Ray Donovan s06e05 Episode Script

Ellis Island

1 [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [RAY] Previously on Ray Donovan [GRUNTS] He's gonna have to kiss my black ass! [LAUGHING] - You're not my fucking son.
- [GRUNTS] [ANITA] Your sexual orientation or your country of origin Hello, Ray-Ray.
[SAM] It's gonna take me a couple hours to get the money.
[BLOWS LANDING] [CROWD CHEERING] [SNORES] I'll get your money! I'll get your money! I want the rest of my money back.
[DOOR CLOSES, BELLS JINGLE] [RAY] Where's Bridge? She she's okay.
Fuck you.
[DISTANT SIREN WAILING] [CHALKY GROANING] [WOMAN] Hospital, baby? Take you to the hospital? No.
No, baby, no.
It's not so bad.
See? [DOOR SLAMS OPEN] - Hey, hey, hey.
- Don't you fucking move! [RAD] Get him out of here.
Get him out of here! - He didn't do nothing! - What the fuck did I do, huh? Hey! [SMITTY] Hey, did your family come through Ellis Island? What? Uh, your family did they come through Ellis Island? My grandparents.
Some others.
Have you ever been out there? No.
I think my dad took me when I was, like, six to the Statue of Liberty.
And he bought these special tickets so we could go up into the crown.
I remember I w I was [LAUGHS] I was terrified 'cause there's all these small spaces and, you know, a lot of steps.
I remember my dad, he, uh he took me by the hand, and he, uh put put me up on his shoulders, and I [SIGHS] [SIGHS] Tonight Yeah? If Bridget asks, you were out drinking with your buddies.
What? You were drinking with your buddies.
[DISTANT SIREN WAILING] Hey, I-I don't I don't really like to lie to Bridget.
What? I don't really like to lie to Bridget.
You tell her you were a fucking drug dealer when you asked her to marry you? - No.
- Eighty grand in debt? No.
But you don't like to lie to her? [SIGHS] Hey, Chalky's gonna be really pissed.
I mean, he's gonna send somebody.
Don't worry about Chalky.
Oh, he's gonna come after me.
No, he's not.
Well, uh [CHUCKLES] Hey, thanks.
Get rid of those clothes.
Yeah, I will.
I will.
And, uh hey, don't worry.
I'm I'm not gonna tell Bridget, - you know, anything or - [DOOR CLOSES] Shit.
Hey, Bridget.
- [CAR DOOR CLOSES] - Go back to the apartment.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, we were We were just going we were getting a-a drink.
Do you think I'm stupid? No, babe.
What did you do? I talked to a guy he had a problem with.
Oh, did you go with him? - Yeah.
- Did you kill someone? - No.
- Did he kill someone? No.
[BRIDGET] Well, you have blood all over you, so whatever you did wasn't fucking good.
Conor's flight gets in at ten.
- What? - [RAY] Conor's flight You need to go.
Bridge You need to get the fuck out of our lives.
- She's really pissed.
- [DOOR CLOSES] I should go.
We need to talk.
What's up, Ter? Bunchy just called me, and we need to fucking talk.
All right.
[DISTANT SIREN WAIL] [GRUNTS] So we hit a bump in the road.
It happens.
That's water under the bridge now.
- Fucking shut up, Mick.
- [MARIA CRIES] Would you please just shut the fuck up? Hey, look, she got three priest outfits in here.
She got everything.
What kind of operation was she running, huh? I took everything I could.
Look at this.
They got this.
Look, look.
- [CHUCKLES] - [CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY] That's great, you useless fuck.
Hey, accentuate the positive.
Eliminate the negative.
Confucius said that or some fucking person.
Lacy Anson should not have called you at all.
Well, she was gonna lose the script to another actress.
She's on our no-contact list, is she not? It's just business.
Well, I'm sure you'd like to believe it's just business, George.
[GEORGE] Lacy's perfect.
She looks just like Ursula Andress.
[SIGHS] George.
Lacy is not Ursula Andress.
Lacy is not a movie star.
And you telling her that she will be is what started this cycle.
Now, you need to go back to Minnesota.
- No.
- Yes.
You have to go back.
George, look at me.
28 more days as an inpatient.
Complete that, and then we will reopen the conversation.
But I fucking hate it there.
I know.
But don't be angry with me, George.
I love you.
Well, then fuck the movie.
That's the spirit.
Forgive the lateness of this call.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Yeah, I think we should meet.
Tomorrow morning is perfect.
Thank you.
[RECEIVER CLICKS] And you couldn't talk no sense to him? I tried.
What, you're just happy for Mick to walk away with three million bucks? What else was I supposed to do? Why don't I fucking believe you? What happened to your face? What? Who did that to you? Ah, it was fair and square.
What was? I took a fight.
What the fuck you talking about, you took a fight? It was a bare-knuckle thing.
I got five grand.
- Are you out of your fucking mind? - No.
What about the DBS? Y-you got fucking wires in your head.
Brain surgery.
You could die.
Not could.
There's no could about it, Ray.
I'm gonna die.
So are you.
All right.
It's your fucking head.
You know, you should have called me about Bunch.
You should have brought me to him.
[SIGHS] You really think it would have made a difference? Yeah.
'Cause he's afraid of you.
He always has been.
- [PARKING BRAKE ENGAGES] You stay here.
I'm fucked.
I got time for a little sightseeing.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
[MICKEY] "The Lion K" Musicals.
Girls, little girls.
Hampton Jitney, what's this? It's a bus.
Rich assholes take it to their houses out in the Hamptons.
[MAN] Sign here.
Have a nice night, Mr.
I've heard the charges and looked over your record, sir.
What? So your wife Amber's coming back? [JUDGE] that you've been apprehended with such a large quantity of drugs.
I'm setting your bail at $50,000.
- You still want her? - [GAVEL BANGS] - Yeah.
- Yeah? Yeah.
[LAWYER] Your Honor, Mr.
Bruce is not a drug dealer.
He he was sleeping in a public park.
You know, fucking Johnny Caputo you, uh you think she would talk to him about anything? She wouldn't.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Well, you don't fucking know that.
She wouldn't.
Just drop it.
[JUDGE] Bail is $50,000, Counselor.
That is all.
- I'm serious.
- [GAVEL BANGS] My wife cheated on me, I would make her suck my dick every fucking day.
[RAD] Maybe even anal.
[JUDGE] Next.
Argan Crabja.
- [RAY] You all right? - Yeah.
Why? You look like you've been drinking a little.
Since we got out of Pendleton.
So? Just asking.
We just finished basic training.
We're going to Europe to serve.
I think I can handle a few fucking beers.
All right, Con.
All right.
I just asked.
- [TRUNK OPENS] - You drink all the time.
I said all right.
[INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA] Want to get some food? Where? A million places.
Get some breakfast I'm kind of tired.
Can we just go back to your place? Sure.
Inspiration has already struck.
I'll take you to Vietnam.
It's a fucking bus timetable, Mickey.
And we're already on Long Island, you senile fuck.
Senile like a fox.
Get up.
We're going on a field trip.
We're all going on a field trip.
Come here.
- Let's go, muffin.
- Where the Going on a field trip.
Ooh! - [DOOR OPENS] - Get the fuck up.
You wanted to send him to that fancy prep school, not me.
[KNOCK AT DOOR, DOOR BUZZES, DISTANT PHONE RINGING] He never would have met a girl like that if he'd gone local.
He's 40, darling.
He's made his bed.
You can't sleep in it with him.
[SLURPING] I'm not giving him any more.
Not another penny.
I'm stretched thin as it is.
Feratti wants to see you.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [JUDGE STAMMERS, SIGHS] Then you get a job, Elaine.
Get a job and support your 40-year-old son.
Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your brother.
Cancer's back.
Want to buy a bowling alley? [CHUCKLES] Maybe.
I don't have one of those.
Saw that "Sharpshooter" last week.
- That one's one of yours? - Yeah.
Do you like it? It was loud.
Girl was good.
- She was.
- Mm.
Making money for you? Well, I made that one for Asia.
It'll make 35 million here, but overseas another 300.
- [WINCES] - [SAM] Yeah.
Success d'argent.
What the fuck is that? [CHUCKLES] It's a it's a French term that means well, it makes me feel better for not making art.
[LAUGHS] Black, right? [CLEARS THROAT] You remembered.
Why the visit? I want you to support my bid to buy Arthur Kill.
In exchange, I'll withdraw my support for Anita Novak.
You been out much today? Yes.
Smell how fresh the morning is? Mm.
You're referring to the fact that the garbage is no longer there.
Who'd you pay off in Sanitation? Don't know what you're talking about.
And that bullshit with my former driver those lies you paid him to tell.
Can't change your past, Eddie.
You can.
You did.
You're making shit up.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I want Arthur Kill.
You get it for me, I'll put your face on all my billboards.
Endorse you in my newspaper and television stations.
Not gonna happen.
Eight thousand jobs you'll be a hero.
The truth is I don't want to be associated with you.
Thanks for the coffee.
Oh, and, Sam? You keep up this bullshit, I'll match you move for fucking move.
You enjoy the remainder of your term, Mr.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [RAY] How's your head? It's all right.
- Killer view.
- Yeah.
I was thinking about going out there today.
- Where? - Statue of Liberty.
They got a ferry does the whole thing Ellis Island, Statue.
Why? You know, it's where your great-grandparents came in, your uncles, aunts, all sorts of people.
Daryll said that I could come to set and meet K'lei Hughes.
That's that's all the way up in Harlem, though, and the Statue's right there.
[CONOR] It's fucking K'lei Hughes.
I told the squad I'd get a selfie with her.
Right, so you'd rather have a selfie with K'lei Hughes - Oh, forget it.
- Con, wait.
- I - [CELL PHONE RINGING] [SIGHS] Yeah? I need you to come to my apartment.
Can it wait? No, it cannot.
I'll be there soon.
[CELL PHONE BEEPS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [MICKEY SIGHS] How long since our last stop? I don't know.
What the fuck are you writing? [MICKEY] Right there.
That one earring can get us to Canada.
- [RAY] You awake? The money's heading north, if you were wondering.
How's Justine? Fine.
Why? [RAY] Think she'd do another job for us? I can't ask her to fuck another newsman.
No, that's not what I had in mind.
- Then what? - I'll text you the details.
- Let me know what she says.
- All right, you sure you just don't want to go get that money? No.
Just call Justine.
[CELL PHONE BEEPS] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [SAM SIGHS] Did you get to see the paper? - No.
- Garbage strike's over.
[RAY] Yeah, I noticed.
Feratti got to the head of the union.
It's all over the fucking news.
- I met with Anita last night.
- Yeah? Had an idea to get her back in the running, maybe steal the headlines.
What? [SIGHS] Might be better if I kept you out of it for now.
Can it happen today? I need some time to put the pieces together, but [SAM] We don't have time, Ray.
The election's in two weeks.
- [CELL PHONE RINGS] - I need it to happen today.
Like "Superfly," "Shaft.
" "Can you dig it?" [CHUCKLES] Ray-Ray.
Oh, shit.
What is this, bring your kid to work day? Hey, Stu.
[STU] Conor, come here.
You want to watch? Here.
Page 19.
Here's the headset.
Put it on.
Sit down in the big chair.
How are you, Stu? [DISTANT SIREN WAILING] We all thought you died.
You seen my brother? Eh, banished from the set.
What? Yeah, stars can be mercurial, Ray.
You know, they're emotional people.
I don't need to tell you that.
I don't know for some reason, Jay won't work if Darryl is on set.
So Sam sent me out here to wrap up this piece of absolute horseshit you know, that I'm I'm very excited about, Ray, because I'm thrilled to be in the streaming business.
[STU] I love streaming.
You know, it's the future.
I love that the audience doesn't go to the movie theater anymore, that they watch our work on their phones while they ride the subway, you know, while they're doing their dishes, you know, while they're taking a shit.
Yeah, you better go.
Get Conor and go now.
It's not my call, but get going.
Get your kid and get out of here.
What? Ray, get the fuck off my set! - [ANTOINE] Yo, man, come on.
- Thank you.
Conor, let's go.
Hey, call me, Ray.
I'll be in town for another month.
I got a whole new family, you know? She's Chinese, so if we have kids, - Jewish and Asian - Fuck off, Stu.
All right, we'll have lunch.
[PHONE LINE TRILLING] [CELL PHONE RINGS] Conor wants to see you.
Y-you know, Ray, I-I-I did everything you asked me to do.
Stop complaining.
[DARYLL] Uh uh, what? Sober up and meet me at my office.
Okay, and and and why is that? I got a job for you.
[RAY] You do it right, I promise you'll get back on the movie.
- I'm sorry, Con.
- It's cool.
I'm just gonna go hang out with Bridget.
[RAY] No, wait.
There's a three o'clock ferry to Liberty Island.
What do you say? - Dad, I don't - Battery Park, 2:30.
I'll meet you there.
[DISTANT SIREN WAILING] It's a beautiful Thursday, huh? Sure I guess.
If this is Thursday, that means tomorrow is - Friday.
- Friday.
Friday in New York City where the rich fucking people invite their rich friends out to their 20 million dollar houses on the beach.
How does that get us to Vietnam, Mick? We're on the bus, we're on the Jitney, right? We're not sitting together.
I'm in the front.
You're in the back.
At a certain point, I take out my gun.
Everybody goes "Just calm down.
Just put all your valuables," you know, "your cash, your cell phones in this bag.
" It's being passed down the aisle.
And you stand up in the back, and you say, "Let's do what he says, folks.
"I got a little girl here.
I don't want anyone hurt.
Let's not do anything stupid.
" And I take the loot.
I jump off.
You get off at the next stop, where we have left our car.
And then you come pick me up.
You're out of your fucking mind.
It's a solid plan.
Oh, yeah, me and Maria on the bus.
[CHUCKLES] Then we get off, and who has to talk to the fucking cops? - It's fucking idiotic.
- I told you.
You get off.
You get off.
I ain't doing that in a million fucking years, Mick.
Oh, you don't like it? Well, you think of a better way because we got to get some cash, and it seems to me this is our best fucking bet.
You want to get ice cream? Huh? Come on, we'll get a nice ice cream.
Um, let me get a you know, a bomb pop or whatever you got.
That's fine.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Oh! [GRUNTS] Yeah.
Can I have some? Yeah? Here.
What? What is this? [SIGHS] I need you to be at the North Woods Bridge at 1 p.
Okay, why? There's another job.
I do this, you get Ray to help my brother.
I promise.
[SIGHS] I'm guessing I put these on? Yeah.
And then you're gonna go for a little jog.
Is that it? No.
I got to make you look bad.
- [SIGHS] - Will you close your eyes? - [GRUNTS] - [GROANS] [CELL PHONE RINGS, BEEPS] Is it done? I'm gonna need my brother to help.
- Daryll? - [RAY] We get it done, you should think about giving him his job back.
Listen you get the numbers going in the right direction, and I'll let your little brother go sit back on the set.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [JUSTINE] Help! Somebody help! - No! No! - Hey! - [JUSTINE] Let me go! - [ANITA] Hey! [DARYLL] Get the fuck over here! - [ANITA] Hey, stop that! - [WOMAN] You need some help? Yes, call 911 right now.
[WOMAN] Come down here.
We need some help.
Get off her! - You guys, come down here.
- Let her go! - [SCREAMS] - You let her go! Get in there! Hey, you okay? - [MAN] There he goes! - Come on up.
Take some breaths.
- [PEOPLE SHOUTING] - [MAN] Over there! [SIRENS APPROACHING] Go, go, go, go, go! [SIRENS WAILING] - They're on their way.
- Oh, my gosh.
[WOMAN] Okay.
Stay with me.
It's okay.
They're coming.
- [BREATHING HEAVILY] - Okay? - Okay.
- [SIREN WAILING] [MAN] It's about ready to go out.
Hold on.
Dad, hold on.
Con, where are you? I'm hanging out with Jake and Bridget.
I said 2:30.
[CONOR] I forgot.
I'm sorry.
What's going on? It's Dad.
He wants to go to the Statue of Liberty.
[CONOR] I want to hang out with these guys.
Do you want to come here? [BOAT BELL DINGING] It's all right.
I'll catch up with you later.
[SEAGULLS CRYING, CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You been stood up, huh? Whoever canceled on you, fuck them.
My son.
Really, though, don't let him ruin such a pretty day.
Might I sit with you? Sure.
I have been dying to get on a boat ever since I got here just for the fresh air.
The city smells bad in the heat.
Where you from? Ireland.
Yeah, I sort of figured that.
Where? Cork.
You ever been? [CAMERA BEEPS, SHUTTER CLICKS] What's your name? - Ray.
- Just Ray? Donovan.
Ray you look like your dog just died.
Do you get that a lot? - Has your dog just died? - [BOTH LAUGH] Calm down.
Now you're gonna make a scene.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] "But, I being poor, have only my dreams, so tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
" Yeats.
You don't know Yeats? Well, you should.
For a fella of few words, poetry can come in handy.
[BOAT HORN BLOWS] So, what do you do? - Security.
- Yeah? Like what? Blankets? Yeah, blankets.
Do your security blankets pay? They can.
- Sounds fucking dreadful.
- It is.
But you do it for your family, though.
Your boy, how old? And is he in the blanket business, too? No, he's a Marine.
Shipping off for Germany tonight.
And you're here for what? To show him where it all started? Something like that.
Any of these yours? Michael Donovan.
Did you know him? No.
Came over in 1939.
Enlisted in '42.
Died overseas in '43.
At least that's what I heard.
Poor fucker came here just to go back and get killed.
Sort of a thing in my family.
My Uncle Pat died in Korea.
Cormac, Vietnam.
Is that why you're bringing your boy here? What do you mean? Scare him so he wouldn't be a soldier.
Take a picture.
Show it to your son.
We lost the money.
Mick lost the money.
[SIGHS] I need you to watch Maria.
[MARIA CRYING] I can't just take your kid, Bunch.
If I'm not back in 48 hours call Teresa.
What are you gonna do? Don't matter.
Look, let me help you, all right? Let me get you and Maria out of this.
You got a million dollars, Terry, huh? You got a way to get us out of the country? Watch her.
That's how you help.
- [MARIA SHRIEKS, COOING] - [TERRY] I know, right? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You got Uncle Terry, all right? [COOING] [WATER BUBBLING] [SMITTY] So he comes back in, right? - [CONOR COUGHING] - Like he's all fucked up and bloody.
Ear torn off, his pants, like Strangely, his pants are missing.
So he looks right at the bartender.
- Bartender looks at him.
- [KNOCK AT DOOR] - Is Conor ready? - No.
Hey, Dad.
Uh, I was gonna come meet you.
I just lost track of time.
You should probably change.
Don't want to miss your flight.
[CONOR] Okay.
[DISTANT SIREN WAILING] I'd offer you a hit, but I'm guessing that you don't get high.
- Hmm.
- Well, you should.
Hey, I heard that the cops got Chalky.
[SMITTY] And I wa I mean, at first I was worried that, uh, he'd tell them what everything that we did.
But then I figured that he got busted 'cause you made it happen.
So, uh Well, did you? You make it happen? We should probably go.
[BRIDGET] Love you.
See you, man.
[PLANE ENGINE ROARING OVERHEAD] [DISTANT SIREN WAILING] You want me to put the car in short term, come in with you? You don't got to do that.
- I want to.
- You can't.
I mean, security's, like, right there - when you walk in the door.
- So what? I'll go in with you.
No one else is going in with their father.
You know, you don't have to do this, Con.
- Do what? - Be a Marine.
All of this.
You can do anything you want.
This is something I'm gonna be good at.
You could be good at a lot of things.
You say that 'cause you're my dad.
I just don't want you to do anything stupid 'cause you're mad at me.
I'm not mad at you.
It's all right if you are.
You got every right to be.
Listen, if this is about the Statue of Liberty - No.
- I'm sorry I didn't go.
I didn't think it was such a big deal.
It's not a big deal, Con.
It's not.
This this is, though.
It's a big fucking deal, and I don't want you to make a choice for the wrong reasons, you know? I got to go.
Con! Hey! [DISTANT SIREN WAILING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [MICKEY] And I figure, to get there, we cross to Montreal, fly to Vancouver, then we book passage on a container ship.
It stops in a bunch of places Guam, Yokohama.
Places you only heard of.
A sea voyage.
A sea voyage, Bunch What could be grander? And when we get to Vietnam, we find that place where Cormac was killed, and we put a plaque there.
I want to do that for him.
[PLANE ENGINE WHIRRING OVERHEAD] Bunch it's good you left her with Ter.
She's safe.
And now your mind is free to concentrate.
[DOOR CLICKS, OPENS] [DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES] [DOOR CLOSES] Hey, what are you doing here? Getting a drink.
Long drive from Manhattan just for a drink.
- Yeah.
- Lou.
Get Ray a whiskey.
[MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY ON TV] You see your kid? I just dropped him off.
Well, half these guys in here went into the service.
He'll be all right.
I fucked up.
What? I should have made him stay.
[MAC] You think he would have listened? I mean, come on, the kid's 18 years old.
What 18-year-old listens to his father? I mean, did you? My father was a piece of shit.
My father was a saint.
Told me he loved me every day.
Still couldn't stand him when I was 18, you know? You're a good father.
You love your kids.
What more can you do? [DANNY] You homos coming to the boatyard? - No.
- [RAD] Fuck you.
You're coming.
Bring enough ammo for Hollywood.
What? Nothing.
Come on.
Let's go shoot some guns.
[GRANDADDY'S "SO YOU'LL AIM TOWARD THE SKY"] Everything's all right, okay? You're so beautiful.
So beautiful.
[CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] So you'll aim Toward the sky And you'll rise High today Fly away [ANITA ON TV] Look, look, I'm just not answering questions right now, okay? [WOMAN ON TV] Tell us the story.
[ANITA ON TV] I'm not gonna say.
I just did what any fucking New Yorker would do.
Any quality New Yorker would do the same thing.
Far from pain So you'll aim Toward the sky And you'll rise High today Fly away Far away Far from pain So you'll aim Toward the sky And you'll rise High today Fly away Far away Far from pain So you'll aim Toward the sky And you'll rise [KNOCK AT DOOR] [KNOCK AT DOOR] [KNOCK AT DOOR] You gonna invite me in? Nice place.
There something you need? - What you did today - Yeah? You're pretty fucking clever.
Not really.
So people are just dumb? I don't know.
You gonna offer me a drink? [LOCK CLICKS] [GLASS SCRAPES, WATER RUNS, STOPS] What do you want? Nothing.