Rebel Cheer Squad - A Get Even Series (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Oh, oh, oh ♪
Dark clouds are rising ♪
[siren blares]
There's a storm on the horizon ♪
This is all my fault.
Look out, here she comes ♪
I say turn on ♪
One, two, step on ♪
Pay attention ♪
Uh, guess who's back ♪
Guess who's back
Guess who's back ♪
Now, now, do or die
That's just how I feel ♪
Guess who's back
I get 'em ♪
I'll make it hard to deal ♪
Step onto the mat
Til I make it to the track ♪
Clara! Whoa.
Don't forget you're supposed
to catch the real athlete
and not just make yourself look good.
I can't do this.
[man] May, try that basket toss again.
Rumi, email me the footage
so I can look over it later.
- Coach Harris, I'm sorry, I can't.
- May, you've done this a thousand times.
Well, that was before. Something happened.
You know we're your teammates.
- You can talk to us.
- I don't want to talk about it!
But I'm leaving.
As in quitting the team?
The team, Bannerman, all of it! I just
I can't be here anymore!
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
People, all the people ♪
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
- [bell rings]
- [Clara] May!
I know you don't want to talk,
so what if I talk?
I could try and guess what's wrong,
and you can nod or shake your head.
[phone rings]
Sorry, I need to get this.
Mom, it has to be today.
I can't wait anymore!
It happened again.
Ah, Clara, Leila,
team meeting after school.
Spread the word.
I mean, does being your daughter
automatically make us
your personal messengers?
Uh, yeah, I think it does. In fact,
you're contractually obliged so
I have a thing with Reece,
so if you've got this
- Is that thing sucking face all day?
- Mm, maybe.
I'll do it. Just don't get cold sores.
Oh, do you get cold sores
from face-sucking?
Yes, seriously, Leila, read a book!
I just don't know what it says about me.
What do you want it to say about you?
That I'm school president material?
I care about things
and stuff.
I'm very driven
and I'm driving towards
- [sighs] Rumi, what am I driving towards?
- I
So, I sort of, heat of the moment,
threw my phone into May's bag.
She answered this call from her mom,
and I thought if I recorded
what she was saying,
I could find out
what was going on with her.
You're lucky you have other skills,
because you never think things through.
Now I need my phone back
because what if someone phones?
You could ask her?
I just I always thought
I'd die of embarrassment.
I just didn't think it'd be today.
It won't be.
I know what we do.
- [bell rings]
- Out of control, let it all go ♪
[Grace] Clara, I'll loan you my phone.
No bucklin' up
We 'bout to blow ♪
[Grace] Then we wait
because eventually everyone needs to pee.
While you sit in the backseat ♪
I should've eaten first.
I didn't think it'd take all lunch.
Me neither.
Now I need to pee.
[Grace] It'll be easier if May's
on her own, so we need a distraction.
Shake it, Mama ♪
Hi, um, I'm running for school president.
Can you answer some questions?
No point asking me.
I'm out of here by the end of the day.
But you two need to stay.
I need honest feedback.
Well, my brutal honesty is one
of the things everyone loves about me.
Okay? Question one of 20.
[Grace] Rumi, you wait in the bathroom
until you get the signal it's May.
[phone chimes]
I come around
You come alive ♪
I feel the earth shake ♪
I could possess you ♪
[Grace] Then you act.
We could delete all of your fears ♪
We could just throw 'em away ♪
I could take over your vertigo
How is it standing on top of the world? ♪
I'm sorry. Sorry. It's not pee,
I promise. It's just water!
[Grace] That's when Clara's up.
What do you think a school president
should be driving towards?
Hands in the sky
Life if so beautiful that I could cry ♪
It was my fault.
May! I'm so glad you're here!
[May] This is really tight and hard.
I know.
Anyway, got to go.
Because I've always wanted
to go to Oxford or Cambridge,
but what's my endgame?
- Seriously, what's my endgame?
- [scoffs]
Okay, thanks for everything. Bye.
And take it to your man ♪
Shake it, Mama ♪
Shake it, shake it ♪
And do the best you can ♪
Shake it, Mama ♪
- [muffled recording playing]
- Okay, I think I hear the words.
You can get programs that clean up
the audio. I'll try it home after ballet.
[indistinct chatter]
Okay, I know you're all thrown
by May leaving.
I want to do something
to, uh, get your spirits up.
So I want you to tell me
what everyone has been saying about us.
Ooh, I feel like that could be
a bit of a downer.
- [squad laughs]
- No, Sam, trust me. I know what I'm doing.
In fact, you know what?
I'll start.
People are saying
that we are only here to wave pompoms.
[Clara] Okay, I'll play.
People say cheer isn't a proper sport.
[squad groans]
That we're not real athletes.
[squad] Boo.
And we don't stand a chance
at the regional championship.
What else?
That you're only coaching us
to feel better because your wife left?
[Clara] Congrats, Viola.
The award
for Most Insensitive Human goes to you!
He asked.
No, Viola's right.
I did ask, because here's the thing.
We are performing
at the Bannerman Open Day on Friday.
Clara, what will we be showing everyone?
- That cheer is a proper sport.
- Yes.
[cheering and applause]
- [Clara] That we're real athletes.
- [students cheering]
- Brooke.
- That we do stand a chance at Regionals.
- [cheering]
- Yes!
And we're not just here to wave pompoms.
[squad] Yes!
Is Grace right?
[Brooke] Yes!
- Is she right?
- [cheering]
Remember that.
Okay, one final thing.
Safest and easiest option would be
to pull the main pyramid on Friday,
but that's not who we are.
So we're going to need a new point flyer.
- It has to be you, right?
- My money's on
- Leila.
- Yes.
There it is.
Ouch! That's got to sting.
I'll just hide her hairbrush later.
Sends her crazy! [chuckles]
All right, that's it, everyone.
Thanks. Until tomorrow.
- About that thing Viola said about Mom.
- Clara,
you know we don't have to talk about it.
Okay, great,
'cause that would've been really awkward.
But you're okay, though, right?
I'm good.
[upbeat music playing]
[distorted voice]
[woman] Rumi, what are you doing
and can you stop right away?
Oh, it's, um, just homework.
This is more important. Trust me.
You know, both your faces
are terrifying right now.
I was trying for casual. Did I fail?
[woman] Our faces don't matter.
Look what came in the post today
from the Royal School of Ballet.
I'm through
to the final round of auditions.
- Ooh!
- I'm not surprised. I expected it.
Maybe there you might finally
meet someone you like.
Maybe. One thing's for sure.
There are no cute girls at Bannerman.
Love, meet me in the garden ♪
Or the backseat of your car ♪
Oh, the nosy neighbors aren't wrong ♪
She's new, right?
Yeah, just got in on music scholarships.
I hate it
when the universe messes with me.
Uh, Miles, you seriously think
I need to worry about Bella Stevens
running against me?
The girl
with the terrifying K-pop obsession?
I do, because here's the thing, Grace.
Everybody loves K-pop, including me.
[scoffs] Name one K-pop band.
I may have forgotten the actual
names of the many K-pop bands I love
- because, uh
- Because?
All right, I lied. I'm winding you up.
Bella Stevens doesn't stand
a chance against you.
You know you need a new hobby.
No, I'm pretty sure no hobby
would be as fun as winding you up.
I can't be bothered
to actually roll my eyes,
so just imagine that I'm doing that.
- What time's your speech?
- Second period?
Oh, cool, enough time to check out
the audio from yesterday.
[May] The note said I'm so acne-ridden,
I should wear a bag over my head.
Maybe if there hadn't been so many others,
and it's this constant fear
and I'm scared to open my locker.
Okay, so this is actually good.
- How is this good?
- I mean, she sounded very sad.
It's good because now we know
what's going on.
We can do something.
We can help.
[Grace] Miss Carson,
you know May's left Bannerman?
I found out why.
She was getting
these anonymous notes in her locker.
Cruel ones.
She's already left the school, Grace.
There's nothing I can do.
I'm sorry. But you don't seem sorry.
Look, you want to be
school president, right, Grace?
One thing we all need to learn in life
is to pick our battles.
Some aren't worth it.
[door opens]
Sorry. Sorry.
Something just
Ugh, what am I saying?
Do you want an apple?
[chuckles] Uh
It feels a bit wrong.
We barely know each other.
I know you well enough.
We're in English and art together.
You sit up front
and get all the answers right.
You sit at the back
and stare out the window.
- [chuckles] That's me.
- [Grace chuckles]
Well, you've already eaten some.
So, no.
Thanks, though.
No worries.
[Rumi] So, explain why we're here again.
I'm feeling mad at myself.
Hmm. Healthy.
It's a nice view for melancholy. I see.
[Grace] It's a good place to think.
And today I'm thinking that I suck
and I wish I could have helped May.
I want to be more like these guys.
They never asked a teacher's permission.
They just took down the bullies.
They even caught a murderer.
They were the best kind of weirdos.
And I'm the girl who's never handed
her homework in late,
never even had a detention.
[bell tolls]
- Second period.
- [Grace sighs]
[Grace] I'm sick of being that girl.
- What are you doing? This is your speech.
- You never do anything without cue cards?
And that's why, under my presidency,
all school performances
will be K-pop themed. BTS forever!
Thank you.
Next up, and barely on time,
Grace Ellington.
[girl] Whoo!
Um, usually I am
a lot more prepared than this,
but things aren't normal.
So I've decided to ditch my speech
and I'm going to wing it.
I never wing it,
but we lost a team-mate yesterday,
and I found my voice.
We know what this school used to be.
The bullying wasn't confined
to the students.
When I moved away from my parents
and moved in with my gran
just so I could come to this school,
I thought things had changed.
But I was wrong.
I don't regret the choice I made.
I just want everyone else
to love it here too.
So if you vote for me,
that's what I'm going to work on,
because no one deserves to feel
scared or alone or bullied.
[student] Whoo!
Can we get some more energy, please?
You look like depressed pandas.
- Oh!
- Seriously, Clara, can you focus?
Yeah, that's how I noticed
every mistake you made.
- Mm.
- [coach] Okay.
Let's talk about how bickering
isn't great for team spirit.
Oh, some advice, Coach.
Maybe there wouldn't be any bickering if
you hadn't made your daughter point flyer.
Jealousy's a bad look on you.
It clashes with your hair.
Be honest.
You know she's in over her head.
I know what you call honesty,
I call being a total
Okay, enough!
Viola, if you have a problem, leave.
We're in agreement then.
Clara, go home and cool off.
[scoffs] Seriously?
What's the crime? Defending my family?
No, Clara, of course not,
but you do not cheer angry.
It isn't safe. You know that.
Yes, Coach.
[coach] Okay, groups one and two, reset.
How many times
can you walk the line? ♪
How many times
can you walk the line? ♪
- [coach] What's that?
- [Leila] Ooh, she's ordered something.
Oh, Okay.
Hey, sweet.
You ordered from Cucina Gourmet.
Clara, you didn't have to go all out.
I wanted to say sorry.
Yeah, well, I was harsh. I know.
Some days I have to be.
And I like to know
what's been going on with my team.
I mean, May being bullied.
That's the kind of information
I would've liked.
No-one knew, Dad.
It's actually kind of amazing
anyone found out at all.
But if there's anything else,
you'll tell me, right?
Dad, when you left the Olympic team,
you could've gone anywhere,
coached anyone.
But you didn't.
You picked us.
So we pick you.
And we'll tell you anything.
Okay. Okay.
- Now I'm gonna eat because I'm starving.
- [girls chuckle]
[door creaks]
- [Clara] You have no stealth.
- Ssh! Can you do me a favor?
Pretend you're not about to sneak out
and see your boyfriend?
It's our three-year anniversary.
We're performing
at Open Day tomorrow.
You're meant to be
at least half awake for it.
I will be. Clara, do me a solid.
You want me to lie to Dad
two seconds
after we promised to tell him stuff?
[Leila] You promised, not me.
I had a mouth full of pasta.
Fine, I'll do it.
I'll just secretly hate you for it.
I'm okay with that.
Welcome, everyone,
to the Bannerman School Open Day.
We're very pleased to have
the opportunity to show you our
Leila, you promised you'd be
at least half awake.
No, I am. [clears throat] I'm fine.
Uh, we are kicking things off
with the cheer team,
so please put your hands together.
[cheering and applause]
I know something's wrong
and I know the routine.
- If you need
- Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you?
Clara gets
her big moment in the spotlight.
- I'm not trying to replace you.
- Then back off!
One, two, three, four
[squad] Five, six, seven, eight.
[dance music plays]
Let's go ♪
Don't go too far ♪
'Cause here we are ♪
We don't play tricks or make you trip ♪
- Come on, let's hit ♪
- Hey! ♪
[girl] Whoo!
- [crowd] Whoa!
- Bring it on, bring it on ♪
Making you sweat
As I'm killing this song ♪
Let's go ♪
[cheering and applause]
This is heating up, let's go ♪
Hey! ♪
[cheering and applause]
[muffled voices]
[Clara] Leila.
- [coach] Leila?
- [Clara] Talk to me.
[coach] Leila!
[indistinct murmuring]
[coach] Leila
[Clara] She's hurt.
[coach] Leila?
Call an ambulance!
Leila. Sweetheart, talk to me. I'm here.
This is all my fault!
[rock music playing]
[siren blaring]
Doctor, Doctor, I feel brand new ♪
In spite of me, in spite of you ♪
Doctor, Doctor, I need more time ♪
You know, I'm a liar
And he's just a lie ♪
Still nothing.
Well, she's awake,
but they're running more tests.
I I need to do something.
She'll want her phone.
I'm going to go get it.
[phones chime]
[upbeat music playing]
"When you cheer today,
something bad will happen."
This was in her locker?
I thought maybe because she was out
last night, Layla was too tired,
but maybe not.
Maybe the person who is after May
wanted to hurt my sister too.
And it wasn't an accident.
So you wanted to meet here because
I don't know exactly.
I do.
Can you read my mind?
Almost. I've known you long enough.
Plus, we're all thinking the same thing.
- There's no point talking to Miss Carson.
- Or asking permission.
- We need to fix this ourselves.
- Be like DGM.
Or just be DGM.
I guess, do we, like, need
a secret handshake or something?
Let's just get to work.
[Clara] We need to figure out
how someone did this.
She was tired, out of it.
How come?
[Grace] Maybe someone put something
in Layla's food or her drink.
We should check her water bottle.
Guys, pretty weird, right?
Like someone has something to hide.
[mysterious music playing]
You should've got a better bed
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
You should've got out of the red ♪
In the red, you're better off dead ♪
Deader than the red Dead Sea ♪
Promise it to me
Promise me the sea ♪
People, all the people ♪
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you ♪
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
You should've got a better bed
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
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