you can't keep all this yumminess to yourself.
We can watch Power, while you finish your weave.
- Hmm! - Please, please, please! Fine with me.
I get paid the same.
Come on, you little angel.
Go, Power! Go, Power! Go, go, go, Power! Sing! Go, Power.
Go, Power.
Please go, Power.
You know, Power, why don't you hang out with us? You can watch this show, and maybe you'll like it.
It worked.
She's quiet.
Yeah, this is perfect.
Now she's not distracting us or Mom.
Shh, shh! Baby, I'm on the phone.
- Oh, okay.
- So then what did he say? Well, then what did you do? Ooh! Girl, you should not have done that! Ow, ow, ow! Mom, I need to call you back.
- You okay, boo-boo? - Oh, the pain is worth it.
I'll just say the code word if it gets any worse.
Auntie Kema, I'm hungry! - One minute, baby! - Oh, home skillet biscuit! Girl, I love me some home skillet biscuits.
No, no, that's the code word! Kema, that's the code word! Oh my edge.
Is she in my pots and pans? Mom, there she is.
Okay, sweetheart, I'll make you some food! - No! No, Mom.
- Huh? - Sit.
We will get Power something.
- Okay.
Yeah, you just, uh, you just focus on getting beautiful er.
Nice save.
Now, in the event of a loss in cabin pressure, please be sure to secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.
I'll get Power, you get Aunt Chelsea.
All right, don't forget to breathe normally! There is nothing normal about that.
- Woo.
- Girl, you know she got the fever.
- Hoo-ohh! - Hm-mmm! - Finally! Back to Weirder Things! - Woo! - Yes! - Ha! Could you put any more weirder things in my sandwich? Come in.
I've been expecting you.
- Don't go in there.
- Shh! Whatever.
If you don't hand over your most precious belongings, I will eat your little friend.
Your watch.
But that's all I have left of my father.
- Hey! - Get out of the way! What is this garbage? It's so fake! They should call it Boring Things.
If you're so bored, then why don't you play with this little thing? Not my Nerdidorken! He's my favorite action figure.
Okay, you know what? Come on, Power.
If you're so bored, why don't you just step on into my closet? - Cool! - All right! Oh! Ah.
What? It's not locked.
Come on, we need to finish watching before the premiere.
Hey, guys, guess what I found.
Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.
Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.
Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.
Wah! Somebody help me! Oh no! I just had a vision! Power was in the Topsy Turvy World being held by the Nerdidorken! Booker, it's a TV show.
Power is right in the closet, see? Power? Power? She's gone! To the Topsy Turvy World! No, Power's gotta be in here somewhere.
We just need to find her before Auntie Rae finds out - she's missing.
- Who's missing? - Nobody! - Um, he said "Tooth's missing.
" I I lost my last baby tooth.
Oh! My baby got a grown-man mouth! Ah! Where's Power? Hiding because we are playing hide-and-seek.
Yeah, and she's such a good hider, it's almost like she's missing.
Hey, do you guys like my hair? You're not done already, are you? Well, what do you think? Is that your brain? Is that my brain, Levi? Ooh, sandwich.
I'm almost done, then I'll take y'all to the premiere.
Ooh! Peanut butter and cheese.
- Can't wait! - Thank you, Mom.
Love you! She's almost done.
We gotta find Power.
- Guys, check it out.
- What is that? I don't know.
It was behind those boxes.
Power must've moved them.
I know what it is.
It's a portal to the Topsy Turvy World.
Or it's a dumbwaiter.
It's like a mini-elevator people used to use to bring up their groceries in the old days.
Whatever it is, Power probably went in it, - which means we gotta go get her.
- You're right.
What was that? It's coming from the portal.
Not a portal.
The truth lies below.
If there's really a Nerdidorken down there, I hope someone brought something to fight him with.
All I have is my tooth but it's sharp.
You're gonna fight a Nerdidorken with a baby tooth? If I have to.
You're not gonna have to since there's no real Topsy Turvy World.
You were saying? All right, Levi.
You first.
Whoa! Looks exactly like the show.
Except a lot scarier.
You should get your baby tooth out! You're gonna need a bigger tooth! Get over here! Get over here! - You ready? - I'm ready! - I don't think you ready.
- I am so ready! What do ya think? No, no, no! Kema, I am a Scut driver, not Mariah Hairy.
I can't fit this in my car! You gots to tame this beast, girl! Go big or go home, girl! I am - Did you hear that? - I ain't heard nothing.
Captain! Uh, oh, here comes Air Cray-Cray.
Captain! The passengers, - they're screaming! - I heard that too! You gotta help me, Chaka Khan! Where you going? Don't try to run no game! I'm not leaving till I get paid! Nia! Booker! Levi? Where are they? Where are they? Oh no.
Do you think they went down there? Well, I don't know! You're the one flying this bird.
Oh, how high is your fever? Kids? We have to go down there.
To the cargo hold? Sure.
Look! It's Power! Somebody help me! Oh, it's exactly my vision! Was the Nerdidorken nice in your vision? Oh, it's probably gonna eat her.
Nerdidorkens love munching on crunchy little bones! How little? All I want are your most precious belongings.
We'll give you what you want if you give us Power first.
The Nerdidorken is a terrible negotiator.
Now give.
Stay here, Power.
- Jess, give him your hat.
- But it's my favorite hat.
Which you won't be able to wear if you don't have a head! Here you go! Here's my action figure of you.
Here's four tickets to the premiere of the show that you're in.
He knows Spanish? De nada.
More! Uh Tooth! No.
Tooth! No! - Did you hear that, Chels? - Yup! One of the engines is shutting down! Okay, I'm just gonna go with this one.
That's right, stewardess.
That's what's happening.
No, it's "flight attendant.
" - Booker, it's just a baby tooth.
- Just give it to him! If you're not gonna give it to him, I will! No! I'm sorry.
This isn't just a baby tooth! It's the last piece of the old me.
And I wanna keep it.
- I'll I'll give it to him.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Now brace for a sudden drop in altitude! We're not dropping anywhere! Oh snap! Okay.
Let me just turn on the cabin lights.
That didn't sound like a Nerdidorken.
It's a Mitch-idorken.
Mitch? Hello! What are you kids doing down here? Well, we thought we were saving Power from getting eaten by a Nerdidorken.
It turns out the Topsy Turvy World is just the boiler room.
You should've seen your faces.
"Ooh, he's gonna eat me.
" Give us back our stuff.
Yeah, I can't believe you made all this just to scare us.
- I didn't.
- Then why'd you do it? I told you.
Don't you remember? Whoa.
Is that Weirder Things? This is my favorite show.
My dad even let me build the Topsy Turvy World down in the boiler room.
Wanna come down and check it out? - I don't remember that.
- Neither do I.
You were nice? So, when we didn't hang out with you, - is that when you took Power? - Yeah.
He didn't take me! I told you guys where I went! You did? Hey, guys, guess what I found! A secret door.
I'm going inside it, so you may never see me again.
Bye! - I don't remember that.
- Huh.
See? This is exactly what I was talking about.
I told you kids you do not listen.
You tuned into your show, and you tuned everybody else out! Now, if you were paying attention, you would've heard Mitch, Power wouldn't have snuck out, my weave would've been done and y'all would've been on your way to the premiere.
But guess what.
Now you're not.
We we apologize.
Mom, you're right.
We didn't listen.
You're really gonna miss the premiere of Weirder Things? Yeah.
It's okay.
The only thing better than watching Weirder Things, is living it.
Yeah, we'd be cool just hanging here.
With me? Yeah.
You're okay, Mitch.
You guys are okay, too.
You kids have a great time playing down here.
I've gotta put a flat iron in this hair.
And I've got a plane to land! All right.
Well, I'm gonna take Captain Cray-Cray to bed first.
Come on.
So, do you guys wanna act out another episode? You losers can do whatever you want.
I just got four tickets to the premiere of Weirder Things! Uh, no you don't.
They're still on my phone.
Check again.
I transferred them to my phone when you weren't looking.
See ya on the red carpet.
Oh, that's right.
I won't! Ha! Baby tooth! So, you guys wanna act out episode two? - I get to be the Nerdidorken.
- No, me! - No, I wanna do it.
- I'm the scariest.
Too late! I'm the Nerdidorken! Yes! I got her cold! - Captain? - Yes? Prepare for landing.
Aye-aye, Co-Captain.
- Uh-oh, uh-oh! - Uh-oh.
Oh no, we're nose-diving.
- Oh no! - Oh, the controls are stuck! - Oh! Oh! - I can't pull it up! Mayday! Mayday! Okay, okay, Co-Captain! I got it! Pull up! Pull up! Oh, phew! That was a close one.
Yeah, that was crazy.
Rae, I can't believe you posted this! I look crazy! Yeah, but I look crazy good.
My edges are laid, honey.
I got 8,000 hits! Gimme that!
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