Rebel (2017) s01e08 Episode Script


1 MALE ANNOUNCING: Previously, on "Rebel" I've been trackin' this dealer, Texas.
Vaughn Bryant and April Sommerdale arrested him six months ago.
Now I think Vaughn is working for him.
Charles, they roofied me.
I woke up the next morning with a warning on my chest.
- Oh, there he is.
- MACK: Hey, Mama.
How does she seem? I'm worried about her.
Her Alzheimer's is stable.
She's in good spirits.
JIMMY: I was trying to turn Ashley into a CI.
ASHLEY: No, I'm not.
[tires screeching] REBEL: I found this in Ashley's bag earlier today.
What's her connection to Vaughn Bryant? Vaughn is not in this.
I got proof, Jimmy.
There's a moment for every cop.
I'm not one of your rookies anymore.
- How've you been, beautiful? - Good.
You said you had my brother's back.
The night Malik got shot, me and him was goin' into one of Texas' after-sets.
These dudes rolled up and they tried to grab me.
They threw me in some van.
[muffled rap music on headphones] - What's up, little man? - Sup.
What'd I tell you about playing that music so damn loud, huh? Come on, Dad, I'm not a kid anymore.
Oh, you're not a kid no more? - And you got this, right? - Yeah.
Let's see.
Five, four, three, two - one! - [seatbelt clicks] Here.
All right, let's get home.
Hey, Dad, can you get, uh, my Transformers out of the trunk? Can you clean your room every day like I asked? - Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, what? I'll clean my room.
- Deal.
- Deal.
[muffled rap music] All right.
[van engine revving] [brakes screeching] BRIM: What's up? [muffled rap music playing on headphones] Stop! Stop! Let him go! Come on, Dad! Stop! - Dad! - [tires screeching] Dad! Hey Hey hey hey When I saw you walkin' BRYANT: [on video] You know what we have to do.
SOMMERDALE: [on video] This is bullshit.
I didn't sign up to kill people.
BRYANT: Listen, just stay calm.
Everything's gonna be fine, all right? He pulled a gun.
So, that's the story.
SOMMERDALE: How do we even know the Knight kid made them? That's the story, all right, April? That's the story.
We're stickin' to it.
What the hell does this mean? I means your best friend is a dirty cop and a killer.
Well, that's a leap.
Okay, look, maybe he just panicked and lied about the shooting.
- "Just"? - You know what I mean.
Okay, this doesn't prove that he's involved in snatching people off the street.
Well, what does, "How do we even know "the Knight kid made them" mean? I don't know.
We don't even know who "them" is.
[scoffs] Oh, come on, a group of guys tried to snatch Brim the night of Texas' party, then your boy shows up and kills Malik because he might have "made" them.
I showed you the picture of Vaughn Bryant and Texas, the guy who snatches people.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
Wait a minute, I know this guy.
I'm godfather to his kids, for God sakes.
I just I don't believe it.
Well, you'd better start believing it because he probably killed April, too.
Now hold on there, Nancy Drew.
You have no evidence of that at all.
- Why is she even here? - She's my partner.
Well, that inspires a lot of confidence.
You know what? I told you this was a bad idea puttin' him in the loop.
All right, look, let's just dial back the emotion, and look at the facts.
Look, I'm not saying that Vaughn's not involved somehow.
But maybe he's being used, or he's a pawn or maybe he's being blackmailed.
I'd say the bigger question is how do we prove all this? Right.
They know we're onto them.
They found the GPSs under the car.
It's not like we can follow them around 24/7.
JIMMY: We have no physical evidence.
I was never able to penetrate Texas' organization.
We have no eye witnesses.
Yes, we do.
And every time I talk to him, I find out he's holding something back.
Hey, come on, man, what about this one? I want my dad.
- Look, this was a motor - [pounding on door] REBEL: Brim, open up! So now we're just lettin' po-pos up in here? Shut up.
Where's Brim? This his kid? I know he didn't leave you here for daycare duty.
Daddy's gone.
They took him.
What's he talking about? Who took him? You can't trust what a kid say.
Might tell you it was the tooth fairy.
Keep it up and you're gonna be putting some of your teeth under your pillow tonight.
All right.
All right, talk.
All right, look, all the kid's been saying is that some guys rolled up and snatched Brim this morning Right off the street.
Was it the same gray van from the night Malik was shot? I don't know.
The kid saw it, not me.
If this is what I think it is, these people ain't playin'.
What does Brim have that they want? Oh, please, man, I couldn't care less what your game is.
Come on, let's go.
Two Man, we don't have time for this, you feel me? A'ight.
We stumbled into this lift.
Y'all remember that cargo trailer full of iPhones that got ganked from the port a couple of months back? Yeah, it was, like, a $2 million job.
Well, like I said, we stumbled into it.
Just been sittin' on the stash tryin' to find a buyer.
Did y'all steal that trailer around the time Malik was shot? Yeah.
A couple of days before.
[sighing] Look, what if this is about stashes? Like, they're snatchin' people and physically making them give up their stuff.
I mean, Brim said that Texas was disappearin' people, and when they came back, they weren't the same, that they were a shell of themselves.
You think they were tortured? What'd y'all do with the phones? We put 'em in my basement, but Brim was sayin' he wanted to move 'em.
So, last night, I moved 'em to a storage facility.
But I didn't get to tell him which one.
So, these guys want the stash and Brim doesn't know where it is? Damn.
I don't know.
I can't get him to talk.
What's his name? He says his name is Lyon.
Hey, don't look at me.
His mama named the other kids "Jaguar" and "Tiger.
" [sighing] [quiet chuckle] Hey, little man.
Oh, Optimus Prime.
I used to love Transformers.
You know what my favorites were? Hound and Grimlock.
I know, not too girly, but I was never really into Barbie dolls.
Is Optimus Prime your fave? Well, he was until my dad got snatched When he was trying to get him out of the trunk for me.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, you know none of this is your fault, right? I'm gonna really need you to be a big boy so you can help me get your daddy back home.
You're gonna need to be fearless, like Optimus Prime, and you know Optimus Prime ain't afraid of nothing.
All right, so, why don't you pretend to be Optimus.
Optimus Lyon.
All right.
Who are you gonna be? I'll be Grimlock Rebel.
So, Optimus Lyon, can you tell me what happened when the Decepticons came and took your daddy? - Yeah.
One was big.
- Mmm, like Megatron? Bigger, 'cause my dad is stronger than even Megatron.
Arrrr! [laughs] All right, can you remember anything else? Well, there was three men.
I couldn't see what they looked like because they had on ski masks, and they put my dad in the gray van.
Do you remember anything else? Anything special about them or distinctive? Mmm one had a tattoo on his arm, right here.
It looked like a cross, but it was a sword.
Hey that was great, Lyon.
I mean, that was some real Optimus Prime stuff right there.
- Optimus Lyon.
- [laughing] Right.
You're gonna find my dad, right? We are.
I promise.
Transformers, huh? Oh, not me, Malik.
He used to drive me crazy with that stuff.
I guess it's right that it would come in handy.
Well, I'll put the tattoo in the system and see if we can get a match on someone.
And maybe get Iverson to look at the gang book.
And we should bring Vaughn Bryant in.
No, we don't have leverage for that.
Fine, let's bring in Texas.
I've already asked someone in narcotics to get a bead on him, but he's not at any of his usual haunts.
Then he must have gone underground from all this.
Okay, well, let's go talk to Ashley.
I'm sure she knows where Texas is.
[cell phone ringing] Detective Mclntyre.
That's actually a good idea.
I'll pick her up.
No, the last time you picked her up, you guys ended up in the bottom of a ravine.
Yeah? What? When? I'll be right there.
Hey, Mom fell.
She's at the hospital.
What? Is she okay? You guys go.
I'll go get Ashley.
No, that's fine.
Mack can go.
Jimmy, you haven't seen mom in four months.
And don't start with the "I have kids", I don't have time to visit her.
" That's your excuse? Okay, fine, I'll go, as long as she stops talking about my mom.
[water dripping] [whistling] Brim, I'm glad to see you're awake from your nap.
BRIM: Is that you, Texas? Let's quit all the trick or treat shit.
Take off the mask and let's talk like men.
- Nice chains.
- BRIM: [groans] [whistling] You have a choice.
Cooperate and this will be quick and painless.
Or you can lie and then [chuckling] well, it won't be.
BRIM: That's some bull, man.
If you want me to talk, you might take this bag off my head.
- [heavy thud] - BRIM: [groans] Oh! The first rule is show some respect.
- BRIM: [groans] - You understand me? You have something we want That stash of cell phones.
BRIM: I don't know what you're talking about.
- [heavy punch] - BRIM: [coughs] Man, I'm telling you I'm telling you, I don't I don't think you've got the right person.
You ever play Russian roulette? I think it's a pussy of a game, if you ask me.
Any dude who calls himself a man plays Oakland roulette.
You know how that goes? Instead of one bullet, and five empty chambers, well, we fill five and leave only one empty, then you spin.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Hey, where are the phones? BRIM: Look, I don't know who the hell y'all are, and I don't know what you're talkin' about.
But you don't wanna do this.
- [gun clicks] - BRIM: [screams] [labored breathing] Lucky you.
I'm gonna give you a chance to reconsider.
Okay, let's go.
[whistling] BRIM: [gasping] [screaming] [whistling continues] [door slams] [labored breathing] And he just came up from behind and pushed me right over.
Thompson, hello.
Oh, Mom, are you okay? What happened? Your mother had a fall.
She's bruised, but she's okay.
I'm fine.
I was saying, I went to do some shopping in the city, and someone mugged me.
- Oh, hi.
- JIMMY: Hey.
Thompson, what happened to your friend? - Mom, it's me, Jimmy.
- I You let her go shopping in the city by herself.
Why don't we step in here for a minute? Your mother wandered away from the facility some time after lunch.
She didn't get into the city, but she got ten blocks.
And then she got mugged.
That's not what happened.
She's confused.
A good Samaritan saw her fall and called 9-1-1.
Okay, so, all the money that we pay you every month, and no one even noticed she was gone.
We noticed she was gone, Mr.
We were already out searching for her.
Jesus! We should sue you for this.
Your brother and I have talked about transferring your mother to the lockdown unit on a number of occasions.
We told him she's at risk of wandering.
So, you knew about this.
Jimmy, you know what, you've been MIA, so just back it up.
Mclntyre, I'm afraid that now we're gonna have to insist that you transfer your mother to the lockdown unit.
I mean, why haven't we done this already? Because it costs $6000 a month.
Yeah, something you'd know about, if you actually contributed to the costs.
JIMMY: All right.
Um, can we just get back to you on that? Okay.
Just know if you don't transfer her to the memory care unit, we can't keep her.
CHEENA: You know, I thought about dancing in college - To pay the bills.
- [laughing] You? What? You don't think I can do it? I'm sorry, I just think it would be hella funny to see you up there on the pole.
You know, I actually knew a girl, once, who could shoot ping pong balls out of her vajayjay.
Damn! [laughs] There she is.
What can I do for you? You can answer a few questions for us, Ashley.
What the hell are you doin' here? Oh, that's no way to speak to somebody who saved you from a car wreck.
Now you get a chance to pay it forward.
I'm workin'.
Okay, after you get off work, I need you to help me find somebody, and don't trip.
This'll be the last time, I promise.
Don't stop, don't stop Don't stop, don't stop [door slams open] Police! Put your hands where I can see them.
Reach for that gun! I'm begging you.
They should call you Rhode Island, not Texas, little man.
[heavy thud] What's what you get for roofyin' me.
JIMMY: Get her out of here.
You are not a cop, Rebel.
Do not jeopardize this.
- We even now? - Just go.
You're welcome.
I want a lawyer.
Well, you're not under arrest.
Really? Then I can go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Except, FYI, she's not a cop anymore.
She's pretty pissed you roofied her, so there's no telling what she'll do if you walk outta here.
Yeah, and then I'm gonna tell your homies that you snitched, snitch.
Sit down and tell me your relationship with Officer Vaughn Bryant.
Aw, come on, Texas.
We know you're using cops as muscle to snatch people off the streets and steal their stashes.
What the hell are you talking about? We want the guy that you snatched this morning back, and the cops that helped you.
What's wrong with this guy? What kinda weak-ass play is this? I'll tell you.
We have an eye witness who saw the gray van, and one of your goons, the guy with the tattoo on his forearm.
How long do you think it'll take for us to find him? JIMMY: No time.
And for him to give you up, hm? So, how about you tell us where Brim is.
That way, we don't nail you on kidnapping charges.
Man, I ain't telling you nada.
- Nada.
- Nothing.
Texas, my friend, it's all gonna come apart, all right? So, either you talk now, or you're the guy on top that everybody flips on.
Y'all talkin' out your neck.
I'm outta here.
I'll keep this for ya.
You do that.
[chuckling] [heavy sigh] No, he didn't talk, and it actually seemed like he didn't know what we were saying.
How hard did you press him? We kept it in-bounds, if that's what you're asking.
I mean, look, we didn't have enough to arrest him, so we had to cut him loose.
- See? Y'all - Whoa.
Aren't we trying to stop cops from beating on people? There's a difference and you know it.
You shoulda gave me five minutes with him.
You would have went in there and a judge would have kicked any confession that he made.
Which means nobody takes the rap for Malik's killing, and you know it.
I'ma tell y'all like this.
If Brim gets killed, it's on y'all.
JIMMY: Iverson couldn't find anyone in the system, or the gang book with a sword/cross tattoo.
I got a guy from narcotics on Texas, but he's just chillin'.
I had some guys run down Texas' crew, but they're all accounted for.
Really, Rebel? REBEL: Happy now? What about the gray van? MACK: [sighs] Well, without a plate, it's a little hard to put out an APB, but I do got some people lookin' for it.
Well, what about Vaughn Bryant? Let's put a tail on him.
Well, if he's a cop, he'll probably pick up on a tail pretty easily.
Maybe your skills are marginal, but mine aren't.
He found the GPS, all right? Trust me, he's gonna be looking for a tail.
Do you really think that Vaughn has Brim like where? Like like in his house? I think he knows something.
I think he executed my brother.
Whoa! Were we not watching the same thing? How much longer are you gonna continue to refuse to see what's right in front of you? I'm just staying you do not have any proof.
Your best friend is knee-deep in this.
You need to make peace with that.
You know what? I've gotta start my shift.
Pick a side, Jimmy.
[door slams] BRIM: [gasping] [scraping chair legs] [chair thuds] So, are you ready to talk? Or you wanna keep playing Oaktown roulette, huh? I already told I don't know about no phones.
Relax, it's water.
Hey, see how nice I am to you? I give you water, and you give me nothin'.
[water dripping] [chuckling] Didn't I tell y'all I don't know nothin' already? Oh, you're a slickster, Brim.
I actually like that about you.
Unfortunately, you have been lying to me, to my face, and that's no good.
BRIM: [gasping for air] Now you're gonna fall in line, and give us what we want, or we will kill you.
You decide, Brim.
Hey, what the hell are you doin'? We need him alive to get them damn phones.
BRIM: [wheezing, gasping for air] [cell phone ringing] Yeah? I'm, uh, a little busy right now.
Really? All right.
I'll meet you there in an hour.
Make sure he doesn't kill anybody until I get back.
- Just watch yourself.
- BRIM: [gasping] Oh, I'm watching myself.
Where were we, before we were rudely interrupted? Scoop, can we get a beer? Jimmy, how's it goin', man? Everything all right? What's goin' on? - How's the shoulder? - The shoulder's fine.
I just need a friendly ear, that's all.
Cassie again? No, actually, it's, uh it's my mom.
- Is she okay? - No, she's fine.
She's gettin' transferred into this, uh, lockdown unit To the tune of six grand a month.
[whistles] Wow.
And then Mack's on my case to get me to pitch in, but seems to forget that I have a wife and three kids.
It's rough, man.
It's rough.
Yeah, um, I was actually hoping that that you could help me out.
I might be able to help you out with a couple bucks, but I don't got that kinda money lyin' around.
Well, see, uh see, I heard that you had something going on the side, and I was hoping that you could cut me in.
What, exactly, did you hear? Rebel Knight said that you're hooked up with this guy named Texas, that you're providing muscle.
Whoa, wait a second.
Rebel Knight.
Since when does Rebel Knight confide in you? No, no, no, she pulled me out of the out of the wreckage, remember? Yeah, and then dumb-dumb thinks that we bonded or something.
Bonded, right? BRYANT & JIMMY: [laughing] See, but, if you did have something going on, you could cut me in and I could keep her off your tail.
I don't got nothin'.
Yeah, well, I mean, if you can think of a way that a guy can earn an extra three grand a month, let me know.
- Oh, yeah.
- [bottles clink] I've gotta bolt.
Hannah's makin' me a pot roast tonight.
She cooks a mean meat.
This round's on me.
I love you, brother.
Don't forget that.
Stay strong, Jimmy.
[engine starts] [tires screeching] JIMMY: She was right.
He's definitely dirty.
MACK: What? He fell for it? No, he denied it, but he wasn't offended.
Okay, just stay two car lengths behind him.
I know, Reb.
You've told me a hundred times.
- All right.
- I'm just checkin'.
- [vehicle horns honking] - He's not moving.
- What's he doing? - [horns continue honking] REBEL: I don't know.
- Oh, God! - What? I think he made us.
[horns continue honking] [tires screeching] - You've gotta go around! - Okay! - [tires screeching] - [horn blaring] - Damn! - [brakes squealing] [groans] [phone beeps] [groans] They lost him.
To be honest, I'm almost glad.
Why? I cannot believe I didn't see it.
I mean, the guy was my best friend and a decent guy.
What would turn someone like that? Desperation? I don't care how desperate you are.
There are some lines you just don't cross.
[phone rings] What's up, Randall? What? Where? No, no, thank you.
[heavy sigh] Texas is dead.
[starts engine] MACK: [sighs] All right, give me a second.
Give me a second.
[unzipping zipper] A gunshot wound to the head.
REBEL: Damn.
I told you we shouldn't have let him go.
No, we are not having this conversation again.
Look, it can't be a coincidence that Texas was killed right after you talked to him.
Yeah, but if he's the ringleader, then who did it? Oh, my God all this time, we've been assuming Texas was behind this whole snatching thing, and that the cops are his muscle.
Well, what if it's the other way around? What? You think the cops are the ones snatching people? Yeah, then what's Texas' involvement? Maybe he finds the stuff worth stealing.
Did the coroner say how long he's been dead? Yeah.
A couple hours.
So, it wasn't Vaughn Bryant.
He didn't pull the trigger, but he definitely did this.
But how would he know we talked to Texas? You guys didn't bring him into the station.
No one else knew.
Oh, hell, no.
You talked to him, didn't you? No, Texas was dead by then, Rebel.
Well, then who did it, Mack? Because I didn't do it, Cheena didn't do it, and I know you didn't do it.
- Give me your jacket.
- REBEL: What? - I'm cold.
- Give me your jacket.
- What are you - Shhh.
When's the last time you swept your clothes and your apartment for bugs? [sighs] [rapid beeping] [door handle clicks] [door slams] So, I talked to Two Man.
He said that they moved the stash and that Brim doesn't even know where it is.
Yeah, but why would he tell you? Because I put a gun to his head.
And you believe him? He gave me his key.
So, where'd he move it to? A storage facility on 87th.
- [smacks leg] - BRIM: [gasps] Wake up, Sunshine.
Why don't you believe me, brah? What's that? I don't know where the phones are.
Do what you gotta do.
Obviously, Brim you don't give a damn about yourself.
But I know something you do care about Or, should I say, someone, huh? This was on the way to the bus this morning.
Your friend is actually taking him to school Which I find impressive.
He's a cute kid.
If you touch my son I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you.
If I what? If you touch my son you're dead.
I don't know how you're gonna execute that, Brim, seeing how you're, uh, tied up.
Me, on the other hand now, let's see [laughing] BRIM: [spits] I want my face to be the last thing you see before you die.
[gun cocks] - [door opens] - Hey! What the hell's goin' on here? And why's your damn mask off?! I'm done with this asshole! I'm takin' him out and then I'm gonna kill his son! You're not gonna do nothin' until we get those phones.
We've got a hit.
We've got a location.
What the hell do we need him for? We need to confirm the lead is real, then you can do whatever the hell you want with him.
Yeah! Let's go! [door slams] [labored breathing] When I do kill you, it's not gonna be quick.
I'm gonna let you suffer.
[gun cocks] - [gunshot fires] - BRIM: [gasps] - [high-pitched ringing] - [screams] Hey, Chee, how're you doin' over there? Locked, loaded, and ready to go.
Why don't you just put your sling on? I'm choosing the lesser of two evils.
I'd rather be doped up than handicapped.
You have to see, uh, Dr.
Lloyd? Yeah, he's one of the ones I saw.
With a wife and three kids, you'll do whatever to avoid a sick day.
FEMALE DISPATCHER: All units, we have 940A, Officer Needs Assistance at 77th and Holly Street.
Probably just a ploy.
Yeah, you might be right, but what if someone really is in trouble? Well, then, another unit will answer the call.
We're on something.
We're on an off-book mission three blocks away from a distress call.
Your girlfriend will be fine.
Dispatch, this is David-42.
Show us responding from 81st and Stanley Andrews Street.
MACK: Yeah, we just got called on a 940A.
We've gotta drive by and check it out.
If it's nothing, we'll be right back.
- All right.
- [siren wailing] [tires screeching] [siren wailing] These guys are good.
I've got eyes on them.
- REBEL: Chee, talk to me.
- They're heading out now.
[sighs] FEMALE DISPATCHER: All units be on the lookout for a black 4x4 driven by an African-American female who is wanted for questioning.
[siren wailing] [tires screeching] [siren continues wailing] [raps on window] What's the problem, officer? [cell phone ringing] MACK: Hey, where are you? Uh, they came and took the phones.
I tailed them back to this warehouse as the desert yards near the BART station.
I'll send ya the addy.
MACK: Okay, stay there.
We're on our way.
Do not go inside.
- Rebel.
Rebe - [disconnects phone] [camera shutter clicking] [gunshots firing] [gunshots firing] Get in the van! Come on! Go! Go! Go! [gunshots continue firing] Let's go! Go! - [tires screeching] - [gunshots firing] [tires screeching] REBEL: [gasps] Brim! [panting] [heavy thud] [straining] [breathing air] [straining] MACK: Rebel! [straining] JIMMY: He's gone.
[breathing air] [straining] Come on! Oh, come on! [straining] - Come on.
- Rebel Hey, wrap it up.
He's gone.
He's gone.
[anguished sobbing] No [straining] Come on, damn it! BRIM: [gasps for air] REBEL: Oh! Oh, God call 9-1-1.
It's gonna be okay.
REBEL: It's okay.