Rebel (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Black Not Blue

1 Previously, on Rebel IA may have clear you, but you ain't been clear by me.
Ever since he stabbed me, I've been getting these flashes out of the middle of nowhere.
Panic attacks? Somehow, I'm watching myself shoot at Malik.
When is the dashcam and the bodycam footage being released? I have no idea I've been in court all week.
I'm dealing with a federal court compliance case.
I know you guys are friends.
I also know you've had your eye on that chief's badge for quite some time now.
But the shooting of Rebel's brother happened on your watch.
I ain't no snitch.
Like you said, I ain't Five-0 no more, so it ain't snitchin'.
It's ear hustlin'.
Who the hell is Texas? Honestly, I don't know much about him, outside the fact that he throws parties.
Hit me up the next time they let you know.
I believe in this city's police department.
I believe that the men and women who police this city want to help people.
That's the reason that they became peace officers, to begin with.
Yet, somehow, Lieutenant Gold, we still have episodes of police brutality.
Why shouldn't I recommend that Judge Collins place the OPD under complete civilian control? We have implemented some of the most important reforms Expanded training, de-escalation techniques.
It takes time to change the department's culture.
Is that what you would say to the family of Oscar Grant, or Derrick Jones, or Malik Knight? And speaking of the Malik Knight shooting, where are the bodycam videos, the dashcam videos? My understanding is there were some technical problems With a server update.
Lieutenant Gold, I report to a federal judge.
Do you want me to tell her the reason those videos haven't been released is because your IT Department is having tech issues? Perhaps, I should send my 10 year old over to help out.
ALL: [laughing] I suggest that as spokesman for the department's reform committee, you find those videos, because as compliance monitor, I not only have the power to recommend civilian control, I also have the power to both promote and demote personnel, starting with Larry, Moe, and Curly in IT, and ending with the chief of police.
This hearing is adjourned.
A king, I It's about me I get it right Benjamin and Franklin my main drive Designin' on me I can't help Gettin' all the money Southtown fellas I ain't like them Hell no Boy he held it different like a cell phone REBEL & MALIK: [laughing] Man, these is hella dope, man.
Congrats on turning 18.
- Don't ask me that now.
- Yeah.
Oh, baby, that's why you're makin' detective, too.
But since you're outta uniform now, I can stop actin' like I don't know you.
This ain't no joke, Lik.
I'm not gonna be on the streets like I used to be.
I can't keep an eye on you the way I did.
Naw, that's cool.
No, I don't be doin' nothin'.
- Whatever.
- BOTH: [laughing] You know I'll always have your back.
Yeah, no doubt.
Love you, Sis.
[dog barking] [children shouting playfully in background] I think we can force the city to settle.
The ME's report confirms that Malik wasn't reaching for the gun.
Except it doesn't look good that he had a gun to begin with Not to mention he had cocaine in his system.
Still, we have another young, dead, Black man, and with the department under federal oversight That just means they'll fight harder.
And usually I'd agree.
Except for this.
What is it? That is an internal memo from the department's force review board.
It says none of the officers turned on their bodycams.
This is such crap! I thought they said they were having computer problems.
Well, apparently, they fixed it.
They ain't havin' no computer problems.
They're tryin' to hide stuff.
What about the dashcam videos? Well, my source said they recovered that, too, but no word what's on it yet.
Look, from a lawsuit perspective, this is great.
It means I'm going to pound them over the head for a very large settlement figure.
I don't care about the money.
I want the truth to come out.
You can care about both.
A large settlement figure sends a very public message that this shooting was unjustified.
I still want those dashcam videos.
Let me go talk to Charles about this.
Daddy, that ain't gonna do nothin'.
Let him look a dead boy's daddy in the eye and say no.
- Excuse me.
- Mm-hm.
CHARLES: Rene, look, if this is about Malik's shooting, I think we should wait to see how the investigation plays out.
RENE: Yeah, well, that's what I've been doing.
Except now I hear that none of the officers turned their bodycams on.
How is that even possible? - Wait, where'd you hear that? - Does it matter? What about the dashcam videos? Well, we had an error when we installed the software update.
The techs are working to restore it.
Yeah, but I heard that's done.
I'll look into it.
Charles, don't be trying to brush me off.
My son was shot down by four of your officers.
I have a right to see that video.
And I said I would look into it.
Well, then, fine, I'll wait, 'cause I ain't leavin' this damn precinct till I get that video.
You can't wait here.
That's fine.
Then I'ma wait outside 'cause that's public property and you can't do a damn thing about that.
And I just got a big promotion.
I'm teaching art classes here and they made me head of the department.
[laughs] Well, look out, world.
Don't mess with Miss Charlotte.
How is your brother, dear? How is he doing at the conservatory? He's great.
I'm glad to hear that.
He's a very nice young man and and so very talented.
- [sighing] - Oh, there he is.
Hey, Mama.
Oh, Thompson.
You've only been married a month.
Don't be a fool.
Get in here and kiss your bride.
Men you can't let them fall down on the little things.
That's okay, Miss Charlotte.
I'm gonna head home.
It's so good to see you.
[kisses] All right, dear.
- Take care.
- Bye.
I'll be right back, okay, Mama? Oh oh yes.
- Gosh, you're home.
- Oh The nurses tell me you visit sometimes.
I still have love for your mom.
If it wasn't for her, Lik would've never gotten into that conservatory.
How's she seem? I'm worried about her.
Her Alzheimer's is stable.
She's in good spirits.
Says she just got promoted.
I actually set that up with the staff.
About her health, though.
I hired somebody, through an outside agency, to spend a few days with her a week.
The guy's name's Paulo.
My mom loves him.
REBEL: Okay, so what's the problem? Well, I'm worried she likes him a little too much.
She's like a giddy schoolgirl on the days he works.
So, she has a crush on him.
So what? I caught him wearing my father's watch.
Did she give it to him? I don't know.
Like my mom's always been a sucker for a sob story.
You know, I'm just worried one day I'll find out Paulo's conned her out of her life savings or worse.
Does he have a sheet? He had something that was dismissed and sealed, so I I thought maybe I'd hire a private investigator.
No, Mack, it's not happening.
Come on, Reb, I told you what happened.
So, your shooting Malik is just water under the bridge.
Okay, you're right.
But, you know, you do have a new business.
You need clients.
I'm a client.
Come on.
If you won't do it for me, do it for my mom.
You'll pay double my rate.
And I'm working this alone, without your help.
Done and done.
Oh, and, Mack, I'm only doing this because of your mom.
Hey, I got us some gear.
Ear pieces, a hidden camera that broadcasts to your cell, a spy brooch, and an escape ring.
Doesn't that look lovely? Girl, I hate to bust your bubble, but you're gonna have to return half of this stuff.
It's more than our first retainer.
Hold on.
Our first actual paying client? Oh, break out the champagne, cow.
Wait, put the cork back in.
Mack? Does this mean you believe his story? Girl, I I don't know.
He said he told IA about the panic attacks and and Malik wasn't reaching for a gun.
I think your judgment's a little clouded by his magic stick.
Cheena, I slept with him twice, and it's not like his stick mesmerized me.
Listen, I'm not saying I can forgive him, but it is income.
Point taken.
What's the latest? Hector said he'd let me know when Texas is having another party.
But I haven't heard from him.
I had Iverson run Texas through the system as an aka, but he can't come up with a real name.
And what about April? Jimmy has an alibi for April's death.
He was at home with his wife and kids.
I know it's not exactly ironclad, but Okay, what about Vaughn Bryant? He was off duty, but his wife yelped a review about a restaurant in the city.
Apparently, the oysters are just marginal.
Maybe we're looking at this wrong.
We need to look into April.
Where's her jacket? Uh, right here.
It's clean, remember? She doesn't have any complaints.
I don't know about that.
Vaughn Bryant got an excessive force complaint six months ago.
It was investigated, then withdrawn.
Guess who his partner was at the time of the incident? Then why isn't it in April's file? I don't know.
We need to get the original complaint report.
Well, the department won't give that to you.
That's why you're gonna get 'em.
CHEENA: My name is Theresa Long.
I work for Elsa Folster, the federal court compliance monitor.
I'm here to request some records.
Fill out this request Form 16-60.
No, no, no, that's the FOI request.
That'll take weeks.
- No.
- Excuse me? I need these reports today, right now.
That's not the way it works.
That's the way it's gonna work today, sergeant.
Well, that's the way it's gonna work today, sergeant.
REBEL: Don't flirt.
He's gay.
How about I inform the federal judge of your refusal to cooperate? Ma'am, you can inform the president.
It's form 16-60 or you can leave now.
Sergeant, have you heard of Elsa Folster? She's a compliance monitor with the power to hire and fire police personnel.
- Stop talking.
- What? REBEL: Wait, Chee Sergeant, you do know the police department's under the thumb of the federal court, right? So I'm told.
And that there's a compliance monitor, the one who I work for, who has the power to demote police personnel.
You can give me the documents I need, and maybe your supervisor will be mad, or, if you don't, it'll get you demoted to file duty in the basement.
[cell phone ringing] REBEL: Cheena, can you hear me? Mm-hm.
Tell him you want April and Vaughn's black book entries, too.
Oh, and sergeant, I'm gonna need the officers' black book entries, too.
RENE: [slurring words] I ain't goin' nowhere.
Everybody's tellin' me to Good work, Chee.
Uh, I gotta go.
I'll meet you at the house later.
Daddy, what are you doing here? [grumbling] I'm waitin' on Charles to cough up them damn videos.
How much have you had to drink? - I don't matter.
- It does matter.
The more you drink, the more confused you get.
- Come on.
- Ah! Ah! I ain't leavin'.
You can either wait with me, or you can get the hell on outta here.
Okay, Daddy when you get tired, just go home, okay? [kisses] CHARLES: The Malik Knight shooting How am I hearing that no officers turned their bodycams on? I thought tech said the whole week was lost.
They recovered everything.
Except I spoke to April Sommerdale on the scene and she said she turned hers on.
Isn't that what she told you? I didn't talk to her on the scene.
She probably just thought she turned it on.
Well, at least you could have warned me about it, before I stood up and testified in front of the compliance monitor.
I just found out, myself.
What about the dashcam videos? The tech nerds are cleaning up the files right now.
They say we should have everything soon Unfortunately.
Captain, this lack of transparency looks bad.
We've already lost the trust of the community, and I believe the compliance monitor is looking to make a civilian police chief.
I'm six months away from early retirement, Charles.
If the Titanic goes down, I'll be on the eighth green at Pebble Beach.
Respectfully, some of us will still be here, and we'd prefer if the department was run by people who actually know how to police.
Now let me know when those dashcam videos are in.
Charles reform is great.
But if you wanna be chief, the rank and file needs to know you have their backs.
Don't ever forget that.
Gin! [laughing] Oh, gosh.
I give up.
Let me get you some popcorn.
Oh, parmesan and rosemary.
You get that here? No, I brought it for the lady I care for.
It's her favorite.
I'm Rebecca.
I'm new.
I work for All Points Health Aides.
Oh, Paulo, Morningview Specialists.
You work for Morningview? Oh, I wanted to apply to them so badly.
- The pay is so good.
- Yeah.
When I was in college, I got busted for a joint.
So, I heard they're pretty strict.
Yeah, that's a bummer.
Yeah, I really wanted to work for them.
Well, was it an arrest or a conviction? 'Cause if it was just an arrest, you can leave it off the application.
I got arrested for bouncing a couple of checks in college.
But it got dismissed, so, the lawyer said I could leave it off.
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
[laughs] Good to know.
I might apply.
Then I can be all blinged out like you.
Oh, no, this doesn't belong to me.
It belongs to a lady I care for.
She likes me to wear it.
It makes her happy.
Well, I'm sure if you took it home, nobody would notice.
I mean, most of these people in here can't even remember their names.
That's not my thing.
I leave it at the front desk when my shift's done.
- [microwave beeping] - Nice to meet you.
Yeah, he does turn the watch in when he leaves.
So, he's an honest guy? - I mean, as far as I can tell.
- [laughs] Why does it sound like there's a "but"? Why are you asking, exactly? Look, I'm Charlotte's friend and I'm also a PI.
Her son asked me to look into the guy.
- Um - Here's my card.
You give me information on Paulo, and it's good for one free PI service.
Are you having any employer issues, cheating boyfriend? Paulo is a bit controversial.
Last year, one of his clients died, left him $100,000.
The daughter came in here accusing us of condoning something, you know, sexual.
I mean, she tried to sue.
But we don't employ their dates.
They work for outside agencies.
[cell phone rings] Thank you.
Hands up! Don't shoot! Hands up! Don't shoot! How long has he been doin' this? A couple of hours.
I tried to talk to him, but Is he okay? I finally got a diagnosis.
His drinking is messing with this brain.
Look at us, we've both got one parent left, and different kinds of crazy.
Where y'all taking the young brother? What y'all gon' do? Look, I did some digging.
The arrest Paulo had was for fraud.
It looks like he just bounced a check.
What? The receptionist said that he had a patient that died, who left him a lot of money.
I knew it.
Now hold on.
I haven't finished my investigation.
- You don't need to.
- No, that's not how this works.
You hired me to investigate, so you're gonna let me finish.
MALE OFFICER: I need to warn you, sir, you are now on police property.
RENE: What y'all gonna do, choke him? Y'all gonna choke the man out? Officer, what are you doin' to the young brother? I got you, man.
I got you, brother.
Hey, sir, sir, sir! - Back, off, man! - Let him go.
- Daddy, no! - He just took a swing at me.
- You took my son! - You took a swing! Jimmy, the guy's son is dead.
Yeah, your son is dead because he went for a gun.
- I'm gonna hit you - Come on, come on.
- You murderer! - We gotta go home, okay? - We can come back tomorrow.
- Let's go.
Better believe you guys jive.
You jived my son.
- What are you doing? - My son is gone! He ain't got no life! - Murderers! - Daddy! RENE: You! I'm coming after you! Hey, I got the reports.
Oh, nice work, by the way Meryl Streep.
Good job at the station Even though you ignored your director.
Thank you, I just I pulled the character from my gut, and I went with my instincts.
- Oh, Lord.
- [laughs] Oh, this is weird.
These are April's black book entries You know, every day commendations and reprimands that don't go in your jacket.
She had a clean record up until two years ago, then all of a sudden, she started getting written up for bad paperwork and being late.
So, what happened two years ago? She partnered with Vaughn Bryant.
Huh? Well, according to this, April Sommerdale was part of the excessive force incident, but Vaughn Bryant was the arresting officer, so, the claim was against him.
It was investigated, but then it was withdrawn.
Well, that explains why it wasn't in her jacket.
Let me see.
Okay, the guy's name is Diego Perreira.
It doesn't say why he withdrew the complaint.
I'm gonna hit up Iverson and see if he can help.
If the guy has a record, then we can get a last known address.
Why are you thinking this guy's Texas? Well, it was a drug bust, and Malik got cocaine from Texas' party.
So, you know, it's just a hunch.
His arrest must have been dismissed and sealed.
Well, you're thinking his nickname means he's from there.
Oh, yeah, Malik said that they call him "Texas" because he's from Houston.
Okay, uh, there's five.
Three are in prison, two are out, DOBs, 11-13-81, and 02-04-51.
I'm assuming our Texas ain't 66 years old.
[laughs] What are you lookin' at? Social media.
There can't be that many Diego Perreiras.
Okay, I was wrong.
There's a ton.
But only two from Oakland.
Okay, guy number one's birthday is 12-02.
Not him, and the other's is 11-13.
Look at the photos.
Okay, get that one.
[dramatic music] "Houston.
" Texas.
Hey, cuz, cuz.
What you doin'? What the hell is she doin' here? How you doin', girl? [quietly] Get lost.
I'm doin' a buy.
I'm waiting on a dealer to get back with a stash.
That's cool.
I'm just another buyer.
You got a score, baby? I'm lookin', too.
[microphone feedback screeching] - Dang it.
- Did we just lose audio? Why haven't I heard from you about Diego Perreira? Yeah, I got his name, no thanks to you.
Get her outta there.
He hasn't had any more parties.
What do you think I'm a fool? Look, it's up to you, Hector.
I blow your cover, you'll be back on the beat.
Okay, look, he's had a couple of parties.
Why didn't you tell me? Because Texas knows I'm a cop.
If you roll up on him, he's gonna put it together that I told you where to find him.
- When's the next one? - Tonight.
- I don't know where yet.
- Well, your boy's on his way.
I don't know where, Reb.
I swear, as soon as I find out, I'll let you know.
You don't tell me, I'll be back tomorrow, and I won't cover the mic.
[laughing] What's up, doctor? His cover's intact.
Don't trip.
Hm, newsflash Boho grunge is not your look.
Girl, I wasn't goin' for Boho grunge.
I was goin' for homeless, psych ward, Cheena.
Ah, that you can pull off.
BOTH: [laughing] Oh, so how'd it go? Uh, Hector said that Texas is having a party tonight, but he didn't have any details.
He's supposed to text me when he gets some, but I'm not sure he will.
So, I GPS'd his car before I left the station.
Aw, nice! Oh, hey, hey, hey.
You're real proud of yourself, aren't ya? Mm-hm.
Oh, hey, I got more gear.
- [tasers snapping] - Hell, no.
You are not carrying a taser.
You have a gun.
What do I use? Your computer.
I mean, when I'm out in the field.
There's no reason for you to ever be in the field, unless you're with me.
What are you, my babysitter? You don't have any training, Chee, and we're a team.
But in order for a team to work, everybody has to play their position.
And what's my position secretary? Okay, I've gotta go deal with Paulo.
Here is the screener for the GPS tracker I put in Hector's car.
Can you just track him? Whatever you say, Coach.
I heard you were out here stirrin' up trouble.
Where's the dashcam video? Look maybe we got started on the wrong foot.
Let's have a drink and talk about it? I remember the first day I met Rebel.
Yeah, you caught both she and Cheena stealin' knickers.
[chuckles] I was a rookie And my supervisor wanted me to hook 'em up, but I couldn't do it.
I've always been thankful for that, and for you, uh keepin' an eye on her.
Yeah, she was one angry kid, that's for sure.
Yeah, well, losin' your mama that young can do that to you.
Yeah, but she turned out all right, huh? If you're trying to remind me of everything you've done for my family, man, there ain't nobody in here contestin' that.
[glasses clink] I checked the dashcam videos, and we had a software problem, but it looks like they can be recovered.
[laughing] Good.
[laughing] Good.
Rene, it it's my experience with these cases that the city will make the family an offer for a lot of money, and it comes with a gag order, which means you can't talk about the case.
But I suggest that you take it.
Before I even see that dashcam footage? If you go to trial, the city will call actuaries and they will put a dollar value on your son's life.
Now, if you were a doctor, with a wife and kids, maybe you could be looking at serious money, but Look, I'm sorry to say this [sighing] He was an aspiring rapper, carrying a gun, with cocaine in his system.
So, you're telling me my son's life ain't worth nothin'.
No, I am trying to tell you what could happen, if you keep pushing.
This is bullshit, because you know we will win, and you're trying to sell us down the river to keep that from happening.
So, I guess my family doesn't matter, after all, against your ambition.
I am trying to save you a whole lot of grief.
You're trying to erase my son.
You're trying to get me to take hush money.
I will never stop talking about Malik.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
You let me know about that dashcam video.
[slams counter] It's on me.
[heavy sigh] CHARLOTTE & REBEL: [laughing] It's been so good seeing you.
- Oh - I've gotta go.
- Oh - I know.
But, I almost forgot.
I got you a gift.
Oh that's beautiful, darling.
There's some fashion right there.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
- There you go.
- Ooh.
- I'll see you soon.
- Good luck.
[laughing] Oh, you just missed my daughter-in-law, Rebecca.
Oh, well, do you know what today is? - Oh [laughing] - Are you excited? Oh, I have been waiting for this - all week, sweetheart.
- I bet you have.
Oh, I'm so excited.
- PAULO: Oooh.
- [laughing] Okay, we're almost there.
PAULO: There's flowers, a candlelit dinner.
CHARLOTTE: How romantic.
- [loud kiss] - CHARLOTTE: [laughing] Oh, hell, no! - CHARLOTTE: [gasps] - [door thuds] - What are you doing here? - Rebecca? Whoa, I didn't know this was your daughter-in-law.
Charlotte, who is this? This is Edward, my boyfriend.
[sighing] PAULO: So, Charlotte's son hired you? Can you blame him? I mean, why all the secrecy? Everybody treats the elderly like they can't think for themselves.
Charlotte has Alzheimer's.
She's still lucid.
It doesn't mean that she doesn't want intimacy.
And do you know how lonely some of my patients are? Like the one that left you money.
Her daughter lived ten miles away and visited twice a year.
I just don't understand why Mr.
Mclntyre wouldn't come talk to me, himself.
I would never do anything to hurt his mother.
He's a cop.
He's trained to assume the worst in people.
- I'll talk to him.
- Okay.
- [gunshots firing] - REBEL: [screams] Oh.
What about car two? It starts at 16:54:07.
[siren wailing] The third cruiser parked directly behind the first one, so you couldn't see anything.
- REBEL: Oh, God - [sobbing] [scoffs] Hey, would you relax.
None of this hurts us.
We need to put out a press release, I can make a statement, and we should push the review board for a "justified" ruling.
We dodged a bullet on this one.
Hey, hold on.
I thought you didn't talk to April.
Guess I was wrong.
CHARLES: So, she did have her bodycam on.
Well, we didn't talk about that.
You didn't ask an officer at a shooting whether her bodycam was on or not? No, Charles, I didn't.
Are you done? [heavy sigh] My mom was always this devout Catholic and now you're telling me she's gettin' hot and heavy with Edward? I mean, I don't even know who she is anymore.
She's still your mom.
Don't doubt that.
Thank you for doing this.
I didn't do this for you.
[cell phone ringing] I'm headin' out.
[muffled party music] [door opens] What the hell are you doin' here? Well, the GPS signal on Hector's car was coming in and out, so I tailed him.
You tailed a cop? What if he would have made the tail and confronted you? I'd deal with it.
Shut up and let's go.
Cheena, this is not a game.
You coulda got hurt.
I'm tired of you treating me like some dumb ass sidekick.
You want me to just do whatever you want, whenever you want it.
No, I want you to stick with what you're qualified for.
See? This is so you.
You think you can just become a PI, with no training, no experience, just like a year ago when you decided you wanted to be a vet, or two years ago when you up and decided to be an anthropologist.
There it is right there You don't take me seriously.
If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have gotten the reports.
You wouldn't even know who Texas is.
You're still not comin' in, so go home.
You know, you're an ungrateful bitch sometimes.
[engine starts] I reviewed the dashcam videos.
I'm happy to show them to you, if you'd like.
But I just wanted to give you a heads up.
There's nothing on them, and the shooting will probably be ruled "justified.
" RENE: [spits] Go on back inside, house Negro.
What did you just say to me? I did not stutter.
You have no idea what it's like to be in my shoes.
While you stand out here protesting, I'm working in there, behind closed doors, fighting battles that you don't even know about.
I'll tell you what I do know, Charles.
You used to be black, now you're just blue.
[muffled party music] I'll deal with you later.
[door slams] [unintelligible lyrics] When I tried to phone last night I was drunk and outta my mind I was zonin', I was zonin' It's crackin' in here.
Where's Texas? He's around.
I got no call back What you call that Yellow light, yellow light Do I stop or do I go I don't know It's not unusual for officers responding to an incident to forget to turn on their bodycams in the heat of the moment.
I want to reaffirm the department's commitment to reform.
We know we have work to do.
I must say, the fact that none of the officers turned on their bodycams was, initially, hard to believe.
But you explained it.
The dashcams didn't implicate your officers, so, I am satisfied.
All in all, very nicely handled, Lieutenant.
Thank you I appreciate you keeping me in the loop and pushing for transparency.
Oh, I believe it's necessary in restoring the community trust, Ms.
I will make sure the judge is aware of your efforts.
You are lucky to have him.
[chuckles] Believe me, I know.
The department needs leadership like yours.
You keep working with the courts, there is no job outside your reach.
- Whiskey? - Thanks.
Brim's been playin' me.
Said he wasn't with Malik the night he was shot.
Now here you are, his main dude, lookin' nervous and packin'.
We ain't packin'.
Two-Man, please.
Texas wants to see you.
Not you.
I'm Malik Knight's sister.
Oh, Music Man? Yeah.
Sorry for your loss.
Hold on.
Hold on.
You're a cop.
Not anymore.
I'm just a sister trying to figure out what happened to her brother.
He said he was at one of your parties that night.
Hardly knew the kid.
Let him use one of my studios a while back.
You never did cocaine with him? [laughing] You for real? I'm for real, Diego.
I know who you are, Diego Perreira.
You were arrested by April Sommerdale and Vaughn Bryant, but you dropped the complaint against them.
So? So, it's just a huge coincidence that my brother just happened to be at one of your parties that night that he was killed by the same cops.
Sounds like it.
And an even bigger coincidence that I spoke to one of them cops about that night and she just happened to end up dead.
Say you're a poor bitch who say she ain't a cop no more? You damn sure talkin' like one.
Just a force of habit, I guess.
You know what else is a habit? For me to talk to my friends on the force who would be delighted to shine a light up the ass of a party promoter who's dealin' cocaine at his parties.
I wanna know what happened the night my brother was killed, and what do you have to do with these cops? What happened to your brother is what happens to black and brown men all across this country every single day.
The police the police happened.
[sighing] Now if you don't mind, I'm tryin' to turn up.
[unintelligible lyrics] [music distorting] [gasping] What's this? That is April Sommerdale's bodycam video.
You swapped it? Now you see, that, right there, you're gonna have to work on that self-righteousness, if you wanna be chief.
Why would you do that? Because we protect our own always.
[scoffs] What's on it? [scoffs] I don't know and I don't care.
You wanna be chief, make the hard calls.
REBEL: He dropped his weapon! [running footsteps] [gunshots firing] [police siren wailing] You know what we have to do.
[dramatic music] [slams, locks drawer] Hey, Paulo.
Did my mother enjoyed her visit with Edward today? I hope you understand why I didn't tell you My mother's happiness is my number one priority pal-o Great Ok, I'll talk to you later One more thing, if my mother leaves you a single cent when she dies I will find you, and I will break every bone in your body You got that? - Yes - Good, have a good week.
The city made you an offer.
Two million dollars.
I think you should consider taking it.
What happened to pown them over their head for big money Aha.
I tried that, their initial offer was 500.
000$ So one third of 2 millions is what? A little more than 600.
000$ that's a pretty nice chunk of change for you This isn't about me Mr.
Knight Think about what you can do with that money.
You can pay off your house, you can help your daughter Is there a gag order? You can't talk about the settlement or about what happened that night.
Forget it.
Nah, no, no no.
Let's go to trial.
Renée, things will get ugly.
They will drag Malik's name through the mud and going to jury is always a gamble.
I don't care.
I want you to crush the police department.
I want them to forever remember my son's name.
Malik Knight.