Reckless (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Blind Sides

1 Previously on Reckless Counselor, you look lovely.
As usual.
Save the gentleman shtick for the press, Roy.
Jamie might found out about this.
You can't tell her about your undercover status.
Marcus will be suing the city of Charleston.
Here's my final offer.
They offered me a half million to settle the case.
I want to see the missing footage.
Preston was there.
Jamie? Jamie.
Give me the key, Preston.
- Jamie - Really? You think you can talk your way out of this one? It's not what you think.
I-I didn't I wasn't with her.
I was just there.
You only watched? And that's supposed to make it all right? It was a mistake.
It was a huge mistake.
Haven't you ever done something you regret? Do you know how many times in my life I've given someone a key to my home? Never.
But I gave one to you.
Jamie, I'm not the guy on that video.
You know me.
I don't know you.
I don't want to know you.
Jamie I am not a rock Make sure you watch yourself.
She's not sound.
That's still going.
Probably knock it down from underneath.
Tell 'em to get an attic ladder up here.
Open up! Breathe in as much as you can.
Still got a couple fires coming out of the roof.
- Arliss? - Ma'am, please step back.
- Is he gonna be all right? - We'll load him up now.
I'll get his chair.
Lee Anne, you all right? I heard the call over my radio.
You did this.
- I know you did.
- No.
- Lee Anne, no, hey.
Just calm - Don't touch me.
- Don't touch me.
- Calm down.
- Don't touch me.
- Hey.
You think I had something to do with this, you're wrong.
Back away while you still have a badge, detective.
Arliss? Arliss? - Can I ride with him? - Yeah.
Watch your step.
Arliss, I'm here, baby.
Bruce Curtwell was a beloved football coach and father struck down in his prime.
This photo was taken a year ago, when he led his Wheeler Academy Devils to their fifth state championship within 20 years.
This was taken two months ago, when he was found dead in his office, his head smashed in with the same trophy that he had so proudly enshrined there on his desk.
Why was he murdered? Because these two young men, Maddox Tate and Darren Kelsey, hated their hard-driving coach so much that they killed him in a flash of violent rage and revenge.
See, the Devils, they didn't go to state this year.
They suffered a devastating loss in the final game of the playoffs.
Coach lashed out at Maddox and Darren in full view of the crowd, placing the blame squarely on their shoulders for fumbling away their last chance at a winning touchdown.
Sure, the coach chewed the boys out.
He did it all the time.
To everyone.
Hell, made mincemeat out of me when I played for him back in the day.
Was Coach Curtwell tough? Of course he was.
But did he deserve to be bludgeoned for it? And did his children deserve to have their father stolen from them? These two boys are best friends and loyal teammates who were being put through hell by an abusive coach and are now being railroaded by a desperate solicitor's office.
By trial's end, it will be clear, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Maddox and Darren are innocent.
Can you tell the jury what your position is at Wheeler Academy? I'm a senior class guidance counselor.
Are you Darren Kelsey's guidance counselor? Yes.
Did you speak with Darren after the playoff game? Yes.
The next morning.
What was his mood? Darren was embarrassed.
Coach Curtwell had humiliated him and Maddox in front of a very large crowd.
What did he say? Specifically.
It was just a turn of phrase.
He didn't Please.
Just answer the question.
He said he was going to kill coach for embarrassing him like that.
Kill Coach.
You never thought it relevant to mention that you threatened coach's life? I didn't mean it.
I was upset.
Any other pertinent facts you neglected to share, Darren? - All right, dad.
Back off.
- What the hell does that mean? I have to spell it out for you? If your son is guilty, he's gonna drag mine down with him.
Let's all just take a deep breath.
I'm tired of him pointing the finger at Darren every time things get tough.
I should never have agreed to a united defense.
You didn't complain when when I offered to pay the legal expenses.
All right, enough.
I'm getting Darren his own attorney.
Even if I have to sell my house to do it.
You can't just bring a new lawyer on to a trial that has already started.
Look, we all agreed that the best defense was a united front.
It was the right decision then, and it is the right decision now.
You can talk all you want.
My mind's made up.
Y'all don't have my son's best interests at heart.
We need to talk about Lee Anne.
I was very sorry to hear the news.
How's she doing? Trying to keep it together.
Maybe it's time for her to take the half-a-million dollar settlement offer, Jamie.
I mean, she needs it.
Well, we're not going to make a decision like that under duress.
We need more time.
I'm sorry, the city council says the 48-hour limit still stands.
Lee Anne's house was bombed.
I understand.
And I will hold the wolves off as long as I can, but please Try and get me an answer.
- I'm in here.
- So am I.
What do you mean? You didn't hear? I'm Darren's new attorney.
After you, counselor.
This is highly irregular.
Darren's mother doesn't feel her son's best interests are being served by a co-defense.
Well, with all due respect, that train has left the station.
Your Honor, this co-defense should have never happened.
I respectfully request that this case be severed into two separate trials.
You're not from around here, are you? Your request is denied.
However, I understand the stakes are high for both young men, so I will break protocol and allow you to represent Darren Kelsey.
Any objection, Mr.
Rayder? It would be my pleasure to welcome Ms.
Sawyer aboard.
But bear in mind, your primary responsibility is to your respective clients.
Good luck.
You two need to get on the same page.
If the assistant solicitor even gets a whiff of separate agendas, he's gonna jump on it and you'll both go down in flames.
His case is entirely circumstantial.
Hand the jury reasonable doubt on a platter, those boys go home clean.
I have to go.
Lee Anne and I have some business to discuss.
Careful, Roy.
She knows you got a soft spot for her.
Don't let her use it against you.
Burns V.
Stewart, per your request.
Thank you, honeybunch.
I apologize for creating a Hostile work environment.
No apology necessary.
"Honeybunch" is just fine by me.
Maybe you should be careful.
As you all know, Lee Anne Marcus's house was bombed two nights ago.
According to the fire marshal, the pipe bomb was coated with epoxy.
Forensics is going over the remnants with a fine-tooth comb.
With any luck, they'll find DNA or prints that will lead to a suspect.
Now, this incident has cast a shadow of suspicion over this department that cannot be ignored.
There's whispers that this was direct retaliation to Ms.
Marcus's lawsuit, engineered by someone within our ranks.
But if anyone in this room was involved, let me be clear: Your fellow officers will not protect you.
I will not protect you.
You've got a problem.
Last I remember, you're the only problem I got around here.
Everyone in that meeting knew who Knox was talking about, and it was you, Terry.
He suspects you.
Say what you gotta say.
I'm not in the mood to trade punches over your girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend anymore.
I cut her loose.
Really? Yankee girls a little too spirited for you? Knox is watching you.
And all that heat is gonna put your side projects in jeopardy.
What the hell are you talking about? Must be hard keeping up the trade since your girl got fired from the evidence room, huh? You got a point to make, you go ahead and make it.
I spent a lot of time with your guys when I first came down here.
And I know that none of them wants the money train to stop.
I could help you with that.
I don't need help for something I ain't doing.
If that's the way you want to play it.
Call me when you need me.
Any news? He's the same.
Thanks for the clothes.
I was thinking, you're also going to need a place to stay until you and Arliss can get back on your feet.
I was thinking you should stay with me.
This is all my fault.
I never should have filed the lawsuit.
You absolutely did the right thing.
What Terry and Those other cops did to you was unforgivable.
The settlement offer still stands.
And they want their answer.
I'm afraid so.
You can't Beat them.
They always win.
I made a decision out of anger.
I should have been thinking about him.
I just love him so much.
Would you take the settlement? It's up to you.
I can only speak as your attorney.
Jamie What I need right now is a friend.
Can you just answer me? I'm scared.
You're the only person I trust.
They want you to be scared.
That's why they bombed your house.
But the truth is, if they would risk going that far, they're the ones who are afraid.
We have a case, and they know it.
If it were me I'd fight.
We found shoe tread patterns on the floor of the victim's office in his blood, all size 12, all identified as pro trainers.
- And what size do the suspects wear? - Both wear twelves.
Two sets of prints were lifted of the top end of the murder weapon: The trophy, pictured here.
And why is that location relevant? Because the victim's head wounds were consistent with the base, which implies the killer gripped the top end when he swung it.
Were you able to identify those sets of prints? Yes.
They were a match to Maddox Tate and Darren Kelsey.
Now, did you find any pro trainer tennis shoes when you searched Maddox and Darren's homes? No.
So, those treads could have been left by any resident of planet earth wearing a size 12? Or your clients dumped 'em.
Now, Coach Curtwell he was very proud of last year's state championship trophy.
I mean, he kept it on his desk for players to admire.
People touched that trophy every single day.
Now, can you tell the jury just how many different prints you found on it? Approximately 30 different prints.
Among them, the defendants.
So, then, is it possible that these boys handled the trophy prior to the murder? It's possible.
When was Coach Curtwell's estimated time of death? Based on liver temperature, the M.
determined it was around 7:00 P.
But these boys they were at the movies at 7:00 P.
Defense would like to enter two movie tickets into evidence.
Defense exhibit number two.
Both for the 7:00 showing.
Both charged to Maddox's credit card.
Both scanned at 6:54.
The truth is, detective, my clients were nowhere near Wheeler Academy at the time of the incident.
They simply could not have killed Coach Curtwell.
Redirect, Your Honor.
Detective McCandless, can you explain to us what's going on right here? This surveillance video was taken from a liquor store across the street from Wheeler Academy.
It clearly shows the defendants leaving campus at 7:10.
So, this shows them during the time they claimed to be at the movies? That was a lie.
They never went.
What you're seeing right here is the defendants leaving the scene of the crime.
Where were you coming from in that surveillance video? We want the truth.
After seeing coach, we went to the park.
That video shows us going to my car.
All right.
And what were you doing in the park? Nothing.
Just hanging out.
Did anyone else see you there? - No.
- How did the movie tickets get scanned? We, um You guys We can't help you if you won't help yourselves.
Well, what are you thinking? That Maddox is clearly the stronger personality.
I think he's using Darren to cover his ass.
Well Maddox is stronger, but, if anything, he is protecting Darren.
Let's be honest, Roy.
This co-defense isn't really working.
Like the judge said, our primary responsibility is to our clients, so maybe it's time that we separate them.
You question yours, I'll question mine.
See if we can get to the truth.
If we separate, Andrews will exploit it, and both boys go down.
No, Maddox and Darren are sticking together, and so should we.
I can see from your faces you could use some good news.
We might have another suspect for you.
Coach Curtwell's daughter Ingrid.
I spoke with their next-door neighbor, Millie Greenfield, and she thinks that coach has been abusing Ingrid ever since his wife left him four years ago.
Millie's been too afraid to report it.
And there's more.
Millie heard the coach yelling at Ingrid through the window after the playoff game.
Well, Ingrid definitely had motive.
Go talk to Ingrid, see if she has an alibi.
I'm not surprised that someone murdered Coach Curtwell.
I'm just shocked it didn't happen sooner.
Remember how he used to scream at us? Oh! "Fear failure! Fear weakness! And by God, fear me!" Nasty son of a bitch.
But we did win the state championship our senior year, so Indeed we did.
So, there's been a lot of talk that the bombing at Lee Anne's house was an inside job.
I sure as hell hope not.
I'm thinking of holding a press conference to offer an official reward.
I don't want the public to think I'm soft when it comes to investigating my own.
How mayoral of you.
Something you want to tell me? I've decided to run, Roy.
I thought you didn't want a job like that.
You know, no glad-handing, double-speaking I did.
I reconsidered.
You mean Susie got to you.
Well, Susie made a good case.
Opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime, Roy.
I love this city.
I cleaned up the department, got rid of some bad cops.
- I worked hard to heal old wounds - Fine, fine.
I get it.
I get it.
You think it's a mistake? I just don't want to watch you chip away your integrity piece by piece, with each compromise, each back-room deal.
Roy, if I win, I do it my way.
I'm not gonna sell my soul.
You would be the first.
You think I'm not tough enough.
- No, no.
- I was tough enough in high school, or did you forget? No.
I did not forget.
Hey just checking in to see if you need anything before I drive home.
I'm good, but thanks.
Are you sure? I'm very flattered, Cassidy, but I have a dinner to attend.
It's my anniversary.
So you're one of the good ones.
Well that's refreshing.
Also, a little disappointing.
One thing is certain.
Like his father before him, Roy Rayder, Charleston's new city attorney, is a star on the rise.
This is Nancy Davis Don't say a word.
How can I? I'm too busy just basking in the infinite glow that is Roy Rayder.
It is pretty blinding, isn't it? Roy, no matter how this case plays out, for the record, I really enjoy working with you, which I wasn't expecting.
That makes two of us.
On both counts.
You know what I admire about Maddox and Darren? They stick together.
The assistant solicitor offered them a deal before trial the first one to roll on the other would get full immunity.
And they both turned it down flat.
That kind of loyalty is rare.
So, have you ever trusted anyone like that? Nice try.
I don't want to talk about me.
Ah, you never do.
What about you? Who have you trusted? Two people.
My ex-wife before she was my ex-wife.
Not so much afterwards, though.
And then Knox.
Knox? What? Nothing.
He just seems like a company man.
Let me tell you something about Holland Knox.
His profile was never higher than the night we won the state championship.
After the game, we drove to a party where I promptly got drunk, and started trash-talking these three guys who were looking for trouble.
Sounds like they found it.
And they gave me a hell of a beatin'.
I mean, one guy, sure, I could've handled.
But three? Geez.
It got ugly.
Until Knox stepped in.
Together, we put those good ol' boys down like dogs.
That's a true blue friend.
Except he got a shattered knee for his efforts.
One guy just got the drop on him.
Ended Knox's football career before it really started.
All because I couldn't keep my mouth shut.
As long as we stick to the plan, everything will be okay.
It's not gonna work.
Listen to me.
You've gotta calm down.
Look, no, they're gonna figure out the truth.
If we just stick to the plan, everything gonna be okay.
But you have got to calm down.
I can't! Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
These make Ingrid and Maddox look pretty damn guilty.
If they are a couple, do you think they murdered her father together? There's no evidence linking Ingrid to the crime scene.
It's more likely Maddox did it alone, to protect her from more abuse.
I have to call Roy.
Why would you do that? Because it's a united defense.
That these photos just divided.
They're your one shot at exonerating your client.
Well, the goal is to exonerate Darren and Maddox.
And if they're both found guilty? How are you gonna feel, knowing that you gambled away Darren's best chance at freedom? I'm not going to blindside Roy.
If this were any other lawyer, would you even be hesitating? It's nice to spend some time together, isn't it? Damn right.
Which reminds me What is this? Open it and find out.
Happy anniversary, Lindsay.
You remembered.
Were you testing me? Oh, honey, I'm a Charleston girl.
If I'm not getting my way with silence and a smile, I'm not doing my job.
Try 'em on.
it's way past bed There's comfort in the fingers - Of your good intent - Oh You know you shouldn't be there But your money's all spent You've got your reputation And your good intent Got a minute? Yeah.
For what? Side project.
Who the hell is this, McCandless? We got a problem? - You can count on that.
- Relax.
- He's a friend.
- I got enough friends And we agreed to come alone.
Alone, huh? You got one in the window.
Another behind the ice chest.
But who's counting? Just means neither of us is stupid.
The big man wants his guns.
And he'll get 'em.
He's just gonna have to wait a little longer.
Wait? He don't wait.
We got some heat coming down on us.
The shop's closed until it passes.
Short term.
That's your problem, McCandless.
Don't make it ours.
We put 50% down for clean guns with no beefs, to be delivered to me tonight.
You can't deliver? Fine.
I want my deposit back, right now.
Money's tied up.
There's nothing I can do.
Then I gotta ask you How addicted are you guys to breathing? Well, let's find out, then! - Step back! You, too! - Are you crazy? Talk your boy down before he does something stupid.
What can I say? I've been trained for an ambush.
You kill me You won't get out of here alive.
Here's how this plays out: I put you down.
Your boys, they realize that killing two cops isn't a great career move.
They're gone, and you? You're just another body in the drink.
Yeah, we'll probably catch the call, be back here by morning, racking up the overtime and sipping lattes while they fish your body out.
I got a feeling this case is gonna go unsolved.
I got the same feeling.
So what's it gonna be? You just stirred up the hornet's nest.
You wanted in.
Now you're in.
The defense calls Ingrid Curtwell, the victim's daughter.
I have some difficult questions to ask, Ingrid.
Did your father ever strike you? Look, I know that this is hard, Ingrid.
I do.
But I need you to be completely honest with me.
Did he ever physically assault you? Yes.
So now, I need to ask where were you the night he was murdered? Home.
I was home.
Can anyone substantiate that? I was by myself.
When your father didn't come home, did you report him missing? No.
Did you try to reach him? Call his cell phone, or his office? No.
But he always came home late.
Is that because you already knew that he was dead? I swear to you, I didn't know.
Sometimes in desperate situations, we do things that we never thought possible.
Now, did you kill your father? No.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Your witness, Mr.
I have a few more questions.
Very well.
What the hell are you doing? I'm so sorry.
I believe you, Ingrid.
You didn't kill your father.
But I think you know who did.
Your Honor, defense would like to enter photos into evidence Objection.
What photos? Of Maddox and Ingrid engaged in sexual intercourse.
Last night.
Approach the bench, all of you.
You may step down.
Aren't you two supposed to be on the same side? I thought we were.
I'd like to offer these photos as defense exhibits seven, eight, nine, and ten I believe Maddox killed coach alone in order to protect Ingrid from further abuse.
These photos are not relevant, - nor are they authenticated - I find the photos relevant.
My investigator, Violet Briggs, has signed an affidavit and is willing to testify to their authenticity.
- Any objections? - Nope.
I'm happy to sit back and watch them eat each other alive.
Affidavit admitted.
Uh, let's take a short recess.
I think that's probably what it was.
Roy Wait.
I found evidence that could exonerate Darren.
I was obligated to use it.
You lied to me.
I was representing my client.
Well, congratulations, Jamie.
You are one hell of a lawyer.
How long have you and Ingrid been involved? A year.
No one knew except Darren.
You were afraid of coach? No, I wasn't.
But she was.
I mean, he hit her all the time.
He got all whacked after her mother left.
Wouldn't let a guy near her.
Look the tide has turned, and it's all against you.
You are gonna drown if you don't give me something I can use to save you.
He's my best friend.
When my mom died, I was a total mess.
I stopped going to practice.
Started drinking, doing drugs I mean, anything just to get out of my head.
Lost a lot of friends.
But not Darren.
No, he stuck around.
Got me back on track.
'Cause he lost his dad, you know? He just He he just got it.
He helped me.
And I will not sell him out.
Not ever.
Are you willing to go to prison for him? Well, we thought we were pretty bad-ass.
Speak for yourself.
I was bad-ass.
And it still smells the same.
- You been here all afternoon? - Yeah.
Trying to find a needle in a haystack to save Maddox.
Interviewing teachers, students So, look I was out of line yesterday.
Nah, you were just telling me straight.
The higher I move up the food chain, the harder that is to find.
You'll make a fine mayor.
Well, my first official act will be to fire the city attorney.
That guy is such an ass.
You know You would've had a hell of a football career.
And I'm sorry you never got the chance.
Well, who's to say where I'd be if I had? Way I figure it, that opened up a lot of doors I never imagined walking through.
I got no regrets.
Neither should you.
Well What is it? It's Maddox and Darren.
It was taken during hell week.
Look at your shoes.
Pro trainers.
The kind that you denied ever owning.
The kind coach's killer wore during the murder.
That doesn't mean anything.
Oh, you're right.
I mean, it's circumstantial.
And there's a million ways to discredit this.
But it tells me everything that I need to know: You are guilty.
And you are gonna walk free.
The jury could still exonerate us both.
I mean, that was the plan.
- You said that if we stuck together - No.
No, that time has passed.
Maddox is going down for this unless you make things right.
Darren? Roy, you can't be talking to him without me present.
My apologies, Jamie.
I guess I just forgot the rules.
Actually, I'm glad you're here.
Yeah? Why's that? Because the assistant solicitor just offered Darren full immunity.
If he testifies against Maddox.
I'll testify.
Darren, were you aware Ingrid and Maddox were dating? Yes.
And you were aware Ingrid's father, Coach Curtwell, was physically abusing her? Yes.
Um Ingrid showed me the bruises on her arms.
Coach knew better than to mess up her face.
And how did Maddox react to that? Said he'd said he'd make him stop.
Darren, do you know who killed Coach Curtwell? Yes, I do.
Please tell us.
It was me.
I killed coach.
- Objection! - Your honor, if we could request a recess.
I'm telling the truth, and they don't want to hear it.
He's got you there, counselors.
Continue, young man.
When coach found out about Ing and Maddox, he-he went off.
He said that he was gonna kick his ass out of school so that he could never see Ingrid again.
I couldn't let him do it.
Not to Maddy.
He's he's, like, the best person I know.
It's true.
You are.
So I wanted to tell it to coach.
That night, after coach apologized to us, I went back alone.
I told him that Ingrid would be lucky to be with a guy like Maddox.
I told him that they were, like, really in love.
And he he He got wicked angry like I never saw him do before.
He kept shoving me and telling me that I was a worthless charity case.
And I just I lost it.
I called Maddox when I saw what I did.
He was at the movies with Ingrid, but he came right over.
He picked me up.
That's what you saw on the video.
And he didn't turn me in.
He said that if we both stuck together, that we'd, we'd both go free.
You're my best friend.
My brother.
I can't bring you down with me.
Sit down.
Forensics just sent over their report on the pipe bomb.
They found ball bearings in the epoxy.
Like a claymore mine.
You learned to build those in the marines, didn't you? Yes, sir.
Whoever built that bomb was in the military.
You have the motive and you have the skills.
If you did it, just tell me right now.
Things'll go easier for you.
Deputy chief, respectfully, I'm not stupid, I love my job, and I am not scared of Lee Anne Marcus, and I'd never do anything as idiotic as bomb her house.
If it were up to me, I would have fired you when I fired Lee Anne.
Wait a second No, I stuck my neck out for you when you got here, 'cause I saw that you had the instincts of a born detective.
But you got cocky, you started pissing all that talent away you let me down.
Half the cops in this department came out of the military.
I don't want excuses, Terry; I want the truth.
I'd never do anything to hurt her.
I love her.
That's the truth.
Most everything that ever meant something to me is gone Except the one thing I can't live without.
I'm thankful for that.
I need to tell you something.
- As my lawyer? - Yes.
I'm telling you this because I have a legal obligation to do so But also as your friend.
I've seen the missing footage from the sex tape.
How? On my boyfriend's computer.
Detective Cruz? He's in the footage.
With you.
He was there.
I'm sorry.
I feel disgusted, I feel betrayed.
I broke it off with him.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you're the last person who should be apologizing.
Since there's an obvious conflict of interest, I would understand if you want to find another attorney.
Not a chance now.
Screw the settlement.
Let's fight.
Set the alarm, sweetheart? I did.
You look exhausted.
Been a busy few days.
Busy few nights, too, I hear.
Lana Sterling told you she saw me at the Water Ridge with Lindsay.
I had to feign shock, of course.
Lana claimed to be calling as a concerned friend, but She licked up every second of it like it was sugar.
I'm truly sorry, Barbara.
We have rules.
I know, I know.
That's why I took her outside Charleston Proper.
We have rules.
One of them is to keep our mutual indiscretions out of the public eye.
And there are eyes everywhere even outside Charleston Proper.
You embarrassed me.
It won't happen again.
I know it won't, Decatur.
Did you cell phone die, or? I thought you'd want to hear in person.
Lee Anne's turning down the settlement offer.
You know, Jamie that bad news could've waited until tomorrow morning.
But I couldn't.
Roy I I want to apologize.
You did what you had to do, and so did I.
End of story.
No About Preston.
I saw the missing footage on his laptop.
You warned me, Roy; I should've believed you.
I'm sorry.
He's your boyfriend.
I get it.
Not anymore.
It's over.
Are you okay? Cold smoke seeping out of colder throats At the bar You asked me who I trusted.
And I never answered.
Well, don't think I didn't notice.
I trust you.
Jamie Jamie How are you? I'm good.
Yeah, Jamie, she, uh, she came to give me some news about the, uh, lawsuit.
It's a nice night.
Let's crack some beers and count fireflies.
Thanks, but I should get home.
Two feet standing on a principle Two hands diggin in each other's wounds Cold smoke seeping out of colder throats Darkness fallingleaves nowhere to move It's spiraling down Biting words like a wolf howls