Ray Donovan s07e09 Episode Script


1 [RAY.]
Previously, on Ray Donovan [SMITTY.]
Do you think about it? You think about what you did? I shot him, he's dead.
What's the difference? Got what he deserved.
- Aah! Jesus, Pop! Will you stop? I taped every fuckin' thing Jimmy ever said to me.
Fuck this.
Are you still workin' for that piece a shit? After what he did to your sister? [DARK MUSIC.]
- [THUD.]
What the fuck? - [GUNSHOT.]
- Oh, shit! Jas! God damn it, I said stop Uhh [PERRY.]
On the ground.
Daryll said that you went crazy on that cop.
He said that you shot him like 20 times.
I shot him, he's dead.
What's the difference? [SMITTY.]
You don't feel bad? You don't feel bad for the families? [RAY.]
No, I don't feel bad.
He got what he deserved.
- [CLICK.]
How 'bout Lieutenant Radulovic? Did he get what he deserved? Shot multiple times, decapitated with a fucking chainsaw and dumped like trash.
And Officer Clancy.
And Officer Bianchi.
They took my daughter.
Why? Why did they take your daughter? Because I knew what they were doin'.
What were they doing? Runnin' a kickback scam through Arthur Kill prison.
- [PERRY.]
Who was? - The cops and a judge named Scholl IAB already had an investigation a guy named Lake, but, uh guess you know what happened to him.
Who killed Lake? We makin' a deal or what? [PERRY.]
Who killed Lake? Radulovic.
Under orders from Feratti.
Wait a minute so you're tellin' me that the Mayor of New York City called a hit on an IAB investigator? That's what I just said.
Can you prove it? No.
But what if I can bring in Judge Scholl? [DARK MUSIC.]
Swear to God, you haven't heard music till you hear it on this system.
It's like being there live.
You're taking your life in your own hands.
It's worth it if you'll dance with me.
Holy shit! This is mind-blowing.
Yeah, I told you.
Turn it up, turn it up.
Ah, woman Woman your touch Your touch has gone cold As if someone else Controls your very soul I've fooled myself Long as I can Can feel the presence Of another man It's there when you speak my name It's just not the same Ooh, babe - [MUSIC ECHOING.]
- I'm losin' you Rent's due Friday.
Pony up.
I'm 20 short.
I'll have it by tonight.
- I'll cover ya.
- I said I'd have it.
You don't need to cover for me.
Jesus, Bridge you're like a fuckin' bank teller.
- Where'd you get all that? - Babysitting.
What? Nothin'.
Brendan Donovan! What? - [BRIDGET.]
- [TERRY.]
You steal money - from your own family.
- Grocery money.
Grocery money? Pop-Tarts.
You buy these? Yeah, why? Nothing.
They're good.
You make me one a those? Sure.
Need you to put on a suit and go into Staten Island today.
A suit? Yeah.
Thank you, Terry.
W-you're welcome.
Oh I'm sorry to put you to the trouble.
I didn't know who else I could ask.
- It's all right.
Oh, it belonged to my grandmother.
How you feelin'? Never better.
You know the drip they have me on well, it's like a martini on an empty stomach.
- Sláinte.
How are you feeling? All right.
Oh, a positive attitude is everything, right? Promise me you'll take better care of yourself.
Take your meds.
Go to physical therapy.
Sure, I will.
That didn't sound so convincing.
I can't make promises I'm not gonna keep.
Sweetheart the man you are going to be is going to be standing on top of a mountain made of the dead versions of yourself.
- [WIFE.]
I don't know yet.
- I may go shopping.
Love you.
- Love you too.
I'll see you later.
We need to talk.
Jesus, not out here.
Not in there either.
Why not? I found this in my office last night.
You know where, uh, Frankie Lee is? [RESPONSE INAUDIBLE.]
I'm looking for a guy named Frankie Lee.
Shut the door.
I'm Frankie Lee.
I understand that, uh, you know how to move private stock.
- Who told you that? - My sister-in-law knows a guy who, you know, knows a guy.
What kinda stocks? Twenty percent of Sullivan Industries.
Estimated valuation pre-IPO is 2.
4 billion.
Holy shit! That much, huh? - [CHUCKLING.]
- Where's the paper? My, uh, my son has it.
It's in my other son's name.
You always sell things that don't belong to you? Basically, I'm one of the founders of Sullivan Industries, okay? It's my stock.
It's just in my son's name.
Come back when you got the paper.
Wait, wait help me out here.
Gimme something to convince him.
How much do we lose, uh, convertin' it to cash? Will you take Bitcoin? What the fuck is that? [SMALL LAUGH.]
You want old-fashioned cash and you want to keep this deal quiet, I can get you 65, 75 million.
- Minus my 20 percent.
- Whoa! - That's a big haircut, Frankie.
- You don't like it, put your shit on eBay.
Should be the last one.
Are you sure? [QUIETLY.]
What are you doin'? Calling the mayor.
Who do you think ordered all this? Feratti? He won't come after me.
He's in as deep as I am.
IAB already knows about the prison scam.
They just don't know who the players are.
My guess is Feratti's tryin' to pin it on you.
I got a friend inside, a detective.
Trust me, Judge they don't want us, they want the mayor.
What kind of a deal did they offer you? Immunity.
I cooperate, I walk.
I'm a fuckin' judge, Ray.
They're never gonna let me walk.
You give them Feratti, they'll give you anything you want.
Call me when you're ready to talk.
Terry! - Oh, hey.
- What's going on? We haven't seen you in forever.
Oh oh, you know, fam family stuff.
I'm actually with somebody else right now.
After your first two no-shows, we took you off the schedule.
Aw, that's all I-I can just go.
No, no, no, you're both in LSVT, so I can put you two together.
Come on! [KIMBERLY.]
Terry, this is Artie.
He'll be your partner today.
Pleasure to meet you, Terry.
I got ten more to go.
Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary members of the jury, the evidence that I will submit shortly will show, - as clear as day - [PHONE BUZZES.]
the facts of this case.
You will see on CCTV footage that my client fell from a second-floor balcony.
You will see on CCTV footage the railing of that balcony in obvious disrepair.
- [BEEP.]
- Yeah.
The judge's wife made me.
- Good.
- [BEEP.]
- [RAY.]
What's wrong? - Nothin'.
What are you cryin' for? Did you break up with your boyfriend? Mind your own fuckin' business, okay? Don't go.
Bridget please don't leave me.
Can you just talk to me about this? Li You can't just walk away from everyth [MURMURS.]
Bridget I love you so much.
And I know that you think that I fucked up, but I didn't.
I didn't everything I did was to protect you.
You wore a fucking wire.
They already have a case on your dad.
No, they don't! They didn't have a case.
They have you, and they have your fucking wire.
You don't get it they were gonna arrest everybody.
So you turn against me and my dad - Not you! - And my whole fucking family? Not you this whole thing was to save you! You did it to save yourself.
They have evidence.
They have proof.
They have fingerprints.
They have blood.
Don't you get that? That all of us, we're all just fucked.
That's the only reason I wore a wire was to save you, 'cause you didn't kill anybody.
I never wanna see you again.
- [PERRY.]
Bridget Donovan.
- Yeah? I'm Detective Perry with NYPD.
Can you step over here, hands on the hood? Bags down, hands on the hood of the car.
God Fuck! Hey, hey, no, no, no, no! Hold on! We had a deal! Come on! Fuck! [GROANS.]
Ah Fuck, fuck, fuck! [UNEASY MUSIC.]
Whoa! [BOTH.]
Ahh Good! Do this twice a day at home.
You'll start to notice a big difference.
Yeah my neighbors'll start to think I lost my fuckin' mind.
I have a neighbor who pulls her children away from me on the sidewalk.
I can't blame her.
I mean, I'm I'm shaking and I lose my balance sometimes.
She must think I'm an alcoholic.
I am an alcoholic.
And I make a mean martini, shaken, not stirred.
You certainly know how to send a message.
No, here's my message, Declan.
You killed her, so you explain her body to the cops.
I want those fuckin' papers.
You bring me what you promised, and I'll give you the briefcase.
You wanna tell me what's goin' on here? Hmm? [DARK, SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
- [BEEP.]
- Yeah.
I got problems.
Declan went after your brother.
- Who? - Daryll.
For the stocks.
He made a fuckin' mess of things.
Why you callin' me? Your brother's holed up in some shitty motel, the Lightning Motel out in Queens.
I can't right now.
Look, I don't want this to escalate into a fuckin' war between our families.
- I'll call ya later.
- [BEEP.]
Something wrong? He's still fucking following me.
Mayor's office.
Can you hold please? No, Avis, I can't hold.
This is Judge Scholl.
I need to speak to the mayor right away.
He's in a meeting.
May I take a message please? Tell him to fucking call me.
- [PERRY.]
That's the daughter.
Bridget Donovan? Well, it gets better and better.
Your father told me what those officers did to you.
How they kidnapped you, held you for days.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
That must have been terrifying.
Were you thinking about that when you cut their heads off? I'm not sure I know what you mean.
Then let me walk you through it.
On the night of November 7th last year, you were being held hostage at a motel in Staten Island.
They got Bridget.
They came to our apartment.
They took her in.
You know, I I did it for her.
They promised they wouldn't charge her if I would.
I only did it for her.
Hey, Smit.
Smitty, was that Ray? Was that Ray that, uh, took off so fast? You know where he's goin'? Know when he's comin' back, Smit? I dunno.
Anybody heard from Daryll? [SIGHS.]
I dunno, I dunno.
You don't know much, [LAUGHS.]
do ya? [WHISPERS.]
What's the matter? - [SMITTY BREATHING HARD.]
- What's the matter, kid? What's the matter? Hey, talk to me.
- You okay? - [GASPS.]
I used to go ten rounds and hardly break a sweat.
You were a boxer? Yeah.
Look at me now.
What do you do for work? I'm retired for the most part, but I still see a few patients.
- Are you a doctor? - Yeah.
Well, maybe you can cure yourself.
Not that kind.
- Well, what kind? - Psychiatrist.
- I see.
- Naw.
I don't know nothin' about that kinda shit.
Goin' to see a doctor to talk or or worse, goin' to get pills to make your dick soft.
But my kid brother, he goes to see one-a you.
I mean, he says it works, so maybe I don't know shit about shit.
Might help.
I see one.
You do? Everybody in my profession has a therapist.
That's why they're in my profession.
Well, it must be fuckin' hard bein' sick and tryin' to help sick people.
Well, actually, it helps me take my mind off myself.
You'd have a full-time job in my family.
Bein' a Donovan family therapist.
You could become fuckin' rich if we had any money.
I'd better get going.
H-hey, hey, listen, if if you want a drink or somethin' you just let me know, a'ight? Bye, Terry.
It was a real pleasure talking with you.
Go to the courthouse right away.
Tail the judge.
Make sure he sees ya.
- A'ight.
- [BEEP.]
So you fed a little cheese to the cops so what? You were trying to save your wife.
I should kill myself.
People pass judgment on rats.
But few understand what it's like to be under that kinda pressure.
Everyone thinks that they can hold up.
The truth is, everyone's a rat.
At one point or another.
It's human nature.
No, it's not.
Even Ray ratted me out.
Put me in prison.
I ratted other people out in order to survive.
You do what you gotta do.
You'll be all right.
You didn't rat on me, did ya? No.
I didn't say anything about you.
That's that's a good boy.
Hey hey.
You're aces with me, kiddo, huh? You're aces with me.
Now, why don't you take your old granddad over to the bank? The bank? Why? Well, a dead man can't open a bank account, and I need a place where I can receive wire transfers.
Now, you do this for me, there's $100,000 in it for ya.
See? Things'll get quite rosy, ya hang with me.
Let's go.
Mayor Feratti's office.
I need to speak to the mayor now.
I'm sorry, but he's in a meeting.
Avis, I don't give a shit what he's doing.
Tell Feratti that Judge Scholl is about to burn his fucking life down to the ground if he doesn't speak to me now.
Hold, please.
- Yeah.
Judge Scholl keeps calling me.
He's paranoid.
Thinks somebody's bugging his office.
Yeah? Saying irrational things, making threats.
Honestly, I think he's having some kinda breakdown.
I'll talk to him.
- Hey, Ma.
What's going on, son? Everything okay? Yeah, uh, everything's great, you know, really good.
Is it really I mean, you telling me the truth? Ma, everything is cool.
Well, all right, that's good to hear.
Thank goodness.
I'm gonna be, uh, takin' a trip.
With Mickey? No.
No, not with Mickey.
You were right about Dad.
So I'm gonna be doin' my own thing.
But I-I just wanted to hear your voice.
Daryll, what's goin' on? Ma, nothing! [LAUGHS.]
Look, sweetheart, if you're in trouble, if you need somethin' there's nothin' you could do, there's nothin' you could say that could ever make me stop loving you, Daryll.
Hey, Ma, actually, I gotta go.
- But, uh, love you.
- Daryll.
- Daryll - [BEEP.]
I've got good news.
Donovan just flipped Judge Scholl.
- Son of a bitch! - If we can draw a straight line from Scholl to Feratti, corruption to murder, we take down the mayor.
They think it's terrorists.
The police.
They're assuming that it has something to do with one of my cases.
Brought in the FBI.
They'll probably turn every fuckin' Muslim I've ever had in my courtroom inside out.
What was I supposed to say? The fuckin' mayor of New York City had me car bombed? Where the fuck are you taking me? [PHONE RINGS.]
Uh a-a-are you sure you trust this cop? I trust her.
I can't go to prison.
I'm a fucking judge.
They'll kill me.
Who is this? It's Claudette.
I got your number from Mickey.
- What do ya want? - It's Daryll.
I think he's in real trouble.
He called me, and there's just something about his voice.
He just, h It-it-it scared me.
- Where is he? - I don't know where he is.
I've called him three times now.
He's not answerin' his phone.
Ray, I wouldn't call you if I didn't really need your help.
Will you help me find him? I'll find him.
- Thank y - [BEEP.]
No, I'm going.
I got to get away Oh, yeah I got to get away - You okay? - I'm fine.
Just take me home, will ya? I thought you had baby-sittin'.
I'm done with that.
Can you please just take me home? - W-what's goin' on with you? - I had to deal with this shit - from Gary, and now you? - I'm just sayin', I thought you liked babysittin' for Molly.
Aren't they expectin' you? Just please take me home, Ray.
It's open.
What the fuck are you doin' here, Ray? I'm here to help, Daryll.
Sullivan told you where I was? Yeah.
I swear to Christ, Ray, if you don't turn and go, I will fucking kill you.
Why're you doin' this, Daryll? He killed her.
Who? My girl.
He fuckin' shot her.
Declan? Ray, you just better fucking leave.
But you tell Declan if he wants his shit, he can come get it.
I know you wanna get even, Daryll, but this isn't the way to do it.
What happens after you shoot Declan? Huh? What then? You just runnin' for the rest of your life like Mick? That what you want? And why the fuck do you care? What do you fucking care what I do, Ray? [SOFT MUSIC.]
I'm your brother, Daryll.
Now I'm your brother? [LAUGHING.]
Oh, you motherfucker.
Now I'm your brother? Now I'm your brother? [SOFTLY.]
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
Put the gun down.
Look at me.
Look at Daryll.
I been there.
You know that.
Gimme the gun.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on, D, gimme the gun.
Sit tight.
I'll fix this, I promise.
You kill that motherfucker.
Yeah? [RAY.]
I need you to do me a favor.
What's up? Head over to the Lightning Motel in Queens.
What for? I need you to pick up Daryll.
Everything all right? Yeah.
I'll call ya later.
Ah What's that? Champagne.
- What for? - For fuckin' hope, for dreams! [MICKEY.]
Let ya in on a secret all champagne is the same.
Don't matter if ya pay $14 or 114.
After one glass a the the fuckin' bubbles, - it all tastes the same.
Because it is the fuckin' same.
You don't have to wait for good news.
You just gotta celebrate.
Oh! See, this could be good news.
Uh, good evening.
Is this Frankie Lee? How much? [AHEM.]
Holy sh-shit! Frankie, you're a genius! Good thing we get the bank account.
Now all we need is to find Daryll and get the paper, huh? [SCHOLL.]
To the best of my knowledge the mayor started working with Officer McGrath about two years ago.
Be specific, please.
Mayor Feratti conspired with Officer Sean McGrath to take kickbacks and payoffs.
Oh Woman, woman your touch Your touch has gone cold It's as if someone else Controls your very soul I've fooled myself Long as I can Can feel the presence Of another man Now when you speak to me - [INAUDIBLE.]
- It's just not the same Ooh, hey I'm losing you It's in the air It's there everywhere Baby baby baby I'm losin' you - [INAUDIBLE.]
- When I look into Your eyes A reflection of a face I've seen - [GUNSHOT.]
- Uhh I'm hurt, downhearted And worried, girl 'Cause that face doesn't belong to me - [PERRY PANTING.]
- It's all over your face Someone's taking my place Ooh, baby [GUNSHOT.]
You try hard to hide The emptiness you feel inside Ooh, babe, I'm losin' you [GRUNTS.]
Fade, fade, fade, fade Fadin' away from me Fade, fade, fade, fade Fadin' away from me Fade, fade, fade, fade [LYRICS FADE AWAY.]
He's gone.
Scholl? [PANTING.]
Fareed is dead.
Scholl ran off.
Somebody knows we're here.
We don't get him, all I got is you.
I'm close.