Rebellion (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

It was cold-blooded murder.
Murder of an accountant.
Your husband told Jacobs to fix the situation.
So you knew? As a politician, I need to maintain a certain distance.
This won't be won by talk alone, nor will it be won solely by violence.
The two go side by side, but not hand in hand.
Frankly, Senator, that sounds like hypocrisy.
Ah, it's how the world works, Connie, it's how the Brits are playing it, and right now, our side, your side, needs talkers.
So I sent a wire to the President's office recommending that they create a role of Irish representative to Washington to keep the President informed of true conditions here, not just how the British are presenting it.
Well, I'm sure you'll be the ideal candidate for it.
I suggested you.
- Me? - Just how ambitious are you, Connie? You've got the talent, have you got the hunger? So you solemnly affirm that you have never carried messages or passed information to or for rebels, Volunteer Organisations, Sinn Féin, or the outlawed Irish Republican Government or Army? No, sir, I swear, I wouldn't.
Then what are these? They look like library tickets, sir.
And whose name is on them? Mine, sir.
I beg your pardon? It's my name on them, sir, but they're not mine.
Townsend Street Library? I don't know it.
I don't use it.
I live in Rathmines, sir.
I use Rathmines Library.
I swear, sir.
And this book, you don't recognise either, I suppose? Sentimental romantic swill.
I just don't see how Well, Miss Sweeney, would you please tell Miss Lawlor "how"? It's a code, isn't it? It looks like it, sir.
And this book very likely the key.
Have you an idea what it says? I'd need time to work it out.
You see, we've had some information too.
It seems you have taken this book out several times over the past few days, Miss Lawlor.
But, sir, I told you And then a certain Mr Kinsella, he takes the book out once you've returned it.
- Who's Kinsella? - I don't know, I swear I don't.
Miss Sweeney, you know I wouldn't I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.
You told them where Saunders was lodging, didn't you? - No, I swear.
- You were the only one that knew! I'm going to hang you, yes, I am.
You do realise that treason is a hanging offence, Miss Lawlor? Excuse me, sir, I don't feel very well.
May I take a moment? Yes.
Yes, you can take a moment, but please be aware, the guards are going to follow you everywhere.
They're under very strict instructions not to let you leave the building.
Yes, General Winter, sir.
Let me talk to her, sir.
Crack that code as a matter of urgency.
Yes, sir.
Are you all right? I don't understand.
I'm sure it's just a simple case of mistaken identity.
Maybe there's another Lilly Lawlor? But that book, I saw you with that book.
That's what I don't understand.
It's just a coincidence.
He said hanging.
I'm not a spy, I'd never What was the book about, Miss Sweeney? It's just poetry, it's just love poetry.
I think I should tell him I saw you with it.
It's a very popular book.
And you asked me about Mr Saunders' lodgings.
I don't remember what you told me.
You remember everything.
Let me talk to him.
I love my job, Miss Sweeney, and I thought General Winter trusted me.
He even gave me new responsibility.
Well, maybe something happened in relation to that.
And that's why he suspects you.
Maybe you made a mistake with this new job? No, I didn't.
I swear.
I've been so careful to tell no one.
I thought General Winter asking me to do it meant I was in line for a promotion.
I want to be a senior grade like you some day, Miss Sweeney.
All right.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
I'll make sure that your prospects aren't damaged if you let me help you.
Tell me what he has you do, and then I'll try to work out why he's so hot under the collar.
I'm good at working things out, remember? I'm here to see Mrs Lyons.
I was inside.
When I heard the gunfire, I came running.
He was lying there.
And the girl had cycled off.
- What girl? - The girl with the puncture.
Mr Saunders was helping her.
This girl, what did she look like? He'll see you now.
Don't worry.
Yes, Miss Sweeney.
What boy? Well, Miss Sweeney explained that you were exchanging amorous messages through the book with this young man, Kinsella.
That you wanted to keep it secret from your parents, - so you used a different library.
- No.
A boy? What boy? I'd never Come, Miss Lawlor, I'm not without heart.
You're off early? My fever's come on, sorry.
Go on, Miss Sweeney.
No point making you feel worse.
Thank you.
But it's not true.
If you tell me where we can find this Kinsella, then we can check your story and that will be the end of it.
But I don't know a Mr Kinsella.
And it was Miss Sweeney I saw with that book.
Miss Sweeney? I didn't say it before, but I saw her with it.
Well, that's rather convenient, isn't it? That's what she said, that it was a coincidence, but it's true.
And she asked me about Mr Saunders' lodging.
What did she ask you? What kind of place I'd found him.
And where.
I thought it was just a chat.
Captain McLeod! Morning, Barrett.
I expect you've seen the news.
Yes, sir.
Sir, there are gentlemen here to see you.
- Harold Butler? - Yes? General Winter wants a word with you at the Castle.
I'm afraid I have meetings.
There's only one meeting you'll be attending today.
- You? - I need to talk to him, is he in? He told you to leave us alone.
It's urgent.
I have something for him, and the library's gone.
He'll know what I mean if you tell him.
He's not here.
I need you to give him this.
Tell him to follow her from the Castle.
She'll lead him to all the men he's looking for and their lodgings.
And tell him our deal's done.
I didn't hear you come in.
What's the story? Judge shot dead on his doorstep.
What about the accountant? British spy, we don't report enemy losses.
I've got some good news.
We got you the interview.
With Collins? With Mr Collins.
Well, that's great news.
You've just made my editor very happy.
Ah, uh, Miss Lawlor, yes.
I, er, yes, owe you something of an apology.
We'll soon have Miss Sweeney in custody.
And, er, let her fate be a lesson to you.
I will, sir.
I'd never No, no, I can see you'd never be capable of Miss Sweeney's level of deception.
Yes, sir.
Well, feel free to carry on with your duties.
Thank you, sir.
I'm so sorry, please excuse me a moment.
Urs, what is it? - Has something happened? - They know.
- Who? - The Castle.
Oh, God.
About Tomás too? I don't think so.
The court is now in session.
I need your help.
I need to get him.
Excuse me.
Come on.
Mrs Moore? - Mr Butler - I'm a bank manager! What are you doing arresting me like a common criminal? It's an outrage.
Now I told your man, I demand to see my solicitor.
- Well, that's not going to happen.
- Your superior, then.
I am General Winter, Mr Butler, I am the superior.
You're General Winter? What do you want from me then? You were acquainted with Mr Albert Saunders, I believe? Saunders? Yes.
I'd heard something about his, his demise.
He was a close personal friend, Butler.
Was he? Well, it is very sad.
Although to say I was acquainted's a bit strong.
I barely met the man.
And while I understand you were friends, I can't see what it's to do with you.
He told us he worked for the Inland Revenue.
Do we appear to you as imbeciles, Mr Butler, because I know I speak for Captain McLeod when I say we would thank you not to treat us as such.
Now I know that Albert Saunders called an extraordinary meeting of your board the day he was murdered.
He feared we were insolvent.
I disagreed.
I also know he demanded to know the true identities of a number of borrowers to whom you had extended large loans.
Well, there is such a thing as banker/client confidentiality.
Erm, no.
There's no such thing in here with us, Mr Butler.
Well, I can't I refuse to speak.
What about a solicitor then? What about one? What are you looking for? Your father's old service pistol.
- Why? - We're going to get Tomás.
They're on to her.
- Where is she? - Out in the car.
I'll take her.
- I got her into this.
- No, just get me the gun! She's my sister.
- Brogan in? - Beyond.
- He's busy.
- I don't care.
With Mr Jacobs.
We were just talking about you.
Take a seat.
You've obviously got something on your mind, do you want to spit it out? I just saw you with McLeod.
Captain McLeod? And so you did.
We all have our contacts.
I didn't know he was one of yours.
Not everyone wants it known that they're talking to us.
You haven't turned him? I'm not so foolish as to think that I have.
But his information, when he gives it, is reliable.
What were you talking to him about? Your brother, Patrick.
What's he got to do with it? He's been taken hostage.
North Cork IRA.
A local flying column commander called Maloney wants to trade him for some IRA men in Cork Gaol.
I only risked meeting McLeod for you, Jim, to see if the Brits would agree to the deal.
- And? - No dice.
If it means losing face, they don't care about their men.
And if you want to know everything, that's why I sent for Mr Jacobs.
Maloney's given them till midnight.
Where are they? Gurrane Woods.
- Would they listen to me? - They might.
It's worth a shot.
I'll make the evening train.
I'll send them word he's coming.
Why? So they're expecting you.
- So they don't do anything else.
- You just said we'd till midnight! Yeah, we do.
According to Maloney.
If he can be trusted.
Better get word to him then.
That's yours.
You're here, good.
Is everything all right? Can I have a word? Outside.
You saw him with McLeod? He didn't even ask me how come I'd seen him.
Brogan's been playing us, I'm sure of it.
That's what he says about you.
Come here.
I fed your name to McLeod, in prison, I wanted to know if it was true.
- What? - If you were the rat.
Jesus, Joey.
He said you weren't.
So it is Frank.
He's ordered jobs The one at the bakery? Useless jobs.
He's saved Mick Collins from the Auxies.
Probably a set up with McLeod, so no one doubts him.
I need you to go to the tailor.
- Get this paper to Mick Collins.
- Why? Because this thing in Cork, with Patrick, it's a trap.
Brogan's far too keen to let them know I'm coming.
Well, don't go then.
Patrick's my brother.
And if I don't go, Brogan will twist it like I am the informer.
Tell them, please.
God damn you, Finley.
Hello? I've got something to say to you.
My brother's Jimmy Mahon.
Dublin IRA, he was out in '16.
Yeah? I believe he's held in some regard in your circles.
We've been told who he is.
You have? So he'll vouch for me, for us.
You can do this all in person.
We're expecting him.
Someone at this address will tell you where he is.
Or take you to someone who'll tell you.
Of course, better get to work.
Got your notepad and pen? You owe me one.
I won't be long.
Guard! Guard! Get me some food, and something to drink! I want to talk to General Winter.
There she is.
What do you want? You told us to keep away, and we have done.
Patrick's been captured.
The police say it was the IRA.
- Is Jimmy here? - No.
- Where is he? - Don't know.
Please, just get word to him.
Whatever their differences, Patrick is still his brother.
If not for me, then think of your cousins.
He's gone to Cork to try and get him.
I just hope nothing happens to him trying to save your husband.
Thank you.
Thank you for telling me.
Is he coming? If you mean Christ our Lord, I fear he's forgotten about us.
If you mean my brother, then yes, he's on his way.
Did you ever think you'd be glad to see an IRA man, Finley? I won't be seeing him.
You will.
I won't.
Then why? So they'd spare you.
Jesus, Finley.
If I had a brother whose mercy I could call on now, I'd sure as hell call on it, no matter what.
You shouldn't speak, rest.
I'm sorry, Senator, we're having difficulty tracking your Consul down.
I told you, you don't need the consul, I'm on a diplomatic mission.
I have diplomatic immunity.
Now give me back my papers and release me.
But I'm afraid you're not on a diplomatic mission, officially.
A "fact-finding" mission I seem to remember you calling it.
For the goddamn President of America! And that is why we're trying to locate the American consul.
If he'll confirm your mission has diplomatic status, we will gladly release you.
And my papers, they're strictly confidential.
I know.
General Winter has put them in the Castle safe.
Oh, yeah.
Good, good.
Well, add him to the list.
How much longer do you need, O? At least an hour.
The bastard's got every last scrap on the organisation.
He must have been carrying it back to DeValera in the US.
Mr Sturgis, the American Consul is here.
Have them put him in the Blue Room, and offer him a drink.
- Yes, sir.
- Thirty minutes maximum, O.
Well, chop chop, everyone.
We have 30 minutes in which to sift and copy all of this.
Another address, might be a safe house.
Well in that case go make it unsafe, Captain McLeod.
This is it.
Gun? What do we do now? Get my child back.
What do you want? Did he send word? - Who? - Mr Kinsella.
You're to hand Tomás over to me.
I'm meant to hear that from Mr Kinsella himself.
Call the girl.
Tell her to bring my son out to me.
Molly! New target? Maurice Jacobs.
Papers link him to Collins.
He's been spotted at Kidds Back Bar.
Right, we'll take him.
We need him back here in one piece, Captain.
So explain.
What? These are interesting times, and interesting times create interesting opportunities.
And what opportunities do you wish to take? Oh, I'm sure there'll be many when it comes to building a new State.
Don't move, this is a raid! - Put your hands in the air.
- I need you to get me out of here.
Everyone, stay where they are.
Evening, gentlemen.
Can I help? Over there, follow him.
Sit down! This way! We'll need four for that one, and six for that one.
You'll have to call up extra volunteers, but have a squad man lead each team.
Yes, sir.
They're onto us, they're all over town, raiding.
I just about got away from Kidd's.
No house is safe.
We've got to get out of here, now! - You got that written up? - Yeah, I have them here.
Get the mobilisation orders out tonight.
- Every available volunteer.
- Yes, sir.
Gurrane Woods.
Much obliged.
What's that? Something over there.
Is that you Jimmy Mahon? Where are you, Mahon? Jimmy, if that's you, look out! Shut him up.
Get out.
Where are you, Mahon, you dirty snake? Show yourself, you bastard, or I'll shoot your brother.
It's a set up, Maloney.
Brogan's the rat.
He said you'd say that.
Let my brother go, and you'll walk away from here.
Jimmy! Thanks for the warning.
You all right? What the hell's going on? I thought these bastards were on your side.
What are you doing now? Give me your jacket and your dogtags.
Why? I'm going to make it look like it was you lying here.
And that it was your friend who did all of this.
Then you need to get as far away from here, from Ireland as possible.
The hell I am, I'm going to go to the nearest RIC station.
If IRA think you did this, they'll be after you.
And your family too.
And if they think you did it? Likewise, this is how it's going to be, Pat.
It doesn't have to be forever.
I'm sorry.
It's the best I can do for you.
Get out, I have to blow his face off.
You've won, haven't you? The country I mean.
It's yours.
We're still brothers.
Always will be.
Well? All set.
- Good man.
- The others? Sunday, the one day the Irish man gets up before the English man.
We hope.
You and the boys best go take communion.
You'll need all the help you can get.
Yes, sir.
And Joey? Deliver us from evil.
Deliver us Mr Collins, Amen.
Your sins are forgiven my son, go do your duty.
- Captain McLeod? - No one here by that name.
I told you, you'll find no one here by that name.
Sit down.
Well, what do you want? What do you think? Get out.
Keep watch.
Now you're going to tell me if Frank Brogan is working for you lot? And why would I do that? Looks like you're going to kill me anyway.
Because if you don't, I'm going to kill your wife as well.
Yes, he is.
Thank you.
You bastard.
What about that kiss you promised me? - What one? - This one.
This way, please.
Get back, arms out.
Move on.
Move on.
Best get yourself home.
Town will be crawling with police.
- What about you? - They know my face.
They'll be looking for me.
I'm going back inside.
Confess my sins till the heat dies down.
- How many? - Twenty attacks, even more.
Twelve confirmed dead so far.
Tell Captain McLeod I want every suspected safe house in the Senator's papers raided.
- Yes? - Bring in anyone they find there.
- Captain McLeod - What? He was shot.
And his wife.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm happy to stand in for him any way I can.
I've already asked the army for extra security at train stations and ports.
And to provide road check points.
There's a Gaelic football match this afternoon.
Should I issue orders cancelling it? Yes No.
I'll deal with it later.
McLeod's informer, this Wolfhound, you find him, yes? I want him in here this morning, go! Yes, sir.
What is it? Soldiers.
Road block.
Tomás? Do you want to play a little game? Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning.
- Is there trouble? - Do you have any identifying papers? Passport.
- Where are you coming from? - Limerick.
I'm going to Queenstown.
Lady there travelling on her own from Limerick to Queenstown.
Come on.
You were ages, Auntie Agnes! I was indeed.
Well done, Tomás.
What kept you? I think they're looking for you.
- How do you know? - That's why they held me.
A woman travelling on her own.
There'll be police all over the port.
We need to come up with a new plan.
I'm sorry.
Is that the list? - Were they all - My men, yes.
Who? Miss Sweeney.
I really am very sorry, O.
- I spoke to the Prime Minister.
- And? He said they were soldiers, and they took a soldier's risk.
Yes? That journalist is here.
- Lennox? - Yes.
Show him in.
Well, I should probably be leaving.
You heard? And did they come for you? No, but your raids last night put the frighteners on them.
I had Collins lined up in my sights, but he missed his appointment.
It appears he had other things on his mind.
Look, if they didn't come for you, it means your cover's not blown, so I want you to get back out there and I want you to nail that bastard to the cross.
You're still here.
Thank you.
Twelve confirmed dead so far.
Of course the Castle are denying any were spies.
Just British soldiers living under assumed names at secret addresses! Here's their statement for what it's worth, which is nothing.
What is it, Eithne? We left ourselves wide open.
What are we going to do about it? Tell him the interview's back on.
To all citizens without purpose, stay indoors.
Now, off you go.
Come on, Ben.
Come on, Dooley.
Have the police been yet? No.
What's happened to Patrick? They'll be here soon, I don't have long.
They're going to tell you that he's dead.
They're going to tell you that he was shot.
And you need to let on to believe them.
Go along with it.
Bury the body, weep over the grave.
But I promise you, Nora, it won't be him in the box.
Where is he? I don't know, but he's safe.
This will tide you over until it's all sorted.
No one's safe now, are they? I'll slip out the back.
Hey, open up, I said.
I've given you what you wanted, I demand to be let go.
I didn't know, I swear, General Winter, they kept me in the dark.
Which means they're onto you too.
Captain McLeod promised me he'd arrange safe passage for me and my family, if my cover was blown.
Captain McLeod is dead, Mr Brogan.
You answer to me now.
These men were arrested last night, at locations listed in communications found in Senator Shea's possession.
Please confirm their identities for me.
Well, they seem to recognise you, Brogan! Dick McKee.
Richard McKee.
Brigadier of the IRA Dublin Brigade.
Member of Collins' squad? Founder member.
Peadar Clancy, second in command IRA Dublin Brigade, squad member.
And our young friend? I don't know him.
I swear I don't.
Please, I'm innocent.
Take them outside.
Come on.
Move it.
Fire! - You still here? - Yes, they must have made a mistake.
- Brogan, do you know this man? - No.
Guard, would you please get rid of Mr Butler.
I really don't want to see him again.
No, please don't.
Don't shoot me.
I beg you.
I told you everything I know.
I'll give you anything you want.
Money? Do you want money? I own a bank.
Please! I've done what you wanted, now I need to get No, no, no, no.
You're going nowhere until those who did this to me are dead.
Jimmy Mahon was taken care of, Guranne Woods, last night.
Oh, there was a body was found, but it was Patrick not Jimmy Mahon.
So you find him, and you kill him.
And Ursula Sweeney, his informer, I want that woman dead.