Ray Donovan s07e04 Episode Script


Previously on Ray Donovan Wanna talk about your father? Hi! I'm sorry about Mickey.
- Hey! - What the fuck? Fuck this, man I shot a fuckin' kid in the back.
- Jasmine.
- Nice to meet you.
The fuck What the fuck? Who the fuck are you? You need to honor the deal.
I got the DA ready to draw up an indictment.
Had one-a these at work.
There ya go.
Thank you.
It's you? Fucking come here? - You fucking come here? - I'm sorry.
Fuck your sorry! He can't walk! My son won't ever fucking walk again! And you're fucking sorry.
You are fucking sor You are fucking sorry! - Get the fuck out! - Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am! - Don't fucking touch me! - Ma'am, I need you to calm down.
- I swear to fucking - Hey, hey, hey, hey Get the fucking Get the hell Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out! I don't want you here! Get the fuck out I'm sorry.
- Get out! - I'm sorry.
Get off of me! Get off of me! Fuck that lady.
I mean, where was she when her kid left the house with the gun? When her little "mijo" was rippin' that store off? Shane.
We meet twice a week.
Talk about what's important.
Check it out.
Let's see your fuckin' hands! Both-a your fuckin' hands hands! Got a warrant! Here for the photo, Ray.
It's not here.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Om tare tuttare tare soha.
Oh, I'm, uh I'm s-I'm sorry.
What for? Well, I-I was just going Come in.
Join me.
Uh, do I do I have to take off my clothes? Only if you'd like to.
Would you like to? S-sure.
Uh Oh, it'll be worth the wait, I promise.
J-just gimme a Hey.
- Hey.
- Mm.
You missed a good episode of Shark Tank.
Oh, yeah? Mmm! Hey, not right now.
I just have been on my feet all day.
I smell gross.
I'm sorry.
It happens.
Well, that never happened before.
It's okay.
We can just meditate together.
No, thank you.
Hey, Ray.
Huh? What the fuck happened? Mm.
I thought that was over.
It's not that.
Hey, can I ask you somethin'? What? You know, when you first got married, h-how long did, like, the happy part last? What? Ah, how long did everything feel good all the time? - How long? - Y-You know what I mean.
- I mean - Ya all right? Bridget just doesn't seem interested.
" Interested in havin' sex with me.
Oh, Jesus.
Ya wanna help me with this? I mean, is-i-is that normal? Did that ever happen with you and your wife? - What? - The sex thing.
The police came to my place.
They went through everything.
They broke things, they went through my clothes.
You all right? I'm fine.
They get the memory card? No, I gave it to Kevin.
What should we do? I'll take care of it.
Donovan! He's expecting me.
It's celebrating homosexuality.
No, I don't hate the gays.
I love the gays.
But they don't seem You wanna say somethin' to me, say it to my fuckin' face.
What are you talkin' about? Tossin' my office.
Towin' my fuckin' car.
I have no idea what you mean by that at all.
In fact, I don't think I even know you.
What's the number? The number What number could you possibly mean? I'll talk to him.
Beautiful day, huh? So Palm Springs - Mm-hmm.
- How many black people are even in Palm Springs? Four.
And that's includin' me and my mom.
- Mm, lord! - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
And how many curious white girls just threw themselves at you? - Not many.
- Mm-hmm.
Meanin' every girl in Palm Springs? - Nah! - Yah-huh.
- Nuh-uh.
- Don't lie to me.
Oh, Jasmine, I wouldn't lie to you.
That's a lie.
Can I see you tonight? Maybe.
Maybe?! - Girl, what you mean, "maybe"? - Maybe.
Come on, I'd like to buy you a coffee.
- Ohh - Yeah.
Then another coffee.
And then I'd like to buy you a drink, and then I wanna buy you dinner.
And that is no lie.
O kay! Don't you knock? I can come back.
No, I'm just leaving.
I'm Jasmine, by the way.
I'm his mother.
Nice to meet you.
Daryll, I bought you a ticket home.
Your father's gonna give you a call.
Mickey? Allan, Daryll.
- Allan.
- Ma, Allan is not my father! I just need you to listen to what he has to say.
Just listen.
James, you know, I'm just thinkin', maybe maybe you should put a little flower in the chardonnay.
Oh, hey, hey, Mickey! Whoo! Jeff, come on! Yeah.
- Kid's got herpes.
- What? Jonathan Walker Hanson? He's got herpes.
- So? - "So"? I think he gave it to a lotta women.
Take him to a doctor.
There's these fucking guys outside trying to serve him a subpoena.
- What for? - What the fu-fuck do I know? They sent like process servers.
The kid's locked himself in the green room.
- What do you want me to do? - Come here.
Get those guys to leave.
I can't, not right now.
What about Lena? - She's outta town.
- Oh, fuck, man! Try to hold 'em off I'll get there as soon as I can.
Have you heard? What's going on? Jonathan's all over the news.
- Why? - Uh, Google him.
Oh, Jesus.
We have got an entire session booked today.
I'm already late with the record, and we are trapped here - with these fucking process servers.
- Did you call my father? He doesn't have time.
Uh, it's okay.
I'll come myself.
Yeah? I need you to get a blond wig.
- Smitty.
- Really? Yeah.
Oh, cool.
Maybe we can do something to, uh, spice up our sex life.
Uh, short hair just like yours.
We just need you to sign the following affidavit for your own protection.
And obviously to protect the chain from legal recourse.
What's it say? Well, you had no choice but to discharge your weapon.
You had to protect yourself, your fellow employees, and innocent customers.
So if we pay him $9 million, he'll go ahead with the deal at the lower price.
That's the idea.
I'll talk to my father.
Feratti's gonna want the money clean.
What does that mean? Your father'll know what to do.
How well do you know my father? I worked for him.
Doing what? Collection.
"Collection"? Debts gambling, that sorta thing.
Sometimes I forget.
- What? - Well, my dad, what he came from.
That he's a criminal.
Mine was too.
Just wasn't any fuckin' good at it.
Well - you got the ask.
- Mm-hmm.
- Your call.
- Okay.
Hey, Bridget, is there something that I'm doing wrong, um, sexually? J-just, um, just tell me what you need, and No, you're not you're not doing anything wrong.
- Come on.
- Hm.
All right.
- Sorry.
- You're disgusting! Jonathan? - Jonathan! - Leave me alone.
- Open the door.
- Fuck off! - This is Smitty.
- So? So he's you today, and you're him.
They're taking my money! We used to pay 500 for a three-bedroom.
I know! - It's criminal.
- Mm.
The ad for my rental said "ocean view.
" Sweetheart, we're paying 5,000 for a three-bedroom.
One of these bedrooms is so small, Stuart can't even turn his dildo horizontal.
The point is, there's no accountability at these Beachbnb places.
It's like the Wild fucking West.
And we're the Indians.
Ah, shit.
Hello? It's me Mick.
How are the Maldives? Oh, I wouldn't know, honey.
I'm out here in Rose Beach, nice little gay community.
Ooh! I like it there.
Those men are so sturdy! Listen, I got an idea.
You know this thing, Beachbnb? - What? - People wire money to rent a beach house.
So I figure we can take a picture of any house we want, pretend it's ours, take some rich suckers for a ride.
I'll come.
Besides, I got a new bathing suit that needs to make its debut.
Oh, I can hardly wait.
Hey, maybe you shouldn't be wearing my clothes.
Oh? Why's that? Well, what if they're contagious? I don't think it works like that.
Hey, uh, Bridget? Hey, Bridget, you can't get herpes from clothes? Right.
Last night was a mistake.
- No, it wasn't.
- Yes, it was.
- I don't think so.
- It can't happen again.
It won't.
Look like a fucking idiot.
Okay, here.
Put this on.
Oh, God! Multiple anonymous social media accounts have popped up in the last hour using the hashtag JWHerpes to spread no pun intended a warning about the pop star's condition, and there's even word Let's just get them out of here.
Follow Mr.
All right, come on.
Let's go, move! Move! Get outta the way! Outta the way! Ever hear of a condom? You've been served! - Fuck you! - Come on, get in.
Jonathan Walker Herpes! Go, go! It's Terry.
I know.
Liberty tells me you're going home.
I expected to feel different, but I just feel the same, but here.
Terry do you think the caterpillar hopes to become a butterfly? Do I think the c I don I - I dunno.
- He doesn't.
He's just a caterpillar being a caterpillar.
And if he spent all his time hoping to become a butterfly sooner, he would just be wasting his time.
Oh, what, I'm I'm the caterpillar? Terry on that bookcase behind me take down that big grimoire in the middle on runes.
For Ch Sure.
Open it.
So what, a all this supposed supposed to be magic or something? Turn to the front page.
"To Jerry Goldberg all the best, Simon Conway.
" That was me.
What, Jerry Goldberg, that's you? Jerry Goldberg was my caterpillar.
Ohm Ah.
Ohm Fuck.
Ohm Ah.
Ohm "There is no denying the wild horse in us.
" Virginia Woolf.
I heard that you met with the Shaman.
Jerry Goldberg.
I was hoping for something different too.
But that's the problem in hoping, right? I mean, I I've tried everything.
The operations.
The chemo.
I paid $5,000 for some purple poultice to soak my feet in.
You know what I got from that? Purple feet? So stones in your pockets.
Are you a collector? No, it's Truth-truth is noth nothin' doesn't seem to work no more.
Not my hands, not my mind My dick.
And I know where all-a this is heading.
And you truly think that it would be better if you walked into the lake and sank to the bottom? I dunno.
What would you have missed if you did? Not much.
You cannot mean that.
Fuck is goin' on, Tommy? Some very cool goings-on and shit here this week.
We're doing a pop-up right here, relaunching the tequila, re-branding.
Fuckin' gonna go Casa Amigos on this shit.
It is gonna be fire! Fuckin' phone call woulda been nice, Tommy.
No, no, Ray, Ray, you just keep on keepin' on.
This won't affect your shit at all.
We'll just make sure we stay out here so you can continue with your covert operations.
It's really good to see Bridget.
What? Bridget.
She's all grown up now.
Yeah, she's in there with a bunch of people.
I mean, at first I thought it was - just poison ivy, right? - Poison ivy? - Th-that's an angle.
- Yeah, yeah, I-I - What are you talking about? - It is not an angle! Next idea.
Let's go in.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
The hell's going on here? Adam needed help.
Jonathan was stuck inside with all these press people outside.
How'd you get him out? I had Smitty dress up like Jonathan and Jonathan like Smitty.
I told them to have Jonathan put out a statement.
Get in front of it.
Is that the right thing to do? Yeah.
It is, actually.
Call it hispies.
I mean, herpes sexist.
Right? Hispies.
Hey, that's pretty fucking good.
Yeah, hispies! Hispies.
What do you think of that, Bridget? - Very good.
- It is.
That's so genius! Can I come in? So I talked to my father.
This is to box 44 at the First Central Savings Bank.
He said to take out the brown leather bag.
He said you'd understand.
Well, 'cause I-I told him that I'd do it myself, but he won't let me.
Chances are, whoever goes in that vault triggers a call.
To who? The FBI, the US Attorney's office, maybe worse.
Well, I can't ask you to do that.
Tell your father I'll get what he needs.
- Hello? - Sandy.
I got a job for ya.
Who this? Daryll, it's Allan.
What's up, Allan? Uh, your mother says you might be comin' home.
Yeah, um I-I-I don't know, Allan.
I guess I could definitely find a spot for you in my company.
Ha ha, right.
What, i-in the mail room? Uh, you'd be creative executive.
Hmm? Salary starts at 75,000 a year.
So you'd be developing new feature ideas for my new company, scouting for fresh talent.
Yeah, uh yeah, that's what I wanna do.
I heard about Mickey.
I know it feels complicated, but I bet it's a relief knowing that piece of shit is finally gonna stop showing up at your door.
Hey, uh, Allan, let me, uh, think about the offer and give you a call back, 'kay? May I help you? I'm here to see the boxes.
I got a key.
Of course.
Right this way.
Here we are.
And Andrew will take care of you.
Thank you.
Right this way, ma'am.
- Ooh.
- Okay.
Here we are.
If you need any further assistance, just ring the bell.
Thank you, dear.
I'll be fine.
Ma'am, just a moment, please.
Couple-a rolls of quarters, please.
I'm here to tell ya I got nothin'! It was empty.
Hey, wait.
- The guy at the garage sale - Thank you.
got me all excited about this key.
Tells me that you find all kinds of treasures in these old storage boxes.
But mine was empty as Christ's tomb! So there will be a Sullivan Center after all.
How'd we get here, Ray? Why all this drama? It was a beautiful fuckin' picture.
Why'd you put the genie back in the bottle? It's not important.
Oh, no, it is important.
It's important to me.
So, what is it, I mean love, money? Do they have something on you? No.
Please tell me you got somethin' good outta this.
Otherwise, it's what the fuck? I'll let 'em know you're okay with the deal.
Mick! Mick hey.
Finally found you.
I can't do this.
What am I doin' out here? You got so fucked! Jim Sullivan! Jim Sullivan? Look familiar? From the heist of '77? I got this from Jim's safe deposit box.
Yo, yo, Bunch! 'Sup? Fuck you doin' here? Wondered if I could talk to you for a minute.
I just gotta keep workin' here.
Yeah, yeah, no, go ahead.
I was talkin' with my mom.
She wants me to go back to Palm Springs.
And my stepdad offered me a job to work with him.
Creative exec.
I mean, I should take it, right? The fuck you askin' me for? I just met this incredible girl, man.
She's different, you know? So they offer you a job and a place to live for free.
I know, right? If your folks offer me a place to live, I'd do it.
Yeah, but you met Allan, man.
I'm a Donovan.
I'm more like you guys.
I don't know why you'd wanna be anything like us.
Tonight I wanna talk about responsibility courage, claiming our right as men and securing the future.
We have a new face here tonight.
Brendan Donovan A man who took down three armed thugs all by himself.
There you go.
We all need to take that kind of initiative if we're gonna stop white genocide.
- Yeah.
- Blacks, Mexicans, A-rabs they're not afraid to take up arms against us.
We need to man up and protect the future for white children.
Ma, what are you doin'? I woulda brought the bags down.
Pop! Daryll.
Daryll, my son.
My beauty-ful son.
I've been given a sign from God.
Hey, Pop, does Ray know you're still here? He does not.
Nor do any of your brothers.
I'm here for you.
I'm here for you and you alone.
I need you.
Uh You came for my funeral.
I came for my son.
But you came.
You look so beauty-ful.
We gotta go.
No, Claudette, stay.
Where'd you get that? If that fucker hadn't robbed me of my share, you and I coulda spent our whole lives together.
Years I coulda been a proper father to Daryll, coulda slept with you every night.
We could have all that again.
We were young.
We're not that old.
I don't feel old.
I rose up from the dead.
I been remade in my own body.
Peter gave me a a second chance, a new life.
And I wanna share that with you.
Mickey, I can't.
I'm not that girl anymore.
I'm tellin' ya it's a sign.
- Mickey.
- Yeah? If you really do still love me Yeah.
Promise me that you won't drag Daryll through this.
Promise me.
He's my son.
This is his birthright.
I came for your funeral.
Don't make me come for his.
Feratti took the money.
You came here just to tell me that? Yeah.
That's nice of you.
All right.
Hey, the girl I saw in the office is that your daughter? Yeah.
Do you wanna stay for a drink? Sure.
My goodness.
You gonna drive? Get in the car.
This is Perry.
Yes, I have some information about Mickey Donovan.
Now would be a good time to start talking.
About what? Anything.
Tell me about yourself.
My daughter got married last year.
She looks so young.
- I should go.
- Why? I'm in therapy.
What? I'm not good at this, um Things have been hard the past year.
I like you.
What? I like you.
Genital herpes one in eight Americans has it.
That's over 40 million people.
Most don't even know they have it.
See, herpes carries a stigma that keeps people from getting tested, a stigma that's made much worse by its sexist name herpes.
So I'm here to change that conversation.
I recently got tested and so should you.
My name is Jonathan Walker Hanson, and I have hispies.